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Most Wanted /// Part 2 /// 131

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Most Wanted /// Part 2 /// 131

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For 67 years the FBI has sought the public's assistance in a special way through one of their most effective and longest running publicity programs- the "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list. Since 1950, the list has led to the location of almost 500 of our nation's most dangerous criminals. While the list began with bank robbers and murder suspects fleeing jurisdiction, it has evolved into a search for organized crime figures, serial killers, and terrorists. This week we have selected and will discuss a few cases from the FBI's most wanted list. Join us as we join the hunt for America's most wanted fugitives.

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. What were the address should have been, he was shot and killed I'm you d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now, binge all fourteen episodes of or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to pod, this spring transform your outdoors. space into a regular gathering place for you and your loved ones with help from Ashley, whether you're into wicker, teak or driftwood. Inspired furniture. We've got the look you're going for add and accessories like string lights and beverage tubs to take your patio party from basic to curated and enjoy cozy evening vibes with a new fire pit visit, ashley dot com or stop by your local store and find affordable pricing and expert support
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I welcome the true grime garage wherever you are, whatever you are doing things for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is a guy who says his Heaven is a nice house in the sky. This guy's got so much to say he had a start, a pot cast. He is the captain. Then you thank you. you get to be seen, and it's good to see thanks for listening thanks. return, a friend Today we are drinking jesse, James, most wanted by aftershocks. In company garage great four out of five bottle caps, this very smooth stout masking in a b b of twelve percent and very well, I might add- and this smooth beer was brought to us by the smooth crew first up in the sunshine state, we have stephanie and kali the next subway Alice from forest hill over in london. Its unknown. We have madeline. She is thanking us for providing a place for all of the true prime geeks
So this is very nice. She says her huh belongs to true crime garage. It captain where's checklists go ahead and make a note that we have acquired one heart too late, I saw it on e bay. We need to keep the lights on and last, but at least a big shot out, and thank you to stephen and hat build pencil bin laden, not last but not least, a big shot. to the smooth this The smooth t smooth the head contractor over in parts. Thanks everybody for providing the dover. This week's beer run and if you want to donate to the show, go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the donor. But and if you click on the store page, you can see the team mixtures and you want pick one of those up today, but don't hesitate because, as expected, they are going fast. All right. That's enough! For the business everybody gather round. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime,
Let's get into story, the shock, the neighborhood in community. This takes place in philadelphia back July, twenty ninth of two thousand to young sisters, plato side, while waiting for their mother to return from across the street would dinner. I reacted to hay zoos and her sister had writing bikes in the neighborhood and enjoy summer, as kids will do when their mother returned with dinner. Just a few minutes later have you old, irian rihanna was nowhere to be found now the little girl reported missing and the neighbors helps. For the young girl for several days well on august. Third, the remains of a child were found in an empty apartment building in the families, we're hood not far from where she was last seen. It was soon confirmed the that the body was that of our reality. Hazels. It was this
Where did the young girl had been raped and then strangled before her body was placed in a trash bag and left underneath heavy roles of carpet in the apartment building near the body was a t shirt with a political logo on it. This teacher also contain the blood of the little girl a resident of the apartment building. This is Jorge contreras. He recognized the sure as one that he had lent to homeless, drifter known to him only as Carlos, so earlier that same summer jorge took pity on this young homeless man. He gave him clothing. He gave him shot. Or even gave him a job to do. He worked at hunting park, Carlos work thereabout three days a week now jorge can trace. He had to go out of town. This is the weekend of July Twenty ninth and when he went out of town he gave Carlos a set of keys. This is to an apartment so that he would have access to the building, so he could get in there and do some work while the man
away now. Another girl in the neighborhood would eventually tell police that she had seen marianna walking with a hispanic mail. This is the evening that she had gone missing and then she was holding the man's hand. They were, walking in the direction of the apartment building where the body was later found. After that night, Carlos was nowhere to be found. in philadelphia. Nowhere in the neighborhood a sketch was made of this Carlos and dna that was found the crime scene was entered into a national databases. The code is database and hopes of fine, Out more about this aspect, virtually no matches turned up and tipps of the suspects whereabouts turned up empty. The case soon turned cold, since he had not been seen since the girl went missing. Carlos then became wanted for questioning. We mention the sketch of him as well. This was profiled on the show america's most wanted, but later police are going
to get a huge break in this very tragic unsolved murder. A man named Alexis flores. He was arrested in feed. Ex arizona for shoplifting. In two thousand and two to years later, police came two floors: residence in response to a noise complaint. While talking to him, he ends up giving the officers fraudulent identity documents. Well, possession of these items in zone is a felony, so he is arrested and when you are did they noted that his demeanor was welcoming and friendly. They really and have anything bad to say about the guy he didn't go. You know heating put up a fight when he was arrested, but they end up searching his apartment. After he's, arrested for further investigation officers notice pornography spread out across the floors, he also had a refrigerator that was fully stocked with cool
I wonder what color was well. The officers noted in their police report the items that they found to be strange in his apartment. Now, on both of these charges, both the shop thing and the forgery or the fraudulent identity documents charge. He is arrested and victor on both of these charges right well, the forgery charge from two thousand and five is a felony. So because of this, they took his dna. At that time he served sixty days for this felony charge in two thousand and five a floors was deported to honduras. This is where told police that he was originally from it wasn't until the following year. This is in two thousand and six the floor, Dna was added to quotas or the combined
dna index system. So Codice is a generic term used to describe the f b. I support program for criminal justice, dna databases and two thousand and seven a positive match was made between his dna and the sample. That was found way back when at the apartment, building where area was killed and our posts a picture of flores, but I he has I care brown eyes his both five four too pretty small, a hundred and thirty nine and forty pounds he's is slim a light complexion. He also has a scar on his forehead in right, cheek well after the dna match was confirmed in arrest warrant was issued by the commonwealth of pennsylvania charging floor, as with murder. Now in june of two thousand and seven. The federal bureau of investigation added floor is his name to the most wanted list in an effort to catch the sauce
in this grisly murder of a young pennsylvania girl floor has replaced shanty henderson on the list. This was an alleged kansas city gang member who was caught on march. Thirty first that year out the same day she was placed on the list was the same nation. Apprehended. So he replaces her and now they're offering One hundred thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the capture of alexa floors, thing here is, though, authorities do but leave that floors is probably still living in honduras where they sent him back to after he committed the felony right. But regardless you know, we saw this actuation yesterday, when we talked about ban wiess, you know we were able to get him extradited back from mexico, so he could finally serve out that that prison sentence he deserves for murder.
And the earth the authorities here are very there still very determined to bring him to justice for the murder of a little girl and as always, when we see what these predators these people that rape and kill the concern a big concern, and this should be a concern. for the people of honduras right. You know. This is why you want to get this guy out of your country. Do you want to? Is that what you want to tell your people that you know we understand that your from this country, you go off to another country and commit horrible acts against very innocent people in children. Yet, and then guess what you can just come back here and we will how's you and you won't ever have to see you will ever have to serve punishment or jail time for your crimes. That's not what wanna tell your people, you know. I think that I think, regardless of you agree with our punishments or or are prison system more or the the structure of society that we have created here. I think you tell your people, you know. If you do the crime you're gonna have to go back to,
the place and you're going to have to face trial. He raped his victim. So I'm going to I'd put money on the fact that this was not his first victim as far as sexual assault goes. So you have that threat. You know it's not just the murder threat of somebody or a child. In honduras. We have sexual assault, threats that, in turn, that needs to be taken very serious yet, and I mean who, who knows? Maybe Kool aid is his beverage of choice. I don't know Everybody enjoys an ice classical late every now, and then will you give it now with cold, but I'm just saying that its it seems like it would be something that you would use to lure a child or young potential victim with you know, so it to me. I feel, we have a guy here. That is, is extremely
dangerous right right, so you're, just assuming that you know this guy that he has kool aid for children, that that is my assumption. Yes, I was just going to assume that he has it because he's you know the thirsty man while, but also it's cheap, so we just lost our kool aid sponsor yeah. I just to me this guy does a reduced screams danger and I think that, regardless of where he's hiding, they should be happy to send him back here to face trial by this kind of deceiving. You know his age as low deceive him, because he is small yeah and he's got a very young looking face. Yeah I mean he looks, are in the one picture I mean he looks twelve, and so I think that's going to be hard for people to identify this individual will just a couple notes of the most wanted. Poster featuring floor. As you know, he's gone over he's gone by several different aliases over the years, but more imports
Well, you know we're we're noting how young he looks he's also given several different birth dates over the time, and they don't seem to be one hundred per cent convinced of where he was born right. Let me read those off, so he states that he born and nineteen seventy five nineteen, eighty two nineteen, eighty and and again nineteen eighty two sa now he's going to be thirty. Five to you know forty years old, if any of those dates are correct at all or forty, two years old. So any and like I said, and the one picture he looks like maybe twelve and the other picture, maybe sixteen seventeen so who knows yeah and the other thing make sure you go to fbi dog, dove. Slash, wanted check out the pictures of all these individuals wanted by the fbi. Who knows? Maybe you can help in one of these cases now this next case here captain is one that has been featured on. You know, yes,
We talk briefly about unsolved mysteries in america's most wanted. This one has been featured on both of those shows this our story takes us back to march. Second, nineteen. Seventy six and this starts in a wooded swamp area off of north carolina highway. Ninety four, which is about five miles south of colombia, north carolina Now around noon. That day, you know out in this area. This is a wooded area, so they have these forestry towers yeah. I know I've seen dawson's creek yeah. So, with these towers captain they are looking for anything that could go wrong in the area. Well, on this around noon. They spot a fire which is a big concerned, or because this quickly turn into a forest fire, so they send a they dispatch, a ranger out to the area where the smoke is rising from the trees. The fire had started to
bread a little bit by this time by the time the ranger arrived, but once he was there, he discovered a whole somebody had dug a hole and what he first thought was burning in the whole was an animal carcass while he puts out the fire- and he then can see that there is a shoe sticking out of out of these burnt hard remains that are in the whole. Well, he gets police out there and they look through the area and they pull a body out of the hole underneath that body is another one and then another one and then another one unfortunately, they undermining five total by These are the whole and they said that if it got so traumatic to the officers there that every time pulled one out. They were praying that they would see the bottom of this whole. Now
it was quite wide and it was about three foot deep, but the way that the officers described it was that somebody had simply dug this hole filled it with these bodies. They also found a gas can and a shovel there, and they must have just tossed. You know, doused it with gasoline lit it on fire and took off now they stated that the area itself was only about a mile away from one of these forestry tower. So whoever set this fire they didn't leave that scene to too much we're than these guys had arrived to find what was burning rights. They almost ran into the suspect, correct, and the thing here is like we said they got immediate problems with this crime scene and with the victims, and that being one that the victims are so badly burned that they can't identify them ok and then, second of all, they don't have anybody missing. They'll have anybody s report, we're missing, let alone five people, five people that might have been
traveling together, they might live together or they might be on known to one another who knows at this point so that the problem is we ve, gotta figure out one who is in this who was in this hall and to whom, but then there so back, then you know we have you know it's not the same landscape. Is it is today regarding detective work, so back then they had to do. They had hit the pavement these guys out. My hat is off to them because they hid it pretty hard. That's we see the only clue that they found at the scene was the gas can and was the shop now on the shoveled there was like there was a bit of a a price tag. You know like a it, may be half of a price tag on there and they could make out the letters o c h and then there's a space, H d, w so back then they're looking for a hardware store
and their thought is well. There's no hardware store in this area the ends with the letters o c h, oh two investigators hop in a car and they start driving and they go from town to town and while there you know they have people at their office contacting police departments in the surrounding areas. Asking simple questions like: is there a hardware store in your neighborhood or in your neck of the woods with with it would end in OECD right now, a days they can just go back to their desk in Google? That's they're out driving for quite some time and they make it all the way up to the washington DC area and once there
arr. They are told by the police department there that there is a hardware store in a suburb of this area that is called Poc hardware store so p, o c h and they're going to talk to the people in the hardware store, but they're not going to be able to Tom who bought this item again because it's you know, seventy six ring. They don't have these records. They can't just pulled up on their database especially if it was a cash purchase right in my local town like late eighties, early nineties, when you'd go to the hardware store they'd, do hand written receipts, so I mean, could cannot imagine what their system was right. You'd be you'd, be searching through boxes of piles of receipts trying to come up the name, so they investigators, they don't really know what to do with this Lee. They they feel confident that they ve traced the shovel back to where it what's purchase. Room. However,
So they don't really know what else they can do in this area. They decide that what they're going to do is they're gonna place a poster in the hardware store that saying that you know we have some missing persons that were found in D c. in north carolina and we need your help. If you know anything, if you seen anything, let us know I guess on this poster. You know we have five victims, but they only put for victims pictures on their because one of whom was so adler burned. It might have been either horrifying to look at or of no useful and help at all, I'm sure they're not put in pictures of the berne bodies on there. They had to they didn't know these people were wow, so their posting in public man I'd be short charge
if victims could imagine you just gone, you know going to get charcoal, that's bad! Oh I'm going to go, get some mulch or something, and then you have to you see this photo. I'm scared, you know, think about all the kids that walked by that well according to police reports, this would be about a week later. On march tenth, there was a neighbor he lived in the neighborhood in a neighborhood in bethesda. Now he grew concerned about the family next door about their absence, claiming that the he had not seen them for about a week. So this neighbour contacted the local police who dispatched a d active to the home. Now after a meeting with the neighbor who had a key to the home, the detective used the key to get into the to see. If anything was wrong ass, he approached the front door, he found blood droplets on the front porch and he entered the home only to discover that there was blood spatter
everywhere, it was on the floor was on the walls. It was in the bed rooms some of it even covered the ceilings right in the blood on the porch gives the officer probably cause. Yes, this detective stated that in his twelve years as a police officer and still to this day, this was the worst crime scene he had ever observed now whose home was this. This was the home of the bishop family. This was a family of five plus. We have Brad bishop he's the file, his mother lives there with the family as well, well it and take too long captain for them to figure out who was in the whole because using dental records they confirm that the body found in north carolina were that of bishops, wife, his mother and his three sons and our target suspect is gonna, be obviously the father, William bradford. Bishop junior will get back to this.
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In new orleans, twenty twelve brisket cheer, I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist. Ass he stood in the park what were the address should have been, he was shot and killed, I'm You d umbra, join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now, binge all fourteen episodes of, or clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcast, So many options for toilet paper, quintuple apply. This role is titanium enforced. This one is made from elderly trees. Is that good, just grab angel soft, it's simple, soft and strong, and for any budget angels I thought and strong simple. all right, we're back cheers mates.
who is william bradford, bishop junior, while he goes by Brad bishop and he's a pretty accomplished man by the time of nineteen. Seventy six he has He has graduated from yale. He all, has a masters degree in in italian, from Middlebury college, I am so. This is a well schooled, well educated man, yet lists that he speaks five languages and that he also his occupation was the united states government foreign service officer yeah and before he worked for the. U s state apartment. He spent four years in the u s army, where he worked encounter intelligence so This is a guy that has a bit of a unique background. Well, he spent lotta time working, as the captain had said in the u S, foreign service. This was for many postings overseas. Some of the postings.
polluted italian cities, and he was, I mean he was well travelled, well educated. The thing here is: captain when he was working for the: u s state department, they have a bit of his situation where it's like this, it's an up or out situate. Meaning that you either keep getting promoted, hereafter we are to new job assignments, or once you stop receiving these promotions. Well, you get fired, you get let gut right. This is the same that I've been trying to tell you about the garage. I mean if you don't take the the position of colonel we're going to have to get rid of you, while I've applied in there. Several people that will vouch for my. You have not apply ability, you have not applied, you keep denying the request of kernel. You know what I tell you, what captain there's only two of us here in the garage, so I really think my best ability is my availability, so I'm here I should get the job. The thing here is captain, so he by this point in ninety,
seventy six, he's no longer working overseas when he worked overseas, his family was there with him and it's a it's a much different lifestyle when you're at these different postings and other cities throughout the world. You know you receive a whole bunch of privileges, and on top of that, you get your regular salary but you're. Also, you basically have no cost of living. You know their providing housing for you. interpretation, things of that nature. So when you have to come back and start working in the united states, you still collectors are you, but now you have to pay for cost of living, and this guy he liked it we have a bit of a lavish lifestyle when he could. He got used to that overseas. So back in the united states, they take His mother, whose living with them and may be from outside. Looking at it looks like you're doing something nice for your mother. You know she has a place to stay in your helping her out, but one investigators were able to figure out was that the situation wasn't quite
mom was really helping out more than what brad was helping out. Ok, Mom is not only helping with the children and cooking meals and things like that, but she's also helping the family financially well. In early nineteen, seventy six brad bishop, he was anticipating a promotion at work. Remember we said this is an upper. Our programme and on the afternoon of march first nineteen. Seventy six. He actually and that he was not going to receive the promotion that he had sought. After learning this information, his co workers would say that he seemed extremely angry and he told his secretary that he was not feeling well and he left work early that day now, just outside of the building in which he worked. He came across one of his coworkers and his co workers.
To a may brad. You know what's wrong, you look like you, ve lost your last friend and Brad says is co workers. He says you know well its official. I didn't get the promotion that I was looking for. His co worker says to him. Well, I didn't get the promotion. I was looking for either a says. You know brad just take it easy You should just go home. Try to get some sleep tomorrow's a new day, give me a call next week and we'll try to figure something out. Well. Brad is a bit of an arrogant dude. His name's brad and brad says to his coworker You know, I know you can get your promotion, but I was much more deserving of promotion I was seeking so the co worker as unfortunately, he never heard from Brad bishop again well, fortunately, he didn't police have figured out that after he left that day from the? U s, you state department headquarters. He went to a bank where he withdrew several hundreds of dollars. He then drove,
montgomery, mall and bought a sledge hammer and a gas can at the sears from there he filled. He went to gas station and filled the gas can as well as filling up his vehicle. This is a station wagon and from there he drove to pox hardware, which this was the time where he purchased the shovel rent. The smoking gun Well, after this, he returned to his home and police believed that he would have got their between seven thirty and eight p m. After dinner, he and his wife put the children to bed and after which his wife went into the study and she's working on some correspondence in such an his mother, decided to take the families This is a golden retriever for a walk. My while his mother is gone on the walk brad, he attacks his wife in the study and
sledgehammer. We said he bought a sledgehammer, but it's not. You know the big long handled, sledge hammer. It's got the sledge hammer head with a trip, more traditional handle of a hammer, so it's a handheld deal and he attacks her in the study. They could determine this by the amount of blood that was found in the study. They believed that after he had killed his wife that he carried her into their bedroom and placed her on the bed and closing the door, he then went upstairs into the children's bedrooms and attacked them as they slept now. One of the kids slept in a book. bed, and so one thing that the police found incredibly disturbing. Amongst all the blood that was in the house was the number of times that they could tell that when he was pulling the sledge hammer up, that he was hit
the ceiling and in making marks and holes in the ceiling and the number of times that he had to do that while he killed his child. Mrs animal Well, his mother would return from walking the dog and, I believe that she must have spotted some of the blood, because he apparently tried to lock herself in the bathroom to get away from Brad well bred. He kicks in the door. Man. It's not so easy. Now he really had a beat down this door to get into the bathroom and there he killed his mother. from there. They believed that he cleaned himself up that he took a shower, may be a change of clothes, and then he loaded all of the bodies of his family and to the family station wagon from there he drove
over two hundred and seventy five miles down to that spot in north carolina, where, on the next day, he dug the shallow hole and he piled the bodies into the hole and doused them with gasoline and set them ablaze. It seemed like he had a definitive plan. Yeah, here's the thing captain- and this is one thing I've found it's extremely interesting- was investigators wondered why he wouldn't have just buried his family. You know because they state that yeah. At some point, we would have noticed that this empty house- you know there- was nobody in this house anymore more. We have some missing persons, but this was only have tons of blood yeah, but the thing here's he could have eventually cleaned. that house, any number of things could have happened and they just really wonder why he didn't bury them, because they really believe, given the location, that each chose to set this fire that they may have never
and the bodies of his family right and in an interview remember. I said this was covered on unsolved mysteries in america's most wanted later it was covered on the hunt. You know The John wall show and on that show they had an interview with the psychiatrist. It did said you know four in his opinion for brad killing his only his family. The murders didn't stop when they were dead for four brad. The murder stopped after he drove the bodies out into the woods, dug a hole and set him on fire. An almost did that his than with because he such a psychopath and that he was such a nurse. just that he believed that these people were holding him back, that he couldn't lived the life that he wanted to live because of his family and the right this
I had believes in his opinion that the murders were over until he set that fire in somebody found the bodies of his family ya, like us, have before this Brad is animal, but made him. That way, I don't know I mean look use in the service, during the vietnam war, what testings were being done right hm so I mean I think you know he was a you know a spy at at one point right, so you know what was done to him. Was it as simple as this guy was a psychopath and he didn't get a promotion and that made them snap many killed everybody in this family. You know, or was there something deeper that happened yeah he was on some medications for some for some mental illnesses.
Say. They also believed that he may have suffered from some form of insomnia, but regardless yeah, because we, when he can't sleep you just killer, I right, I don't. I don't want to make it sound like we're sympathizing for this guy. You know this guy clearly could not handled the stresses in his life It was brought upon by his own choices that he made in life may be his choices. I'm just saying: look you know you're, like we said he speaks five languages. He he's you know overseas, doing intelligence work. What what? What? What did this guy go through? I'm just saying like I. I think, though, how this individual got to this point. to be able to kill not only his wife but his children and then his mother and you have to what did you go through? I think that that's them
Frida me right, because we all want to know why, when something that, like this happens, I mean this is one of the most horrible things you can think of You want to know why? How the hell did you get to be this way, but I mean we. We may never know we you never know, but but I will throw out there this. You know you other options. You can't just walk away, you can't walk away and not you know in the lives of these people that are supposed to be your loved ones right, but sometimes it's not that simple! That's all I'm saying is we don't know what this individual went through, I'm not trying to sympathize with them, but you know there was a lot of testing done with you know: lsd, for example. You know you, you do these kind of testings right on these individuals that we they did it with a. They did testing on TED Kaczynski and look what happened there. You know. So there is a consequence if they're running these tests, I'm just wondering if he was a part of that, because it seems like he knows his professional life that
the community. He was surrounded by yeah, but I mean I I get it. I have no evidence of that right. I get what you're saying I think I get. I guess what I keep going back to is the cowardly nis of killing these people, ambushing them and the and you didn't bother to take his own life. You know he but clearly valued his own life much while we know of then hit than theirs and he chose instead of walking away, he chose to kill them and then walk away. Well, let's get back on the trail of Brad bishop real fast here, also They believe the police believed it and later confirm this- that that same day that he lit the fire that bishop visited a sporting goods store and jacksonville north carolina there. He used a credit card to purchase some ten issues. They believed that, because of you know digging the whole and all the work that he did up in
those up in that forested area that he was in need of some new shoes. Now the strange thing here is: According to one witness there were there were several people. They had seen him at the sporting goods store, but according to one witness, he had a faint here. The fight a dog with him on a leash and was possibly accompanied by a woman described as dark. Skinned? This would be the only report of seeing him with, though with a woman. So it might just be somebody walking near him. I don't know the details of that. I witness account. now we have on march eighteenth the bishop family car that was the station wagon that we had mentioned it was found abandoned in an isolated camping ground in tennessee. This is in the great smoky mountains national park, the car contained dog biscuits a bloody blanket, a shot gun, an axe,
shaving kid and it also contain his the medication that he was on at the time. The spare tire well in the trunk of the car was full of blood. This is where he had stacked the bodies he was transporting them now, according to witness is there the car had been their sense of approximately march fifth or sixth. Seventh. They couldn't narrowed down they believe that it could have been there as early as march fit police. Theorize arise the bishop from there I would have left on foot on the appalache and trail right. But that's that's not an easy trail to manage people plan that out for years and years to go through that trail. Well, while they were there after finding the vehicle, they decided that they were going to try to talk. Iraq, Mr Bishop, using bloodhound dogs. They were unsuccessful in their attempt now on nineteenth a grand
we indicted at bishop on five council, first degree, murder and several other charges, and obviously they have plenty of evidence for these. arduous, and there were some sightings of brad after this as well Yet there were a lot of sightings of him in a few that the list is credible. One thing here: captain that the police have an uphill battle. I mean I'm not suggesting that they are not entail and but we are dealing with a man of a certain high intelligence here. Also you note with the ability to speak many different languages. He can fit in you, in different localities all over the world. It's not that he's like some genius, but he was also trained by our government in counter intelligence. Have you- and the thing here is bishop- had approximately one week of advance, time before they authorities began looking for him and during that time, could have even used his passport to travel outside of the. U s
keep in mind the methods of air travel and emigration back in nineteen. Seventy six and throughout moat much of the world were much different back than he could have. Eased we traveled in avoided, leaving a paper trail of any kind. Right now is frank. Aben now in, like you said, captain bill. I had been cited a number of times in various european countries over the years and there were a few credible sightings and of those let's go through those real quick in july of nineteen. Seventy eight, a swedish woman who said that she had worked with bishop on a business trip in ethiopia. She reported having spotted him twice in a public park in stockholm, sweden. During a span of one week, she stated that she is absolutely certain that the man she saw in the park is brad. Bishop now
Let's fast forward it to the following year: in january of nineteen, seventy nine bishop was reportedly seen by a former. U S, state department, colleague and arrest room and sir rental, italy, the the colleague Colleagues spoke to him. I've heard an interview in this guy and he says you know this is an old, do I, like these old timers, ceases days dude, an old dude man he's he is probably in his late seventies. By now strange enough. This is the same guy that saw Brad bishop when he found out he was getting promoted altogether, wasn't as qualified the right that brad told him you your less deserving than me young deserve this, so his interview. He starts off the interview by saying you know what I don't. I don't normally speak to people and men's restrooms. kind of an old. Do they, but anyway He says that he went into the restaurant. I don't like to do that either and there's a you know: there's a dude standing there and, of course, he's got a you know. You've got to
on the warm. Sometimes you have to stay and next to somebody, and so standing next to him any is he looks over an he. He said the guy has why the long face he has a beard and said, you know what I mean italy. When I looked at the guy even after you know after several years because I knew right away who this was right, cause he's the asshole that told you that weren't qualified yeah. You never forget that face forgiven so beard or no beard, so he says to the guy he just as your brad bishop aren't you write any. as soon as the words came out of his mouth at the man started shaking and he's in kind of jumped back unease. Peace shouted out some, and he ran out of the restroom. Well here to follow him, and he eventually this guy, that he believes to be Brad bishop coffin ran down an alley now We also have a situation. This is some real jason bourne stuff right there, yet
we have the situation in nineteen. Ninety four september nineteenth. Ninety ninety four, this is in switzerland on a train, and a person who had known bishop and his family back from bit: bethesda was on vacation in europe and reported that she had seen bishop. Just a few feet away from our on the train, and she stated that dead. The bishop appeared to be well groomed, at the time the he he went through his beard phase. He got rid of the beard. While he's- probably you know, could be changing his appearance. You know constantly during his time on the run, so I mean it's most likely that Brad bishop is in the uk. Well somewhere in europe, is what I think that they're stating here and have a quick little profile here. Captain the f b. I states that bishop was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed camp.
in hiking he does have a pilots licence. So not only did he speak all these different languages, he has the ability to fly. He also has a six inch vertical scar on his lower back from a surgery that he has a six inch vertical leap. Key was that have to do with anything. He has a cleft chin and he has a mole on the left side of his face now. Police believe that bishop left with his passport. They found all of the passports of his family in their home. They did not find hits they also, If that he would have had his yale class ring with when he vanished. Who knows if he still would have this to this day, now fugitives status the police, they believe. As of two thousand and ten that he was still alive a possible, living in switzerland, ITALY or some other location in Europe. Now here's a weird thing kind of throw in here it with really nothing to back it up? They say that he still might
in the united states, possibly in california, where, if, if this were to have been him, that they believe he may have worked as a teacher at point and possibly have been involved in more criminal activities, spoon yet nothing really to back them up. It seems like there's a lot more to back up the the thought that he could be in europe. Some one would be easier to teach over there I mean we gotta go that's fluent and multiple languages for him to be able to go. I mean they'll. Take non college, got graduates and teach english over there. Sometimes, so I can see that be an impossibility, but you know with the thing about william Brad bradford bishop, his arm, he would be in his eighties yet so he would be. It would be wrong
elite, eighty years old, yeah right, so if he did not kill himself, if these sightings were accurate on he lived, you know life outside of this crime. I he's probably dead or going to be dead soon, yes, I dont know that this this one hundred percent rules out lino possibility of sir cider if he was killed in another way, but during the time of their investigation. In the mid too late seventies, they worked checking any unidentified male bodies in the area, and they confirmed they couldn't confirm any of them to be that of Brad bishop. There was, Situation in two thousand and fourteen where there was an identified man who had been killed in a hit and run situation in alabama and they had checked his body to see if he would be brad bishop and, of course that was not the case now
for a little more information on Brad bishop. Of course you can go to fbi doc. Gov, slash wanted now on they have a two thousand and fourteen age progression sculpture. This was request, by the fbi and a forensic artist created this sculpture. hideous its, not the work itself, its great work, but this guy becomes hideous yeah, and this would be him projected his projected appearance in the sculpture would be at the age of seventy seven and f y. I, the show was not sponsored by ah f b. I dot gov slash, wanted to select now keep saying that we were just hoping that people will check that website in a periodical check it out with you know time to time remind yourself that there are people out there that need to be apprehended, then be question. They need to be brought to trial and we can all
only do our part. We ve seen the high success rate that the fbi has had using the public's distance, so we're all in this together. While we used to be in this together with you, but this you know the garage and parts unknown as you now move up or move on, so I hope improvement. It's been real, I, the four join us in the garage over the last saw one hundred and Thirty one episodes as of today our right well benita, wrap this one up yeah, so how about a little recommended reading here? Captain? Yes, sir, this week we recommend who killed bob crane. The final close up by john hook, bob crane is best known for his performance- is current
Robert hogan on the old show. The old CBS show huggins heroes the season. This series aired from nineteen sixty five to nineteen seventy one, but on the afternoon of june twenty ninth nineteen, seventy eight cranes, co, star victoria and bury heard his apartment after he failed to show up for a lunch meeting and discovered his dead body. Now crane has been bludgeoned to death. With a way and that was never identified, though investigators believed it to be a camera tripod. An electrical cord had been trot tight around his neck. His murder remains unsolved. There wasn't arrest police arrested cranes friend John carpenter, the to the two friends had a weird dark ups and this was videotaping women during sexual encounters
carpenter, waited a trial but was acquitted. So now we're left asking who killed bob crane was a carpenter or was it someone else so check out? This is not John carpenter. The halloween John connect the famous chunk carpet This is just some hang around. That was with his friends with bob grain tat, John Henry carpenter. Yes, a check out who killed bob crane by john hook. You can do that by going to are website true crime garage com and click on the recommended page. We have that recommendation there, as well as all of others, and we have our amazon banner that you can use to pick up any of your favorite true crime book. Alright. So if you haven't got a team nyc shirt, I had tried to get him to do the team colonel shirt, but he was you know he kind of his lame, Mr Lamoureux, whose colonel in pants about me. I want to see my pants why your pants so clean real, quick cap. a word to the wise. We want to tell
everybody that all the people that love true crime garage make sure you subscribe to the show, because we ve been getting a little. You know willy nilly, with the release times and dates of our show in next week. We have a big surprise for yourself: if you subscribe, you don't have to keep refreshing your phone. Looking for the garage- yes I'll, make sure you subscribe because next week you don't wanna be the last one in the garage for the surprise. Alright, till next week, my friend, everybody be good, be kind and don't litter the.
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