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Murder at N.A.S. Norfolk /// Part 2 /// 748

2024-04-03 | 🔗

Murder at N.A.S. Norfolk /// Part 2 /// 748

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Carolyn Ann Molnar, a 21 year old Navy clerk, disappeared February 6, 1983.  Her body was found about 3 months later at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia.  A year prior Pamela Anne Kimbrue, a 23 year old Navy messenger, disappeared from the Navy base.  She was later found in her car, submerged at the end of a seaplane wall.  Her killer tied her arms behind her back with clothesline.  This week in the Garage, Nic and the Captain discuss these two homicide cases from N.A.S. Norfolk. Beer of the Week - Seven Cities lager by Smartmouth Brewing Co. Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5 For True Crime Garage merchandise and for everything True Crime go to www.TrueCrimeGarage.com

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