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Murder in Alliance /// Part 2 /// 521

2021-09-08 | 🔗

Murder in Alliance /// Part 2 /// 521

Part 2 of 2


April 1st, 1999 - 26 year old Yvonne Layne was found dead in her home. Her children were in the house with her and were found unharmed. Police quickly suspected one of Yvonne ex-boyfriends David Thorne. Some say this case is unsolved and the real killer is still out there and others say it was solved a long time ago. Join us in the Garage with Murder in Alliance host Maggie Freleng for a cold one or two as we unravel this week’s True Crime mystery.

"This episode has been edited for accuracy. Certain portions have been removed to ensure a fair depiction of all those parties involved."

Beer of the Week - Green Slush by Wiley Roots Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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