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Murder in Moab /// Part 1 /// 605

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Murder in Moab /// Part 1 /// 605

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On August 16, 2021 Sean-Paul Schulte reported to police in Utah that his daughter Kylen Schulte and her wife Crystal Turner were missing. Sean-Paul had been unable to reach Kylen for a couple of days and this was not normal at all. In fact this sent the anxious father into a frenzy of activity. Sean-Paul lived in Montana and so he contacted everyone he could think of to try to help locate his daughter. He called the hospital, he called the jail and he called Kylen’s place of work frequently. No one had seen the girls since Friday the 13th. This was at Woody’s Tavern where the two ladies met with friends. During the visit Kylen and Crystal talked about some “creepy guy” that had spooked them at their campsite. Unfortunately on August 18, 2021 Kylen and Crystal were found dead and so began one of the most bizarre stories to come out of peaceful Moab, Utah. This case is still UNSOLVED and the Grand County Sheriff’s Office is still seeking information from the public. Please call the Sheriff’s office with any information at (435) 259-8115. 

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hmm, the others. Please keep the unsolved murder of his daughter and daughter in law in the limelight specialist. Mike Anderson talk with him about his concerns. The case could get lost in the shadow of Gabby potatoes disappearance.
Although shorty says it's hard not to consider the kind of attention that gave me potatoes case gone when compared with that of his daughter, caroline sheltie and crystal turner, and he's asking people to remember that their killer is still out there. For the past three weeks, sean poll sheltie has been right here. Here's a spot where I would sit in
wait for the girls they'd come around a corner on the harley and come rolling up a sentimental spot at twenty city park where he's maintained a booth for collecting tips from the community. These clues are time sensitive and now so much time has gone by and while potatoes case grabbed so much more attention, he doesn't begrudge it. He just believes other cases like his daughters, need that same focus and know what it's like to have someone missing, and I know what it's like to not have closure yet. So I really feel for Gabby's family and hard, as it may be several weeks later, he's asking people who pass through the moab area between august thirteenth through eighteenth, to consider what they might have seen in the area near la sal loop road, where the two women were shot and killed. If anybody saw anything there, a vehicle, a description of a person
if person with a dog and a weirdo with a gun whatever it is, shorty says dozens of people have brought him clues and through his time here in town, he's seen how much kylin and crystal were loved that town cherish those girls at the grant county sheriff's office says they continue to follow, leads in this case and they've even called an additional labs and technicians to go
were that troves potential evidence. They say they can still take months to complete sean Paul Shorty was the anxious pairing. You heard in the clip from K s l news there. His outer carlin aged twenty four have been out of touch for days. This was told Leon, unlike her, but sean? I lived in Montana. His daughter was missing in utah, hardly a hop skip in a jam, away. When Sean got worried, he started calling people new kylam, hoping to read
some people up to get some help going to find his daughter, both kylam in her wife, crystal were no call, no shows at work to date A row now, which was unheard of from the young women when there was no trace of the women, Paul reported his daughter and crystal missing too moab police on the sixteenth of august, the following day august, seventeen two thousand twenty one, the father of Kylam shorty, posted a panicked message on face. that red kylam in crystal or missing they must be in the silver key van, because the black van and hardly aren't mcdonald's. Please help look for my girls or their key. I haven't been to work, haven't called, not enhanced,
biddle, not in moab jail police. Have an eighty el out. Little did the frantic father know that by the time he posted this message, it was far far too late. So we have this situation here. Captain where, on the sixteenth of august. He reports that his daughter and her wife are missing the following days: the seventeenth of august, two thousand twenty one when he posts that frantic message to his face book now this same day, we're going to have him reaching out to persons that he knows in the area that no both of the girls to help him kind of keep an eye on things from afar, and maybe somebody can find one or both of the girls who have been missing for some time now. but unfortunately, unfortunately, what we would end up learning later is the double murder had taken the life of his daughter and her partner. This
really began one of the most bizarre crimes in recent memory in the peaceful area of mo ab utah. So on august, seventeenth, we have shown who speaks with speaks via phone with cindy sue hunter to check in cindy was cut, linz boss and also a long time friend, of both kylam and her wife, crystal sean Paul, I knew her as well. Cindy was a longtime family friend, sean Paul Schulte. He was begging people in utah to help find his girls. Sean Paul told Cindy that no one that he had talked to had seen kylin or crystal maybe up to three days and cindy handsome, more bad news for him. ireland had not shown up for work the day before on the sixteenth
She assured him that she would personally go looking for the women and get back to him with some answers very soon. So, on august, eighteenth, Cindy goes over to the mcdonald's where crystal worked, this is might be a little. Confusing, but it's all quite simple. Actually Cindy is the boss for kylam. She works at a business that is very near this mcdonald's where so worked, and she knows both of the girls. Obviously, and so he goes over the mcdonald she's asking has crystal been in since the last time we spoke. The co worker of crystal tells Cindy no crystal had not been to work that day the day before or in several days. Of course, this is all a very bad
mine, not what cindy was hoping to hear. You know. You know these girls are missing, you're, hoping that it's something simple. You show up to the work and boom. Somebody says crystal is here or was here since you've last been here and just to put some effective here kylam was twenty four at the time and crystal was thirty eight at this time and is really bad news for cindy because crystal just in blow off work as a rule and remember, crystals, wife Kylam worked for, Cindy, an kylam didn't just blew off work as well, so these are neither had shown up for their ships over the past few days, and neither had all their employees for time off or foreign excused absence. There's no communication with either of the missing. Ladies, and we know when someone goes missing. There are unfair
these natural progression of things right at first, you think. Oh, this is simply a misunderstanding. We just can't get in touch with that person. Especially when we are talking about an adult, or in this case, to adults and resume adults that are pretty free, spirited people at that. But that's why they're ages to mere important, because if the two eighteen year old blew off workin will be held on a vacation spree or something that would make more sense, but some bay, that's twenty four in some way, that's thirty. Eight is less likely to this, leave their job in and leave their security needs to go missing and then you here everyone saying that they are free spirited, ladys, well free spirit and are not these, neither of them neither of these people miss work and that's one thing,
told time and time again about each. So the concern level is high. Of course. Yes, as threat level midnight He is trying to figure out what's going on, so she goes out to the parking lot and notes the ford, a con align van and the harley motorcycle that we ve that we already reference from his facebook pose the fathers facebook posts, but for a kind line van and hardly motorcycle that belong to crystal and carlin were part at the mcdonald's parking lot right, but only one of the ladys works at mcdonald's, correct radio We have they have more than one vehicle. They have this van, they have the motorcycle and they haven't another vehicle. They have a key. So, but it's pretty strange that two other vehicles are they owner park. Tat one
works now. Actually this was not unusual at all. The couple often left one or more of the vehicles in that's a public lot over their right, and so they would comment they would commonly leave one or more of their vehicles in that public lot, while they used another mode of transportation That's why the father saying well. They must be in their care where, because these to the heart, and the economy and Van are both parked at the mcdonald's and in fact, at times during the year they would live. out of the larger van, sometimes in these public lot. So, while it's not so concerning because this is typical behavior but no, that people are looking for them and when located, their vehicles into seeing them sitting there sitting there for days, you're hoping you're, hoping to find it poles or any kind of lead to lead you to the people that are missing, and these views
sitting. There is of no help to to finding either one like you said they live out of their conall line, but is that their travel vehicle that I dont know what we have to people using three vehicles total day their living out of these vans? At some times of the year? You can't extra, like nomadic lifestyle right, but there they ve both worked at these jobs for a considerable amount of time. Right now so Cindy's Looking for the ladys she packed up some water, snack supplies and her three dogs she gets into her car. She drives out till the sounds which is a large mountain range that is a very popular hiking in camping destination. This is just out side of moab, on Paul, told Cindy his friend Cindy the police had carried out some cursory searches of the mainstream campgrounds endless house, but he knew the his daughter
and her wife that they were known to camp in locations that were more off of the beaten path right, so we need Somebody to check these other locations that they might be camping and cindy told the times independent newspaper We had no idea where they were camped. We didn't know where to look and city was worried that may The women had been in some type of accident, driven off the road and were stuck somewhere but needed help. She had packed digging tools and blankets and her car jesting case. That scenario is one He found them to be in. She basically started driving around to some lesser known campsites or places where people might cap gland at ravines and ditches ass. She did in in case there were they were in a wreck somewhere without only that, but I mean there's there's king rounds. There there's places that way. You said people go to camp and it could be that
Wanna be missing there, not on vacation that they may be. They went somewhere to camp, but they got into an accident or, like you said, occur accident, or they went hiking in. There was an accident when they were hiking and cindy saying while I'm out there, I'm showing pictures of the women to every one that I encounter, but that's not a whole lotta people revenge really heading toward the sand flats road at lake warner. looking for the girls, this is where she says that she saw a flash of silver through the trees. She saw a campsite down a little dirt side road, and so she decided to park ere she gets out and she recognized one of the vehicles shared by the women. This was the silver key mentioned in the facebook. Both
but there are no signs of life other than the pet rabbit named ruth that crystal and kylin took with them everywhere. So the rabbit ruth is still in her cage. There is a tent set up, but it appeared to be empty. There is a makeshift rabbit, shelter that was still in place, so this would have been like some type of set up so that the they let the rabbit out. You know it so she could be out of her cage but not run away. Bright, Cindy pulled out her phone. She calls the grand county sheriff's office, This is at eleven twenty, a m. This is, after all, told them that she had found the missing vehicle and,
they pinned her location so that they could dispatch officers to that location. There were. This is becoming pretty scary and serious. We we have two missing females, but all their vehicles are accounted for now and their pet rat as well that they, it said that they never left pet alone, so the officers are now en route to that location. Cindy's. a call sean Paul to let him know that she found the key of the missing vehicle with John Paul still on the phone she's walking around. As one does you know, both the captain and I are known to pace a bit when we can be on on the phone, especially when there is a lot going on and she is walking around this campsite ass. She stopped. Sean paul on the phone, bringing him up to speed on thing that she has just found and letting him know that the
The authorities are on their way. Out to this campsite I found there campsite. I found their vehicle during this conversation. Unfortunately, she see something law. On the ground in the ditch, which is next to the campsite. This catches her eye and it was. It was kylam. She was laying in a water filled, ditch nude from the waist down, riddled with bullet holes and clearly dead. Her arms and legs were in an awkward position in awkward angles. Cindy shrieked to sean Paul D. The Kalen was dead. Sean Paul to his credit was light, get back in your car, roll up your windows now lock the doors now get out of there. You need to get out of their cindy, told the later told the times independent that she got in a car and lock the doors and waited for the cops to arrive. So we
these two missing ladys, but who are they who are who is Kalen and who is crystal yes before we get too far into the the case in the investing. asian itself to to understand the story, we need a little bit of background right. So let's give some background here on crystal michel turner and thailand carol shorty. Women had met while kylin was on a hike with her father sean Paul. He later said that at the time, kylam was depressed, she had had a number of abuse of relationships and was quote, shut down and even contemplated suicide. Then she meets her soul, mate crystal and so everything changed for her and he says she told me that moving to moab saved her life. According to her father, the women
were truly kindred spirits. They both they both espoused a life devoid of material things and avoided being tied down to one place. For this reason they didn't have a home base, preferring what is known the van life migrating from campground to campground, living out of tents or their economy line, converted to camper van and generally living off the grid and moab and its surrounding areas. They share photos, on instagram with hash, van life and hashtag wife life they enjoy. flying around on their hardly and hanging out with a close group of artsy. similar. Lee minded friends, but most They enjoyed being together just the two of them, so much so that they may.
in a tree house in hot springs arkansas. This is crystals hometown. They got married in April of twenty twenty one. Collins, family hailed from billings montana, but her father spent some time in moab, which is how She came to me crystal and, as you pointed out, captain Kalen was only twenty four when she was killed, but crystal was thirty. Eight in she had lived quite a bit before settling down with island. She had three children of whom she lost custody due to addiction issues. She had struggled with substance abuse for years, but she seemed to have pulled herself together. This thanks to the love in support of her relationship with kylam. Both islands in crystals parents had seen their share of tragedy. We have a situation where, sadly, one of the parents had lost several children before these horrific murders
place. Once the two became a couple both crystal in cairo and seemed really happy and devoted to one another crystal work at the moment. Tab Mcdowell as we already said and kylam worked at the moon. Flower unity, co op, where she had been a cash here for four years there, no one who wished ill will upon the women who are living their lives together in peace and harmony with nature when they were gone down. Boy like yours, so they were living not really nomadic lifestyle, because there did, you have a home base, essentially is their van and they have a home base as far as the town goes and one or one of the ladys as a job for four years, so we have some routes, there, when the grand county deputies arrived at the location where Cindy awaited them, they saw kyle on and then, unfortunately, they quickly found crystals body as well crystal
and the same condition as kyle and details of where exactly crystal in relation to kyle and have not been release. All we know is that she was near by They had both been shot. They let Cindy, go After determining that she was not a suspect. They asked her to take ruth home, the rat, and later she said, the ruth drink for containers of water and ate an entire bowl of greens and innumerable carrots. So this suggesting that the rabbit who was found in a cage likely had not been cared for. In quite some time they are possibly or I I don't know how feeding rabbits work but like with frank, you can give him treats and just keep giving him treats and he's going to keep eating
as I keep giving them treats a news release on the grand county, sheriff's office, facebook page on august. Nineteen, two thousand twenty one state in the following on it's two thousand twenty one. The grand county sheriff's office was notified of two deceased females located in the south mesa area of le sal loop, road and grand county utah. The two deceased individuals were transported to the medical examiners office to determine the cause of death. The preliminary investigation conducted by the medical examiners office determined the cause of death to be from gunshot wounds. Investigators with the grand county sheriff's office- were able to determine the identities of the two decease females as follows: crystal michel, turner, age, thirty, eight kalen, carol, shorty age twin
for the immediate families of the victims have been notified of their passing. The grand county sheriff's office would like to express our deepest sympathies and remorse to the victims, families and friends. At this time, the grand county sheriff's office is conducting an ongoing homicide, investing asian. We are currently following up with any and all leads that come to, our attention during this investigation and will continue to be failing to people who come forward with information Grand county sheriff's office believes there is no current danger
the public in the grand county? Here, if you the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest, podcast, rose and head hosting. Ashen alina of the hit show morbid tells the truth. We have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him, death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning, Once this dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, Hollis. baseball legends and frozen heads lots of frozen heads.
the story about the desire to avoid death. The links that people will go to that a reality and what it means. to be alive. To begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head where ever you find your favorite pod guest The awry. We are back cheers mates to the windows, the walls notice it. The sheriff did not disclosed away: they tales chairs years, he's ok now that's the order. I say the back in the need to in the. Why you're don't at me funny cheers a note
the sheriff did not disclosed right away the details of the killings that right woman was shot multiple times We now know more: the bones were located on the backs sides and or chest of the victims. This was later stated in a week, aren't, but it was immediately clear based on this release that the women had been shot by someone else. This was not a murder suicide. At this time, the grand county sheriff's office is conducting an ongoing homicide. Investigation were their words. We now know that this was because no gun was found at the scene, so immediately no gun. We know that there has to be somebody out there with that gun so
Where per k you tv sheriff Stephen White said it does not appear to be a murder, suicide and investigators believe some one else killed the women and fled the area. We do think it was an outside party. There has not been any firearms recovered from that area at this time, but the perplexing part of the release is the grand county sheriff's office believes there is no current danger to the public in the grand county area really no danger to the public. What is this about ex bat expounding on that per w t K are grand county sheriff's office. Captain Shan hack well said the evidence that we ve gathered at this time. That's what it's lead us to believe was an isolated incident where an isolated incident. How on earth could they know that we don't know what they found at the scene or what the scene I told them others never makes sense to me. We have two girl.
Murdered in a part in this happened in delphi. Two girls murdered, in a part, and we are not worried about the public safety it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me yeah- this is very similar situation. There killed at a campsite, and then we have you know, there's a case out of key river from a couple years ago, double homicide at a park in the middle a broad daylight right. No public No, don't worry general public that we saw that in the berry and honey sherman case as well. So it's very common but we don't know what they found at the scene, the indicated that to them, if they did but their line, the note from the killer that says by the way? I am, I killed these two women, and I only kill people. I know so. Don't worry about correct, I'm just going off of their words where they say the evidence that we gathered at. time that led us to that statement. Being an isolated incident. So using
our words, I'm simply pointing out. We don't know They found at the scene there Are that something founded the seem made that indication to them so I look when there's a killer on the loose there's. There's our possible danger. This guy killed two people and if, in less they cause him there there's danger, I don't know why they make that statement or both victims found in same manner. Yes and that's why I'm looking at their words in in questioning the investigation, I want to know what they're not telling us, and so in many people did want to know what they may not be telling us. What did they see that they're not telling us to examine this for a little bit many people at the time nerd whether there was some kind of evidence that this was a hate crime write, something founded the crime scene, the
dictated that the murders were either personal or some form of hate crime, because the the ladys were gay. The state medical examiner conducted autopsies on the women and concluded that the women were each shot multiple times that shall casings and bullet fragments found at the scene were consistent with the wounds in evidence collected from the bar these of crystal and kylam. Furthermore, while the sheriff didn't address this at the time, we know kyle and crystal were both found naked from the waist down, of course, all of our listeners and all of our true crime minds go right to sexual assault and that would be a possible motive for the murder, some depraved predator targeting the women for his own perverse satisfaction and then killing them to prevent the discovery or killing them so that he here they can get away with it right. But what
weird here is again base off of the words of the investigators, even though that's what looks like may have happened, it doesn't appear that that is what happened. This per chaos el news says grand county, sheriffs, captain Shan hack well said thursday. He did not know if the women were sexually assaulted. Act well said: detectives are still waiting for final reports and tests to be returned from the utah office of the medical examiner.
and state crime lab, but a january twenty twenty two press release from the sheriff's office would later stay low and clearly state. There was no sign of forcible sexual assault of either victim right, so what the murderer could have done as it could have been a hate crime an, but if I stage it as a sexual saw or sexually motivated crime. Thank kenneth throws off the public throes of law enforcement onto who I could be the density of the martyr, yes exactly in their theirs. I think that it's not clear based off of the information that they release at the crime scene. What the motive would in fact be now write to me. It's really curious if they go out of their way to use the word forcible in their statement. There was no sign of forcible so
well salt to either victim, so why? Why is that forcible word in there? What based off of law, rice state of you told us that matter, because we ve and I'm not going to go down this road, because I am very confident that some of the victim's family members will probably be listening to this and so I dont want to go down the road of speculation where it's not really necessary, but just before we move on from that, we have seen other cases. There was a case and in maryland that we covered where there were things at the crime scene, the indicated to police that, yes, some type of assault that was sexual nature may have occurred, but it wasn't force, it wasn't force a bull sexual assault and that's what that was there. at the time, because the victim had already been killed, so you know, without
dancing around that too much more worm way to paint a picture there. Well So let's talk about the area location where this all went down. Moab Utah, a largely unspoiled natural area, with a small town of five thousand two hundred surrounded by incredible national park land. It is a mecca for mountain bikers camp hikers and tourists, but it remains on commercialized and untamed as pervert fur hashtag van life, the sounds range where the girls were camping. Now, captain it seems like they lived in the Van and in the winter or the cold or months and camped in the summer time so
The muscles range where the girls were camping is the second highest range in utah. The campsite set up by crystal Kalen, where they were killed, was not a designated campsite. Where one signs in with a ranger and is assigned a numbered site, this is what is called, dispersed camping. So you, you find a spot that you like they found a spot next to a dream in the ditch and put up attend. This is allowed as long as it's on public property, which theirs was no charge right to be specific, their car. Ten were found in the south. Mace area of lasalle loop, rode off f r for six five one s, s mesa road estimates are there. It was about a thirty minute drive from my lab, which again is pretty
seems, like a very and arresting then adventurous life that they were living and, as I said there, campsite was not an official, one, but be next to a stream some shade. This was a good spot for them right so looks to observers at the scene as though crystal and kylin might have been in the process of packing up to leave, to leave that site and move on to another one and we're basing this off of the rabbit ruth was in her travel carrier with no food or water. her, and we also know that the women had been missing for days a few days by the time that they are actually located cindy mentioned that they were fool. There were full rate bottles that were found on the ground at the crime scene. Some were missing labels and it was her thought that this site to me looks like they were in the process of packing up and had been
and a rapid at some point. So the police search that area, their processing, their crime scene. They later release a press release. This states, the grand county sheriff's office, immediately secured the site and spent the next several days, processing the scene. They search the ear asian ditch, both before and after draining. The ditch by shutting off the water to the ditch evidence collected at the scene included the victims tent and personal belongings inside and outside the ten their vehicle they found. Blood shall casings boy fragments and video evidence from near by properties within two days, the scene was release and according to someone on webs loose, so I don't mean to chuckle, but you can't make Most of its ok you're known for laughing at funny things to see is released in two days and
turning to somebody on webs loose. There were tourist camping in that same spot two days later that had no idea that this horrific event took place. Brain so by your saying that they were able to get surveillance, footage from local residents and end. There might have been possibly trail kim's around these camp grounds. That was one of the things that they were. They were looking for. were in the process of collecting. There was a large ranch about a half mile away from the scene. This is the whispering oaks ranch and we'll get in the time line here in a bit by thing, is the whispering but early on police knew that the women were likely killed over the weekend. The ran was hosting a wedding that weaken with about a hundred guest and according to local posting online. There is a direct line of sight from some areas of the ranch compound. The overlooked
the crime scene area specifically a large with a pavilion had any at the ranch. Seen or heard anything is what police wanted to know. Gunshot sounds would easily travel that distance in this location. Sheriffs deputies had to canvass every one at that adding after obtaining the guest list from the host, they were looking for witnesses. They were looking for photo evidence. Sometimes people were in the photos and they capture something in the background of a photo. They were looking for videos. You know weddings a place that a lot of plea people will take a quick video, they wanted anything that would help them to shed some light on what happened to these two women or social media post. One complicating factor here, captain that could have compromised the crime scene, was there in the days before crystal and ireland were found, there was
add, reportedly bad weather in the area right. This is from a a podcast interview with one the victims, father sean Paul, the house asked: do you if there was any dna finger, prints or even tire tracks that were found at the scene. He's asking about evidence and shot says no tyre tracks. I can tell you know on that same as boot tracks or footprints, and he goes on to say that this is because they weren't found until five days of rain and hale till after five days of rain and hale and then, as far as other evidence goes, captain John Paul posted on facebook. Their evidence is on a complete total locked down. They won't tell me anything at all about dna finger, prints, gun ballistics any of
There are super tight lipped about it. Well, one thing I think law enforcement has gone for them in and then the love ones of these ladys, as if they did have three vehicles and then move around these vehicles and basically, like yourselves, storing the vehicles and a public spot people would be able to see those so would have at least eye witnesses of yo. The girl in their actions and the actions of these vehicles, so that less dive into thailand and crystal timeline. Yeah police are now trying to figure out what were the last steps of the women trying to nail down when exactly they were killed. We know that they were found on the eighteenth and they We're believed to have been dead for a few days. At that time, we had they last been seen. That's what we want to know. Well, there was some confusion, but it sounds like
Investigators eventually settled on a date of friday, the thirteenth, and they have a specific event on that day. To this takes place at woody's tavern emma lab. This is from the following is from the daily beast. That reported the couple who got married in April there talking about our two missing and then later found murdered. Women were semi, regular customers at woody's, tavern in moab, said bar. Major aerial back they weren't big drinkers, said back explaining came in maybe once or twice a month. They showed up at the bar around six p m on Friday august thirteenth and left around nine p m. She went to say that she didn't see any one, but a killer. Borgia and another friend speak to shorty,
that that night, nobody followed them out the door when they laughed. She goes on they left around. Eight thirty p m, others more of that story and an apostle lead from that story, so it so. to me captain that the knights events were pretty much like this. Chris In cairo, they're gonna meet up with their friend Caleb Borgia and another friend and they're gonna spend a couple hours haven't. Casual drinks and catching up shoot in the breeze right and actually the daily beast has surveillance footage. You know silent video footage that you can see of all of the girl sitting and talking and laughing. It looks like a typical, very typical friday evening, friday night kind of hang out, situation, but it's what the women told Caleb that stood out two investigators later
These surveillance, video obtained by the daily, be shows a slain. You talk couple at a local, However, in the night, before they disappeared laughing and chatting with friends to whom they complained about a quote: weirdo, camping near them in the wilderness and the fao it goes on to say, we were just having a great time having a couple of drinks and all they said was there was a creep staying next to them. Caleb bore was one of the last people to see kylam salty, aged twenty foreign crystal back aged thirty eight alive, and she says, and that was it boards said that the women didn't seem overly frightened. They were more just discussing the creep guy kind of laughing about it. But there is, indication that, after that, the women became increasingly distressed about the creep. The following is from ksl dot com
had a review of some of the documents that were filed by law enforcement captain. This is from a search or affidavit filed in the seventh district court that sir as the women were last seen on Friday august. Thirteen about eight thirty p m, leaving woody's tavern on main street and mo add they drove to a campsite in the south. Mountains. At some point. During the weekend, friends say the women called to inform others that they were moving to a different campsite because of a week trudeau nearby, who was quote freaking them out: investigators, weren't in the karl had mentioned to her friends that if something happened to them, they were murdered. Thailand had renewed by saying there was a creepy man around their camp and they had been intimidated by him. There are some reports that there are text from one or both of the women's full
bones, saying that the creep was camping near them and was making them uncomfortable and they were thinking of moving. and we really dont know whether they did move since we only know where they were found, not where they had it out but clearly There was a man in the woods or in the area whom the woman could see and possibly even interacted with, who was quote being the mouth and kyle and had even gone so far to joke being murdered to her friend by the other issue, is packing up in unpacking. Look very similar. That is true. That's absolutely true. So the way that I I don't know the full Details of this man, whose creeping them out other than what they stated here. Report the only other story that I heard was that, One of the knights they it this is after dark, they are not,
their tent sleeping? They are on a hammock and I am seeing that they were awake or something startled that one of them to two to wake them up, but the way that the Story goes is that at some point on one of the knights there in the hammock and see the man like walking through their campsite now in get any better description of that you know. Did they see him like look in their tent or looking at their going through their objects, their items or or anything at their campsite, from the way that the story goes.
He was unaware that they were in the hammock that he likely thought that they were still in their tat right, but they have this vehicle and they have their tents out, and it's obviously that they have their space is also obvious that there is a lot of space around them so for him do even walk that close even close. campsite round of a no no one, you're camping, yes, yeah exactly this is this is not a spot if, if in fact there these problems at the spot that their later found This is not a place that their surrounded by other campers that you would you would almost be forced to walk through somebody's campsite like you said it's obvious there camping there, it would be obvious to not walk through somebody's campsite. Now, when
story. First broke: everyone assume that the women were killed at their campsite Friday night after returning from woody's tavern. They had talked about moving their campsite to their friend that night, or from the scene. It look As though they were getting ready to pack up or were in the middle of packing up, but as the captain say, it says- and I agree packing up and unpacking look very soon. or the middle of the night, seems like the logical time, however, for the murder out in the open- but this was not done- blows until january of twenty twenty two investigators narrowed down the day of the double murder. To be that of saturday, the fourteenth.
I know it's a remote area, I mean it's a campsite, I mean by definition it's remote area, but you would think that somebody would have heard these gunshots, because there was multiple gunshots fired, and that just may be the case. So when we learn of investigators, narrowing down the date of the double murder to saturday the fourteenth way that that works is it a private, investigator working pro bono with Sean Paul with one of the victims: fathers, appeared on a show called closing arguments with Veni politics on the court. Tv network the private investigator. His name is Jason Janson share Some new information stating that investing
Leaders were now focusing in on late morning. The late morning of saturday, the fourteenth the day after the women were seen at woody's tavern, stating that rumours that there were rumours that at eleven thirty. Five, a m there were gunshots and screams that were heard. Jensen said that he got his information, from a quote reliable source saying that they meaning the authorities. Add audio of the shooting, with the sounds of gunshots in screams. Pointed at eleven thirty five on the morning of august, fourteenth witches that saturday. So, After that segment aired the girl, and county sheriff's office did confirm this, they came forward and reported to a b c for news. Saying yes
I do have audio recordings from the area with some gunshots on august fourteenth, but they go on to say I am not going to say the specific time, but let's say it was in the end. We can't specifically say of those gunshots are related to our huh. side, so the officer would not addressed whether the screams were heard, and he, he would not elaborate on how they possibly had work why are these audio recordings? In the first place, we can speculate I have been somebody at the wedding a mile away, recording something and the shots are captured on their audio re will give you the time yeah or did the phone that was found at the scene. Did it possibly contain audio. No one was saying at the time, but of course this is very a very intriguing development to this investigation, because if Jensen
correct and there were gunshots at eleven thirty five, a m meaning that the wine were killed in public in broad daylight? This does change things. It makes a much more brazen crime, more likely you no more likely that there would have been a tourist dash camera some kind of signing of a vehicle speeding away from the area. This might help with potentially more ear. Witness our eye witnesses. To some fleeing the area. So I have eye witnesses and friends that saw them at woody's tavern the night before, but it seems like, we have some evidence that they also woke up that next morning and probably went into town for something and then came back before they were viciously murdered right. So this is this is expanding on the idea that it's not just
the audio of these gunshots at eleven thirty five m that might be leading investigators to believe that they were killed on the morning of the fourteenth and so last little bit of information was uncovered by the private investigators stating that the women had driven back into town. and had ridden their motorcycle around so and then parking it back at the mcdonald's before hopping in the key and going out to wherever they were camping at that and so the investigator goes on to say that they were seen because they were pulled over, they had a light, hearted conversation they were brand. That Kalen, and how to drive the motorcycle. So this is it seems like it's a little bit of an unconfirmed citing, but it would seem pretty officially They were pulled over and had some kind of conversation with someone from law enforcement right. So just a recap here,
quickly captain the women were out woody's tavern on Friday night until about eight thirty or so, and then presumably returned to their campsite. The next morning they went into town. This is unconfirmed by law enforcement. They must have returned to the camps where they were killed at eleven thirty five m by an unknown person This is what we think hmm and we're just get started with this case, so make sure Jonas backyard, mile in the ground, same bedtimes embed channel until tomorrow,
good, be kind and don't.
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