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Murder in the Neighborhood /// Part 1 /// 588

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Murder in the Neighborhood /// Part 1 /// 588

Part 1 of 2 


With school and workplace shooters such a hot topic these days, this week we thought we would look back on a mass shooting that took place in the good old days. As you know, we here in the Garage would never claimed to be able to solve some of our nations most devastating problems but we will try to understand them. Better understanding of very important issues can help and lead to creating solutions. Now, we have to remember that the good old days weren’t always good and it certainly was not a good day when Howard Unruh decided to “get even” with some people in the neighborhood. This week in the Garage we try to beat the heat by cracking a few cold ones and talking about murderer so cold that you will have a hard time believing that you had not heard of this guy before. 

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This week’s recommended reading is Murder in the Neighborhood: The True Story of America’s first recorded mass shooting by Ellen J. Green. A special thank you to author Ellen J. Green for joining us in the Garage to discuss her fascinating book and for inspiring this week’s episodes. 

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this week's true, graham store, unique and intriguing kicks the falls into Two homicide case study categories and the fbi's crime ass of creation manual, these homicides that we are going to talk about both a revenge killing and a non specific motive, killing per the crime, of occasion, manual of revenge, involves the murder of another person and retaliate, Jeffrey perceived wrong ray. Or imagined committed against the offender where a significant other victim molly when revenge is the motive for a homicide
the may or may not personally know the offender, but something in the victim's life, is related directly to the actions of the offender. There is a never ghent events or interaction that links the offender to the victim revenge motive generated by this event, may be unknown to the victim or to the victim's family or france, multiple victims, maybe involved depending on the nature of the event, the triggered the act of revenge, specific motive, killing pertains to amazon it appears a rational and has come it for a reason known only to the offender it subsequently may be. Defined categorized for more extensive investigation into the offenders background the victims of another. specific homicide are random. What no direct relationship between victim an offender
victims can be male. Female adults are children and demonstrate a disparity of characteristics and lifestyle, the crime scene. Usually a public place imposes a high risk to the offender. Nothing missing from it, and it is disorganized would know f. having been made to conceal the victim a firearm is a weapon of choice for this type of offender. This crime, often becomes a massacre, because is the offenders goal to kill as many people as possible because nothing is removed from the scene in abundance of evidence. Is usually available. This includes shell cases, prints, discarded weapons and so on high powered high calibre and or high capacity firearm use will be evident and enables the offender
to accomplish its goal of mass killing wounds, will be concentrated on vital areas head neck and chest. This crime is almost exclusively committed during daylight in public places. Because the offender once the highest death toll possible witnesses, often are available to identify the offender, as he is, unconcerned with being identified, The offender has no escape plan deposit he intends to commit suicide or be shot by police throb. Neighbourhood investigation, pre affair, Characteristics become evident the offence usually has dishevelled appearance is withdrawn, demonstrates isolated effect and passed, Billy exhibits. Erratic behaviour, as you have gathered by the descriptions of these types of homicides motive,
not always clear, in fact a real, true motive, mail. Makes sense to the killer in such is the ace in this week's. True crime tale a meal, that one day set out on his own personal seeking destroy mission, they called The wholesale slayer power barton unruly shot? Thirteen people in less than twelve minutes? on his block and east candid new jersey, the quiet, all who meticulously plotted his revenge on his neighbors who shunned him became one of america's first mass killers at the age of twenty eight, his rampage has since been named the walk of death. This is true
garage, Patrick sour, ro in incredibly great piece about this week's true crime story. I recommend that everybody check it out. He wrote this for the smith sony and magazine entitled it the story of the first mass murder and u s, history, howard, unruly, walk of death foretold, an era in which such tragedies would become all too common. Now I'm going to pull a few things from this article here. First, who said things up, then captain I want to go through some of the actual news articles from that day. So we can take a look at this case almost as it played out now from
Patrick sour, on the morning of tuesday september, six howard unruly. What embark on his walk of death, murdering thirteen people and wounding three others and a twenty minute ran, page. A somewhat forgot man outside of criminology circles and local old timers Andrew was an early chapter in the treaty finally, all too familiar american story: angry man with a gun, inflicting carnage there having killers since Cain, murdered abel and- bruce certainly wasn't the first american to take the lives of multiple victims, the fbi. fines of mass murder as four or more victims in a single incident, usually in one spock, sir oh killers and spree killers fall into their own category and there is also a new crowd source man.
shooting tracking system the counts. The number of people shop as opposed to those that are killed, but is not an official set of data. what is known is that the united states, with five percent of the world's population, was home to nearly one third a third of the world's mass shooters from nineteen sixty six to two thousand and twelve before that mask on murders like Andrew were too rare, too He considered a threat Andrews generally regarded as the first of the lone wolf type of modern mass murders, the template for the school and workplace shooters who have dominated the coverage of more than one thousand victims since two thousand and thirteen andrew was a distinctive personality type one that has also come to define
Those who have followed in his bloody footsteps Andrew really matches the mass murder profile. He had it rigid temperament and an inability to accept frustration or people not treating him as well as he wanted and feeling isolation. All things. People accept and move on from says Catherine Ramstein she's, a professor of forensic psychology and the director of the master of arts and criminal justice and the sales university. We ve talked about her several times I'm as she is the author of some sixty nonfiction books, including inside the mind of mass murderers, why they kill. She goes on to say about andrew that he had a free, floating anger held grudges.
own weapons. He knew how to use in decided. Somebody was going to pay its a typical recipe for internal combustion and quote howard barton unreal was born in camp in new jersey and nineteen twenty one. His father with samuel shipley unreal and his mother Frida volmer. His parents didn't stick together, which was not very common back. Then, and howard and his brother James were raised by their mother when the unruly separated for the most part, it seems that his childhood was normal or is it least reportedly to be somewhat normal. Howard was listed as quiet and shy in at least one of his yearbooks power got average grades.
Didn't quite fit in as much as one would like. But howard was a regular churchgoers. In fact he read the bible often and was very fond of music. There definitely be a part of his childhood that would have been rough because he would have been in new jersey during the great depression, so that pray was difficult time for him, because he was difficult time for most families but a nineteen forty two he's gone to enlist and serve and war war to yeah he and in the? U S, army serves in world war to any saw quite a bit of action as well, and he is said to have been a highly skilled marksman, and he also worked as a tank driver taking part in the battle of the balls and fighting in belgium, Austria, germany and france. By make them in high school was the battle of the bald
one thing that he did, they separated him from most soldiers as it he kept meticulous notes about every german that he killed during his time in war documenting the time and place of where he did it and writing descriptions of the bodies. if he happened to see them after being honourably discharge in nineteen forty five, he returned home and moved in with his mother. At this time bringing in a collection of firearms metals and photos of german artillery with him. So This is kind of like his collection and scrap book. If you will, of course, is time. During the war, I'll post pictures of howard honoured, twitter, instagram and facebook pages,
You'll see his demeanor is very, it's almost like. He has no emotion whatsoever. Yeah he's got this very blank. Look to his face, especially right after He is well especially right after the events that we are about to get into now, keep in mind The war is over in nineteen forty five and when the war's over he returns home anna and he seen a lot of action. He was in multiple countries. We know that he kept diaries about his killed, during more time. and he enlisted nineteen forty two, so he was overseas defending this great country for several years before he would earns to camp in new jersey. Now, apart returning well life, is very different for him. During this time, you know so he finishes school goes the army goes off to war and
you gotta, keep in mind. Things must have been rather regimented for this guy right during school years and then his time in the army and then, of course, off at war now he's at home, and he kind of doing a whole wanted. Nothing he's got some pretty low level jobs that he doesn't seem to care a whole lot about he's living with his mother because he needs her to financially support him. She's got a full time job. He doesn't do a whole lot once he's back, he makes an attempt at having some type of career when it goes off to the temple school for pharmaceuticals, or else I have it here. My notes here captain he went for three months and studied pharmacy at temple. Unit city in philadelphia. Well, he doesn't that doesn't work out for him, and so he drops out and now he's hanging out home for all of these years or sites the reason for that begin: poor physical condition
It is also interesting to that. His enlistment picture. He is smiling and full of energy It makes you really wonder how much effect war had on this individual right and also make sure wonder about his general make up his mental make up in psychology of this individual as well. He almost looks to be happier at the time of war rather than when he back here living the civilian life. Now his walk of death will take place on tuesday september six, nineteen, forty nine, so he is home for roughly three to four years before his actions of this,
at a day and camden new jersey, I'm guessing one. He has ptsd or some level of that now. You heard in our description that we gave of the typical things at one would expect to find from the fbi when we're talking, about this type of crime, and one thing that was mentioned there during the trailer is that the offender likely does not care about being identified, he doesn't do any thing to conceal his identity and often will leave eye witnesses. So is the case in howard on ruse. Walk of death you'll hear it straight from the articles that they wrote in the newspaper about that event. This is from the evening courier, which was a local newspaper. Local to the area, and the headline is massacre of.
wealth is described by eye witnesses, many sea slayings on street in shops of east camden, and it goes to say, when howard Andrew ran a mock shooting at every one in sight, near thirty second street, river avenue, killing twelve but missing others. There were many witnesses to the massacre Following are a number of eyewitness accounts? One of the first eyewitness accounts of the shooting came from William mc neely age Thirty eight he's a repair man for the public service. I love the general description and general tab titles that they gave back in the forties. He says quote I first saw the man go up to a child on the northeast corner of thirty. Second story and river avenue and fire point blank at the child's head: killing him
it goes on to say when cohen the druggist and the insurance man came out of the drug store to see what was happening. The slayer fired the insurance man and killed him cohen, try to get out of the way by running up thirty second street, but the killers aim was good and he killed him. While he was running, then he went into the drug store and went upstairs and killed two women. I think they were cohen's wife, and his mother, the witness goes on to say that he, the shooter, came out of the place a few its later and saw a man parked in a car on the south side of river avenue, just east of thirty second street. He fired into the car and killed him and goes on to say He then saw a group of men standing on the north side of the street. He pointed the pistol at them and began firing rapidly. They escape by dodging into a
by saloon, but what a vicious seeing this would have been. This points out what we had already concluded with the information from the fbi that there would be several eye witnesses to this massacre this man, howard unruly, is basically walking down the street going business to bid this. In going into these business, is in shooting at different individuals. Inside of these businesses, and keep in mind. He lives right there. This is all happening in his neighborhood right on his little corner of the world. But if a vonny correctly, this all starts at the pharmacy that's exactly right. Captain unreserve massacre started at the river road pharmacy. This is owned and operated by maurice cohen, and it takes place, about nine twenty a m in the morning, so he has breakfast at home
He goes out on the street gun in hand. He's got thirty three bullets in his pockets and he's ready track down some individuals and he's to murder them in their place of work or on the streets there in east Camden the zoom like a big shocker. They starts at the pharmacy because he went to school to try to be a pharmacist and end up dropping out. This guy holds grudges. He failed at something. So maybe this is his way I get back at that thing he failed and I think that you're right. I think that there is a whole lot of there's a whole. Two things that are leading up to this event. I think that likely the pharmacy of being the first place that he goes to commit this atrocity is that I think it's really just happenstance because
really. What it appears to me is that his actual grudge is, with the pharmacist himself, with this maurice cohen in the kohen family, because he is actually neighbours with the currents and they had an ongoing beef. If you will over several different things they didn't get along he did not get along with the entire cohen family, as you will hear, In our interview with the author of murder in the neighborhood, you can hear that There is a lot of things that are building up to this and when he comes home the night before there was a gate that was missing. He had put in a gate to his back here hard. He in the cohen's shared backyard for whatever reason someone took that gate and the gate was,
a bit of an argument between howard, his mother and the currents and its bodies even that once he saw that that gate was gone, that he decided. he was going to get this river. He was gonna, get revenge against the coins and several other people in the neighborhood, and he was gonna. Do it first thing that morning so after he kills Cohen his wife in cohen's mother, walked out of the store. This is we encountered the insurance agent, the inch since agent was walking in that same general area, so unruh shoots him through the killing him instantly. then howard unruly walked across the sidewalk, to the curb wear out day was in his view his vehicle. It stopped at the traffic light and howard fires through the windshield and killed him with a bullet to the head. So when he's
Its day day is gonna. Try to, I guess, get out of his vehicle run for cover, but he ends up collapsing over his steering. We'll get some attempt to get out of the vehicle was made by day before he dies. Now these gunshots track that a group of men they were in a bar across from the drugstore and they run out in the street there trying to. What's going on, several shots were fired from our killer, to add these men that come running out of the bar and their lucky enough that they start to. They have enough time to start to flee. From howard, unwrapped, honour than walked by the barber shop of clark, hoover, warehouse Where was cutting the hair of a boy a six year old boy and, as the paper says, with
deadly aim. He had perfected in a target range later found in his basement of his home howard unruly, sent a bullet crashing into hoover's brain and then killed the myth boy with another single shot ass. He sat on the hobbyhorse, see hoover used for his child patrons from the barbershop howard unruly win to the adjoining shoe repair shop inside there. He killed the shoe repair shop owner who was Trying to shield himself from gunfire by cowering behind the counter from the repair shop, howard unruly, walked to the front of the house.
at river avenue, where another single shot fired through the front window killed thomas hamilton age. Two on this is how you can see how evil he is because he doesn't care who he is killing man, child woman doesn't matter continuing up the street. Two thirty two fourteen river avenue. This is a dry cleaning shop. He there shot and killed helga agree. no, she is the attendant in charge, though. Obviously howard has some issues of the pharmacy kind of makes some sense to me attacking the neighbors, because he has a grudge against them kind of makes sense, but did he have a list of people he was looking for, or was this just believed to be random and whoever was there got in the way and he was gonna shoot anybody in his path, and so he has people that he seeking revenge against. He has a grudge against several people, as you have stated, but it's all
a situation where we have both revenge killings and non specific motive. Homicides here, because some of these individuals, happened to be in the area at the time it's kind of like when you have a school, shooter or a workplace shooter with the workplace and school shooter often they will know some of their victims but They will also not know some of the victim. Some of the other victims may just happened to be at the location where they are going to go and kill people, and then what we have here is, as stated by the fbi with, this type of offenders. They are looking to kill as many people as possible, so they're, not
always sitting there, making the decision right then, and there old do I kill this person or that person, because, yes, I have a grudge against personae, but not against persons be often they will just kill. Both this part of the massacre will really kind of answer. Your question here captain, because what we end up, having is with the dry cleaners when he goes to the the shop. The dry, cleaner shop. We later will learn the on his hit list. If you will- or his list is not just that simple to call it a hit list which we can get into that a little bit later but he goes to the dry cleaners with the intention of finding Thomas zakharino. He the tailor in one of the owners he and hilda own the shop together. Now we know
later that thomas, a greener was on his hit list. If you will, but helga was not, and so when It goes to the dry. Cleaner shop. Thomas is not there, but helga is, and so he kills Helga any way before going on to his next target or the next location. The next spot he's going to go to the local grocery store. Yes, and whoever owns that gets a little lucky here. Captain because they find howard unruh finds the front door locked so he simply fires through the front door, and then he approaches a car that is waiting an intersection and shoots the occupants of that vehicle. so if you can kind of picture this in your mind here, he leaves his house gun in hand and going through the neighbourhood. He obviously has certain
targets going into these different businesses in seeking out individuals that he wants to shew and kill, but also think of all the vehicles that of mentioned during his walk of death. Where they are simply pulling up to a stop light and in it section that he happens to be standing by any firing into their vehicles. Do you know of the grocery store, was closed by happenstance, or was it locked because they heard the gun fire earlier. I was just looking at my notes for that information, and I don't have that here captain, but my belief is that day lock the doors because they heard the gun fire and remember a weed already mentioned that several of the businesses people came outside to see why was going on, why they are hearing these these gunshots later. Some people would say that they thought that, sir The noises were simply a car backfiring, where I with the grocery shop we have the situate
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back in nineteen, forty nine again, this is before these types of shootings are, unfortunately have become commonplace, and today's society this was really a rare occurrence. Back then What we have is this man who who seemingly his completely ass they gone off the rails, maybe the gate, being stolen, was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. He's out on this its ease gunning down anybody that he chooses to eta at a seconds notice. He eventually hears police sirens in the background Now I've seen it reported captain that the response time in this situation was a short, is eighteen minutes and maybe as long as twenty minutes, it's a little uncut. Or keep in mind we're going back a long time.
I'm ago in history to try to peace. These events together, but part of that lengthy response time is for several different reasons. One is nineteen, forty, nine, not everybody's, walking around with a cell phone and, as we pointed just before I went to the break even some people, were rushing outside to see what was going on. It wasn't clear to everybody what in fact was absolutely happening. We ve already pointed out how rare this occurrence would be so where, in fact, that he is often referred to as the first mass murder or the first mass murder event. In? U s history rights, there's not a lot of protocol, but does to reiterate something that you are talking about earlier. Was he had a firing range or a target practice in his basement.
and so allow people make a big deal about while he was prepared for this is, but he was also in the army for three years fighting wars whose he was prepared for this week. before he was training in his and his basement Not only that the scary thing about his wartime is look a lot of people when they come back from war, they don't want to talk about the things that they were forced to new, while over there they tried not to reflect on that time period. They want to try to forget it where, with howard, it's much more depth, call his time at war because he seemed to pass we even have enjoyed the act of killing while he was at war. He kept meticulous notes about it in his diary, your journal and when
he returned- and I know it's not uncommon- for people, especially in world war, two to have returned with this collection of things that they took off of nazi soldiers. But he comes back with this collection. Of things that he took off a nazi soldiers and he's hanging them on his walls and yet I wonder if it's a little bit of folk lore about the target practice in his mother's basement right, but There seems to be some truth to it, because part of the arguments that cohen's had with howard was it he was to lie how'd, you know, he's creating all this noisy firing guns in his basement, he's playing his music incredibly loud but his the argument was well. The cohen's are credibly loud, and I've asked him to be quiet several times and so I'm only loud because they are loud, keep in mind there. Just neighbours. Their neighbours that are separated by a wall. Supper
by a wall. They share that backyard that yard space, where how in his mother, have the second gate put in because Originally there was only one gate and the family we're feuding over the gate who was using People were leaving it open overnight and things that nature, so the is put in their own gate, so you and do what you want with your gate, cohen, will do what we want with ares. After this time. Aim of mayhem. He is gonna head back to his apartment yeah. He fleas back to his apartment because he in here the sirens, the police sirens off in the distance. So he knows that their converging in on this area. This really what is simply too corners of east camden, This is keep in mind. How chaotic this all is. This is a rare
Daniel slash business area of town. There's businesses in there's plenty of housing and apartments in such so this is kind of a congested area. This will be a well trafficked area both on in vehicles and foot traffic, so a lot of people, potentially a lot of victims right here, just just footsteps out side of howard unruh front door. and all unreal kills thirteen people in injures three and this all, but four fling back to his apartment. Now, once he's back at his apartment he's fairly quickly surrounded by police. We mention the slow response time but eve There was a slow response time. The response itself is pretty powerful and their heavily armed. There were up to fifty officers that surround. in his apartment. Howard, on didn't just barricade,
self inside of his home here. shoots it out with police the issue when he's on foot economic carry. So many weapons in so much ammo, but when he gets back to his house, yes He has a lot more weapons and lot more ammo. This is true. And I'm gonna pose some pictures of these events on twitter because there's one picture there is I hate to say this because we're talking about so much death and destruction and tragedy here, but there is a picture during this gun fight with police that kind cracks me up in almost in a way reminds me of the movie. The christmas story. Ralphie is dreaming about getting his bb gun and he has to fight off. These would be burglars and and potential bad guys that are in his
back yard right, any shooting at them in their they're all over the place, their coming over the fence, they're up on top of the roof, and there this coming from all angles and he's kind of taking about its more it's it's that, but it's reverse when you look at the shoot out that they howard has with police. There our police officers that arm some of are holding automatic guns homer, holding rifle some of our holding hand guns they got the place, well, surrounded theirs. Even officers that are on the roof top of howard's apartment so that they fire into the second floor window, so they have this guy surrounded he's got nowhere to go, and one thing strange, and we ve seen this time and I'm again throughout our door. history of these mass killers that often times
when surrounded or when they have achieved their goal or got revenge that they were seeking allotted they will end up killing themselves or committing side by having the police shoot them dead. Howard situation here returning gunfire with the police, and eventually they sort sing and tear gas, and he decides at some point. You know what I am done. I'm done fighting The tear gas is enough. You got me surrounded and he comes out apprehend him right then, and there and there's that picture, that the captain referring to earlier about some stuff that we will be posting. Of him standing there arrested and he wearing a suit and bow tie.
Any staring with this blank look at the newspaper and when he's staring at the camera person who took that picture It doesn't look to me to be the look of. Oh, my god, I'm in shock of what I just did. I can't leave my own actions or I'm scared to death. Any of that he almost looks like these standing there with this blank. Look, this stare that says yeah! I did this year did this and it might have been a long time common now the thing that we Unfortunately, become all too used to in the united states is the frequency of these public shooters and whenever This happens, especially when there is a high kill rate we want to know who is to blame, not the shooter, but what else is to blame in our society? How could we allow this person to have
created and then go out on this rampage, an idle Oh that there is ever going to be a clear answer. In my opinion, I think part of that is reflected in what we do. Through in the trailer from the fbi's crime classification manual. This says in some of these types of cases and with some of these offenders we don't really know the motive they may not fully. No, the motive for some of their killings themselves looks to me like here. In this situation, captain howard unruly understood why he killed some of these people maybe why he didn't kill others. Some he was seeking Revenge on others just happened to be there in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, that reminds me of a quote from the old tv, show criminal minds from the fictitious detective?
their jason, gideon, whose I think the best of the fake detectives on criminal mines, but one of his quote on that show was when talking about an offender like this or somebody that kills multiple people who says think of him as a living murder weapon. His genetics load the gun, his psychology aid It and the environment pulled the trigger. Now we do have some quotes from howard unreal himself and you mentioned he only had one gun- he only had so much ammunition when he went through the streets that day on his walk of death, but how would unruly said I would have killed a thousand I had enough bullets Then he goes on to give us a little bit of insight as two possible motive for his rampage. That morning, he says quote: When I came home last night and found my gate had been taken, I just I did to shew all of them. So I would get the right
your jersey correspond, ignore them eugenic, revisit the walk of death and killer howard under before there was columbine or new town. There was camden on them winning of september six nineteen, forty nine twenty eight year old, howard unreal, dressed in a suit and bow tie stock that twenty three hundred block of river road in the cities, kramer hills, section, shooting and killing thirteen people and injuring three among the victims. A six year old boy, getting a hair cut on this hobby horse at the barber shop it became known as the war
of death, the devil's america apple pie, where everyone, the second world war, and it was never expected. My mom subduing scope was george jenkins- was six when his mother, she demanded the house? After hearing gunshots unreal, a former army sharpshooter who had a target ranging, is basement kept meticulous records about neighbours. He had run ends with the top entry reads: you dirty bomb. I wish you were dead. Fifteen years ago I spoke with one of the survivors of unruly rampage, the late Charles When's parents and grandmother were murdered that day gunfire happened when I walked out. My grandmother was holding a phone in bed with blood coming out of her nose and face. He hid in the closet, feeling totally helpless and he had come out and see that horrible seen they re actually produce through being assumed rudely first occasions of mass murder of their time.
You're old lender, one is a volunteer, the candy county, historical society, where they keep memorabilia from the notorious crime. Howard unreal confessed and was declared criminally insane. He died in nineteen, eighty, eight after being confined to a mental hospital for sixty years, but the troubled young man from east camden will forever be remembered as the country's first mass murderer. In modern times, I'm not your shattuck channels, exaction news, yeah.
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