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Must Watch True Crime ////// 545

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It’s that time of year again… Some of us have a little more down time around the holidays and it’s both much needed and well deserved. So what better time than now to find a great True Crime story to watch on the old TV. Join us in the Garage as we discuss our Top Ten Must Watch True Crime shows, docs, and otherwise since the last time we put out a list and there have been several.


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welcome to the final episode of true crime garage for twenty twenty one everybody strapped in and ready to rock for twenty twenty two we're going revisit something that we ve done here a couple times: the garage we ve done this three times that I can count here captain so for those of you keeping score home, you, let me know if the colonels right or wrong I know how to two and a half exactly or incredibly wrong. So too, What we are going to do is we are going to list for you what we are calling the must watch true, a crime for toys, twenty one. Now that does not mean that these came out in this last year is just are addition to our previous episode, so the caviar. Was that they couldn't be on one of your previous list, yeah and so here's the thing we
make sure we point out right from jump street here that if we are going through our list and you go well. These guys are idiots nobody's org. that we ve heard it before. What we are arguing is that we're not idiots, because something you really liked watching didn't make it on today's show. That is because again, this is the fourth time that word that so, whenever you loved watching either a we disagreed with you or be it's already on one of our list, so I recommend, if you have an already go back and check out some of those old episodes and they are the hollowing episode from two thousand and sixteen we have a must see. True crime episode, that's number one. Ninety seven from a of two thousand and eighteen and then into t20. In august we did must watch true crime episode, number four hundred and twenty. That was a way to celebrate four hundred and twenty. That's for sure. So go back
out those and see if you agree with our overall listen today, we're going to add to those wonderful list that we ve already create and mine were supposed to have the weak. Often how so excited. I was gonna, go skiing, the colonel said now, it's time to fire up that ground shipping get back in the garage. So let's kick this thing off Number five: that's right! Captain I said here in the garage we don't take weeks off- maybe maybe that's cool and kosher for true grandpa Ghana, maybe there's a garage. We do double duty. My friend, we lazy show who who we work every week and we work twice as hard every way that high. So with that with that attaboy We just gave ourselves my number five and I think you're asking me to start here, can't get off my number five is idle the most dangerous animal of all, searching for my father and finding the zodiac killer now? This is actually from above
that was released in may of two thousand and fourteen by Gary Stuart and the book as Written in the cases well laid out and the case being his argument that his father was the infamous zodiac killer. While this became a four part, ethics, documentary many series that was released it was twenty twenty. It may have been twenty twenty one. I failed to put that in my notes here captain but ab loser. The general premise is this: ah, it does come from a new york times best seller book. It is in the true crime category. It's really like can emotional powerful journey that this man takes to find. and his long lost father and once he figures out who his actual father is birth father is he starts to suspect it may be, that say, guy could be the still at large serial killers and america
the zodiac killer. Now I don't wanna, throw this out their low while I don't agree with gary stuarts theory that his father, there is the zodiac. He does certainly make some compelling arguments along the way and there people that debate him what's cool about the show? Is they openly debate Gary Stuart at times during the show there not just trying to sell you there like a lot of times a day you series, or some of these shows will come up with their theory and they're just gonna. it into your head until you believe them. They want you to walk away from the experience and go well. They somebody really got it right. We ve been arguing about this gonna arguing against each other. But we ve been talking shit about this for years. Some of these documents the flat out. This lie about stuff, just to try to get their point across and purposely leave. Things ought to sway you one way or the other here. I like that,
I'd have openly debated. I think it adds to the credibility of what I'm watching and what was interesting for me. I watch this captain shortly before or we did our zodiac episodes and it wasn't so much or research. It was more ok. Let's make sure we didn't miss something here. Let's make sure that gary stew, theory. You know I wanted confirm, or at least for self confirmation of. If I believed Gary Stewart nah, not, I believe, here's what I believe at the end of the day that you can fly Gary Stuart, firmly believes that his father is the zodiac killer, and I can and for putting together such an interesting book. I dont really I agree with the theory. The show is incredibly interesting and it goes by anybody. That's a fan of any Zodiac should check this out. In again, into it with the idea of I can still still like this and not agree with the theory? Yeah, there's. A lot of great facts as they pertain to the zodiac case,
and there's a lot of interesting ways that he points out that his father is the killer, but unfortunately Gary will not be he's out the first person. Nor will he be the last to come out, and tell us that his father or a relative of theirs is in fact the zoo No, I mean I, I told people for years, but that my father was the zodiac, but he he's not gonna writing code. Well, that's yeah! He would have been about for my math guessing, he would have about twelve or thirteen at the time, so wrong. Pretty nasty teenager strong for his age, while in again the so your number five kind of ties to my number five. Little bit in the sense that and we ve been learning this for the last five years. You can only get so much information from a new article or, if, if there's one or two sources that have covered a k
Sometimes when we are able to talk to the family, members of the victims were given a whole different perspective of the case, and in this case you have somebody looking into this huge colossal case, but from the perspective of I believe my father, is the killer. The documentary that I'm picking for number five as american tragedy, it's uh sue Klebold. I hope I'm saying it right. I think I'll say it wrong. It's it's her talking about her son became one of the killers and the columbine massacre. She affectionately referred to her son as sunshine boy, and so it's basically when a mass shooting happens, the first thing where
one is well. What was this person's home life like? How are they raise where, where their parents it's it's, a look from that perspective and it is very interesting and- and I think it took her a lot and I applaud her for for telling her story, I think, as a fantasy, pick their captain really interesting stuff, and I know that she's been active over the years when she felt that it was ok, a kind of come out and in flesh out the story a little bit, because there is just that huge nagging cos of why? Why why why in this situation- and she offers up her her perspective on that And I know that she's been, I know, she's put out some books, or at least a book over the year, so kudos to her and a fine pick by you our captain for my number four. I went with a wilderness of error, so this again
is me going back to the well. This is ethics as well, just like my fifth pick, but a wilderness of error. The trials of Jeffrey mcdonald, this again is from a book by one of my favorites one of my favorite, true crime, authors, but one of my favorite, true crime, documentary makers, that's earl morse, who we ve talked about on the show before, because he is responsible for one of the best true crime documentaries. In my opinion, the thin blue line. So his book was published in september, two thousand and twelve, and basically it's a lot similar to true chromatic from james runner, where a large portion of work. Is him discussing here fascination an obsession with e jeffrey mcdonald case now, Jeffrey mcdonald, is a case that we covered here in true crime garage. It's the case of Jeffrey macdonell
the green berets physician, accused of killing his wife and two daughters at their home in fort bragg. Be wary, seventeenth of nineteen. Seventy! He events was convicted of the crime and he is claimed innocence the entire your time he's been in a federal prison since nineteen eighty two a wilderness of error was a five part television series based off of the book. That first aired on September twenty fifth of twenty twenty, and I thought this was incredibly fascinating. I thought it was really well put together. I liked the dramatize nation that they put together on the case. I liked that they Again, this was more of a debate of did jeffrey macdonell. till his family or not, they didn't come up with their theory in you know really try to hit home for you. They
and had reasons why he may be guilty and reasons why he may be innocent and got some of the good information for him being guilty from the old book fatal vision that we talked about when we covered the mcdonald case here. Yeah. now. One thing that I found really interesting is that earl moors, who I believe to be an incredible brilliant and smart individual, he seems to think Jeffrey mcdonald is innocent in east. He just struggle so hard, and I think he has standing that not only do the court disagree with them, but the general public as a whole seem to disagree with that idea, I know, there's a lot of people that have argued his innocence over the years and there's there's a good, a good found asian people out there that believe him to be innocent, but I just found it interesting that this such a smart
visual, brilliant individual, such as our own morse, is struggling with with what I think is kind of an open and shut case. Well, sometimes your thoughts opinions come from your gut, and sometimes they come from you. But there are a couple cases that we have covered in the past. At my gut feeling, as lean towards maybe up the ones that are not popular and the true crime world. I will. I won't mention those cause I'll get a bunch of hate mail, but there's there's certain cases where there's little details that I can't get over, even though the overwhelming evidence may be points towards their innocence. So. Kind of see where some eight could get wrapped up in that, but I think its key to hear again another situation you dont, have to agree with the person making the film to enjoy
many series or the dock user, or respect information other giving out yez at the the day this is still a brilliant doc. You series that's incredibly fascinating its. oh, where I cannot explain the the wonderful quality of everything, from the cinematography too, to that of languages in the van. It is through out it's it's really well put together and you would expect nothing less than near perfection from somebody like moore's, while I'm just doing get this out of the way on my list. I believe the majority of them are actually won partners, just maybe ninety minutes long. I found that lie. The documentary
If they have come out. That are multiple series. I I think once making a murderer was such a hit on netflix and the staircase was such a hit. I believe the staircase was originally on h, b, o or like the jinx was such a hit or or the staircase was such a hit. I think a lot of these production companies were looking for necks doc, you series- I was gonna, be huge. When some of these doc, you series would have been way better off if they would just did a one partner or to partner. So my number four is John wayne, Gacy devil and skies now, the first one that I told you about the american tragedy. I want that on prime amazon, prime, the John Wayne Gacy devon skies. I watch that on netflix as all based around the interview that he did
and I could see some people watching this gone while this is kind of lazy, a lot of the the clips and a lot of the information they're giving us is from this John wayne geese in our view that he did before he was put to death, but but I think it's again to get the full scale of any of these cases are. These killers? Are these profiles? This is definitely one way to do. It is to hear from the horses mouth or in this case the devil's mouth, that's one that I have not senior captain. I have it on my list of must see your crime. For me, so I appreciate you bringing at bank my attention. I appreciate you because I just wrote down your first to because they were not even not seen those yeah skirting, we nothing to read, because we have things to watch here. That's right so number three number three, on mine, and this is a bit of a stray from the traditional, true crime stuff that would typically fall on my list.
I'm going with a single episode of dateline and its from seas twenty nine in its episode, fifty nine, it's the Amy Mahal of EC dateline, that's titled! What happened to Amy a came out September teeth, two thousand and twenty one. If anyone wants to figure out how to go back and retroactively, watch them the reason why this makes my list and makes it so high up on the list was this is This is a story that I as we know very well case that I know very well and I knew I had heard some rumblings- that date line was in the bay village, ohio area and put together a piece on the amy, a case now amy Mahal of cases from nineteen eighty nine, her body was found in ninety ninety, so thanks were getting around to a date line, but what I was well, about with that with that. Rumour was two things, one
it's a little late to the ball game and too well. I learn anything because, when I know a case, this well often I'll tune. do something and there's nothing no gain for me here. They already pants here. Well, I'm not claiming that with every case, but I would be be just flat out wrong for me to tell you that, otherwise, in the Amy case law and sometimes with the date lines and in some of them, our long tv shows its like you, you hear about ten fifteen minutes of information and then back from commercial break, less repeat That information tell you and another little nugget come back from commercial break reply, all that information again and then tell you are not yet and basically you're, like the sum this up in ten minutes we we could have got through this well in yes and dateline is going to do
an hour to episode on a case that we ve done episode. here in the garage on the same case and done more than five hours of material. So king that I'm going to learn something anna shorter version of what we ve done here in the garage doesn't seem likely now, I don't know how much I learned or gain from the episode itself, but what was great is how well it was done and how well it was put together. I think it's one of the the fao, Inner versions of the Amy michalek case and in somewhat of a shorter format, because even if it's a two hour long episode- which I believe it was once you factor the commercial breaks you're really out about an hour and twenty minutes, and so in this case, if Any of our listeners are clueless for some, Sorrow reason: it's the two you're old, Amy Michalek, who was about
in bay, village, ohio and then her body was found in two months later and it's still unsolved case in it's one of the most infamous cases from north the ohio and one that really refused. to go anywhere, and I am very thankful for that, because I think that that this thing will eventually get solved, but again that was eight line for this. Most recent season episode number fifty I'm from season twenty nine in its titled. What happened to Amy one thing that I thought absolutely brilliant that they typically don't do on dateline. So take everybody but behind the scenes here, while date law, and what is it? Forty eight hour mystery or there's a few different. There's, there's three of the major shows that are on the big networks. air, usually once if not twice a week and their typically covering a case, a true crime case, now? Those three shows are why
by millions and millions of people there very popular chosen. That's why they're on the major networks, I typically don't watch those items Don't watch dateline, it's just not my cup of tea, there's so much true crime out there in so many different ways to digest the information and get the information they lines not at the top of my list. I have so much time right, yeah. So to consume the information now one thing he also light really deep, dives and in as long as I've known you, you've like to deep dive into an author writing about yeah cause. That's really sorry but that's really the only way to deep dive into it. The there's just not much to gain from a forty forty five minute episode on a case in most cases sobering, but- but it gives you it does give you kind of,
the lay of the land and it, and then I think what dateline does a good job of is. It can spark your interest in a case, but you quickly learn even on your first google search that you now know as much as the show just told you in our long show tat. I live sit through a fifteen twenty minutes of commercial breaks, but Three of those major shows, while I'm not a regular watcher, her viewer of those shows right. I do record every week, because I I want to find out after the fact that they cover the case. either a we covered or be were going to cover. And then I have difficulty locating where to watch that miss out, so I record them all. And then I go back and look through them and delete as needed or save or watch them as needed. The mahal levick
episode what happened to Amy. I have- to be home. It was a friday night. I happened to be home on that friday night and I get a text from a friend of mine and it didn't give any details at all. All it said was not going to see you on this episode? Am I and I thought of worse. What jumped in my mind as well. This must be something true crime and if I and I guess that means somebody is doing the Amy Mahal advocate yeah. If they're gonna see your ugly face, probably be connected to this case and Oh, I thought you know I'll flip over and see. What's what's recording on, though, shows and see if somebody's doing amy, because again I heard rumblings that they were up there taping now I heard rumblings that they were up there filming year or so before. This episode came out and so I tuned in and, unlike all of course, state lines Finally, releasing the Amy michalek episode and I thought
soon and for a little bit, I'm sure I'll get bored of it and I'll find something else to watch. Nope didn't to now. At any point, I made it all the way through in one sitting, and I thought that one It was interesting and very different from what they typically do is later and their coverage of Amy's case? They work? They were concept Lee putting the the information tip hotline number at the bottom of the screen, which you don't typically see them, do that on date, not dateline, now half the time there, while the majority time, their covering a case. It's already solved, so it's not necessary I loved the way they did it. I thought they tell the story very well. I thought that they had filters and they had spent all. They had all the key players that they needed to tell the story in its best form and they really knocked out of the park and I loved the day cap, including the tipp huh, line number for anyone that may have any information even
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The all right. We're back help. Everybody is ready to celebrating year new year. Seem older, ass tat surface cheers shares some asked me. What do you think you'll see I go out. I said in my mind that we're gonna do a thousand episodes where at least gonna get there. Whether I have to drag you kicking and screaming we'll get their charity Earl cheers you captain so number three. My number three up a little bit of a reason why I have not heard from anybody about this dock
series. Normal people say: hey watch this check this out. It was good. Have you seen there now, if you haven't don't waste time stuff like that? But the Ripper here is a four part series about their yorkshire Ripper this case last year right before christmas, so perfect time to put our doctors series because it's gonna hit during the christmas holidays People have time in their sit around in there. There either in, are horrifying hallmark. Christmas movie or they're, watching a horrifying, true crime, doc and I've. I found this very interesting, but I spent about a month around last christmas in england so
the reason why I say watch at your own risk is, I don't know it was my first time being in europe, so I dont know if them talking about the air that area, obviously because it's it's a british case I don't know of that played into my enjoyment of the dock you series, if that makes any sense, certainly make some sense to me. That case is very interesting and I love the way that the criminal profiling really played a big role in the detection. And apprehension of the yorkshire ripper war was arresting, as I was watching it like. I was gone sites in and see indifferent towns and villages like that, and I go home at night and your pop on so too, and that they be talking about something tat. I was just in time to see
just how much things evolve from the late seventy to eighty two to when I was visiting just last year, so yards of four part doktor series. It's my number three on the list number to colonel. number two and I went with dirt John season to which is a episodes, and I know it from netflix, but I did a lot all snooping in it sounds like it actually came out in may of twenty twenty first on the usa network. So I watch it on netflix and the one is really surprising for me, and what I mean by that is that I had zero interest and watching this, but ice. I started watching it doesn't like the dirty job. Well I know that, but I'd just I had euro interest and watching nothing can,
hold me too to watch it. So a friend of mine was watching it and I join them, and it was I. In turn away, I was Dan immediately and it was its very well done. It's all. Dramatization- and I know that there are some liberties that were taken, but it's first off of a real live crime, Betty broader act was, can instead of murdering her ex husband, Daniel broader at the third and his second wife who replaced her base. a broader gloucester mind and in killed both of them and a and the most, long winding road of of anger that I've ever seen, I mean sheet inches flipped out in freetown, kill them as soon as now ass soon, as she became upset about the situation. This was going on for a long period of time and so dirty job,
these into his eight episodes and a large portion of it is the events leading up to you know their lives together as husband and wife, and and raising their kids and then Daniel product, who is going outside of stepping outside of the marriage and eventually which leads to divorce, and then all the events that led up to the double homicide and then include the two trials that took place afterwards, he was tried once not convicted. Tried again, and that was the time that they got the conviction, Amanda people. is betty. Broad rick christian slater plays Daniel roderick and I it's incredible good it salacious. That's probably one of the things that turn off factor that that didn't excite me about sitting down to watch it den of geek dot com calls dirty johnson
and to the Betty brownrigg story, review a trashy, true crime, with tragedy. Underneath and then I, I did so much. One thing that I found myself curious about and going out of my way to seek and find and watch was the survivors than that children that are now grown. In fact, they were pretty They were getting older when this case broke when she committed the the homicide but it was really interesting for me to hear them in interviews saying what was real about the show in what was not real. You know what was kind of fluff a little more embellished did was. interesting to see and hear their words on everything we're too for me, and at this point we don't have any repeating to stir a bailiff keeping track number two for me was night stalker. This is a
apart series, it was released early in two thousand and twenty one anywhere around then so for part for episodes and its runs about three hours in total, so less than an hour, up episode, and I think, there's theirs to reason. What's why, like this again we're talking about perspective of a case, to follow gill and frank, the to lead the taxes on this case to kind of follow where their head as there were, these it Acts were happening as evidence was coming in where there Whereat what they were. Look in to that part of the investigation but so interesting to me and also how some people in the departments disagreed with them, or or how other departments help them out, but also there's artistic value to this doc. You series, it shows,
car. Costly driving around at night now base fleece stocking people and its very well put together and have had a lot of people in law enforcement that don't like watching these documentaries that have watch this and said is kind. You invited two of your favorite detectives to sit and tell you a story about a case that they investigated get in and how things happen That's what it feels- and this is one that we ve talked about on off the record before, because we were both so impressed with it. When I first came out and yes you're right just like inviting you're too favoured detectives to sit down and tell you about probably the most infamous case that they ve ever worked on a maybe one of the most, from his cases from the state of california, but you said that the right terms there to favour detect, because I tell you what one thing for me. In my experience of the the doc you series here, gill carrillo
anne frank salerno they become two of your favorite detectives when you watch this like you your rooting for them the whole time their very good at their jobs, their driven and their p that you are proud. The stew and behind and cheer them on as they're looking for one of the most evil killers that you can imagine So these two are brilliant in their own regard and they d, the series itself was fascinating I am very much you know into these older cases and some of its just the imagery there. Life imagery of seeing you know the old these cars, the old neighbourhoods and things like that I thought it was really well done. For me, it was so to making my less like. If, if, if I had again a top notch, honourable mansion, or if the This was a little longer than five. This would see may be on my list, nice stalker, the
and for a serial killer law and a little story for you for the for the listening audience lean in. If you well we're at crime, common and austin. I get on the were invited to have vip drinks last minute there. If you get vip passes, they set up low dinners and little cocktail. Vincent and so the lot of the host woke me up with visa people, and he and you get to go and have free drinks is great things, so jump on the elevator, and here comes skill, one of the detectives in this case and one of the speakers at crime can just being him writing to the elevator, an eye
are you going to the vip then yeah yeah, and I introduced myself as the captain from true crime garage. I watch the docu series and, and I've heard a lot, a lot of praise from detectives that that I've watched and he just kind of lit up and he to seem like such a good guy and as one of my highlights of crime com asked Well, yes, and it was intriguing that he was going to be there and one thing that I keep hearing from a lot of the people attending crime khan. The sheer was the same thing over and over again there's so many impressive people that you want to meet that are going to be there's some featured in some. You know a little more behind the scenes and what have you but gill time I'm again when I spoke to everybody, he was the. He was the one that people wanted to me and they were never disappointed because he was there does martina reality here. Yeah he's a personal, the visual he's very he would fit nicely
here in the garage captain over like the cut of the jib nice gill Wherever you are my steer, our aim number one is that time for my number one. I went with again a single episode. This is season. Twenty one of a long running, true crime series. It is on the investigation, discovery channel the idea channel for those that are nasty, season. Twenty one episode, twenty one, that's easy to remember of on the case with policies on, and it was titled terrifying connections and this was it was going to be difficult captain for anything other than this to be my number one and the reason being. Is it the tariff connections episode, what about the now solved, homicide of tony muncie and tony money
he is an individual that we were talking about. His case for anybody else was talking about his case, his case was was pretty much forgotten here in the house. state of ohio and that upset. Here in the garage. This was a teenage boy that was taken every one way too soon way too young, and it was thing, the angered me and the captain and we decided hey we're going to cover and this is a story that is not being too about this, was such a breath of fresh air. You nepal is on, is that's a good that's a good programme to begin with and they always put out quality episodes. But this one was incredibly well done, but it was all that they were featuring a case that many people out I'd of columbus and you ve heard our show, you don't know the case, and this when a fifteen year old boy, tony muncie vanish under very mysterious circumstances and police.
Here, the worst and we talked about it here in the garage on our coverage. There was there were multiple killers that were at one time, investigated as possible perpetrators of this, teenagers homicide and it wasn't until all all these years later that it was actually solved and it was solved by the hard working women and men over at the delaware county sheriff's office. They refused for decades to let go of this. case, and one thing that I was so impressed with the devil. County sheriff's office just a whole, not just in the tony muncie case, but in in everything that they do is the brutal honesty and how they stand behind what they tell the public. They are just like every other agency out there. That says you know it cold cases matter we care about cold cases. If you kill somebody in our county or our city, you get locked up.
we will find you will find out what you did and we will take you to court. You will have your day in court and we will seek justice for these victims. We don't here of the cases one day old, ten days old, ten years old or decades old, they are the same as every other agency in this great nation by saying that where they are different from many of them is that they actually do care number one and they actually are working those old cases and the tony in some cases, proof of that that all these decades later. They could still solve the case a couple. Here too, the hard working women and men who worked this case over the aids to see it all the way through delaware sheriff william, lay very who worked the case starting in eighteen. Eighty three there are The whole interviews with his brother, John muncie, who contact at our show after we did our coverage of the case, and it was good to see him in a better place now that his brothers cases final
been solved and a lot of what was still a mystery. His has come to light all these years later also shall two detectives, rusty, yeats and and detective Jeff, who who I've personally met and spoke with a couple times and detective sal brink all who were instrumental and getting this case solved and they dedicated the episode rightfully so in memory of detective dan otto who died in tune twelve and a vehicle accident data, They dedicated the episode to him because he was one of the driving forces that kept the case alive in apartment and really was determined and in an got all these their key players to rally around him too to be so determined and so passionate to solve this case? Every big get you and then paper as the colonel goes over his top five lists once again for you so
We just tell him the title and also again, maybe where you watched. If you can remember, so my number five was the most dangerous animal of all. That's the zodiac killer case feed, and gary Stuart, and that was on ethics. My number four was on. Ex as well: a wilderness of air, the trials of Jeffrey mcdonald. My number three dateline. What happened to Amy the Amy michalek episode, and that was in twenty nine episode, fifty nine and then my number two dirty john season to again. I guess it was least on the usa network, but I watched on netflix and I am one hundred percent, confident that it's still available on netflix and finally saving the best for last number one on the case with policies on the episode. Title was terrifying connections, and that is the tony muncie episode season. Twenty one episode: twenty one discovery. I we say this backwards, captains I'll say it correctly here and there
the geisha discovery. The idea channel a right, my number one, the boys who killed at child now look. This is this is so weird one because I have found the same documentary or close to the same documentary. Titled mall, a bull things. Somebody actually give you two to watch the one that I watched was called the boys who killed a child. It's on real stories. You can find it on you but there was also a really good. Sixty minutes done on this australian in Australia, they have their version of sixty minutes. The James balder murder inside the chilling police investigation out almost pair those, both together, the the first. When I gave you the boys,
killed a child is under an hour long and then obviously that the sixty minutes epoch how'd. You know we ve covered a lot of child murder cases, and those are always tough and you always have sad feeling the whole time that you're researching them, and there was some days that were in the garage and we and we cover those cases, and it's like for the next couple days. It's like you might as well. Just not talk to me, I'm just not in the mood ten in to this, or maybe even five minutes, and it's just it was all those emotions but like times, ten is very tough to watch and hear some of the stuff. But, but I felt like it was important. It's a it's a very sad case and is very true. alec, but it's yeah, I, I think, maybe also because of the holiday seasons when you're at a christmas party. Maybe it's not the best time in the world, but you'd look over and you see your nephew or niece for your own.
Aldo, our grandchild or whoever and they're just having the time of your life their lives and they bring so much more joy to the event right christmas is, you know they always tell you. Christmas is for the kids and and again when you have kids or or you have kids, the in your family, that you love it and they give you so much more joy in this documentaries. the opposite. Like shows you how like, when you see like a john wayne Gacy or something you go, okay, you can almost see the evil coming out of them or you see like I do not like a charles manson or something like that. You can kind of just go: okay, yeah! That's that's evil, but when you see the pictures once they arrested these these two boys
like the sea in a whole different side of evil. I don't know of disturbing was the right word, but it sounds. I think it's one of those documentaries that I'll I'll never forget like I'll. Never, the cases and I've always wanted to cover the case. And so I was looking up early. this year and put it on my list of things to watch and after watching him like I, I just don't even know. If I could cover the case, I don't know if I could, through it. Well, for those of you keeping score at home, get your pen out again the captain's gonna go through his top five. I felt like I brought the party down, get the party back up people. This is: must watch true crime, two thousand twenty one number five, american tragedy. I watched this on amazon, prime
do. You know how they always say, like you only have a couple more days, the watch this that that was one of those once if you want to watch american tragedy, sue cleave old story about raising her son that went on to be a shooter and columbine mass here, you watch that on prime john, when Gacy devil in disguise, that is on Netflix the Ripper, the yorkshire ripper case for part doc. You series on netflix and number two, the night stockard, hunt for a serial killer. You can find that on netflix as well and number one the boys who killed a child. This was produced by real stories and you can find it find this on youtube and now is my top five and go back and listen to some of our other episodes. Where we talk about the must watch. True crime and here are other list again. Those episode ah, must wash your crime from episode number four twenty august of twenty twenty must see. True
I'm episode number one, ninety seven april, two thousand and eighteen and the hollowing episode from two thousand and sixteen, where we're talking all kinds of true crime, things that you should be watching, be it documentaries or series. Or what have you How big shot out to de Armstrong eleven who in two thousand and sixteen started, adding or recommendations, are best true crime, doc. You series in such too I m d b the order on there's a little shaky, but there are there are so many of them listed there. So if you want to see them enlist form while you're listening to the old episodes, you can find, that is titled true crime garage, best, true crime, documentaries and again shot out to do
armstrong wherever you are. Here's a cheers to you, yeah. If your fillin froggy afresh go to our blog, whether it your top five or top ten, we ve, we ve done both numbers. But if you wanna I'd love to see people's top ten list of their favourite, true crime, documentaries, because then I could go through each figure out which ones I haven't seen you? So if you want to do that at your top ten list to our blog at true crime, garage dot com and will see a next year grab a chair grab a beer lead watch some true grab
Like always thanks for join us here and roger thanks for being our friends thanks for town, a friend and here's to a great two thousand twenty two, hopefully colonel so many cases that we ve talked about in the past. This will be the year that they get solve, Yes, hopefully so colonel any recommended reading this week, no after we're gonna skip it. This weekend, we just gave every wonderful listener out there, ten things to go out and watch if they have not seen all of those. You got some homework to do so, check out our recommendations. Let us know how you feel a true crime garage dotcom hit us up on the blog yeah. If you need more true crammed garage for your ear balls check out. Our bonus show called off the record and you can do at our website, true crime garage dot com and until next week, bigger
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