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Nancy Eagleson /// Murder Investigation /// 610

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Nancy Eagleson /// Murder Investigation /// 610

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November 13, 1960 - Nancy Eagleson was abducted while walking home. A man driving a dark car  pulled up alongside of her and asked if she would like a ride. Seconds later the car was gone and so was Nancy. Unfortunately her body was discovered a short time later and only a few miles from the abduction location. Who could do such a thing? This is a small town murder that shocked the community of Paulding, Ohio and still haunts them to this day. This week we take a hard look at the murder investigation and the suspects. 

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the We start off today show by going through an old newspaper article. We won't go through every word, every sentence, every paragraph, however, this I find to be by far the best article ever written about the nancy eels in unsolved
homicide case. The article is titled girl, slayer remains at large, paulding crime still unsolved, and this is from five years after the murder took place in its written by a lima news staff writer by the name of gene rockwell, who did gang busters work on this article because again I believe it to be the best and most thorough and its rather updated, as well as you, see as we go through this article and it reads somewhere, a man walked the streets outwardly as inconspicuously is anyone, but with the burden of knowing five years ago he molested and murdered a young paulding high school girl subjected heard little sister to a last
emotional shock in blemished the family, this man, more horrible than any fictional monster, shot. Fourteen year old, Nancy lee eagles into death following a criminal assault on the evening of november thirteenth nineteen sixty perhaps in such a twist personality there is no capacity for regret or remorse or perhaps his waking and sleeping hours are haunted by the memory of what he has done history of such crime reveals many motives for the slaying of a rape victim. Usually the victim is slain to prevent future identification of the attacker. Sometimes the force of the attack itself is sufficient to cause death. Nancy was brutally shot in the head by her unknown assailant. No clues to the murderer have turned up
Five years of investigation by the paulding county shares department, as seven forty p m that sunday nancy and her sister cheryl, then five walking along jackson street in north east paulding on their way home. From a movie. Their father died, and operated a bowling alley and paulding on the weekends, and during the week he was employed at international harvester in fort wayne. he was at the bowling alley. That night there mother Betty also worked, and in That of waiting for their father. The girls decided to walk home from the movie since mrs egos and would be home at that time. Missus eagles and was asked last week about the crime and about the failure of police to solve it, missus eagles and said she
earl now ten years old is still terrified by the memory of that. Never to be forgotten. Night quote: I can talk about it now, missus eagles and said, but dawn doesn't say very much about it. It really broke him up, they say a woman can adjust to something like Nancy's death bed, than a man or can cover their feelings more or something. Maybe that's the way it is with me. I hide the hurt, keep it inside missus eagles and said: cheryl has deep emotional scars from the events of that night, cheryl loved Nancy, the mother noted they were inseparable. But cheryl has changed now. She isn't having child any more she's afraid to get close to any one emotionally prefer here she might lose them ass. She lost Nancy Nancy, have been nineteen now her mother said and in college. The book
Mother said she does not blame police or the sheriffs department for their failure to solve the crime. I believe they did the best they could do. She said she thinks the slayer is from paulding or immediate area here ass to be. She declared he knew his way around too well. However, her husband believes the killer was hunter, not from the area. Probably hang in a motel and committed the crime on the spur of the moment. Melting back into his home region, when it was over missus eagles in still gets a lot. Of course, mostly from cranks saying they know the identity of the slayer. None of them have proven authentic, missus eagles. Since theory, the crime is that the girls were seen by the killer as they were, sipping coax in a local restaurant on their way home from the matinee movie along jackson street sheriffs.
The man slowed the car and asked the girls if they wanted to ride she, Nancy replied, no were only a few doors away from home. Cheryl said the man stop the car and asked nancy directions, he got out of the auto cheryl recalled and came around the front in the full glare of the headlights. He grabbed Nancy by the arm and during the ensuing struggle pushed his victim to the ground cheryl, said she tried to grab the man by the shoulders, but he struck her in the stomach knocking her to the ground. She said she did not see the man strike nancy, but he placed her inside the car opposite the I received the man got in and drove away as cheryl screamed, missus eagles and said,
cheryl told her the man smelled like he had been drinking, but her theory is it the girl, smelled, chloroform or some similar substance which accounted for nancy submission after the french struggle. Missus eagles cynthia arises, her daughter was not kid. Where the body was found, but elsewhere then was left by the slayer, where she was discovered by The hunters paulding county sheriff John killer was ass last week. If the case is closed, he said certainly not these case are never closed every now, and then we get a lead and a possible suspect. We check out these leads thoroughly, but so far no luck at all. Healer said he was convinced. The slayer was not from the paulding area. The man is sick. The sheriff observed he can't help himself. He would have killed again. We would have had another slaying on our hands if he were
local man, Cheryl described the man who killed her sister as about five feet: eight inches tall heavy with a belly like santa was he wore foreign rimmed glasses, possibly with thick lenses that mean his eyes appear larger than normal. She stayed she believed he was crippled. A man who bore out of michigan city indiana prison a month before Nancy was killed and who subsequently was executed tulsa arizona for similar crime was checked in cleared of the paulding slain another man from the paulding area charge with rape in napoleon and acquitted was consequently convicted of a rape. Slaying in detroit his method of operation with similar to the man who killed Nancy, but he also was investigated in cleared.
So the man who slew nancy Lee egos and is still at large free to commit another crime police Officials believe he will or has that he acted under a compulsion, a mental illness and could not help himself. Officers stress this certainly does not excuse the man but points to the dire necessity.
de of his apprehension. Well, there's so much there to unpack, so that less do some of that. If you don't mind why no four watcher theories on if this man is local or not, here's the thing, if the two things it the family has told us- and this is things that had been told to us- by people outside of the family as well. If the phone lines were cut to the eagle sent home that night, if, in fact somebody did try to abduct cheryl weeks after Nancy's murder, I think those not just point too, but for me seal the deal that this was a local guy. Everything outside of that tells me that this was somebody that was looking for a victim and may have travelled to this area and found the victim there that night, unfortunately, bright reboot. We could have individual that has to travel here for work and so that they would be back
an area multiple times to me it's to break. Can you gonna leave her eye? Witness that sees you that, possibly, like I said in church school somewhere, is able to identify you, the other thing that's tricky to, because it no longer exists to this day, but back in nineteen sixty its the understanding that there was a hospital in the area and I've been told that it may have been, but We in the abduction location, where Nancy eagle sins body was eventually found, which is very weird to me again that DR felt very quick to me. It almost felt, like somebody abducted her in either had to stop at this location or stop that this location. For some reason, brain would have passed the hostile and again I believe that it was on route one eleven. So
Somebody have been in the area for work because they were working at that hospital or could they have been visiting allow doin or a friend or somebody that they knew that was in the hospital. I don't know if law enforcement did this, but I'm I'm guessing. No, because within two days they're saying we're at a standstill I'm going to the restaurant and asking it was any. Was there single male eating alone- that possibly saw them go into the restaurant and then all their leaving when followed them out or look for local logo, hotels or motels and see if there was any single manstin and the area, though, give me a lease some kind of lead to to go on the thing is bizarre here to captain is that you could have a situation where somebody spot
the girls walking alone, where spotted the girls as the mother suspects, sipping sodas at the restaurant and decides then, and there hey I'm going to take one of These girls ran and the reason why I say that that seems to be likely is that according to charles accounts- and it was key to me, it'll read that article, because we see how Charles accounts kind of I dont want to use them, change, but she's To be able to fill in some of the blanks later ass, she got older. She was ten at the time of that article, nineteen sixty five, but According to charles account, the vehicle there was a vehicle parked that p locks the.
old, abandoned gas station no longer an operation on the corner that they passed before the vehicle approach them. I am of the belief that that may be the same vehicle That the person saw the girls walking, they walked past him. He pulls up in the vehicle, alongside of them fall doing them he's, he would have been following them very shortly after they walked past p locks brain now, one could have spotted these girls. and then decided to position themselves at pee locks to intercept them before they get home. To do that, if that was in fact the killers plan intercept them before they got home. Well, then, that mean He already knew where the girls lived and so Therefore, he likely would be a local man, or at least that new nancy and some form fashion or knew her family law, and might
that the husband is not going to be there, that the husband, the fathers be working at the bowling alley during this time. So I personally and be home is the mother. But again I know: Where you live, someone intercept you now. I think she made a great point because she brings up chloroform and we're what we were saying before if you're taking your victim, we're not talking about like have a very small victim or a very young victim, it is a child, but she is fourteen so she's gonna have the capability of putting up a fight. So the mom membranes or good point that possible that this murderer grabbed her and then I was able to subdue her with chloroform anna the combination both because she says what. But I think my dad
was smelling the thy witness, Cheryl, the alcohol or chloroform, it could be. A combination of both this guy might have been heavily intoxicated and then started driving around looking for a victim. Times. These types will ingest things like alcohol or drugs to build them up to a situation so that they don't chicken out for they don't they they want to build them. up to carry through with whatever it is their sick, fantasy or plan, is and then, if it in fact, chloroform we're talking about a whole different. level of pre met station one but two possible criminal sophistication as well. This to me, if it was in fact, chloroform
we don't. We simply don't know, and until the case is solved we will not know, but if it was chloroform than that tells me this guy has either done something like this before or he had been studying up on doing something like this and thought about for a good deal to study in turn. Research planning yeah, I mean this- is a guy email. The other day saying stop calling these murders animals cause. That's not fair to animals, and it's probably not fair. the same to the hyenas us, the others. the hyena army, this guy's a real piece of shit and again I am, I I lean towards idea that the person was from that area originally, but not any more did not live in that area. Maybe a rental car, that's a other thing, rental car so possible that this person had a rental car and then- and that would be another thing that people could
spend some time investigating. The chloroform would also go along with the thought that maybe some portion of this man's clothing or the glasses were in fact some type of discussion, ice. What's really weird to me, as under hypnosis cheryl says that the man was skinny, but in this news article, saying that she believed that he was a heavy man with a belly like santa claus, so those are two very different things, but we also know that it's not terribly uncommon, for criminals to layer. Clothing or to wear larger clothing, the necessary to give the appearance of different physical appearance bright. That's that's a tough into when you look at the composite scare. to me that not not the one where you're looking at him your face too As for the moon, were you looking to wear his on from the side? To me, it looks like he was almost like slickin back his hair
If again, is that the way he wears his hair or is that a ruse this to me? The composite sketch to me looks like one of two things or it could be a combo of both, I guess It looks to me like somebody. There is dressed to potentially go visit, somebody at the hospital or to work or it's a man that was still wearing his sunday chow should tyre This remained in that attire throughout the day of sunday and may be went into town and went out to a restaurant right or you know, then spotted the girls somewhere as they walked. It be inches thing to know in it's too much to ask cheryl to recall something like this. There is no way that should be able to recall this, but would be. Wanting to know if they were talking about walking home like if they were openly talking about that. At any point, their evening and in the wrong person heard them caught win that oh, they might be by themselves and then
think about the idea that the phone lines were cut at the eagle sent home. If, in fact, that were true too that makes me think. Well, maybe the killer thought that they would and up home alone and thought of abducting Nancy there right. Then it makes me want to question the family Does the mother supposed to be somewhere? Not there a very good question and hear here's my thought on the I'd. I can't answer for the family, but here's my suspicions. So we know that the father died was working at the bowling alley which he regularly did on the weekends and what I've been told by air buddy that new dawn, they said that he worked at the bowling alley. Prob we for a little extra money, but it was also like that was his number one hobbes fun, rent heat he likes to book funds he likes to hang out at the bowling alley. I got free bowling right and you know what great,
Bowling alleys too, they often cell beer. We like beer and pretzels. The thing here is: oh forget, the pretzels from my understanding is It was very common for dawn and his wife betty that the two eagles and adults- the to evil some parents to go the bowling alley and hang out together. Was this a night like you said, captain that maybe missus eagles in was was to be at the bowling alley with her husband dawn, but for what the reason it felt.
or at the last minute she decided not to go. If that's true, if that is true, and obviously some way in the family could answer that to me, I'd put a higher way higher percentage at this point that they know this individual. If that was the case, I mean it could be happenstance that here's this person in town sees these girls walk in and there they are walking, because the fathers working their mother is gonna visit the father at work. So that does put you in that happens, stance but starts at that point. I would start leaning towards this idea that they might know this kidnapper. They might know this murder. This murder might be somebody
family friend. That may be felt. This has not been able to resume. It doesn't come around as often anymore, but again how much of what there were wearing and how they were doing their hair and others of how much was that their identity and how much of it was. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wandering newest podcast frozen head hosted by ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning. Lawrence is dry,
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I was thinking outside of the box. If you will, that was something that wasn't done back then. So we praised him for that. We criticized him in his investigation for not being able to recover tire tracks at, either the abduction scene or where nancy was eventually found bright. We also criticized but said that maybe the newspaper is to blame for the weird statement of while the cases pretty much at a standstill, just days into the investigation. I did criticise him first that we don't know he's kind of discounting sharon's account. That and was wearing glasses, which I think is a big misstep by the sheriff. But here is a huge mistake.
but I don't of sheriff killer is to blame or who is to blame, but somebody was certainly at fault here, because a nineteen eighty five that's right. We're jumping ahead twenty years in the timeline from sixty five to eighty five, and why are we pointing to nineteen? Eighty five will that's because a nineteen eighty five Nancy's family discovered that the physical evidence that was collected at the scene, where she was found lost or misplaced or discarded the sheriff's office in paulding county no longer had any evidence and Nancy's case now there were several persons or several agencies if that were involved in the chain of custody of this evidence, so it made fall on the sheriff department, but who do you think's going to get the blame when evidence is missing? It's going to be the investigator
agency. They are the ones that are charged with securing that evidence, attar, who had it at what point? Yes, they are going to get the blame, but come on law enforcement. Do your job you're here to serve and protect and you're not protecting or serving by losing this evidence so where we are today and we're gonna jump back here in a second. But I want to focus on this now. While we are talking about missing evidence because it will make sense, we are trying to exude Nancy ecosystem. That is for the purpose of collecting additional evidence right. We mention that lack of nail clippings. We mention the lack of seamen, samples and we don't know if those are things that we are even going to be able to get once we exude her, it would seem unlikely, but there's a possibility given its you know, it's unlikely because has been sixty two years and things
Lost due to time and decay, but the other idea here captain is, could some of these items, because this evidence was personal items. These were personal items in nature. Compare to with our victim here. Could some of these items be have been better with her is certainly a possibility, even supposing that we're very hopeful did that they did The possibility remains, and it's bought again. This is not maybe something that the family would know and so can be hopeful of, because Cheryl Guinn was five at the time, so she's not going to just there's no way remember every single detail and you know mom lived a very long life, unfortunately it is no longer with us, but keep in mind. These are things that parents could forget or be unaware of at the time. There's a
going on. They just lost a child unexpectedly, so again at something that were hopeful for and that's why somebody like Portugal, that's why we are jumping in we are getting involved. You know weak Save nancy e awesome. We can't help Nancy this is a quantum leap where we can go back in time and right or wrong, or protect somebody or save someone. What we can do is try to help in save the sisters that are still alive to this day. Cheryl can you imagine she's the level of victim She is how victimized she has been in traumatize. She has been all of these years. If we can find some form of justice for the eagles and family, it will be a big win not for Portugal.
it will be a big when for paulding county and this community and eagles and family, the big when and us, but so much frustration still too. This is captain will bring us to december first two thousand and ten- and this is reporting from the local newspaper, which is called the paulding county. Progress and they're doing ongoing story of continuing to cover the nancy eagles in case an investigation and they're doing this article on its rather lengthy one but its feet. During a man named dawn, rodent house, odin roadhouse says that he was a witness to the abduction and this is very strange to me- this is something that I am incredibly curious about the dawn roadhouse says that he pulls up and he
These two people in a vehicle that look like they are fighting, and he says his sister is with him and sister, whose riding shock on tells dawn hey. That's you know that doesn't look like two adults that looks like a little girl right because I think dawn thought maybe was just. Some kind of domestic message away shining merit yeah boyfriend girlfriend to adopt fighting. What have you, but then little sis points out. No, that doesn't appear to be a grown up. That appears to be a little girl and dawn says it's the flailing arms that he and his sister saw Nancy eagles in fighting this man back here, holding her by like the hair or the the head in trying to push her down. Maybe too seal, her from any passer buys.
or people in the area, as he's fleeing from the abduction seen rain, but he says it, while he, the abductor is trying to push nancy down. Nancy is, I'm going to throw smacks or punches at the attacker, and this would be kind of like. aside arm. I guess you will it's like a swimming motion almost, and he says it day. The vehicle was was speeding quite heavily, which makes them the man would have been fleeing from the abduction singing with a victim in his car and don says that they gave chase. They tried to follow the vehicle, but at some point the vehicle law them now. He says that the following morning he reported this to the authorities saying that when
woke up the next day. He learned that of the murder. Remember and she was found overnight- And when he learned of the murder and where they found nancy's body here where he was driving, he says he was driving on route. One eleven where nancy was abducted from he contacts, the police and says, tells them the story that we just told you and he says to throw a little shade here on the shares department back in nineteen sixty, he said that he doesn't believe that they they may not have taken him seriously because he said At no point did they ever follow up with him that he replied the information- and they never approached him again, to ask him to tell his story again, and he says that back in nineteen sixty, he believed that he could have described the vehicle in great detail. Now
Why he didn't describe it in great detail when he spoke to the sheriff on the day when he reported it? I don't know, but his words make it sound like either. He wasn't prompted to do so or decided not to do so because he thought that they would follow up here becomes a problem. We law problems. We were privy to some some insider information in this case, and the portion of the sheriff's office file on nancy eagle since case does not reveal The dawn roadhouse reported this the day after Nancy was killed. now he very very well may have, but there is not indicating that he did this other than this newspaper article, his own words, so when here, a story like this I go. This is very problematic for me. One historian,
problematic, but its problematic. For me, as a storyteller here in the garage, I dont know how to take this captain is this simply a guy that try to do a good deed? Try to help the outback in nineteen sixty and has come forward all these years later and is still trying to help out. Is this just a good guy or we've seen this before. it wouldn't be the first time and if it is the case, it will be the last time it could be the case that this man injected himself into the investigation. wants to know what law enforcement now he's a local, so you'd know the area, but the thing he has gone for missus fisher was with them so is another pretty solid alibi for the time of the crime. It would be if he in fact did report this back in nineteen sixty right. If we
fine proof positive, that he didn't reported back then or if we could find proof positive that she didn't back his story, a nineteen sixty or nobody else back the story. Nineteen sixty when we want to know why fifty years later, he's telling the story it. The other problem, too, is the details inside the story itself, where cheryl she states that shit Didn't see her and you she sees her sister looking back right, but also the suspicion that maybe she was chloroform, so she was, she would have been knocked out. She would have been out there
be somebody with flailing arms in the back seat of that is, if that's what happened right now? Could she have come to woke up and try to fight off her attacker? Yes, that's a possibility. The other problem, though, is he says he chases after the vehicle and the vehicle loses him. The problem with that captain is if, in fact, the attacker went from a dutch site to wear nancy was eventually found. We already talked about. That's pretty much a straight shot. You go around two curves and boom. It's a straight shot is difficult somebody on a straight shot, pieces of his story just don't add up, but you want to kind of give him the benefit of the doubt, cause it's a traumatic situations, a stressful situation, but also the time gap. There's been a lot of time that has
fast right and so things that would point to dawn road house. His statement being questionable his statement being suspicious would be this for me. is he concocting this story so that there is a reason why somebody would have seen his vehicle at that location that night, in the abduct, in the area of the abduction, the night that the abduction took place. Historic explains it away and sister and I'm putting that an air quotes being there with him. What so give him an alibi. As to you, I wasn't the bad guy in the story on the good guy in the store. So there's there are some questionable things here, but again
It really truly is either one or the other either he's just a good guy that try to do a good thing and help somebody and the bad guy one or he's the bad guy, it's very tricky very tricky, and I know that there are people in paulding to this day that are very suspicious of dawn's story and of don himself, while I'm sure there's tons of people, teachers, school bus drivers, but that have never got married, that live in the town alone, there's pile a whole list of people that people are suspect of, because you have this crime. They happen to such a young, beautiful girl and there's no answers so, but this brings us up
two thousand and eleven it. Yes, it does in our time line, but I do want to speak to what you just said. There can be no, but I think that that's a very astute and incite full statement that you just gave, because to this day, the suspicions of the law calls the people that have been around since nineteen sixty the people that new nancy people that went to school with her bright or people that new her parents, this is small town. This is a small town, murder, it affected the whole community. The community is not healed, nor move past the murder of Nancy eagles him and they shouldn't, because its unresolved there's no justice here and if the killer was a local man, he could still be local to this day. He could. They'll, be alive. There are many people that have been suspected by the public. Throughout the year
that are still alive and still in the town or near paulding ohio. Now you said that it could be a teacher school bus driver. You know that mechanic anybody. You can look at all these people and raising brown go well. Maybe it was him. Maybe it wasn't that guy. Maybe a local all along, and that certainly has been the case for sixty to you there's an paulding ohio where the list of suspects per the public man, it runs the entire town of paulding. Nobody is safe from suspicion. The sheriff John killer brain has been suspected by people to this day as possible, we either have committed the crimes or covered up the crimes because it was committed by somebody he may may know now.
ago, while look it's not solved, it should be solved. There's a reason: it's not solved. All the reason is covering for somebody. The reason is your cover for yourself, this is what happens these? How these rumours build and grow up throughout the years. So I'll give you a few examples. One example is Virgil, Johnson that we talked about the restaurant owner. One thing that people have pointed out that isn't really something of evidence. We talked about the blood, earlier, but one thing that was pointed out about Virgil was there's a story that says that he had a daughter that was roughly Nancy's age, but he was on the phone with Nancy a week, maybe two weeks before she was killed, inviting her to go skating roller skating with his daughter and when she said no, she couldn't go because she had a previous engagement or or something that was all
planned or maybe mom and dad just wouldn't let her go for whatever reason he became angry with her. Angry at the situation that she would not go skating. He was wanted his daughter in several her friend skating into me. That's of very bizarre, if that's true it's a very weird scenario, one for grown- and a call his daughters friend too to be angry, that she wouldn't go. I'm forty years old. I do not care if a fourteen year old go skating or not. It affects me zero right: I'm not going to be angry, I'm not going to be happy. I'm not going to be sad, no matter how it shakes out. Another interesting story is that you're, not forty is that either a day before or a week before, her death nancy babysat for bowling alley owner. This was somebody that was well known, obviously, to Nancy's family. She baby sat there child. She tells her parents after
The experience I'm never doing that again, I'm never going over there again, but doesn't give any further explanation as to why it could be something as simple as maybe the father short changed. Her or maybe it was an unpleasant experience, because the kid that she baby sat sucked really bad or could it be Does she went over there to babysit and learned that? Ah, the dad's a creep yeah, he pulled out his pp. It's an interesting story pulled a louis c k. Could it have anything to do with this case, difficult to say, showed his turtle head Another situation- and this is directly related to the sheriff John killer at the time- was dead. It's been reported that when he was out looking for nancy, now keep in mind the coroner would list Nancy's approximate time of death as nine p m november thirteenth nineteen sixty at approximately eight thirty that night
we have nancy's parents who are in a car with their friends. They are driving around frantically. Looking for their daughter or the vehicle that took their daughter, they go out route, one alone as anybody would, because that's the direction that we are told that the vehicle was traveling that took Nancy so you go out that way and when they got out that way they get to the intersection where you have to make a lot. asked to continue on route one eleven or you can ghosts and now you are on paulding county road, one. Seventy six, her body found off of that road. This is approximately thirty, the corn says that she died at approximately nine p m that night. There's he's in to believe. It certainly possible that the killer and the victim could have.
And at that location at that time, but also at that location is sheriff. John killer, who tells the eagles and their friends who were out looking for nancy go look swear, because I already checked back here. There's nothing back here. Many people have wondered: did find something and was he cover for somebody or was he covering for himself in trying to direct people away from where nancy was eventually found?. The other possibility, though, is he was just a good man out trying to do a good thing and trying to help nancy and help the city. Asian and for whatever reason, didn't see a car or didn't see nancy and move past. Indeed, fact do. As he said. I just search back here. There's nothing here well on that.
Where the story ends there's more to the story possibly and who knows if this is related to all of that poor. I should say bride more to the rumours yes, because what we have that that takes place as many years later, John killer, son John killer junior, his wife goes and tells police that junior kid old nancy and was responsible now junior would have been of driving. She would have been a little bit older than Nancy a handful years older, so it certainly a possibility. The thing, though, that I going back. To, though, is the statement of cheryl saying that shouldn't know how all the man was, but She believed off of that short experience that the man was older than her father or appeared to be order than her father, right and so junior would not fall into that category would fall anywhere close to being in that category
Other thing to that. I have a problem with and I'm not saying that we should discount the sheriff and say he's perfectly innocent or that the sun is innocent or the sheriff didn't cover for somebody. I just I simply don't but what my gut tells me is that no, that the sheriff probably was not covering for somebody because look at what he did we can learn. We can learn from the actions of his investigation when you gotta go with your gut is not in your butt that he was trying to solve this case ray he was contacting other agencies. Other law enforced agencies if he was trying to cover up something he did or some that. He knew the person that did it and was to cover for them. He wouldn't be reaching out to other agencies. That just brings that could bring some into the area that is an expert in come in and see it for what it is and go nope the sheriff did. This are nope. The sheriff knows who did this not to car?
pooh pooh all over your idea, but maybe you'd only do that if you are able to control the outside entity, he now all I can. bring them on board but the deuce alpha than I can see What they're gonna investigate, see what leads they they generate and then there I can can steer the direction because, even though you brain out brennan outside sources you're still the lead in command the other thing to if he'd, if he were to covers for somebody another thing that presents the idea and points to me that he was not covering for anybody would be the fact that he had several opportunities to have escaped go for this crop egg robert least oval, was arrested and suspected me Italy and both murders, and yet he invested
stovall and basically says it? Wasn't stovall Virgil Johnson was investigated and even suspected to the point of the public that they were ready to string this man up and kill him, and yet he steps in enter means and says it wasn't: Virgil, Johnson, thomas ball, convicted of similar crimes killer, says. do it clears yet doesn't sound like a guy that is trying to cover up a crime or cover for some, but he had multiple opportunities to blame this on somebody that the public very likely would have accepted as the perpetrator of this murder, and he didn't do that He investigated them and decided that they did not do it, leaving it open for whoever Surely did it whether he's covering for them are not to be charged and convicted of this crop. Now I presented that argument to the people that think that their that there were some miss dealings by the sheriff's office and said: look this
why the sheriff didn't do. This is why he wasn't covering for somebody- and I think it's a valid argument, but then they present the flip side of that coin. To me, and they say was that happened, stance or was that done on purpose, while normally the order cases don't know, gets me like the newer cases or them the more recent cases, but this one. It seems like there's a couple missteps, but there doesn't seem like there's a blatant young. more on law enforcement. You know you notice that the dissimilar, maybe a couple missteps or maybe just where they did not have information on certain things, but the scenes Agus devil solvable well in that was my personal opinion as well.
when reviewing this case? Was I actually thought that the sheriff worked? It pretty well for nineteen sixty again not perfect on the investigation, but I thought that the killer did some good work on this case. I know that the current sheriff jason landers. He has strong feelings about this case as well, and he too believes that it possibly could be still saw. to this day and that's why porch light and other people are getting involved. That's why the garage is reminding people about this old case, because it's not been solved and we need to figure out what happened here now previous sheriffs, and I want to be clear here. The current sheriff spoke at length with us about this case, and so he deserves there's plenty of kudos for that he went out of his way giving up his.
viable time to speak with us about Nancy's unsolved case. He does not fully agree with this, but he passed this along to me. He said that previous share I believe that a man named mark hodges, committed this murder now mark. just looks really good for something like this, something like Nancy's attack in her murder, because he was believed to be driving around the area of northwest ohio back in the day in the sixties, committing very similar crimes, and I say believed because Hodges is a slippery, do he's one of these guys, captain that he was brought to trial multiple times for rape, multiple times for attempted murder, multiple times for murder. He seemed it get acquitted. Every single time
Now I did not have the ability to review those court proceedings or those trials, but what my gut me on more colleges. Sometimes where their smoke there is fire and with more colleges, there's just too much damn smoke. Man he's repeatedly accused and tried not arrested, not suspected by the public try brought to trial for similar crimes and then eventually convicted in one of those crimes. so I see a guy like more colleges and I go. It's not impossible is not out of the realm of possibility to believe he could have been there. He could have been the one that abducted and killed nancy eagles now we should point out that in two thousand and eleven a m see that is near and dear to our hearts, the national
an hour for missing and exploited children. They went upholding ohio, they met with the sheriff's office there. Collected evidence and we are not allowed to say what it is. We ve been asked to not say what that evidence was, but they collected evidence backed, and that will help led to a conviction if they find the right person. So that is a bright spot in this investigation and then in august of twenty twenty two this year, John D, move. has filed a motion in paulding county probate court to allow the body of Nancy eagles in to be disinterred from the local cemetery where she was buried nearly sixty two years ago. A hearing is set for this september for September twentieth to determine if we will be able
I want to do that and I'm begging. We need to be able to do this because it's the last hope it's our last chance at justice. They are very likely could be some of strong evidentiary value found? Why don't do this is gonna hurt the case, and I think maybe us covering it and in this happening in the news, will bring more attention and maybe bring some more leads n, and maybe we can get some actual evidence to test in this crime. But it's always a good case when you know it's a good case when the colonel is getting fired up in the garage. So today we sit here with this case remaining unsolved since team. Sixty Nancy eagle since family is still searching for answers to her murder from more than sixty years ago. This case is extensive and
I'm in a materials, but listen the current sheriff his passionate about this case. There will be a fundraiser that will be held this September eighteenth to help raise money for the exhumation nancy to help further along her investigation and her case and get justice for the people of paulding and for the eagle sense and for her sisters So I encourage anybody. That's in the area to go and experience that and take part in that fundraiser. On september, eighteenth and paulding ohio sheriff. Jason landers believes that this case could still be solved. He's a good man he's a reasonable man. If you know something about this crime, please contact, appalling county sheriff's office at four or one nine three
nine nine, three, seven, nine one. Thank you so much for joining us here. Each and every week we appreciate love, whispering into your sweet ear, lobes colonel. Do we have any recommended reading for the listeners this week. We are coming to you with an ask,
or a little bit of help. We don't ask for help very often hear the garage, but were asking that you take a little bit of time and go to ports, light online dot org. That is the website for the non profit organization, the porch like project, which is assisting the eagles and family and hopes of exuding nancy eagle since body, and then ree investigating opening up this investigation again for one last crack at justice for nancy eagle sin and for her family members, please go to porch light online dot, org and if you wish to make a donation that will go direct,
toward the nancy eagles. In case we thank you so much in advance for any help that you are able to offer and until next week be good, because.
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