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National Forest Serial Killer /// Part 2 ////// 78

2017-02-01 | 🔗

National Forest Serial Killer /// Part 2 ////// 78


They called him the National Forest Serial Killer. He liked to hunt women in the woods. For two years Gary Hilton stalked the backcountry paths of the southern United States. In 2007 he abducted and killed John and Irene Bryant in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest. Later that year he attacked and killed Cheryl Dunlap in Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest. Then in 2008 he attacked and killed Meredith Emerson in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest. Gary Hilton is one of the rarest breeds of serial killers waiting until he was in his sixties to start killing, or did he?

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on this week's beer run is elizabeth from newport beach, california, Elizabeth! You have no idea how jealous I am import. Beach sounds fantasy it's about thirty degrees outside of this garage and his grey we have lab lotta from lamp lotta maryland. Who says as soon as I'm alone in my office, I turn on your show. My office meets with think I'm a psycho I listen while they were here. I think lab lotta needs to work very hard to get a promotion and get your own office very soon fact of the matter. Is we don't think you're a psycho, true crime garages, not only your guilty pleasure, but it's your safe space, Next we go to germantown, wisconsin and say hi in a big. Thank you to Paul Paul says I really enjoyed the facebook video of the captain, showing us how he puts together the music for the show paul reckoning that we cover edwards and sweetheart murders, and you know full disclosure. Your paul, we attempted to cover at edward, as would have been back in season two, but it
I doubt that there was just way too much to talk about that. We couldn't cram it all into an hour and fifteen show we Do you know we weren't doing two partners back then, but now we're doing a lot of them. So you, see an edwards back on our calendar very soon, and next we make it your favorite stop in parts unknown today, population, one and say, hi to David, who says, keep up the great work. Well, thank you David next, big bang, Thank you to mike in new york MIKE says by a fine ip. This round is on him. Yes, we may talk a little more about might one day he sent me a lead a while back on a case that we covered so MIKE. I know it looks like a dead end at the moment, but there, still some legs on this thing and I'll have an update for everybody as soon as its available roper, so thank you might ensures to you. Next. We have bucky and came from toronto. Nokia
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Grand garage, dot, com and click on the donate, but our right, let's get right into it. That's enough for the business. Everybody gather around grabbed, share, gravel beer and, let's talk some true, cried there was a light in our lives. In every left will holding referred to here, the in our civilised society we protected nourish such as MR yeltsin, by providing three hard meals a day in a warm place to sleep under the protective watchful eye of evil of fishes, Therefore, I feel that no punishment is too severe. Mr Bildt, I only pray, then he suffers immensely for his heinous acts and that even
You smell of evenings recognised evil and malevolence for mankind and treat him with appropriate measures it has been played to the charge of murder in dolphin in georgia on the fourth day of january, two thousand and with malice aforethought, causing death near to the heart of your plead guilty to murder that you're guilty of the charge. about about yourself how to pronounce the sentence. You will not be permitted to withdraw your guild. Is there anything you would like to know
the remainder of the georgian apartment mirage The you receive Michael Hilton was arrested for the disappearance of of meredith emerson after they found her idee her purse and bloodstained clothing and a dumpster, and they also found some other items of of that his van as well, and as you heard there, he was convicted after confess, sing to her murder, he led the law enforcement to her body. He did so. He can get avoid. The death penalty is basically situation here, and he ends up getting licence life sentence in the state of georgia and what you,
heard in that clip, there is her father, who is, of course, upset of the situation and rightfully so calling for a little bit of what sounds like prison justice there, because he's we're going to get to see his daughter again, and this jerk gets to go off to prison and he's going to get three meals a day and he's gonna live in it in a warm cell and he's gonna the rest of his days, and this guy has lost his daughter to this animal and because he confessed to it he's not gonna get the death common penalty. now. What happens here is shortly after his sentence. We see seeing a situation where we have law enforcement agencies from other states. Meeting with the george Bureau of investigation who headed up these search for meredith emerson there with them, because they want to discuss this hilton guy. They no. They have similar crimes in their states. And they want to know. Is he responsible for these crimes because we're talking about a guide
can't really nailed down here right? You can't really put a picture of where he was living win because he was a bit a drifter. He was somebody that would go and stay in parks and national forest for days or weeks at a time and I've around the country you for the last, a year or so of his life. You can't really in him down. Now this actually something that he's done for most of his adult life and hearing interviews with him. He almost brags about having not worked a full time job ever in his life. Well, now it's not kind of brags. He definitely brags. Amene again, like we ve said in the last episode, this guy thinks he is a genius Yes, he ease, I he's labeled with like a hundred and twenty, I q. I believe I, which is of course an above average but tat. You know, he's definitely not genius level. But but when you hear him speak, you know he he always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room when hunter
percent yeah. So not only do we have similarities. In other cases, we have evidence collected by law enforcement and the Meredith case that possibly could link him through dna or Whatever yeah these, these are items that were collected in his van and items that he was disposing of while he was he knew he was on the run for meredith emerson case right and why they were trying to collect him and pick him up. They collected evidence that he was disposing of now, one of those cases, in particular that of a woman named cheryl, dunlap and I'll take a row quickly through her case. This takes us back to december. First of two thousand and six forty six year old, Cheryl dunlap mrs church and after church he's actually so involved with the church it she is teaching sunday school as well. She, mrs sunday school, which both of these things are very out of character for share them. I am my church one as a kid sunday school was during the service. I think eight, that's a smart way to do it so that the kids are
in church disrupting the adults. So what happens here? Is we she's, not president at church and she, mrs the sunday school her neighbor decides to go. You know, walk over to share its place check on Cheryl. This would be on Monday morning, kids yeah. Wanna be a huge red flag if she dismissed the service, but the fact that she is the sunday school teacher and she didn't caller. No, no call no show the slow yeah. So she goes over to check on the home and check on cheryl and watch covers there is that the dog charles dog is present now cheryl is divorced, woman. She lived alone and her dog. Is there, however, shares nothing wrong with a shared, not there in her vehicles, not there as well, and this kind of alerts, the neighbors, so the enough the neighbour decides to notify, shares family did she's concerned that she has You are all day at church on sunday and here again on Monday. Cheryl is nowhere to be seen what
weapons he or she is then reported missing and and quickly after that, the police find her vehicle off of the highway and, of course, cheryl is not to be found with the with the vehicle. But police noticed that one of the tires on her vehicle has been slashed. Yeah cheryl has been missing now for about four days when the police obtained cheryl's bank records. Her bank card has been used several times at atm machines, police obtain in the video footage from the a t m's, and this is immediately clear, right- the person using cheryl's card it. I mean it's definitely not cheryl one hundred per cent, it's actually it's actually, some pretty creepy images. very briefly, I will pose this on instagram framed by that wants to check it out. It's really hard to. We can debate it back and forth on this. Yesterday knows privately
Now it looks like em mask there's made at a tape yeah, but there is some speculation that maybe took parts of a mite myers mass, and I created like a tape plus lay tax man. I mean either way when you see the image, it's very, very creepy. Yet what it looks like to me is general description of this image is see it's it's very obviously a man's body, not a woman's body. To me looks very manage and You see a man wearing a button up shirt, but he's got every button. Buttoned up, you know all the way from the collar down yeah and an of a hipster look yeah in that the man appear as the captain said, to be wearing some kind of mask that could have been fashioned from tape like like justly, maybe even just taking up his face? waiting some kind of mask of his own and he's wearing a dark hat and glasses,
the thing here? Is you know we? We did debate debate about it a little bit, but there was a fred Rosen wrote a book about this called the trail of death and so he look obviously looked into this case a lot more than we did. We ve just been diving into this thing for the last week or so, but says the way that he describes. The mask is similar to that of, like the the old read the invisible man. You know that, because you know he would wrapped himself up like a mummy almost so you could, you could see him so that is very much what it looks like to me. As well now, the atm that one of these aims was actually access more than once using charles bank card, so the police decide that they are going to stake out this eighteen. Fortunately that machine is never used again and in fact, after that period, cheryl card is never used again. Now what's interesting to me, is: is there any evidence that she went hiking,
no I'm a little. I'm a little uncertain as to her disappearance because we found the car yeah, We have also its one those things where it could conceivably been picked up at at the station or hitchhiker. I mean the thought that I've heard put out. There is remember the slash in the tire, and the thought was that maybe somebody had spotted her somewhere decided. That they wanted to abduct her man. She may have been out running errands or door doing other things, and then they they cut the tyre and followed her until it would do you know the tyre would be deflated rightly inland than when, when she stranded I'm gonna, pull up and arthur is right now and then you have doktor. So in mid december, two thousand set this is in the Apalachicola national forest
apologize, I'm a little uncertain if it was hikers or persons that were actually searching for for cheryl or clues in the area for the missing woman, but the story those like this. They were out in the area and they noticed a vulture circling above. I think it was hunters. Ok, I think it was actually on hunters or hikers, but I think they noticed the vulture and that's when they
I said: hey. We gotta check this out yeah and using the vulture like some kind of bloodhound. They go to the area that the vultures circling and there they find a human body underneath some debris you know, leaves and things now. But here's the thing, though, that the head in the hands are missing from the body and the body itself actually appears to have been burnt very badly. I mean burned very badly, so so to the point that the the authorities are unable to identify this body. Okay, so that I may just to clear this up real quick, we don't know if she was hiking for sure, but we do have this body that's found in a park right. It is decapitated which is the same as meredith's case yep. We have atm usage with this. A winery figure covered in tape on his
yes and so that these are the similarities at his rank. Trying to follow you follow you on this, so what they end up doing is they use? You know, of course they ve already seen the atm footage by the time that they find the this on our agenda body so they're already expecting foul play in cheryl dunlap situation. Somebody has obtained her bank card and she's missing. You assume foul play he rightly what they end up doing as they take cheryl tooth brush and they collected dna so that they are able to match it to the unidentified body, all right so december, two thousand and seven we have sheldon done lamps body we now have identified and the vast ford we have the meredith emerson case, and we have all these similarities popping up, and now we have shut,
our laps dna, but we also have all this evidence that we collected from very hilton van creepy. You know why astro vandyke his driving around so when they test that surprise, surprise, but we have cheryl done lapse, dna in his way and there we ve got a match. So I we we gotta smoking gun. This is open shut case, not so simple, because they're gonna take him the florida and they were a try him, because I believe that want to try to get the The penalty in this case, while they do in the reason being, is that you already know that he's locked up in georgia for life. Okay, so now you're going to push the envelope and you're going to say we're going to take you to florida and we're going to put you on while I'm sure he probably tried to manipulate the situation like he did in meredith emerson case. Ask: is this guy thinks he's a
congenial right. So he probably said: do you now? Let's see if we can work out a deal and just get life in florida is well they're. Not gonna. Do that in Florida they don't need to he's locked up regardless next time too, him on death row and guess what good for everybody else, whether your four against the death multi- let's not argue about that, because I think situation, is- is a unique situation and yet the only problem that I have with it is by going after the death penalty, then you give this guy ample amounts of time to get his name in the paper. I constantly go back to retrial, you don't if push the death penalty plus plus in florida. I believe that if you are being tried in it and sentenced to death the they, I think they pay for your defence branches. Cheap in their millions of dollars. Yeah have upon
with that- and I also have- and we've talked about this before and now we tried to- I mean we can't do it all the time, but we try to stay away from you know, labeling the show you know by the killer's name cause we don't want to give them any. You know press right now we're not praising this guy we're not praising this monster. You know so he goes the floor and we gotta start this trial right, and this is when america is going to lie learn a lot about america or merk mirka, both bow united. We stand america, an american yeah, so take so, kind of through me off here but we're going to start learning about gary Hilton in who he is the reason being other than that he's a huge piece of shit, while the and being here is for it is paying for his defence, and so there to make every effort to push the envelope to make sure that he does not receive the death penalty. So there
Bring up things about his childhood in his life and what we learned during this trial is. Did you know he didn't have the greatest of up his his father left when he young his mother remarried in this guy didn't sound like a really great guy, and what are you about? That is an arrest yeah. So what happens here in everybody wants to know. You know what makes a serial killer. What makes a multiple murder- and this gives us a little insight that right, while some of it is by not made right well, there's an hour you met, for you, know, nature verses, nurture right. Re ran in. I would argue that in a lot of cases, it's a combination of both in this situation. We have a young man he's when he's very young one of those murphy beds. You know the beds fold up into a wall. I've always wanted one well. This ever had good reason not to get one day a collapsed in him,
all in on Gary hilton when he was a boy and this caused a significant head wound, yeah. He received over two hundred stitches, it almost like Jesus it almost like scalped him away and its oh it's late are going to be learned and maternal was, he did you know He was a young boy, probably six or seven are under ten yeah, so it would be or determined by his defence team that, during this accident of the murphy bed, scalping him that he did receive some form of brain damage. He, damage to the frontal lobes which which a lot of people will argue that you know that did that can create these monsters in a way, and so he has this. This injury from a childhood
but another weird thing happens too: there's a little bit of abuse going on by the step. Father he's he's not if not a great step father. There is even a story. How he's as physical wars that sexual or I dont, think it was sexual, I think, was mainly physical and probably more like verbal and emotional rather than physical as well bearing he. When Gary is like ten or eleven his his step, fathers telling him that he should be, he should have a job he should be, working. I believe that this guy's from another country and in he may not understand that in labour laws here in amerika we don't go off a year, but back in your backing gary's day had been a newspaper boy. I mean that's what that's what I rocked the newspaper out pretty young age when Gary was thirteen. He shot his step. Father, yes, but in the end, then, on trial like when his mothers
talking about this. It's it's crazy and this wasn't like a like. He grazed his arm or something he shot him in his body. Yeah. He shot him in his lower stomach and in the count was, I don't know what happened think maybe is one of the times where, if there are no physical abuse, he was support can be, was way more common back in you know Gary's childhood days, just in general, around the whole country and market, but I wonder if it's a situation It's like. I can't take this anymore. You're, not gonna, hurt me anymore. I have a gun and then this step father start screaming at gary shoot me just shoot me, so he does sheets of right and the lower stomach. Doesn't kill him now now and in the strange thing here too, as the stepfather chooses not to press charges against scary, what
happening. Is it, but I think that either the mother protecting Gary or maybe the step farther did have you known- did actually care about em to student know how to be it stand up. Man or us parent, or maybe he was abusing him in felt as it while you didn't want to come out or felt guilty yeah or you did even something worse to him. That would have been in oak is back in the day you can you could smack your kid around a little bit and they were not there weren't going to haul you to jail right, but who knows how how bad it was well. What ends up happening here is that, even though charges are not pressed against him, he is taken away he's diagnosed with some form of of mental illness, and we will see this again later in gary's life, but he spends roughly about a half of a year in receiving some form treatment and not living with his parents
when he is released from this. His mother will not let him move back into the house she in still minor at this time. I just love mom takes the stepfather side. What ends up here? nothing is somebody they take gary. And he lives with them until he's about seventeen may be eighteen and he and list and the army- and he asked he does see some active duty. He stationed over in germany and he's with this unique unit. This unique platoon of of or nineteen guys. I believe it was nineteen guys. You know you have one officer, and then you have all these these other eighteen. You know army guys and basically there called the davy crockett platoon
yeah and those opportunities and wealth does the captain of that platoon. This is the strangest unit that I've ever heard of, because what their, what their whole thing, what she said is the day have these: basically it it's a handheld new killer weapon and I seen a picture this. They call it a handheld. But if you look at a picture, this looks almost like, like the size of a human body like a man size weapon, but you can hold these things and much like a rocket launchers. They will fire a new killer, a small nuclear weapon well. The issue here is- and I don't know how much of this that these these army guys actually knew about, but their their job was. If they were stationed in germany and if they saw the russians approaching they were
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he he starts the lose it while he's there and he gets an honourable discharge. The army, technically diagnosis them with the schizophrenia right. Well, I I also think it was weird is did he lose it and the army- or you know, did it does take him years to figure out, he's are lost it well remember he had they identified some mental illness when he was a child when he, when he was thirteen and shot his step father I think this is an ongoing thing. I think this is something that he's had, and maybe it manifests itself more. The older that he's got may be the stress of being in the me and be altogether massey schizophrenia. Normally is late, teens early, twenties type thing but there is some early onset sides of schizophrenia. Yes, so weak. We I don't want to go through all of his his history, because we only have so much time here tonight, but basically
adult life after he gets honourable discharge from the? U s military. It goes like this. He, in and out of marriages, he's married three times, I think, lengthy, the marriage that and was two years some of these other tomorrow depressing I mean. How can I find this? A deuce canoe trick, three, women, well yeah and in two of the women, are only married to him for less than a year, while he didn't trick him for too long yet, but but there you are with something there. Captain He basically spends most of his adult life. As a con me well think about this. I know. Look valentine's day is coming up right. And you know some eight also people say its national single, stable, a fierce in and out there if, your listening to the captain's voice on one o, one o five point: sixty nine, the garage, the garage smooth aims in the grass every listen to me right now in your single, be happy about that cause you're not dating some monster like Gary Michael Hilton, so be it
for for that. You know one of the things he was doing when he was conning these people. Well, no. This is the tip you off on on what some of these women why the divorces came so abruptly and so quickly he was running fake charity He's running he's getting people to donate money and he's pocketing all of the money. You know the Gary hilton foundation or you know I'm joking but he was running anything and charities on and off for most of his adult life, and when these, when his wives would learn what he was doing, of course, I don't wanna be anyway round of policies is a terrible guy. I mean you can, even if you take away the murder, I If you listen, they have this thing on. You can find it on youtube. It's called the Gary hilton background in our views. This is where the georgia your of investigation spent hours and hours with him there a little. troubling to listen to because they are so lengthy and he might
throw in two bits of of information in these cases from time to time. So you can. It is a bit of a snooze fast, but the thing is this: guy loves to talk. and he loves to tell you how smart he is and how how intelligent he is. This guy is like someone well here the toy man you wind up in ages aegis starts gone anyway. He spends these these back. In. Our views are hours long in the the investigators speak so little so, little during. They will ask him a question he was Twenty minutes answering this question and he'll tell you ever thing about anything. So the east problem, horrible guy to be married to let alone that the con aspect of his life right. What ends up here here is, thankfully he he does received the death penalty and Cheryl dunlap case and thankful. I am thankful that floored is also a fast track. Stay it's much like the state of texas. Where you
they actually still execute people there. Even you know a lot of states have the death penalty or thereafter ever use it right. There average stay on death row. Is, I believe, twelve years your example. But also I mean when you have somebody, that's again this beautiful lady and beautiful mother and and friend, to a bunch of people in cheryl to actually get closure for her family and friends. I think that that's the main thing that that that's great that came out of this you know the all the other stuff with Gary I mean doesn't really matter, is the closure that that is really good, yeah and the one of the things that's going to tie him in as well. You know we talked about some of the similarities of the dunlap case in the Meredith emerson case, but don't forget here, Cheryl Dunlap. She was disposed of international fora. Why so, you know there's your similarity: their meredith meredith is abducted from one and we have dunlap who is disposed of in
now? We also have investigators from the great state of north carolina. Who are comparing notes with law enforcement officials and both florida in georgia, because we have a situation that happened here in november of two thousand. However, we have a missing couple. This is John Brian and his wife of more than fifty years irene. There, an elderly but John, is seventy. Nine- and I read is eighty four: they are added hikers. They both go missing in the pest clock, national forced a so here's what happens here. They date they go a hiking all the time. Those and it's not a big deal for them to go on, day hikes. Ok, they don't come home from this. Their their family lived and other states there, their children did you ever. They actually called family members and said: hey we're goin hiking, and this is where we're goin. There are always forthcoming with every by just in case. Something would happen yet in much like shall dunlap situation there,
The male starts to pile up at the bryant's home and a neighbor notices this and calls one of the family members yeah their son from texas. He flies to north carolina and he goes looking for his parents. He doesn't have much luck. I believe that he ends up finding their vehicle, but no, while he go have backup a little bit, he does go to their house. He breaks into their house yeah, ah and then sees that their their breakfast from a couple of weeks ago, because they've been missing for a couple weeks and by this eat. Like we said, the family members live out of town, so by the time he gets there has been. Some time has elapsed. Yeah they're still there
as from now days and days ago, was still on the table. So that's definitely a sign of this there's somethin major wrong when they they know where they went hiking. So they went and started searching. Ah, I think they did contact with the police but they're doing their own search and they found their parents vehicle. Yet in this was they said they had hiked often you know, so you wouldn't expect them to get lost or anything like that. But you know, but the major concern. There's cause there are up their elderly right, so it may be that there was a heart attack or something, but chances are if one of them had a heart attack that the other one would contact the whole family and what's the likelihood that both of a motor had a medical emergency. Yet in the very big concern here, which goes along with that red flag that you are talking about, is they know that John has heart condition and for this he relies on a
and type of heart medication, and this is the type of medication that you are not able to go very long without so this is this is of grave concern here. Investigators are trying to track the brian's to see if they can find any hint at. Locating the elderly couple, so they tried tracking the couples phone records. It was then learn that irene had tried to use her cell phone on October. Twenty first at four p to call nine when one, but cause of a loss signal the call never reached the emergency call center. It was also learn that, on the day after the attempt to dine when one called the couples atm card was used to withdraw three hundred dollars, this trend- Action was the first transaction made since the couple went missing, but the card had not been used since on november twenty first, two thousand and seven thirty yards away from the bryants s. U v! That was
already discovered under a pile of leaves and debris. A body is found. This body is pretty badly decomposed and at first there are no signs the foul play, but, as is true and most counties, a found body is always treated as a homicide right. So after they process the scene. The body will be transferred transported for identification and to determine the cause of death yeah, and what they determine was that the cause of death was blood force trauma to the head. Yes in this does end being the body of Irene bryant. So now we have a situation where the missing couple of there they ve gone missing in the woods and we have the wife has been found dead. We know that it's a homicide, the husband still missing at this point that right they haven't, found him and remember we. I talked about the the atm card had been used and again we are going to see footage from that atm machine. This is a little quite a bit
front then the sheriff dunlap case, though, because Harold dunlap case we get to see the criminal up close and personal. You know we talked about the tape mask this situation, captain it. It appears that the video camera is one of those four like. The drive through of a bank in the atm is, is a lane or to over from from the drive through window. That's recording. The footage and what you end up seeing here. Is you don't see a fool? You don't get to see the face of of the person using the atm card and write what you do see as you get. You see that it's probably a man's body and but you basically see a yellow rain jacket right now. This later would be tournament would be determined to be the rain jacket of John bryant, and one thing that the
Officials figure out here is that the body size of the man in relationship to the atm machine. You can get an idea of the size of the person using the car. even though you can't see the face or see the sea, the actual body, but they determine that the body size and shape is different of that than John Brian's immediately. They know that this card is being used by somebody else, and we have. We have a horrible situation here. Yeah and as law enforcement is gathering evidence, they don't have a suspect. You know they're trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and they really just kind of sit on their hands, because on that some bad on their part, but that they don't really have any leads run. Then, with his effort with the meredith emerson case, now we got a guy and this seems very eerie eerily similar to our case. So now, law enforcement is gonna come down and talk to him.
yeah. So what happens is meredith emerson sheet? That case happens? Ok, her body is found, he'd lay leads them to her body. He confessed to the crime and it shortly after that, its in february two thousand and eight that John Brien's body is found in the net a hollow national forest north carolina. So again, like the captain, said all these similarities, but once This case goes out into the news, and people start seeing his face Then it is ass. He held his face. They start realising that gary held there eye witnesses that place him at the piss qua forest before the abduction. You know just days or the abduction, and this is a whole stayed away from where he lives. You know so so to put him there he's he's also photograph there as well. what ends up happening is he goes to trial for this situation he's going to we plead not guilty, but you will later change his plea to guilty. You admit to killing both John and irene Brian.
he what he ended up doing was he cat. He kidnapped john bryant and through force, imitation and violence, he used the the atm card and got the pen code from John to get the three hundred dollars and after had robbed John. He had no use for many more and he shot him in the head with a twenty two caliber gun yet and then those background tapes that you're talkin about that's the thing He mentions it multiple time, hey your brother in law, on money. When I go murder somebody and that's a yo yo talking about this earlier that such a farce stretch I mean if you are when all of your con man than you know you have run and low on money, yo rob somebody or european law on money. Then he do you know what are your charity frauds? You know your con man but he's more of a murderer than he has a con man. What well? Let's investigate that real quick, because we Have all these other cases? There is missing persons cases there's other bodies
there that are similar situation to crimes kit committed by gary Hilton, where we're talking about state parks and national forest involved here is he, Is he someone that's killed more than four people, because so right now we have john, I in irene, bryant. We have shared dunlap and we have meredith emerson. Those are the ones that he has confessed or was found guilty and correct. So one thing we we got to investigate here is: he is of one of the rarest breeds of serial killers, ok, more easy well, that's the question. Let me get through this here. He he is one of only three people and united sates history: the waited until a sixties to start killing and became a serial killer. So that's a very rare breed of people. So mathematically. What that would tell us is it's probably not like that he waited until a sixties to start killing mathematically
probably more like the rest of them and started killing before this timeline. So possibly be, but I think when you have multiple people diagnosing you with some form of schizophrenia, I would say that it's, it's a good possibility that that this statement is true and he is of the smaller percentage. So let let me go through this for awhile and it might take me a minute to get through a peep, but this has kept me up. For the last three nights, I've been trying to figure out what what is his his situation? What is his emma? Is he a guy that kills to cover up robbery, or is he someone that just happens to rob and then kill? And I've struggled with this for four days and nights now and have come to a conclusion? And I want to go back to what the cat, and was referring to hear gary's own words and those background interviews. An amateur will remind you of some of those things that he said and some of those background interviews. First, off, let's go back to
he's talking about meredith emerson case he said. Had I picked up the newspaper that morning instead of that afternoon, that girl being meredith would still be, life. He says when you take someone, you either kill them or you get caught. I am right, it's just math. You either kill them or you get you know: she saw the dog. You know she saw my van. All they have to do is put that out there in ten thousand people would be calling. Of course, I knew that I either kill them or I would get caught but if I'm already caught, then there is no use in killing them. I didn't kill them for any satisfaction. It was distasteful. It was dreadful, trust me. It was, of course I was. Well to do this because of my general rage for society. Of course, of course, but of course you get that way with people after
while when he's ease, also talking about another person in his life, it who is, he thinks, is a con man. This would be John taber, his former boss. He does not like He describes John taber as a con man, and he also does I've him as a person that is committing crimes, and he states that he is not dangerous Like me, I am a stud. I do crimes that studies would do. Fuckin weirdo now wit letting on a stud dude you're a weirdo. Yet, but let's quickly, analyzes. Saying here is had he realized tat his face was all over the news and all over the newspapers. He would not have killed meredith because it would have been easier to to be charged with kidnapping and robbery than to be I with murder, after the fact, because in the eyes of the public they already Who did you know they are new? Who is involved here? That's why they're looking for him
because he didn't know they were looking form. He killed her okay. So so, where my going with this, what now I want to know we're? Ok, so does he rob and then killed a covered up or is? Is that just part of the whole deal is at one deal to him. It's all one deal I mean when he says hey running low on money. So now you gotta go, kill somebody I mean that that's what he said You didn't say you gotta go murders, he didn't say you gotta go rob somebody. I said you gotta, go, kill! Somebody and you know and then he can say whatever he wants in the meredith case. So many killed three people before her. Now, sadly, look I mean if you are there. Parts of him that are just a con man. Yes, but he he's a killer, minis, murder! That's it yet here, he says when he's talking about merit of this case that did he had forty doll, to his name, any only had a couple days worth of food. So what was
gonna? Do? He knew he had to go kill. Somebody rang like what you and I have talked about, though When he's robbing these people he's robbing for small amounts of money, you know from the boy. I can see only took three hundred dollars. What is three hundred bucks? Gonna? Get you when you're, when you're a damn What does that gonna buy you a week out on the road? So what is your plan this is a man with a hundred twenty I q and only plan can come up with. Is you know what I can I can run? on one and kill him and get three hundred bought bucks and get by for a week. But then what are you? dude. What are you going to do after that? Gary you're going to have to go again next week and kill somebody and then the following week? So I I think he was used. That, as a way to kind justify what he was doing I think our example right low on money. So then I had to kill somebody just like when he says well, what us saw the paper. I know I wouldn't let her go. No, you not come lumbago because in that moment that if he saw that paper even though see hindsight
You say in all. Why would let her go because you then you just get me a kidnapping. I knew I was caught. Nobody as in that moment, even if he saw the paper he'd say one word killer, I'm gonna to capitaine, so can't find out who it is, and I am going on the run cause. I can outsmart these people and every moment when he's face with whether or not I can outsmart someday or not, he thinks he can, and he can't I mean here this guy. is, it he's he's a loser and that the whole fact of the trial when they keep bringing up the fact that well he he is above intelligence. No he's not it's! A horrible person is a dumb ass. You know it's well, here's what I came up with captain. What who is Gary Helen, I think, he's somebody that fancies himself a survivalist? Ok, he somebody that he's he's constantly camping, he's hiking,
he refers to even his hiking clothing as equipment. He doesn't refer to it as clothing, its equipment to him now maybe this comes from being a child in having this bad step, father move in and he doesn't fit, like he has a whole me becomes a survivalist then, and when it, when he's not allowed back into his home at ever, there's a bunch of you that later hiking will hang me that create people so that Not saying and every high current camper is a serial killer, I'm trying to oh through what I, what I personally think of Gary Hilton in his situation. Okay, he I think he fancies himself a survivalist and part of that being a drifter. He does need money to survive. How is he figured out that he's going to get there he's going to get that? through means of robbery, and he for whatever reason, believes that he needs to kill to cover it up. I had to go back
and think of another serial killer in his name is Joseph France LA now what Joseph France, while did was. He would invite drug attics and sex workers into his home, and then he would kill them. But what would take place before him was. He would purposely leave large amounts of money or valuables lying around trying to entice them into stealing fur. m are catching them in the act of stealing win. they wouldn't steal from him. He would. He would walk into a room point to the money and go I rate on them and accuse them of steel even though they weren't doing anything and he would end up murdering these women. What I'm getting at here is just like France? Why? Who needed needed something? To kick off that that that emotion and to kick off that anger in sight of him would a rubbed into murder. I think is the same thing that we have here with Gary Hilton.
gary hilton you're, exactly right captain he was a killer in every sense of the word. He is a serial killer. He was, he was to kill no matter what it was the robbery it was. It was the need for the survivalist in him, they kicked at all that made him rationalize to himself that it needed to be done. That gave him the anger, in the hostility that he needed to erupt into murdering these people. You, I think he did, need some kind of accelerate to get to the point. start with the robbery. Therefore, now that they'd who I am so as not to get caught. I will kill them and that what that's? What justifies my actions and but again, I think some of some of the some of him is just complete. Bullshit is very hard the horse shit and I dont know if he was a survivalist or not or no mad for parts of his life, he was
towards the end. He was enough for a little bit, but I again, then you would have to look at the mental health and what what is happening with his mental health and is that deteriorating as that what's becoming a monster again, I dont think you believe that he's in the small percentage of people that don't start kill until later in life, but he has confessed to some crimes. So I wonder he confessed to bore that debt debts. What I struggled with an end, I I thought about that for quite some time, because as much as he likes to talk- and we seen him at admit to three of these murders already what is holding him back, but he only admitted to any of these murders after being pushed by evidence in law enforcement. I I don't know if you had evidence on other cases, you might end up getting a can from, but one thing that you are on to your captain, whose was the mental health situation. We talked about there being problems with his mental health
and fred Rosen? Who wrote that book about him? He points out that in two thousand and seven is win, win gary starts receiving of redolent, and maybe maybe high levels of ritalin that he supposed to be taking per doctor's orders and according to Fred rose, and this must have been what it set him off brand that he started killing and two thousand and seven, and we saw that with what the, orders that we just talked about, but so so now we have our line in the sand. Right did he start killing in the sixties, or did he start killing before that? And we, have a lot of speculation regarding all kinds of other cases. In other states, many of them involving national forest and stay parks are right. So what are some of the cases that might be linked to Gary hilton, but we ve come up with seven of them, and these were names that we ve collected through different websites
It's not just us speculating on this hidden in this has already been suspected of as far as gary Hilton's concern. The first is melissa wit, who disappeared December first, nineteen, ninety four and what makes authorities phyllite she's acted to carry hilton, so this is a situation where she disappeared from franklin county in arkansas. and more than a month later, her body was found in a rural area of franklin county. Now this is this: is police officer submit suspicion? They say that while the crimes are separated by years in states, there are similar similarities that make it worth investigating a possible connection. Yet I think it comes down to the fact that if you think Gary was killing before two thousand seven than this is definitely case. We will look into one that you also want to look into is the death of Levi frayed. Now by friday. Was a young boy
was eleven years old and he was abducted while writing his bike. Now. The connection here is that his body was found the following day in the same area that the police would later find meredith emerson body. as well as another person that is on our list, so wild thee breaks the m o of the victim ology here, where we eleven year old boy Bonn also breaks the fact that, while we can assume that the eleven euro boys not carrying a debit card, yeah, there's nothing to rob from the last time he was seen. He was writing his bicycle and he was being followed or he was following a small dog now. We do know Gary Hilton was always with with a dog or in the thought. Was that maybe you know this point and have a dog, so maybe somebody had used the dog to take the boy.
I didn't see a ton of similarities here other than the area where they found the body. One thing that's troubling here is police have been very hesitant to release any information on on this body and on and on levi's case he was shot, the death, and we do know that gary used a gun to kill john bryant. However, they they refuse to give the caliber of gun in the situation where, with the bryant situation, it was a twenty two cats What does have that could help us a bit yeah and the body being found in the same area as meredith to me, as you know, definitely eat you know, leave some kind of old We can look into this and to me they they need to look on the angle of maybe not so much in Iraq.
Worry cause that doesn't make a lot of sense. But what, if you know, we've we've heard a lot of times about hilton, get in and confrontations with other people about dogs and what hap, what maybe there was some accident? Maybe the kid hit the door You know what this bike or something and that set gary into a rage. Yet as a possibility, that's one possibility the The other thing that's not entirely outside of his victim ology- is that it's a it's a person that he be leaves he could easily overpower right. You know he's always attacking women are elderly people and one that kind of goes off the rails a little bit. I dont know you know, I'm a big fan of the trolley project and one of the people that they think maybe it's connected
with helpin is jason nap. Now he went missing a ninety ninety eight april, twelfth from clemson south carolina. Now it seems like yet a debit card and stuff on him, but there were twenty dollars. Out of his account the day he went missing, but other than that no more activity, also jason was pretty big guy, ah so doesn't kind of fall into the whole gary hilton being a little wire he looks like jason, probably could handle was one ah, but again, if a we, we do know that Gary held them has used a gun in the past, but there was no signs of struggle right where, where jason went missing so something to look into, but I dont think there's like
action there you're right, it's is very loose. I think the one thing that they did they ve talked about here as far as gary's concerned- is that the vehicle, the jason naps vehicle, was found in a state park. So it might. You know that that's the connection there, how meal however loose. That is, we also have on this list. We have patrice Andreas. She disappeared from her hair salon in two thousand and four. This is April. Fifteen two thousand and four now she would have been of in georgia as well. So not a terrible distance for Gary Hilton, the straw thing here is. This is definitely a robbery. When you look into this case, they, whoever whoever took her, robbed the hair salon. Forehand. She would end up being found in a same in a similar area to that of meredith emerson and leave I frailty so we have. We have that connection plus the raw
berry. One thing too, in the the background interviews that we have been discussing with carry hilton is one thing that the georgia investigative bureau was questioning him about was: did you ever go into hair salon? United? sounds like a strange place for a man to go, but did you ever go any hair salon and he says, was selling citing that he would go into here salons on saturdays, when he thought that that the building needed new, citing muted? offer. He would go on saturdays because the owner was typically there because it be the busiest day of the week for the hair salon and while there. You pass our business cards to add the women waiting in line to get their haircut again, you know the only real connection here is the robbery and where the body was dumped. Yeah, big connection, I'm in big connection between meredith and leave. I am patrice, is that they're all found in the same Honey next person on my list is a rosanna, We have Rosanna millennia. Now she was from floor,
but she disappeared december. Seven, two thousand and five from cherokee north carolina. She flew in it on and then, while she's at the remedy in, she calls a family member stating she was going to go on a hiking trip and she was going to go hiking on the appalachian trail, which is a big connection to Gary Hilton, obviously she's later then seen- and this is believed to be the last time that she was seen they were She was at a store, but she was in the she was with an older man. This is an idea, five man approximately about sixty years old, with gray hair at his temples. Now the in that saw them did say that this man may have been wearing a hare peace, because if you see the sketch of the person glaring as hair that Gary Hilton did not have, but again does look very much like a hare peace. The man had said that he was
traveling preacher, which sound similar to some of the cons, the Yang area, very hilton, pull in the past, she did suffer ass. She from mental illness, she was gets a frantic might I have been a great idea for her to be out. You know- dates away on her own going hiking by herself. It just seems like a situation where she could be. You know she. She probably looked to him as somebody the the could have taken that that he could have she's out of her element, she's out of the area, she doesn't know she doesn't know the state park. Yet, while with the brilliance and with emerson, you know that those are victims that happened apart and then cheryl done up. We don't know for sure right. So, since we don't know for sure, with the in the dunlap case, that we can
but rosanna into that possibility. Again we don't know if she ever made it to the park to go hiking. We don't, I don't believe, there's any eye witnesses have ever seen rosanna at a park right other than her. Aiding that she was gonna go hiking. When that does not, you know, disk glued, you know held him at all right end with the last time she seen that store with that older man in their purchasing a backpack and sleeping bags. Things that look like you're goin on a camping trip, now she's no seen again and none of her items that she took with her on this personal vacation wherever recovered as well. So those items will be important. If I there is some, strangeness. In her case, though, because while she was there, she rented a storage unit which seems like which is kind of a connection with gary, because we know that gary lived out of storage unit for about five years. yeah it's a connection to him, but it also seems like our entire, like just
the strangest thing to do when you're on a vacation, yes know that you need a storage unit for anything. I can't figure that out unless, unless it was, you know a whole connection with Gary Hilton and he's conning her into running a storage space that he is going to use or or knows I mean so I mean the fact of the matter is that we do know that he was involved in the murders of four people, so we could do so, Suspect them is probably more than for the big question for me, as was it you know, is he one of the rare breeds of sir killer that wait till later in life to start killing. That's the big question and I dont know as much as Gary held
likes to talk. I don't know if he's ever going to answer that question for us right. Next up, we have michael Scott Lewis, who went missing november, twenty first, two thousand and seven, and this he went missing in florida and and this this situation here he went missing from the same county as cheryl Dunlap, and this this is what's weird here. How is he connected? Listen to this? First of all, we can put Gary hilton in that area. Because we know that share old dunlap was abducted December first Michael Scott louis was just abducted, ten or eleven days before that. So it's not crazy to think that he would have been in the area. Michael Scott loses body is found in three different garbage bags and tacoma state park in florida. This is December six too
thousand and seven, so we're seeing a situation where what he did forensically to some of these other victims. You know with the did decapitation or remove the hands, but that we are seeing a similar situation where, where scott, what Michael Scott was dismembered as well- and we can put Gary hilton in the area so that one's really interesting too and then that the final one that we have is on December six, two thousand and seven, an unidentified woman missing, hands feet and head was found in five black plastic garbage bags along sticker. Road in the grange is west of make on near the alabama line? There was an attempt made to burn the bags now, so we have it. We have a situation where we don't because she's unidentified, we don't know where she's from where she went missing,
but we also dont know if she was robbed of an atm card that would have been used because we don't know who this body belongs to again we're seeing a situation where the dismemberment and they use the use of the garbage bags is similar to the Helen hilton situation now these last two that we talked about what still mean that he would have been in the sixties at the time that he started killing me, I mean, assuming that the woman had not been missed missing for very long two to make a lot of sense, but again it's done it than if I'd body you would like to know words from a meek as the connection with Michael Scott, Anna Dunlop being from the same county that the but how many people in those counties but right, but there is a law, similarities there and hopefully they can keep trying to link stuff and maybe even through dna or whatever they can add more charges to this guy and get closure for other people
the most interesting case that you know when you're searching, and an scouring the information highway to try to go out anything about gary Hilton kept coming up on red it post, ok, linking gary helping to the mar Murray
face? Oh yeah, now we know that Maura Murray went missing and two thousand and four. So again, this is not. The timeframe is not too far off the problem here is we don't know from all accounts that we know that she wrecked her car and then was never seen after that. So that is that that kind of is similar to the Cheryl Dunlop. Where we don't know how she was taken, and but we also, there is no body for murray, so we don't know if she's ever been found. The big problem here for me is the distance. It has happened in new Hampshire. A gary helton seems to
we always around florida, georgia, the carolinas and I I looked at his arrest records. There is no arrest, then I have found that is up north and if he was doing anything sketchy if you're up north any of florida license plates or georgia license plates. Normally that's kind of a red flag for cops to pull you over Where, if you don't and there's no nothing on record there, so it's just a name that kind of pops up a lot in that case, and so I just kind of one. I found that interested in arresting him I'm always following the murmur case, so I was kind of hope and that there was some the more of a connection to figure out. You know some closure in that case, but I dont think it's connected here. So it's we're. Obviously in two thousand and seven
he now but with so. Some time has elapsed. Some years have elapsed since he's been convicted and sentenced to death in the stay of florida, so gary Hilton is scheduled to die in the state of florida, two thousand and twenty three or two thousand and twenty. For now. What I am hoping here captain is, we might see a ted Bundy type situation where we have a guy that in custody he scheduled to be executed by that doesn't mind confessing or talk king. I wonder what we can learn from Gary Hilton, as he gets closer to that date. Is he going to try to buy some time
and release some names and give some details who knows maybe is connected to some of these cases where I think the thing that you have to be suspect there is his con man nature right, and will he just be trying to make up stories to buy time, or will he actually be involved in these these murders, so uh? Of course, our final thoughts here is either. I think he might be connected to one or two or maybe more of these. If some of these connections are a bit loose, but some of them, we don't have a lot of information. So the thing here is, though with emerson she, yes, she fell victim to Gary Hilton, but but she is a hero and- and we talked about her fighting back every step, every inch of the way against gary and how her fighting back led to his being identified as the possible doktor and his arrest yeah meredith. Ah, she was a bad ass, chick yeah. Basically
and the thing to hears it. It led to convictions and prior cases, yes and think about all the people. It prevented gary hilton from attacking and killing in the future, but yeah yeah, because even if you know that the question the big of did, he d start killing later in life. While that doesn't matter, because if Meredith didn't do what she did, then he would it is kept and, thank god, he's behind bars, it's one less bad guy to worry about, yeah, I mean my final thoughts on Gary Helen is he's a wiring pile of horse shit and I hope there is some prison justice they're, so are you want to remind them of the recommended reading? Yes, this week we recommending the yosemite murders. This has got quite the story to it here. Captain, because remember many months ago we recommended a book called. I know my first name is Stephen so we had a case that took place where Steve
Steiner was, he was abducted and he was held for like seven or eight years. It was one of the first cases of its time where he had escaped and came home, in returned to to his home many many years after being abducted, while his we're brother care he Steiner was a was part of that same family. Where would grow up to be a serial killer, killing in one of the national parks on the other side of the nation, so waste, talking about Gary Hilton? It reminded me of of the yosemite murders, and this is by Dennis Macdougall, and you can pick that up by going to our website. True, I'm garage, dot com and you're gonna go the recommended page. We have. We have Stevens book there, of the yosemite more murders book there until next time, be good, be kind and don't let
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