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steel dealers that come what may nine. Ninety nine emma s s our pe offer ballot through. It's eighteen, twenty three at participating dealers while supplies last hello, hello, welcome to true crime garage, I'm your host nick into my immediate left or two, extremely far right,
the one, the only the philosopher, the heartbreaker, the king, of steering the count of monte cristo captain fantastic. How are our user things for listening? People come on into the garage sit down grab a seat grab a beer thanks for listening. Of course, there was a water yeah. My throat is dry. My throat dries hot in the garage today check it out. Mr keep check it out. Captain new microphone yeah about time. Brain brain mike funds. Every time he's brought the microphones he's been pressuring me to buy a microphone. I heard Mr microphone were using. It hope you enjoy it thanks for lessening what's on the dark it for today, Captain movies movies, movies, yeah, ok, so inspired by franco, inspired by franco. Why don't you? Why? Don't you tell us about that?
ok, so I'm a big James franco fan might say a hello obsessed not as much yes with him as I am goslin, but that's all another podcast sir said the new movie shut up over there just making some adjustments had just your brain. So there's a new movie out on demand. Now it came out a few months ago and theatres true story with James franco and joan hell. We Fourchan enough? I don't think it was in theatres here and Columbus was a select cities. Now is here as everywhere, but nobody went to see now. Well, we're old were older, we're like to their age where you stop going to movie theater.
Yeah, we always don't know something's things outright away either. I knew it was out because I know everything but didn't see in theatres? But I really want to see it because it's based on actual crime, yet the christian Longo case, which I saw I think I knew the case because I saw the forty hours before the movie came out Then, when I found out that that's what the movie was based on watch the forty eight hours, wanted to see it, but I'm not pan ten bucks to go to the theatre, or do I have time to do that so watched it when it came out on the man was got us talking about other true crime, movies and movies. That possibly could be true, not not technically bay
on a true crime. Will, yes, oh he seen the movie. I have not seen it going to see it, but in the other thing too. As you know, we know this is a bit in response to some feedback there were getting from, the listeners you know you re aid, nick you're, always give me something to read something to read. You know I work all day or on a full time student, I'm in class all day I get home. I don't want to breed so we're gonna go. Something a watch in this episode yanza. Basically, The idea was that would come up at the top five list and then the only problem I had with that was yet our list would be pretty similar and there were yet so we went. The idea for the list is It would be originally without mobile. Let's do top five true crime movie list, but then, like some movies aren't that great, but that so we kind of
standard it to top five true crime, movies or or realistic crime movie. So to give you an idea like halloween would not qualify as a is a realistic crime movie, because although there are murders being created, it's it's a very fictitious movie right right, I think you'll, I think it'll be clear. Once we get into the list yeah and it and then it's not mostly based off anything corral saw that I mean it's like. Stephen kings, it, but it's not a true crime. It's just a horror movie, so a child killing monster thrives in the sewers, is not possible which is funny to because franco is working with Stephen king. Now on his new movie. So do you, which movie that I do not now, I'm hoping
hoping they make a movie of eleven twenty two sixty three, the j f k movie that Stephen king d J K book, the steaming kingdom I don't know which one I looked. I look up his instagram c c. If they hear that he's really great shirt. Hats. Now they have the truffle shuffle on the hat, the oh yeah, the dance, julia EL goonies before we let you into the fence, you get it through the arrangement, so we'll get em. So that's kind of what inspired the converse, in an hour and civil war, will talk about some notable mentions. First, dear yes, oh well, because you know when you start you, when you sit down, you got a camera make my top five well
do usually know what your number one would be. If you have an idea of what ones would be in the top five. You know it's pretty, you know you don't yet know what number would be, but but then you start thinking of all these other movies. That pop out to you that all this was good. That was good. So just honourable mentions was one when the seven that we both enjoyed, I really like that movie a lot. It is creepy and it's all in cincinnati with Brian smith, I dunno says why you don't know who he is so there's a lot of brains with others brian simpson, in the greater Cincinnati area, the fugitive would be one that pops comes to mind the, but why? Why did you like seven well, sir? was just creepy and, as you said, but I liked it. It was kind of. I, like that, can
and mouse kind of game that goes on in that movie, o o spoiler alert we're going to try our best not to spoil any of these movies. For you in case you have not seen them, but yeah there's a bit of a cat and mouse that goes on in that you know Brad who was at brad pitt and morgan freeman tracking down this killer, whose ease ease his he's got a bit of a theme in his theme or the seven deadly sins yeah and then I think the indian was pretty interesting as far as and I want to give that aware, but but
indeed it's pretty interesting and then, if you actually rent the movie there's also ah alternating ending, have you seen that? No it's very disappointing, though, because it's just it's it's like on the dvd package. It says, there's going to be a you know the alternate ending and then, when you watch it, it's just a storyboard. So it's it's the story with drawings and I was like this is. This is just not that interesting, but I liked it because it was the first time I mean I think if you go as far as religion is concerned, I mean a lot of people know like the ten commandments and stuff, but that got me thinking a lot about the the actual seven deadly sins and just
kind of pondering that in my own, life is seven made it very close to the top five. For me yeah. I would have put that as my top my number five okay, the fugitive you've seen that one harrison ford, yeah tommy lee jones. It's about the it's about a true crime. Yeah true story. The shepherd dog! a shepherd case where somebody killed his wife in the middle of the night that actually took place here in ohio, and the premise The movie is the same shepherd doctor sheppard claims he did not kill his wife. You stay firm by that he is convicted anyway, and he, I think, they're on a bus something transporting prisoners and there's a bus wreck, and he takes advantage of the wreck and inequality. It's in the movie is Tom
lee jones hunting for harrison forties playing sam shepherd yeah, but it, but that when I, if you haven't seen that money, I recommend that one as well. Lovely bones: have you seen the lovely bones now I haven't morgan freeman, no mark wahlberg. No, I haven't seen it it's a hit. Daughter disappears. There's a a child old killer in the neighborhood like mystic river. I didn't think that one, that's a good one. Does that's a mister rivers, a great one from Hell. Did you see from how now Johnny depp? the jack the ripper case nano it, I loved the jack. The Ripper I enjoy John Johnny depp as well, but the this one did not make it close to my top five, mainly because
the movie itself as great the imagery is great. The directing great dialogues fantastic. The problem is they have. Theory, a jack, the Ripper theory that they present in the movie- and I hate that theory so It wasn't gonna get anywhere near the top five for me, but I do definitely definitely recommend watching it. If not seen it especially. It would be a fantastic hollow in time, candidate movie ones. Personally, if you're into the Ripper case, then you'd find pretty interesting. Ok, here's an old one to kill a mocking bird. Yes, I've seen it. How did you read the book or just watch them both by this one. I won a bunch of awards way back in the day who spooky spooky. Maybe somebody should turn off their cell phone.
I'm tawny. People is really hard working in these conditions. It's it's kind of hot in here, and then he, he likes to serve up ships chips before we talk into my microsoft, so during the soundtrack it says prisoners. Have you seen prisoner, and I haven't I shouldn't not seen. I should I should say I'm sent a file which we and you know now, but now these kind of things don't interests me as much He is watch. He was watched, all kinds of movies bunch, is mostly underdog stories, I love underdog stories or anything to do with boxing our. I won't real quick. Prisoners for those of you that don't know it's only a few years old, maybe three years old, I would say it's hugh men, Jake John hall, hugh jackman, his
honor and another kid in the neighborhood go missing at the same time, and and it's it's a thriller man, I love that I was very hard for me not to put that my top five of varying close in as good as gone girl, I really liked gone girl as well. I art way we gone girl, no, no, no are gone. Baby gone is gone. Baby gone, I didn't like gone baby gone, which ones will with casey affleck gone baby gone yeah. You didn't like that. One No, no, because I figured out the ending way early in the movie, and I hate when that happens, that really spoils it. For me, it's kind of like when I saw saw for the first time I like literally knew the indian within minutes and then, when everybody's, like, oh, my god, believe what happened I go. I knew that five minutes into me well,
point of these. Some of these movies to is the who done it aspect of it in your or how did it or why did it get done? And No, when you can figure that out from the first twenty minutes, not that everybody can, but I can't with most movies law It is not lay saying that you're this superior and tell it ensuring that no one james, you sometimes sometimes your brain. This goes down the right path and, like I said, I can't do it with most movies and saying you shouldn't watch gone baby gun cause. You might not pick up. Whatever I picked up on, but I dont know why. If it was just similar to the story, I had read about before an actual true crime story. I read about before whatever buffer a reason I figured out very early and that's that sucks because you wanna be along for the ride. I mean you want to want to sit down your chair, you get your year pizza, you get your beer. You know, you're there, you have a good evening,
it's a two hour movie, enjoy the ride and and and you figured it out twenty minutes into it, yeah might as well. Stop that's! That's that's why I don't like to I can't watch a movie and then read the book that irish I mean I know. They're gonna be different on some level, but it's a I know, what's happening at least, if I read the book first, then I can see how the director betrayed the story, but it's really hard You know the story already and endowed with my only disclaimer, for true story was. I knew the case pretty well. So, as heading four for the hollywood spin and it does ever really happens, it's a good movie, though its is also nice to see actors that are always serious play serious role, I think it shows there are their abilities,
do. You have any more honorable mentions, like keep thrown out once he thrown out gone. Girl was great. There was a real good who done it kind of was the other one skeleton bones or someone's gonna winters bone. Now, there's, no one. I don't you think winters bonus more realistic into our conversation. Maybe along came a spy. Kiss the girls like his the girls kissed, the girls with syrian along came a spider is pretty good. So now he added that. That's all they go off the top of my head before we get into the top five one. Would you him the there's, a mug in the freezer, their hit mug and then grant me a beer and the fridge women are do the garage at some point so that the the sound
it's more set up closer to the fridge. So if I need something you don't have to fetch it for me, grab the beer right to the left of the coca cola right there there's a free free advertisement for Google. There's a mug in the freezer that I would love. We saw the listeners we're again set free beer produced, Yet free beer is on the way. Oh, you know what one I just thought about that. You liked as well, and I wait till you sit back down today. We have made tree drinking man tree berwin company, this one's called psychopathy, which is goes into a little bit of what were you talk about on the show? but this is monetary I think, is Cincinnati ohio. I love this beer cans. If your local brewer and you want to send us some free beer,
No! No! If your local, yes send a something, but more certainly if you're, not local, because We live in colombia, since that is the heart of ohio. So all the vessels led to here we can get. get any beer. That's made an ira. Your club ever take free beer would be of all the time, but I'm saying if you live someplace else where you have beer- that I can't get to send it to me- is the moon one drink it about you shut again, and game anytime. You hear me say right: price taking victory When I don't know what to say, it always comes down, take a big drink. It it take you to take your three evenings to get through our one hour. Show her past twenty minutes and I passed out o and we recommend to if you have a garage list the show in your garage. It makes you feel, like you Here we need to listen to put his headphones on.
our knaves only drowned a slurred speech. A movie that that I know you ve seen and then I liked that was not like a violent crime. There was some violent crime in it, but the rain maker, rumour that one john. A matt, Damon, do. I know that one. I know I've seen it like. I've seen it probably for five times but it was on cable the other day, and I watched I'm also in anything, that's lawyer based so Danny de vetoes in it, and he is great in the movie That's it that's a great movie are, I believe, when he's doing the rain maker, whose still at harvard damon was so. Are you ready for the top five for your top five year for Zita five yes, it's my top five, but you agreed with the you can and you can throw in reasons for
against each one of these as we go along yeah ethics I want one that see So these are so consider this we're giving you recommended reading for this week were giving you reckon mended viewing so gideon girlfriend girls get your guy friend get together. There's some psychology about than about bringing girls to like hundred houses or scary movies, we're it's like, because it by put them in a sense of fear, is why, nor normally, why, when I want to pick up a girl on a day, I will always have a gun on the seat, but I have to move when she gets in the car. That's bad advice, Just then a little scared, but then called on. Let me put this gun away till you. Take me to one of those big hearted houses, and I will be I will I will go into it, but I will run through that thing.
Better than the woman had brought me. They freaked me out man any Surely you get in the area for getting the one where it they just do pitch black for awhile and you think we're like poking. You feel your way through all their freaks me out. Their freaks me and like at the end, there is always some dude with a chainsaw when you know my wife tells me that I'm a sissy, but I well until One of these days, some yahoo is gonna, forget to take that chain, offer that chancellor, I am going to, but that's why you don't go on the first day because that's when they discovered that chain is still there or if you're like walking through and they're like hey, you know what robbie got fired. She who who's robbing the guy that does the chainsaw we got a new guy. Today you go Honeywell here, and god bless my wife. She thinks mrs, he I tell you I'm a realist. I just realized that people are idiots and people make mistakes and people do things.
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it's not so serious. You knows what why why do we have to talk about this move? What's the main reason why this was not what forty winks bank robbing very cool yeah, but what's our connection to it, come on? how's state, buckeyes, Johnny, utah, yes, ok! oh reeves plays johnny Utah, what a name- and he supposedly former quarterback from though how state buckeyes, I believe he loses the rose bowl or somethin while he's there. Don't they don't talk a whole lot. So it's if you're, not a college. Football fan, blew out his knee near than on discuss them all too much it's it's kind of a ship, very small, backstory, Patrick Swayze ii. Is a surfer, goes by the name body and of his awesome windows, movie, it's a great movie. Piano reeves is, if you like, ghost you'll love. It Keanu
it. Is an fbi agent, its investigating these a series of bank robberies that its committed by none other than the ex presidents, the ex president, so that these bank robbers up in suits in they wear the mask of a former presidents reagan. This is because you were dead president's right. Yes, but we do want to give too much away gary beauties in it to any excuse to watch crazy. Gary beauty is really good in this way. He now cavities. He is he's. You can see that you can see the wheels falling off a little that, as you know, I've actually seen this move then, last couple years it to me it holds up, but it could be in no doubt, then I didn't get holds out. I think it holds moat further eighty percent of it all anthony keyed, as was flee in this movie, anthony boat, evermore anthem, we keep, as I think
play some kind of drug guy, but there's some quite a bit of actions. So don't they play play the surfer guys that they fight anyway. rarely have usually peppers or- and this may answer that make circle. Yes, if you like them, and in an it's perfect for the time that came out nineteen ninety one on a gory movie, now, I'm not big into the gory movies it grossed about the four million on a budget, a twenty four million. Ok, this is the most interesting thing that I could come up with about some of the names of the people that were considered too play. Some of the lead roles- oh yeah. I love. I love this coachella, so Matthew, Broderick, really kind of I like matthew, Broderick a little bit a lot, but he's is any kind of like to like he's, not tough enough for that movie array, was going to be, but who was he going to play? Johnny Utah, I'm guessing. He was going to play johnny Utah and he definitely couldn't have played bodie johnny depp. Now I could see broderick
being the f b? I guy and johnny depp may be being body, but I think I think what Patrick Swayze he was perfect for wait, wait, giant devils was be I'm guessing that he would have been better but you could have been johnny utah easily. He cause user. I guess I'm not a huge piano, Reeves guy, fits the role its honest with you, he did two things great one point break and ever seen, rush rush, Paula Abdul, the video yeah it is a great job and that it was great because he only had one line, yeah, there was a as a watching that video yesterday and they cut how his I think, paula did even just as good as count, but if if you haven't seen point break, it's kind of like he's playing
The exact same character that he plays in speed. Just kind of a younger version is lay the same care turned her face. A base player sound, I m not bill and head dog dog star go by at the dog star record. Alright, you want you want some more actors that were bill and ted. You want some more actors that were considered for point, break, sure val kilmer, I'm guessing he would have been hiring I'm guessing. He would have been bowtie charlie sheen. That's a good one! I think he could have played johnny. You talk just as well as now now he's not is not a strong action. Looking his piano re, not at all no came. I wouldn't like that. originally the move is gonna be called johnny, Utah really here and now another idea, let down. Nobody would have gotten johnny. You sound like a porn name. Ok, so then guess what they may change
the name because they realize this is a terrible name. They choose change, the name too it on the storm. Really that's nike, then shortly during shooting realising that the movie had nothing to do with the doors or the famous song, or did they changed its name to point break, because that has something to do with. Sir, thing. It actually involve large and in yemen seen the movie it there's a lot with surfing and here's a novel idea make your make your title. You have something to do with the actual swift story and a big portion intact. It goes right, big port, The movie is surfing it kind of a philosophy on life. It's it's it's a deeper movie than I think it would get credit for it's a fantastic, it's a fantastic! So is a good good number! Five! If I was going to have number five
It would have been seven date. No movie, I say, maybe not, though it's a little more action, a little more guy like like a guy flick, you ever that check, which is not like a hot check, she's hot, and that movie johnny lore uselessly the pitcher of A league of their own league of their own and she's, the she's she sister tina Davis, assist okay number. Five put it in the books. Point break number for you ready. I put J f k. We may so I disagree with you completely. J f K was a fantastic moving. How can you do my cause? I haven't as number one. Oh we'll see, then: ok, ok, so it so really the ninety ninety one december of ninety one. This is all stone film. How long is it
gallery hours. It's that's a long movie, but but the cool thing about it is it's a judd avatar movie. You know this is forty. All his movies are romantic comedies. They said most romance comedies sit at about ninety minutes. A judge appetite film sits about two ours is a little over, but to tell a story? You know sometimes you need a little more space for the nice about like jug films. If you don't get bored halfway through and j f k, it's like doesn't matter that its three hours long it does you don't know, and I'll tell you what the For me, this was a huge movie because it was a happy now about the same time that I you know, I was very young, but I was also learning that, though world is in everything is and always what we think it is not everybody
good in? There is only a few bad people conspiracies happen and things like tat this might still be alive. You know I was learning all those that end this movie came out. I was a little surprised, like you think, because thirty years, anniversary of the assassination, with just less in two years away. You kind of think. Maybe you wait till then, but maybe you want to get it out ahead of time and be the first one. Well, he was inspired by what book do you know he was bye bye to box. Actually it was the trail of the assassins which is by Jim grecian garrison. I'm sorry and I'll tell you what why that's significant because the movie itself is about the Jim garrison who was the new Orleans district attorney. It's about his investiture. Into this ass, a nation of J f k and he his long one that ever brought to trial he brought yes, he brought the jew
K assassination case to trial, so it was based on books on the trail of the assassins and an crossfire. The plot that killed Kennedy by Jim mars in a our area in a suicide. Note the man right now is the guy that wrote crossfire has on the man. Cable Jim mars has like it's a movie. You can run it like on the man, but its very home recording very. really really shoddy production. Have you seen it yeah? I was a kid. I was I mean it was like two ninety years or if you're into the candidate you're very into like yeah, which I am so anything I mean I'll, watch the dumbest thing on it. That makes no sense and I'll just go.
This was in make aside no in november I'd like to do it JFK episode. We're gonna do about ten alone, the thing I love about this move either I mean I loved, I loved the movie itself, but it star studded, Anne and then everybody that is in the movie star. Studded is very good in the movie, so you have I'm a rattle off some of these calvary Kevin costner. He is the star he anyplace, Jim garrison, Gary Haldeman plays Lee harvey oswald, yes, Kevin vacancy in it tommy lee jones Joe Joe patching up? Well, I'd they get timely jones in this movie is great, but they could. I picked up his character, low, more impact. You know it
she's not in the movie for a long time, but his characters great too near walter math I'll do you know who he is He was one of the grumpy old men, Donald sutherland. What did he do in the movie he plays the mysterious. Mr X, the guy then he's talking to in the park on the planet and the cia agents, dare know that just that, just those scenes with mr x makes the movie too. I mean that the whole movies good but yeah and an vincent de la fere yos oh and what I m saying about the movie is to me really important, because you know I think I've seen bits and pieces movie when I was younger, but to actually watched all Dana might have been twenty twenty one. So a while after the movie came out. But, like you said, is this I the main thing of things are always as there
here. A little warning label, though it is a tough movie to only watch, bits and pieces of it. You sit down and eat to appreciate it. I think you get us that's. Why like, when I saw a couple of clips or whatever, oh my god, this looks interesting, but then, once you disco, okay, now I'm going to watch this movie, it's one of movies that if somebody is never seen, I'm totally fine with watching it with them. Oh yeah, I seen it a bunch of times in the thing that's great about a two as it's kind of just when you started You know who did or why the assassination occurred. Then you're presented with another piece of evidence that takes you down a different path and so on and so forth. I don't even think Jim. I have not read the gym garrisons book, but I don't think he knows. I don't think he knows he just knows. I think he's convinced that that the public needs to know that more went on, then what we ve been told. All
so's star started sissy spacex in it there's a there's. A whole bunch of other actors in says too that if you, if, as you're watching it you're gonna, be Oh, I know that guy he's from seinfeld all. I know that guy's from rosy- and I know that guy from- but you know who I forgot- that's in it and every time I watch it. I forget that he's in there well it's the only weird than about the movie is as when the piano reads shows up as johnny utah you're like a linen and weird, even better. I'm not gonna get you're, not gonna! Guess you ve seen the movie more than once. Every time watch a movie. I forget that he's in there and every time I'm, so pleasantly surprised, Anthony Keith S, look the late great john candy John candies in the movie, don't forget, the movie takes place in new orleans and john candy can do that. That new Orleans talk. You know you get here Is it real well see in the movie or that John goodman knows John candy, but
good men and in the moment you're thinking to goodman from oh brother, where out our eye, too many demands the abbot, similar character movie gross two hundred five million. and was nominated for best picture. Ninety ninety wanted did not win their core. they don't want to win. That's a conspiracy. Well, you know why? Because the watch, the movie they did when it is, on our list a little bit later. Ok, but another thing that was really good for the movie. Of course, every was very intrigue about the assassination every at the time or stone was, was kind of the shit You know everybody wanted to see his movies, but I think that that helped it out as well that I didn't think about. Until I was reading up on. The movie was Kevin. Costner had just one a bunch of awards the year before for dances with wolves, which got
got all kinds of people which dances with wolves I did not enjoy. That was didn't think it was very good. Didn't he write that He may have no disrespect to common consular. I love giving gossamer good due to good. Do anything else to say about jfk its is really fascinated movie and to me open the bomb. It is all a love for the idea of trainers. seek out the truth. It's a must see it's it's it's kind of a thinking, man, thinking woman's movie. You know I wouldn't wouldn't eat too much pizza drink too much bigger. Why watch in it? Because if you do want to and stuff movie. They can watch it than once so right number. in the books, jfk ready for number three, sir, number three number three outnumbered. I was hoping you two or three get number three psycho.
I've seen bits and pieces of telling you it's ok saw a lot of people are age or even may even twenty years. All of us have not seen psycho cycle is a must watch. I tell you what get some candles torn off all the lights? light your candles. You get your little pop corner. Pour a couple of glasses of wine. Get a couple of cold beer sounds romantic. You put on psycho it's in black and white and they had the option back then they were still filming some movies in color, some movies and black and white Alfred hitchcock chose to On this one in black and white, he chose the film. It would not We grew either. He found it with a television crew. This thing, I luck, if, if you guys, if nobody's for not familiar with Alfred hitchcock. Who is very much an interview, when it came to how he would record things and why
the visualization of thing should be an end in the tools that he used to create what he wanted to see and how we wanted to record it. So I thought it was called it. People were switching to color at the time and he purposely chose to go black and white. This is a great collar wean time when you're in the mood for a scary movie, starting to get cool, little call at night get dark a little earlier. You know you sit with the way for the girl friend you watch so boyfriend in I holds up to it. Still it still area enough. I mean it actually brought to the table that you could be a little more violent in these films. You know in the cool thing: is it suspense full? It's a whore found, but it's all suspense. For you know it's like scream where you like. All who did it? You know, there's in sharm alone, like where there's twists and turns to it as well, but yet
actually based off the nineteen, fifty nine novel of the same name, where the title character: no, not the title character, but the main character, norman bates, it is a bit different in the book than he is in the movie and I dont want go too far I, don't think anybody's going to bother to read the book a day I haven't seen it. So that's one. I need to check out it did fifty million at the box office and it was not supposed to. A big move either it was one of those movies there. Where did? Ok, the ferrari and that's pretty big back. Then I think it gives it credence to how good the movie was, because it just did. Ok, the first week and then word of mouth there, people telling other people. This is of great movie next week. It keeps going it keeps going by the that was added? My favorite movie, though, are the ones that it's like some me, sir, are you check this out fish
million on a guess what the budget was thriller. Fifty thousand, that's pretty good, pretty good guess I mean this is nineteen sixty it was nine hundred thousand dollar budget weather big back problem. That could be big. I don't. I don't have anything compared and I'll make of JANET Lee. She played the played the other main there is now a gate. Does a disclaimer there's no way this movie is better than to have gay, but go ahead. Surgeon lee plays marian crane? Who is she had embezzled, some money from her work and she's leave to hit the road she's on the lamb, she's gonna run away with her boyfriend, that's kind of where the movie starts off with, but she's. In that thing, shower seen that we read you know, which I tell you. What for nineteen sixty, I remember the first.
My watch a movie. I was probably seventeen years old. I remember watching it going wholly crap. That's more violent than I thought that they would do in movies. You know yeah that or this one yeah, but he was a like. You said he was kind of pioneer ahead of his time, but one interesting thing that I did read about this- I mean there's many interesting things is a hundred things to read about this movie. This is a world famous movie, but there was JANET Lee them them. Who played that the lead actress after the movie, she received death threats, but she received threatening letters phone calls and tapes in the mail of things that people wanted due to her and weird death. she received those four years she died in two thousand and four the movie was done nineteen sixty she received these things for, like forty years cheese, the end the fbi,
vessel shows you how psycho people people are weird, no pun intended, but the the f b I investigate some of those letters and tapes and things that she received and- and I think some people received some punishments out of that and guess who her daughter is jamie, Lee Curtis. How did you know that as guessing but was a straight up. Guess no, no! No actually knew that, because that's one of the reasons why she was cast it in halloween see. I didn't know that I didn't know till I didn't have the whole idea that her mother could do it. She could do it yeah here and I'm a huge halloween fan, but there was a like documentary on the making of halloween. Some of those are good. Move they're, not bad movies by any means, but I'm not a huge fan of it, but but on any the making of halloween an ol man, it's super fast named, so the ever get a chance to see that it's like me,
love halloween. One I love hollow one. Three four there's a bunch of that. I like better my wife and I always argue about or five is a great help, in two is the one of the worst thing is three that, whichever one is season of the witch yeah, that's three where they get away you, you sit down and you're like where's, MIKE myers and then an hour into it, you're like still no MIKE myers and then an hour and a half into it. You're like where's myers and then they world the credits and even a monk myers, the entire halloween phil, what are our with two or three. I think it's three, he says I think he's right whatever it is. It's it's halloween whatever number the season of the which avoid that, like the plague, what else where you gonna save psycho did to say samos psycho now right now, because I've never seen it.
Uneasy it you gotta, watch it halloween time make sure you watch it number three in the books, average husk psycho number two I don't know if you ve seen this one either We have a list. How can true crime garage put together list captive, aunt s That scene Have you seen the zodiac? Its number two is the two thousand and seven film, the zodiac. Now with this Jake Jill in hong kong. I don't like him and robert downy junior like him. I don't like robert downy do not only Joanna tony stark. Like, like superhero movies, I I don't do. Zodiac is great. I remains now. No. I didn't. I am as well on the list of despair. so zodiac, as I said, Jake children, how robert downing junior this is
the two thousand and seven movie based off of the robber gray Psmith book, the zodiac, which is for a big deal when this movie came out, because I gotta be honest with you, I I I do read a lot. The problem is, I don't read much fiction. I read a lot of on which very seldom translate into movies. So I read the zodiac unmasked by robert gray, psmith its big book. It's a long book. It's a great book, sino real, quick is halloween three. Ninety ninety eight season of the which so nice that was made in nineteen o, no eighty, nine. Eighty, two nice and I didn't use ninety eight. Ninety
it was made- and I was going to say that as a whole, that makes it even worse is eighteen. Eighty two season of the witch halloween three else: what happens when you read backwards? Nineteen, eighty, two halloween three since you ve not seeing the zodiac. We won't get into it too much, and you know what I'm telling you what I wonder. Who else seen it because this move- was budgeted for sixty five million. Guess how much it me. I don't make much know then so. Thirty three nine know it. I mean it made a profit. Eternal profit made eighty five million. It didn't make. Eighty five million cause jason john housing sixty five or they had to go back to paying for the production of the movie, but I loved it. I and I recommend it- I'm just not a big fan of his. I don't know why
one thing that was interesting about the movie David Fincher was the director he grew up in the area of the murders and at the time of the market. We do so he you know he he always Canada. He knew about this. This growing up, so that I think that so little little interest and and just when we started doing the podcast where they got me more into the zodiac, so pray enjoy it well. Do the zodiac case, sir? Why these days is it of the problem? that is fantastic, go and I we argue, there's a few cases that we can talk extent lovely about together, but at problem is there's a few that we Are you about that? We are very different sides of the girl like arguing he likes arguing, so you get. The here is really about the zodiac organisers and argue about j of cash.
Ready for number one. I'm talking so don't look at me like that I'll come over this desk now. So if you like, arguing right on the message board more arguing and in that way we can get together. we're drinking a couple of beers we might get a live fight on the air. That would be exciting when we get some boxing gloves for the garage yeah buy some head gear, the best looking around and it gets boxing love others so much stuff in here. I had to make sure there wasn't any in here already choose weapon. I will take the page, I will the change on? I'm not removing the jane. Ok go number one silence and yes, we ve low, carries we ve was uber for we bought
sup, because a jeffrey Dahmer, because the he was the Hannibal lecter of Milwaukee yeah, supposedly so J f K missed out on some of those awards, because so the lambs took all the awards and ninety ninety one. It was the only only one of three films in the history of film to take all of the top five awards wards, which would be best picture best actor best actress backed best director and best adapted screenplay. Unless this is, let's assume that pretty much all the listeners I've seen this, if you have, if you, if you have, and you you, you ve, been on this planet for thirty or more years now, nano fifteen more fifteen years really, but it's an
flee grown up film for a fifteen year old, you have at that price. I watched him, I too pretty young, but the thing You know your coming from the background where your father's a detective and you I grew up in sports and really give a crap about crime. This movie came out and that changed everything alleys for me was it made. It means It made the made a mainstream and it made the profiling aspect: mainstream and you know you get into weird conversations when you're hanging out with friends and at bars and stuff like that, and normally, if you talk about if anything, true crime or if somebody goes, will you do what's your job? Why not talk into a microphone in it, and I talk about crime, they go. What and normally you can talk about silence of the lambs with them. They
this is it lambs or lamb, it's the silence of the lambs, so it is plural, sober, But no yeah, like you said I mean TED Bundy made the term serial killer mean. Stream, but that was so charming there in the eighties well and it was it was a nation wide case and in that way, The eighties, but does is ninety ninety one. This reminded us of of that term trying to think of some some little tidbits. You know any tidbits this movie, have you ever seen that there's a show. I don't know if it's on its on term movie class, x, I think were or tm see something like that, where they they will show you they do like a documentary on the film itself of the same man about hollowing sea ice
the one for the silence of the lamps. I don't have you seen that one? I recommend, if you like the movie, I recommend watching that because it to make you want to watch it all over again, but they talk about lake, so Anthony hopkins. It doesn't get any better than at one I mean there's sequels yeah, doesn't get much better than the one now but Anthony hopkins. He heap when you thinking about the character Hannibal Lecter, which had been played movie before called man hunter by a different guy? oh, he could easily just when you know trade in the same way, but he came up with with these lists. things that make Hannibal lecter so creepy and I'll. Tell you what? If you're not seen this move, or if you want to watch it again. This is the ultimate halloween movie. In my opinion, if you, to sit down and watch something on the night and in I this is kind of
it's not a true story. It could happen, though, in my opinion too, the stranger than fiction this this to me is a much carrier movie than freddy krueger, jason, nor yet my it might lead. I think that's what made made it so good exactly you don't like it. If you look at the first texas chain, some ask here: the first one, the first lines like that pops up on screens is based on an actual events or something an end just see in that when you're a kid- and you got my god- this could happen- makes it tolling, scarier Then you get this whole story where you go, this isn't true but it's so there's a greedy factor to it and theirs. A super realistic factor to this? That makes it that much more terror, its were, and it doesn't even describe if it really
go into. Why so much that animal lectures in prison I mean all. You knows that he killed a bunch of people any ate some of them. You know, and but he's hopkins plays a character so well and freakish, lay well, I mean yeah because the Then you know that won't when they're talking to her about he'll get inside your head, somehow he He is talking there is Part of you think it's like you're consciously goin on. can't listen to him too closely, but it, but he presents this aura that he can get inside your head. If you want- and I think a lot of that is the way that he the tone of his voice, you know he does that the others late links in the back seat of cause. You know he hopes that kind of that same tone. The whole. Very intimate resting voice in one thing they do with the shooting of it was
You may see lecter from from afar and not too far but you're like you're in the hallway king into a cell he's talking to clarice, but it Like he's talking to you, then those- clary sir they'll show up you know hallway and then what Flash back the lecter it's right up in his face. You know that the cameras right there in his face and now he's he's out. You know getting out getting it. Where are the way to the fbi? You know he's right there in your face and but he used a technique that he came up with in. This is kind of creeping. He decided he had a friend growing up, didn't very seldom blinked and thought he and all the other neighbourhood kids thought it was creepy is all had our and he thought you know it that I'm going use there
something from my life the domino used for this move. You know what, if he doesn't blink and electors great when he's playing lecter you'll see him like you kind of move in his chair and a very kind of moves around in the cell, all without blinking and without taking his eyes off of the camera, which is to be clearly start right, yeah I'm always fascinated when these actors come up with these little tiny tidbits help him get into a role. I think that's pretty interesting there there's that there is definitely a genius behind that But we all know this movie was very successful. What do you think the it grows at the box office stake taken it you're, throwing a door We understand phantastico you're thrown a darker three hundred million, look at you too. Hundred and seventy million a little over hundred seventy million, pretty close and in know not calculated, popcorn sale. So, though, we're yeah I'm dead.
right on that? Well, you being a music. I am sure you can appreciate, as I enjoyed the the score for it. The score was composed by howard shore. He also did this or for the movie philadelphia, oh, which was another great move. One to bid on this one was the Those really interesting, though, because they're they're, using a guy with extreme intelligence, to find somebody that I didn't find to be extremely intelligent. Well, I don't know that we spoke about this before, I think we did on one of our recommended reading segments but part of that John harris Was the author of the book and the silence and lambs, and one thing that keep worked into the character of Hannibal lecter in the story of this movie? Was ted Bundy actually assisted,
Some fbi agents were trying to catch the green river killer that's essentially, if you not seeing the movie what goes on in this movie, where the the eye reaches out to this Hannibal lecter to try to catch this serial killer, buffalo bill right, but the- and I think it's also the first time peoples are gone. Oh my god, there's there's a job of power. filing mean to me. That was the first time his colleague mainstream knowledge. Now you see it all the time when there's a terrorist suspects, or there is a murder they start doing these kind of profiles that was like the first can to me knowledge of them doing that in the four. Those are you listening that that are just you know upon modern day stuff that the tv so Hannibal I enjoy it. I think it's good. I add there is definitely some episode
that I love a lot more than others, some of my little dry. If, if you're going to base whether you should watch this movie or not off of The tv show throw them out the window, because it's not half as good as the movie one did bit here, though, that I did want to throw it was the scots Glenn played jack Crawford direct jack crawford with the head of the bay behaviour of science unit and quantico for the fbi in the end in the science lands movie they sent him to meet with John douglas, which for hard core fans out. There know that he was a big part of the fbi and in somebody it's tracked these type of individuals for many many years, so they they actually sent him and they based his character off John Douglas, so they sent him to meet with him and learn a little
from him, he spent a you know a good part of a day with them getting to know his personality and also referred. Doing some of the cases that John Douglas had done, and you been a part of his life, yet what I think the thing I loved about this moving the most was because I'm not into gore that this movie didn't really have any of that. It's a little more talking about gore than actually witnessing le gore. But it's you know it's a psychological thriller gap, but the EU devilish get into your head in this move, I think, that's what's cool about it, sets a vibe and the vibe always continues to be. You know be that, so what are we plugin this week well
like, always, you know, go to the website and download some songs. If you want to have some disc creepy background music on the date you know before, get in the car and you move the gun from the seat, but I'll creepy music. That always data is like that leave the gun at home, its legal, to carry a gun in the the passenger port. Dinner driver portion of a vehicle does not have to be a real gun, can be a fake gun lobby, we'll gun shot carrying fake guns. If you, shot, write about it. Tell me about it said he, a beer. Reminding you I want to remind it. Don't litter if you make your. We made a list today crumble up your throw it in a trash can somewhere don't through. Out the window of your car sources go over the list, one more time, so number five number five pulling break
point, break number four quaint brag about took all spots jfk, but three psycho number to design yet the grandaddy of more number one, the silent, the lambs right things for less then see you next,
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