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Officer Luky ////// 221

2018-07-03 | 🔗

Officer Luky ////// 221

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Who killed officer Luky? Luky was a K-9 Officer for the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s department for two years. In July 2017 his handler left for an out of town trip. The sheriff’s deputy left Luky chained up in his backyard on a 98 degree day. When the deputy returned home he found Luky dead. The cause of death is bizarre. In the beginning we heard rumor and speculation that it was heat stroke or maybe a gunshot. We are told this was blunt force trauma. What really happened to officer Luky? Beer of the Week- Red, White and Blue IPA - By Cigar City BrewingGarage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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