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2016-04-20 | 🔗

OJ Simpson /// Part 2 ////// 25 


Last episode we went over the timeline in great detail regarding the events of June 12, 1994 that left two dead and two homicides unsolved. This episode we sift through the evidence and see if OJ will be found guilty in the garage. So grab a beer because Garage court is now in session. 

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Enjoy, Nic & The Captain

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crime garage go to true crime, garage dot com, make sure you sign up on the mailing list enjoying the garage army, while you're there that's enough of the bees, grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true cried the this letter was written by oj today, to whom it may concern first everyone understands
nothing to do with no cause murder, I loved her always have always will. If we a problem, it's because I I loved her. So much recently, we came to the understanding that for now we're not right for each other, at least for now. Despite our love, we were different and that why we mutually agreed to go our separate ways. It was top splitting for a second time. We both knew it was for the best inside no doubt that in the future we would be close friends or more like what has been written in the press,
a call- and I had a great relationship our lives together, like all long term relationships, we had a few downs ups, I took the evening Nineteen, eighty nine, because that's what I was supposed to do I did not wait. No contest for any other reason, but to protect our privacy and was advised it would in the press height. I don't want to be labour, knocking the press but I can't believe what is being said most of it is totally made up I know you have a job to do, but, as a last wish, please please please
leave my children in peace. Their lives will be tough enough. I want to send my love and thanks to all friends. I'm sorry can't name every one of you, especially ac man thanks. For being in my life, for support in friendship I seen from so many wayne hughes louis marks, frank orson, mar packer vander Bobby car dashing. I wish we spent more time together in recent years my golfing guns us austin. My craig bender weiler, sandy J Donnie thanks for the fund, all my team over the years- reggie yours
My pro career ahmad, I never stop being proud of you, marcus, you got a great lady and catherine. Don't mess it up. Bobby Chandler thanks for always being their skills. Happy. I love you guys without you, I never would have made it through. This far marguerite thanks for the early years. We have some fun all up what can I say you are special, I'm sorry, I'm not going to help we're, not to have our chance. God brought you to me. I now see as I leave the in my thoughts, think of my life and feel I've done most of the right things
so why do I end up like us? I can't go on no matter what the outcome people will look and point. I can't take that. I can't subject my children to that this way they can move on and go on with their lives. Please if I've done anything while in my life led my kids live in peace from you, the press about a good life. I'm proud of how I lived. My mama taught me to do onto others. I treated people. The way I wanted to be treated have always tried to be up and helpful. So why is this happening? I'm sorry for that
my family. I know how much it hurts your call and I had a good life together. All this press cock, a rocky relationship was known, more than that then sorry, no more than what every long term relationship experiences all her friends will confirm. I have been totally loving and understanding what she's been going through at times, I have felt like a battered husband or boyfriend, but I loved her make that clear to everyone and I would take whatever it took to make it work, don't feel sorry for me, I've had a great life, great friends, please think of the real apology
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dot com, slash garage, that's join honey, dot, com, slash garage. Last week we discussed the timeline of the o J simpson case in great detail. In this week we wanted to go through. The evidence was too much too much information for one show. So you get a second part are here and today we're going to sift through that big batch of evidence and we're going to try to keep this as uniform as possible. So starting off right from the get go. We have the history, J simpsons history in in as we played in last week's trailer, you got to hear one of the nicole brown nine when one calls to discover loaded of this robber. Kardashian reading
o j for all intents purposes, I guess work on the OJ simpson suicide. Note: yes, that's what I'd, what it's kind of refer to young, which have never heard at full length until actually today, and that that the bank, the well maybe some of our listeners, haven't heard this it's interesting. They they played a part, other or a dramatize version of it on the show ethics, where you get to see David schwimmer get up to the podium in red. What we are hearing in the trailer yeah, a virgin of that, but but now they swimmers betrayal or the way that he, you know, act during. It was a little bit different than the way mr car dashing sounds yet cardassians. Seems very stoic. I'd say is the word: doesnt seem an if you watch the video, its
even more stoic, I think his words actually sound more emotional than he actually is in the video. But there's a couple things like first of all, oj calls himself a battered. At times he feels like a battered husband went, which her thoughts on that I got a couple of things here: one I think, of oj simpson as a very selfish person. I don't think I'm out about saying that he asked I don t abounds with saying anything about this guy, and I think you know he was used to being the
if the guy in the room, the number one guy in the room and when the center of attention when things didn't go his way, I think he would blame them on other people and and- and maybe maybe he even had weird feelings when when he wasn't the number one guy, you know and battered husband we've talked about this before I've also wondered you know. Sometimes, when you have one very aggressive personality in a in a relationship, you know as terrible as he was worth The times that Nicole came at him- and possibly we we don't know- I mean it could have just It- could have been aggressive in nature on both parts at times I could see. That being the case, I don't think he has any right to call him. alpha battered husband, not when he's a piece of person, yeah and
size alone in his strengthen athleticism makes it pretty tough for somebody of his aggressive nature to be a battered yasmine. Herb or even be victim of any kind yeah, and I dont also like in the letter what he basically claims is that he took a fall for the actions and nineteen nineteen or nineteen, eighty, nine or eighty eight sorry nineteen, eighty eight, he basically says I took a fall for that. I, which I think is total bs. I mean there's total proof that he, physically assaulted or multiple times in we're talking about when he pled no contest to the spouse or abuse charge right because, like there's time, in time again she had evidence of the abuse. She even put back a lot of this stuff into a p o box or not a p o box safety, deposit box yeah
and as evidence she had a will written up, You know something, that's you know not being, beaten by their husband, doesn't do that they don't put pictures of bruises and stuff, and so I think, a lot of stuff there is a narcissist, I think he's in our piece of shit dude for doing those I mean whether or not you believe he did the martyrs or not. I don't think that matters. I think what he is guilty of is he was abusive, husband and not just physically, but verbally emotionally, and I think that's something that gets overlooked. The law I mean you here on the nine one, one tape you don't hear any physical or took altered and on the nine one one tape. But you hear the verbal. emotional and psychological abuse. You hear it clear as day innovation have to deal with that. Yeah he's
hey you can hear him in the background and he's he's clearly throwing a temper tantrum he's throwing a huge fit he's acting crazy and you know, as we set the history there is a little bit of history here in this evidence and it's the nine one one calls it's the it's nicole brown, telling friends and family members that you know he he he's going to beat the shit out of me or he's, or he he's going to kill me one day, and you know, as you said, the the photos. Well, what does this point towards? Well, it points to a long history of an alleged history of OJ simpson hitting degrading and stalking. I think at this. I think this at this point
stop, saying alleged. I mean this is pretty proven. You know, like I said, with the nine one won t you can t, you don't hear physical abuse, but here the verbal abuse she heard the mental abuse and that sometimes it is more damaging than than the physical abuse can be at times. So anyway, keeper actually I heard before we get into anything else. I wanted can touch on this with the with the history of the deep of him hitting her and degrading her and things like that. David Navarro, you know the guitar player. Can his his mother was murdered a long time ago and was was killed by her boyfriend or ex boyfriend at the time, and he had described some behaviour that this guy. You know he had with his mother- and he had seen some crazy behaviour by this guy, and he really pointed it out in a way
it was very interesting to me. He had stated that that this was a guy that he had seen, throw a temper tantrum or throw a fit like a child would when he didn't wouldn't get his way or things weren't going his way, and he said, but at the end of the day what is the biggest temper tantrum you could throw, it would be kept what would be assaulting and killing somebody right, and so I think there is something to be said, for the history that we ve seen in OJ passed by and by, I wanna be clear with our listeners cause. Sometimes we get some feedback on twitter and other so familiar things. Were I'm not playing this tape for you know of robert Pradesh in talking because we agree, what said? What what the reason? Why were playing that tape as its it the inner resume peace of the whole saga that some people haven't heard. So it was just given obey the opportunity. That well in its actually? You know the note that he's reading was oh Jesus.
down and putting his thoughts and emotions onto a piece of paper. There you know was of the time, I even think it's it's his thoughts and his emotions, but I think some of that was to create spin a lot of its posturing, yeah and so in the timeline would be. next portion. I know we went through the timeline in great detail. Last week, but there are some things that I think need to be pointed out that are actual evidence within that time line and the first being the minutes from nine thirty five to about nine thirty seven yeah. This is when Cato Kalen leaves o j is standing near the bentley and he says the o jays wearing a dark coloured. This is where you get these conflicting stories, but we've heard wearing a dark, blue shirt or wearing a dark, sweat suit, and that will come up later in the
the fiber analysis. The next part of the timeline would be from nine thirty to nine forty five. This is when Charles Cale he's walking his dog by the simpson home and he does not see the bronco parked out front. So, where is the bronco What was oj off driving it somewhere. I think MR calles, the only person that we didn't bring up in timeline year that I a I me- were two guys sittin here with the in you probably heard it in last week's audio, where two guys shuffling through note some sometimes were able to just sit down and discuss his case, but this one, this big with so much movement and so much going on. Where were two guys in a garage, the beer in one hand and notes, in the other hand, shuffling throat, so the next part of the timeline, It's interesting to me is Tenno too. To about ten o three. We have simpson attempts to call. Paula barbie airy on his cell phone from his bronco.
And we don't know exactly if it ever, if he's in his bronco at the time, but we do know that he was and he was on his cell phone. Yes, it was typically kept in the bronco and again this would be at a time where no one else and say that they ve seen the bronco in front of his home at ten twenty two to about ten. Thirty, p m the limo driver Alan park arrives at OJ simpsons home and he does not see the bronco park there either at ten forty park buzzes the intercom system gets no response at ten forty three, he buzzes again no response and then at ten forty nine buzzes a third time and he still not getting a response from anybody inside the home. What does this point out? This points out a big problem with OJ simpson story and with his
or lack thereof in the timeline of that night. So, basically simpson, he lacks an alibi for a very important period of the evening, which is with what prosecutors suspect was the killing time, which would have taken place some time between ten fifteen p m and ten. Forty p m simpson lacks an alibi alibi and he doesn't even have up possible story for what he was doing during the time of the murder, and there is also the eye witness that saw him driving the bronco on Monday as well. Now the prosecution didn't use I witnessed in the trial. I believe that's a flaw of the prosecution, but so yeah. You got an hour to hour in twain ments, where you can't expect
what you're doing and more specifically, for that twenty five minutes that they think that the martyrs could have taken place during that ten fifteen to ten forty p m now onto the more hard evidence was called that. So we have hair and fibre it's to go through the first one I want to touch on. There were hairs consistent with OJ simpson found in a neat cap that was found at the bundy residences was the near the murder scene, and this cap also had fibres on it that were consistent with carpet fibres from the bronco. Now, that's it resting to me now, what what does that mean captain that doesn't mean that these that that they can say one hundred per this is oj simpson's, simpsons, hair, what they can say is. This is consistent with his hair color and his hair texture yeah there's three
that are found in this net cap, one hair samples, I think, a total of eight- maybe hairs hundred was an order of it, but what they can tell from the hare hair samples it it came from african american male. That's what they do now. So, yes, that that includes a lot of people, but there was also a dog. hairs found in them that cap, which I wish they would attested those against his his dog, which I dont believe they did and then there's fibres that are consistent with the bronco again. Ok, now you got hairs consistent with o j, and you got fibres consistent with bronco to me. You have to infer that that evidence points to that's his net cap.
It is what it does point to directly is that somebody that has the same hair, color and texture as him and has a vehicle. That's out fitted with the same style of carpet in color of carpet, came in contact with that knit cap and then left it near the murder scene. That's that's what it points to an keep saying the word and fur, and I want to bring this up and I'll know if you notice this, as watching sees me marcia clark, closing argument for the prosecution and she talks about inferring and I don't know if you ever noticed this, but she actually over one of the jury instructions when the jury instructions is. If you have a piece of evidence that and furs to the person being guilty,
but also in furs. The same amount of like this percentage to then be an innocent, the same percentage of doubt that you have to infer that their innocent. You have to err on the side of caution now in caution, being innocent and right. If, if the only thing that was found in this net cap was hair samples, I would infer that that doesn't point to him being guilty. But since we find fibres that are consistent with bronco, I'm inferring that that that net cap was at least in your bronco at some point: ok, some more hair and fibre evidence was left, and these are hairs that an fibres that are found on Ronald goldman shirt. Now what were these? These were again hairs that were consistent with that of oj simpson, and these were fuck, dark, blue cotton
irish, were found on Ronald goldman shirt. Now we have pointed out earlier that one piece The timeline is Cato Kalen, saying that he had left oj simpson about nine thirty five standing at oh geez, bentley and oj was wearing either a dark blue sure or a dark, sweat suit. So these are. These could be fibres that are consistent with what cato Kalen is describing. Mr Simpson, where now I bought some sweat pants in the last six months, I like to wear the little caprice work, pants and undue milo crossfire and jim for action in the garage, record in the garage. I work on the ground. the ground. But anyways. What I knows is when I get the car pre little sweat pants. The first time you were home, you got these little fuzzy's everywhere
tom wondering how new the these sweat clothes wherein he might have bottom. For that event not realising how many fibers are becoming off these clothes, the next thing up as the blood evidence now. This is where things get a little dodgy, let's say so, and we're just going to stick with Bundy for right now the evidence at bondi. Okay! Well, that's perfect! Because that's next on my list, we have blood drops found by bloody shoe prints, leading away from the body. So now what this means is we're not going to discuss here the the footprints yet. But what this is is blood drops that were there, they're dripping right beside where the footprints are leading away from the crime scene
yeah and there's about five of these, that correct yeah, there's multiple of them and let's talk about this for a second. The thing that I find interesting here is the next day. It's obvious that OJ simpson has a cut on his middle finger. Now it's his ring finger. It's his ring finger on his left hand, so it's his left hand. He the finger that is cut, while your your hands naturally dangle or would sway to the left or right of your legs, this would be the left, and these are blood drops that are right beside those footprints. Okay, you wanna talk about this cut on his finger, real, quick, we'll get into that in a minute, but these are what's what's also important about this. Is that the these blood drops as well as blood found on the gate, where anon I'm going to stop you, because I was
interesting really interesting to me about this case is how much this trial presented dna evidence, which I don't think the common. And was aware of, and now in almost every case we talk about dna evidence. Now the the blood drops that were found by the shoe prints no, what the dna marker was on that. So I dont know what the exact marker is, one a hundred and seventy million roughly ok. Here's numbers that I have it's a bit of a different number, but it could translate into the same equation. I guess the what I have is that the the blood drops that were near the footprints had genetic markers that were similar as oj substance, and this would have been only about point. Five per cent of the population would matches. That's that's the numbers I read.
Right and, and I'm goin off, offer what marcia clark talked about energy in arguments, so whose numbers are one in a hundred Seventy million. Now her. Let's talk about what and seventy million means now, that's done it a zack match as far as dna, like you said, is about five percent point. Five percent point five percent, but it's not exact match. What that means is that there was some bomb that it was concerned. The date in and out that could be by anything just the surroundings of the area or it can be when there are testing it got a little contaminated, but what that definite mean, it was either o jays dna sample or a relative of oj That's how much that dna matches oj. Yes, now
it's what they mean by the genetic marker, Zactly and then the blood on the gate. You won't go into that one cause, that's a different and mark well, what I have is that that the blood on that was found on the gate. Now this gate was near the back of the murder scene near the condos there, the gate to get into her complex, Area, yes, sir, what I have is that that was identified as the same blood that if it is persistent with genetic markers and o J simpson's blood yeah, but it's on a different level, so the drop the. I want to be very clear about this. The the droppings by the footprints, like we said, point five percent of the population one and one hundred and seventy million the ones found on the gate, were one and sixty eight billion that is as xact match. So anybody that
now we can then speculate how that blood got there. Did the blood get there that night cause the problem with blood evidence? As you know, I can't tell when the blood was left there, but is a significant amount of blood on that gate. So unless he cut himself earlier that we it bled over the gate. Nobody knew about another washed off. That doesnt seem likely to me she won't say on the no, what seems very likely is that you have a cut on your finger. You're, your flee. The scene was whether be walking running or whatever pacer your fleeing your dropping blood next year, bloody shoeprints that your leave and that's gonna contaminated. Because of this,
surroundings yeah and that's why they won't go into the genetic markers in the in the shoe print and the blood shoe print, because that's going to be contaminated with the victim's blood as well correct, and it may only contain victim's blood. Now what you do have is the blood drops next to those footprints. And then you have blood on the gate. So that tells me somebody's leaving fleeing the area and they got a touch. The gate the leaf and when they did that they have to do it with the same hand that they have the cut on, but just to be clear, I do have that. It's the left middle finger. I have done I just Google that was wrong. It was the left
middle finger. One of the reasons I got that wrong is in a couple, the documentaries irish, but when there they were talking breaking down the proof they are actually talking about his ring finger and how that wouldn't match up with the blood spot on the bluff bronco. But lest I get into that right now, so the cut on the left, MR miller finger this diamond into that. Okay. So how would he got that cut? Well if, if he, if oj c, did do this attack. We can. We can assume that there would be some self defense involved and he could have cut himself as the aggressor being defended against
or it could be something as simple as there was a knife involved and he cut himself in the process of trying to end these lives and the prosecution one until argue that he had these cuts. Have you ever seen this where the steady caught a specialists and he basically claims that oj put his hand around the coals throat, and then she reached up with her fingers and claude his finger, trying to remove his hand yeah and because, if you look at the cuts, there's a couple pictures online. But if you are
look at the cuts every basement, scratched at some point by somebody where they had been called by a cat or something, but it it's a very kind of a signature. Looking cut and to me that's what it looks like it looks like he was that you know some eight doug their nails, so it didn't look like I like a fresh slice wet with with a knife with which would be consistent with a knife or or will with a table accident Now, let's talk about oh jay's claims of how this happened. He said one it might have been when he's gone in and out of the vehicles looking for the golf clubs- okay, that's one story or that he, when he was reaching in to get the guts of the cell phone from the bronco before he left for chicago. That's when it ok, that's another! Still! That's another story, all the how these stories are given to us by oj. So the other story is that when he's in chicago- and he gets call sand that you know the coals been killed, that he's
welcome back and forth making calls making all these arrangements. He ends up breaking a glass and that's how he got the cut now nobody noticed this cut. Cato, didn't notice. This cut the driver didn't most the cut. That does I mean that cup did not happen before Chicago. Now. Here's what's interesting in arguments for him being innocent. Is there was blood underneath Nicole simpson's fingers? Okay, it was a have a different blood group, the node js okay, so I don't know if they tested dna, but I know that they tested the blood underneath and it was a group and then somebody also said that ronald coleman, his nails, weren't long enough to scratch. But I mean I have pretty short nails but
it's scratch, I mean, if I'm fighting for my life, I could scratch you. So I, if, if his nails, weren't tested, that's again, something they should have tested goldman strikes me as, a puncher than a scratch. Her I mean. Who knows what you would do in that, and I am not saying that he was scratched by right lessons They hypothetically that somebody is behind you and guinea grab you from behind and try to grab their hands and in the process your nails dig into. I'm not saying he's a scratch or by any well. Let's point out one thing here when you went through the different stories of how oj would tell us he perceived that iran the stories that he made up right. What, while these are not you're right, you heap he at least made up to stories, have made up three more than likely three, but he made up to that
no of in now, from my understanding he's first presenting the chicago scenario that when he's first asked about the cut he tells them that he received the in chicago with the broken glass now during the intake derivation and during the questioning they lead, down different paths to make him believe that, We know that he didn't receive that cut chicago and that's when the story start coming up about how he would have got the cut before we for chicago now. One thing I do want to point out here is that energy is a chronic liar, he's a chronic lie But I would also like to point out that I dont think that is an idiot. I think that that oj is probably a pretty. mark guy smart enough to the point of maybe not treating people right, but he's smart enough to the point where he on us paper very clear, hidden tree a lot
that's what I said. He wasn't, I meant to say he wasn't smart enough to treat people right right right, but what was smart enough to do was to know that it's more important that I have this cut after after I leave california. So a lot of people that worked on it is with him his lawyers. The dream team made claimed that he was one of the most intelligent defendants that they ever worked, whether they had represented here and there he was yeah I mean he went to college and you know it doesn't mean that everybody that goes to college is brilliant, but I I think oj is is of above average intelligence yeah, but he's just kind of an ass word moving on to shoe evidence. So there's bloody shoeprints matching a size, twelve bruno manually. sal, you say that are molly, I don't know
let's say bruno madly, that's what it looks like here's. What I do know is, however, their pronounced and all the document men trees that I've seen and even the prosecution. The way they talk about. is not house pronounced, they present, I've heard it pronounced multiple ways, but rigour, This bruno madly is a an italian shoe and it's an expensive you sold it like bloomingdale's and things of that nature and ugly, and what we are told is that this it's a rare model and, and it's a it's a size, twelve shoe now, let's, let's search on that for a minute now size twelve is not It's not a terribly uncommon size of shoe, but it's not the most common size of men's shoe was the most common side. I believe ten and a half. I believe I believe, the most common,
of shoe fur mail is ten ten and a half eleven eleven, a half, that's where the majority of the population fits into their. I wish my shoes were that small, because I went special order. Everything you know how. I know that, because I mean there's, studies done, became when Last year, when I was working part time when, as in a middle of a career, change Before he decided to do the podcast the whole time yeah, so I was working at a. I worked at a sporting goods store part time and they kept sticking me in the shoe department and I would have to constantly rearrange the shoes, because customers will come in there and they. Want to try and shoes, and they put him in the wrong place and so on and so forth, but one thing that they said was very important: was dead because ten, ten and a half eleven and eleven half are the most common size of men's. Choose that
we should always be stopped at the top of the shelf, which it was near, I level so their easy defined for the custom so somebody somebody who's made a lot of money off of selling shoes. Not me, the company has done extensive research into no, thank god. He didn't make a bunch money. Other issues as we want to have this podcast. Ok, Well, let's get in size, twelve Bruno maggie shoe, so these unexplained imprints on the shoe these also found in multiple different places, and it actually matches a bloody shoe per impression that was left in the bronco, which would have pointed again to a bruno maggie size. Twelve now, after the trial. there were pictures that came out about oh yeah, and this pretty interesting. So during the trial they they just couldn't find evidence that he owned these. No, they can't find these in this house.
They cannot find any evidence that he on these and why happen, but they asked oj about these issues. They said you now to have you ever owner to size, twelve Bruno maggie, and he says I never wear ugly issues and sorry, that's my chief. The boy was interesting. Is so this photographer and I think a lot in this case divided lot of people. A lot of people were on the the not guilty side, some people on the guilty side, and I think this guy was probably on the guilty side. He was like you know what I wonder. I took some pictures of oj once I wonder if he's wearing where shoes at day yesterday the pictures that we're talking about came out after trial, but they were pictures of oj, simpson at a sporting event. I believe a football game and he's wearing. You can clearly see that wearing a bruno madly style shoe and the picture was taken within six months of the murders, and we know that
he was a size twelve yet, and that, what's me, is theirs can't remember. I'm gonna get the number wrong, but I think there is like over sixty pictures of him in these shoes. Now doesn't play devils advocate? Well it's before we get into that lets. Let's rehash row quickly. The it's been presented did bruno magnetism pensive shoe, so not everybody would own it. In its considered, this imprint suggest a rare model, so we are being told that there would not be a lot of matching imprints to the shoe now on. What's the flip side of that coin, well any time that you are on tv, sometimes that you have like a fashion a set fashion. Designer
and a dress for you in dress, shirts and ties, and sometimes they put shoes on you so just to play devil's advocate it. It is very possible that he was dressed for this event, where these pictures were taken just to play some damn devil's advocate and what would be the flip side to the impressions that were left, meaning the size and shape of the actual imprint. What I'm not following you? Okay, The other thing that has been presented from some outside sources, some speculation, that while this is a rare model of expensive shoe that there are also some other shoes that may have a similar imprint right and these would be found in this food service industries. You know chefs way.
as this is a dress shoe for anybody that doesn't know what we're talking about so and so, and typically in the food service industry. But you know people especially front of the house they're going to be wearing a dress style shoe yeah but they're going to. But there is this cross breed. You know they look fancy but they're comfortable cause. You gotta be on your feet all day. Yeah. The next piece of physical evidence is the famous blood gloves. So we have one dark: cashmere lined heiress light leather glove. This is the left hand in glove is found at the murder scene, size extra large, but its isotopes, right right, I mean it's like the ice eternal brand. It's like a sub bran right, so when it is well eyesight owner is a very sophisticated.
There's going to be a model within a model unaware sophisticated stuff, that's not my style! Well, the the the important thing here is in ninety. Ninety, Nicole brown purchase two pairs of ex l, a matching. This model of glove two pairs, his size, which is extra large and macy's from yeah the macy's or bloomingdale's in new york was macy's, okay and she so nineteen. Ninety two pairs were purchased for o J simpson. I could. I could totally be wrong about that. I'm not really first but yeah, so two pairs were purchase. We don't know. If parents were purchased fro J samson. We don't know that, but we know that two pairs were purchased by Nicole simpson and that on day the day that she purchase them, that
two hundred sold at that store, which was in new york on the other side of the united states, cracked cause he does he played for buffalo, so they have a place in new york so that the important thing here is there's one of these bloody gloves the left hand in glove found at the murder scene. Now the right hand in glove is found behind simpsons guest house. This is where cato Kalen staying and he states that at you know that he heard at least forty at ten forty that he hears these thumping noises three thumps or three taps near the air conditioner unit of the guesthouse, ok and sorry I just get get another pie or I'm sorry, it's my birthday. Okay, give me a freaking break. Cam working while saw my bird yeah, but by the time the shows. How is my birthday? Ok try to stay seated. I guess I can't focus when you're running around
So my cardio and so put back to what I was saying, the left hand in glove is found at the murder scene. In the right hand, in glove is found behind this simpson guest house. Now what the what the prosecution would tell us. is that one was dropped at the murder scene. Accidently ran, the other one must have been dropped accidentally when he was attempting to hide it or or get back onto his property and now new. You want to talk about the if the glove it must acquit where we get into the other stuff, not not just we'll get into that in just a second, but the glove found behind simpson's guest house contain dna on it and in in during those test. This is what they tell us. They tell us that it appeared to contain genetic markers of simpson and both victims, and it also included a long strand of blond. Hair, which would be consisted,
two Nicole brown hair yeah so again to the don't fit if you don't fit you can. But the thing I want to point out here is it's strange to me that they that their dna dna test report states that it appears. and I know it can be a little bit convoluted because you have three different types of dna on this glove, but I don't know if you know science has come a long way then, but I don't want anybody walking away from this show going all while he did it because the the glove, the key word in that statement is appears. So the big famous than on this trial was the, but when the prosecution had oj simpson, try on the glass and you can you too. This is a fascinating thing. He's struggles, really hard to put on these gloves and even cochrane.
closes with. If the glove don't fit, you must acquit now. I remember this and I remember this being a big deal at the time, but there's something that even the epoch show left out and then talk and allow my bodies about this case, a lot of people that now. Yeah they made him try on the bloody gloves, which is probably very stupid, What did they do right after that? They took the regular gloves brand new clubs, size that self same make model and had it they try I'm on and guess what they fit like the glove, now. I absolutely believe had this pair I've been so tattered and you know soaking in blood, dried up you know we know what can happen to you know these expensive materials, that's leather and
What I'm getting at here is. The other thing that I find hard to believe is in. I can't fanatically say that those gloves are his by this statement, but what I find hard to believe would be that Nicole browned would purchase an extra large glove potentially for oj and it not be the right size. I have a hard time believing that right in what what this proves, though- and you can you tube- this has What it proves is one. Yes, these are the main model, the gloves and when their soaked in blood, they shrink to get but when they're, not certain blood, guess what these gloves fit. So this whole If the glove don't say you must acquire is a complete utter bullshit
Let us think about another thing here to what did we say about these gloves when I first started? Describing them in you reminded me that they are isotope honours, did are cashmere lined gloves, meaning that there's cashmere material on the inside of the glove zau really fancy. What did o J o J didn't take his bare hand in court and try to squeeze into this glove? No, he had laid text of why? Why would they make him where latex gloves, because, if he's found innocent then this could potentially be evident? against somebody else. In a future case. Crack signal wants to tamper their needs. You have to treat it as such, so unfortunately, here's a big problem Those gloves that he's wearing if they were rubber instead of latex, which is a very common thing you can buy gloves, balk in their there either latex a rubber. If these were rubber gloves that he was wearing
they're not going to slide through cashmere, no matter what you're going to get caught you're going to struggle to put on that glove, especially once you start getting into the fingers right yeah, and if you have these air pockets, which, if anybody ever puts on latex gloves, are rubber, gloves you get these little air pockets in between your fingers or that would create a space. Make it harder to get the fingers on cell anyways, the whole gloved energy was a great actor. He was in the naked gun, thus actor in the world. What what's the other rumour regarding his hands and at the time of his life in nineteen? Ninety five, when the trial was going arthritis, yet he had at some form of arthritis right in the rumor, is that he may have stopped taking his arthritis medicine, with the intention of allowing his hands to swell
actor, so the glove found that body they believe because it. right by the neck cap, there's even a footprint by it, so they believe that maybe he went reached for something or decided to take it off or whatever. So the there's a glove left there. then there's this glove, that's found at rockingham, oh geez house, behind the guest house of Cato Kalen Fourthly, in the same spot of where he hears a bump them three hits on the wall at about ten forty. So how does this glove get there? If you watch the? in our view, the oj did. It was like this paper view special. You disorder, the tape it did this away raise money, and I was basically my answer in a bunch of questions and going Some of the evidence that they found out rockingham weight
she along the side of the house. Ok, now here, couple problems. I have with this. The cops believe that he possibly jumped not jump this. but not a wants a fence, but he climbed this fence problem is the fences kind of ready for cap. It's kind of like a chain link. Since, but there's a lot of shrubbery around their lot of trees and The trees are on one side of the fence. Others are the fence. It's a lot to get through for him to jump. This fence were in his condition, forty eight retired athlete his bodies breaking down his knees or bad for him to jump this fence I don't buy that Do you think I'm in a moment of adrenalin can in a moment of frenzy that he could
That fence doesn't make a lot of logical sense. You pull up pure bronco right outside the gate. You open up the gate, And you decide not to walk through the gate, you decide to go round. neighbour's house and then jump prevents Make a lot of sense here. Ok, now, they found some blood evidence at bunny, and a blood trail gone for the bronco to the front of the house. There is no blood. They are going to the side of the house where the glove is found What do we know about what mark firm and talks about the condition of the glove when they find it it? It appears, moist, its wet and what the defence dead was. They got a scientist to prove that at the time,
that mark from and found this glove. The glove would have been dry well and do you know how they did that what they did was they basically took the exact same size and model and color of glove. They laid it in the exact same spot for the exact same amount of time that they anticipate that it sat there and the and they covered it in probably pig's blood or something like that, and the the test glove was dry. Now, here's where we can't account for his humidity humidity or the when that night. We can't count for that. you can't you can't account for uncontrollable variables that could go into this crap things with outside of your control. But you brought up something that I thought. I never heard this theory before and I thought it was absolute. genius and I normally dont, give you a pat on the back.
But I will on this one because I dont think him jump in the fence makes any sense either. You know I'm oj citizen. I pull up I'll go, and I just walk into my house like nothing happened and there's a blood trail go into the front front door. Blood trail going back there and energy. points that there's a blood trail going back their boat but is also found wet. Can. We have any logical reason why this makes sense to be found in a part, part of the property that nobody goes and there's no blood drops no trail to this area, and you came up with the theory, so tell them your theory. E o J had a dog, and some dogs can be attracted to Some dogs can also just be attracted to socks and pantyhose laying around your house. My theory
see. Now. This is a little out there, but I don't think it's outside of the realm of possibility is that he dropped the glove someplace else, an accident. You know from the bronco to the front door and he didn't looking for because once he realised that it had fallen from his pocket or wherever he had it, he assumed that may be. He had left it at the crime scene, war or onward he dropped it and the rocco and that's possibly when the driver comes to pick him up and he heads the broncho once or twice maybe that's what he was looking well, that's why he would have went to the broncos to look for anything he possibly would have dropped if not finding it bronco, then he's going to start to assume that he's lost at the crime scene. When I think happened, he dropped it on his property somewhere. The dog picked it up played with it, moved it around and left. It find the guest house for whatever reason and then possibly that's when mark vermin,
he's the glove. Ngos are well. This glove appears to be moist, so. I mean it makes some sense, so very good theory very possible. A dog, a dog would be attracted to the blood, maybe not so much to to pick it up, but in the sense that the dog would probably like the guy.
of course, but I have never seen hope nobody's dinner. Apologise for that. Ok, but here here's, the other important thing that I want to point out about the gloves: what glove was left at the scene, the left glove, what glove was found on our jays property, the right glove? What is important about that to me? The cut was, on his left hand, right so be he got cut and then he takes a glove off to see the cut. Well in here's another issue, there are no cuts on the gloves themselves. So there was no like puncture wound to the glove that would have carried through to injure the fearsome tangs in there some marks, but there's no there's nothing that went through. They went through punctured all the way through the fabric. Well, that makes sense too.
Did that the glove would protect his hand somewhat. I mean it's not chain mail, but it would protect his hands What from a knife or from from fingernail, her claw marks, but when that glove came off in the struggle that's when his finger was no longer protected and that's when he injured himself or their becomes a confrontation as he's pulling off the gloves. You know he goes like here. You know think about this way. You know you start get enter verbal confrontation with somebody but you're taken off your gloves, anyways, but you take off one and a confrontation ex escalates. So then I you're you're in a conversation with just one glove on, so that possibility to yet with there being no puncture wound in the glove. I would have a problem with the gloves if the right was left at the crime scene left was found at his home, but because The injury was to the same hand as the glove that was left at the murder scene, it's a little incriminating. So what else do we?
on that rockingham. So now backup oj place. We find the bloody sock. Now this is the sock that contains what they believe to be sought. Nicole brown, blood, correct cracked and what's interesting about this, is theirs in between the blood drops. Do you know what they're, fine but splatter, and so a lot of these. What do you mean? Splatter its liking, spatter? Yes, spatters planners, it's weird delayed out motto? No, but they call like they called blood evelyn spluttered spatter spanner, but it but splatter makes sense. Because, when things fall or things crash lace they splatter liquid? So this thing about having two drops in or multiple drops on a sock. Well, this would make sense as he's walking through
Well again, you know this is a little gruesome, but it was a very bloody scene and, as he's walking away from the crime scene, he would be stepping in the puddles of blood and, if he's stepping in those puddle of blood blood would get on his socks by it it'll be splashing up on him. There was spatter splatter right and that's one of the d and one of the evidence. Experts said that was very telling that it wasn't planted if they would plan it. It would just be drops of blood found, but you won't find the splatter and between now I've heard
The bloody sock is a piece of evidence that actually should exonerate MR simpson, and let me let me tell you what what this person's theory is, that the the sock it was found that you said there was more than once off, but I'm talking about one in particular. Now this is a sock that had nicole browns blood on it. Now the way that this blood was found, it was actually found on both sides of the sock. You know like so picture this. If you lay a sock flat it if something is applied to it, a liquid is applied to it. We can assume it would it would touch or or stain the top layer of the sock, as well as the bottom letter, whatever whatever the top and bottom or east and west yeah, depending on how it's late now what he
as the reason why that this would exonerate. Mr Simpson is because it would point towards evidence that it was planted, that the blood was that the sock was laying flat at the time that the blood was applied to the sock and that's why it bled, through to the other side of the sock right. like. I can agree with that. I think that that sounds very likely to me, but the other issue that I have in this is that this stuff took place so rapidly so quickly. You can't tell me that if somebody took off bloody sock in it and laid it on the ground are fed, it fell on the ground that it couldn't transfer to the other side if it were still wet. Here's the interesting thing about the socks being collected, the data are collected, theirs videotape. Now the defence constantly was looking for the videographer of the scene so that the scene,
Bunny, though, have some eight taken pictures, but they also have a videographer and then now rockingham is a crime scene, so they have photographers name of videographer, so the disks and for a long time was looking for this videographer. They wanted video evidence to see if there's anything She, with their evidence, collected. the d, a really gonna be stuck there for them although this one cause they kept on saying there was no videographer is a crime of the century is going to be the trial of the century. Maybe the biggest trial of all time you don't kill a videographer and then what happens. Shapiro finds a picture. with a videographer, and so then they go well. We need to find these tapes so they'll, eventually once they prove. We know that their the refer they get a video we they get the tapes
guy claims that when he was at rockingham, he started film in he quickly realized that his the clock on the camera was off by an hour. So the clock reads like three: thirteen: it would actually be for thirteen collect a piece of evidence. They have too marked down the day in the time that they collect that evidence. So f for thirteen there's, a video being taken of Oh geez bedroom, and it goes over the area rug, whether found and there's no socks found at four thirteen. their later put into evidence being collected at four thirty or for thirty three
well. That brings us to the next item in this is kind of a conglomerate vat items. Here it would be blood found on simpsons property, meaning his home and his vehicle. So there was blood found on simpsons driveway in his four year in his master bedroom. and in the braga. So this is not necessarily simpsons blood this. This could be Nicole's blood or ron goldman blood and actually not very much on the driveway, it's all simpson blood and then on the foyer. It's all simpson, blood and blood that was founded master bedroom was actually the blood that was on one of the socks that we just used to, and one of the big things is people talk about. The stairways leading up to his bedroom is like plush, it's very plush and is very white. and so the defence can argues. Well, there is no blood droppings found goin up. The steps are going in vienna,
That doesn't mean there wasn't any that this means they didn't find any. You know so in the other was found on. The bronco was what we had already touched upon earlier, where its its blood that would have been found on the driver side. Car door was addressing than about that is the bronco door is a push handle the handle is horizontal, and you and there's like a push button. You almost have to you, have to grab the handle and push in with your thumb and then pull the door open, yeah and the where you push on your thumb. It would make the most sense to open up the door with your left hand. Yes, because the button is near where your thumb would naturally be on your left hand, not where your thumb would be when grabbing it from your right yeah. The button is sorry. The button is closer to where the door opens. So, if oj used his left hand, which remember he has this cut on his left hand
Then there was a blood marking right where the knuckle would sit and then on the inside of the door, the well the handle of the well where you'd shut the door. There's also a blood found there, which would be consistent with on a thing. So the idea being that he opened up the door with his left hand and when brushing the handle or the car door itself, leaving blood there pulling the door open getting in his seat pulling the door closed is where he left the blood on the. the door itself, cracked- and this is where you could argue all these things about when the blood evidence was collected, but now what you know from all accounts that I've heard that these blood I mean this is the reason why that please shut down the scene and said this is now a crime scene So now we need to get a warrant. There's also a little bit of a maybe a shoe a little blood shoeprints found in the bronco yet
There is also some an impression that was left that left a bloodstain. There would have been consistent with a approximately assize twelve shoe an arm yeah, maybe just the edge of a shoe. I mean I think people would have to look that up a little more in detail, because the smudge was pretty small, so it wasn't like a full shoop shoop print is also someone Nicole, simpsons blood was found in the broncos well and now is found closer on the passenger side wrapping this up. So this is where you know it The things that stand out to me here without going through all of it again would be obviously the history of abuse, the alleged abuse, let's say, and I sent a letter from his fuckin abuse as documented abuse and the
the timeline over fifty accounts of documented abuse, where, between the minutes of ten fifteen and ten forty p m on that night, o j cannot give a an alibi has no alibi and there is no plausible story for what he was doing or or or counts for his whereabouts. Under eyewitness. Seeing him bunny driving the bronco and, of course there is a mountain of evidence. Once you start discussing blood hair fibres, that's now well there would be a big group out there. That would tell us that some of this evidence could have been planted and they would have some valid points I think to to come to that assumption and we're not going to discuss that tonight. Now we are actually going to what we're gonna do area where new a third episode on this, but it will be, will not be next week to be born.
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