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Paige Coffey ////// 541

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The Bratenahl Police Department and the F.B.I. need your help for information. Paige Coffey has been missing since May of 2019. She was 27 at the time. Paige is an African American female with black hair and brown eyes. She is 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs about 230 pounds. She has a tattoo of piano keys on her arm. Anyone with information of Paige’s whereabouts or any activities involving Paige in May of 2019 are very much needed to help her family and this investigation. The F.B.I. is also seeking any information about Paige’s former boyfriend Patrick Samar Mason Jr. or PJ. Anyone with any information at all should call 216-622-6842.


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the railway of amiss twenty or a woman held a press conference today. Searching for answers, page copy has been missing for nine months now, really says she would never have left without telling them the reward for information now up to five thousand dollars. Kendall forward live in cleveland now, with more data
on this kendall page was last seen here: surveillance video at the steel yard commons seven months ago, I may seventh, now her family, hoping someone somewhere, might have some information. I know where she is now they say she was so closer family and she never would have wandered off without pages of wonderful young lady she's, very close to her family. After nine months, page coffees, family still searching for her still searching for answers for aught. With pages heartbroken, mother standing by her side says she never would have left without telling her family pages a very close relationship with her parents and grandparents, brothers and cousins, and there is no way she was over nine months without contacting her family page was last spotted unmade. Seventh, on still your comments, surveillance video, her family, saw her just a week. Prior. Her aunt describes her as reliable and dependable and art lover with a grin,
personality. Her disappearance is completely unlike her, and she knows something is wrong. There would be no reason for her to just walk away there. We could think of she. She was just a great girl page now, twenty years old lived in cleveland and worked in Macedonia at torrid, a woman's clothing boutique. She attended young, sound state and visit her grandmother in rational, often brought now. Please now investigating searching for answers, and they see no tip is too small is extremely unusual. The nine months have passed and no one is heard or shame age, coffee through ward, now up to five thousand dollars for information, define page family begging for some sort of information they help bring her home? No motive is too small has been agonising over these last nine months. Now we showed you her picture.
but she's out five eight and also has a tattoo on her arm of piano keys again. This was the last place she was spotted on surveillance. We do here at steal. Your com is, if you have any information or know where she might be contact crimes sovereign right now, reporting alighted sayers forward. page copy is a young woman who grew up in the Cleveland ohio area. She graduated from charles brush high school in twenty ten and enrolled at north coast college page. to study fashion merchandising, something that she loved and something that came naturally to her. She worked throughout her teens and twentys at various retail stores and women's
fashion, retailers at least one that is located in the steel yard, commons shopping area, which is in the greater cleveland area. Pages one of those young women who is always trying new hair styles experimenting with make up and wearing carefully curated outfits prolific selfies, of her show a young woman who rarely smiles for the camera, yet looks though she's enjoying herself pages very close with her mother, her aunt and her cousins. She spoke with them daily. If not several times a day. Her aunt says she is very artistic. Outgoing reliable and dependable pages mother tread nedda williamson, who we spoke with at length and who is the major source of information for this episode said that pages super outgoing eta, someone who is friendly and bubbly ma. Daughter share a loving relationship. They were very close and twenty twelve, when page was still young. She
married to someone who we will call tea coffee, the two men in high school pages, mother, for nato was against the marriage because she thought that the two were too young. She wanted page the focus on college and her career page and t got hitched anyway and move to hawaii where he was stationed with the army, but the young couple ruggles and the two highschool sweethearts divorce, this in two thousand and sixteen after the marriage pay was living back in the greater cleveland area, then into thousand, and seventeen page met someone. She started dating pay Some are mason junior. He was in his mid twont he's from the greater cleave on area they do it on and off for about two years, and this is air. Ternata, says page started to change. According
two pages mother. She could tell early on in this relationship that Patrick was pretty controlling yeah patrick goes by the nickname of p j, so we will refer to him, mostly as pga throughout this episode. Page stopped posting on her social media and her last facebook post in early march, two thousand and seventeen. She told her family that pga would check her instagram account and see what she was doing who she was talking to and with this Just personality began to change. of her life she was always the chatterbox. Now she was becoming close off, hardly speaking at all. And some would say she was becoming rather secretive, page started dropping out of touch with her family and friends for days. At a time she was reachable and then later would say that she lost her phone or was broken. Her family would go
her a new phone, so they could keep in touch and time and time again the replacement phone would break or get lost. If you google signs of a controlling boyfriend, the first thing that pops up is that the increasingly icily you from friends and family. The phone always seems to be the first cut off point for these types, the by this time captain have page she's living in a house on oak shore, drive and brat now Now we are not liking. What we are seeing here are we captain not only anytime, I hear about some may be an isolated within a relationship So now, in our time line we are early, two thousand and nineteen timeframe march and April, two thousand and nineteen to be more on point
This is when something incredibly alarming happens. Things start to get scary. This is when an officer from the south euclid police department was out front, knocking on internet as door when she answered the officer said that he was there to return a lost in found purse that belong to a page, coffee and asking if she was there now turn out. old officer that page no longer live there, but it makes sense that they went to turn at his home because the address listed on pages driver's licence was still tornadoes home address the office. Or ass. The obviously concerned mother, if she any idea why the police found pages purse full of personal items on the side of the highway. Ternata said no, and in making sense, the officer asked her nedda. If she could get in touch with page as they are
this. I would like to ask you some questions mainly to make sure that the young woman was all right turn: explain how page had recently become distant from the family and how she was very difficult to get a hold of telling him she didn't really respond to text or even pick up the phone. When called the officer left the purse which and before leaving took an incident report to document the situation. Now pages purse was actually recovered by Macedonia, police which is near by they gave it to the south euclid police because of the address listed, the driver's license found inside this, making the situation even more of a big question mark for both police but more importantly, pages family. So now, because of this whole weird purse thing pages, family is just perplexed and extremely concerned for pages. Well, being it's not good when you can't get
hold of a loved one, and then police show up at your front door because they found her purse full of personal items on the side of the freeway. No, that's very bad sign now. If that wasn't weird enough for you well, then check your head, because things are going to go from scary to very strange with the quickness, because on that same very day, and even though p j new turn at did not like him. One bit ternata receives a text from Pga, so pga is texting, ternata and boy does he have a store free to tell pga, told her that page had shot him in the head. So why minutes later, tornado receives a photo of PJ's bloodied head. A few men go by and then boom another photo. This time he sent her a photo thy hand, written note its a note,
pages handwriting and which she is confessing to, shooting pga in the head, The police are involved once again regarding page This is on the same day as the purse incident the poor center, intervene and ended up putting page in the hospital for a psycho evaluation, because she was completely hysterical so captain, even though we have this note It appears to be pages handwriting. A note saying she said p j in the head right. It looks This whole incident is not so cut and dried. It's more complicated than that and a little confusing to boot. Right palatia, one of the sergeants told pay his family that he feared a murder. Suicide was in the future for these two. While because these people are so abusive in controlling and manipulate you alive times, you don't feel
there is any way out yeah and it's not really clear exactly what happened here in this situation now. One thing that is fact is p actually had bullet fragments in his head, so he was shot, but so was his car. His car was shot up, so he was shot to but No one was really for sure who actually fired those shots. The hospital would be a chain four page to get away from pga and out of it, is clearly a horrible situation. Even if she did shoot em in the head, which I dont think that eat she did. This is clearly not good situation for anybody by while in the house spittle page told her mom, their pga forced her to write the gunshot, no act. one point- and we know that his car had been shot up, that portion the story was on the news, and at least
an eye witness confirmed bullet holes on his vehicle. So it looks me like Pga is It was somebody else he's got some else going on here and he might be using this situation. Where he's already controlling this young woman who's in I air quotes relationship with them. He's gonna use her is the scapegoat for why he, and up forcing her to write a note at gunpoint. While this is some wild shit in April Page was released from the hospital, now he told her mom that she was trying to get away from pga, and while it is unclear as to the details here's that the two eventually reconcile and enforced within a month, page would be gone
but there are some more interesting events leading up to her disappearance. This takes us to tuesday April thirtieth, two thousand and nineteen. This is when page asked her mother to give her a ride to oakwood village. I did not ask page what she was doing there or what she intended to do there, because she knew p J lived in that area you knew that her mom did not approve of PJ's treatment of her and wanted to hear nothing about him and, of course, to was upset about the choices that page was making, and she let page know about it. A page got out of the car and walked away and that's the last time ternata saw her daughter, the next day page text. Her mom asking her to add thirty dollars to a cat
app card. After this day in the hospital page was without a vehicle and without a job, it appears that the You think she thought she had at that. Time was Peter and her mom, unfortunately, for reasons. We won't pretend to understand and looks like Was choosing p J and because of this She is becoming more and more isolated, and this was because pga wanted her all to himself here some proof from a series of text. We found one between her friends that says quote page told me before he took her phone and didn't want her to have a job. Wants to make her life so shorty that she has no choice but to always need him. Yeah he's a real piece of shit on may fifth: ternata got a phone call from a work connection of pages. It was trying to get in touch with her
She text page to let her know this, but got nowhere spots police later told frenetic that at this time on may fifth, they verified the page and p J we're staying at a cheap, motel and copiously township near acronym hotel, moat, but they got evicted and on the sixth, they left the motel. Please her glance help just mother tornetta that on Monday may six, she went to work with pga right she's, not working at this time. We know that, but pga is war. he's a landscaper and well he was workin out a boutique right, not Do she got out of the hospital, but right? But this is another way to control her. Now she doesn't have her own money and hey. We know that she loves fast and we know that she wants to study fashion, what better place to learn about the business than a boutique while separate her
from anything that she loves to. What we do know is it they were together on this monday may six now, the following day. tuesday. May seventh police knew that pga went to. His probation officer for a required check him. They found surveillance, footage of page and p j together at a home depot and steal your comments. This is a large shopping area in cleveland. They each purchase something records, show that page bought a candy bars. Pga bought a snickers in some bright fluid and they left the store together. Unfortunately, there are no surveillance cameras outside of the store that shit, aware page and Pga went when they walked out. So no one really knows where they went after that or really what happened after that police say the pages phone pinged that evening this is may seventh around six p m
Now police will not comment on the cell phone activity after that. The obvious inference here. Captain is twofold. For me, why we know police have all of the cell phone science and information, which leads us to number two that they are likely keeping this information hush hush as its crucial to their investigation and holds jerry, valued brain. We have been told from pages family that after this she never contacted her family again and after that seventh of may, her phone went right to voicemail. She has never put did on social media. Since then and law enforcement says that page coffee is not used, her social security number she's not used her cash app or card she's not made any electronic payments. It seems like after this tree,
to the home depot, where we have them both on surveillance, footage in the store to gather poof pages gone after that to have a record of what her financial transactions were before then did she transfer money to p dot? I dont believe that she did so or if she d, there- does not reporting correct her family in the police. Have that information? That's not information that we have so who is this pga right? Who is this pga character we already said his real name is Patrick Samar, mason junior and taking a while guess here captain, but I would be willing to bet on of the beer in the garage fridge that the mason family are probably very thankful that this guy is not going by his birth name or throwing that last name of mason around too much. In fact, if they are smart, well, then they will have anything to do with him at all, don't drop by here
christmas, Patrick Samar, mason junior were p J. The doors are closed. Now this case has received virtual zero media attention and so boys here in the garage decided to step in we dug up some background formation on pga, because well federal court documents are publicly available and twenty twenty patrick some are mason, junior or p J, Twenty nine years old he dropped out of high school, for his junior year, but went on to get his de and even had two semesters of college where he had an overall gpa of three point. Out surprisingly up only he had a psych evaluation at some point and it determine that quote, though He has a number of mental health diagnoses. He is not intellectually disabled, end quote,
but he has a lengthy criminal history dating back to when he was seventeen years old right. So he's mediocre at school, but an over cheaper at being ship bag, his juvenile adjudication, include a traffic related offence, theft, related offences and failure to comply. He has for prior dont felony convictions involving burglary and robbery, and he has misdemeanor convictions involving theft, domestic violence and menacing
to no one surprise. Pga has been arrested for domestic violence toward the women that he is dated this even prior to page, but it wasn't just pushing or shoving. Here is what the court say. He was charged by cleveland police for aggravated menacing on January twelve of two thousand and seventeen. The court record stated domestic violence, high risk, and I refer to a site referral as well. A no contact order was issued in this situation prohibiting pga from here.
any contact from or with the victim or better said, domestic violence survivor. Then, on january, twenty six, two thousand and seventeen p J was again charge with domestic violence and also unlawful restraint and arrest warrant was issued and he was arrested on September sixteenth. So it looks like he was on the run for quite some time, pga was found guilty and received a sentence of one hundred and eighty days. One hundred sixty six days suspended fourteen days. Credit for time served. In other words, all he got was probation, yes, slap on the rest. This is surprising and horrifying, because pga already had a record. We found three separate arrest into and in eleven in cuyahoga county for burglary theft, aggravated theft aggravated robbery, a fire. Was used and grand theft he did about ten months in prison. For those charges
was arrested in the same county in two thousand and fourteen for complicity to burglary and obstructing official business. Usually that means like during the course of an investigation he he may have lied to the police or did something of that nature right, and he did time for those. Charges as well long story short here. Captain p j is, and was bad news and page was mixed up with him and had been with calling from her family and seemingly falling increasingly under PJ's control, and tell her mother, the worst of it, but page sent electronic messages to one of her friends telling her the things it p J had done to her now. He is not named specifically in these messages, which we viewed, but her friend new who page was talking about in these messages in the matter.
That is why it was those imply because there were obviously in a relationship. That's right and the messages say already from the transcript here The friend says: hey mamma, how you been girly page replies, girl, shitty, but I'm a survivor france's what's going on page replies. I guess divorce two years ago jumped into a relationship got dogged and humiliated. into another one where for two years, he nearly killed me. I've been shot strangled, stabbed, be burnt with mild, raped and embarrassed, and I still try to stay. I had to ask myself Why just out of that now, so I'm trying to get my shit together so based off this here, captain sounds like this: this kind of flashing out. What we already knew was a terrible situation, but she's some horrific details. To that end, it sounds like she,
thinks that she's out of this relationship at this time. He's having a conversation with her friend, but that's why it so hard to leave these abusive situations, because, when you think you're out, that's probably the most dangerous I am for you well, and the thing is we say leave, but we often see in these situations that person is not allowed to leave now. This was not just a case of a domineering boyfriend. This was violent physical abuse and then after may, seventh page seemingly vanish. No one heard from her after that, for about a week for nedda said she was concerned. Because it was so unlike her daughter to be completely out of touch for that law and no call or visit on mother day may eleventh this when ternata really knew something was very very wrong, even if page was furious at her mother for objecting to the pj's
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Islands natural's eric drops to healthy summers and beyond available at walmart walgreens target and CBS claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accept the medical evidence, not fda, evaluated All right, we are back, cheers maids, cheers to you can't and Jews who all the people in the back on may seventeenth, ternata went to the brantner police department and finally, missing persons report with these sergeant on duty. The incident report dated may seventeenth, two thousand and nineteen reflects
frenetic told the sergeant that she had not had any contact with her daughter and more than two weeks, and she believed her to be in the company of Patrick Samar, mason, junior or pga, so brantner police took on the case but noted in the report that there is friction between mother and daughter over the boyfriend and also notes that page is bipolar, may be off of her meds. They astern eta. If page was depressed and she answered yes at times this, in my opinion, had a good an unfortunate result, both good and unfortunate right. One. The good is a missing persons. Alert for page was issued at that time, but it read that she might be in danger because of a change in mental status. This was something that I and her family disagrees with. Even if page was struggling,
and to leave she would not have ever just dropped off the face of the earth and stopped all contact with them. Then frustrated about the total void of information about page and trying to get information out a p J ternata had her god, daughter, vanessa call pga. This call took place on may twenty, two thousand nineteen at nine, thirty, two p m and it was recorded- and we made a transcript of this conversation as best as we could make it out. It starts off, saying: hey it's vanessa again. I just got a quick question because we're so worried about her her where'd. You see her at the. Last time you sooner pj's responses left her downtown. Last time I seen her, I went to court. I was coming down town, he seems be saying: the page went to court with him. He could not remember which day whether was a tuesday or wednesday right. We know that it was in fact that tuesday vanessa then ask
went to court together, PJ's. No, she I went to court, though I can't quite make out everything he saying there. Vanessa and says, because we don't know why she hasn't called or anything you all get into. argument or something PJ's says no in something else, which is an audible vanessa then says: have you checked up on her at all PJ's says I text or a couple times. I called her a couple times. He says something else that I can understand and then says changed her number. She was talking a bunch of crazy. Vanessa says: do you know where she could possibly be she's? Usually with you all of the time PJ's says: no. She with me we broke up. I don't know how long ago and then says something else which I can understand. Vanessa then said
and she was downtown question mark when question mark two, which PJ's says monday or tuesday, as you can put together, based off that PJ's. Basically, sticking to his story that he has no idea. Where page is at this time the family she's missing, and he says that they ve broken up, and he seen her in a while or so on. According to his words this, despite the fact that the police have verified that page and p dot j were together at the hotel, they were together at his work and they were together at the home depot so this takes place on that sunday, monday and tuesday may fifth through may seventh of two thousand and nineteen there together, he claims we're not together. I dont know when it wasn't. I last saw her boom. She disappears right after being with him, while the first red flag is that his memory is so
easy. I dont really remember. We broke up a while ago, not really for sure nine months after pages disappear, the fbi and the brantner police held a press conference to announce a five thousand dollar reward and exchange information about pages whereabouts. Now, during the conference, the then brantner police Chief noted that it was unusual for page to be out of contact with her family and stated quote: numerous investigative leads have been conducted, but to date nothing has led to the location of page we straw We believe that someone in this community has a vital piece of information that law enforcement needs and quote. despite this seemingly interested involvement by BP. The chief made it clear that they were not one hundred percent on board with foul play, having befallen
age right. He said that page actually lives in cleveland and the breton all police were just helping out because pages grandmother, lives and brat noise horse. The fbi was just assisting. He said for all they know page could be sitting on a beach. Actually his words were, for all they know page, could be sitting on a sunny beach somewhere. I do want to point out a couple thing here before we move on debt, Breton all police, its. If you watch that press conference- and this is very unfortunate- this takes place nine months after she's been missing, if you can believe whatever you want, that here too after she we can get a hold of her. But after nine months has gone by and she's not popped up or not returned to her family. You, I recognise that you're dealing with the serious situation now. Could she be on a beach there? I guess that's possible. Does anybody think that No, so why he bothered to go out of his way to say that seems a little weird and also saying that there
is helping out because page actually lives in cleveland depends on who you talk to you want to say to them. tell where they were staying is where she was living. Then I guess, but in all reality? No, she was last living in your community and brat ohio psych. They don't wanna, take full responsibility. and I understand, law enforcement. Is it possible that she just said you know what life sucks and I'm gonna move away sure, but no no activity, honour bank cards does she has money, sit in a bank and she's just not ready beginning of it out. Well, at this same press conference pages, aunt was she speaks right after the chief does and makes it very clear that page is not sitting on a sunny beach somewhere. She says quote: she would never
have just walked away from her family and friends. She said all they have is speculation, but they know that something happened to page she said I've known her her whole twenty eight years. She would not put family through this. She spoke to her mom. All of the time. End quote now turn. Eta does not believe that the breton all police and the f b I have done nearly enough to try to find her daughter. A detective did acknowledged to her that page appeared to have battered woman syndrome. Branton all new police chief has been much more helpful and tells ternata that the case is being actively worked and everything I can see captain. I am very confident that this is
lively being worked in a recent tipp which is now in the hands of BP and the fbi came in and says that there is a chance that page was trafficked and she's in the san jose area. This is something that could be true, but I suspect that it's probably not the case, but it is information that has made its way to law enforcement again at first she wasn't reported as endangered Messina. I hope she has now, because if this tip is is somewhat true, yeah she's alive, but she's in a dangerous situation, and it hurts me to say this, because I've met some of her family and I picturing in I wanna have something pause to offer them some light. At the end the tunnel here, but not
the information that that we are digging up or there has made its way to law enforcement. None of it is good result. None of it is anything that anybody wants to hear about one of their loved ones. Now, in regard to the tipp that I'm talking about this would be a good tip. I guess, but again the information we ve uncovered is screaming loud and clear that the answers likely are much closer to home because as you, see the sources of this information are close to home, more importantly, close to patrick some mason junior, and that is PJ's sister, who told a cousin that, after page vanish
Pj's torched his gm see truck and got a new one. I mean that sound suspicious canada to heathrow flag my. Why would you set fire to your vehicle insurance fraud or maybe to cover up evidence, while, thankfully the cousin ordered this to the police. So the police passed along that information to turn saying: hey, we're we're looking for this guy's truck. We, we ve, received some credible information that he torched it after your daughter, disappeared right, he's telling us that he sold it, but can't provide any proof
that, and on top of that, there is no record of the sale of a vehicle with that then so the truck is missing and everybody's. Looking for this truck by you know his initial soon be pga. They should be be ass, because this guy is full of bull shit, man he wants to sit there and say I dont know: blast my soul. I haven't sooner for weeks and then we know that's a lie. Consoler on sunday and monday on tuesday, And now you saying oh yeah, I saw this vehicle, but there is no proof that he saw the vehicle plus another bullshit lie sky serving up horse shit. Sandwiches and I'm jumping out of the line. My friend they stink tank in november of twenty. twenty pages family receive communication from a man the this is PJ's half brother Robert
your brain this up, because let us be clear, this is p J, MR bs himself. This is his family coming forward. They know what kind of creep this guy is they're, coming forward with information and an that's. What What's gonna solve this cases them coming forward with information friends of his acquaintances of his, this guy has told somebody well listen to this. This is divine again a family member of PJ's, whose reaching out two pages family because he's concerned- and he says to the family quote- I really wish the best for you all, and I really had deep feelings for page and it still Following me that no one knows anything about her whereabouts and then go to say one last thing I heard about PJ's is he was in oak jail being held without bond for trying to choke out and smother the girl that he was with most recently end quote.
Let's be clear. This is a relationship that he took on after pages missing, saw relationship as a relationship, and he is locked up for now abusing this person? So this guy's got it. Of violence and he's got a history of domestic violence that doesn't seem to end now. This information that came forward from the half brother was true. So he was locked up at that time. Pga was, and he found himself in federal court this again about nine months after page disappeared, pga was arrest. did again, but this time with another young woman and we're going to read from the court record describing this incident, but it's rather interesting so bear with me here captain and it says, on january, twenty, ninth, twenty twenty at approximately
two thirty nine p m officers and detectives of the willoughby hills, police department responded to a call for two people passed out in a vehicle at the bishop shell gas station, located at twenty seven. Seventy bishop road and willoughby hills, ohio, which is in lake count gas in others, area pre, won't say he's a player at will. brewing company, so shout those guys great beer. By the way I wish we were sitting there right now. The key in question was parked next to the gas pumps with the engine turned off officer, Craig Anderson, is that he was already on the scene. When officer mean oh arrived and was attempting to wake the subjects by yelling to the vehicle wagon officer, Anderson's police cruiser was parked in front of the vehicle. So if these to wake up and decide to take off their not going any losers officer minos
ass. He approached notice at the windows were fogged up and he could barely get the outline of the people inside he guitar that we have a male seated, the passengers, see who's slumped to the right and a female who was in the driver's seat and she slumped to the left. neither individuals moving so using is baton, heats tapping. The window and again yelling into the vehicle, but both occupants remain unconscious and unresponsive. He says that he planned a break the window to gain entry to the vehicle because he believed that the occupants had overdosed on drugs or blackmail from I'll call they could need. Nicole, assist or died of stupidity, but for centuries, ultimately proved unnecessary as the female in the driver's seat eventually sat up and she seemed to be partially conscious at the officers urging
she manages to unlock the door. Eventually, the officer Minos open the passenger side door. He looked into the vehicle and observed mason. We know as PJ's still unconscious. He says that he was breathing but was not responsive. To efforts to try to waken the vehicle, omitted a strong smell of alcohol. officer amino observed that masons hand was over a black gun. Holster. Later, though, officer testified that this was a red flag that a weapon might be present in the and he has heard on the video recording. You know their recording this from the dash cameras recording this orb or body body cameras. Recording this you can hear the officer sharing his concerns with the others on the scene that we might have a gun in this vehicle. He says that he also
noticed ammunition on the floor, the vehicle, as well as an open container of gin located on the council, to continue to try to wake mason or p and administered a stern, oh rob, which temporarily cause mason to open his eyes before he fell unresponsive again with the assistance of emergency medical technicians in the fire department, personnel on the scene, the officer removed mason from the vehicle and a gun dropped from his pants officer. Me took mason to the ground, to render aid, as he verbally signalled, that he had discovered a got this guy pj's beyond a dirt bag. Well. Whatever he had consumed that day hey either the dry? the female driver she was either unwilling to communicate that to police or or just in now so there ain't, wake her they're, not able to wake him and They pull him out and a gun falls out of his his pants law. Again he's controlling bees
for all. We know he drugged her well, once that weapon is secured, mason is then detained. and the officers run his license where they quickly in that he had outstanding warts, so he's under arrest at this time. I'll see warrants in carrying a gun the female driver was also arrested and taken into custody ass. She was believed to be intoxicated and became belligerent and combative with the officers, because both of the vehicles occupants were taken into custody. The vehicle was impounded, bonn fairness to her. They did wake her up. Ok, so PJ's, drunk passed out at a gas station and when police are able to wake him up, this gun falls from his pants smooth move ex lacks, but here's the court record of the cars inventory, which I think you'll find interesting an inventory of the contents of the vehicle and on me,
person revealed a thirty round magazine. Loose of nine millimeter ammunition, a digital scale and open bottle of bombay dry gin and a gun hole the weapon was identified as a tourist model. T t one one, one millennium two nine millimeter caliber pistol serial number t J p two to six too for special agent corey miles with the atm is the one that wrote that report and took the inventory of the contents of the vehicle and the items found on mason on pga. So all this was super bad for pga, but good, Rest of us right cause we're locked his dude up, but not because pga can't handle his liquor and was passed down public. It was because, as a multiple phelan he's programme, it from being in possession of a fire, so pete
It was initially charged in lake county ohio for what will end up being federal gun charges, and this about after they do their due diligence. The police were able to show that the gun pga was found with at cross state lines which gave the Feds jurisdiction over this whole mess because pga was in violation of laws prohibiting him from possessing a weapon. They had been transported via interstate calmer yeah. I believe once the feds get involved that you can tack on some years for this crime, a federal indictment against pga was filed on April Second, the complaint upshot is that pga violated federal laws against being a fallen in possession of a firearm and also specifically against felons convicted of domestic violence of possessing a firearm. The two thousand and seventeen conviction for domestic violence served as a predicate offences for count too of the indict after his arrest
police searched PJ's house. According to turn eta. They were looking for information on pages. We about as well or looking for items belonging to page spray. There They found one pages cellphones now investigators, question p j about this, but he's refuse to discuss the phone he's refused to discuss page with law in force deck as he's guilty of something at PJ's initial appearance, court appearance. took place on April twenty. Fourth, he waved his right to a preliminary hearing. Now the magistrate judge found that there was sufficient evidence to proceed. The matter was bound over to the grand jury to determine whether there was probably cause to proceed to trial. Although the federal prosecutor requested the pga be held without bond
the judge, permitted pga to be released on twenty thousand dollars, unsecured bond, but their work conditions pga had to submit to the supervision of united states pre trial, sir This is, and he had aware in electronic monitoring, bracelet and abide by a curfew, included him from leaving his grandparents residence after six thirty p m and before eight a m, this guy's, a known criminal this guy's, a known liar, you gonna, give him any privilege. Shame on you, you know: what's gonna happen I didn't take long for pga to violate the conditions of this bond. Of course, not pray and are a warrant was issued for his arrest and according to the status report filed by the pre trial services, it states that on may eighteenth of twenty twenty pga left
home without authorization at nine o two p m, this breaking the curfew and the police were called by his grandparents again kudos to his family, for stepping in and alerting the police. Hey haste he's not supposed to be out at this time, he's left our whole hold on the family. She spoke about the trans said: look you don't set bond for, sky because nobody wants him on their property don't about our house yeah? Why would you want to take the risk of that he's abusive towards women? He's a liar he's a scumbag he's. Probably the reason why page is missing one, the scumbag at your house, but this is interesting too, and this report also provided that the following day, PJ's sister in girlfriend, went to the oakwood village police department, making separate complaints about,
Peter his girlfriend reported that pda strangled her and placed a pillow over her face to prevent her from screaming pj's sister reported that he had been calling and threatening her. so he's continuing his dirty deeds, beaten up women and he's also threatening his own family. According to these complaints, yeah, that's why every individual that, as talk to him or has information about page needs, had come forward to law enforcement and tell them what they know about the scumbag pga was taken into custody on may twenty. Ninth, the magistrate judge conducted a here to consider whether he should revoke pj's bond and send him to jail while awaiting trial or whether he should let pga stay out on board and the judge decided to lock pga up now, while that's common sense right
I could read for you captain the paragraphs written by the judge and and filed in the court records, but our friends out therein listener land in parts unknown. Well, while their poor little ear balls, we'll get bored and spit out their air buds, but, amongst other things, Basically, the judge is confirming what we and the courts seem to already now simply put this chump exhibits a history of violence and it's not safe You have him anywhere other than locked up so good like we said common sense, his bond is revoked and he is now in the custody of the euro, marshals pga filed a motion to reinstate his bond and revoke the magistrates order, basically appealing the decision motion denied. That makes three women now that we know of whom pga has strangled or suffocated Patrick Samar, mason junior
is a danger to society and, as the captain says, a big piece of shit and good news with mason sitting in the pan, waiting for trial, the government didn't waste any time proceeding at a pre trial ring. Pj's attorney reported to his client that the government had presented a written proposed plea. Agreement There was a lot of rank. over this, but eventually the government agreed to basically reduce the base offence level charges resulting in a bit less time for pga. At a november twelve twenty twenty hearing, the government announced that it agreed that PJ's is a fence level would result in a guideline range of fifty one to sixty three months prison time. Masons attorney indicated that, with that change, mason would accept the plea agreement and enter a plea of guilty to count to of the indictment and count one would
dropped, which is a gift for him again. They soon go leaning on this guy at all unknown abuser of I'm in a known, lyre, unknown criminal given max time for everything, and not only that captain there's, there's evidence. There's things suggesting here that this man is much more guilty. of things that he's never even been charged with rain, so that could be all done right well, not quite because, on February tenth of twenty twenty one, the courtroom A letter from PJ's attorney hisses risk this guy I don't know how he got a three point: oh great average, for those two semesters. Maybe maybe you got Once just for showing up or something anyway this letter is requesting that he wants to withdraw his guilty plea. So I plead guilty, I admit,
guilty. You give me the sentence, and now you know what I take my mind: I'm not guilty anymore woke again. It is a mistake to play down the deal anyways. They should help them with more charges. So I mean basically this guy's full of it and the court borrowed my beer, goggles and saul right through his bs again request denied, but it sad well goethe, this life on our journey and we're looking for somebody that that makes us feel good about life makes us feel good about ourselves, and sometimes these guys get involved with these women and their con man talk a good little game and then they start manipulating them and they start again said divide and conquer yeah, separate them from their family. People deserve to be happy. People deserve to be an healthy relationships of you fill the urine, abusive relationship. Look I've never never been in
kind of situation. I don't even know where do you know to begin other than to tell you that you deserve better than this? You deserve to be treated correctly. You deserve to be valued and taken care of and if you're feel like you're in a bad situation. Call this number one eight hundred seven, nine, nine safe. That's one: eight hundred, seven, nine, nine, safe. Good bye. You captain for put net we're out there. That is the domestic violence support line. If anybody out there listening needs, some type of support do not hesitate to call them
So, in short, captain, what we have here is p J is in prison. Thank the lord. He can't hurt anyone else at least on the outside, and he can't pass out at any more gas station and you dont want to pass out in prison from what I hear. But what about page and one about her family? What is her family supposed to do now again, the the current chief of police, breton? says the cases active says the cases being worked at a meeting with the fbi agents assigned to the case. Unfortunately, I told her family that page is likely deceased. The question Is anyone working to find her or find out? What happened to her is what I want to know and what I'll pga. I think there are some other things going on with him. We said that, yes, he was charged by the feds for this gun charge now, but
The fbi is still investigating him and seems to be involved in page coffees case as well, so What else is going on or what else was he up too? We I don't know who shot up PJ's car or how, got shot and what about his gm see truck that he torch after page vanished. Has anyone subpoenaed pj's phone records to see he was in the hours and days after the home depot outing on may, seventh tooth in a nineteen we we, have pages cell phone, formation and law enforcement has an again are very tight. Lipped on some of information that they have, but have they looked at PJ's phone records. That's what you want to look at here or how They looked at his employers records to see if he missed any work after the seventh of may well, we
ever have answers to all of these questions, yeah I'd be very interested to see if they see subpoenaed his cell phone records, not so much for him calling people, but maybe the gps on his phone and did he go to a field somewhere or a wooded area to possibly dispose of a body that these are serious questions or that's what I would be interested to know if they have received this information and again, I believe this case will be solved and I'll be by somebody that has talked the bee j, whether that's a friend or acquaintance, or a family member. He told somebody something cause is unknown liar and he and his bride lied so much that he can't even stop himself from line a he's. Gonna get
hot and one of those well and we ve already seen that some of his family turn in information and pass along information to the proper channels I feel like it. Need some more of that family to come forward that, as you pointed out, I think there's somebody out there. That knows something somebody can fill in some of these blanks. Here again, we ve met pages family. There lovely people, their wonderful people. We wish them the very best. This is not good situation at all and there's not a whole lot of hope here, but they deserve to have some answers. Now page is described as five foot eight inches tall, two hundred thirty pounds but brown eyes and black hair. She has a tattoo of piano keys on her arm. Anyone with any information at all. Please please call
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