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Raymond Timbrook /// Part 1 /// 564

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Raymond Timbrook /// Part 1 /// 564

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This week in the Garage we take a deep dive into one of Northeast Ohio’s most frustrating and coldest cases. Successful business man Raymond Timbrook was shot and killed in his car following a scheduled meeting at an isolated location that his company CT Consults was in contract to develop. Many have been linked to this case public or otherwise. This week unfortunately was the 30 year anniversary of this still unsolved case. We are hoping to bring renewed public awareness and interest for Ray’s cold case homicide. 

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business and everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime. the hot this week's true crime story takes us to the village of kirtland hills, ohio, Kirtland hills is located in lake county ohio. the population of under seven hundred people, it's about twenty or so
miles northeast of the great city of cleveland, surrounded by. the much larger cities of willoughby a mentor amongst others. Kirtland hills. Is your ideal community for raising a family, a small town feel with big city amenities nearby, If you were to be driving through, you would notice mostly larger homes on large lots of land, especially in the hunting hills. Neighbourhood. This month is an anniversary and not a happy one. Thirty years ago a smart, hardworking father was more in kirtland hills, and all these years later, it's still not exactly clear why someone would want this well liked. Man killed. Some say his murder was an act of jealousy. Others say it could have been to keep him silent and then There are those who believe that, maybe
It was a little of both raymond. Timber was a father of two. He was a very smart and successful man re as some of his friends called him worked for the very prominent company see tee consultants according their website. City consultants is a leading firm, offering engineering architecture, planning and construction services. Raymond timber look was with see tee consultants for twelve years. Timber was apart stockholder in a six figure salary a year. Vice president, our story takes us back march of ninety ninety two friday, the thirteenth on this now raymond was found shot to death in an under developed subdivision, known as hunting hills. This was a housing development that, at the time, was under construction. The site was described as a wooded area. Hunting hills will be passed out in five to twenty acre lots promoted as country,
why the neighborhood was being built by developers jerry and MIKE osborne and Jim brown see tee consultants an engineering contract with the developers. So it would make some sense that raymond would be in this area, but when his firm was asked for clarifying station as to what raymond was doing there and who if any one he was meeting they could offer very little detail, source said he had a four p m appointment there. Everyone whose stated have made their way to public record all say the same thing: re was there to meet a business, associate a co worker, and some have even named that individual this? How never did very little to firm up the who. What and why portions of race presence at this location
where he was later found, having been murdered while sitting in his car. According to the late county corners office, raymond timber was killed between five and six p m. It was found slumped over the sea during we'll sitting in the driver's seat of his ninety. Ninety one buick or likely reached into the vehicle and position re or posed him giving the appeal. if someone sleeping with their head and or chest up against the wheel, ramen was found shot twice with a large caliber gun at almost point blank range, but There was a witness, a man claiming to have seen bray timber talking to another man standing you're, the rear of the car. This witness was question and was able to provide a highly experienced police artists with the description of the person. He saw
I have also been told that a description was provided by a person who saw a man driving away from the scene. This witness provided a profile description of the man driving this composite sketch was widely released to the public via newspapers. persons, posting flyers and the area in neighbouring cities and towns asking for help asking for information the description provided and the man they were seeking was described as age. Forty two forty five years old cocky. Jim was shorter length, wavy, hair sand, coloured and curled at the collar he had a thick build looked barrel chested No facial hair, the man was driving an older vehicle in good condition, listed, as bayesian color and a two door, possibly from the late seventies or early eighties.
Thirty years ago, kirtland hills police were looking for, and vehicle matching this description. Today. Raymond TIM Brooks family, the late county news, Harold. W K, Y, see news and now true crime garage are still looking for this man still looking for anyone with information that could assist in this still unsolved, but now cold case and still looking for the person or persons who killed rain timber. This is true crammed era The The
thirty years ago this week, captain we have the subject of this week's. True crime story: a family man, business man, forty four year old raymond timber was killed and from one of the more recent news articles on the raymond timber case, it sums up the current and sad state of this case and that brief description reads as follows: kirtland hills, ohio its: hold case frozen in time for three decades, a mild mannered engineer found dead inside his car shot execution style twice in the head at his funeral and mysterious woman, makes a startling revelation to survivors, but later,
there's a lawyer and refuses to talk with police. Now, let's go back in time to march nineteen. Ninety two friday, the thirteenth. This was supposed to be a normal work day for raymond timber. Key works for see tee consultants, which is a very prominent firm here in northeast ohio. They do business here, millions of dollars worth of business here and they have expanded throughout the country. So this is a successful business and a successful man working for the successful business he has been with this firm see tee consultants for twelve years. So you would expect this to be just another friday for this man at the off, and this weekend was supposed to be his weekend with his two sons, Brian and scott, but on this day captain raymond timber, sadly, will not make it home and the way that this story works is as follows.
late in the afternoon raymond timber tells his secretary that he is going to be meeting a business associate at a meeting location. This is hunting because this is a neighborhood. Basically, it's all streets at this point back and ninety ninety two and see tee consultants is working with the developers to put in this neighborhood raymond timber, tells his secretary that he's meeting a business associate a co worker and all actuality, for whatever reason captain. I cannot explain this, but over the years that His name has disappeared from the newspapers and now, just as business associates or co work but back and ninety ninety two. What we would learn is that raymond timber was meeting a co worker and that co workers name was george samaritan. He was supposed to be meeting george. Some reports say that he left,
the office at three hundred and thirty or the meeting was to be at three hundred and thirty. Other reports say that this meeting was to take place at four or that raymond timbrook left the office around four. Either situation makes sense and we're really just talking about a difference of thirty two sixty minutes here and we are also talking about it. Whence of thirty years later, that were telling the story from my understanding here. Captain raymond timber lived and not terribly far from city consultants and city consultants is. Only about ten fifteen minute drive from where later his body would be found inside his vehicle, a ninety ninety one buick raymond broke leaves his office again temperatures, bit of a transition period in his life he's recently, through divorce at once
He was living with his parents and now he's moved into his own dwelling, an apartment as I understand it, and it looks to me just look off the map captain that This would be a very common thing or common thing for any of us, because re could hit this stop on his way home, and so it makes we have a late friday appointment. He could hit this stop on his way home. We don't know exactly what he was to be doing there, what he was going to be. discussing, we are told he's meeting this george samaritan person.
How long the meeting was supposed to go for again, we don't know, but the assumption is that raymond tim Brooke would have went home after this meeting bond. If you're an investigator TIM Burke doesn't go home, so your first suspect is who was timber meeting and what were they discussing? Is there a possibility that there was a conflict at the meeting? That would be the first person that I would be questioning, interrogating and and collecting fingerprints, dna samples, anything of sorts. What ends up happening captain? Is it later that night we have kirtland hills pity on the scene. We have an officer who is there some question here? If he's,
spawning to a call, which is, I believe, what what actually happened here. That is responding to a call there's others that have said that he may have been passing by and timber oaks vehicle would have been obvious, so would have been something he would have checked on right. Raymond timber is found dead in his own vehicle having been shot twice his vehicles running at this time its position as he was to be leaving this hunting hills area, again, hunting hills as this development that is very much under development. it's it's being developed, there's nothing really their other than streets. At this point again, like you said this is thirty years later. So what is it today? It's a gated community and I, the euro, richly said that some of these plots lands were any where, from five acres to twenty acres. Yes, this! These are wooded lots. These are for people that want to spend
upon their home spend up on their plot of land, and this is now louis area. You know and that there is less than seven hundred people that live here today. Well, that's because these people live on big plots of land and it takes up a lot of space and ass here in some of the interviews that we conducted in this case you'll hear more about this hunt. hills in this kirtland hills area as we go, then Israel, details of the neighbourhood or the neighbourhood, that's gonna, come to be pretty interesting kind of a state's, like you said five to ten twenty acres. That is not the normal.
neighbourhood from a July august. Ninety ninety two, the crime reporter article when officer gerald, recall ski found tim brooks body and hunting hills. The headlights of his vehicle were on the engine was running when he looked inside the car, he saw one bullet wound and TIM Brooks head because he didn't see the other bullet officer. Rakowski made the assumption that TIM brook had committed suicide. According to information, he wrote in his incident report, the officer didn't touch tim brooks car, the lake county, forensic laboratory in lake county coroner's office handled the removal of both the vehicle and TIM Brooks body. still running car was towed to the forensic lab, for examination, while raymond tim
its body was taken with the morgue nineteen eighty to ninety one buick, sir newer car for that time period. So you tell me that the police officer he didn't see the second bullet. I must mean that the gun was left behind. There has never been a murder weapon found in raymond TIM brooks case, and in fact, if that murder weapon was ever to be located. I think that would be a major major break in this case now, based off of that report that we just read, you can kind of peace together, why this officer may have made the assumption in his report. We want to be clear about that. Tim brooks It was ultimately ruled a homicide and brought a homicide very quickly. Now the officer responding, he thinks it's a suicide for multiple reasons.
One. They don't have homicides and kirtland hills they just don't. I mean you can look up their crime, statistics for kirtland hills, ohio and the the murder incidents reported, I'm showing zero. When I look up this this data reflects the twenty twenty calendar year and was released from the fbi in september of twenty twenty one. So for the entire per year of twenty twenty, all the years later,. Zero homicides rape reported in this area: zero robbery, one assault, nine, violent crime, ten burglary, one theft, twenty four vehicle theft, one property crime, he six. So this is an extremely low crime rate area and the violent
arms are almost non existent, but we also have to take into account that their populations under seven hundred people correct, but regard to percentage. When you compare that with the national average violent crime, they have sixty two percent less violent crime. This area than the national average. They have seventy seven percent less crime than the national average, so percentage wise. It's a huge drop off as well and we have in this report where the officer says that he he finds Raymond pembroke but does not touch the vehicle. He makes an observation. He calls it in he's calling in the experts to get the body and to get the vehicle he's may the assumption of all. I find a man slumped over the steering wheel, in his car you know he takes a license plate. He can can
that this is raymond timber up in his car, and he says I didn't touch the vehicle. I write up my report. Making the assumption that we have a suicide there and he's making the assumption that once they remove the vehicle and in re from the scene that they will likely find a gun, either in his lap or somewhere in the vehicle, with ray and unfair really for our homicide case. That's not the case, because we know that this is a homicide Could I had a situation where somebody could have shot and then, through the gun, into the car with him. If that what then been rolled a suicide. I'm sorry we have then been rolled a homicide even with a gun in the vehicle, while we at least have the gun, as some kind of evidence to work off of here. In the situation now too complex. matters a little further no gone, but
Other thing that's going to confirm that we have a homicide here. Is raymond timber was shot twice. He wasn't just shot once said. we have an officer whose probably experienced in this area the area where he lives and works and because there's basically little to no violent crime in this area he's very experience when it comes to violent crime, and particularly in homicides, will also makes sense for the responding off sir. He doesn't have the tools who deserve the tray. He's not tactile, even though I don't like the fact that you just assume that was suicide. It smart in the sense of that he's, not gonna, kick temper or contaminate the scene, at all, which would be unnecessary for him at that time. Again let the experts do that stuff. You can always change your assumption. It's not
job to rule it a homicide or otherwise. So you can work in that manner and again, an experience with violent crime, especially homicide. He he may not have been overly excited about getting his hands dirty so to speak now found with the victim answer. his vehicle were all of the items that they expected to find with breyman timber. So we have his watch. We have his wallet, we have his money and we have some- items that he had with him. I believe that there were certain work items: were found in the trunk of his vehicle and I believe used to be items that he's taking with him to the scene for the purpose of this air quotes meeting that he had that day, so this is not a robbery. This is. and would appear to me to be that this man was asked to be at this scene.
possibly lord to this area and then shot and killed once he was there. Why? By whom well that's. What we're here to try to figure out what no gun left at the scene oh no murder weapon found, but we still have bullets to that gives us some information on what kind of weapon we're looking for. Yes. And this is based off of information that came out just a couple months after the murder- and it says, based upon the angle of bullets, are based upon the angle of the bullets from the thirty eight caliber or three fifty seven caliber handgun. So when a stop right your captain police have never officially released exactly what caliber was used. They have made suggestions as to what possible caliber of gun was used in the commission of this
aside, but they ve never outwardly stated exactly what kind of caliber and they have often referred to. the gun as a large or larger caliber gun this article specifically states, thirty, eight caliber or three. Fifty seven caliber hand gun. I have also heard a nine millimeter gun and other reports, so this says handgun which was used to Raymond timber was shot at almost point. Blank range on the left side of his nose from a person who was standing at enough of an angle that the coroner on the bullet lodged in his neck, the other shot was fired at nearly point blank range behind his left ear. This all happened some time between five and six p m according to the lake county corner, office, because raymond timber was found slumped over his steering The assumption is that the assailant was holding a gun to TIM, brooks face while standing,
on the driver side of the night- T. Ninety one buick regal he was driving so that I'm, you correctly the murderer would be standing outside of his vehicle after the first shot, they believe than he did. He did like an execution kill shot afterwards. Correct that's what it looks like to me and that's what pretty much everybody else's saying. So, if you take that information and you try to visualize it in your head here, what we have is raymond timber is looking at the shooter when the first shot is fired because it hits near his left nostril and what been able to somewhat surmise from this or or at least kind of add too the equation. Here is the likely that shot or the second shot one or both would have pushed him
into the passenger seat, where he would have slumped naturally over into the passenger seat. So at some point the killer, then reached into the vehicle and position shins re upright once again and leans him forward onto the steering wheel. Now we don't know if this was meant to pose m to maybe by some time, if passer buyers came through that they would assume that the guy was sleeping has even been reported that when the officer first approach the view, One found raymond timber there that he made the assumption himself that the person inside was either sleeping or drunk. So the question then becomes: did this killer pose tim book or or is it somewhat happenstance? Was there something on the passenger car seat that they had to get to it? So they had the moon,
the body but like he said it it very. It would make a lot of sense to pose them in this way. But why wouldn't you turn off the lights because I feel like the lights in the car and the car running would draw attention to the crime scene, yeah you're exactly right, is to something that doesn't make sense. If you went to the trouble and had the fourth ought to move this individual to position him or stage the crime scene as such to buy you some time why not shut off the lights? Why not shut off the engine to the vehicle? Again, it's very differ To say why the killer did things and why they did not do certain things. What we do know is, This is not a heavily populated area at the time again, there's there's nobody out there, it's under development, so who knows it may be as simple as he fired off. Two shots very quickly
move the moved re timber for whatever reason again, as you said, to retrieve something from inside the vehicle passenger side or to make it appear that he may be sleeping for passer, buys to stall maybe somebody doesn't call police if they think he's just out their sleeping once the hustle and get out of there Only because of the loud gunshots does not want to be seen at the scene, but we do know that there's a witness, so you also have to Catherine is there a chance that he was aware that somebody is coming into the area and Let's get out of there as quick as possible from us talking before everything it seems like they ve ever stated. Is that those one gun there's one shooter, but just because There's two bullets that are the same doesn't mean that they're essentially coming from the same gun. We just don't have any evidence, that's released. That would suggest otherwise, because that that makes me question two. If you're going to meet this guy,
in the end the plan. All long is for this almost execution type, killing. Some people don't act alone in that situation, while one There's always puzzled me about this case and- and I thought the same thing- that year, hinting at a little bit here. Captain with two shots. I wondered Peter. So why do we have to shooters two guns, but because there- and it doesn't appear that anybody- that's close the case seems to think that so We don't have anything a base basic off of other, then the knowledge and information that they put out over the the Now one thing that has always been highly speculated on in this case too in and sometimes outwardly stated that there some believe that ramen may I've known the person they shot him because this person was able to get so up close and personal when pulling the trigger
and I can agree with that, but also at the same time, it's a little bit. call, because here we have a case, its thirty years old and has not been solved and has not been solved for reason here as we go through it, we'll see, there's a multitude of reasons why this one's not been solved. But in this case I don't know that. sincerely has to mean that He knew the person or was comfortable with the person so that they could get up close and personal and shoot raymond timber. Now I say that because any one could have just walked up and you look at where he was, the first bullet hit that to me as a natural reaction of somebody just sitting driver see turning in law In toward whoever approaches their vehicle, where that kind of gets flipped on its head and would go back to likely suggestion there,
Raymond knew this person, or at least was comfortable enough with them to be in close contact with them is the witness statements right because we talked about two witnesses or one witness with two different stories in the trailer. But one of those witnesses or one of those versions of that story is that the witness saw raymond timber. speaking with a man near the rear, of his buick regal. This also makes sense based off. of the information that we ve been told over the years that there were some work related materials in the trunk of raymond's car. So you can kind of picture this at once. You factor in the witness statement of ice. I briefly saw two individuals talking near the back of this kind. Are later can identify one of those individuals to be raymond TIM brook, after speaking with investigators, after speaking with kirtland hills, police department and then
raymond's now in his vehicle, and then he shot none of the statement have ever been released, suggest that this witness saw the actual shooting Can the other version of that story? Is that a witness saw a man driving out of the area and that's why We were only able to provide a profile description of this man leaving the area was this man witnessed at the sea driving from the area. The killer of raymond timber and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite sponsor it's one. I use most often it's what has changed my life so dramatically Mental health is so important and something that we need to be discussing every day. You need invest time into yourself and taken care of you,
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because there is so little information that has been released over the years. In the raymond timber case, we've asked a couple of people close to the investigation to help us fill in some of the blanks here and help provide some more information in regard to this cold case. Homicide and one of those individuals is his oldest son brian, who was a senior in high school the year that his father Raymond TIM Brooke was killed, and we asked him to tell us about that fateful night that Terry all night, when police arrived at his home to let him know that his father had been killed, there was a friday. The thirteenth thy was a senior high school, so was a friday night. We was out. friends house, I've got a low, intoxicated the parents, my car home, Me hit me home, safe. I passed out in the bed with my See jacket on.
And I was woken up to my mom saying that there were police downstairs. They wanted to speak with me. She said the strong and I said it? Wasn't me: I got a ride home, and are there Why not My whole world shattered basically and our chief Nathan. I believe it was rakowski. There was opening a mom head through now They found my father shot, murdered kirtland hills and I just ran outside and cried, and just then a rough road ever since it was I just remembered they go on to my group my mom my dad's barman.
My mom and my brother, and consoling her. And, like I said, my life, was forever change that day and on its been a long time coming? That answers and justice fur ramen timber khazar is well overdue Brian. What were you like? What was your father like? What was your family like before the murders While we was my game hard worker. Ah me on was part, onerous e g consultants. My mom was a stay at all. Ma am I was in high school. I was active in football, say, you know a troublemaker they're dead, nay chairs my brother were academically good,
dives, goin and add good grades, but am I just ah- There was no signs of any turmoil when it was announced that my parents were getting a divorce Blame the divorce on me because of fear. Now you know I did in trouble one, I wasn't there there. You know the best. But you know it's still: it's air. maybe because I had no idea signs of a gale, normal divorces, use He turmoil and ended that there were it wasn't. Nothing was ever set shown and arm led just stop. It came to a shocking, I mean I'd. I grew up.
working with my dad from a little kid I'd always going on a saturday with him to the office, and I sit on the draft board and then try drawn stuff. We at all, From when I was a kid all the way up, when he passed. I worked summers throughout high school. I'm on the survey crew, diversity, so even the year after his murder before I went off to college after I graduated, I work there too. It just is my whole plans word, become follow my dad's footsteps and then that road that bridge just collapsed right in front of me and. Like I said it was. There was no sign if any turmoil, and my parents relationship- and I just when this came about- was just as an outright shock
You can hear obviously the emotion that is still left with this now grown man, Brian who lost his father third years ago. You can still hear the emotion and the hurt, while you're haunted by the fact that he was murdered, but on top of that every day that it's not solve, there's no justice, so there's no closure. And Brian his own words. He wanted to grow up to be like his father and one of his he rose was taken away from him just like that at the drop of a dime, and we need to fill in some blanks, though here captain because, as we said earlier, here raymond timber was in a bit of a transitional period in his life. He had been married to his wife for quite some time he went to.
Michigan state university. He goes on to be an engineer, and then he works for see tee consultants for twelve years and he's married during the course of most of this and he has two sons, Brian who, at the time of the murder you heard him say, he's. A senior in high school do a normal teenage star, maybe a little rough around the edges, but the anybody that that's been to the garage will tell you. Oh so, where the captain and the colonel rougher the most there you go, and he has. younger brother scott, whose very close in age to Brian and so they're, both kind of doing their high school thing. Brien's looking forward to college and working with his father, I see tee consultants, but during the course of Brian senior year, parents split up and, as you her brine say, this was kind of a shock to him and his brother. They didn't really see any arguing. You know all of the tell tale
mine's a soon to be divorce, they don't see any of this. This was not messy divorce. As I understand it, the be shortly before christmas. In this would have actually been in the month of november of nineteen. Ninety one is when the parents, his parents, split up and the way that he explained this to us was that he and his brother wins aid with their grandparents or with a relative. It may have been an ant for a weekend and it seems like the pair, very wisely and very quietly behind closed doors. The two of them figured everything out. They were going to figure out. Should we stay together or should we separate and we're not gonna have to do this in front of the children, and so I commend them on that angle, because too much too often times when parents or splitting up
lot of the fighting or arguing or or what have you happens right in front of the children and that's not always the healthiest of environments. These two individuals decide we're not going stick together dad raymond timber moves out and he goes and lives with his parents and eventually gets his own apartment, so in in just a short time period between november of nineteen. Ninety one, an march thirteenth of eighteen. Ninety two and raymond timber is killed. He separates from wife. They get an enormous. He leaves the home. He leaves the house with his wife. She gets primary custody of the two boys who are almost grown themselves at this and they are going to be visiting their father on weekends on. I believe it was every other weekend, but in that short,
time period, his life changes dramatically. Their family life changes dramatically and then Raymond TIM broke their father. Just forty four years of age is killed. Into the timeline over of a low, but after the murders on that friday march. Thirty, What we have here captain is a very strange and unusual situation, because at raymond timber oaks funeral a woman announces herself as raymond's I'd, say, and the reason why this is very unusual is this is not a woman that has a head. You know no at this time, knows that he has a fiance They knew that he's recently divorced recently separated from his wife, but nobody that he was in a relationship and in a relationship so much so that they are planning to get married, the family
have the sun's his ex wife. We have raised sister and raise mother None of these people know anything about this relationship and their lot. One has been killed, and now we have a what's been referred to the years as a mysterious woman who claims to be raymond's, fiance, well, she's, not so much. Furious she's, a co worker of of raymond TIM brooks she was somebody that was somewhat known to the family, because you know you have come outings in times, where brian and other members of the family would tag along to work with ray, so they have some interactions with his co workers at sea t consultants. her? Name? Is lynn agents, berger and she's a little younger than re and she, as said works at sea. T consultants
One thing that I really question here early on when I was looking into this case. Captain was we have this woman who could seems to be his fiance all of ray's family saying we had no idea that he was in a relationship I wanted to. well. Is there anybody and Linz family or people at sea to consult Is there anyone else in the world that could back up? This relates kinship and that he did. She in fact was his fiance virtually lan agents. As somebody who's lawyers up very early on in this story, safety and roof, This is to cooperate with the investigation, refuses to speak with the media, but the engagement, seems logical to me so much so that I was shown a receipt for the union. Judgment ring and it was purchased shortly after raymond in his wife, separate
so who knows, they could have been involved in this relationship, and it looks to me, like they probably were involved in this relationship for weeks months. Who knows how long before raymond and his wife decide to separate, so we that this was a legitimate engagement. Now, where the trouble comes, is we have a lion who announces herself to the family and everybody at raise. Funeral answer hey I'm his fiance, while Brian says I invited her to the there was a small gathering afterward you awake there, you go and says I invited her to the wake, because I had questions liquids I have questions and I think it was also to be polite, write his
Families in mourning lens in and morning as well she's in love with this man and now he's dead or yeah hold on for a second. This is a strange murder situation yes found in his car in a development. That's not even developed yet lights on car running and then at his funeral. This is a strange funeral. This is something that you would see in the movies. A lady comes forward that no bake recognized right away and says wait hold on a second right. I had a relationship with this man. whilst gonna get even stranger, because lend does awry ranger at the week after the service and when she arrived there, she is too. Away by roy his brother in law, so raise brother law, basically kind of game, the the short of it would be. not welcome. Here we don't really care
about your relationship. It would probably be best if you weren't present, if you weren't in attendance here now, look back. Nobody was to know, then that his case would go unsolved. For now. Thirty years It would have been really interesting to see what the family and raise closest friends, could have learned from this woman. Had she been allowed to stay and speak with the family and bring them up to speed on her and raise relationship, but that didn't happen right in it's kind of a natural you can understand it. We have relatives here who are very chad a lost. The very much in mourning you're, probably angry as well. This is not just to death in the family. This is a murder and you of have all of these emotions. This rollercoaster of emotions and all the same
Your finding out during the services? Well, was involved in a relationship. He was involved in a relationship so much so that they were engage and he's recently force. Now I'm angry about this thing to did you? Did you split up their marriage? and so you can see why lynn would have been turned away back in ninety ninety two that all these emotions are very fresh in this story in this situation at that time, hindsight twenty, what are you really wish it? She have been allowed to stay in maybe bring them up to speed as to what was going and raise personal life and in his business life too, because she works with him and waste I don't know why. In fact, re was killed to make it even stranger, I'm in a glass case of emotions, it's been reported and I've been told by multiple people that lynn placed in envelope
and it's been reported in the papers that there was a letter in the envelope. Although that's never been officially confirmed by police that she play in all below in raise casket before he was buried. So many strange little details is very common for people. place things in the casket with their loved one can again, it's reported that she place an awful open there. It's and said that there was a letter inside again, that's never been confirmed. The other tricky thing too is: I spoke with Brian. We spoke with Brian, and we spoke with Phil traxler phil was present at the funeral as well and neither of them could confirm seeing lay and actually place this envelope in his casket, but we do Oh then, a novel ope existed in. It was found in his casket, and we know this because on April fourteenth nine he ninety two one month and one day after raymond timber was killed. His
body was exudes from the riverside cemetery. In pains, ohio. This for law enforcement to retrieve from the coffin, a letter written by his quote, fiance and hopes it would reveal a clue in the homicide case again kirtland hill pity all they ve ever said in the late county prosecutor. All they ve ever said in this regard is that yes, in Oslo was retrieved. They ve not firm that it was in a letter inside other than to say that it was a piece of information, a piece of possible evidence in raymond timber oaks case, though nobody that we spoke to was able to see what the contents of that letter was. The count
and of the envelope. Yes, again like we can say letter all we want, but only the people that opened up the awful up. No, if there was in fact a letter in their right mind, may somebody could placed a trinket in there or a memorial card or poop. You know any number of things could be inside that envelope. So I think we, I wear it he's been referred to in the papers as a ladder, that's fine It very likely is a letter in there without having viewed that or knowing someone that has Viewed that I don't know that we want to call it call it. A letter will thus continue to dive into the details of the timeline, One thing that's a little funny in this raymond timber case here to me: captain is this martyr. This key did generate a lotta newspaper articles and generate a lot of news and nineteen two. Ninety three and a little bit and ninety four, but when you go
back- and you look at those articles in those reports- in a lot of whom raven tim broke. His title almost seems to be made up by you know, the news, the news people or their least not exactly. What his title was. It see tee consultants he's been named in these articles as everything from a partner and executive of ice President, an engineer surveyor to me What I was able to confirm with a lot of these people is that that most of those titles would in fact be true. We don't know exactly what the tie was it he held in ninety ninety. It see tee consultants, but you can apply all of those two, his job description and what see tee consultants thought of raymond. Brok, so basically what you're getting is whatever is going on at city consultants, while he was
working there he either have known about it or been involved in it. When you have that many titles that they come with your name or your job duties for your business. He was a significant figure at sea t exactly, And I think the one that you can underline that is echoed most throughout those different news. Articles is executive, so he's high up at the company he's been there for a long time now there was one associated press article in particular, from June six. Nineteen. Ninety two so now we are three months roughly After his murder- and this is an art where they are talking to see tee consultants. And asking them about raymond TIM brooks murder. And the short of it captain is that frank frederico is the president of city consultants in ninety ninety two,
and he says in this article- that he urged his two hundred employees to cooperate in any way with the ongoing investigation, but then goes on to say that to see tee, salt and employees are reluctant to cooperate with police, frank frederico says in the article that he cannot explain the reluctance see he said he issued a corporate memo in march of ninety two, the same month as the killing. To his employees to help in the case, but the to employ these lawyers up right away and they weren't cooperate. They weren't speaking to police. Of course, their lawyers would speak with police. and these two were not speaking with the media either. Now I want to find forward all these years later and one thing that we would learn throughout the years
one thing that I am now calling into question is the authenticity of frank frederico stay meant to the media at that time in the summer of ninety? Ninety two, we do know for a fact that two of the city consultants, employees? Did in fact, lawyer up and did not cooperate with the investigation, those too Employees were lying, eggins burger, who was the fiance of raymond timber up and the other employ was george smidgen. Who was the individual that was listed as being the person. The raymond tebrick was to mete out hunting hills. Friday when he was killed. So, though, two lawyer up and they're not cooperating with the investigation. However, I've seen it I've seen evidence of such that. Why frank frederico might be telling the media
issued a memo to all of my employees to cooperate and to assist in this investigation one thing I know to be fact: is it maybe what he's telling the public, but what was going on behind closed doors is He told the employees not to speak to the media in defence of frank, I understand not wanting my employees to speak to the media in regard to an ongoing murder investigation, I can understand if in fact he did say, don't speak the media, but do speak to the police right, I'm just presenting and putting forward the fact that he saying One thing in the papers in a slightly different thing, behind closed doors, which is a little concern
to me when we have a case that is still unsolved. All of these years later, while, like we said from the get go, the first thing you want to do is who was TIM brooks talking to that night? What was the meeting about? What was the context of that meeting role that person in or out as for a suspect lists, but then, from that next divide I would say, as a vast together, you gonna, go to your inner circle to your outer circle. These two people that lawyer it up and then are not talking, are the the two people that you probably want to question First The so much more to get to join his back purely grudged smile until then be good behind and download.
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