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Samuel Little - Portraits of Murder /// Part 3 /// 587

2022-06-09 | 🔗

Samuel Little - Portraits of Murder /// Part 3 /// 587

Part 3 of 3


Bundy, Gacy, and the Green River Killer. All topping the list of some of the most prolific serial killers of all time. But the number of victims taken by each of these monsters is dwarfed by the evil work of another killer. A killer who was so stealthy and cunning that often, not only did we not know who was doing the killing but in some cases they weren’t classified as homicides. This killer of women stayed under the radar for decades, killed dozens, and murdered in multiple states. Join us for this True Crime tale, have a cold one, and listen to this serial killer profile delivered by the Garage Guys. 

Beer of the Week - Nosferatu from Great Lakes Brewing Company 

Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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