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Sandy Hook /// Part 1 /// 79

2017-02-07 | 🔗

Sandy Hook ////// 79


It didn't start with Columbine but if you ask people my age that's the first School massacre that we remember and you hate to force yourself to rank these tragedies but Sandy Hook certainly is one of the worst. These stories are becoming a common occurence. We won't say it out loud but we are becoming numb to these horrible events. We use to kiss our kids and send them off hoping they would learn something and make us proud but these days we kiss our kids and hope that they come back. Once we shake off the shock and try to comprehend these tragic stories we must know why. We seek out to answer every question one can think of but even after we have done so, we are still confused. We have to blame someone, that part is easy as usually the guilty party is found close to his victims with a bullet in his head. But that's just not enough. That's not good enough. Because kids are not supposed to die, parents are not supposed to bury their children and children and young adults are supposed to have too many exciting things to look forward to in their lives to ever think or consider carrying out these plans that end lives, ruin families, destroy communities and break the hearts of a nation. Why?Is the problem our gun control laws? Is the problem mind altering pharmaceuticals treating our troubled youth? Or is it the bullies? We may never know.

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