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Sandy Hook /// Part 2 /// 80

2017-02-08 | 🔗

Sandy Hook /// Part 2 /// 80


Beer of the Week- Fuzzy Baby Ducks by New England Brewing CompanyGarage grade - 4 1/2 out of 5 bottle capsIt didn't start with Columbine but if you ask people my age that's the first School massacre that we remember and you hate to force yourself to rank these tragedies but Sandy Hook certainly is one of the worst. These stories are becoming a common occurence. We won't say it out loud but we are becoming numb to these horrible events. We use to kiss our kids and send them off hoping they would learn something and make us proud but these days we kiss our kids and hope that they come back. Once we shake off the shock and try to comprehend these tragic stories we must know why. We seek out to answer every question one can think of but even after we have done so, we are still confused. We have to blame someone, that part is easy as usually the guilty party is found close to his victims with a bullet in his head. But that's just not enough. That's not good enough. Because kids are not supposed to die, parents are not supposed to bury their children. Children and young adults are supposed to have too many exciting things to look forward to in their lives to ever think or consider carrying out these plans that end lives, ruin families, destroy communities and break the hearts of a nation. Why?Is the problem our gun control laws? Is the problem mind altering pharmaceuticals treating our troubled youth? Or is it the bullies? We may never know.

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the one with the location emergency school. I think, there's somebody's shooting in here sandy hook school. Okay. What makes you think that, because somebody's gotta, thank god I caught a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway they're, still around they're still shooting at sandy hook, school plays the one nine one, one. What's yeah sure dr sandy hook, newtown kind of guy okay. What's going on in the hallway and I'm a teacher in the school okay. Where are you in school right now? Okay, do you have everyone in the classroom and my students and their daughters are only keep everybody? Calm. Keep everybody down, get everybody away from the windows: okay, alright, are you in school?
when you learn to do they no longer before guy. I urge your guy bowing down. I'm alone was allegation of emerging towards drawing down there. What's going on down there boy refuting the point on I want you to stay online. Where are you going to school and then down the corridor? I want you to take cover gen superstar, or do I get everybody? You can't go down there. Let me let me get some information. One thing other than those on again I'm sorry
one of my students in front of the building and everything locked down there. Did you see anything else, the wind up? No, I can't get over there. I don't want you to go on. I want to know what's happening with the students along the corridors, this sisters in a parking lot, not enough time okay. Do you see anything or hear anything more? I keep hearing soulier here in parliament
You get one, let's get one call on my part now, oh my god. What right now, because I mean, what's your name, born bridgestone, I bring. What is your position on this by voting down with the advent of the school told DR grant I I need you to get on and on I hiring bring what here now bound by one again
when you say this goes down. What are you doing? I understand you defending in place one, why not gang understand all along. We did you see anything I'll run for this starting now. Where are you are going to do? alright. Now they running on the outside and the I would react, pride there's still. I wanted injuries and this time injuries at this time,
there is already there The jack aged housemaid boys it fell. and nine one one was to take the place. I got the shot once in the face. The room number one rule number: one one shot during one. you guys who was the right one
female shine in the phone a female party defined by my name. You write about right by two point: nine of them. Where, where are you? Are you ok? Right now? where, where, whereas one in the school Well, are you pray brown, a playground for the programme? Are you now think the not long okay is there anybody that can walk the country without being seen to yourself. I just try to stay where you are okay to be up to their children in the film cook. I try to apply pressure. Okay,
We have people comment. Okay. Is there any other period teacher with you in error or without notice, to other adults who are middle class or are they? Are they right next to you or were they in the room? On the other side, the bookshelf ok, right now for now, hopefully, ok, I just keep. Try and keep pressure on it. Ok, we have people had out there the
On Friday December fourteen two thousand and twelve twenty year old, Adam Peter lands awoke up gathered some of his things, shot his mother fort in the head ass. She lie in bed and her pajamas, probably still asleep, left the twenty two caliber savage bolt action rifle that he used to kill mother, in her room and at some time around nine thirty, a m he got to his mother's honda, sudan and drove off this event, very tragic and horrific, but a lot of the events and a lot of the details will be questioned, especially this next part here, because the thought is that Adam plan to drive to the new town high school- and I can't prove this- but it has been reported that some one close to the astrogation has said that a vehicle matching the description to the vehicle the Adam was driving that morning had drove me.
The high school but never entered, entered the parking lot. There were two police cars in the high schools parking lot. If this vehicle was, in fact, the car, the and was driving. He may have seen the police officers vehicles and changed his plans at the last minute, and if this is the case, I mean we, we will never know, but he instead drove to the sandy hook elementary school, which was just a short Five minute drive from the lancers home very interesting that there was some speculation that he wanted to go to high school, but Adam ends up sandy hook elementary school around nine, thirty, nine thirty, five, yet Adam gets out of the vehicle. He leaves the door open the doors open. He parked near the fire lane He left a shot gun along with ammunition in the vehicle. This it's been thought that if he were to go into school and do whatever he was planning the. If once first responders started to arrive there,
he would have an option to go back to that vehicle retrieved that firearm and make a stand there in the parking lot. There's a couple reports and you'll see this constantly as far as in will get into some of the conspiracy stuff later. But there is a lot of reports stating that it wasn't a shot, left in the car. There was actually the air fifteen, and that is not correct. It was actually the shock and left in his vehicle. Adam was wearing black clothing. He had earplugs sunglasses. A green utility vest inside the vast. He had and magazines, each of them with thirty rock. of ammunition in them. He had two pistols. In his military style, cargo pants There was no one going in or out of the school at this time. Adam lands are using his mother's bush master exam fifteen e two s rifle he.
out the glass. They had security doors that were basically locked that you couldn't get in without granting permission and he shot out the glass panels on these locked to front doors in us in a single second, he fired six shells into the glass. This creating a whole large enough for him to walk through a that has kids nephews, nieces. Anybody knows that when you go to these schools now by almost every school that I've been to, they have to actually buzz you in to get to the front doors there are locked. You have that they buzz you in your on camera. You have to identify who you are, and this is definitely a step in the right direction from when we were in school. I mean if these are setting in place certain precautions, so that that the bad elements don't make it in to the school near the front entrance entrance several of the faculty members were engaged engaged in to a and Adam, actually briefly stopped there for a minute, and this is where the staff now
knows that the pops it they had just heard were actually gunshots because they can see the man and they can see the firearms in this commotion, someone accidently tripped the switch to the p or the intercom system. This is now getting the noises in the voices that would be heard from this, room in this area to the rest of the school by this I'm nine one one calls are starting to be placed one. Maybe it's accident, maybe it was. This is a way to let everybody else in the school know what is going on here. I think it's kind of maybe a new, no kind of an angel or god stepping in a little bit too, to give precise kind of warning to the rest of the school, because the person that accidently each hit the switch did survive this this event, in and said that they had accidently hit the switch when they were trying to run to the phone to to call nine one. One item is now inside sandy hook elementary
and the first nine one one call has been placed. Hallway we have principle don hot sprung, teacher, Natalie, hammond and psychologists mary Sherlock. Now they are confronted by the shooter here principal dawn, she'd lunges at the shooter, trying to grab the gun and in a moment of bravery, trying to save everybody she's unable to do so in Adam shot her several times? He then turns the gun. on the psychologist. Natalie hammond was shot several times, but she was lying on the floor. She lay very still on the floor until the shooter left the area afterward and went down the hallway toward the first great class now we have and would actually survived this attack yeah, but the principal hush and psychologists. Sure like did not
As we know in these situations, people do not always know what is going on. You, of course, don't wake up. In the morning expecting to hear gunshots that day, so when you do, it's not always clear what you may have heard, but also in this situation we have some very young kids at school and, of course, some of them are just too young to comprehend. What is good, not so some of the kids did our hearing. This gunfire now mind you it's. The noises are still going off over the intercom system. Some of these kids are saying things like they think. Maybe the army is at the school or that there is an animal loosen school it's an unbelievably sad situation, as this whole situation is, but please please keep in mind. There is only one monster here. There is,
one unbelievably horrible person. Here there are many many honourable brave he rose in the story. We have teachers, administrators and faculty members that are doing everything they can to try to save children's lives were saved the lives of their co workers. There are teachers who are hiding children, retreating too. their spaces with kids. We have the principal who attempted to disarm the shooter. There is the custodian rick thorn who and down the halls warning every one that there's a shooter and the building. He was locking door and telling teachers and children to get down and hide teacher victoria soto, barricaded kids in in a closet and told many of them to hide under ask where you can hear on the nine one, one tapes when the gender is calling her gunshots happening in the background. Ah again, this is beyond not to bring up the conspiracy thing too much What? Because we all talk more about later, but a lot of people believed that those
does nine want one cause that those gunshots or fake, but those those gunshots or not, fake people- and that guy was running and trying to munich with the nine one one dispatcher as shots are being fired as he's moving around the building and not that is called bravery and that something I wish to commend him for not only did teacher victoria soda arcade kids in a closet and telling other children to get under desk. But she alternately ended up putting herself between the shooter and the kids and he fatally shot her for doing so when all the teachers were trying to keep the students com, which is law more difficult when you have younger students, not knowing what is going on yeah and some of the? teachers. Did this by praying with them or praying for them out loud by telling them nice and soothing words and phrases some of them and telling the children that they are loved in that the teachers loved them
We see the situation trying to keep everybody com but quiet as well in and tucked away in these concealed areas to try to be not be seen by this maniac. That's in the school Jeff, just after nine forty, a m police here, the final shot that is fired Adam using the glock pistol that he had concealed in his large cargo pants put the gun up to the lower rear portion of his skull me fired the final bullet killing himself, the these and other law enforcement worry outside. It only took them five minutes to respond to the nine one one calls and when the police had arrived, they actually heard several shots before that final shot. Now this is one thing that has caused some confusion over the years and in some speculation that need not When they first arrived, they thought that shots were coming from outside.
it was later determine that that may have been the case, because some of the vehicles in the parking lot were hit with bullets. This would be because Adam was trying to shoot teachers who were act, running near window, so the bullets are travelling through school windows and hitting vehicles in the parking lot. During all this chaos and confusion, see, plans are actually receives a text message from one of her friends, saying that there is, then gone on at sandy hook elementary school at to alight p m that afternoon, cnn reports, the shooting suspect, is named ryan lands and he is in his twenties about ten minutes later fox news reports, same and a few minutes after that MSNBC follows with the same information now police had found an idea. Card for ryan lands in adam lenses, clothing ryan lambda was at work when he first heard about the shooting on the new.
I just saw Ebay, is confused. Ryan rhineland says the older brother of Adam gaze about for years older than Adam, and he still at work when he first hears that he is the suspected shooter and this either and after hearing this news, of course, he immediately leaves work without giving any explanation as to why I am quickly and I won't eggs- I won't say exactly what he had said, but he basically posted on facebook that he didn't do it. This is a has he's leaving. You know, just after he's left work now through text in facebook messages, He is communicating with his friends some of his friends or asking if he is ok, want to know how the news could jumped to such a conclusion with no evidence, because the emmy their contact, borlsovers assent
There is evidence amene, because law enforcement. You have this kid which shot himself he's dead and in you can't probably positively idea I'm right away, and then you have idee on this individual. That states who yes, but that's not being reported in the news being reported that ryan lancer is the you know, they're not reporting. They found an idea of anyone, Why am I, on the other? I dont think they even reporting that the shooters dead? There I mean they are all over the map with what their reporting at this tool, but that's the brown with news and general. I mean that we have this mentality now to be first took it. Who gives a shit about being right Can I apologize later must be first in it and that's definitely not the way to cover any story specially one as tragic as this.
so after ryan has had some time to think about. What's going on and try to process the information, whether be good, bad or indifferent that he's received. Ah, he sends a private facebook message to a friend, a very close friend, and he says this: shooter could have had my iD and then a few minutes later Ryan sent another message to the same friends saying it was my brother. Oh my god. I think my mother's dead now there's probably a lot of thoughts going through ryan's head at this moment. Ah, oh my god, what did my brother do? Is my family all right, he was x. He was estranged from his brother. He they he cut ties of communication, but this is some heavy stuff. I will get back to it right after this quick beer break steel. Metals. Tat loves tools that work is hard as he does so. This fathers date given get he'll love to use right now say
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of covering some of this stuff, is to brain awareness and can understand what the psyche of this individual was where this person was at. Is there any possible way that we could prevent this and none of those details really help us with that, any in your exactly right what we to do here was really talk about what was going on with the attacker with the shooter with Adam beforehand, so that we can, because there is, that question of why, when these things happen and it's never really fully answered, but we wanted to provide some information that you may not have heard before information that is not so readily available as well. To give us some insights as to what was going on leading up to this horrible event. And where we're at currently and covering this case, we have the news: releasing some very bad information again like it said, trying to be first and not trying to be correct
you're. Exactly right, the information that was coming out is not giving good information as to what actually took place a new town, and now we get information that the shooters name was ryan lands. Twenty four years old he's at work when the situation place, he's nowhere near the town of new town and he's hearing this information he's leaving work and has dawned on him. It's not been. It's not been presented to him. firmed yet, but now he's he's getting the feeling that his brother was responsible for this and that his mother has probably been killed it before this event took place, The news that would continue to come out that day it again it's it us on call news. caught misinformation yak. Is it bad information? Some of the other news is that stating that the shooter there calling him ryan at this point that the shooter mother was a teacher at sandy hook and that he had killed her.
and that ryan's brother was found dead in Hoboken new jersey. They are now reporting that the suspected shooters ryan lands is twenty four years old shortly, this ryan is arrested in Hoboken. There is a near his home under interrogation He is being asked by police if he knew what his brother had done, and he says yes he had seen the news about the shooting at sandy hook at work. And he knew his brother and mother were dead. That's what he's telling the police after five p m, the new stations start correcting themselves. And then we see this all the time. This backtracking and- and it's just it's irresponsible, because because of a lot of this misinformation and we'll get into this later, as the is the conspiracy side, and if it was,
For so much of this misinformation we want to have all these questions at the end would be questioned actual event what we could do to possibly prevail. But now all were left with, is questioning the actual van itself. So after five p m, they start reporting that the system the shooter was not in fact ryan Lanza, but his younger brother, Adam there was still more bad information to come out, though this would be that Adams girlfriend and the girlfriends mother were. ported missing in new jersey, and we know that Adam did not have a girlfriend. So you know just not not correct the parents of school children and the family members of the teachers were told to go to the new town firehouse and this is where they would be reunited with their loved ones or given further instructions as to where to go or what to do, and we family members, there now and there
there being reunited. But this I don't know many of the details of what events took place earlier. Yes, several of the kids are being reunited with their parents and after a while there's a whole bunch of parents from kids of basically to classrooms that are left now. These parents would be greeted by the governor who stood before them to give a very short announcement and his announcement was only two of the children were taken to the hospital and they expired. Some of the parents started to scream one man yelled out where We go. We want to be with our kids, the governor responded by saying. No one else has been taken to the hospital and other parent than shouted. What does that mean? Are they all dead and the governor says yes at this point, we have a bunch of officers and law enforcement had into the lands a home to maybe gets more clues,
yeah, because at this point they have connected the black honda that they found in the parking lot, the one that Adam was driving as being that of Nancy lances. The officers were actually expecting a potential gunfire. when arriving. They didn't really know what they were walking into her or were had any expectation of what they might see or encounter they entered. The without any troubled how they begin two swarm the house moving methodically from room to room the verse that they notice is the house's extremely clean and well organised in they go down to the basement in the basement, truly dark. They do see the military posters covering the walls and cut
The windows are those black trash bags fixed to the walls with duct tape, upstairs they find journals of atoms and drawings that he has made in a closet of one of the rooms they find neatly arranged hangers, there's five hangers with tat, colored, shirts and five with matching catchy pants bright. We're gonna talk by that before, possibly the at more uniform yeah like a self a self created uniform rate, they find computers. Now on these computers. All of these computers, the hard drives, have been destroyed and internal disk have been scratched These rooms had the windows covered as well with the trash bags in the master bedroom. They find the body of Nancy lands she's lying on her back still in her pajamas. The twenty two caliber gun that
used to kill. Her was lying at the foot of her bed. They would also find quite a bit of firearms in the house as well as sixteen hundred rounds of ammunition when law enforcement gets to the gun, locker or the guns safe. There is no evidence that was tampered with or broken in, they also find a photograph of Adam holding a gun to his head. They find three photos of dead bodies with heads that are covered in plastic and their bodies or come in blood, they found a military, uniform and Adams first grade report card from sandy hook elementary school. They So fine, a holiday card addressed to Adam from his mother, which contained a check. Now the the card specified that the money was for a sea One. Eighty three, which I don't know exactly what that is, but one police say or pull I believe, is it. The money was for a handgun. I think
at times when we have these tragic events. We were looking the reason why right and were also looking? How can we prevent this and Some signs, I mean we ve talked about that and last episode, but whether or not his mother found these pictures of these. These dead individuals or but we know that she found pictures of drawings. It's done disturbing stuff. I understand that at some point he was seeing a therapist. He should have been seen a therapist the whole time forever, like multiple visits every week for for a long, long period of time, the There's there's some obvious obvious signs here to us. There are some things here pointed out as well, that that show that Adam didn't just snap snap and get in a car with a single fire and go into school and shoot the place up, no he he. What we're seeing here is so he took the time to try to destroy these.
peters. He also arrived on the scene with with earplugs too, to muzzle the sounds of the gunshots with multiple firearms were, even if you go back for, there I mean this is kind of like to me. The best analogy I use would be like a hurricane It starts out in the ocean really small and this started. When he's in middle school and the in the storm just kept growing and growing and growing until it does came until a peak but also peaked at the same time that it hit land, and eyes, and it still that's kind of why it was not only did he pay these events, you know maybe days beforehand. This was a perfect storm storm leading up to hold that the other day I was discussing this case with the friend of mine, and I was going over some of the things that were found in the home before and after the fact, and one of the things that that person
found interesting was the sixteen hundred rounds of ammunition. I mean that that number sounds very big and decide on paper. It looks very big. Keep in mind, we that he had at least three. Rounds of ammunition on his person because he had those ten magazines each carrying thirty rounds in m. That doesn't even include the other firearms that were present at the scene, so that it sounds like a lot of ammunition rang and that What really stood out and appalled. This person that I was talking with I did bring up to them, though you know it is it's all kind of somewhat relative? Where I know I have a there's one gun that I own and its specific. It has a very specific form, a bullet that fires and their hawk gb There are actually very, very common, it's a very common caliber and they are very cheap as well.
So last time I went to buy ammunition, they were having a sale and four. If everything was like fifty percent off or sixty percent off. Something like that. So I bought a carton if they only come in cartons and they vary in size, but the carton that I purchased for, I think it was thirty bucks, had twelve hundred rounds in it. So right so we're sixteen hundred or two thousand rounds sound like a whole bunch of like, like somebody that stockpiling for world war. Three, that's actually not the case. Sometimes these Sometimes this ammunition just comes in balk. I dont need twenty, twelve hundred rounds for pity. He thing that I can think of, but tat. You know that's what they saw. But to me and as were on the point of what they found in the home, their arson, pictures on line and you can actually find a picture of Nancy's bedroom and there
a pool of blood in the middle of the bed and a lot of people. A point of controversy is that if she was shot at at such close range, and with as high power of a rifle that he used that there would be more blood splatter on the wall right now. The two pictures I've seen or so kind of far away from the bed, maybe feet away from the bed, They took it that you can't really see any blood splatter on the wall. Again I mean I am not a forensic burke, so I dont know how they would actually react or ord were. Was this picture taken after they collected evidence and then maybe wash the walls I'm not for sure, but it. But there is a large puddle of blood in the mill for bed and then we even talked yesterday
well. Where was she lane? Was there a bunch of pillows around her? I mean who knows men in and with that kind of block some of this splatter well, and when we see these photos you know especially in this situation. Then you'll have to release this photo and then explain to you point by point. This is what's going on and this is what we think happened. And here's the evidence of such they don't have to do that. We know who did this. we know about this crime and they they are going to not release everything on purpose. We I mean we just know that not every question needs to be answered when you have have a solved crime, and they don't owe that to us as a public either, while people that think that is This is a point. Incomes, conspiracy, I'd question, okay! Well, then, then, who is ryan and who is peter and who is nancy and art they all this work for the cia and there too, sir.
It came out of nowhere and they're all actors in their life never existed. There is tax records for one When we know ryan as real person, we know Peter's a real person. You know that, and they don't take into account that what what? What about some of the rhine that you, even though his brother did these heinous things, his brother had a lot of issues and he lost his brother and then he lost his mother and to start saying that this this is a point of conspiracy is demeaning to them. Loss and the meeting to all the children's losses as well and the family losses in the community losses. Well, the evidence is collected things that they saw the scene. Does that present questions? Of course it does, but there are are their logical answers to these. Absolutely therein absolutely logical answers to these questions. Yet, as all this misinformation from the news outlets is coming out and the law in.
Try and do their investigation. We have a lot of victims. They need to have funeral services for these victims, yeah and there's you know we have you have to have so many services over the course of a period of time. I think it took over a week to ride all the services and they were having multiple funerals per day. One thing was created out of this, amongst others, but there was a thing called the chase foundation. Now this was in remembrance of chase kowalski. He was one of the children vote, on that day. He was seven years old, chases mother believes now. This is something that she had communicated to loved ones at chases service. She believes that she had actually seen chase after after death that he had came to her in a vision, and he had appeared to her to provide strengthen and
and wishing she would move forward with charitable work chase came to his mother, so so she could explain to her husband, the scope of this thing, that this thing is so large that there are so many people around the country in the world that are victims. The fan, is in their community that they were going to be touching. They were going to be changing lives with his foundation. The call sky started the chase foundation, which is not, which is a not for profit. Scholarship organization started in chase's honor and she believes her son came to her to tell her that they could, nation of this foundation will save lives, change, building codes, demand a gun and ammunition control and bring god back into america. Investigators at this point phyllite they can make a statement on their findings of this fact. Yeah did this would take them some time to put it together
this is. This is all going to revolve around items that they found at the home as well as those journals we talked about that were found in Adams room now. Basically, they they give him a title. They they basically call I am a glory killer and what they mean by this is that they didn't feel that any of his disorders is what caused him to do this. They also didn't feel that this was something where he is snapped and woke up and decided to go and do this. They believe that this is something that he planned out. Maybe not this attack specifically, but that he had planned to attack somebody somewhere at some point and their evidence of this is that the the length of time that he spent putting together that spreadsheet, that we discussed that had what
listed as the top five hundred mass killers, and he had all this information on on them. Remember this was in nine point font, okay and it was, it was seven feet in length and four feet wide spread. Spreadsheet is a massive spreadsheet with all kinds of information on it and they believed it him studying each one of them was a form of training that he was almost aiming himself in learning from their mistakes and learning from things that he thought that they had done correctly to kind of set himself up for this and they also didn't believe that bullying was involved date because they felt that if he was angry or if he wanted revenge that he would have in fact have gone to the high school and not to the
well the school right, but we do. There is some evidence that points that he was gonna. Go there right right, but will we can get into into the thought the psychology of that a little bit later cause it ties into to something that were going to talk about? The other thing is they believed that that the killing of Nancy just something that he they had to take place, that that maybe she was an actual victim that he was targeting, but his whole go. was to carry out an attack and he was not going to be stopped in the process that she, something that was just necessary to do because had she seen him taking car loading, the car up with guns, she could have called the police and put an end to what he was attempting to do. He was going to kill himself and he was gone two I dont, know that make a statement is though correct phrase, but he was going to he was going to go and take as many people with him in the process. This was
quote unquote mission and he wasn't going to be stopped by his mother or anybody yet all agree with a lot of their findings. I'd say upright fifty fifty while I agree with them on I am not an expert well in that yeah, I'm with you captain there there some things? I agree within that statement and some that I don't. But but again we are not seeing the things that they got to see we're not able to review all of the evidence here, and I think that do have to label that as an expert opinion, it's not fact, but it's it's an opinion of people closest to the information and closest to the case, and I think there is a lot of value in that that opinion, whether I agree with all of it or not. The other thing that I feel that I forgot to mention was it. You know we talk about mental illness in
different aspects here of Adam in what was going on they. They also believed that they didn't want to title him a psychopath b, as their beliefs are that a psychopath would carry out a crime like this, but want recognition right: it would want to see what he had done and why to read about in the paper, see it on the news and in not get not no killing himself is not really getting the credit and on top that he's trying to hide a lot of the things that he did that were going on with him beforehand wise don't buy that at all, just knowing the amount of research that he's done on these mass. knowing that these, knowing that there tankard normally doesn't make it out alive, so you could still be a psychopath.
knowing that yeah well, I'm either gone to commit suicide or they will take me down, but this will be recognized, and so you don't need to see you know and and then also just knowing a you know why. Why did he kill so many and then take the wife. You know, I think he knew he had a number that whose turn it hit and he knew that basis all this information that he collected. I need to do this. Much never do this much. It will be talked about so another point where I don't feel I agree with them and I'm with you. I think I think he was trying to get to some kind of number that he had created and I think that he only killed itself after believing that he had reached that bar that he said now. We talked about that video game that he was playing, combat arms where you actually got a credit, a kill credit for for killing yourself in a in a mission or or in that game play
I've never played the game, but that's how it was explained to me. One wonders head too. You know once he reached whatever number that he had said. I believe that he had done so that either he wasn't brave enough to take on the police and or killing himself that number by one one killing his mother does the same thing. So it's like you know it's a it's a well, that's just a bad term. I was going to say, killed two birds with one stone but basically that's what it was. I mean you, you need to kill your mother. Therefore she can't stop. View and all by the way she adds to the kill count on the wool were, what could Pavia page? Do we want to address any of the hopes theories. Conspiracy theories that have come up with
in this case, because here's the prom kept. Will you know when we started looking into this case, if you just google search sandy hook or a new town, unfortunately, almost all of the information that comes up early in those searches, is his hopes or conspiracy, yeah there's actually, you have to sift through a lot of that before you can find any real information other than you know the wikipedia pages. Why think we covered the whole blood spot splatter in the bedroom? Ah, I think there is some logical explanation, they're not giving us every detail, so there's probably some logic. Explanation that we are not presented with the information both in that we talked about was sir, that the a the era air fifteen was found in the car. Well, that was missing formation by the media was actually a shock on that was found in the car and so little things like that
start making you go well. They claim that all these children were killed by with the air fifteen. But how could that happen when it was in the car? That's this misinformation by the media. Thing too- and I get so sick of this- if you go on you tube with any of these mass shoot, Yes, they do this thing where they take a picture of Adam and they and they took a different picture of Adam too slow one for maybe a year later, six months later, they put him side by side, and then they start making the claim. That is not the same person that somebody switched out these people at some point. Right like this is a clone, or this is some it's it's absolutely ridiculous and yeah. If you take a picture of me and he put it By a picture of me from three months later ii, look at it long enough, maybe you'll find little differences, but it's crazy to me that there's you know, Hans. These videos go see at some
yet, on the other side gone if you, if you notice the picture on the left, is hair, looks a little different than the picture on the right, no shit you know, but let's, let's just go with some logic. That is probably the same person, so those little planes to drive me nuts. We we talked about the second shoe theory because of the mess information of the media. You know one of the one of them, parents were arrested at the scene? Yes and this The vigil was coming up to the school, there's gunshots being fired. He then ah ran to the edge of the building He was trying to look in the window of the classroom where his child was. You don't be. I mean that's a heroic event from a father he's just trying to see if his These are okay, the police see him. He then too, off running from the building. Others several end of it,
those that are running from the building, because it's the fight or flight mentality and they decided to flight and they were arrested, and they were question and the big thing here was: he had camo pain on a black sure and he was actually seen by some of the other parents as being handcuffed and put into a police cruiser. I believe he was showing up too. He was going to work on some project with the kids that day, like build gingerbread cookie house, or something, and he he when he arrived, the glass was shot out but still hearing the gunfire, that's going on inside the school, so he doesn't go in and when he sees police when they when they, you know, say, hey stop. You know today or whatever they tell him to do he he actually thinks that they might be the shooters. He's totally out of his element and don't know you don't
what's going on in this situation is pure chaos and he thinks it may be. The police are the shooters. He high tales it to the woods and, as you said, he was and when people say well, that's crazy that he would have thought that the police officers, no it's well shooters is not crazy, because when you watch video footage of columbine or even some stuff, animals wearing it's very militant, and so therefore, if that's not crazy, so that's again misinformation from the media, and so therefore it's a conspiracy or it's a hoax. The whole idea that this is a hoax, so you're going to have to invent twenty seven people. You just have to add a thin air, invent twenty seven people that never existed the idea that it's a hoax that had just never happened was a drill, is frankly one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Now with that being said, when people say well, was it a conspiracy when you start
thinking of the idea of less say, Adam went in to to this tragic event. Happened. Did politicians to the media spin for agenda? Definitely, you know the end, but did they create fictitious characters to spend their agenda? I don't I don't believe so. I think there were some so much misinformation that it does lead to this complete chaos as far as a media storm well and if you're trying to control, guns those laws didn't pass. So you know it, you know if they wanted to deduce if they being the government wanted at absolutely do something. Never just do it right. They wouldn't cause this horrible event. Now I do want to go back on something real, quick before we go forward talking about is it creates. To think that the police or the shooters, while he's not identifying them as police officers. Obviously, and here's the thing we
you're in the situation. Do you have time to sit there and analyzed the person you seeing as being the patent the gunmen or just somebody else. No, no, you run you get out of there and I in this can be explained as easy as this one of the calls that the dispatchers were sending out the police officers arriving on the scene, their reminding all police officers that the gunman has not and identified yet they don't know if it's one shooter or multiple shooters re. So if you are a plant, are you you are off duty and in plain clothes and civilian dear, did we you arrive at the school, you must be wearing your right gear. Put on put on that right gear boy, has that will be the only thing that the cops will have time to identify you as being a police officer, rather being just some man with a gun. At so so extremely logical situation. To understand that this poor man whose die
there is in the building. Here's gunfire that he would think that a police officer from a distance might be the shooter yeah, I think so, there's two points there. As far as conspiracy cause, they talk about one, the nine one, one tapes so the name on one tapes, there's allied dispatchers, that did say there's possibly more than one shooter. No with columbine that they didn't go into the building, they didn't go into the high school enough for a while, because the reports from If the people inside the building the students inside the building said that there was eight shooters right, where did six of the shooters just disappear after they entered know? It was just misinformation. It was just eye witness account that was not correct and in a state of chaos going to get misinformation. So that's one thing about the nine one: one tapes right, that's it
in that when there is a shooting that they think? Well, maybe it's one person, maybe it's more, especially if you're using an assault rifle that the I bet there was plenty of people thought that just the amount of shooting taking place, possibly couldn't be done by one individual, while in the echoing effect? It would take place ok and to add to that chaos. Not only are you hearing these noises coming from the actual gun, but your hearing them then repeat over the intercom system. Now many I work with. freedom of information act, a lotta people give it a bunch shit. If, if you'd listen to our trailer, I think seven, nine one one cause there was more nine one one calls released a lot of them than have any informational value,
There are some of the nine when one calls that we're not released and what the police department basically stated, and they they stated multiple times was: there's some things on these tapes that don't help you understood in the case anymore right? You do not need to hear nine when one takes with children crying and children taken their last breath and stuff like that and as a true crime fan as much as I want to hear that information by holding that information back, you are protecting the family. You are protecting the you know the victims, love wants you protecting back me,
de which they should and if you're sitting behind a computer screen and your your hunting for this information in your upset or angry that you cannot find it or you think that you deserve to be able to review that information well just instead, why don't you count your blessings and be thankful that you ve never been in a situation like these victims or the comes. Families have been it now, I totally agree but at, but I totally understand why people want to have that information, so they can put together more of the pieces of the puzzle, the other thing too has been wheeler was one of the victims. I believe he was six years old. His father and mother were both actors. Now by them being actors by when they were given, there's press conferences and stuff like that they start googling, his parents and then realize. While they were actors, yes, they have a profession, they both were actors and therefore they
it up enough money where they can move to the area and have their kids go to this school per know and by all accounts and sandy hook was a school that people wanted to send their kids to. Is it at odd that a mother and father would have the same profession mean one most common ways that adults young meet each other as as adults in start relationships is at work, so the other problem with been wheelers father is he looks a lot like The fbi agent, So there is this there these scenes that, if you he looks like a specific sorry domain and a rapid, he looks like a specific up the agent or just somebody that would like no, he loves like it, looks like certain one,
So there's all this footage of these guys, showing up gearing up in their swat gear and then entering the school or now helping with this tragic scene. Okay. So if you watched the footage- and you compare the pictures, my I'll I'll I'll be frank, when I saw the pictures, I thought holy shit, There is something going on here. That's if you just look at the pictures with one guy and full right.
With the helmet on and all these things. If you see pictures of bins, father, you know our afterwards. If you can find those pictures, he is gone bald, but has some hair? If you watch the footage of this that the office her, I believe it to be hijacked, that's gearing up in full, swap here. You can see footage of him getting out of his car and starting put on his gear shaved head bald. They ve done a fine. What the fbi agents name was and then again, if you can pay, you know if you compare the two pictures with a guy in his full gear, you're, like god, that sea various fishy, once you see the guide getting dressed and put in all his stuff on, you go, that's not the same guy. Unless this guy that's gone, ball can somehow grow a bunch of hair within hours down it's so that doesn't make a lot of sense.
I will admit that when I first saw it, I thought my off there's something here. You can grow hair and a matter of hours and replace all their hair falling off your head. You do you mean, be a millionaire right millionaire. That's you have something there right another. That comes off as odd I didn't have a logical explanation of this you'll see a lot it. These hopes or conspiracy, theory, videos where there's people outside the school building and they're just kind of walking in circles ok and there seems to be no rhyme or reason, and it seems like a lot of chaos. It's almost the wave. The conspiracy theories put it. is when we have all these actors and we have the school and we're just gonna. Have these people pretend and we're just going to have them scattered around and kind of walk in a loop where these people that were coming they had come
all of the school summer coming at the school summer are people other than as arriving at the building. I, couldn't make a lot of logical sense. Out of this until I watched the documentary newtown right now, I, like I said: if you want to watch it, go for it, there's not much information, it is a cry fest and it was difficult to watch and, as frankly, made to do in the podcast this week. Even harder watching it. So I wouldn't recommend that to you, though there is some logical reasoning for that. Well, here's the logical we go for it. So when I was watching this documentary through the peace that I gotta It was one of the fathers sadie. Nor am I arrive, I d oh, what's goin on he said I paced for a long time, I must have did over a thousand
lapse and when I heard the one of the victims father said, I must have done a thousand lapse. He's just walk circles, not knowing what the hell happened to his kid and annie he's not talking anybody. Nobody has. He answers, form. And there's a swarm of media and he's just beside him. Of you know almost in a trance and that's the only logical explanation I can come up with that. One yeah. The thing here is so too. Okay, we have a situation where the the the stress level is off of the charts. It's it's something most of us cannot even comprehend, and we know that we, we don't know How someone would react in that situation? Women worth I mean you're talking about this is basically
combat war type situations and the other thing to not to top off that stress level. it. This dramatic situation that you're going through, if you were in the building you that Loud gunfire, remember, Adam, had put here, you know he had earplugs in he came equipped the people that he was attacked. in their hearing these loud extremely loud noises that are echoing off of every wall. That in itself will do so disorient. She was well, Another thing that conspiracy, theorists, bring up is there's a lot of vehicles outside of the school that are black or silver and there's a lot of vehicles that are involved in this case that are, honda vehicles and adam's mother. 's vehicle was a honda one of the teachers' cars that was shot up with a honda.
what is the logical explanation or their a bunch of people that work for the mill you know. First of all, there are other units that sent people so you'll get a lot of government workers will have black or grey cars. The fact that there is a couple haunters involved do you like or silver cars, it does, and it doesn't matter to me. I think it's some a graph what seville draw its absolutely silly, because what are we reminded of when we watch tv you, anybody that seen a honda commercial were reminded time and time again how they are one of the number one selling brands, especially yeah, honda, civic or a honda record there. They ve been number when selling cars time and time again so so it's a view, popular car. First of all, and then second of all, it doesn't take much research einstein to figure out that black and silver are you The most popular colors of vehicles that are purchased as well, so
exactly right. This is somebody just grasping at anything. The other thing that the other thing that is absolutely so Why that I saw time and time again on the internet as far as hoax go or conspiracy theories was theirs. Build this argument that we are being lied to and that now She was, in fact, actually a teacher at the school or she was some form of volunteer at the school right and in why they keep going back to that. I cannot figure the value in it. If she was a teacher or if she was a volunteer or if she had nothing to do with the school at all, it doesn't really affect what happened. This event still happen, she's dead and we have these other victims no matter what her employment status was, and, second of all, no kidding that that that that conspiracy theory came out because we reported all the misinformation that came out early on in this case.
didn't even have the suspects name? I didn't have the suspects name right: they were, they created some fictitious girlfriend and in her mother, was missing from new jersey. Nobody is dating lloyd, christmas, that's wearing the same outfit every day. The kid wouldn't leave his basement unless he was going to the shooting range or to rent a video game, and so he's probably smelled like fritos there all this bad information and that unfortunately gives birth to a lot of these conspiracy theories. Yeah and look the black and great car look at yeah yeah, I do think so grasping at straws, but if there is any validity to it. Yes, I don't have an answer. Just like the blood splatter, I don't have an answer. I do believe that, if some logical reasoning for that, and then people bring up the corner the corner. If you want to watch some
that is so utterly confusing. You know these children were not brought to the e r for another conspiracy theorist when the when the e r doctor was that when they questioned him, I think it was congress. I question him and they said: did you treat these victims? He said yes, we did and then he stopped himself and said well actually we did it because most of these victims or such a at a young age and our hit with such these bullet from air fifteen that explode when they hit the victims that the average victim had three to eleven bullet wounds on that their basically dead when the the cops arrived,
so a lot of conspiracy theories go well, see, see this as you catch this doctor and a lie. Now he missed spoke ass, miss speaking in front of a bunch of people. Ah you know- and you know it's a tough touchy subject and trust We no to the garage and the garage is a comfortable area for us and were drinking Some beers and we must speak speak all the time. I just did it right there. So I was talking about the coroner like I said. If you wanna see something, that's very intervene is the coroner makes some very odd jokes. I think it's in poor taste. I think it's also somebody that examines dead bodies, for been and their sense of humor is gonna, be a little different than the average person, but he's he's. You know well educated to have that position. He certainly knows better.
Yeah. I get it, I get it because we ve talked detectives and we ve talked a doctor's you'd only make some of them can have a dark sense of humour to try to get them through their day. No I mean I have to. I mean just base of what we do on the show. There's something off, see a meme about a serial killer and I'm cracking up, and I feel like the
it was awful weirdest person in the world. But you should see the shit you shot any more conspiracy stuff that you want to touch upon. Yeah, there's a couple things that are a little odd. One is there's a picture of a victim of sandy hook where they were actually three things: there's a picture of a victim from sandy hook. That was also used in this terrorists attack overseas, and you can find this information pretty easily and there's this lady, giving a speech and there's all these pictures of these victims and clearly one of the pictures of the victim
sandy hook is on the podium. I have no explanation for this. I don't know what to think of this. Could it was one of the one of the young boys were the victim and at sandy hook? Could it just be a look alike? I mean there if there are people that look like one another, it's it's very possible, but from the evidence I seen it looks like must have the exact same picture. Ah so that's odd other thin at people bring up a lot of times in this case is that sandy hook was does demolished and that also Adams home was the model Well now that community voted to have sandy hook be destroyed,
so none of the parents- or you know a lot of these parents had other children that would be attending the school and for them to have to really live. These events over and over doesn't make lot of sense, and I don't have a a lot of explanation for why the the Adams house was destroyed. It's not uncommon, though you know when, when we are seen as with ed genes, house yeah and in countless other homes, you know there were. There has been crimes and include: evil in columbus and in cincinnati that that they ve destroyed the homes where horrible events have taken place or where the perpetrator of such I lived. And so it's not an uncommon thing to destroy homes, and- and I absolutely, in my opinion, the school needed to be taken down and and this yeah conspiracy, theorist and hoax theorists. Wolf say that this was a way for people to cover.
up evident yet yet hide to hide what really had happened and anna and now I must spoke, as at gains house was destroyed by somebody wasn't destroyed by the community, but I think It's also away with these mass murders or our people that have sick twisted minds. Sometimes they turn these things into shrines. So again, it's odd. I think you know spencer I'm diving into that. If that's your thing, I think you'll find some logical reason. I, if you dive into well and you have you have a grieving community. You know whether these, whether some of the people had children attending that school or not, you have a grieving community, after that. Grieving process takes place. Hopefully, there's a healing process that takes place and I don't believe you can heal until with with some
those memory still around with some of with with those buildings mean around ah Sometimes we should just call me captain conspiracy, because I do dive into the conspiracy side of things multiple times, a lot of talk lately and social media one when people knew were doing this case was the actors, the actors that were paid to be witnesses. Now, if you look, this this happen and aurora this happen with sandy hook. This has happened multiple times whether and whether or not it's the you know cnn or fox. There has been. Several media outlets that have been caught red handed pain people to act as witnesses. Now to me this does it have This does not lead to the idea that it was a conspiracy or that it was a hoax. What to me, this leads to as
at news. Media has agenda right and so by see this? I think the last one was CNN had up the trump rioters figured out while wasn't that it was an actual riders. It was you know, CNN's ends camera man. You know Look, I understand that you have to create content, but the fact of the matter is this: this whole new way of doing news be infer. Who cares about being right and all if we have to nebulae, the news if we have to pay or fake eye witnesses Then at least we have a story that we have content. Why just think that is utter. Bull shit and, I think, is responsible, no it when when news has been, they do it because news has become so competitive there's these twenty four hour news networks. There's news everywhere has become so competitive, but you would think that at the same point that that would be their fear. You know if we are caught,
handed mishandling information or giving out bad information that the vote be the death of this. yours would move on to somebody else, yet I actually work. people. Would I mean if you're gonna concentrate give out misinformation if you're gonna fake content, then yeah stop listen to that, stop watching that stop gone with their agenda. Stop paying these people money by you watching them they get ads and all that stuff and just knock it off minutes does not responsible I, as far as I know that Alex Jones has talked multiple times that he's going to dive back into this because of the you know the misinformation and trying to get to the bottom of it again. I look I'm a fan of Alex Jones. I've. I've watched several of his videos. I watch several several of his videos on sandy hook and
I dont think out. Jones is a bad guy, but he has agenda as well. I mean and his audience is the conspiracy, the true seeker audience. I my hope is that he actually dives into it and looks at it on a realistic level and under uncovers the actual truth. You know, I think, sometimes when people say walmer troops am a truth seeker. Well, I think you're more of a question seeker and you're not trying to find the answer you want once you eat. I think a lot of people's attention, ST spans are so small. Did they get to the point where they find the question they dont dive and more to find an answer? So it's oh great! Well, we'll see this! This is kind of odd. Don't you think? Okay? Well, what's the answer, so you know if you're going to be a truth seeker. Be that not
and seek her eye. Let's move on to something else, because we do only have so much time and there are some things that I want to get to hear, one of them being this news news article that came out shortly after the sandy hook tragedy and its title top ten myths about mass shootings. Now we're not going to go through all ten of them, but there are few that I'd like to go through kind of quickly here If anybody wants to read alternate ten of them, a simple google search. This will be the first thing that pops up all right. So the first myth is that mass murderers kill indiscriminately, while that they snap and then kill indiscriminately and the reality of that. According to this article, is that mass murders typically plan their assaults. Four days weeks or months, they are deliberate in their preparing for their missions and determined to follow
through no matter what- and this is one thing that I was talking about regarding the high school and wheat. We had said that if he wanted revenge that he would have gone to the high school, and I think that that you could take this argument either way. According this this article here re. The argument one way would be that going to the highest even though he saw the police cars there that he would have went in and attempted this attack anyway. The other argument that could be made is that they We're simply an obstacle that he was not going to be deterred from carrying out his mission and therefore he went to plan b or or went off on the fly and did something you know went outside of his plan or read the next myth that we're going to talk about. Is that enhance back
contracts will keep dangerous weapons at the hands of these mad men and the reality is most mass murders do not have a criminal record or have a history of psychiatric hospitals. Asia and the other myth is that restoring federal ban on assault weapons will prevent these horrible crime the reality is the overwhelming majority of mass murders use firearms that would not be restricted by an assault. Weapons ban, in fact so, automatic hand guns are far more prevalent in mass shootings. Of course, limiting the size of ammunition clips would at least force a gun man to pause and reload or switch weapons, and I looked, I think we all can agree that if you got rid of you know he got rid of all arms altogether, no guns.
that these crimes when it happened, Ruby, bright right, I mean it or or they would have be forced to use, find a different weapon which would be less you know violent. the situation or possibly more violent? I mean either also? I met in a number of victims? Type situation right. But what I'm saying is that you know there would still be people that would want to get revenge on their high school or whatever, and if they do guns. Then there's other means your explosives or whatever, and then the killed count actually could be way higher and one thing I do want to point out. That was very obvious when doing the research. For this particular case, we talk about gun laws. Are I in and bring those into question when these events take place? We gotta be clear here, because laws are only good if there followed, and in this particular situation we had.
Who gun laws that were broken by the shooter by animal answer now? Huh those gun laws been obeyed then this this probably never have happened at the time in the state of connecticut and it may still hold true to this day, but at that time too, too, own, a gun to be a gun owner? You had to have been of the age of twenty one or older, Madame lands. It was twenty at the time of of of this crime. and the other law is that there are not to be any firearms on school property which he obviously broke as well. The Has been a big argument as far as you know, there are so many people that came out and said in the beginning of this situation that you know if Nancy Lanza would have just kept her guns locked up better that this would never have happened. There is plenty of evidence to two to prove to us that some of these guns were purchased for adams use, and we talked about the gun, locker the gun safe, having no signs of being bro.
An into or being tampered with, he clearly had access to that gun safe. You I mean, I think, there's tons of miss steps, but I think goin back throughout history, men, what a tough spot for her to be in trying to communicate with her son trying to have her son have some kind of normal life, but because of those best steps, I think it created this giant tragedy. And the last minute that we will address is increasing security in schools and other places will deter. Mass murder the reality, their answer that they give his most security measures will only serve as a minor inconvenience for those who are set on mass murder. If anything, excessive security and a fortress like environments, serve as a constant reminder of danger and vulnerability, and I say captain. I disagree with that last one. You know I didn't I didn't liked ones. Out from this article that I did I just work were things in ideals that I wanted to put out there for things that I
leaving this last one I disagree with, because exactly situation in this exactly croatia must sandy hook We saw some preventative measures put in place right. We saw that they had the the front doors were ought you couldn't get in without having permission or are being granted permission? I do think that him having to shoot out that glass there that did give some kind of warning to people inside as to what was going on. This was also a school that had practised locked down procedures before in the past and a lot of the teachers. went into lockdown mode during this attack and I absolutely believe wholeheartedly that that did save some lives. Now, I'm not saying that you know it something about fortress like invite. meant only serves as a constant reminder of danger and vulnerability. I dont think that schools or our shopping malls or places of business should be fortress light.
You know that's a little bit above and beyond and ridiculous, but I do think that we in a day and age, where that, where these certain safety person, procedures, locked down procedures and certain safety and security features should be used and utilised in these, environments. While I have zero problem with our schools be in fortresses, because I I look, if you can go to a place to get an education, you should feel safe yep, and I- and I- and I wish you know these- these school shootings are becoming so common that it's like just the officer at each school and maybe that turn at a little behind Riyadh. There's gonna be holes and gaps, but that would be some them with, We can do instantly that I think, would I would change the outcome. It would be a giant leap forward, Yann. Obviously I I just wish this event never took place. I and it was a probably the top
his the case for us to cover. As far as emotionally, I am very tough to cover with the fact that the most of the research that you find talks more about a hoax and more about a conspiracy than the actual events and of course, our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to anybody anywhere affected by this horrible tragedy and the words can't describe what took place that day and I I do. I do hope and believe that some healing is taking place in and were were under five years since this event took place, I know that the grieving process doesn't end for all of us, but some of us hopefully are starting to hear and we we had several listeners that reach out to assume that there were from the area that they were involved and as far as conspiracy stuff goes. They said, this was reality to us and we felt it
we had to deal with it and we are still dealing with it, so our hearts got them. Breaker in writing. Fr this week, I'd like to recommend new town and american tragedy by matthew, Lee shack matthew is a journalist for the daily news new york. His book new town is a meticulous account of the new town massacre in its aftermath. This is a definitive journalistic account of new town and an essential examination of the facts, not only of that horrific day, but the perfect storm of mental instability and session that preceded it, drawn from previously undisclosed emails, police reports and in depth, interviews, newtown american tragedy. breaks through the misinformation to present the comprehensive story. That must be told if we are going to prevent another american tragedy, pick new town by Matthew, Lee shack. You can do that by going to our website true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page and until next week be good
be kind. Don't we.
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