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Screams for Help /// Part 1 /// 655

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Screams for Help /// Part 1 /// 655

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September 2, 2010 - a 911 call comes in requesting help.  When deputies arrive at the scene they find a woman that is unresponsive.  The 911 caller is the homeowner, boyfriend of the woman and a deputy as well.  He tells his fellow officers that he was outside in the garage when he heard a shot.  He says he ran inside and heard a second shot.  He tells emergency services and the responding officers that his girlfriend shot herself after the two broke up that night.  It was immediately apparent that it was his service gun that was used in the shooting.  What is unclear is whose finger pulled the trigger.  This began one incredibly questionable investigation.  Was the Sheriff’s office covering for one of their own?  Join us in the Garage as we review the suspicious death of Michelle O’Connell. 

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it was a normal balmy florida, nine in september two thousand and ten three saint John county deputies were getting coffee at a hesitation and saint Augustine. When a call came over the radio signals. Eighteen shots fired the nine one one call came in just after eleven twenty p m on September. Second, the collar was screaming and panting his or michel was on just on the floor, He sounded hysterical to the point the operator assumed he was a woman, please
get someone to my house, my girlfriend, I think, she just shot herself there's blood everywhere The operator addressed him as MA am the collar calm down and his is changed modulated and lowered. He said Let me tell you the truth. I work with the all the identified himself as jeremy banks johns sheriff deputy quickly lost it again and start screaming at the operator to get someone there now the deputies at the hesitation speed to forty seven hundred Sherlock place. Arriving at eleven twenty five p m deputy mayor said one, pulled up to the house. The door was open one. into the kitchen she glowing, through an open door on the list. and saw feet lying on the floor,
beauty, Jonathan holly. was already at the sea. He was in the room with the feet: a bedroom crying. Oh my god for he knew the woman lying on the floor. They all did she was Michel COD me. Banks is living girlfriend of over a year. She lay dying on the bedroom. Floor gunshot wound into the roof of her mouth, having penetrated her brain. This is screams for help. A close look at this Specious death of Michel, o conall and this street, I'm graph the
as we heard in today's trailer captain, the sheriffs department is already on the sea. Deputy maynard stated that wins. She walked in, she witnessed fellow deputy Jeremy banks huddled crouching down and about three feet from Michel's body cell phone in hand he up. almost catatonic. Then the sergeant at the scene said quote: we have a pulse, hermes an changed immediately according to deputy maynard, he snapped to it and became almost angry she took outside and tried to calm him down there. From the new york times, which did too long exposes about this case. It reads quote: miss me
quickly, escorted MR banks, who had been drinking out of the house all the same. He started growing like an animal. She said with his fist. Mr banks, pounded dense and a police car me called another deputy over to help her corral. Jeremy quote: I grab him and tuned him up. Another deputy wesley grizzled were old I told him, I don't care if your intoxicated or not you better sober up very strange actions for somebody that skirl friend a shot or so very strange indeed captain. Now we need to give a little background here. Jeremy banks is a member of the sheriffs department, he's only twenty three years old and from what I can see, he appears to be a bit of a hot head and his action.
not always making sense in other situations, let alone this one. Obviously, deputy maynard later said that the change in germany's affect win. A pulse was found. She found that too, very alarming. She said that she noticed he smelled like booze, but also smell like soap and appear to be clean. Permit. try to save michel for twenty three minutes, but it was a lost cause, an unfortunate She was pronounced, dead, and I will have in forty eight p m that night, while just to be clear germany's a deputy as well. So he has all the training that these deputies had, but when they came in the house and saw Jeremy there. He wasn't trying any manner to use his training to save his girl. Now spoiler, eventually, Jeremy banks will lawyer up in that.
scenario that same line of questioning was asked of his lawyer and his lawyer says In that moment, I do not believe that my client jeremy was behaving or in deputy mode. At that moment, he was in boyfriend, citizen mode in prague lee unsure of what to do. Those are not as lawyers exact words, but on many levels. I can agree with what his lawyer is stating, but if you're girlfriend is dying and you have training to help her, you would help her as her boyfriend does it matter if you're in deputy mode, her boyfriend mode
Both people have the same training. This will bring us to what we are going to refer to as Jeremy first interview. This takes place an hour and a half later. This is now september. Third, at one twenty three, a m- and we have detective, jessica, heinz, who is interviewing jeremy and a squad car outside of the house. This is all being recorded on tape. Jeremy is telling the detective He and Michelle were at the amphitheatre for a concert earlier that night and saying that did argue a little bit while they were there. He says you we use argued a little bit earlier today, but nothing terrible just we were both fed up with each other's bull crap that we ve been going. We ve been dealing We ve been together a year in some odd months. I ain't. the show she enjoyed the show and in the
are we were talking about it? We decided that we're gonna break up. She was gonna move out then, on this tape we have about Twenty five seconds that are missing and its noted that those twenty five seconds have been deleted. Now, in all fairness, it could be just silence. Radio silence during that twenty five seconds, We don't know he goes on to say that we came home and we weren't arguing. When we got home we got home, we talked about it. We just said you enough is enough. We ve been fighting we're done and we're tired each other ship and I told her that I do love her and I love alexis her little girl, but I just don't feel like we're best friends anymore, we're just it's not work,
Out and she agreed and then he says this is when he goes and he sat on his motorcycle, which is located in the garage and that's when he says I heard the gun pop. The detective ask him to clare you were outside in the yard. Question mark the dry way. Question mark jeremy response: my motorcycle was the garage I was sitting on it with my head down just upset about you know the break up. I heard it pop. I knew exactly what it was just instinct I said. Come. Oh shit and I ran inside, I started screaming her name in the room door was locked in screamed her name again and I heard it go off again. For the second time he's referring to the gun, I and into the living room. I grabbed the phone and I kicked the bay the door in, and I found her
meaning Michel lying where she is in this moment They ve not removed her from the scene. They to save her life for approximately twenty three minutes, or so were unsuccessful, and now they are I'm using air quotes here, processing the scene, obviously Jeremy is upset, but to kind of break down this evening from what michelle's, friends and family have said that she told people hey, I think we're going to break up, but I have these concert tickets. I already asked jeremy to go. I think we're going to have a good time, so I'm just going to take him to the show and I might actually break up with him that night. So, like Jeremy story, they start heading back from the concert they start talking about their differences. They decide mutually.
this isn't working out and she's gonna have a week or so to move her stuff out of his house, but the rest of the story. Obviously, don't know how true this story is because we only have one side and then there seems to be some kind of contradictions like when he as all while we were both can of tired of our shit and then but I'm gonna be sitting on my motorcycle upset out, basically with my head in my hands when he hears us gunshot go off yeah, and then we have this interview. If you want to call it that the continues on an. I thought that the the ports that I could hear an have included here and are telling of this true crimes stuff. We look, I get it that their colleagues and they ve, probably known each other for a handful of year or so I thought that the detective was incredibly
over the top casual in the questioning of jeremy banks. Now, maybe that's a good Maybe she's trying to put on this persona. Give off this vibe that hey you just experienced the worst thing possible I'm gonna, keep it kind of light in it in this moment. Why- we recording- but I just I don't know- found her to be it'll too casual. It was. It was a little uncomfortable for me, too send two to the conversation. To be frank, I agree: you want some level, but we have evidence of this Jeremy guy actin like a lunatic. They show up there. He is basically on top of the body once they get a pulse, he starts becoming Marie anne punching devouring according to deputy maynard? Yes, those are acts
If somebody that, like you said I mean he, has this known temper, so maybe her strategy was I'm going to try to remain as calm as possible. So I can keep him as calm as poss in the detective's vehicle. Detective high Ask if Jeremy was drinking that night jeremy is forthcoming. Saying yes, I was drinking beer, hind says what kind Jeremy says, but light heinz goes and laughs. This is kind of what I what I meant here. Jeremy responds big once you know, I'm assuming he means the balkans, which you get it at the concert heinz goes on to say how many do you think you had Jeremy says for five, maybe when he says ones. I dont know. If he's talking about sixteen answers or twenty two answers or that's what survive? Twenty, loud answers. Is a lot of beer heinz asked Jim,
to describe what he did when he kicked the door open jeremy crying during his response, or at least what I believe I am hearing he says I kicked the door open and I kind of veal in and I saw her feet. I ran in and by this point, he's he's crying hard He says I saw blood coming out and I just grand her hand and I started I die nine one one. Now we need to point out here Michel was found with a gun lying next to her, and this gun is Jeremy s service abbott. So we have a nine one. One call we have the deputies showing up. They see one of their own over the victim. The victim appears that she shot herself it's with his gun and then once they get
Pulse of the victim, the deputy that they know the boyfriend he starts acting erratic another doing this interview correct Anna hey to keep kind of underlining this, but I think that it's important to do so that the behaving a radically is. According to one deputy, I could find anybody else backing up that statement. The closest I could find was the other deputy saying that he grabbed jeremy up and told him. I don't care if you been drinking, but you need to sober up yet, but the city Some evidence of this, if he put dance in the cop car well exactly and maybe that's part of the problem right that that evidence is not available to the general public did that evidence is being withheld or covered up
It's worth noting that for most of the interview in my humble garage opinion here that while we can hear- or I believe I can Hear- jeremy crying at times during this interview for large portions of this interview- jeremy does not sound sad at all to me he I never hear him say, Michel's name at any time. He does admit that did not try to perform cpr or anything of that nature. He did say that he held her hand a little, but when first responders came in, he was not doing that. He was about feet from Michel. He also very strangely admitted to detective heinz that he and his we try to obscure his identity. In the nine one one call now. This is weird. This is very strange red flag, yeah. It's it look,
I've heard the normal one call and that's what I thought he may have been doing or again in the moment maybe he's not thing clearly look, I think, in Heaven that I've never had to find myself in a situation like this, so I do not know how I would respond, I would behave. I dont know that there is a key men or typical way to behave in this scenario. But what's weird is it he? is openly a this to the detective in this. Interview in her vehicle an hour- later. I think a lot of people assume that, when you find a love one that you're gonna be hysterical and that's what I think alike. these people that call nine one one that possibly guilty of a crime. They almost act hysterical cause, that's what they think they should be acting like an law
I can't say for certain, but if one of my love ones died in there, The nine one one type of me calling nine one one I'd probably be size for being over com, but that's because in any of these emergency type situations, the best thing you can do is to try to stay calm, The other thing to is: don't kill your girlfriend re. So then you too have to figure out how to act on the nine when one call, I'm not saying that's one hundred percent? What happened here? We want to go through all the information first before we give an opinion but yeah it's. I think and in any scenario where people are suspicious idle, to the point captain where I think I've heard enough of these nine when one calls- and I don't think it matters if your own, the top hysterical if you're completely com somewhere in between, I think, if people
are suspicious of you. There are going to be so. Of you hearing that call. Having said that, I think now the time to play that nine one one call nine one. One, hey, oh boy, get someone to buy albums for sure why on wave go girlfriend whatever we should show. So probably I wish I wasn't so many years ma'am as it is in its or listen to hang on how america, let me tell you the truth about japanese banks, county sheriff's office. I work with you'll get someone here now: okay, I need you to calm down. I know how it goes. Let's be accurate. Don't worry, seven hundred Sherlock way, okay, what was on Matthew knew my girlfriend just shot herself with my weapon police department. You're eating how poor or are we doing
at one I'm talking to you is she still breathing know there's blood coming out of everywhere. Please some days I see she's, not breathing, call dispatch or talk to get in here now. I know they aren't alone. I mean ground that is, Lori, ok, that's again to me this is some may make an eye when one call and gone. How am I supposed to act because he comes in here understand a word. He saying he shouting that address and when they start caught him man, it's almost like it pissed off. then he's like, and then he he's it's a freudian slip, but he says, let me tell you the truth and he says, and then I'm one of you and he calms down now
telling you the information, you need to know now, here's my problem you're, not in law enforcement and you and you are hysterical and you don't know how to calm yourself down. That would make some sense, but asshole, is trained his train as pity he asked to call in how many times has he shut up to a seen that there are can see, and he has to be professional and give them information the people, and he knows how important that information is. So he has training in cpr and two in and medical things that he could have done to help save his girlfriend or ex girlfriend harvey want to look at it, but he also has training on how to give information. Two dispatchers an he does it it's like he doesn't use any of that training, but I think it's on purpose that he's not use any of that training agreed. I mean you,
I want if he is guilty of shooting his girlfriend and ending her life he doesn't want to save her or help her or or provide help to her, be it through somebody else by because and he's got, we now have a living witness. Who can tell us? Ok Jeremy may be telling you this story, but here's my story and by the way on the one that took the bullet. So the thing that's enough a blue where to me that there is a few things, jump right out. There tape right off the tape. Their first off, I think, my girlfriend just shot herself is away. Then he first explains it. Yet when each two detective heinz in our twenty five. Thirty minutes later he saying the pop and I knew what it was immediately re. He then
detective hindsight. He kicked in the door and he finds her after hearing a second pop and there's blood coming out of everywhere according to what he says on nine one one. So it I know he lives on a name Sherlock place. It does not take Sherlock holmes to figure out if you knew what that pop was immediately. Like you told the detective later and you kicked out nor in she's on the floor and bloody coming out of everywhere. It's not. I think my girlfriend shot herself it's my girlfriend shop herself, so that a weird way of of of delivering are not fully delivering the information like you're, saying captain but then can I'm not the only one hearing held drastically his voice changes when he's called ma, am a couple type thing go, and it's like his it's like he Was he using a different voice on purpose in the beginning he was acting. Was he
acting in act or and his voice changes completely. When he's called ma, am it's almost like you hear the boy? Had me head a three year old, do coming out in this guy do, and it's almost like Eric Carmen you respect my authority situation where it's like They not only am I a man, you know it's, sir, it, sir, and not only is it sir, but I'll tell you the truth. I work with your out you the truth. So we're telling us the truth. Earlier ward, you purposely concealing this, which We now know is fact he was purpose concealing his job, his job title and who we works for in that call per what he tells detail. The high his friend, whose being extra
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The all right? We are back the cheers. Maids hang on The edge your seats- this is gonna, be a wild one leaved attempting to Conseil his identity is very fishing incredibly strange to me: it's just it like here's, here's where my head goes with it. That is he thinking that, if I don't say that on the nine one one call, if I don't let the rate or no hu. I am what job I hold I know that somebody from the sheriff's office that I work at will be responding to the scene, unlikely maybe the very first person on the scene. Can
I tell them what what went down according to me, Jeremy banks, and they, it hook, line and sinker and then tell it to the other people. That was, odd in now, I've just controlled the narrative and by the way, controlled it controlled environment that is not outside of the people responding in going up to my home on this night, Instead, he slips and let's out his job in now, Maybe this became something bigger than he wanted from jump street. What we do know that does happen, one hundred sent is that Saint John county sheriff's office kept the investing asian in house very quickly. they are saying it was not officer involved, shooting the situation was a suicide I have a problem with them. Stay
the investigation, but maybe brain in a separate entity, right away to double check your work? Even if it's just one or two officers from another department, they can come in and and double checked the work but think, there's enough contradicting story, lines and narratives that jeremy banks is telling the officers- and erratic behaviour when she seems to be an erratic behaviour when it seems like there's a chance that she could live. I think that's enough. Red flags If you go back and listen to the nine one, one taken a told, you he's concealing his identity by then you can hear it so drastically. So he's putting up a front, he is lying to the dispatchers. For what reason you have no reason to lie to dispatchers. If your girlfriend actually shot herself- and I also thought-
It was interesting line two lines you pointed out when he said I think she shuddered self, and then he says she shot herself with my gun correct me if I'm wrong captain, but the end of that nine. When one call he has asked requesting of. Is she breathing and he as no there's blood coming out of everywhere brain that? Is that what he says is my recall, correct there I believe you- so you'll correct, sir again he's trained, and even if you're not trained. I can tell you this from my day working security in responding to acts insincere certain situations, a lot of time you do not need to hear or check to see if so ones breathing to know that they are breathing b as in a situation where somebody is severely injured- they sound
different, then when they are not injured when they are breathing. So it's it's gurgling noise, where it's it's a very obvious situation that their lungs are going up and down now is very unfair to me that he says no she's not breathing there's blood coming out of everywhere. Are ok given the wounds and will go through some of the autopsy information here, as we continue on, I would expect some blood to becoming out of everywhere what I'm getting at your captain is good, where even where she was shot or shot herself, I could give him the benefit of the doubt if he just did not know that she was breathing. I'm not that she was. What I am saying is that win, I'm tease arrived on the scene. What do we know that they did? They attempted to save her life for twenty three minutes brain what is missing from the public information about this investigation and all by the way, if you, I at a homicide
If you roll a little suicide than all of this should be public just should be public information that we all have access to watch me from this investigation. I want to know from that from that that paramedic the first one on the scene, when you got to Michel, was she breathing because if she was here the nine one one operator, no she's, not breathing, there's blood coming out of everywhere. Guess what where she was shot there would be blood coming out of her nose in mouth because of her breathing in attempting to breathe, and he would know that per not just his training, but any human. I've eyeballs would recognise that, while knowing it and to be fair, maybe is distant. A state of shock, ok, give you that one and I can give him this idea that look. We all have been trained to do things. I've brought it up many times on the show, your train as
thank her what to do when robbed most the time when you are robbed, you do nothing, he were trained to do because during shock, ok, fair, So that's why you didn't go to her and you didn't try to start doing cpr or any emergency measures to try to save her life, but then you called nine one one because you like. I can't help her I'll call on war, one ok, fine and when you call nine one one, you have training of how to talk to dispatchers how to try to remain calm, dirty emergency, and he didn't do that and you actually tried to hinder the process itself. and I would like to know roughly what the time of death would be. Guess I wonder: did he paused walk around the house. Did he did he sing ninety nine miles a beer on the wall before called nine one want to make sure by the time that, by the time that
m tease gather that she would it be breathing rights, was pronounced dead at eleven forty, eight p m and remember that call came in at approximately eleven twenty p m that and we have deputies, arriving on the scene at eleven twenty five p m. We. Debbie maynard who says that she was there by time and when she arrives on the scene there's already- deputy Jonathan Holly, who is prey and on the scene at that time, so very quick, very decent response time there, the other thing you can't and on some things here may have been- can try to control the narrative. A couple thing when a point out about his interview with detective heinz, in that initial interview he says: Geraghty, he tells detective heinz
and this is where he may have been- can trying to control the narrative. Because again we only have one person to tell us what was going on in the scenario. Maybe he's trying or attempting to present evidence of a suicide or her suicide. So, for example, He tells detective heinz at the last thing he said to Michel. Before he went out, sat on his motorcycle was quote. I love you, please don't do anything stupid! now he said earlier. That evening when they were fighting. That michel had told him are said to him: quote you mean. Me so mad. I want to kill myself yet to me, that's sounds. I heeds control on the narrative or trying to let's just talk about it. Looked with statistically women are less likely to kill themselves by gunfire. So
and I'm not saying that is impossible, but it's also strains that he is drunk or at least heavily intoxicated. Where is he gonna write his motorcycle too? He was not going to ride the motorcycle anywhere. He was just sitting on the motorcycle so he's just sit outside trotted, chill out, trying to cool off according to yes, according to what he was, but even as well when he walks out and he says that will don't hurt yourself or don't do anything stupid or whatever his comment was it to me. That almost implies that he was heading off to no somewhere, so the death seen quickly became chaotic and confusing, as we can imagine everyone from the saint John share office showed up to offer condolences and moral support to their fellow sir Jeremy, his family,
friends arrived as well. He talked quietly with his step father, who is a deputy sheriff from the jacksonville sheriffs off? this before he was interviewed about what happened. That night and he was. He was interviewed in a cop car by a colleague, detective heinz, as we already pointed out now. after Michel's body was cleared the house sealed up for a crime scene tax to pore over, but they didn't do much in the way of investigating. As far as I can see, Jeremy said that it was a suicide officers at the sea, said: Michel had a gunshot wound through the mouth and the guy was found right next to her, they noted a bullet buried in the floor right next to wear. Michel's right arm had been an this in these parts of what their seeing at the scene is and was consistent with jeremy story that he had heard two shots,
now: crime scene photos show michel lying sprawled on the floor and Positioning in the details of the gun are of interest. The gun, a heckler in cash. Forty five caliber pistol is lying on the carpeted floor. It's got in attached, tack, searchlight, tat light is on these Saint John sheriff's office concluded that michel, maybe I am familiar with weapons and not used to handling them had accident, He turned the tec lie on as used the gun on herself further disciplinary, records show that jeremy was known for failing to secure his gun in the past. He, oh Lee has admitted that it sometimes after work. He just dropped his gun bell on the floor, where any one could get add. Ons
safe. I want to point something out here, regardless of what happened: this situation if Michel did kill herself. If you me is not responsible for her death leave in your service weapon, unsecured in a house That has a child in it. This is not a good police officer. Now he's adduced, and on top of that, the single thing about this first. Second, you you have this. Our session on the way home you guys are target ending the relationship. She has made some comments to you that you think are alarming. The you're late later gonna tell people about and these interviews so instead, instead of walking out to the garage and sit on your motorcycle when he says oh, don't do something stupid or don't do something to harm yourself, you'd! Think at that point
He would go figure out where his gun was and make sure that it was locked away in secure, very clearly the sheriff's office wrapped up the investigation at the scene, Michel, despite over the break up had taken her own life. I guess would be the conclusion here. Now we do have some of the detectives that are backing up that conclusion. So we have one that says quote for her stand still and allow someone to put a firearm in her mouth is ridiculous. I came from eugene toolbar, who was one of two detectives on the case too said every time anything came up that looked inconsistent with suicide. There was something to explain it. His partner, detective, heinz, in a recorded interview quote. I didn't have any suspicions that it was anything other than suicide. I think that's what we were all kind of,
discussing but just making sure that we covered are bases and quote gather investigation. That night is roughly three hours. It takes them roughly three hours to state that this is suicide and again, if it is a suicide, then the case is closed and all that information should be released to the public. But if I'm in charge and everybody at the crime scene or my co workers look chief. This is looking like a suicide to me. I'd go yeah, ok, pull us, wait till the coroner report. Let's keep the scene under lock and key and then was If that's our finding less brain in another department and have them will check our work and then
we still raw a suicide again that we should take our information and information from the other law enforcement sore and really sad information, because that's what you owe it to but shells family well and you could also go into Eric hartman mode and respect. My authority is not chief, its captain. I. but sir, but there are met there are so many ways and keep in mind here the sheriff in charge of Saint John. He been around the block. He's been he's, been elected, sheriff time and time again he can call in a favor. He knows people. He know what was the other sheriffs in the surrounding jurisdictions. He could call and say you know, what can you send a couple people out here? We if he wanted his team to work the k a work, the scene right, send some people out as witnesses or
send some people out to get involved or be a part of the investigation. The proper thing to do would be to hand it completely over as quickly as possible, as you can to another agency there, but I could see because you're the responding officers, I can see why you would do stay and stay in charge and brain in some outside sources, as as basically checks imbalance system? I'm gonna continue on with the information that they, the sheriffs department, the sheriff's office, put out there in regard to the situation and their rolling of a suicide, they would go on to say that Michel had no bruises honour body, there was no disarray in the house or evidence of a struggle. silly anybody that drove into this case knows that there was a cut.
Over Michel's right eye, but this has expired, away by the sheriff's office, saying that it could have happened as she fell. Or shooting herself, which does not with even the initial autopsy findings. That initial autopsy findings stated He was either kneeling down sitting or lying on the floor when she shot herself her falling. maybe even if she was kneeling or sitting up the that that's what they're saying where Lee the right. I cut cut come from and where it will get into this cut a little bit more because there are some scientific findings change the rout this case, but this is their initial reaction to that there the reaction to that cut is also that it could have been the result of the positioning. the gun which one Sport is telling us may have been upside down, and you talk about statistic
captain where they say that it is less. likely for women to use a gun to commit suicide, one staff. That is weird is that it is very common that, when a gun is used in a female suicide that date and to use both hands, and so this other expert in saying that the he believes that She was holding the gun with both hands. and one argument that the family is always had. Was it look she she was right handed the guns found near her left hand. Well, this explain away that scenario they're saying she would not have used her weaker, less dominant hand and the the experts are saying. Well, she probably use both hands and the gun. upside down. Now they go on to say the recoiling of the gun after the shot, could have created that cut, which is
difficult to believe, because a gun doesn't recoil forward. It recoils backward way from where the shots fired so that doesn't true. It rings less true to me than than of the idea that it would move forward and created this bruise slash cut above her right eye. The other thing too that I want to point out and make perfectly clear if, if we were viewing a homicide case- yes, sir or child abduction case, which we do a lot those here right? We always talk about motive, even if we know who the four trader was or even if we don't know who the perpetrator was, we talk about. What could be possible motive in those scenarios. But let's talk about what the possible motive for her to commit suicide, because I couldn't I couldn't find it yeah. My issue here too, is like if her friends,
earlier thomas, what's correct? And now this is not information that the deputies got right away. This in their report of them, claiming it's a suicide because they just didn't do their work to interview and and talk to everybody. But when you talk if their friends and family and they say well, yet she was playing on ending this relationship and but go on to the concert anyways. So the fact that she would be so distraught over this break up that she was planning to initiate, doesn't make a lot of. Sense to me. It's almost like I mean take another suicide scenario. Man loses his job. He's distraught, goes home and kills himself most time. A man doesn't quit his job and is so distraught
quit his job to start a new life that it goes home and kills himself yet if we add, if it's real, action, airy its reactionary, because it's something that is out of your control right being fired. Your job opposed to willingly quitting your job where here it doesn't make any thence, even the wording that he says sheet me, you me so mad that I want to kill myself. Ok, let's set that aside for just one second unexamined that and in just a minute, that's why the dumbest statements, but ever first of all, she too people in advance I'm breaking up with him this night tonight after the concert amber hang up with him. How do we know that happened because several people I told her, you know, but maybe you probably should go to the concert right. This seems like a big he'll, maybe you should go. The cancer fill in the blanks for people who don't know the case, I get why she went to the concert she paid for the tickets counts,
are cheap, and on top of that, it wasn't just joy for me and Michel going to the concert. It was three couples very good point, so this was like a group event why not go and have a good time, or at least attempt to you, you ve only been what this guy for his own words year in some odd months, living girlfriend for over a year. This is not like low. Of your life scenario, will end again. She knows that not this going to break up with him, it's not something that is out of her control she could chose to do that at another time. She the daughter, she's, a good mother. There's no I can see no reason for her to kill herself and then, let's say, did lead say that for some reason she did
aid Jeremy, you make me so mad. I want to kill myself what does that sound like us vengeful anger thing. Wouldn't you do that. in as much of a way possible to hurt him out of anger. going to sit here and pretend to be an expert on suicide, but I would think that that would have of something a little more up, close and personal, then law. king yourself in a bed room while your ex significant other is who knows where yeah I get people's argument of if you're gonna break up with Jeremy, that you don't go the the with them. But if he's playing on the going to that concert with you and then you then tell him
I'm gonna take somebody else. We know that this guy has been violent or physical towards her based on one of my friends and family have said. We know that they have had very heated argue that people when, when she's talking about her relationship to friends and family, they all know that it's more argumentative, then a positive it's more of a negative relationship than a positive relationship. If you don't go the cause with Jeremy and you go with somebody else or disco by yourself. You're running the risk of him, calling harassing you and ruining your experience. When you spend the money on these tickets I will say there are some weird text messages. I'm Michel's phone that night and nobody is disputing that these texts. From Michel herself and
he used to me would make me call The question the idea of suicide here, so she send some tax to her friends in some of her family that night. This is all the way and on the to and from the paramore concert this she and Jeremy went to so she take her friend Monday fox. At eight fourteen p m saying quo, I'm stressed out she text or sister Christine shortly before nine p m, saying promise me one thing: lex ii, which is her daughter, will be here, b and always have a good life. Now we should note here because I'm sure some people were asking this question lex ie is her daughter, from a previous relationship, not jeremy banks, his daughter rather believe she's, eight years old. At the time her sister responding to the text comes back with
I'll, miss you. What question mark and michel worse once that, no matter what legacy will always be safe and loved Michel responded, makes lex. He is number one not like us. Her sick responds. What's going on, I'm scared so I'm not the only one that thinks that these dexter, weird clearly her sister does, is well now attack to her brother, Scott Michel row at ten o, six p m, let's see never forget. Now, to some of the investigators, these texts were as good as a suicide, no other, make an argument either way by the you'd say that these sound, suicidal in that she's, possibly going do somethin to herself, and I think you can make the argument that they see. like somebody that's now in a difficult situation, or maybe a beast of situation and she's afraid for
her life. Yes, I wonder here if this, while it so like. She may know that the end is near for her, so that would point towards suicide. You could. the coin and land. On the other side to me, which would say, maybe She's experience some physical abuse from Jeremy banks or was concerned that that's the level that this thing could get to escalate to tonight and I'm just doing the motherly thing and making sure that I've circled the wagons. And my friends and family have my back in my daughter's back and I know that, no matter how this ends for me or what comes of tonight that might or will be taken care of Hell. Who knows a lot of times in these situations. Yes, we do have an abuser, but there are sometimes where we have situations where people jest physically fight each other.
And that to me as very different than abuse, whose say that it's never come to that for them whose say that these strange text don't mean well fine. Been jailed tonight because I gotta go then myself or because he and I sometimes get into it in the worst way, will my daughter be taken care of tomorrow and the following day in the day after that, until I can figure this thing, As said the investigators believe these texts were as good as a suicide note. We know that, based off of what the if in charge said in his report, Then we also have the ST johns county medical examiner, who seem to agree because the cause of death was rule of suicide. And In truth, oral gunshot wound this was the ruling by doktor, frederick homan, who issue The determination
and on the autopsy work, she, the doctors notes, say under how injury occurred, quote deceit and shot herself within h, g, meaning a hand gun One thing that is weird: we keep citing statistics here, but one thing that is. where'd that we should know is there an intra oral gunshot are almost exe civilly suicides. So just within hours of the shooting, a saint johns air office deputy, went to Michel's sisters home and said well, the investigation is done. It's a suicide and No other explanation was give the
What to thank everybody for join us here in the ground, so much more to give to join us back here in the grand smile same back time same bat channel and until then be good, be kind and don't let bedtime its brass, even for peace, That's why people will try anything to fall. Asleep had stands before bed, even blowing bubbles.
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