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Sean McDuffy Jr. /// Part 2 /// 223

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Sean McDuffy Jr. /// Part 2 /// 223

Part 2 of 2


Sean Patrick McDuffy Jr. was last seen on December 20th, 2015. Sean left his house in Calhoun, Georgia and was driving to North Carolina. It was going to be a quick trip to drop off his friend Eric Brown. But Sean likely had more than just dropping off his friend in his plans. Like most of Sean's recent activity this trip revolved around drugs. Either buying, selling or trading drugs for weapons. In Calhoun, Meth is cheap and always available. It is everywhere and the Meth trade is woven into the fabric of this small town. After 9 p.m. Sean picked up Eric at Eric's cousin's house and away they went. Eric went to Clay County, North Carolina and Sean Patrick McDuffy Jr. went into a missing persons file. Beer of the Week - Dark Cloud by Mother Earth Brewing Garage Grade - 3 and 1/2 bottle caps out of 5

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Have lain months and months behind so be patient. My friend, that's enough of the everybody gather around grab at share. Grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, on the night of December twentieth, two thousand and fifteen sean patrick mc duffy junior, along with his quota, unquote friend, Eric brown Calhoun Georgia. They were on their way to clay county north carolina drop off Eric, while theirs zestful in doing so, and sean patrick duffy junior is making his way back home to Calhoun georgia now huh. spotted twice on his way home This is on December twenty first, the following day. He spoke
two times on surveillance cameras, first at a walmart store and then second at a car city gas station that is located in franklin north carolina, both of these sightings. According to what was observed on these surveillance footage sean appear, to be alone at this time shortly, after leaving the gas station. He called his then go. friend or ex wife, where a little confused on the relationship with the woman he lived with, he called her on his cell phone, explaining that he was confused and law asked he did not know where he was going. He did not know what road he was on, but, more importantly, he too. her. Please tell my children that I love them because I think that I'm being followed shortly afterwards he loses cell phone service and then for the next several days, his brandy, king and his mother and his sister Megan they search.
four sean? They see no trace of him. They never hear from him after sending messages, calling him now hearing from Sean junior on December thirtieth just for it is after he was reported missing, and now, nine days after anyone had spoke to Sean, his rental truck was found the vehicles located by a private citizen, sitting in the middle of bernard creek road, which is lower within the nantahala national forests. This gravel one lane road that dead ends. The road turns. Of u S. Highway. Sixty four west in clay county north carolina now believe that sean was travelling on that road. According to what we could see on the surveillance footage at the gas station d, in this time of year. When it was, located. This road was seldom used other other than by hunter every so often
it's really not surprising that it was not located that the truck was not located until several days after sean was reported missing as to the contents of the vehicle well one investigator states that it almost appeared as though Sean was living out of the vehicle. There were several back of clothes in shoes, along with a few with several personal items, such as a calendar a day planner in various receipts, including the one from the walmart and various other small items in the bed of the pickup, There was only a fishing pole, a card in some loose garbage, the only significance, as the location where the truck was eventually located in found? Is the fact that it turns off of u s highway, sixty four west now the plastic case for the holster or for one of the holsters that sean had purchased at the walmart,
This was located inside the vehicle. However, based off of receipts found in the rock in from video footage there some known missing items from the truck. This includes the holster itself, a knife toboggan some am oh and gun cleaning solvent, plus the cash hand on his person. Of these items have ever been recovered. Now should point out that it is believed, Sean had a large amount of cash on him when he was travelling back to his home, and we know this- because the rumours are that they were him in here, we're selling drugs the day before and possum the morning off and We also have the effect that we believe this to be about seventeen hundred dollars in cash and where we get information from is apparently that's what how much money he had told brandy, king that he had on him, when he
travelling back home, so maybe This was that big score that he was looking to get org this was going to be some money too, you know king wanted him to get out of the drug business. You noted to clean himself up and to get on the right. Hath. Maybe that was Sean's intentions. We don't know the trouble, thing here is his vehicles, found its like five miles after that gas station peter make it make it very far from that gas station now soaring chose not to make it that run but there is also some there's some rumours in some stories out there that sean may have actually made it all the way back to Calhoun and that the people responsible, for his disappearance and ultimately his death. knew where he was coming from, knew about this trip and they decided to drop the truck
somewhere along the way to make it look like he never had made it back to Calhoun. They know that he's megan this trip with Eric. They know that he selling drugs. they know that he has some money. They know that he possibly has some more drugs that just because they sold drugs, we don't have any record. Do we have that all the drugs were sold, that he did mean drugs left and meaning that you have now money and possibly more drugs as as a mode of there. but so you're saying that that these individuals followed him one There were able they fall them all the way back to his home town. Once he gets back in town. That's where they take him over murder him. Then they take his truck and drive it all the way back To this midway point or a little more than men were well the the The rumour was told to me: is
Potentially he made it all. way back to calhoun these into. You didn't have to follow him. They were aware of this trip, they then need to know? Is that he's in fact made it back to Calhoun? They intercept him, they are somehow he killed in calhoun, and they take the truck back along the route that they know he would have travelled. Leaving that somewhere on this route, making it look like he never even made it back to calhoun are so then our major suspects, This theory would be Stephanie, ah brigham and go forth. Well yeah in that's, what's interesting about this case, because there's no lack of suspects here when you talk about it, We have an individual sean junior, that's you know, he's invite in criminal activity hanging around with bad elements some that might be worse elements than he is.
Along the way we, you know, we already said: there's no real friends in criminal ring, these are just associates and people that you forced to have interaction with to make money and that these not people that have one another's backs. These are people that would likely turn on each other at the drop of a die answer There is no shortage of enemies for this young man, so yeah it could be Stephanie, it could be go forth, it could be big, and it could be all three involved together, but I think it's just so. We can be clear. I think, let's go through these one at a time to kind of clean this up a bit. Ok, the first thought like mentioned would be that he simply parked his car took the money that he made off of this selling these rugs along the way to north carolina walked off course, It is a new life that sounds great and I hope I hope that she is alive somewhere. I wish tat he would return
and take care of his children, but regardless there's no proof of any There's no evidence to believe that that is what happened other than we're missing sean. So we have to step aside from that theory then Let's investigate all theories that do not involve foul play. Ok this, in theory would be that he committed suicide or, He was in some kind of meth induced hallucination hallucination. And remember, it is rumoured that he was a drug attic or at least using drugs as well as dealing them, and this story has a strange like Brandon lawson feel to it, doesn't it where you have individual who's driving somewhere doesn't seem to know where he is. this situation? Sean junior thinks that he might even be be followed right.
Was there was a rumour now I just want to say straight up just room with Brandon lawson that he aims it has been doing math that he was a one time. Meth use and he may have gone back to that. We don't know that to be the case whether he was on some other kind. The drone correct but the speculation being that and in a fit these out in the middle of nowhere driving his truck he's use drugs he decides to think something's going on it's not going on. He decides to abandon his truck runs at aghast whatever, and he gets ah somewhere out there in an succumbs to the elements one. But there is some some evidence, possibly some speculative evidence rank. He stops at the walmart. He gets batteries for what we think is for a flashlight, I'm guessing its one those big you know me where you get de batteries or whatever
light yeah, and then he stopped to get a gun holster again something you can get when you get back correct flat, slight. Do you need it tonight? You can get the batteries when you get back almost like well stopped at war. I am glad that this gas station I'm going get directions, but what did he get directions for? Did he get directions for to get back home? or was it hey there any place? I can fish around here or there is he did have the fishing pole on the right and just because there's one doesn't mean that he didn't have to in there. To begin with, saw, I'm saying is like those that the getting the batteries almost seems like the it was intense joined to get for some reason before he got back. Well, that's all I'm saying that so that gives us some evidence that maybe I'm gonna go off into the woods after I'm.
after I've made a bunch of money. God do little drugs do little fishing never seen from again. Well, and that's interesting. You bring up a very interesting point here because, like said yesterday, there's not a ton of information out there. Well, that's not even a fair statement to say: no information out there on this case. This is a open kay and they they probably have collected a lot of evidence and information they just now least because not necessary to do so so where The story comes from. that sean junior stopped in one of the reasons for stopping at that gas station was to ask for directions. This comes from from brandy, king. We. Don't I've not seen anything or told anything from somebody working at the gas station. That's it says in fact. Yes, he did ask for directions. Broadway Maybe he didn't? Maybe you didn't ask for directions or, like you said
where did he ask directions to what seem to be here? destination? Was he asking for directions? at the calhoun or some other location when, like you said he stopped off in an area that pretty pretty much only hunters would travel at that time of year. Right so was it you know to stay there any place. I could see nature, you know go on a hike, I mean. Who knows I'm just saying that I think the batteries getting the batteries before you head back, as a sign of something? Well, here's here's the thing again in your right. He picks up. Some strange items makes some strange odd purchases. Let's say It is winter time it is cold so that the bog and I dont think, is really an odd purchase. Yeah the holsters. You could get those when you get back to town. Unless he was eager. You know, unless he
like. Oh, I've got a gun, I'm going to conceal it on myself and or or or did he feel like he was being followed before he stopped at the the walmart. You know this is a another thought. as well, yeah yeah and then the being followed was that just some kind of paranoia based off of met using math or or something else, and some kind of hallucination. the hallucination. He thinks you followed, he pulls off into this wooded area into this rural area parks. The car and gets out trying to flee whatever he thinks he's getting away from and then sub comes to the elements at some point. It is wintertime right and he could have been hungry, and tired when he exited the vehicle so There's a couple issues with that situation with if he would work
committed suicide or if he were to have parked the vehicle and succumb to the elements somewhere. the problem with that is what information I could find. Seems like this search for him in that area, where his truck was found was extensive, like it on four days and they used every resource. They had to look for this individual than ever turned up anything. why? And you believe, because we had so many items we do know or so many items in the truck that these Don t, not they use, sent dogs. They're gonna pick up on this and I am assuming that they dinner or a fool or whatever sent. They did pick up led to a dead in well, and I also spoke with a fire Leader and a gentleman that works in the park services- ok- and these are people that are necessarily
The thing is the reason why they are important is because of their backgrounds, the back where they have back I was in searching for people answer in areas such as this for people now what both told me was with what they could see what they could find of. What was, used in how the length of time that was involved in these searches for sean. They thought that should have turned him up, and if that in turn him up. What they were even more surprised by was that when the next Huntings- he's in comes around. You know, one spring when spring breaks and and people start turning to this area, they believe that sean would have been found. His remains would have been stumbled upon by a hunter a hiker. Something of that nature now in mind where two and a half years removed- and he went about me- sing and late december, so we ve now had to springs. We ve had to hunting seasons more into summers. They have passed and no
he has stumbled upon his remains so making it look, less and less and less likely that he said come to the elements out in this area where his truck was found, and we learned that one of the other rumors that is floating around town is that he was the destination they him and Eric were gone to correct that he was killed there, but we kind of squash that, because we do two sightings of him dear yet, and that was kind of the the the first big rumour that came out when he went missing was that you know it's ashore Story of this guy goes up some spot north carolina. He must have been killed. Their cause. He was never seen again and, like you said, we have the two situations of the surveillance, video footage, of sean junior on his route back to, How whom so we know he at least made it there to the destination dropped off Eric. He.
Some interaction according to rumours with this jericho character, for wit, he traded guns for drugs. Money, money, rugs, correct money and guns. You all those findings, a few of my favorite things and so any rumoured that he was killed by this jericho guy or even eric brown, who he was last seen with I'm not saying it's impossible that neither of those guys had anything to do with them, but what makes it less likely is that we know that the sean junior left, safe and sound from that location. I don't think it. Inches anything as far as percentage wise there and- and I'm sure this has been talked about, but you drop an individual off he's going to visit his family. This is a guy that claims that you stole my
from him. He is the main reason you're there right he's put in new in this situation. Eric put you in this situation. Rain fall for me on the sum falling. So he was the main reason: hey. I need to go my family, but I need you to take me but or make a worthwhile Alex won't sell some drugs. Once we get up there, okay cool will make a low blow, but the cash you're. My friend, which I just accused you of stealing some money from a thousand dollars. If this is a big payday, oh man, you know ah sean
junior kids, it's big payday of seventeen hundred. While then a thousand hours gone missing. That's a pretty big want a cash right, so Eric then concocts. This plan, hey, I'm gonna, get you up. Take me to north carolina. We make the drug dealer and I will make the drug deal with jericho skype priors a foe hawk right, though, how confirmed and what we do know, but we do have.
Again is it evidence? I'm not I'm not saying it's evidence but starts making a little more sense. When you go he's on the phone with his girlfriend saying hey, I think I'm being followed to the point where he says tell my children. I love them again. I believe that he, if he felt like he, was being followed, whether he's in a drug state or not, whether it's paranoia or not. I think he felt that before a walmart stops gets batteries for the flashlight gets a gun holder. Then he starts heading down to the gas station still thinks he's been followed, stopped to get directions as talk in his girlfriend says: hey, be involved, tell my kids, I love em, the people that were fallen and could have been Eric or jericho, or both, I guess, orb and the same, what I'm saying is who put you in this situation? Eric does right. So that is Where angle that needs to be looked at and, like I said, all I'm saying is: don't lessen the percentage of what you?
think their involvement is until we we clear that path. Does it make, doesn't make morse here's thing if get him up to north carolina and kill him there. Now you get rather the truck, but now he's seen anywhere like what a better thing like hey, you wanna go to I'm going to follow back, I'm going to wait for them to stop and get gas so he's seen by somebody. Then that's when I'm going to kill him and but then he'll be seen by somebody else, which then will give me an alibi, and my alibi will be up in north carolina and the alibis, probably somebody in his family. So for jericho, though, if you're going to kill sean in your jericho, when you figure out a way to get the money to get the drugs rather than trading him potentially weapons that he can used to kill you for the drug,
I did. This would be against speculative evidenced against this point. four jericho, mainly correct. But then, if less say this doesnt rule out Eric because arrogant would have walked into that situation, not knowing hey Jericho, gonna trade guns, you don't owe me like near for this situation, to work out for jericho to be innocent right. Then we're just saying: hey, look I've provided you some some some weapons that you could defend yourself with and in reach in kill me right, if I'm trying to take you down, seems unlikely. The jericho has any involvement where you eric whose, along for the ride doing these drug deals as well, and he doesn't Oh, that data russia is gonna, be offered some guns, but imagine a situation if your erika, like shit, I've So this guy now tell this bastard and now he's a nice guy. Two guns
armed and ready to go and look that sort of thing. Then I kind of wander here you think you're being followed. So you stop this stop at walmart. Is this odd to me? It would be different if you picked up now some potato chips, and I mean I dunno what was on that receipt? I don't think we know for sure. What's on that receipt, if he was just picking up potato chips some of the items it so as far as the receipt, goes for the purchases he made at Walmart. Some those items have been made public, not it's my understanding, not all of them and what's confused, about it is we have the purchase of the batteries and the at least one good gun, holster. but remember we have a later report that says do too, Seeds found in the vehicle and seen on surveillance footage, there were items it, they thought they would find in the truck that were never recovered.
So we know that some of the items have been reported, but clearly all of them yeah, and so again, that's a tough they about some of these cases she go to me. There's something there with the walmart, the the stop at walmart, but again If you tell me on the list that there was a cup a cook, you know some coca cola was there was a slice of pizza, something from or a pretzel or something you know. Sometimes I have the pretzel shops and their whenever If you tell me the that's on the receipt too and then by the way, why he's in there? He just bought some items right, ok, no big deal that stop doesn't seen as ran but you know you, you go batteries and gone holder. I go. If you fail
you're being followed in you. Have this gun? Why not get a holder? Why not gets matter is free flashlight, and is it possible that at that second, stop that when he got back in the car and he lost signal that he said you know- I screw the sun Don't pull off? Sixty four and whatever's fallen me there they're going to stop or they're going to keep gone, but if they stop, I'm I'm armed now, if they search the site, a lot you'd think that they would find some bullet casing right, I'm now. This is why it kind of leads me back to a possible jericho or possible Eric what if he pulls off the person pulls in his gun, is drawn and then realizes. I know this person, so I dunno it's that I mean it says that that's is where my brain has taken me. He hearing this for the first.
ok. So let's go into this other theory of. Did he actually made it back to Calhoun? Ok, in the way that this theory works is like this one. Sean was that this trip was not like a super secretive trip that there were other people that would have had some general knowledge of what was going to go on that they were going up there to sell drugs and sean was coming back calhoun with a large sum of money with him. Ok Now there there have been people out there, they have told me, look we no, whether or not that he actually made it back to calhoun, but there is no they really out there. That would suggest otherwise there's nothing out there. That would make us believe, There wasn't a chance that he met didn't make it back. You see, I mean, if meaning just because of where his truck was found. We know that truck was found about five miles from the approximate distance of where he lost self
service. We do know that, but we don't know that was found. You know we don't know that it was in that spot five, ten minutes after he lost cell phone service. We just know that is found their fur two days later. I'm sorry nine days later Somebody had nine days to get that truck too, that location if they wanted to so there's people out there that they have mentioned this rumour and this We then sean actually made it back and at some point He was intercepted by go forth. Now go forth the rumor is he enlisted his body. The help of buddy, who we will call cow. well how long we may take a quick beer break so will go back to go forth with his buddy cowboy rapids
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they are no evidence to suggest that he didn't make it back to Calhoun and when he arrives, he's intercepted by go forth in cowboy now cowboy is is, I should say, rumoured to be Theres many reports out there that this is a very violent individual debts. He welcomes violence and is capable of possibly making somebody disappear, and this would be why go forth would have enlisted his help in this situation that they this guy did. They wanted to take care of so he brings in cowboy now. Why is this a rumour? Well there many people in Calhoun. This is one of those stories. Okay, this is one of those cases captain where you go. I wonder where the evidences, because if, if this thing was in to get it in the way that we were able to do this. Just by talking to people right, there's plan
of theories out there, because there are plenty of people that have said hey. I heard this. I heard that their union. Talk to somebody Calhoun theyve herds. something that means you know the result of what why Sean has disappeared by we talked about earlier in the cases that sometimes law enforcement. No, what happened that just can't prove it. Why think? What the problem here is is it there are. Several rumours out there and some of them, to some individuals being involved in some of em point to others. Other individuals being so the rumours regarding go forth and cowboy are that cowboy took sean to a deserted drug house and there, he shot him- and there are several stories as to what he did with Sean's body, one being He was placed in the woods were another than it is up and thrown in a creek another that he was buried so under these situations, though, where we are.
Further rumoured a back up these stories. there were later be several women. They would say that either go forth, or cowboy or both at one time had shown them sean's body, so had the rumours of go forth and cowboy going around town telling people that they ve killed sean junior and then later we have women stating that not only did I was I aware that they had killed him, but they showed his body down that than seems like something I really want to take notice of you. I mean like this is none. It's a rumour float around town. Now we have rumours of women, sane I've seen his body correct. so here's the other weird thing. Now we have to throw this into the mix Several people that reported that the day after sean, disappeared, remember step He who was selling
She was maybe Sean's boss at one point. That she was spotted with a large wad of cash on her the day after Sean went missing, This is very, this is very troublesome. right, because we know that sean, we believe Sean had a large amount of cash on him, there's lots of evidence to suggest this. So how did Stephanie get this money? now she claims, which is a drug dealer to, but now I get that I get there, but it's so the day after this individual goes missing she claims when asked about this money, that she wanted at a poker machine that shit they paid out cash. So she that's how you wired. This large sum of money. Now, Here's where I think things are strange, because we this we squash, the me that he was killed at the destination in north carolina right and arabs families place
yeah more in the area of rain and now we bring up this theory that maybe he made it all the way back to Calhoun. I hears here's my thoughts on this I wonder, if why can it be somewhat both? Ok, could it be that Eric gets that they get to north carolina sean leaves on the twenty first. How do we know that that was the plan in each Instead, the plan was hey. I'm going to stay the night on the twenty first, I'm going to wake up first thing in the morning and then I'm gone hit the ground running and the more and make my way back to calhoun who What I'm getting at with this is. Is there a chance that several of these players are somewhat involved that they may have. Levels of involvement, but they are all somehow involved in what ended up happening in the end. Meaning was air,
in conversation with people and saying look, he's he's, try leave. I know we said that we were going to do this here, because if you were, set this up. If this was premeditated murder and the reason why I'm kind of sir going around the thought that there's foul play here in murder involved one when we covered You listen to the trailer of yesterday, show that's a straight up report from law enforcement where their stating that there were things found in there in this jurisdiction that led them to believe foul play was involved. They don't to believe that he just walked off on his own. So that's why we're circling around the thought that somebody murdered this individual and I dont think that its any coincidence that this guy is making this rip where he could make a bunch of money, and he has all these known drug associates that power probably knew about this trip. They got the drug, from somebody that they ended up selling that person probably knew about this trip, and then we have Stephanie, who, who who's supposed to be the link?
Tween Eric sean junior so she may have known about the trip we have Eric and Derek who knows about the trip, so many people- probably knew about this trip, and what I'm getting at is. If this premeditated first degree, murder of sean junior while the most up tune time, my thought would be too get him while he's out of town him when he, when you know he's going to be up in north carolina, get rid of there, and this is cause a bunch of confusion because the people that need to be investigated in the disappearance of aw junior. All I ve been residing calhoun out of the jury, dixon of where the murderer actually would have taken place. Now. Think about this, let's say Eric up there in sean juniors hinting around like hey. I don't think I'm a stay the night. I think I should just get back its close to christmas time or now I got this money, I'm itching to spend it or or get it back to my girlfriend,
I for whenever she is right, and then he starts communicating with these people and saying look. I know you guys were going to come up here and get rid of him tonight or in the morning, but he's heading back, but now he's he's saying he's going to leave and guess what I can't stop him from leaving at some point he's going to leave you I need to get up here, and what I'm wondering about captain is there a chance that is there a chance that he was intended to be killed there in north carolina sean junior intended to make it back to calhoun, but people that were going to kill him. They were in rout, or had to be in rout sooner than they had planned and then their hoping to intercept him somewhere along the way, so in a sense both theories are somewhat truthful, meaning that one. That was the initial plan and to her if we cannot intercept him somewhere along the way, we're gonna have to get him once he gets back here to calhoun
I didn't realize the whole idea of the when he gets back here. We're gonna get him, right and the reason why it seems a little to lucy goosey done it like you like to things could go wrong with that plan. Now I've. I think it's it's pry bet he look least. A fourth and cowboy would be on their own turf right. So that would make more sense as you know, the law enforcement. You know what at least what the cop cars look like right right right. So that's one thing, but the thing tat always my one, then they were does not sit well with me was the combined of where his car was parked or where the rented truck was parked in coordinates of the last place, he was seen. The last place he's told his No girlfriend who has seen yeas making communication through cell phone and then he loses contact and then the truck is found.
roughly what ten days later from the time you went missing roughly in that spot round that area rag. So the ok. So as your tommy, the stuff that doesnt set well, but then I start thinking and I'm not desist as high pathetically, but I've delicately did, you know. Did she was she a part of this right right but, and I think that's less likely, then sean junior gets back with the money, possibly Who knows these guns and we have go forth and cowboy and they take care of him. They kill him and then they find out through rumours that he's missing right right and they know people that no people and then fine, now that he was on the phone on the phone to his girlfriend any loss.
action around this area right. Well, you just killed this guy. You have this rented truck, that's the biggest! problem right, but now you know where he lost signal with his itself. new, probably hearing some rumours around town, you, you would know exactly where to go, drop off the truck reza start pointing fingers, as other possibilities, Well in that's interesting that you say that, because I suspect that there there may been people in Calhoun had an idea of where sean was when he went missing, meaning they may be aware of that phone call that he had with brandy king. Why? Because brandy, king was actively looking for sean within the days after he disappeared. So how does a conversation go down when I'm, if I'm brandy, king and I'm talking to you- and I say, hey, look I last
the shown here? He said he was here and he left this gas station and or I guess a thing the complicates Is brandy king, stating that it is so, to her. That sean didn't know where he was so. Maybe that come Kate sat a little bit robot, you could still that conversation of saying look, I was on the with them and we dropped service, and I have not been able to talk to him since and I have not been able to communicate with them since that occurred. So I think the idea For me, what seems to be the most plausible theory is that I think that These individuals they are in. After potentially involved with this, that they are st smart enough to know that, if, if, if we needed rid of sean or, if I need to get rid of sean, I need for it happen when he's out of town. Why, because That creates a lot more possibilities than just me being involved right. It creates a
more possibilities that maybe nobody even Calhoun was even involved because heap he went missing or was killed so far away from here. Then I think what, when that plan is uprooted, by him. Leaving early now there, has to be a new plan, planet is, can we kept him on his way back and if we Do not do that then going to need Eric and maybe it. Why is the help Stephanie? I dont know how to set up another trip. Maybe a month from now to north carolina and give it another go at this whole thing. If that's your plan, I think unfortunately unfortunately for sean and for his family. Personally, I think that I think he got intercepted on the way home, while I think they did the like. You said in, like he said on the phone that he thought he was being followed. I think he he truly believed he was being followed, and I think what happened was when he on what was at stake.
before west. I think He sees this little bernard creek road that shoots off the side, and he thought you know what who following me. If I'm far enough away from them, let me pull onto this little country road and maybe I duncombe and they keep goin and go ahead, as has been said little tip if you ever feel, like you're being followed. Take you know for right turns for left turns because you're going in a circle, obviously, and if by doing that you'll, you know it almost makes zero sense for somebody to do that. Those turn. yeah. I mean so have you ever been followed, just a little tip for you? Well, if you're in a city or town go to a police department or a fire station right, but sean's out the middle, nowhere so, gonna have to improvise, let's bodies, a man so were awesome, not the brightest
the problem with him. Turning onto this bernard creek road is that actually a dead and road unbeknownst to him. He wouldn't have known that. However, I dont think that mattered at all, because the vehicle eventually located approximately a quarter mile up the road, so he never even and it was he would have been, heading toward the dead end, so it doesn't appear that he made it to the dead end and tried to turn around. It looks like something happened before he could even realize this is a dead and wrote that either he thought being followed up, duck off on this country road and out in in pay. If I see the car I'm an or maybe I flee the vehicle and get away from the vehicle I think Happened was, I think he was intercepted on his way home to calhoun, and I think something happen somewhat close to that truck. I dont know if he was about. Did from their or if he was unfortunately killed there,
but I think something happened close that truck now, I think, with her eye We would have heard more rumours about that. Well, yeah in that debt. interesting, because there are the rumours of people having seen the body or claiming to have seen the body and then there's the the rumour of him being taken to deserted
while somewhere in being shot there. The deserted house doesn't bother me at all what what here's a couple of things that bother me. First, one. Why are you there Eric? That suspect me Eric also says to his friend that he's going to kill him because he thinks they stole a thousand dollars, so suspect rank, don't like it, don't like the stopping to get batteries. That seems like it's purposeful of that day. Don't like it. What I also don't like is that he is telling his girlfriend I'm being followed. Don't like that at all right where the bar, where the truck is found, don't like that at all the thing that I don't like the most is these women coming.
If you know coming forward saying I saw his body, that's the thing that so out of all the things that don't make a lot of sense to me that I feel like there's something more tangible there that and of all of them just goes well that doesn't sit well yeah. So I tell you what, though, captain here's here's at the end of the day? What I think is, I hope this case does not go old, because I think this is a very solvable case and what I mean by that is. I think that there is enough rumour and there's enough stories that there's gotta be twelve people too kenya. There's enough people talking, but there's got somewhere. If you sift through enough, there's gotta be some truth in there behind one of these stories or little him of truth and in in several of the stories, and I think what can happen as I think that this could work itself out. I think that it could be saw
We're gonna need some people to come forward. We're gonna need some people to talk and we're gonna need some women. some people to turn on one another, because in my opinion there might be a good chance that fight six: seven people know what happened. Did they did? They have made at first hand knowledge, but they ve been told exactly what has happened. We talked about this when we covered terror, grinstead Kay. right: we had an individual, they had first hand knowledge or new, A good amount of first hand, knowledge and heat. I tell six, seven, a dozen people, everybody just thought. Oh, he just he's. Joking he's just making this up for eleven years basically confessed to seventy nine people. Yes right and I'm hoping that at some point at some time, the guilt in these people catches with them and they start coming forward in telling the appropriate people tell law enforcement what happened, because I think there are many people out there that know what happened to Sean you. I will say this one thing that are in
negation and looking into this case has turned up. As we have been told, that there is at least one individual out there that claims to have. information regarding the, where possible whereabouts of sean junior of of his remains, or maybe what had happened to him that is now willing to speak with law enforcement and was not before now. what information does this individual? Now we don't know that exactly, but what we have been old is this information is being reported to law enforcement. Maybe this is the tip they need. Maybe this is the tip they need now some other keys to possibly solving this case there. is a rumour that his body, Sean's body, might be in the sims mountain area, and in their is actually local, rumour of a more specific location than just the sims mountain area, but I couldn't find
anything in the newspapers are anything through the course of the investigation that suggested that area has ever been search. So would be nice to see if, if, if they think, there's an wait there in that room to search that area or that more specific area. The other thing is interview go forth interview. This individual that we ve called go forth because this individuals in prison now just two years later and they offer I've been told. Is he serving a life sentence? So, if there's somebody something that he knows somebody that he can roll over on. This would be the time to talk to him. I couldn't nobody, everything that I found and everybody that we spoke to. Nobody could suggest that go forth has been interviewed at any point or was willing to cooperate in the investigation
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