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Shannan Gilbert 911 Call /// Part 1 /// 579

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Shannan Gilbert 911 Call /// Part 1 /// 579

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During the early morning hours of May 1, 2010 Shannan Gilbert traveled with Michael Pak from Manhattan to meet a client in Oak Beach. The homeowner Joseph Brewer was hosting a small gathering at his home. Joseph made arrangements for Shannan to be at his party. Michael Pak was Shannan’s driver and waited in his vehicle during the party. Something prompted Shannan to call 9-1-1 and she tells the dispatcher “Someone is after me!” Suffolk County Police have finally released Shannan’s 9-1-1 Call from that party. Join us in the Garage as we attempt to dissect and analyze this call. This is part of our continued coverage of the still unsolved Long Island Serial Killer case investigation. 

Previous coverage can be found in past episodes - Long Island Serial Killer Episodes 4 & 5  /  Long Island Serial Killer Update Episode 20 / The Killing Season Episode 61 / L.I.S.K. Update Episode #74 

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The suffolk county, new york, police and the new police commissioner Geraldine hard launch the website, gill, go news, dot com as a platform for bad, ground information and updates on the still unsolved long island serial killer case? The following as a general timeline posted on Google news, dot com, during the early morning. Hours of may first, two thousand and ten shannon gilbert a craigslist sex work traveled with her driver, Michael pack, for man and to me a client joseph brewer, at his home in the oak beach association, gilberts driver remained in his car, while she met with client at some point during the meeting gilbert reported we began acting irrational, prompting her claws to contact the driver and have guild, leave his home,
refusing to leave the location at the request of her client gilbert, eventually fled on foot into the oak beach community. Gilbert knocked on several doors and interacted with two homeowners within the community before disappearing. Both brewer and pack cooperated with police and have been interviewed and fully investigated on December eleven, two thousand and ten eight months, after the search for gilbert, began a suffolk county police parliament canine unit continued the search for good, near her last known whereabouts. Instead of finding gilbert. However, they uncovered human remains there were later identified. Is twenty four year old, melissa, bartholemy two days after the discovery of bartholemy, re additional victims were located along ocean parkway, the remains later identified as marine bernard barnes age. Twenty five amber lynn, costello, twenty seven
megan waterman aged twenty two all worked as craigs list sports and we're last seen between July two thousand and seven in september, two thousand ten, the investigation into Shanna gilberts disappearance continued several months. Late the remains of another woman who worked as an escort were discovered, several miles east of where the gil go beach for were found. This partial skeleton remains on earth on march. Twenty ninth, two thousand and eleven known as Jane doe number five segregation match the remains of Jane doe number, five to identify I'd partial remains of jessica taylor. Previously discovered and manner ville Angela, twenty six, two thousand three. She all. worked as an escort. This is the first connection, but the girl go homicides and manner bill.
following this connection between gill go beach and manner. Will the investigation expanded again on April fool or two thousand eleven three, more so of remains were found on ocean parkway and suffer county one set was of a female toddler, another was yet to be identified asian mail, the third was initial: referred to as Jane doe number six a week later, the investigator can uncover two additional sets of remains along ocean parkway in nassau county once third dna analysis was can to be the mother of the female toddler. Mothers, partial remains were first discovered and hempstead lake state park in ninety ninety seven. and she has become known as peaches do too. Tattoo of a peach on her body. The other said covered in nassau county was ethically match with remains discovered in nineteen ninety six and Davis park on fire island?
inefficiently expanding the timeline and geographic reach of the gilgal each homicide investigation originally known as manoeuvring jane doe. Jane doe number six found on April for two thousand and eleven was confirmed by the awful county police departments, homicide unit to man with remains discovered a manual on november, Nineteen two thousand recreational hunters Came across these remains a white female, with brown hair located off a wholesome manner, road In a word, it area invested asian determined that these remains have been in this location since the end of two thousand most significantly and may have twenty twenty, jane. Doe number six was identified as valerie mac max. means were identified with the assistance of the fbi using advanced for basic dna technology. Valerie mac disappear at the age of twenty. Four.
while living in philadelphia, worked as an escort, confirm to have worked in philadelphia, not new york also use the alias melissa taylor max family members prefer additional dna samples and confirmed that there I saw a man in the spring and summer of two thousand and port republic in new jersey, She was not reported missing. information aligned with the previous determination. The maximum aids were dumped in manner. Will in two thousand early december, two thousand and eleven suffolk county least found shannon gilberts purse, a mobile phone and oak beach marshlands Two days later, a quarter mile east of her belongings, Fritz remains were located in twenty twenty former suffolk county police commissioner Geraldine hart released previously undisclosed evidence to the public in an effort to advance the investigation
Police released photos of a bell believed to be handled by the suspect, not belong, to any of the big dumps found on the belt or what investigators believed to be someone's initials stamped on inside these letters or w h or h, m. in twenty twenty two current suffer county police. Commissioner rodney K Harrison establish a multi agency task force that includes the fbi. New york state police suffer county district attorney's office. The suffolk county, sheriff's office to re, vigorous the investigation and bring the person or persons responsible for these crimes to justice anyone with information should contact one of these agencies or please call crime stoppers at one. Eight hundred to two zero tips tee. I p s,
massive investigation for a predator predators now known as the long island serial killer all start with one phone call china albert calling nine one one in may of twenty ten led to the desk every of multiple females, one male and a toddler. Were robbed of their lives between ninety ninety six and twenty tat, and bert's nine, when one call led to one of the most consequential homicide investigations in the history of long island and now twelve years later. We are right back here where it all started. with the newly released, shannon gilbert nine one. One call this is true Garage the long island serial killer, This killer has a type bodies were found near
we were believe a serial killer How four held by wine hitler island serial killer. Well, Are we sit twelve years later? when we started this gig back in two thousand and fifteen? This was the first case that we covered in more than one episode and we stuck with it. We stuck with the long island, serial killer investigation and covered the story as much as we could. In fact, we did back to back episodes episodes four and five and to them in fifteen episode, twenty in two thousand and sixteen, and then we had our good friend Josh Zeman on the show, an episode sixty one to cover the killing season. His documentary that cover
a portion of the long island serial killer case and then an episode. Seventy four we gave you another update a list update as we title it, which of course list standing for long island serial killer, so started this journey in two thousand and fifteen and on the big show here in the garage two thousand and seven, When was the last time that we have taken a look at this case. We ve revisited the case from time to time with, any new evidence or new information that has came out on our other show off the and here we are all of these years later, sticking with it, because finally, it was called for when shannon gilbert went missing. It was called for when the bodies were being recovered, in the remains were being found in the gil go beach area. It was called for again when Robert cultures book, the loss- girls came out and it was called for again when the gilbert family disputed the medical examiners findings.
That her death was not a homicide after her body was finally recovered and now It's finally released the shannon gilbert nine one one call yes, colonel almost seems ridiculous that it took so long to be release so less not take much longer to dive into our breakdown of this call. Now we ve teased with this information that the nine on one call would be coming out for years now, and there were several different times it the captain and I were convinced hey, this call is finally going to be released. It's gonna happen next week or later this week. and then it never came about. There was all somebody somewhere along the line that was shutting it down from getting out to the public, but now its final here and what we have is we have the suffolk county sheriff's office, who is
telling us that this is the information we are now ready to release this nine one. One call to you, the public. We believe that it is important for you to hear it and we encourage you to listen to it in its entirety, there is some difficult audio along the way. So what they have provided us with is they had their tat, force and an audio visual expert team get together and put together some legit information and offer transcripts for the voices and for the words that are being spoken in the recording. All of this is available on the gil. Go news: dot com website again there the informational website that was put together to offer concrete factual information, a long island serial killer investigation, the ongoing investigation. Now For those of you who are new to, our show or maybe knew too true crime and are unaware of this case? That's understandable.
As this was big time news twelve years ago, twenty ten. This was huge news you couldn't, if you were looking or reading true crime. This case was all over the place, especially on the internet, and as we said, we covered it, several times here in the garage you're welcome to go back and listen to those episodes, as well as the trailer for today, which gives a nice complete background, a shortened version of the information, that's necessary to be aware. of here in this case, and so important point out. If seen didn't make this nine one one call her family didn't push law enforcement to look for her. We may never have found these other victims, that's exactly right, captain! So little little background information and gilbert as a woman who mysteriously disappeared, her disappearance led to the discovery of ten.
other bodies alongside ocean parkway its unclear. If her death is connected to these other cases, but, as you said, had we don't start finding. These remains unless they are out looking for shannon gilbert over the years as we have had Mary gilbert, Shannon's mother, who filed a lawsuit against suffolk county police department, seeking the release of these recordings and transcripts. police claimed releasing. It may jeopardize the ongoing investigation, but now here we sit and twenty twenty two. They are in fact releasing them and have said that day now believed that this information will not impede their investigate Also. What we were told by the current police commissioner ronnie K Harrison is that what we will be hearing is shannon gilberts nine, when one call, as well as to other calls and straight from their website and for the website.
on information. In this case gill go news, com where you can find those recordings it states. We are going to hear to other calls that were placed by residents of oak beach. Now you won't I have to go to that website, because we are going to play those calls for you today as well as offer some analysis as to what we believe that we're hearing or insights in as it may work into the long island serial killer investigation. But let's start this off with the intro that law enforcement gives to the nine one one call I'm detective: lieutenant Kevin Beira, the commanding officer of the south county, please homicide section, this video was made to explain the circumstances surrounding the three nine one. One calls made on the day. Shannon gilbert went missing the fall on eight and nine will one calls are available and encourage people to listen to them in their entirety. Portions of the call taken out of context will sound sensational.
During the early morning, hours of may, first, two thousand ten shattered gilbert, a craigslist sex worker and resident of jersey city. New jersey travelled from it happened to meet a client joseph brewer at his home. At eight, the fair way of beach new york shadow was driven to a beach manhattan by your driver? Michael pack? Neither one is familiar with the area. Neither one had been there before and neither one had met brewer before path, waited in the car will shannon was inside with brewer pack was heard de facto security at four. Fifty one I am while it Bruce house share, called nine on one, this call less for more than twenty one minutes at time, shannon speaking com why but slurring her words at time, she's, not responsive and at times she screaming during this call braun packard trying to get china to leave the house. shannon eventually does leave the house and once the gus colonies house, located at seventeen the fair way
which causes him to call nine hundred and eleven at five hundred and twenty two a dot m. This is the start of the shannan gilbert. Nine hundred and eleven call a line. How can I suggest you, hello, hello,.
Hello, are you dialed into the nine one one system? How can I assist you? Hello? Do you need the police where, where who's there with you hello, what's going on, why somebody is harassing you hope they try. Let me talk to him. Let me talk to him
fly the jellyfish you're at jones. Beach, five is awesome. Alright, let me connect to the state police, stand the line. Okay, so we don't hear shannon gilbert screaming bloody murder. Obviously, at this point in the nine one, one call she's calling and she sounds a little incoherent to me. A little out of it and she sang and slurred speech and and I can only give my opinion as to what I, what my ears are telling me that I'm hearing, but I'm hearing slurred speech of someone's after me and its clear that its clear to the operator, because the operator continues to ask her. What are you saying, she's asking for clarification now, of course, We now know what the emergency is. We have a woman, that's afraid she believes that there's someone after her
and the nine on one operator wants to establish where shannon is where she located, so that we can send help too. And unfortunately, shannon is not really clear about where she is. She knows she's on long island she's, not certain of the county? but she's asking the operator if you can trace this call? If you can trace my location, we here, you're a male voice in the background to which the operator is now saying. Let me speak with him. I want to talk to that guy that I'm hearing keep it find shannon gilbert. At this point we know It's in the four clock our early in the morning, so they ve been up all night partying. By this point. She Driven, thereby her driver, Michael pack, late the night before we're now the forty eight hour she calling nine one one and she still at Joseph brewers home during the early part of this call brain and
That is joseph brewer it, according to the suffolk county police department, that is joseph brewer that we are hearing in the background yeah, possibly Joseph brewer, possibly another mail. There could be multiple males in the background it so hard to here. What the background noises and I dont know if she's technically slurring her words or if she is just mumbling, because I No wonder the stuff she's asking for when she said. Hey somebody's after me, and can you trace my call? These are things Maybe you want! I want the the males in the room to hear that you are calling on one more do you like the fact that no one one operators like hey, let me talk to him- I'm good tartars, individual. There after you, yes, she's, trying to assess the situation and she's not able to get much information or any useful information from shannon who called nine women. Once you figure
now that she's in different location. This is where she transfers shannon's call a. Glad to them. Why they pleased the site. state police and saw the authorities comply authority. Where are you there's somebody out there Ok, where are you somebody asked. Where are you MA am don't know you're driving right now, I'm sorry, inside the house what I don't know what I'm sorry, if I no, I can't
what's your call back number calling from what? I remember you calling from the letter Russell Where are you and suffer carrier nasa county huh I'm on island, I it take Shillin a little bit of time, to reply to the nine one one operator once she is transferred, but she is clearly talk in more clearly now What I don't understand is when she starts asking her other crops things other than what's wrong? She keeps repeating herself somebody's after yeah again, she's, not offering very good information and so the operate? the nine one one operator has transferred her to the state police because
off of very little information, the operator believes that this is a police matter that did the collar is not requesting the fire department or e m tease that this is a police matter. So now she's going to transfer to the city. police who still are trying to figure out where the collar is in the state of new york, right so it's it's a large they their running to figure out where she is so that we can really home in on her location and get the proper authorities to her exact location, to interview her on the scene to take a police report, at this whole again, she is also asking can trace. My colleague is, I don't know where I met, but the the term. Somebody is after me. That is, I'm in danger is basically what she's saying in my mind. Yes, she believes that she is in danger. According to those words, yes, if he's not completely responsive
the nine one one operator, but she is talking more clearly, there's, definitely something wrong with her, but there is definitely something wrong with this situation because she doesn't. Feel safe in this situation, and we don't know how many men are at this house and who is there that is making her phil on come? Well, I mean uncomfortable enough to call nine one one. The and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot, sir, it's the one I use most often it's. What has changed my life, so dramatically mental is so important and something that we need to be discussing every day. You invest time. Yourself and taking care of yourself. I've tried
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called law and crime, and they have this great, daily, dep recap: podcast called law and crime sidebar each morning they recap the top three moments from the trial and provide analysis with the reporters who are actually in the courtroom. It's called law in crime side bar and its available on ample spot I and there's a video version of it on youtube. We wanted to make sure that we included that, for you guys today from our friends over at law and crime, sidebar the to quote Johnny depp from the trial colonel. You read that very well. Alright, let's get back into this
gene and gilbert nine one. One call now now where in long island in and suffocating nasa county, call me why. So what your hearing, here again, the background noise is an audible, it's very difficult to tell who is speaking and what they are set.
But it's interesting to know what's going on in the background right, because we are sitting you're, trying to figure out what shannon experiencing and why she feels that her life is in danger. Why she feels like somebody is after her and who might be these people that she's with now. We know that she's at Joseph brewers, home again, according to the sun, county police department, the male voice that you are hearing in the ground at this last clip that we ve just covered is joseph brewer. An account to their transcript. What he is saying is year he wants to talk to you. The guy wants to talk to you and and gilbert says no and so based offer this time scripture. I would believe, or at least believe that the suffer county police department believe that Joseph brewer is speaking directly to shannon. At this point, what's interesting to me though, is that he says yeah. He wants to talk to you. The guy one
to talk to you, I'm a little, I'm not like That sentence they're here captain because he's supposed to be hosting a party for What we ve been told, it's a small gathering of men and then they ve hired shan to come in and entertain during the course of that night. I don't like when I hear somebody saying the guy wants to talk to you should know everybody's name that's in his home, and I believe that my be he's purposely not saying this and name or he does not know the man's name, which either way I dont like. Yet I think either way it's it's suspicious behavior. I agree and I think it and points to the person that is after her now on the flip side, of the pendulum. I'd say, maybe saying the guy wants to talk to you and he referring to michael pack, her driver. That's that's a great analysis, because
does, he likely does not know Michael packs, name right, He probably doesn't know what title to give the guy. You know driver your security you're pimp. I mean. Probably does not know what to call the guys Maybe he is referring to michael pack here, but the reaction from shannon. Is that whoever it is the Joseph brewers telling her to speak with Are you saying no? No, she cleared He does not want to speak with whoever Joseph brewers telling her to talk to buy it enough, it doesn't seem like she's, afraid of brewer himself, no screaming there. I don't hear anything like tat, in her voice again she's an estate I don't know that that we're going to be able to decide for a lot based off of her that her voice in her tone but clearly she's feels afraid enough to call nine when one at this point, but the other conferred?
same thing too, and this might have to do with her her her mental state at this point or her physical state or both She keeps saying something like: why is saying my name or you know- and I thought Maybe they had to do with some time? Sometimes, if you're, ask or or or exotic dancer, you may have stage name or name that is used during the course of your business, but It sounds to me like she is being called shannon, but is also a little can. whose as to why anybody would be calling her that them- maybe this guy, I figured her real name, and she does I him using her real name. What am I big, issues with this case, though, is, like you, said her state of mind. What was she doing that day? What were what kind of drugs were being taken at? This party But also was she aware of whatever drugs somebody gave her well
keep in mind to that. By this point, we ve been good then a timeline from law enforcement years ago and from people that are closer to this case. What we ve been told was that at some point in the course of the I they laughed and went to a cvs to pick up a couple items at a cvs in it's believed that a possible drug deal took place during the course of or to and from sea vs or at the sea vs. So, as you point there are not. There are narcotics at this party, it wouldn't be added, questioner out of the room, a possibility that the shannon brought with her some narcotics that evening and, at the very least, we may not know exactly what she knows or what kind of substances are available or that they are doing that night, but I believe that if she was along
that right to the sea vs, which we have been told in the past- that she was that she witnessed whatever was it was picked up, there's also been some thought and speculation. Over the years. Maybe this. This pick up was at her request yeah a lotta unknowns, but I go back to the story and it's a famous story of george harrison and John lennon. They ate dinner with a dentist and he put lsd and to their tea or coffee, and so these two individuals are now high on lsd and have no clue that that they were drug by this Dennis whatever happened to them that day, if something bad would have happened to them, the honest would be on that dentist, and so I really question what
is fed to her and drinks where there was a roof e, where it was adding pills or or something some kind of cocktail to whatever she candy online your father, here's the thing is: is in other words let's go almost three years
why why can't hear you on line, Why why? Why do I do? what county you MA am. why? You call me one? I knew. Again. I have a lot of frustration, among others call because I want to dream to fan. Why aren't you interacting with the nine one one operator I also a scream to her. Why are you not leaving because you here male voices. In the background at this point before we just had the war
in which we were being told it was Joseph bur. Now we have michael pack, so you might be right there, captain with the the guy, wants to talk to you Joseph brewer may have been referring to michael pack. At this point we have michael pack, who is he's come into the home, or at least the door is open and he is interacting with shannon gilbert, and he says simply you, ok, you know, checking it on her Right and he's like, hey, let's go and joseph brewer is, is actively trying to get shannon gilbert to leave, he doesn't seem to be bought third, that she's on the phone with somebody. Maybe he doesn't know that she's on the phone, I, as you said earlier, its difficulties if this phone is up to ear and mouth so that she could talk to the emergency services or, if she's got it held away from her her face at this point because it sometimes sounds like she's very distant from the phone, but what we
I have here and I'm kind of picturing this as we go through it. We have Michael pack, who's trying to get she, and I believe we have joseph brewer who is trying to get shannon d leave right and we ve all been in this situation. And not this exists. situation, but we ve been in situations like this in its very annoying when you're with a An inebriated friend that you're trying to get them to go home or trying to get them to do some and at some point you resort to baby steps of well. If we can just get here she to do this. One thing, maybe it to have a domino effect and we can get the end that we want. The end result that this cleared a mere me. Is it Michael pack once or to go home and Joseph poor once chain and gilbert to go home So at some point you have Joseph burgoyne, hey, let's go side I'll, show you something all three of us are going to go outside meeting him, Michael. In china, gilbert luscious, outside and we'll talk about it out there almost like hey, let's get the bay
steps. Go in here, let's at least get her out of the house, and maybe We get her out of the house. We can convince her to get into Michael pack suburban and then they can return to manhattan or wherever it is that Joseph brewer believed that they came from yeah and just base of this part of the costs hard to believe that there are some, really nefarious going on between pack and brewer, because they don't seem to be at all concern with hey get off the phone. No, they don't so it doesn't matter who she's gone soup. She could be talking to her mother. She could talk, be talking to law enforcement, it doesn't really matter who's calling. We don't have concern with that. I think you would have a way, bigger concern with whose she's talking to a what information she's trying to give out if there was something very nefarious going on, at least between, though
to individuals the thing that shocking to me, though, captain is it. It appears this and does not want to have anything to do with Michael pack she's leaving with him. She doesn't seem to want to talk to him. Maybe it's on Here too, her who chose a brewers were spring to when he said the guy wants to talk to you there, but now that he's in front of your face? Yes, she doesn't she's not cooperating with michael pack, who should be her friend and all of the right. Whatever label you want to give him, we know that he was the I've or for her that night, it's been stated that he was her driver on previous occasions when also technically, as job is also not just to transport her. But to protect her yeah, add some element:
of security by or her there's, some problems with some of this stuff is. If I was in her situation, I want to go into this house by myself. Why didn't pack go in the house with her something happened during this party? Maybe it wasn't by brewer, maybe was by somebody else, but of some sicko whispered, something into her ear. Oh, when I get you alone, I'm going to kill you or something Somebody was too aggressive with her she's manner pact, because you put me in this situation you're supposed to help protect me. That's pretty your job right, but we, it would be silly for us to try to figure out the business arrangements between shannon and michael pack, but it also be extremely odd for michael pact to enter the premises with shannon, because the key is immediately going to say I paid for you to be here, not for him to be here,
and he can provide that security the outside as silly as it sounds, that's typically how these things go down. Why disagree with you? I I don't know much about this profession. I do know that I've been to two bachelor parties at somebody's house where they hired a stripper. They came in with security. Security stayed within the whole time, both of my buddies got too drunk started, get a hanzi with the strippers the security told him to stop. They wouldn't stop, so they left and they still had to pay full price, but whatever, as happened at this point again, she's, not in any rush to leave with michael pack, who is supposed to be her lifeline, whether he's outside or inside the home yan, makes you wonder if there was some kind of argument or disagreement with them by it seems pretty clear on the transcript that back is asking our hey. Are you
ok and she's just Ivan being responsive towards that. But it does seems like there is now becoming a escalation. In this situation this is a free software is free and you don't know something the picture. The know truth why, one
surely not an outbreak of, says my home, As far as most of you know, a friend of mine alone always hear things are ramping up here rather quickly. By this point and again we we'll have the two male voices in the ground, joseph brewer and michael pack and one point brewer is saying to shannon were actually he saying this to Michael pack, saying hey, you take her and I'm gonna go upstairs. Keep my therefore I am in the morning at this point, his problem
telling the driver like this is your problem now buddy I've called you too her bright and you're here I dont know why she doesn't want to leave with you, but I'm going upstairs, meaning I'm going to bed and you can handle this take her out. here and get her home. Then we have Michael pack, whose interacting with shannon there when shannon start saying why what are you going to kill me and in my pack even says no at some point, so we know that that question, or at least michael backbone, that question was directed to him because he offers a response. She says you know not going outside. They want her to outside. They want her to leave an she's. looking back on that saying I'm not going outside. Where are we were out in the middle of nowhere and Michael pack? Is actually trying to explain to her ass best he can or best, as he knows where
they are right. It's such a confusing situation. You wonder what happened at the party. get paid. Does she not leaving his reading it paid it seems to me that she's not leaving because she's afraid that, once she leaves this location that something bad is going to happen to her. The thing is here then it sounds to me if I'm basing off my opinion off of what I have just heard, the short snippet that I have just heard. It sounds to me like she's, afraid or suspicious of going with michael pack. She comes to the party with pack in her work as a team. That's her safety net. She goats his party, something happens at the party and now she's afraid to leave The safety should be with pack. The safety should be with leaving the party gettin away from whoever is the opposite of what you think that she
would be thinking, but not every day. You here on a nine one, one call hate thereafter me or their plotting to kill me or are you going to kill me something's, not right there, not top that? Oh we know what happens she ends up. Debt The long island serial killer, this killer has a type bodies were found near we believe a serial killer, how far held by wine hitler island serial killer. Thank you so much for joining us here in the ground, so much more to get to tomorrow's episode. But if you need more true crime garage in your ear balls check out, our barney shook off the record.
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