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On a Thursday night in August of 2023 business owner and pillar of the community Sharif Rahman was attacked outside of his Owen Sound, Ontario restaurant.  Sadly, Sharif did not survive.  Since that night, police have been asking the public to help them to identify three men and a vehicle all linked to the murder.  Sharif was attacked on 8/17/2023 between 9 and 9:30PM.  There are photos available of suspects #1 and #2.  Police have made public a photo of a vehicle linked to the case as well.  We will post these images on our social accounts - see below.  People who may have further information or videos and photos are asked to contact Owen Sound Police (Ontario) at 519-376-1234 or Detective Constable Geoff Bridgeman at gbridgeman@owensoundpolice.com 

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And always sound points are releasing food. I was at the suspects, wanted any vicious assault of a business owner last week. These are the voters of two of the men wanted and the attack and the vehicle that they would rising police handyman attacked sharif roman, while he was in the process of closing his restaurant, the curry house, last thursday, I'd. He was settling up with the last remaining group of customers when they attacked him, allegedly pushing and striking him and his nephew
there, was a large turnout in owen sound last night in support of rome and about eight hundred people gather through the downtown area for a vigil romans nephew suffered minor injuries, but roman himself suffered serious life, threatening head injuries and has not yet regained consciousness. He remains in a london ontario hospital. There is another and planned for tomorrow and our sound in support of roman and his you heard it. There. Tat is already over a the news find them at sea tv news that see a online. That was a report of an in credit.
Aggravating story out of ontario canada and the result of that senseless attack is quite heartbreaking. But before we get into the details of this week's true crime story, we need to introduce you all to a great man, sharif rahman, born and raised in bangladesh, should if rahman move to canada about ten years before the events that we will be discussing this week and those events are unfortunately leading up to the events of this last amr. Sadly, Sharif robin was murdered in august of twenty twenty three now this murder took place in a very public setting which quickly lead to a harry public murder investigation. This attack, resulting in reefs death, took place on canadian soil and, as far as I know, captain we might be the first american true crime podcast show to provide coverage
this ongoing investigation. Let's learn a little bit about sherry now, prior to a rising in the small city of owen, sound ontario sheriff earned a masters degree in international development. At the university of glasgow in scotland, then in two thousand and fifteen sharif purchase the curry house, a business that would marry two of his great loves, delicious food and giving back to his community Sharif Rahman was a beloved individual. He is described by family and friends as a gentle spirit, so from two thousand and fifteen through last summer, Sharif is a local small, a business owner who somehow manages to find time to volunteer for food banks and homeless shelters. He was also successful at helping to raise funds with a gold
and hunger in his community and beyond? He was a board member of the grey bruce. Why am cia and he and his Emily spent time supporting their neighborhood initiatives as well. As one will figure. He is rather a busy dude because, as said he, Doing this all while running a popular downtown restaurant, the curry house, we know that he very much enjoyed his restaurant. For many reasons, help providing wonderful food and jobs to local residents, but greatest joy. His restaurant afforded was a space.
Or community members of all ethnicities to come together to enjoy food conversation and connection frequently characterized as a peaceful and kind individual. The beloved local business owner seemed an extremely unlikely victim of a violent attack that he would unfortunately suffer on a human august, nine and two thousand and two de three, just a couple of examples of what he was doing for the community. He had have special events and the profits of those events would go to feeding the homeless also would donate is time and by cooking meals for the homeless as well, and just to complete this picture of this tragic three sharif and his young wife. Sheila nazism, emigrants to canada and two thousand and thirteen with the dual goal.
of beginning a business and starting a family, the two relocated to come In two thousand and thirteen and settled in the small city of owen, sound ontario, the community seems to have everything. The young couple was looking for: diversity, friendly residents, business prospects and opportunities to get involved in local charities fund raising and other community, cavities in two thousand and fifteen. The dream was realised when the couple purchase the curry house, a restaurant in downtown owen, sound ontario, the second and no doubt far more important was achieved when having a baby in two thousand and seventeen. The couple welcome their daughter just six years before sheriffs, untimely and tragic death, in march of two thousand and twenty two sharif rahman did an interview with century twenty one. This was an. In studio video interview
and anyone who has seen this, I think, will agree. What I see in this interview is Sharif is a relaxed, modest man who is the embodiment of a true immigrant success story. He soft spoken and friendly, but exuding a quiet confidence, Sharif, robins, eyes sparkle. When he discusses the dishes he lovingly prepares at the curry house. It is clear that the restaurant specializing in indian cuisine from parts of india, pakistan, in bangladesh, this is his pride and joy and Sharif is unhesitating when asked to name his most popular dish: chicken teacup marsala in response to a question about the spiciest dish on them, you sure, if laughingly categorizes, the van Doolittle as ten
the ten on the fiery scale, but he becomes truly animated when he describes why he delights in what he does for a living? How every day is different and the deep connection that he feels to each customers and the community at large a little more then, a year after that interview abroad, attack would heartlessly extinct the shining light this The shining light of this community, the only sound community and patrons of the restaurant and neighbours would forever more and the loss of a beloved business leader and friend the vicious murder of sharif rahman is as of yet unsolved, and I say as of yet because I think that there is plenty of me on the bone here and a way for the public to help
And the community is left to wonder who would callously take this gentle, inspirational soul and true leader from their midst? So after purchasing the restaurant, the curry house in two thousand and fifteen captain and putting down roots in their adopted- Community Sharif soon became a beloved fixture of that neighborhood. Again he enjoyed not just eating everybody in the community, anybody that was willing to stop into his restaurant, but also providing jobs, and you- and I both talked it- touched upon some of his fund raising efforts in volunteering efforts. but he was also a board member of the owen, sound grey, Bruce Y m c, a a generous supporter of their programs, and he welcome newcomers to the neighborhood and You can imagine that he's in a good position to do this. As a business owner a family man, but as somebody that move there-
from far away himself right, so you can share in his experiences and help them out to get better acquainted with the community and again this. This individual is doing things in it. Immunity in a positive way and doing many things that you don't have to do as a business owner. He didn't have to feed the homeless. He didn't have to have special events to try to raise money. He he could have just went to work and kept his head down and took all the funds and made his pockets bigger but that's not what kind of person he was an you know its january. A lot of people are looking for a new jam or for for Jim membership somewhere checking out there, their local places to work out ass
and he was board member at the Y m c a there, but he had also set up and was running helping to run a small cafe in the lobby of the Y m c a's facility. So anybody. That's ever experienced a cafeteria or a cafe or of a jim. That provides. Maybe a smoothie or juice bar. That's, that's quite a amenity to those locations yeah. I heard that he served a cafe latte, so Owens sound. This is a all our community, it's a charming city located on the southern shore of the georgian of the georgian bay known as the scenic city. It lies at the foot of the bruce peninsula nestled at the mouths of two rivers. So this is a gorgeous area. think hiking trails parks, breathtaking waterfalls and a large tranquil harbour the girl,
now doors is just moments away from the historic downtown. That's where his restaurant is located. This vibrant historic city has a popular vision of a little more than twenty one thousand people. So it's it's not a huge community occur to the twenty twenty one census. As said just over twenty one thousand people oh and sounds I've downtown area host, numerous annual cultural events and festivals. So it's not difficult to see why people continue to flock to this area as there are so many different advantages that would appeal to a wide range of people. Now some have said- and we see this all over the map captain with all these cases that we discuss With increased population growth, sometimes come big city issues and problems. Like me,
nay communities across the: u s and in canada the city was dealing with destitution and homelessness affordability of available housing and the effects of the drug epidemic crime pierre to be steadily increasing and twenty twenty three and oh and sound some of these would be violent crimes. So, to give an example of the crime trends in this, ethnic rights for two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and twenty two there Only one single homicide reported in this community one now fast forward Last year, twenty twenty three we have who murders in july of twenty twenty three, and
A little more than a month later, a third life would be claimed in that, unfortunately, was the murder of are respected. Business man Sharif rahman. Now, let's get into the day in question here. This will be just last summer on thursday August seventeen twenty twenty three, and we are at the couples: restaurant, the popular downtown establishment, the curry house, so make mental note of that. It's a thursday business as usual. Here for the most part We have all had the thursday restaurant experience. It tends to be a little busier than earlier in the week, but not as busy is friday saturday, as those are typically your money making days. It's close to closing time. This puts us roughly at about nine to nine fifteen p m sharif. Rahman is preparing to close. The curry house
or the night, so he is circling amongst the tables exchanging pleasantries with the patrons. But this is all the time in the even when you are cheerfully bringing up hey. Would you like some dessert or maybe one last drink before I bring you the check that after the front of the house in this case Sharif we'll go around requesting that the patrons settled their bill. If they had already done so sharif Gozo. to a table where we have three guys sitting at the stable. The three male patrons, had been dining. That evening, an sharif asked them to settle their bill. The men apparently refused to pay their tab without explanation and they get up from their chairs and from the table and they walk away and they leave the restaurant well Sharif, followed them outside in an attempt to continue the discussion today. We still got this check.
That needs to be taken care of your gentlemen, the other essentially stealing from his business. Joining him following him is his nephew add not so now we have a group of five men and. It ends up being kind of they're kind of standing in a circle on the sidewalk just outside of the restaurant. Three of them are customers who reportedly are not planning to pay the bill or food refusing and thieves and two gentlemen from the curry house, restaurant in front of the curry house, a heated argument quickly escalated into a physical conference. Asian, resulting in sharif and his nephew being assaulted by the three men. The terms No son reported that that that the altercation, which had begun over the dispute concerning a get ready for them
people, forty dollars check occurred, around nine fifteen that evening and we're pretty just pathetic we're pretty locked and loaded on that time. Right is around nine fifteen, but that's a pretty solid time- and we know this based off of some evidence and things that we will get into here in a bit right. Add not snap. You suffered only minor cuts and bruises from this attack, but Sharif was violently assaulted and beaten about the head to the point of losing consciousness at the local level. We have the when sound police service, they will be some of the first responders to hit the scene oh and sound police service, o s p s going forward when arrive on the scene. It was
air that Sharif had suffered some very serious injuries in the attack outside of his his restaurant. his nephew Anon was in much better shape, as we said, he's not seriously hurt, but Sharif had been viciously beaten about the head until he was left in a state of unconsciousness, so he's unresponsive when first responders or hit the scene Sharif had been ferociously assaulted, sustained serious injuries, it was quickly determined that Sharif was critically injured by the three attackers and so he's rushed to a london. ontario hospital, where he was placed on life, support soon after arrival. Let's just reiterate the fact that this is over a forty dollar bill. That these three individuals attacked one man
oh violently, that he goes into a coma and then has to be placed in intensive care over forty our bill. Well, the thing that I have a hard time getting over here. Captain I've never been to owen sound. I look up potty pictures and studied the maps of the area. This is not. This is like an upscale area. This is a beautiful area. And I know that that does me about I scale. People can also be trash now. I know that I know that call He can happen anywhere. Unfortunately, violence can happy and happen anywhere in even in our safest of neighborhoods, but it make it a little harder to fathom. It makes sense, hell even harder to swallow when you find it. This is something we have two situations here that make it a tough pill to swallow, one such a great guy
Did he seems to be highly unlikely to be the victim of a violent attack and to such a grey area that you would think that something like this happen and the reason why I'm focusing in on the area a little bit here is that this case to me seems to be The attack seems a little random, but maybe not completely random, and I know that sounds we are to say, but I think we can get into wide. Both could be bruh here later, when we get to some of the theories here in this case right. so sadly, Sharif would never recover from the attack and he passed away one week after he was beaten outside of his own restaurant
just forty four years old, a pillar of his community and leaving behind a wife and a young child and I've seen pictures of sharif family for some of the visuals memorials held for this man after he passed, and it was very difficult for me not to tear up seeing his his daughters face such acute daughter such a wonderful, young family and a man and oh and his wife, They are not just building their family. They really laid down some routes here and owen sound well, also me true, crime shows and podcast. They say this the vigil let up around. I don't think that's what kind of man he was. I think he was one of those guys that he didn't have to light up the room he's she took her back, see and help support other people to live,
that robe and all the evidence you need to know about how great of individual this guy was in his community to his friends and family, was when it was reported, he was attacked. Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up to the restaurant, to for to show their support. Sometimes we have these events where people show up once a death has occurred, but people were showing up before he died yeah they they estimated they in on one day, in particular, probably about six percent of the population of the city. Like that, that's a good turn out now,
the to the unfortunate kind of colder, more business side of these true crime stories sharif. Passing this, of course, elevates the case for the investigators right we're going to go from an obvious attack and assault. Now, a fatal attack so a week after the attack on the same day, the Sharif passed away owen, sound police, released information about the violent attack on the business man. This, including security, camera photos and descriptions, of two caucasian males suspects seen fleeing south on second avenue ii, and then esau, ninth street east sadly, and will pose these photos
on our social media. But it's just the back of these individuals yeah. They provided details of a third suspect as well also described as caucasian an photo of a grey or possibly blue to thousands model similar to a ford, escape or mazda tribute, so to be clear here, they're, not say its afford escape that they're? Looking for there not saying it's a mazda tribute that they're looking for their saying that the description they have from what they can see. The investigators are saying it is similar to afford escape or a mazda tribute yeah. My frustration with his case so far is and will pose a picture of the vehicle as well as we have. at least two individuals photographed yes, at the back of the individual
But we have a pretty good description of this car. Why has become ford and said? I believe it's this individual, I know that these three individuals were goin to the curry house that that night, well, I'm police saying to be clear here. Captain police are saying that we believe this vehicle is linked to this incident. now. The photos were a little grainy, but they're, not bad. Show too of the man only from the back as the cap and pointed out, but a full description, including the clothing that they were wearing, was included in this announcement from the police to the public. Oh, I am requesting that everyone now, where do the power levels to their senses, other functions and the white brain matter and redress
the energy and power surplus to your ear balls in the giant grey matter in between the air balls just get to it. That's the garage way of saying pay. Attention long lives, okay, so the vehicle sought linked to the attack described as a grey or blue to thousands model similar to a ford escape or mazda tribute. We have he suspects that we are looking for. These are the three men that were sitting at the table that refuse to pay their bills that attacked sharif and his nephew outside of the curry house restaurant in august of twenty twenty three. The first aspect is described as a white man: five foot, ten inches tall to six foot, two inches tall with a medium build In short, dark hair surveillance footage showed him wearing a blue t, shirt, black shorts and black running shoes.
And apparently he's wearing the right kind of shoes, because in the image we have captured by surveillance camera. He is running, he is fleeing. The scene suspect number two is described as a white male five foot, ten inches to six, two inches with a medium build, was short brown air, that is or more importantly, was in august of twenty twenty three longer. On top he was wearing an orange t, shirt black shorts and black running shoes. Police are saying that both suspect number one and suspect number two are believed to be in their made twenties to mid thirty's. There is an image of this aspect as well, so suspect number one in number. Two. Both images are of the men from the back running fleeing from the scene, so these
then surcoat circulating around the web now since one week after the attack suspect number three. Unfortunately, we do not have an image of this p o s, but what we do have is a general description with what seems likely to be one major difference between our suspects suspect number three is, and caucasian mail. He is curly hair wearing shorts in a t, shirt, but police believed that this aspect is in his late forties to mid fifty's. Police have released information and images of all three male suspects and again, two of which they said, ran southbound on second avenue east toward the intersection of ninth street and continued eastbound on ninth,
three east, following the attack, it makes you wonder if this is possibly the father. The third suspect me in the father of these two younger individuals. but what I can guarantee you is we're on a plaster these cowards. Pictures all over the internet and we're going to plaster these cowards and these pieces of shit vehicle all over the internet. And somebody will identify these horrible individuals.
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Conversation about true crime, where were pack in things up taken the garage party to nashville and taken the garage party over to london, england. We hope to see every one of you out there that would be fantastic. Now, captain you hit on somethin right before the break. These guys are pieces yet well. I know I liked it. You were saying that what if the order suspect is the father of the two younger suspects or the father of possibly one right of the other suspect. So let's think about that for a minute and hone in on it. If police police are telling us based off of the the witnesses that we talked to based off of the people, the restaurants and based off of the images that we collected from surveillance, footage in the area this would. This is likely other big, this is in the area or maybe even traffic cameras, but they are saying
We believe that suspects, one and two are likely in their made. one is to mid thirties and we also believe that suspect, number three the one that we do not have a picture or image of to circulate he's dress Very similarly, he shared a sit down. Meal the other two he's involved in this alteration and fleeing the scene. We believe that this aspect suspect number three is in his late forties too made fifty. So if police have this information right, if their suspicions are correct, well, then that puts a possible age difference between suspects one and to compare to suspects and suspect number three at a range of as little as about five years, difference to possibly up to thirty years difference in age rain. So that's quite the window there and I think that done
open up the possibility for if, if there is a fifteen twenty twenty five thirty year gap in age between the suspects, one and two and suspect three, You go further down the line and you get different possibilities. Is this say? Is this a boss is an uncle? Is it a penis or if its effects, your differences in an older brother. Maybe it's an order friend, but then the possibility of is this a father of one of the other suspects and the ring so why? A in on that? I'm so glad you did as well is that is we already stated. The police. This was a very public attack, happened downtown out on the street cowards after dark, but where anybody see the attack, anybody could see the men fleeing from the scene and police very
fully, so they very quickly make this a very public investigation, hey public, we need you. help to identify these horrible people and I think honing it on that idea. three men having a dinner on a thursday evening, tat happens all the time, but you really shrink your percentages. If now you got the public thinking A father and son grown father and son, having dinner with of with a friend, were grown father and sons having a dinner on thursday in oh and sound in august, that can really shrink their presence judges of our suspect poor. When also makes you wonder, because this is small knit community
just somebody know something in there just not coming forward because oh yeah, I feel what you know me captain, I'm a bet and I would wager franklin somebody out. There knows one of these three has told somebody else something or somebody out. There knows one or two of these men were at the curry house. That night I live, feel extremely and about their so shame on you, if you ve not come for unknown, if you haven't come forward, guess what you are your lungs yeah levels. We are that you might as well have been there at the attack. So police didn't stop there they were seeking information from the public, because, several days after the release of the vehicle information and the suspect descriptions, I went sound police there. There also aided by the gray, bruce p p, so we got multiple agencies involved. Very early on they. Now
that they were also seeking witnesses from the night of Sharif. Murder equally, those having video footage between Eight p m and nine forty five p m so wise that important you can see on these surveillance footage of the image of the vehicle in particular. It is time stamped and yes, we ve talked about that those times. Stamps can be off right, but is time stamped, I believe: nine, twenty, eight or nine twenty nine p m that night and we have witnesses at the restaurant saying that this alteration took place Between nine and nine fifteen looks like it says on this time. On this time, stamp nine twenty one perfect, so they have just enough time flee, who knows, of all three of them, fled to the vehicle and then took off in the vehicle.
Or if only the older suspected, that part gets a little markings are trying to figure out. Let's create a trail of these guys and see how far we can follow that trail to lead to who they are. We have the member of parliament here, mp alex raw. who he was publicly urging the suspects to surrender he's promising look you will be caught. There's no question about that. In his mind, you will be caught even if you dont come forward. You have Opportunity here now to come forward. Do the right thing, but let's go back to what their other request was. We're requesting do you know,
these guys or do you know this vehicle, but now we're saying: hey. We're looking for additional witnesses were looking for people that may have video or have snapped a picture on their phone between eight p m and nine forty five pm, if you are from owen sound, if you live there or were visiting their. in august of twenty twenty three on this particular night between eight and nine forty five as the police are requesting huge. I want to speak directly to you. If I may, for a minute, you do not have to believe that you saw anything of importance. You should still contact the police and tell them your experience at night want to be clear. There's two photos that are circulating on the internet. One, the car is more a side view
The other view of the car is more at an angle. You can almost see the license plate. I know that the photo as grainy but law enforcement and and pretty much a may out there were the computer- has a technology to try to clean up that in image and possibly get some kind of a den of fire of of a license plate. The these individuals will be caught in If you don't turn yourself in your more of a coward and I hope whatever they get in prison, you got caught that come
to your body were in the captain, is exactly right: there's two images circulating with the vehicle and regards the vehicle. There are also two images circulating regarding the suspects number one in number two, so you get an image of suspect number one of the back of him fleeing the scene by and then second photo you get an image of suspect number two from the back of him fleeing the scene. If you look closely in the image of suspect number one you can actually see suspect number two fleeing in a slightly different direction right in that same image. So the reason why bring that up here captain is the circle back to what police are requesting. If you have any video from that night or you took any pictures yourself and oh and sound that night, you don't have to believe that you saw the suspects just send those in let them let the police take a look at that
they pick up on something in the background right. Maybe they see that that vehicle elsewhere in the world ground of your video or the background of your picture and they're able to pick up some other detail about that vehicle. That makes it even more easily identifiable to police- and I bet these scumbags are hiding their vehicle right now cause they know everybody's looking for and they might not be able to get rid of it so they're they're probably hide in it somewhere. I do, and I read a portion of this latter from the owen. Sound mp alex rough, the one that was urging the suspects to turn themselves in so the part of the letter that I, like the edges, aids bellegarde, your bare javelin me by going you guys, are cow, words three on one attack over forty dollar bill. You will you probably privilege scum
and you talked about the community coming together and that's the part that I'll start off with in his letter from alex wreck rough, he says the greater community has come together in support of the robin family. And a tremendous show of solidarity by Canada and all of us can do more. There has been much speculation on the motives of the three men involved in the salt on august, seventeenth, including whether they are locals to our region or possibly visitors. It doesn't matter. The terrible fact is that Sharif is no longer with us in our community has lost a valued member. I write this letter
As a plea to those responsible. Do the right thing turn yourselves in two police. Personally, I am confident in our law enforcement agencies and you will be caught and held responsible. However, you have the opportunity to do the right thing and accept the consequences of your actions so again, police. Looking for these three men looking for the vehicle looking for additional witnesses, videos and pictures from that night, let's get into some of the theories yeah. So one of the major theories out there captain is that this crime was the outcome of a dine and dash some kind of dine and dash attempt, possibly spurred by the current increase in crime, drug addiction and homelessness in the ray of light, the two images I see, I don't think I'm seeing a homeless.
Nothing I'm seeing homeless people now. I think the difficult thing is that Sharif was such a caring person and so so open. and kind to his fellow man had homeless person walked in to get a meal. He would have welcomed that individual. I I feel confident saying that and here's the other thing man like so the attack was a dispute over the bill, then, if this would be a dine and dash situation right and we know that the the dispute occurred after they left fusing to pay the bill so that ports, not in question and reportedly the bill, only totalled forty dollars. But other issue, though too, is nobody that was working. I is taught us that these vigil said a we weren't happy with our meal, it almost seems as
if we don't know why they were refusing to pay, can I I would like to address something that I think is a bit of a mess step here in this investigation. So far now stop asking from permission captain you don't let me do anything around europe, big, when I allow you to speak, and I This seems like such a silly detail, but as a former boy. are tender and sir, in front of the house guy I loved working in restaurants. You are very good at it. You know what I have to go back to it. One day worked him operating management for many years, but I will say this: I
I enjoyed working at restaurants so much that there there are days I wake up and I miss it in there there's days where I'm like you know, I should get a part time job bartending, just because I enjoyed it. Somebody should know the thing here is, though I think one one thing that could be helpful. I shouldn't say a misstep. I think investigators are doing a great job. With this case. I think one thing that could be helpful is Can you tell us what was on their check that night? I know that sounds silly. I, but it could trigger something for somebody out there listening or why watching the news or reading This in the newspaper demands He was more like a drink bill, then a food. Three grown men, two of them described as five foot, tend to six foot two inches tall yeah, that's my wheel! How sense would that's I fit that description? I ran up a forty dollar bill by myself. If I'm sitting down to dinner right so yeah
seems to me like hey, let's grab a couple coffees and in be split in appetizer, something let's grab a couple beers. I did look up many of the curry house menu the beverages are listed on there. I was trying to get it in idea if they serve alcohol or out and the reason why bring that up. Is it typically? My experience is that a lot of people when it comes to alcohol and things like cigarettes or cigars. Most people tend to find something that they like and they have kind of their regular all that's kind of my usual drink ray, and so I throw out there that putting out what is on the bill could trigger somebody out there when you're begging the public over and over again for help. Give us more information, help us to help you If somebody out there goes, you know, my husband would never do. That would never be a part of that, but way second him in him and me
son. They were no owen sound that night, but they don't like indian, they wouldn't go. Do the curry house, oh hedge order, the jenin they order too. I dont know if they still serve this moosehead beers, that used to be a popular canadian beer, but you, you get what I'm throwing out your captain there. There are a lot of people that I have. Is it a couple buddies one in particular drinks, miller light? That's it that's all like the only way he. Another beer is if there is no miller light at all yet and so if you have seen a picture of one of these suspects. And you go well that can it looks like my body and ie drinks, miller, light and nor lights on the bill, your more likely come forward and tell law enforcement hey that possibly could be my body. But also when you got three
vigils. The attack didn't happen in thirds one of these three individuals was probably their aggressor We probably know some of this information from the nephew being surviving victim. and there might have been one of these three that didn't really attack anybody at all and hopefully that person has a brain and will come for because if you dont come forward the just want to lump everybody together and you're all going to get charged with the same thing, but and here's why? I think that one of the three may have told somebody
something along the way in the in re and if they did, if this did occur, then somebody knows for certain who at least one of the perpetrators you think about this sharif. Unfortunately, he's sent to the hospital doesn't regain consciousness, so he can't describe the attackers or give some additional information if he had it, but he lingered in it, I instantly he didn't die there at the scene. It's very likely that one or all three of these individuals woke up the next morning, not even knowing that they sent a guide to the hospital. They may not know that waking up the next day thereat. One of them that launch one of them talking to a buddy somebody's talking to a coworker is a yeah man who strangest thing last night without with a couple buddies, and I got into it with these restaurant workers. Would we be
The one dude up, pretty bad and left him on the side of the street got the hell out of their right. That I feel like that happened. I feel, like somebody, told that exact story, and I go back to the let's see what was on the czech, because I can, I know, of at least two cases to real life case. the day honed in on a suspect based off of what kind of cigarettes they smoke. I know one serial killer that day, narrowed down to him based off of what carry out. He went to that he frequented. So these things are potentially things that could help the public health, the public to help the police. The other thing, too, given the images that they captured you're right, captain you hone in on and trying to find some detail some identifiers on that vehicle that smart, the thing to me. When I see the backs of these two suspects pieces of shit, they appear to be dressed rather,
casual right like I don't even like covered from the gym. Exactly it looked, it looks like they. They were what someone where the gym It is not like a polo sure and some catchy shorter dry. Knowing no nice shorts How do I, where ideas all the time? I don't know nations, but you know what I mean, there's some nicer shorts and then there's these look like you might want to go out and pick play a game of pick a basketball another thing to is? If you work with somebody or friends, was somewhere that, as a black eye at some cuts on their face, for maybe some marks her arm and, and they told you, some gum, bullshit story call law enforcement, let law enforcement figure it out Like you said, there is probably a lot of people that don't know that they have important information and For all. We know boss
smith has then important information and their does building a case before they make this arrest because, like we said this is a small tight community and these these people could be calling unquote. pillars of the community or they might have been pillars at one point, but now another pieces of shit, community, they need to be jail. The other thing we talk about identifiers if possible, if you're, only able to clean up one part of the sure on our suspects. I would honing on the shoes because those shoes are gonna, be much more descriptive. Then the sure in the short that would be. I would love to. I stared,
those shoes long and hard- and I tell you that I got to the point where I starting to see stuff that wasn't even there. But if you, if there's one part that you could enhance and clean up on those photos, I want to know more about those shoes, because, unfortunately, we cannot see the suspects faces. Another theory, in this case and it might be an obvious one- is that the attack was an anti muslim hate crime, particularly since it was perpetrated by as described three caucasian males, and this has been discussed quite a bit in there case. In fact, some sources reported the crime as being potentially racially motivated. However it important to note that both of the two investigating agencies, the o s, p s.
And the opie p, you know have not confirmed motive behind the assault, so the two investigating agencies there not saying that they believed that it was dying and dash right mode. maybe they're not saying that it was worth racially motivated, they're, not saying that it was a hate crime, but of those three of those. The two theories that we discuss here The dine dashing is, is you cannot deny that? That is a fact these He left the restaurant with no intention to pay the bill, so that is involved in this situation, but we don't know if it's if you can underline it and circle it as a motivating factor. The investigating agencies have stress that investigation is ongoing and to date they have not uncovered any evidence pointing to racism as a driver of the senseless act of violence for
other muslim community leaders do not seem to believe it was a biased crime, although some I have Sharif's family and friends would certainly disagree, including family friend and advocate mark yeah. Bosa rates was a fact. Barbosa is confident. His peaceful friend would never have instigated this type of altercation and he says his friend was likely cornered by thugs who he believes were Looking for trouble, despite the recent killings of muslim families in nearby london, ontario and ottawa, the in sound muslim community association rejected the idea. The Sharif death was the result of racial bias. They, with the media that, in general, the community of owen sound, was welcoming a welcoming place for minorities. Now is difficult to believe that the police were not able to obtain better images of the three assailants.
Given that the downtown area has numerous security cameras, is surprising that the few photos of these men that were taken were of poor quality and only features too of the men instead of three and only features two of them as they fled the scene from the back. But again, this is what we are being told by law enforcement. They might have a couple aces up their sleeves while I hope that they do and if they do in its stuff, that could help the poor. led them to the suspects don't hold onto that stuff forever man get their stuff out there. Now, let's, let's get these guys today, not tomorrow. Here's the thing, though, to I believe that it seems unlikely that the men were local and I say that concern
during that. It's been all of these months since the crime Apparently, no one has recognised the perpetrators to think about that, for a minute, that also would shrink the suspect pull if we are looking to trigger somebody out there listening or trigger somebody out there watching the news or reading a newspaper to Hell. fine want or all three of these guys. Do you know somebody that was visiting that area that week we just we describe the air To you, what is there that is not everywhere water, large natural water sources? Could these guys have been on a fishing trip. A golf trip visiting the area with friends, not travel,
With a wife or kids or family there's, if they're, not local, that shrinks the suspect, pull somebody out there should know something. The other thing to is, if they're, not local, how far away, and where did they come from now? Circling back to the hate crime situation, sadly, and unfortunately, hate crimes are not foreign to that or of canada as of late. As we said, there were some hay crimes in london, ontario cocky male, who identified or. and if a white nationalists was recently found guilty on for council, first degree, murder and one count of attempted murder. He was deemed responsible for a june twenty twenty one, vehicular attack.
That resulted in the deaths of four members of a pakistani muslim family along with gravely injuring a nine year old boy and just a few more we go in ottawa. a shooting rampage at a september wedding resulted in the deaths of two muslims and wounding of six others after this incident police The statement that there was no indication that the attack was motivated by hate. So what we're saying is this is This remains a possibility, even though police are honing and on the other thing, though, that you need to keep in mind is endless, they had been to this restaurant before and they knew of the owner, then the hate crime situation seems a little difficult right because to me on the surface. It almost feels like this. This is kind of random, its circumstantial case,
they go there. They decide not to pay the bill, they think they can just walk out and. turns into an argument and then a fight, that's a little random, while and I don't want to downplay the situation, but I think it's too self entitled they went there. They do something for whatever reason. They didn't want to give an explanation because were worse entitled. We don't need to tell you why we're not pay or does not gonna pay pay altered. Alternate altercation takes place. I think I got out of hand. and, like you said they probably told individuals, are we got in this fight with this restaurant owner and probably didn't even know how badly he was injured. And now you have a death on your hands and now you
I have maybe three individuals that would never do something like this ever and it just got out of hand or because they were drinking it got out of hand or maybe because they're just self entitled pieces of shit that it got out of hand while and here's where it becomes not so random. Okay, if these three guys are sitting at the restaurant and they go, you know, I don't think I like these people, I'm out of here- yeah, I'm not! You know what. I'm not gonna pay the bill will then now it's not so random, right and also you can you can see how it could quickly escalate into a hate crime right pay the bill and if they try to do anything about it or messing up, take em out so you can have a little bit of both and we have discussed this a hundred times on the show, almost all these murders
or some form of a hate crime. Yes, we have a very distinctive definition of a hate crime in different jurisdictions and in this country I dont know what it is in canada, but. a martyr, someone you have to hate them. That's tat, that's how it goes or these hate them in that moment way now the thing that I do want to point out here, though, to is what mic again, what makes us even tragic. I dont even care that the bill was only forty dollars if the what about two hundred fifty dollars a one man Sharif robin it strikes me as the kind of individual. What was his one of his major goals of his adult life too?. feed his community, not just because he was a restaurant owner to feed is
community through charitable efforts. This is the kind of guy that, if you say I can't pay the bill didn't like the service or times have been tough, Whether it was a forty dollar bill, one hundred and fifty dollar bill, three hundred dollar belt sharif Rahman was probably the kind of dude that would be like you know what I get it times are tough, but just how bout? The tell your friends Restaurants, greatly me an awesome review and well we'll just we'll call it even you know this. I'm trying to without it. There are a million reasons why this didn't have to happen, but these three chose to do this and eat If you love one of these, three people were all three of them, and you know it is you gotta turn a man. There's a million reasons why this didn't have to happen. These three chose to do
this entreat this guy this way and be him down to the point of unconsciousness and death in the street in front of his restaurant well known and to be clear, no matter what act, since or what kind of life these three individuals were living before this moment. The his actions, make them murderers, murderers, cause and effect. They need to be punished for their actions. Somebody knows more somebody probably has been going on the internet every day, looking into information, they know who did it. You need for your probably listing right now, hack, these individuals might be the listing right now. We should point out too that while we talk about the crime trends and of the violent crimes increasing and twenty twenty three and oh and sound with the martyrs,
three individuals when they only had one murder in the five six years prior the two murders that took place before sharif Robin was attacked in front of his restaurant. In both situations they quickly found the perpetrators they made a rest. So those are that this is not connected to those other cases right, it's impossible for them to be connected to those other. Those other cases now. The other reason: why suspect that maybe these guys are incredibly local here and I hope- and I look, I believe this is a great investigation
but this is certainly a possibility that they're not local. I hope that they tracked down. I hope that they were on it for rental cars that match this description at this time period. I hope there on that and checked every place that they could possibly think of also extend that it doesn't have to be a rental that somebody picked up in town. It could be. Somebody picked up a rental out of town and drove into town, so I hope that their checking those potential leads, and then the other thing to is the other is why I think that maybe it's not local is the the the public, the com, eddie outpouring for support for this family and for justice and look these people. They want their streets to be cleaned up. Nobody wants this to happen in their community. Especially to beloved individual generous
the video on their community and so the people that came out to the visuals to the memorial services and that that put flowers in front of the restaurant and continue to put up signs and flyers asking help. It gets very hard to hide in that situation if you are local one, also Go find me a kai think they wanted to raise about twenty five thousand dollars for his family and I believe that its well over a quarter million. That's that's how much this guy was I loved in his can be right, and I hope and pray that this is not happening. I hope and pray that the person that knows something out there is going well yeah. It's unfortunate. This guy died, they didn't intend to kill em and his family did receive two hundred fifty thousand dollars,
don't rationalize any of this away! Go and look at the picture. Look the face of sharif, robins daughter and then do the right thing. Anybody there has information in this case again, if you have photos from that area from that, on your phone. If you have video, and even if you don't think you saw Nothing of importance send that information to law enforcement. Let them see what they what they can find in those images. I encourage everybody out there with information To reach out to the main investigating agency, which is owen, sound police service, so people with other information or pictures or videos are asked to contact owen, sound police afar one nine, three, seven six one, two three four or detective constable jeff bridgman at g bridge man at owens,
sound police dot com and that information will be in this week. Show notes. emails all the time of how can you help here's a case that you can help take these pictures of the suspects who and the vehicle and plaster all over social media The well. I think everybody for join us here, each and every week in the garage make sure you subscribe to the shop colonel. Do we recommended reading? Yes, we do captain, we are going to the great country of canada for this week's recommended reading and a shout out to our friend jordan from the night time pie
cast. He is leading the charge and keeping canada weird and we have to apologize to join, because I think, because he's weird, we lied to his face right under the face to his face back in two thousand and sixteen when we were just podcasting toddlers. We little lads, Jordan. Nice enough to send me this book, it's murder at mcdonald's, the killers next door- and this is about a gruesome crime. Three young men from sidney note nova scotia. They went to school may friends and handsome fun. They got a bit older, worked at a couple of casual jobs, hung out and bars and pull halls. Then in may of ninety ninety two they walked into the mcdonald's restaurant in Sydney river planning to rob the place. And in the dark hours of pre dawn. These three seemingly ordinary young men, brutally murdered three macdonell
Employees and left a fourth for dead. This was a book. The Jordan was nice enough to send to us, and I say that we lied right to his face, because I think we told him into the house and the sixteen. That would send him a t, shirt, a true crime garage t shirt, I believe, is still waiting for that So it's only alive, we if you know we still have years. I think that the fact that an honour that that to MR join but shot out to Jordan up in canada in the night time pod and check out murder at mcdonald's the killers next door. It's a fascinating case and told very well by the journalists that covered it. You can find that recommendation and many many more on our websites recommended paid, shrew crime, garage, dotcom and until next week be good became
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