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Sherese Walker Bingham /// Part 1 /// 348

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This week we discuss a sad case out of Indianapolis. A woman walking her dogs in a park is found dead by a cyclist. She was found to have been shot with her own gun but ruled a homicide. Join us as we try to shed some new light on this otherwise cold case. Beer of the Week - Apocalypse Cow by Three Floyd’s Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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right now on pre order. We have the less snuggle less novel, sweaters boyfriend sweaters, what their cod cannot. Hang up this show a little bit thereon. Pre order right now. So if you want one get one they're gone fass. That is enough. The piecemeal and everybody gather round grabbed share grab a beer. Let's talk, some true crime w g hr, channel thirteen. The news leader for indianapolis and central indiana for this week's case. They have been there since the beginning of december, twelve, two thousand and twelve teresa,
or bingham was shot and killed near her home. The murder has gone unsolved. Not because of a lack of effort or know how, but from a lack of evidence, Cerise was closed. Their family and every year near the first days of winter, the walker family unfortunately has to experience the anniversary of her death. but it's also a very important marker for where the case stands today. It's one more chance to remind the public. The sum very special, was taken away. Far too early and injustice has been done in some one still needs to be held responsible. W g h are reported on December, twelve, two thousand and sixteen that on this date exactly four years ago, someone got away with murder.
On the anniversary of the crime police. in the family of Sharif, bingham begged for help and justice They returned to the scene of the crime. A popular walkway along the white river near new york street on the edge of the eye you pay you, I campus bingham Brother Keith walker organised the vigil each year. He said we want to keep praying about it and justice will prevail. It really will we just can't give up juries: walk bingham was walking her dogs. It was early evening she was murdered. With her own gun, her family and free are pleading and praying someone steps forward and points of police in the direction of her killer at the vigil
one woman prayed out loud saying we know things are done in secret. Things are done in the dark will come to light. Two thousand and eighteen march, six years since the murder of fisheries bingham. On this day, Keith walker was quoted on channel thirteen saying, when this day roles around that's, it she got murdered. For my family. We just go two, how loving and carrying she was. We just knew it wasn't time for her to leave us every december, twelve or brother, Keith and other friends and family marker murder. At that look asian yeah. The pain is still. There said walker Never go away, but the evil
what's that I had they're gone, they have been replaced by the strong drive to find the killer. He pleads with anybody on the trail that night. you had to see somebody walk up to her and say something to her. Bring this to a close, let's find out. Why this happened said walker, get some justice over it so both families can move on the family. Ask anybody with information Please call the indiana state police. I one a hundred four five, three four seven five six this week we will explore the known facts of the case in some way usually not released to the public. We will look into the possibilities was this: a random crime was there's something or someone closer to home. It could be responsible.
This is true crime garage, and this is the case of shriek walker, the walker. Bingham was fifty one years old. She died just days before her. Fifty second birthday trees was born on December, twenty third nineteen sixty she was a native of indianapolis indiana growing up in the air. We are in a large family, surrounded by two brothers, larger extended family, Teresa's mother was ill and I'm actually passed away in her early fifties, surest was called racy by her family. She was
popular in athletic in high school and she had an affinity for dogs, particularly german shepherds At the age of nine or ten sharif, his family said she was so attached to her shepherd cruiser that the dog did everything with her. She continued to own. train german shepherds for the rest of her life Sharif did go to veterinarian school, although it's not clear whether she completed her degree, and her early twenty cerise me and married. A man named eugene bingham junior, who is known as bo peep according to shriek. His family, they were married for twenty eight years Here's eugene was born on march fourteen nineteen sixty one, so he was just a little younger than his wife. So every c and bo peep that's right now. Eugene is six foot tall about two hundred pounds before cerise his death. He had worked part time at you, p s and also had a job at the indianapolis
water company, he had sense retired from you p s, and then he lost his job at the water company. This is because the company had been sold and the new corporate owners required drug testing of their employees. We have been told that eugene could not pass the drug test. Surest family tells us eugene was a pot. Smoker Sharif did not share this hobby with her husband. In fact, she was extremely health conscious she watch what she ate she exercise in. She worked out regularly now cerise in her husband eugene. They had no children, so Cerise was crazy about her two dogs. Treating them like. They were her kids. She worked full time at a couple of different long term positions throughout her adult life. Now, just months before she took a position at the gate, arrayed bottling plant.
This is in indian atlas. She was a member of the new haven missionary baptist church, where she was very active in the community. There now shrewd would be described as tall attractive with short air. According to Sharif is Deborah Mc Murray. She had away about her there when she walked into a room. She made people turn their heads, the general known facts of december, twelve, two thousand and twelve in question? Is it surest? Bingham was out walking her dogs presumably alone. Now even though it was after dark, it was still just evening I am fairly early, and this is in a big city on a well travelled path Two german shepherds are with her and are trained to protect is like a walking path or biking path right, correct. So this is a
around six thirty p m, when a passing cyclist found her body bloodied and prone with her two dogs. Circling her in distress what happened, and why would someone kill this warm beloved church growing, hard working woman? Let's get into the details of that day, to try to figure it out right, so, the twelfth of december two thousand and twelve, it was a cold wednesday evening sharif, was scheduled to work. The overnight shift at the gate, arrayed bottling plant. She was going about her typical routine that evening, which involved walking her two dogs. This is may day and soon army she set out with them for a walking trail along the white river. This is right near the indiana university purdue university. In apis campus. I
you pay. You are about three miles from Sharif as home. Surest drove to this location in her truck party in a small lot along the north, Wye river parkway west. She then proceeded to cross the white river on the west new york street bridge and then turned on to the wye river trail. This, as the captain points out, is a trade It is popular for biking, walking and running during the daytime because it connects The eye you pay you, I campus to some of the dormitories, but it would have been dark or nearly dark by this time when she started out on her walk. The trail at this time of day would be much less populated after sunset, right but she's in shape. She has her two dogs with her nazis, taken the doors on a walk, but the doors are also a form of protection for her, and she also
carries a gun with her when she walks most of the time keep my she works at night. This is part of her daily routine. This is mourning for her, but its evening for the rest of us in indiana on December twelve sunset is right around five p, or so so it would be dark. nearly dark by this time. Now we are not certain how far along on her walk Sharif got to whether she was just setting out or actually on her way back right in that's because they don't have a definitive time of when she started or how long since walking for detective less norville of the indiana state police, who worked the case told us that, based on the timeline, it seems that Sharif was just starting out on her walk, but the timing is not known for certain a cyclist later told authorities that he had passed
her along his ride and is she two corral. The two dogs who were off of a leash in order to let him pass the cyclist noted that cerise was walking, with the leash slung around her neck. You know so, had a leash with her in case she should needed, but was not using it at the time that this cyclists path, some time later, the cyclist was on it. way back when he came across Sharif. His body with the dogs, circling Trees was lying on the paved trail face down. This was near the intersection of west new york street and limestone street close to where she had parked. There was blood on the concrete beneath her indiana state police officers were despatched to the scene at approximately six. Thirty p m this. According to the press statement this
was indiana state police jurisdiction, not indianapolis pity, because the trail was technically state. Parkland re stewed from EU p. You I near by who saw the police cars and heard the sirens. They were shocked was normally quite a safe, very public space right. One of the students who was interviewed by the local fox station after biking by Crime scene said he could see to german shepherd standing over a body before he was all a way by the police. Her dogs were protecting her. In detective norville arrived on the scene, he was told that when medical personnel arrived sharif, Teresa's two dogs were guarding her and
not permit the e m t to get anywhere near her now they could not even approach her to check for vital signs the dogs were. This is their words. People are very sense iv about how you described dogs in their actions, because we loved them so much right, but the words that we've been told was the dogs were too threatening for e m t to approach trace, yeah, which is interesting to me, because she's walking the dogs without a leash. So we could dis assume that they're they're trained dogs, they're well behaved dogs, she babied them, but they're, probably most people don't take their dog for a walk and take it off the chain if they don't think the the dog is going to be able to control themselves. So obviously she's walking with the dogs without the leash leash being around her neck, and then this attack happens and now they're trying to guard her or protect her name bay, one that
it's near their almost acting in a vicious manner, while the dogs or on edge, obviously because something went down and that's what we're trying to figure out and then on top of that there, the probably the person that they love by far the most right is obviously hurting Indeed, they are aware of that. The indian state police press statement indicated that the canines appear to be protecting to be protective of the decision and would not let investigative personnel approach Another officer at the scene said that the dogs or circling the body and being aggressive towards anyone, the indianapolis animal country All was called in and did tranquilize the dogs and remove them. Now. Detective norville said that he found the victim lying on. Her back, she had been turned over by
yeah, I'm tease, who were checking on her injuries. There was blood and foam on her face and blood beneath her body. She was later identified as fifty one year old sharif walker, bingham strewn about sharif, his body police found some very important things. Okay, so they found her flip style cell phone, which was beeping at the time. This, according to the detective indicating it needed to be charged, in Indiana firearm carry permit was found a pair of black winter gloves a small. Caliber semi automatic hand gun. It was later when that sure recent bingham had been shot. Detective norville told us that one thing that was strange was assurances small items were scattered around the ground near her body, as if,
she or someone else had pulled them out in an attempt to get at her phone or something else in her pocket. Now I know that everyone is thinking. What are we going on? What's going on here right? We have a woman found dead in the park, her firearm is found near her. She was determined to be shot was as an accident, a suicide, a homicide, I think we should go through each of these scenarios. I think investigators originally thought, because it was her own gun that that it was a suicide one thing the police spent a significant amount of time looking into early on was if this could have been an accident sharif owned a gun and one had been found at the scene. Surest husband eugene suggested that perhaps the dogs had jumped up
on her causing the gun to go off and shrieked he said, had been considering carrying her gun with the round. Chambered eugene told her that this was a bad idea right, but if this is how the went down. She may not have listened here so you're going to carry a gun for protection, but you're not going to have any rounds loaded in it was what he said well for safety purposes. Most people do not round a do not put a round in the chamber die in the chamber, but the bullets in the gun correct on the night that she died. She would have carried her gun in the right breast pocket of her car ross? As we know, she did not have her gun pouch with her. This all of this stuff is going to become very important too how a lot,
stuffing were able to figure out a lot of stuff here. Ok, so today attention she, you pay attention. She would have carried the gun in her right breast pocket of her cover. All's. We know this because she did not have a gun pouch with her in the cover all's had holes in the hip pockets, so it would have been impossible to carry the gun in their, so the gun had to be put. First in the chest area pocket police conducted test on the gun and determined that it required ten pounds of pressure to pull the trigger? that mine, when we're considering that one of the dogs manage to jump up and somehow wedge down the trigger shooting sharif in the chest but we also need to account for how the gun got out of her pocket and into onto the ground. Perhaps she had been holding it
and somehow fired it at herself accidentally. This seems incredibly unlikely police didn't we spend too much time on this accident theory and light of other information which surfaced during the investigation. Now I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the dog would be able to create ten pounds of pressure, just the likelihood that their pol or something would be able to fit. You know to pull the trigger that to me that seems more on the we well there's their several problems with that, and I agree with you one hundred percent, I I actually think ten pounds of prayer might be a little light, considering how large I'm assume and these dogs are right. German shepherds are not small dogs, one. If a dog jumps up on you and when they're excited you know, sometimes they can knock you back a little bit, even if they're, not,
big of a dog. The problem then becomes to dive for an issues here, one if the gun is secure in her pocket. How is the the math of of in the angles of getting a dog to accidentally clip that trigger seems incredibly almost impossible yeah right, save it owed the magic bullet right. So then, then you wonder lake well. Would her gun have been out for some reason and then and then the accident occurs, because If the guns not out its very unlikely, the appall or claw, or you know the dogs. nay or whatever would would cause the trigger to be pooled right and that is the scenario than how did the gun end up on the ground next door, but
We've still been in her pocket when she was found dead, which I look. I don't mind the idea of carrying a weapon with you to protect yourself. But tell me in what scenario is she walking down this path with her dogs and just she just decides to pull out the gun to look at it because you're not going to fire it in this area, even if you're going to practice shooting you don't fired in this area downtown on this, this bike running walking path right, so it just seems odd to me unless she got startled by something and then she pulled it out right, one would have to believe that that something would have to have gone down for her to pull that gun out of her pocket and then now with. This is where it gets too weird, because now you get into just this long trail of consecutive events that all seem unlikely by themselves.
Let alone in sequence. Let's get into the the suicide, though, because, like we said, the police didn't spend a ton of time on the accident theory, and it's a lot of that is just because the man Half of it doesn't seem to work out and wouldn't go through that a little more in just a bit now accord to the early reports? The coroner's office initially was not whether sharif his death was a homicide or suicide on December fourteenth two days after her body was found, the corn issued a report stating that sharif being died after being shot in the chest, but the manner of death was still to be determined. Detective norville stated that the initial thought at the onset of the investigation was that the victim
might have killed herself ray. The walker family, however, was adamant. Fisheries would not have killed herself and soon it became clear, detect. Norville said that the evaluation of the entire seen and the circumstances of such led them to the king. version that Sharif did not kill herself one of the below, prove whether or not she shot the gun we had. That conversation and you and I will get into that in just a bit, but what they they arrived at. This conclusion is actually not from gunpowder residue test on her person. They base this on the fact it sharif most likely did not show herself and leave the dogs unattended roaming free. This would be very out of character. She cared about these days,
Like she would have her own children, you one go to an area with the purpose of killing oneself and leave europe, your most beloved of anything on this planet out there it's safe to agree with the view, if you're planning to end your life, then what does it matter? What happens to the dogs? He didn't love them enough to stick around, but but but I see that as being a point that somebody would make. I I think the other point too is she's heavily involved and our church, and that would I would go against her religious beliefs to take her own life. Well, what you're going to have is you're going to have a mountain of these, these little different items in thoughts and theories that make it unlikely that she killed herself
regardless of how you feel, if you agree or disagree, it would be generally considered strange for somebody that cared about those dogs so much to take them with them too and kill themselves and leave these dogs out running around. Who knows what could have happened? Love that it'll be very strange to go and commit suicide in a park. You know especially a heavily heavily traveled area and you decide all. I'm gonna shoot myself in the chest. So chances are I'm going to bleed to death and by doing it in a you, are have more people that possibly would see you in and call for help. So a lot of things don't line up here, She also brought along with her fruit. She brought a snack with her for her walk. You wouldn't likely do that if your intent was to kill yourself suicides, neck
she also locked her vehicle and secured the steering wheel with an anti theft, we'll device brain and investigate, found sharif as flip phone open, this leading to believe that she had attempted to make a call for help after she was shop as the investigation progressed. Physical evidence proves that this was no suicide. according to the family. There was only one shot to sharif his body and it was at close range lab tax found a bullet hole in the room. Sleeves of her two outer layer garments, trees was wearing, then an additional bullet hole was found in the clothes covering teresa's chest. This is where the bullet was law, watch. This means that Sharif was standing with her arms.
At least her right arm out in front of her in a defensive posture when the gun fired the bullet shot. Through this, leaves of her extended right arm and went into the sternum area killing her, so Once investigators examined the trajectory of the bullet, detective norville taught told us that they roll out suicide its When you follow the path that bullet took. Given the evidence that you find on her person the bullet holes in the slave and then the bullet hole in her chair ass, it would be impossible for her to have killed herself so captain this is a martyr If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings newest podcast, frozen head hosting
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Alright, we're back. You fill the animals sheer see you captain tears to all the filthy animals. Now, let's talk about the gun found at the scene, stickers, her gun, yes, ballistics, matched the bullet found in body body to the gun found next to her. As captain captain said, it was reason own gone, she was shot with her own weapon cerise in her husband, eugene each owned a gun. They have
the same model of hand got. This was a twenty five caliber sterling semi automatic. She often brought the gun with her to walk her two dogs, but Sharif seemed to be a little more concerned about her safety than usual just shortly before her death. This is, according to her relatives, her aunt Deborah make Murray, told interviewers. The surest seemed to believe that someone was following her. She specifically said that it was a dark blue blazer that was following her. So we have banned the Van captain. Now we have banned the blazer, go I'll work on those teacher and and don't forget, the tan vetoed the above their vat while don't banda. The cute wants this of hand once only motorcycles are safe. The strange thing about the gun.
luxuries was known to keep the gun in a special carrying pouch that was designed to hold it right reporter russ Mc Quaid, who works for fox fifty nine and who wrote extensively about this case. Told crime watch daily that cerise always kept this gun in that pouch, the pouch was discovered at home and the gun was discovered by her side sharif as family backs. This statement up, they fisheries kept the gun in the carrying pouch when it was at home when it was on her person? The gun in that pouch should have been together that day by just about everybody's accounts, that night. The gun pouch was not only not found wish cerise, but
was later found at the home that she shared with her husband of twenty eight years. Eugene this. As said was highly unusual. The gun should have been in its pouch if she brought it along with her that not only that eugene bingham was the one to call detective nor vow this about two weeks. If your cerise is death to tell him that he found the gun pouch at their home according to true crime daily, when detectives processed the gun, they found no usable prints on it. it could have been wiped out. It certainly seems the surest prince at least should have been on the gun right. Let's talk about that for just a second here if in fact she I accidentally, shot herself or suicide or even if she took it with her just for protection
Somebody approached her and something went down. Why would her finger It's not beyond the gun. If she in fact brought it with her that night right, she would have had to pick up the gun place it in her pocket and and if she did pull the gun out now she's using her hands again, we did say that gloves were found at the scene, but they were. Found on her at the time rain. So that's that's pretty alarming right, their correct. How could see one take the gun from her shoot her in the presence of these two protective dogs too. That's the other question that you have to ask here. Yeah. I mean the fact that he m t can't even get to the body because of the the dogs. You would think that somebody have any kind of confrontation between her and another individual. These dogs are going to become very,
active very vicious very quickly, something that was found on the gun was dna dna belonging to eugene, bingham eugene, told police did, of course, his dna would be on the gun, as he regularly cleaned the gun for his wife. But again, it still interesting that why would you eugene dna on the gun and not the killers bright unless they're the same or why would you have eugene's dna on the gun but not have teresa's fingerprints or somebody else's fingerprints? It's all very strange the thing to with with the dogs. Now with of their owners with eugene aunt Sharif being gone owners themselves- and I can't say this specifically to these dogs may day and soon army. But one thing I have experienced in my life is dead.
dogs, it are familiar with guns that have been around guns. Sometimes they they will flee at the sight of one in that's because typically dogs don't like loud. moises? Ray guns can be very loud usual They are very loud. There are many situations that I've witnessed where either This target shooting or just seeing the gun they dennis five that object with a loud noise that they do not like and sometimes They will in fact flee the area, so that could explain how someone was able to approach sharif and not be attacked by the
ox. Yes, we know the dogs were with her body when she was later found, but this meaning they returned to her re. But isles had gone back to the dna being found. The husbands, dna eugene's dna being found the tricky thing for me. There is less say there was a attacker right. The attacker takes a gun out shoots. Her then knows he's going to wipe it down. Wipes it down, throws the gun down. Ok, so now we don't have any fingerprints, maybe we don't have heard dna on it, but if he is clean in the gun, dna could be inside the cracks and cravat crevices of the gun, correct, and so that's so it's not clear in the investigation of did they just pull it out and as wipe the handle or wipe the
You know wherever you know what I mean like, did the wipe the trigger, or did they have some kind of solution on and like a q tip and and went inside the cracks and crevices and that's where they found the dna? I wish it was a little more clear in it's not clear to me. Investigation, well, I think you're, probably spot on with your assessment of their work, words, and often we have to do that. We have the read between the lines to come up with what is actually going on in the investigation? We were very fortunate that detective and very fortunate that the indiana state police spoke with us regarding this case, and they did tell us some things: it work have not been released to the public, yet when this comes out now their release there were
questions. They did not answer, which is totally fine and more than acceptable. The the thing here is: they were involved with us because they want this case solved. They have poured a lot of effort and a lot heart into this investigation, and so it was. It was great. It's good for crime garage that we get some insider. permission, but it's also good for their investigation. The the thing that we have to worry about here. Captain is the threat of this case going cold, that's what everybody is in fear of and so think you're spot on with your analysis of their work and their actions. I believe that your corrected did they probably were going to those cracks in crevices and to the small little parts of that gun to recover any ones. Dna in the dna that they came up with what
eugene's, because what it looks like to me is it whoever use that gone to shoot sharif. They wiped it and they were probably wearing gloves at the time of her murder right. So I am saying is that I dont think that makes eugene. My number one suspect, because of his dna, in it, dna was probably right where it should have been if it's from her him cleaning the gun right but not gonna, ruin out, because we don't find anything on the gun really right. That's it that's the biggest problem. There should be something else and there's not and that's why I think the Assad John of Sharif, bringing the gun with her. That night is a day. first one to assume. I think that the evidence points it to that. She did not bring the gun with her that night
and then that makes it even more diabolical bribed. Then you start going. Okay is Eugene responsible or somebody else that's close to her, or is it a hit n n eugene is, is giving the the perpetrator her weapon to make it look like possibly a suicide or accident let's go back to the question about teresa's dogs, because, regardless of what I said about seeing a weapon seeing a firearm and then they might, they might flee or they might cower. According to recent family. They firmly believe that these dogs when attack any stranger who was attempting to harm Sharif. Her family says the dogs were not friendly with people that they did not oh, and we know that they were on a leash that night, so they were
I ve been able to chase and or bite somebody yeah right again. This I don't wanna sit, her family is lying. I'm just saying that the kind of contradict the two their dogs weren't friendly with people that they didn't know, but they had to be at least friendly enough or obedient enough to be off their leash, because you know Cerise didn't seem like a a responsible dog owner. So the general rule that I apply with my dogs is I them in situations where I believe they will not spawned to my commands. Ok, and so There are times that I do not leave them, because I am of the belief that they will respond to my commands. Me
I still have control over my dogs, even though they are not least. what I'm getting at here and where I think that the families heads are at with this situation. Is there not least because they're out walking, this is supposed to be something good for them and if it's just a passer by if it just somebody, walking or cycling, and she needs to throw up. And the dogs she believes that they will work bond to that command? They are still under her control. Right in some above situation where we have an aggressor where we have an attacker. What they're saying is you wouldn't command her dogs. In that situation, you wouldn't attempt to control your dogs in that situation. You would attempt to defend yourself and therefore Were they are saying that these dogs,
had they seen her in any kind of distress would have it attacked or chased. Whoever did that right where they had the biggest problem. Is they say that the only person that the dogs were comfortable to the level that they were comfortable with Sharif was eugene as eugene lived with the dog. He was an owner of the dogs. He was a caretaker at times for the dogs helping with walks and feeding them in such. So I think we need to be clear here and clear up. One thing saying we actually don't know for sure that the dogs did not attack the shooter right, it's pie possible that they chased away or even bit sharif attacker and then came back to her body. Detective. Val, told us that there was an indication that the dogs were quote
having a reaction to ingesting blood from the scene and quote it's not clear what this means, whether they licked cerise, trying to heal her right or perhaps they got a piece of someone detectives checked area hospitals but found that no one came in the days after the shooting to be treated for a dog bite, but the fact that it was her gun there was used to hill. Her indicates that either the shooter got very close to her risking a dog attack or the gun was in the possession of some one else was
veterans I want to know is remember how you said that that that bikers saw teresa walking the dogs and she had to lake corralled them was their word right, so they could pass by what I wonder is how far the dogs were away, because I think if this is a a planned attack by somebody. Thus let's say somebody has fallen and her this blue blazer or this is a planted
act from her husband. You could, if you knew I mean you're, you don't know that the dogs are going to be off the leash by you might know her behaviors her habits of walking and you go okay. The dogs are going to be an off their leash, there's going to be at a distance between them, and that gives you a window ah and in order to to attack that person, because dollar thing that people aren't putting. I think interplay as it's great to say well, see eugene eugene can be a he could get close enough, but you also have to. Have a situation where you get close enough, you're not seen by anybody else, and then you have to leave the scene violent by not being seen by may else. Make any sense.
well yeah, that's so that puts a lot of different scenarios into play, but also takes some of im out of play when you really try to analyze it, not just for the fact of the dogs but from the fact that any attack that would take a a decent length of time you risk detection from possible eye witnesses so under those scenarios are playing to those thoughts. You have a couple of couple of ideas here. A person attack series wrestled the gun from her shot her and the dogs ignored it and this was not seen by any eye witnesses? All of this seems unlikely because, as said, the dogs had to be tranquilize later brain, The other idea is a person attack series, wrestled the gun away from her and shot her, and then the dogs did attack, but the shooter was able to run away.
And then the other scenario would be some one shot, cerise from a little bit of a distance, all having the gun in their possession when they arrived at the park. That's area to me seems to be the most likely, because it it you want, as you said, if there is a bit of distance between you and the dogs or giving scenario the lay of the land and where everybody is at that time, being the opportunity for someone to approach her not having to russell the gun from her. This also take the least amount of time which would which would prevent, or really at least just make it less likely that somebody would see you in the act of shooting her
Why sure reasons family tells us that that things were not right between sharif and eugene. For some time we need to take a look at their marriage, they're married for quite a long time. Twenty eight years, yeah, no kids. Sharif I, according to her family, they didn't tell she didn't, tell them about any specific problems, but they say, they were aware that Sharif was hard working church going He was not down with eugene smoking, pot and drinking all the time. According to her aunt, this is Deborah mcmurphy who, with reference earlier she's Ed years into the marriage, eugene moved into the basement living on the downstairs level. While Sharif lived upstairs,
right, she's, saying basically, that marriage, a work and I'm going to move down to the basement, taken my act and I'm going down to leave in the basement, and she says basically, she believed that the two cohabited together, rather than living as husband and wife. Right, let's get into what the police were. Able to learn from eugene himself. So why The indiana state monopolies law was his nickname again bo peep according to her family bo. Peep. Well live in the basement. Unfortunately, no you never know when somebody gets when they acquire their nickname. Unfortunately, some people get a nickname when they're like two or three years old, it is, and it just sticks with them for the rest of their lives. The end the state police when They were processing the sea
in the murder scene and Sharif truck, which was still part by the river Eugene bingham arrived on the scene, a detective recorded here. Arrival time as eleven twenty three p m detective spoke with him and he told them that he was asleep on the couch at all. and he woke up around nine thirty p m and noticed it. Surest wasn't home this huh says, was unusual for several reasons, but mainly because she was a routine person and she did in fact have to be at work at ten thirty. That night he tried to call her phone and had no success. So he left the house to go, look for her, he says he needed to go to three different locations. these were all locations where he knew she would typically walk the dogs. The white river park was the last place there.
we checked when he arrived. He said he saw seems though fishy Sorry when he arrived. He said that he saw a crime scene tape around his wife's vehicle that learned him that made him approach the detectives on december thirteenth. This is the day after the murder, the indiana state police detectives. This is less norville in Matthew lawrence. They conducted a thorough interview with eugene some things that he told them the previous night the scene of the crime, seemed off in the interview. Eugene stated that sharif was a creature of habit on the days when she working the night shift. She would get up late. Do some stuff around the house exercise shower take the dogs were walk and then go to work on the twelve
The detectives said that eugene and cerise did have a conversation. That day then Sharif left to walk. The docks. Eugene says that he stayed home to watch the miami heat warriors nba basketball game. He reported Lee told investigators that Sharif did not leave the house until after the game started, which was around seven thirty p m, which her body was found it six thirty. This is beyond strain it's what you would call impossible. Yes, but again, it's like he lives in the basement. You know there might be some fumes, so he might might not be good at telling time yeah. He doesn't need to tell time he it it's a fact of win the game started if his. If he's
seeing this time off of she left before the basketball game started we can all figure that out and, as you said, captain the police just what she found her body found before this time, the police. They were despatched to the scene at six thirty, a full hour before eugene says his wife left there, house. Not only was she dead, she was found police confirmed that the game, the basketball game coverage tv coverage began at seven. Thirty, eight p m in the tip off was seven. Forty one p m was almost like he's trying to establish an hour by for himself yeah, you I mean like. I was watching the game and- and I can prove that because this is when the game started yeah but as easy. I'm points out. One would have time to to attack her flee the scene and make it home in time to
watch the basketball game now he says she left, as the game was starting so back to his alibi. Let's continue with what he says. He was doing right. Eugene said that he fell asleep on the couch and he didn't wake up until nine thirty Or so because she reasoned dogs should have been home and she needed to leave for work according to him at ten o clock he became concerned, then he tried calling her from the home phone and gotten we're response, of course, he's concern. He does have a job. If she didn't go to work bills, don't get paid, he says he got dressed and then, after getting dressed, tried calling her from his cell. and ass. He was leaving to check these walking locations again. He got nothing with this phone call. He wasn't
as concerned about her not answering the phone is what he tells police eugene specified. That Sharif usually carried her phone with her, but she almost had it off she being of some. Some people turn the phone off. It was one of those types she would power on only if she wanted to make a call, so they pulled eugene's phone records. What they found did not mesh with what you Jeanne was telling them. The home phone call Sharif sell at eleven o two p m the call from eugene's cell, His wife's phone was made at eleven o nine p m. These. You were made an hour and a half after eugene said he woke up and notice. His wife was missing, Well after he said he made the costs right. So we have.
multiple lies from him, and then that makes you want a question about the gun when he says why cleaner done for well is that a lie as well. I mean that this is evidence, daddy's lion, crouched. Never you know yeah one thing that I would question this is not going to be any proof of anything, but there are gun owners that don't shoot their guns, they just don't shoot them. Some people regularly shoot guns and people that regularly do need to clean them. People that don't shoot them, usually don't clean them. So I would be curious as to what their family thought her activities were with that. Firearm, I merely when you said others gunners- that dont show their guns as like that seem so stupid, but I know a lot of people their own guitars than they ever play. I m so now I have a guitar that I need to restricting you have a nice qatar collection.
somebody that doesn't play right and I in fact I have one that I need re strong and it's been in that state for like two years, one get together colonel one day, I'll have strings on their guitar. Does its dish, will play like never before you serve a guitar that smell like onions. That's the same one, aggression So the other thing with his phone calls, Eugene's cell received a call at seven forty one p m. This is from a friend. This call went to his voice mail. This friend was a chiropractor who later told least that he called eugene, because he had heard about a woman's death on the news and wanted be sure it was not sure. Reese is not clear at this chiropractor.
female or mail. But we do know that not only is sharif a friend but a client and and this person new eugene, an sharif equally as well. Correct yeah that this cell tower information showed that when this call came into eugene's cell phone, the pink ping, the pang, the phone pay off a tower that was near the murder site, specifically the tower eugene's phone paint with this seven
forty one call was east of a different tower that was closer to his home, which eugene's phone would most likely have pinged off. Had he been at home of at the time of this call, the call hit the sector of this further tower that correlated with where Sharif was killed, the southern sector of the tower, whereas if eugene had been at home, and for some reason the call pinged the further away tower. He okay, that's all he does so there's a lot me. I I wasn't clear at that. What I'm trying to say is: there's a southern sector tower and there's a western sector tower or torre and tower be correct. It hit off of the opposite one it hit. The the one closest aware her body was found, not the tower that was closest to his home as what detectives were
originally told would be the situation had he been at home. So this, as you point out he's lying already about some things, and we know this from the phone records now police, but if he's lying, even more, because we have the phone records that don't match with the story and have this cell phone tower ping information that do not match with his store all right, so eugene bo Peep, we know he's a line ship princess, but but what does this mean? is he just lying or worse, miss remembering or it's a little more damaging than that, because that was a really long way of saying this. Ok, according to the cell tower data Eugene phone was not at his home at seven forty one at the time that that call came in from the chiropractor friend for about our hour our hour, ten minutes after
Cerise was found, but even more damaging than that. According to this, the cell tower data, the one was down near the white river and the west new york street bridge. This is near where she parked her car near where her body was found right and eugene did tell police, of course, they're going to ask him this question once they have this other information, He tells police that no one else would have had access to his phone. meaning by his own admission, the if in fact his phone was there In the area that she was killed at seven forty one, the phone was with him right, so eugene told detectives that the cell phone records could not be accurate when they confronted him with this information. This is in guard to the eleven o, nine call. He says it that can be accurate because he was already at the scene at that time. Learning
his wife's death from a detective at eleven o nine right again that does gel with the information that we have on record. The record shows that he, She didn't arrive on the scene until eleven twenty three p m. He you even reiterated that he had tried to call his wife, beginning around nine thirty, when he realized she wasn't home. Yet he also said that at least one of the deleted calls was from his wife, so they found three deleted calls. He states one of the, leading calls was from his wife. All of these statements there there contradicted by the actual phone records Eugene continue to talk to investigators and, in summary, he told police that his wife would not have killed herself. The two had just
joined a new church and they were baptized again. Also Sharif was a happy person and I enjoyed each other. Although their marriage was imperfect, he said that, there was no way that may day and soon army would lie any one near cerise. He said was no way a stranger could harm her and those dogs still be around here, he didn't believe that there was any one who would want to harm his wife, and it seems to me he inadvertently is pointing the finger at himself. We want to thank everybody out, therefore, listening. We want to thank you for telling a friend. Also thank you to everyone who shares these cases and these stories on social media. These cases need people's attention, especially this one join us back here.
garage tomorrow until then be good behind is dollar. The.
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