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Simone Ridinger /// Part 2 /// 714

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Simone Ridinger /// Part 2 /// 714 

Part 2 of 2 



17 year old Simone Ridinger was last seen September 2nd, 1977 leaving her place of work - The Rainbow Restaurant in Natick, Massachusetts that afternoon.  At least one person knows more about this story.  There has not been a confirmed sighting of Simone since.  Simone’s case is still active with both the Sherborn Police Department and the F.B.I. anyone with information about the disappearance, Simone’s life and Simone’s friends should call the Sherborn Police Department at 508-653-2424.  The Natick Police Department is seeking information about the murder of Janine Callahan who left her home to walk to work on November 9, 1985.  Her remains were discovered on December 8, 1985 at the end of a dirt road, now known as Cherry Farm in Burrillville, Rhode Island. If you have information about this case or any other Rhode Island cold cases please call 1-877-RI-SOLVE. 


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Well get your grandparents, wherever you are, whenever you doing thanks railways, nay, I'm your hosts naked with me as always, is again with a warning. Don't look now, but there Think crawling in your kitchen sink here. Is the cap
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be that we need a bar? You will be around if you would like to get your ear ball. Spanked sign up for our bones content through patriarch or the apple podcast at all. If you would like to listen to any of the first edition of off the record, do so by follows on youtube's on the youtube's, all the kids are doing it. That's enough for the beers all ran, everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true ground. the I believe this september second Friday night
seventy seven just after work is the last citing of simone riding her. She was seventeen years old and she's, been missing ever since she workforce shift that day at the rear, oh restaurant. In native massachusetts. She supposed to be heading out a chap, a quarter to a cottage that her family owned two with them for the long weekend, if not longer, For many years the rainbow restaurant was believed to be the last place that any one reported seeing simone, but in nineteen eighty six, a witness came forward who said that no, he gave simona ride and he had a very different story to tell now. This man doesn't just walk into the police station
and give this information willy nilly. No, what happened was we talked about yesterday? How the sure born police department over the years continue to go to the media, to channel the public to get information and Simone's case. So what takes place here in nineteen eighty six captain is that they had just did a story in the newspaper. They came out the day before so this man walks into, the police department and says I have some information for you right that I actually gave young woman, a ride and what prompted to come into the police department. Was he saying? Look I didn't. I was aware that this was a case that this was something that was of importance until I read the newspaper go yesterday in
my paper- and so I am here to give you some information now what's really interesting about this okay, so this is a there there. Some weird things here was get into it. Let's be a weird yeah, we're gonna get very weird, because what happens here is that this is like a tight rope moment. I believe, in this case you gonna, walk this fine line and there are things that could tip you to the side of disbelieving everything. This man says or tipp you to the other side where you all in then believe that this is true, that this will really took place, and this is good information in the case, the short version of it is this witness was an elderly man who, unfortunately, like several other persons, that we discussed in this case is now deceased.
We can't go back and interview him again, but nineteen, eighty six, he saying that he was in he came into the police department, saying that he was in in nineteen. Seventy seven he's en route to go out to the cape he says he's pulled over here at a rest area right there. Is on route one twenty, eight and. now one oh, nine, an westwood massachusetts hebrew that he's pulled over by a state trooper and the state trooper during the interaction with this elderly man says I got this girl, that's going out to Martha's vineyard to cape cod
According to the man, this girl was in the back seat of the troopers car and he says: look. Could you give her a ride? The rest of the way to which this older gentlemen says sure no problem, so he says that he this ro gets in his car. They they talk quite a bit while their travelling together, lotta chit chat. They forget, they figure out that their roughly from about the same area. They don't know each other prior to this ride, but this witness says that dropped simone the person he believes to be simone riding her the heat drops her off at hyannis near the airport saying he lass or walking towards a nearby restaurant there to rest in that area at the time one a howard johnson's into a ground round, both tasty treats the
But here, though, is captain this witnesses account has not been confirmed. I write a couple. Questions it's alright he's coming forward nine years later long time, and so he would have been Seventy nine at the time that he came to the police department and he would have been seventy at the time that he gave this young person a ride. If, in fact, he did write so many questions, one did law enforcement pick up. Hitchhikers like I don't I didn't know. If that's a thing I mean, I know, sometimes I've known local police officers that have like seen somebody that, like walk
the work that the local wendy's and they might go- hey, I'm had in that way, you may give you a ride, but fur for a state. Trooper dissipate pick up a hitchhiker she's young and she's attractive. So I guess, there's a possibility, so that's confusing, was also confusing me. Why would the trooper put this seventeen year old, basically the care into the custody of this elderly man that he's poured over just doesn't make a lot of sense needed now had it doesn't make Since the thing here is, I know I gave out a couple different routes and what not but primarily this would be ninety five that this man would have been travelling on. An what's interesting, though, is again he would have lived only
and four miles away from where simone writing or lived. So it's not out of the question that he would, travelling in the same direction, because we know he's going to roughly the same general low, asian that she intends to go to. However, there they're not going to close enough to one another that the that she would ride with him for the entirety needs to get off at some point and go her own way. So that makes some sense in what is his purpose for his travels, apparently he's a has a hobby of working and in restoring clocks, yeah, and so he was traveling out there to pick up some parts, some clock parts And says that you know this, I got pulled over and then I wasn't looking to pick up a hitchhiker, but the officer asked me if I would drive this
earl closer to where I was headed nice. It sure no problem now back to what you're talking about your captain, if I think it's actually very calm and not for her. officer to hand a civilian over to another civilian, but I would think that its rather common that if a police officer, especially a state trooper somebody this prime, early working the freeways in the highways in most jurists actions in most states it legal for pedestrians to be walking, near the free ways in the highways right. So those persons are going to get picked up their likely not going to get charged with anything depending on how old nicer nice. Your officer is, you might get a ticket, but I would believe
if she, let's pretend that she did hitchhike and made her way somewhat to her destination right at some point, maybe it's an is fair to make the assumption that maybe she's travelled a distance and got dropped off by another ride that she hitched and maybe an officer, spotted or walking, and says that this can happen. I gotta get her off of the the freeway here. Travel. Some distance gets to talking you, this old man and says up no she's not done anything wrong. Maybe it's all guide and really do anything wrong: hey you're both go in the same way he's an old dude, maybe he well enough and good enough, maybe I'll hand her off the problem becomes sure born police can find any record of an officer picking
Simone writing her or picking up a pedestrian cannot find any report of the traffic stop, because that's the part of his story that what happened to that traffic stop it. He says he was hold over he's not pulled over to give this girl ride the officer would no, where this guy's going now he's poured over four some kind of violation now. Is it hey your your tail lights out, but it have you We are solid and take this girl down the road a little bit for me. We can just forget about it, so I know. What happened to that traffic violation, the other think, but here's the thing like as another evil. As this story seems, he gives a description of the person that he tells police now heat.
I don't believe at any time does he ever say she told me her name was simone. She told me her name, Simone, writing her right. I don't think that that's what happened when he reports us, but the thing that you can't. That makes it so you cannot completely dismiss this as a possibility is the description of the close? he gives the description of the clothes saying that she was wearing blue jeans with rips in patches white shirt, sneakers and she was carrying a grey duffel bag? Well, what's interesting about him, giving this description in nineteen, eighty, six, the police! Don't have this description yet forget about the media or Public that clothing descriptions not been released to anybody else,
where was released once they get this information from the old man. They don't release this description until after talking to those two waitresses years later yeah when new detectives come on this case. Obviously they love to talk to this individual because he's, alas, known person to see her alive, so he becomes a suspect in a way, but I don't think this guy had a criminal history. I dont think I mean again a very soon
hobby of you like to work in fixed clocks, but he's not alive, but their aim to talk to his son- and I don't know in this- is kind of heads or tails type thing. The detective finds a little suspicious that, though the father never told the sun about this, and that is one thing when it when I spoke with some of the officers that have worked this case over the years. One a piece of the puzzle that I was unaware of then, and still unaware of to this date in so, as she said, a bit of a head scratch her. I want to know the details of choosing those words in that statement. Ok, what what
actually does that mean does. Does that mean that father never tell son? Oh, I picked up this girl odin and gave her a ride up that gap pulled over by the police and you'll. Never guess they asked me to give this girl arrived. I dropped her off. Ok, I can get that may be. Dad doesn't tell son that re fast forward to nineteen six, how the hell does somebody not tell, and maybe maybe they're not close- I don't know, but I would think that if I read a newspaper article on a tooth, let's say in Wednesday morning, I'm in at the police station giving a report thing that happened to me nine years prior. I think that something I'm telling people well, because it's such a abnormal act
Yes, it's not like! Oh well, you know I went to the dentist the other day. It's like or hey. I had to go pick up lumber at the lumberyard or I, whatever this is of, I was reading a newspaper reported they start talking about this missing girl tat. I believe I gave a ride to I believe I might be the last person that saw her alive. Yes, so been missing for almost ten years, yet you show for a cup of coffee or church on, day bump into an old friend or yours. Hanging out with your son, now keep a mine he's. Seventy nine years old, roughly in nineteen, eighty six, so his sons, a grown man but yeah you went, there is no way that you're goin a what she
two lately owes you don't go same old same old after you ve had that experience all, but you know I read a newspaper article of a missing person who they believe has been likely murdered. I figured out that day that I might have been a witness to something or have important information.
This case from nine years ago and I was sitting at the police station. Tell them everything. I knew the following day yeah and I think we both agree. It makes more sense for him to tell us son, but we don't know their relationship. We don't even know the frequency and which they talk to each other. I have some friends that think it's crazy that I talk to my father once a week and and lana of some of my friends that live in a different state than their parents. There like why dont speak to my parents, but every three months, so I could see well it's time to call the parents and now,
If the conversation doesn't come up, you know so it's a because it and what I mean by that is if, if he read that news report went into the police department, the next time he talked to his son was three months later. While maybe it's not, then he brain up so here here, something that I wanted to figure out, because this situation throws a big fat monkey ranch into the whole investigation. So if this guy I know it either means one of two things. In my opinion, this story either makes him possibly the last. I well as the story is today. He would then become the last. I d
if viable, witness to simone being alive and well or he's in the other category. The suspect category. My problem with the story is one the details of what she was wearing, then the duffel bag, which was never released so that points to the direction of go. Okay were the stories true, but my big problem. Because this story is out and the story of Simone has already been out for a while. Why wanted this trooper come forward and go yeah? I act he picked her up. I didn't know her name was simone or didn't remember. Her name was smooth and I had her take a ride with this elderly man yeah. I'm I'm with you on that and I think part of that again. I think that goes back to the early complication.
If the case she not officially reported missing until nine days later, they did did that trooper. Did that story not reach him did? Did he never see a beyond the lookout for this missing person? While that's the one of the things I think is the biggest problem, like you said, there's four locations, so we have to look into in this case, but the basis this amazing location, number five, potentially right right, re, five or six, because you have the the rest stop plus where he dropped her offer is a different location that software should get the fairy right. It from my understanding is not terribly far in that they in law.
a whole another set of questions that we haven't even got two yet. I think the big thing, though, is from her work to cape cod that seventy miles. That's the problem, because we know like in our town in our city, Columbus, ohio, you bring up tyler Davis. Most people know who you're talkin about missing person from east in your brain uproar schaefer. All the medical students went missing from a high state campus. You go about our away. They ve never heard of the case. So I think that seventy miles distance between the restaurant in cape cod- that becomes a huge issue on why this cases it soft well. So here's some other problems right this the reports of one of the clothing I mean
he, couldn't have made that up. I you know what I mean doesn't mean that it is simone, but that he couldn't have read the prior newspaper reports and gave this description, because you know this is not information that was publicly public knowledge at the time. In fact, he's the first one reporting that she's wearing something different and you have to wander keep amount. They still interviewed any of the waitresses at this time. This information, speaking to him, does not go out to the public either. So when you interview these waitresses years and years later and they're giving a different description of clothing, then what was always reported, and now it matches what this old who told you nineteen eighty six do that one really causes some alarm bells to go often but two He wouldn't have got this information from anywhere else now sure born police. They ve done there do dillon
on this. They went to the state police to the state troopers, and they try to tat track down any reports that would lead them to that they're. Trying to verify this story is this story, truth or lie, because if If he's lying, then why is he lying? Why is he just some denial old man. Some people do like to get involved in this case Is he some weirdo? They just want to be in a case, or is he injecting himself into the investigation because he has some kind of involvement in this disappearance does put out some information that people might be wondering her. Social security has never been used and then there's been no activity on her bank account no deposit, no withdrawn.
well check writing yeah that all stopped her social security number being used or the the bank account activity all stops. Nineteen! Seventy seven so not been used since then, but the the other curious parts of his story. He tells police that he picked when he picked the girl up that he believed his simone. writing her. He picked her up september. Third, it about six or six thirty in the morning. Well, we ve, and we have all these reports now that she had left work by four p m. Right we now have fourteen hours unaccounted for. Once again, I am having a hard time figuring out the discrepancies, but mean friday evening and saturday morning or arriving on Saturday. The sun do,
confirm that his father was into clocks and did a lot of work on clock, so that part of the story seems to be true sure born police did their due diligence and even went beyond the scope of just stay, troopers and thought. Well, maybe it was smaller agency, a more local agency, that area they checked in trying to find reports, nothing that they could find that back up the story from nineteen. Seventy seven doesn't mean that it wouldn't have happened, doesn't mean that the state trooper didn't fill out. A report does
I mean that the state trooper ever had any awareness that a person didn't look like this went missing. Yeah. Does this statement real, quick? I was watching true detective again season, one great show and they were talking about what type of detective you know ross is and what type of detective he is, and I would think if I, if I was a detective I'd, probably be old school, yellow legal pads, but now of days you have to take that those notes then put them into the system in in seventy seven. We have a system like that. So how much information? How many leads have been lost throughout the years of detective that looked into this case and kept their own notes, never put them into the system. Also just like this nowadays, when cops are making traffic stops or troopers are making traffic stops? They're put in all
into a computer system right away, I mean even once their able to save at this time this officer looked up this person's license plate number. We don't have that information. That's another frustrating thing about this case on her when that they were able to check like other labour day weekend years, maybe the year for the year after could this old guy just pick, somebody else up rainy is telling the truth, but Wasn't simone the thing that's interesting to me, though, and scary okay, so there's hit again it's the tightrope. The thing that's interesting to me that I think is fair. I believe that probably a seventeen year old man would would take would recognise the ripped up and patched up genes as may be something unique
especially if he somebody that's not giving rise to persons, often or maybe even ever. Maybe this is the only time he's ever done, that the other thing that scary to me is, if he's not an eye for an eye witness, and he falls into the other category- is the the recall of what she was wearing nine years later right. I was here in the garage studio with you seven days ago, four hours yesterday for the hour hours I could, tell you what you were wearing last week, nuthin when I saw you,
wear enough. Well, that would have stood out quite a bit that the general to these, the person's name is Henry see now spell as last ain t I e w s, so he like we said he has since passed away an oar hears it. Here's a thing not to interrupt you, but we have these. Descriptions of the problem is the least descriptions of this jury. We were unable to interview this eyewitness. Witness quantico,
witness but we're able to talk to his son it'd be interesting to talk to his son and go you ever see any of these items because I could see some of it like. Maybe these are the the spoon bracelets or this a silver necklace with some turquoise on it. I could see that being taken as a trophy, while the other problem that this air quotes, witness pr presents is the suspects, so police have suspicion. of what may have happened to Simone, and most of that all involves something very near where she worked and lived if this guy I story is true and it was Simone that he drove for some distance that day and if he dropped her off. As he said he did.
well, then that take Simone out of the area, and now those suspicions don't hold water. So this that I feel like this guy when we say throws a monkey wrench into this investigation. I think big time because you sit here and you go. Ok, we're now tasked with some kind of prop Yes, we can have our investigation and continue as we as we are, but then we we have this little nagging. thing over here about this guy who may have given her a ride that takes away all of our the other things that we found in our investigation, which are all things
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Gains in the air, jobs and people on the back chairs to you, colonel. So, if this case is going to stay at the local level, We talked about the old man taking the case further away from the local jurisdiction. But even well be on that. We have some efforts that have been made a good deal of efforts that have been made and you see this based off of the name is website the national missing and unidentified person systems. So good, a name is dot com. If you want to find some people that have been either unidentified or purse that are listed as missing so odd name, is what we learn from their captain is that we have about thirty, two or so exclusions. these are unidentified remains that were found in jurisdiction far and wide some
as far away as california or florida ohio, where we are and says you know hey, I got somebody. The vaguely fits the description of your missing person. We need to do a little comparison here and they ve done comparisons and have about thirty, two or so exclusions in that regard. Well, that's. What's great. Is law enforcement as Simone's dna, so they can at least tested are, unfortunately remain well. They ve been using dental records to make these exclusions, so unfortunately they don't have a fool dna profile for some alone, but that I've been told us in the works that their working to get that full dna profile and they hope and think that they will have that on file here soon, which that will be the most definitive way for one to make these exclusions
going forward, and so it's good, though, to hear that these other jurisdictions are aware and are calling and making contact with the current investigators and Simone's case as far suspects. Well. We already talked about the elderly man. He he can only fall and one of three categories- identifiable, witness suspect or his story is true, but it's just a misidentification on his part. It was a mony picked somebody else up either on that day or even add another date entirely, but there were there in still remain some other suspects. In this case now We want to focus in on potential relationships.
So, there was a relationship that Simone was having with an older man at the time of her disappearance. This man has been looked at and actually was cleared very early on in this investigation and he's cleared because, well, frankly, would be possible for him to have direct involvement in her disappearance, as he was locked up at the time right, and this is interesting to because Simone would go and visit, him at the corrections facility? Again from my understanding, the limited information I know or been told about this relationship is that it was kind of an on again off again relationship. I dont know this individuals name. I do know that he was older than suborn, but one thing that I do know for certain is that when she would go to visit him, this is
stuff that had to be pre arranged you'd have to make arrangements well in advance to be granted access to see one another to have this interaction, and the reports are that she was had made arrangements to visit him on the seventeenth september. She's last seen at work on the second of september. The elderly man says he picks up, gave her a ride on the third of september. We know mom, believe that she was going to arrive by the third of september. Never did she's reported missing on the eleventh now, we're all the way out to the seventeenth of September nineteen, seventy seven, the police who are now looking for Simone catch wind of this arranged appointment to go see this man at the correction facility, rwanda, are gonna wanna talk to him anyway, but to their. They would. They really just want to find some, oh and I think, everybody's working in sugar, working under the premise that she's prob
lee alive and just out doing her thing or or me She ran off somewhere, whatever this is still early on in the investigation, they go to the correction solely on that day on the day that we have the appointment, arranged for hope, to see Simone there, there see simone there. Obviously they interview this guy there, that's when they get the records they do all their checking and find out that nope on the second. third he was still wary is today in this corrections fulfil wait till of the elderly man couldn't go. I witness the gave her a ride. We have the boyfriend, but he's locked up. Do we have other suspects in this case? We do so. There is a person that is required as a creepy regular at the restaurant. He is somebody that police are
listed in he's, not gonna, be the only person that they're interested in a heap. This was a restaurant. There was frequented by a lot of the locals there and they stayed pretty busy, but there's some information from other persons that work. air that have created an interest in this individual. I don't know much about this individual, but what we do know about another individual is: there is a man Daniel newport Newberg, and I'm going to steal to paragraphs directly from a news. Article This is another question, is a reference to a Daniel neuber Newberg sent the family Simone's family pick of simone around the time of her disappearance. What's really interesting about these photos for a couple for a multitude of reasons captain, but first is some of these photos were ones that were
used in many of the missing persons flyers early on and in fact, I believe that a couple these photos are still being used: to this day, maybe even in the divine cap alert report that we get from the fbi These pictures were used on many of the missing persons flyers. The article goes on to state police talk to neuber, who said he once gay writing or a ride and asked if he could take photos of her. Daniel Neuber gave the negatives to the police they also investigated another man who was allegedly into the quote drug singing and quote an trying to court simone ridding her. So there's two individuals right there that are still of interest to investigators in this case and these both of you
individuals would be local, they would be townies, they would be local. I dont know if the creepy restaurant patron is one of these guys that we just discussed. Yet do we have three guys of interest or to that part to me is unclear now one thing that is of interest to is a similar case. They took place. I believe this. Yes, this was nineteen. Eighty four, I've. So Simone goes missing a nineteen. Seventy seven, the old man this forward in nineteen, eighty six after he reads a newspaper article the day before, but when that All this is going on in the middle of all this. We have this case from nineteen eighty five, and this is from channels
to news w w lp dot com working for you for seventy years is what they tell us. Thank you for working for us. w w LP, but so their martin little tombs, flown Steve Nielsen wrote this article and that the title is detective. Seeking closure for family of woman killed and nineteen eighty five and it reads: Janine callaghan was following her morning, routine, the twenty four old, left her native massachusetts home to walk to work at the now closed? Zaher store? I don't know what his air storm is. She never made it to work, that's the key here, and this was november- ninth nineteen, eighty five and they said that a month later remains were found
at the end of a dirt road, now known as cherry farm quoth. She was naked with nothing but a pair of Jim socks on end quote. She was covered with a discarded christmas tree. The medical examiner was unable to determine the cause of death. There was too much trauma to the body. The investigation has. been ongoing. Now for all of these years. They believe this investigator that's quoted a couple times in this article says that he believes that the perpetrator would have likely lived near this cherry farm road, where she was eventually found. Generate new leads in the case the investigation of added her to a deck of playing cards. We ve seen that in several states over the years. And they're just hoping to interview some people and get some more information in this case, and this detective a saying that they believed that it still a solvable case. Her case has been.
linked. We're not saying it's absolutely connected to simone writing s case the detectives on saying that either they're just saying simply: look the two worked: this individual callaghan, janine cow, and she lived and worked in NATO summit worked in nato and live near by and framingham the weird about their lives, is up to the time that they disappear, they're, both doing similar things of their lives, so they both moved into new apartments. Relatively short period before they went missing simone and framingham, in janine, in native, but not far from one another, regardless of these cases, are connected at all. What we need here is both cases to get solved. So anyone with any information that can help police- and
I mean Callahan's, murder, investigation or any other cold cases, for that fact in the state is asked to call one eight, seven, seven r I solve, and so these cases are linked simply by the natick massachusetts location while, like I said yesterday, because I'm a guinness, not a genius a guinness. I think this is really good strategy. As far as cold cases are concerned, come out and say this is the information that we have. This is what we know for certain, and here
the questions that we have as far as law enforcement goes, because I think that would really start spark in people's interest and also like, I think, with so many online slew hers. When you hear these questions, I think some of these thirds would go. Maybe I can find that answer to this question, and so one of the questions then becomes what hasn't law enforcement done, what how could we possibly take in this case, to solve it to get some resolve yad? The thing here is, these are only leads that are not followed up on for the most part, because they're not leads that That's not information that ever made its way to law enforcement. So that's. Why they're telling you. This is what we know. This is what we would like to know in Simone's case
we need some leaves give us some information, that's good! to give us a new lead to follow up on and that's why I think So incredible and important that people keep their ear balls completely open. When we say did the sure born police department is saying they're, not asking for information in her disappearance they're, not asking for relation in her murder they're, not simply asking for information about a potential suspect they are asking for any and all information regarding Simone right. We need to learn more about her life. We To learn more about what she was up to an that's, why I go around this apartment idea that that was newest thing in her life at that time. That's a big moment One's life to move out of mom dad's house and get their own apartment
she was only therefore about two months or so prior to her disappearance. What happened that night? What happened september second to september? Third? Why do we have that discrepancy? In this time line of making her way out to visit, mom and chill with mom for long weekend. At the cottage, the other thing to is, The story always goes Simone seventeen when she was last seen on September? Second, nineteen: seventy seven leaving from the former rainbow restaurant in native massachusetts. After her shift, she planned to hitchhike to cape cod to catch affair. to Martha vineyard to meet up with her parents. Okay, what ferry There's multiple ferries that run out of there and all of the old newspaper reports. They reference woods, hole.
That would be where she was going to go to pick up the fairy to get to her final destination, which we ve always been told The final destination was chappaquiddick quitter, and the chappaquiddick area is where the cottages located. Ok, there's two fairies: it run out of woods hole, so that's a certainly a possibility. The problem is that is not neither of those fairies get her the closest to chappaquiddick. There's another fairy that runs out of a completely different area that would get her much closer to her final destination. So why is it that location ever referenced as where she was headed? There's just a lot missing from this story. There's a lot of information, that's missing from this case and then
is why police are asking anyone with any information at all to get involved. If you knew that she hated Jim class, give them a call right. If you. I believe that you lived in that apartment building with her for any period of time, give them a call it did. You know that Work with her, or were you friends with her in new that she had a crush on somebody, give them a call and, as far as I'm concerned, the way that this case get solved. First off, you have the obvious. If we can find her remains, perhaps going to set up a whole different set of circumstances for this investing asian, there will be evidence, other evidence that will come along with that. Finding that will generate new leads for the investigators. In this case the other thing
do. As I keep going back to this apartment man. I can't shake it that We seem to know damn nothing about this apartment other than the addresses? to twenty nine linden street framingham. That's the address that I was given is any solid paperwork or anything that backs up that that was the actual apartment was. What was there? Was she an apartment, a or b or or one? Oh one was their apartment number that supposed to accompany this address the thing? The reason why I keep going back to that captain is a couple things cause he nuts a rent was due at some point. and when rent wasn't collected, who do we call? We know mom helped her fine, the apartment when she goes missing. Did anybody
ever go to the apartment, collect all of her belongings. He goes missing we're, but we're told time and time again, she's last seen september. Second, did she pay september's rent before leaving when was that do was at first month last month situation? Any time? There's money involved: there is usually some kind of trail, some kind of paper trail here, There seems to be no trail trails. The trail is non existent There should be some more information regarding this apartment, and I cannot help but believe that, because there are so many questions that start at ground zero, which is her apartment and her work, that this is gonna, be something very local, very low. Oh here, and here we are in the garage with yet another case
hoping and praying that with some information that we have been able to throw out a lot of speculation that we ve been able to throw out that it generates more interest in this case and could potentially generate some tips again. If you know anything at all In this case, if you know anything at all about simone riding her, please, we encourage everybody with information to call the sure born police department, their phone numbers, five, zero, eight, six, five three to four two four, and we will include that phone number intonation, the I want think everybody virgilius here the grudge sharing these cases on social media
colonel. Do we heavy recommended reading this? We captain we are recommending catch the sparrow, a search for her sister in the truth of murder by rachel rear catch? The sparrow is the gripping story of a young woman murder unsolved for over two. Aids brilliantly investigated in reconstructed by her stepsister growing up rachel. Rare knew the story of Stephanie cup jet skis disappearance. The beautiful violinist and teacher had fled and abusive relationship on Martha's vineyard and made a new start for herself. Near rochester new york and then one morning she was gone check out catch the sparrow you can find that great title and many more of the recommendations on our recommended page on our website. True crime garage dot com join us back here in the garage next week and until then
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