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Slender Man ////// 24 

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May 31, 2014 two 12 year old girls lure their "friend" into the woods only to attack and stab her multiple times. "They tried to kill her for the Slender man." Who is the Slender man and truly why did these young girls comment such a horrific crime. Tonight we will venture into the garage and have a few beers and maybe just maybe we can make some sense of such a senseless act. To donate to the victim and her family, please go to http://www.GoFundMe.com/HeartsforHealingWI  

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rabbit chair, let's grab a beer, beardless close grads door, it's time to talk, so true cry this is true crime garage, and this is the case of the slender man
The may thirty, first, two thousand and fourteen the morning after Friday night's slumber party three twelve year old girls play dress up the morgan, dressed as data from star trek, the next generation Bella as a princess and think nasa as a prostitute, troll the character of her own creation. The after dress up morgan asks her mother at her and her friends can go outside to play as the girls set out for David's park. Bella walked ahead and morgan and nessa lagged behind. It was then that morgan had shown a nessa, the knife she had taken from her kitchen once at the park and nessa suggested a game of hide and seek bella crouched down. She was playing with some flowers. It was then that morgan gave a nessa the knife, but nessa handed it back saying that she was too squeamish. Morgan attacks bella stabbing her in her arms or legs in her torso. She punctured bella's, stomach or liver and pancreas barely missing a major artery near her heart. By the time the attack was over, Bella had been stabbed, nineteen times below, screamed got up and she tried to walk. Nessa took bella by the arms walked her deeper into the woods. Morgan in a nessa lie to the bloody bella saying that they are leaving to go, get her some help. They simply left her alone, waiting for bella to die and waiting for the slender man. The hm.
Thank you captain for passing the hop toper fist this- is from a milwaukee brewing company, the girl great we're gonna to give it three and a half bottle caps. This delicious beer is Milwaukee. Brewing companies happy take on a class, ec, seasonal german style logger and has brought by some very good friends of the garage. We got thomas in hell facts, nova scotia. Just like saying that nova, scotia and key let the Google burn golf club in the uk felicia in us in taxes and tammy from Austin Texas. We might be maybe we're big in austin texas, big in texas. They d keep austin weird or why your visit them. Then get off. Let's get into this case. This case is called the slender man case, but really it's about to twelve year old girls, inessa, we're and morgan geyser. who initiated an attack against another twelve year old girl of a friend of theirs and fell
classmate her name is peyton lunar and patent lunar you heard in the trailer there. We refer to her as Bela and she was to most of her friends as Bela, but all up in this case is this thing called the slender man, so captain help me out here what is the slender man Boys like mythical, preacher type thing he's a meme Is he a meme, a meme as what I've been told, a meme that was created in two thousand and nine on a website that was asking people to come up with some kind of photoshop project and this guy he d. Held these photoshop things in there with a picture of a creepy guy in the womb It's and often too he was overlooking children playing or in the area of children playing, and he came up with this a story about this
we began in the slender man who is it? Who is supposed to be a tall creature, tall person, like creature wearing a suit and he's in the face that it's hard to see any distinguishing marks on the face, you can't even see really the nose or the eyes or the mouth, and he he could be seven foot, eight foot, maybe on foot tall, it seems like an lie. These pictures that you see on the internet he's he's pretty towering and it changes per picture, because I think this can a groove, because I think it started with a creepy pasta. You ever been to that website. Yet there has been a lot of stories about the slender man on creepy, pasta and. He is he somebody that is thought to children or lure children and he's typically seen like in the woods like a leafless trees, all around him. You know tall skin. Trees and he's a tall, skinny creature, and
supposedly able to not only just lord these children and but it but stock them. He does something they that they have something called slender sickness where, where he can play mine games with you, you can get like some. a form of psychosis or you will wonder into the woods and joined him. Wherever he may be right and it is It is interesting to me is that there are so many urban legends. You know, like the hook guy, you know you park your car than theirs. You know a scratching on your car in other hook? I owe you and then the buggy man and all that stuff, what's interesting is that this is and of our urban legend that just got started five. You ago. Yet and there are people that believed that the slender man may even exist. I think some people may have fallen for some of these photoshop. pictures and
you know it's just it's like blackness monster big foot. There are some people that want to believe that the vampires eggs ray or werewolf, sir, are these things, and so basically, Canada started out as this internet thing just gonna go. Growing and growing as far as the urban myth is concern so has been mentioned in songs and other stories, as well as video games. For my understanding, He told me that the the theirs character in the popular game. Minecraft called undermine that debts loosely based off of the slender man, yes, and then, sir, There was a video game called slender that eight pages. And then slender the arrival, and I no, if you remember but like When were little member, that video game for nintendo friday,
the thirteenth and he had to walk around crystal lake and then all of a sudden out of nowhere boom, jason pops up and there's this creepy music is pretty freaky. So this video game, which I played justice see what it was about. I think I play the eight pages and what you're doing is you're walking around in the woods, and you have a flashlight and your kind based on Where are you maneuvering through the woods? There's a flashlight So so you can only see what your light is shining right of theirs dark to your left or right. If your shining sort at yeah, I didn't play that long as I'm not really big and video games, but you're look for these letters and then the letters have these low clues, then kind of randomly. I guess I was on board their slender and its its power is cover freaky game and then, if you go on youtube and look for this game. There is actually a bunch of videos, teenagers playing the game
but they're not showing the screen they're just showing the pictures of the kids and then once slender pops up boom they're scared. It is kind of a freaky little game. It's like instant reaction when they see the slender man they. Ah yeah. I mean it's it's, but it's a you know, I think again a new urban legend, but its devlin grow and popularity- and it's it's definitely a think somebody I mean ready to hit thirty five, and I said, nineteen days or sixty naser some loose counting I am not me, but I think it's more of an urban legend for younger the younger generation. Yet another in some of these little kids believe in the slender man. it's almost like it. You know so the story, that's told around camp fires or friends. Tell one another. Beware of the slender man does supposedly he I've heard, that one of the things that he does and what so terrifying about him is that children,
will disappear and his presence or they will walk into the woods and Nobody really knows what happens after that. Did there just never wrote there never seen again, there's no bodies that are found their gander heard of it doesn't seem like there's like the urban legend is, as you know. swine z, first slender, but once slender, has the kid there's no like story there that make sense, correct yeah and I watch day trailer for a movie called fathom and I recommend chicken that out of you, google, that I watch there is like a seven or eight minute trailer for and it was, it looked to be, Pretty well done, I mean it, it did. It was a little low freaky and it's like based. That character its oh, it's very much based off the character in the trailer they show there. this old man who saw the slender man when he was in his you know, twenties or thirty's.
him in his little sister running through the woods and there being chased by this tall creature that they can his face, but they can see, is wearing like us, a black suit right and he the creatures kind of deal Jeanne behind the large trees, but is me faster than the two of them and eventually catches up to them, and he turns around and looks in his sisters gone so I'm guessing the rest of the, I only saw the trailer, but I'm guessing the rest of the movie is this old man who spent his life looking for the creature or looking for a sister and then there's also like rumors, that slender has like tentacles kind of like art, almost like puss arms year and I've her I've heard a few different thing. where I've seen pictures and heard did did the tent those come from his back like doktor octopus, or that his hands become some kind of tentacle ray these long out reaching stretching hands yeah? So what
also as interesting. If you just google, like image, search slender meant slender man I think it's really need when their taken these old time photos and people are photo. Shopping in slow somewhere in the background, as they're pretty creepy, even though you know that their doctored, but it but, like I said again, I think it's an arresting story just because all the urban legends that most of us now that we are whereof, we don't know equally when they like, when they spawn, but this one like. We know the birth of this urban legend and then how many people have taken that urban leginn and they put it into reality, even though it should be well and for those of you that are not in the state of wisconsin or you know, you haven't been reading true crime in the news papers or watching it on tv and the like
Two years, you're, probably wondering why were discussing this mythical creature this this mean that we are where we all two thousand and now this is true crime garage. We would all like to talk about big foots, yet we don't do alien episodes yeah, I mean There is anything wrong with that. We at we I did that I did coastal coast but it's just there's enough to discuss in the garage without going right without going down those roads so anyway. The reason why we bring up the slender man is because the attacker, morgan in a nasa. Windy are when they arrested and they are and to end guided they start. Discussing the slender man and in half, he was involved in the crime or how they were. They tried to murder this young girl to appeal he's the slender man or two to become proxies of the slender. My dad is as canal almost too
fold, it's like the one they wanted to do it to show their loyalty- I guess to slender, but then I also heard rumours that they thought by doing this. This was a way to prove that he was real yeah. I've heard two things, one that either this would prove that the slender man existed because these girls, they were all in sixth grade and six greatest. That kind of that time. Where you know you a few years ago you quit believing in santa claus and you you quit believing in the easter bunny. You start growing up, and you start realising that some of these things are just stories. And so who knows maybe some of their classmates, maybe they they would his stories about the slender man, and they would get grief from their classmates saying trying to say that santa claus isn't real that way, but
it. You know, maybe this they thought this was a way to prove to their classmates. That did these stories that they're telling our true that the centre man exist or, as you have said, that they wanted to be proxies or become involved with this slender man that they believe existed and I've heard that they even thought that the slender man lived in a mansion in the wood, near their home. woods would have been just off of this David's park. This is where they decided to go so will work in a back up just a little bit, but it was it was morgan's as slumber party. She has to over friends over she. Peyton over and she has indeed in these are considered by all a re involved that that payment, and Morgan were best friends since, like third or fourth grade yes, but Morgan's very good friends with the nasa right so If you were to ask summer george
If you were to ask a nessa at the time who her closest friend would be, it would be morgan if you were to ask peyton, she would say morgan for him, but peyton and nasa really only their only common factor. There was morgan, cracked. The sinister thing here is that more and unbeknownst to Paden morgan nasa were planning an attack on patent. a plan to that they had roughly plan this for months. and they plan to initiate this tack visitor during the slumber party, yeah. The slumber party was for morgan's birthday. Guess. So morgan has her two friends over it's a friday night and they go to a place called it was like skate. Land may was wanted. You know skating rank. You know the dj puts on the music, they get the disco ball, you use gate around in a circle and dad they. They are to have never been skating for a little celebration. Doesn't surprise me
I went there for a little celebration and then afterwards you know they they came back to morgan's house, they were playing and they went to bed. The original idea was that they would attack her in the middle of the night, as I correct yet tell them about this and will mean we're talking about as started the show a cancer we gave in the trailer war are more the council that the new york escape. And if you I the twenty twenty on this it gives a little bit of different accounts were actually going go over both those accounts. And that's why the frustrating to every week We only have seven days normally to research a case and it gets really. Austrian, when you have three or four search sources and their there. It's like. Little tiny details or just a little off in The little tiny details can be very important, but the the thing here is that we have to mention, is it Obviously these are all children.
Second of all. They have not tried. Yet there has not been a trial did. This is all alleged things that had happened. These are these are the involved parties accounts of what has happened you're right. You are going to get some discrepancies right from from what took place now until this is brought took, of law and there are sentences granted we we gotta go off of what what we're hearing so far. Yet what we have is we have paid accounts of the events and she has shared a lot of those. But some of those details I think willow guarded because she was attacked and then they have their interrogations of both girls and that you can actually see video footage on youtube of both interrogations on those girls,
supposedly somewhere on the internet. There is the full nine hours of their interrogation. I've never been able to find that. I find it long and hard, and all I was able to view was highlights, let's It highlights that was able to view to gather tat. They need if you go on youtube and you just type, unlike slender man, attacks, theirs a million different slender may and videos that people make enough different stories and cartoons, and so in those videos, you're actually seeing the slender man involved in the attack. Not these two girls, we aids deaths of random story about slender or not, it has nothing to do with this case. So that maintains a little bit difficult to find out. If I would recommend, when you're in go to Google hour when you're at youtube to use the the attackers names and
de the interesting thing here too, that I want to point out something that I found out last night was that h, b, o is doing a documentary series on this case and that the release date is undetermined. This is epic, I believe it's next year. They plan to put it out next year, so we're one year ahead of h, b, o and from what I hear the director and the persons involved in this documentary. Sp a considerable amount of time with the parents of the two attackers, so that might clear some things up, but back to who are slumber party, so they Dave had their time at these skate land and now they're they're getting ready for Had they settle on the bed, the three of them from what I heard slept in the same bed that night and the original plan was that they were going to attack the girl some point in the eu in it over right right in the we hours of the morning. Let's say
for whatever reason, they must have figured out that this is probably not a good idea because you're in morgan's home and then there going to be the issue. If you're successful, there's gonna be an issue of the body, and europe I mean you're you're very guilty, first of all, and then, so the following morning. The earth into is that there's you know too does roughly twelve year old girls and I part of it was just that they do not have that gumption go through with it. I guess yes, sir. I can I can. I can see that completely so the following morning. They decide that after I think they eat breakfast in everything that we're gonna go to this part, yet they play some games in their their home. They play dress up in some internet things and they decide to go to the park to play, hide and seek, and just do you know it kids do what six great kids do and just hang out in the park walk around do their thing, and it is this
on the way to the park that organ, shows her friend, a nasa and peyton can't see they show he. She showed her the knife that she took her parents kitchen two five and kitchen knife yet like it, it was described to me, sounds like pairing nice like it. Like a thin short blade, yeah yeah, But I mean, as five inches saw me, that's not terribly small so, on the way to the park, the knife is shown to a nasa. Now a nasa would later say an interrogation that that's when she goes. Oh, my god, It is really going to happen and You had told me- and I had heard the same thing. Did they their initial plan once they got to the park, there were restrooms, there was a women's restroom and amends restroom and there Intention was to attack Bela a k peyton in the the
The rest of us is keep corner Paden, so nobody gets confused, but The idea was this attack or in the women's restroom because there's drains and though women's restroom, so once we stabber that the blood bull be training out of her and that's where the blood would go. It would be into these drains. It'd be somewhat concealed to you. Wouldn't you know passer buyers. My may not see what it was going on and again I don't know how much they were actually thinking about certain danes or how much there calculating like every little detail. I think there are just trying to get the main idea. This is my thoughts, So then they end up goin up, not look at up there in the bathroom or before they get to the bathroom, but based let the same thing happened that happen the night before they both kind of chicken out, and they both just well, there was some attack in the bathroom, sir. they they buy,
sickly, a grabbed peyton or tried to throw down in the bathroom there was there was some kind of scuffle and they if it was broken. for whatever reason, and they the the bathroom, and this is one thing that people have always speculated well. Why would peyton continue to hang out with her friends after us how's it attack, while my guess is in paint never said that sheet. She never saw a knife to this point and in No, I mean we ve all been kids and in you know you have these. Things where you guph, with each there in your your horse play in probably believed there. friends were truly her friends and it was just horseplay or I mean, there's something that happens. Sometimes when you get a group of at least three or more and you're hanging out with bodies, and
Did you just gonna start team in upon one of em and maybe like being a little bit mean to the other one? Does canada and around will still allow mean spirited, yeah and your exactly right, especially at that age. You know everybody wants to be the best friend right. You know and sometimes never not been met. This is where the accounts start to vary a little bit, but there is, a game of hide and seek its initiated an from I've heard a nasa was the one they initiated the game of hide and seek. Maybe she thought that this was an opportunity to get bella alone or without. We would determine we're gonna collar Paden I apologize may was, opportunity. They get Peyton alone or get her in a compromising position. Its kind at this point Paden, is not and arrested in playing this game of hide and seek could have gone further. into the woods- and she It is now
to the point where she she d, or there's a little bit of attack. Maybe she didn't like freak out, but now it's like we're going to go into the woods and play hide and seek and she's gone something's off so it's at this time that the that morgan raised a hand, a nasa? The knife. And a nasa would go on to say later that she had given the knife right back the morgan stating I I can't do this maybe not in those exact words. But basically she won morgan to have the knife and there was nasa and Paden go off to hide at some point. now there's varying accounts, my to walk with us for a bit but some point either a nasa or morgan grabs, pay
and throws her down to the ground, and that's one account now decisive other account Yes, so let me go through the first. The count that that we read first account that we read is that morgan now she's at the knife concealed she grabs paintings? throws or down jumps on time over and at the well. What's the word we would use here they the unnecessary. sickly rooting her on cheering her on kindest, so to speak, and you know calling the rally cry or whatever in and morgan begin stabbing peyton as on top of that now the the second count. Is you got it They gotta play hide and seek and a nasa and Paden or hiding and then A nasa tells Paden like to lay on the ground like will hide here and there lay on the ground and NASA sits honour. I then pay
His mother claims that that's when Paden said to NASA, I can't breathe and then morgan came over with a knife ends and what a necessary to morgan was go below click on her go crazy, yet because Morgan says to the nasa. I can't do this until you tell me to yeah. I can't do this to you. Tell me to and is she says, go ballistic go crazy and she started stabbing her now either way, regardless of which attack you believe or which account you believe the end result is peyton ends up being stabbed nineteen times and she stab mostly you know a lot in the arms and legs, but also in some vital areas as well and the programme probably some of the armed stuff is probably heard defending herself but yeah. They use arms legs ass, the man and chest. well in my hat off to peyton here, because she's
gotta be a fighter. I mean, let's let us talk about this for a second. She already warded off an attack in the bathroom and now she's being double teamed, let's say and she's Clearly defensive wounds because she's she's putting up a good struggle brain The end result as she stab nineteen times and the one doktor had said she was what a millimeter away from death. Now me away from death. One of the steps that went and her chest was, I think, a millimeter away from her heart yeah right by the arteries there could have could have suffered an artery or go to went near the in through the heart get in They claim that if it would hit the artery that first thought was worth: it hits the artery them. She bleeds out, but his comment was that if there are already artery was hit probably suffer a mass of heart attack.
so yeah millimeter away from death and against different accounts of what took place afterwards, we have been told that they did they peyton guy up and she was, she was grabbed by a nasa and lead walked a little bit. further into the woods and told to lie down and The two girls had explained to us that they would leave and they would go get help another The second account that saw the second account that I heard was that they just left her there stating that they would go to get her help either way. Two accounts boast. That they had said we are going to leave. You know when we're gonna go get you some help right and at this point I can imagine what Paden was actually thinking. You know you just tell you, you just had your best friend and morgan based, Lee viciously attack you an army.
Sleep with them on a pain that you're going through there had to be, all of this is my best friend and she's, trying to kill me during this stabbing or just after the stabbing peyton was screaming at the two girls that did I trusted you? I hate you. I thought we were friends. You know things of that nature. I trusted you on and you know how could you do this to me. she's laying their assuming that her friends are going to go, get some help malnourished, I assume that it will be your exactly, but she's told that right, she's told that girls are actually in their goin off, to the woods dive in that they told Paden that there were gonna go, get help they keep gone off into the woods. and do you know why they were going into the woods. Well, I had heard did a couple different things, but I
I had heard that they again with the slender man that has his mansion in the woods that they would go and be with the slender man or they would go, live with the slender man in his mansion, and I had heard that that they had packed A couple granola bars and in some bottles of modern, yes and some provisions and one of them actually pack pictures their family members? Yes, because they they were saying goodbye to their families forever to go off to be with his fictitious person. and I get believers morgan. That stated that, during attack that she actually thought she saw slender men when their man- yes, yes, she would claim that dirt at some point during the attack that she had seen the slender man they they are so both the we have so heard that they thought that win peyton asked away at the moment, her passing.
the slender man would present himself to them that's when they would be welcomed into his world or his mansion, or become proxies of hits because they go off into the woods and that you want to talk about what Paden does. Yes, that as the other two girls go, into the woods peyton Basically, army cross right to that too, to the out of the woods and up to the road where this is a trailer edge. where she is seen by a bite by someone on a bike bicycle- and I find this interesting about the bicyclists, because I'd like myself But you know what I have like just kind of routine paths that you go on. for some reason, this path was actually chained off, and this site is older, gentlemen, and he decided I'm gonna go down this path day, even though its chained orphans, nice typical path.
so he's right in his bike and he comes up onto Paden. That is basically saying Can you help me a patent says, can you help me? I need help. I've been stabbed and the imf One thing here is peyton is wearing a dark, colored black fleece, where probably wouldn't have been able to make out the blood it's seeping into this jacket that he he could tell that there was blood on the clothes, but he didn't know how severely you know stabbed she was or how many times she was stabbed the bicyclist Fines peyton, here's her cries and he calls nine one one. The nine on one dispatcher is concerned that, like the attacker might be in the area solve this. Guy is watching over this girl he's trying to help her and you can say here on the nine on one cause of him trying to comfort her and he site. Who did this to you? and then the nine one, one guys say, hey well, if you see anybody you need to, let me know immediately so that
again they empties there. They refer to the hospital which, It's the hospital the police, it up goin to her there's house. And tell her life look Your daughter has been stabbed. So she, to the hospital and there in this world I found this does chilean in general. I mean you're, the parent of this child that was at her best friend slumber party and basically, Paden saying that morgan did this. And then the nurses are counting the wounds five on her arm and six here and five here I mean and then- their adding a mob they're good You know there have been two nurses. Do this checking the different stab wounds and then one of the nurse says. she's been stamped nineteen times. Yes, I got nineteen stable,
to mean as apparent you're thinking what the hell you know, and you won it really x, I mean as a birth, slumber party. Yet my my daughter was there. She should be fine. Everything should be normal. Everybody should be happy. So She is recovering and they're trying to save pagans life at this point again now They know whose is premature: support for this, and the two girls are missing so now the cops have to go look form yet in some things that they did while they were. You know I guess waiting for peyton to die We are waiting for the slender man to appear both the happen. They continued on in the woods. Save you know, crossed over railroad tracks and nay, you know did thing. They ended up at a walmart, a nearby walmart. Where are they into the restroom there and washed off the blood that was
Their hands and in on their person, morgan who wore these black lace, type gloves with the fingers cut out. I guess she wore them all the time constantly she would up, leaving these. These gloves near this link at the walmart restroom, so the girls are picked up a few hours after this attack took place and they are. interrogated shortly afterwards. This is where the slender male us back up the slope it because when they are found, they have their book bags on em and in the book. Bags night they use correct. He morgue Still has the knife in her book book back So now you have a victim, You know I've been attempted murder, and she can obviously identify heard attackers. This is this way different than the law. The cases that we cover so victim should identify her attackers. They have the attack.
Yours now that they they have, though you know that did murder weapon and and they get that right away than the road taken into question. this is when the slender man does present himself, because they telling their stories of what took place, in the initial part of the irrigation they're both going to blame each other? You know does, as typical kids would but neither of them did. I being there at the attack. You know morgan, says inessa. Did it necessary morgan did it, but neither of them deny being present and they both give their version of the attack in how at his nose in the videos any lawyer. And I'm wondering if you know like you're a parent of a kid and then he find out that that kid attacks somebody else under the kid The kid they attacked. Could
leslie idea. I just wonder at that point apparent. Do get a lawyer involved at the initial you, invest the initial to the apparent has the option they cannot- and I cannot say this with one hundred percent certainty, but guessing, because I'm going by ohio lol, but guessing that it transpires to the other states as well, but a mine, cannot be questioned or interrogated by an officer or detective without the consent of apparent, and I imagine that you would have to explain the miranda rights to the parent right and at that point how has the option to deny the questioning or interrogation or opt for What I'm just wondering if, because of the attack being so severe, means one thing: if you're kid throws up through somebody's window or something like that. But this is attempted murder and I think, maybe at this point in this,
since my speculation that the parents D said about it? You know and review we cannot really. We are pretty much know what happened here said: alice get some the detailed, your exactly right, the interrogation videos, the as I called them highlights earlier. It wasn't the entirety of the video, but the I had seen, would show a detective on one side of the table and just the left of the detective would be the the girl whether it be morgan or a nasa. And so you cannot see the full table. So there could be a lawyer present. There could be apparent present, but not These kids have any problem discussing what took place now pretty forthcoming with them formation, and there actually a little there
both seem a little were morse full at times, but they also seem very cold blooded at at times with the with their statements seem like sometimes when a nasa's answering the questions that she's a little more shaken by what she said so a saying, and it seems like sometimes morgan. Canada nonchalant about our answers. The weird thing that I found I mean that the interrogation itself is just completely weird, and I dont mean by how it was conducted by the officers. I mean by the statements of both of the girls that those statements are weird in their chilling at times. And a nasa one of her statements early in the tear the interrogation when they sort questioning her about the attack. Her first action was where is patrons body now, She assume that it was a successful attack right. and I wonder at which point in the in the interrogation did they tell them that
she survived, so they their interrogated separately and dad they immediately afterwards tell inessa, did Peyton had survived and a nasa says something to the fact and through the fact of While I knew this was a bad idea. yeah, but morgan states that too, in the interrogation is that she does just kind of new, there shoot that doing something wrong and that their runagate caught for yet can present some other issues too, during the interrogation video. I dont know if you notice this captain, but one thing that stood out to me was the movement of morgan, where some kind of sad how I would expect some one to kind of sit during an interrogation, especially a child where morgan would start to this I'd things and there would be you know what kind of
openers hyper yeah and thrower arms a little bit, but me she wasn't overly aggressive she, but she seemed very morgan in particular, seem very straight to the point. You know saying things like the good side of me knew that this was wrong, but the bad sight of me knew that this was some that we had to do actually morgan would say in the interrogation that at one point got very hard for her not to tell people about this attack because she was getting so excited that the it was getting closer and closer. The date of the attack that they had planned was getting closer and closer, and she was getting so excited that it is hard not to tell people what they were planning to do so just to wrap up the day of the attack. Now, patents recovering in the hospital and again like we set a millimeter away from possible death, where I guess the probable deathrays
yes, I ended these girls have been ah now captured. interrogated by police and now its onto the tri. Well, a quick nother, no to patents, strength. in her character, you know some of the the first responders and people involved in this case had one how she would have the strength to crawl out of the woods under those circumstances, and she simply put it, I will The live like this, strong, strong person, I mean. Also I mean again it's its rebate. friend, are this girl that you assume is your best friend that tax? I can imagine what was going through her head as I see you now is Now she told her mom won't they now found real sad, as you know, when talk about like what do you remember and her first, they want All she could remember was the pain
I'm sure there was a lot of pain from the knife, but I mean you're you're young, you're young girl hanging out with your best friend and throughout this year from friday to now saturday morning power. Was a little bit of your team, upon one person before the actual attack. And then during the actual attack I mean I mean pain as far physical pain, but it's also a lot of emotional pain because psychological I mean this is your best friend I mean I and everybody knows like even just stuff. You deal with best friends or girlfriends are friends or whatever. When your kid I mean it's traumatic, so fact that she was like a home I'm not done fighting. I got a purpose to live for a minute, that's great, and the problem that this this present several problems for the court process,
and one of those problems is the. If are they attempt to serve. Excuse me yet it might be around the might They combat are the competent. Are they? Are they legally sane enough to to stand trial? Now I think that a law that comes from the fact that you talk about this fake, mythical creetur. I think I think the initial part of it is that, but I think some of it too is did do senator of murders commit by girls of the aged twelve are less. The percentage is so incredibly small. I like I read, I read some staff, it said and in two thousand twelve out of eta. eight thousand murders that were committed that year as to make matters worse. Of whom was committed by a girl under the age of twelve. So immediately it there,
our sirens go off to say this is not normal. There must be something going on here and, as you said there they're talking about slender man, and it seems like a nasa, is a little more understanding or claims to be during the interrogation process. This land slender man is a fictitious character and that she would go on to say that our morgan was more of the belief. the slender man and morgan would display signs of of my opinion, some. that's not completely right. I mean they psychopath, possibly why inch, but she would refer to other fictitious, fictitious characters as friends of hers, volga more from a harry potter, and you know, video game characters and and people that she had read about she's, referring to ninja turtles yeah. She read a thing about ninja turtles at that wall now
this is just getting a little strange yeah she claimed at one point she can talk to ninja turtles yeah. Well, mean, but that there was a big thing when I was a kid with an end turtles and parents having to explain to their kids that you can't go into sewers because mandatory. Don't actually live there because interrogation take so long therein tape interrogated four hours, so these are kids and sometimes even when it's not kids, you offer things to the person that your questioning to make them comfortable me want to than their you'd need to keep them talking so both of the girls are offered meals and at one point during the meal morgan. Starts to she's eat well done sartor. She does the entire time she's eating these french fries and a strange way, and- and- and I would ask you to to look this up to better exe- to you, but she's eating them? Basically, one at a time and at one point she
gets too. This is all on video she's here bing, she's alone in the room with her boxed meal. And she's holding up the french, french fries and having them to one another and she's having them like dance around? So I again I go back so did the buyer like a happy meal or something yeah. They they purchased some kind of like burger and fries, or something for each of the kids. Again, you gotta keep him comfortable there talking. I want them to talk because you've got to figure out what happened yeah and then it then the they talk. The obviously can really figure out the punishment part as well. yeah she's centre and this kind of strange to me, because but his heart go back, it's hard to go back in the brain and think Where was I mentally at twelve sixth grade
I do remember and fifth grade people playing with lightning turtles and taken. Are we pass this now? Are we pass the style and fifth grade so cells it's weird. I definitely be gone. What is going on in sixth grade, I would never admit to playing with toy in front of other kids, but I still blade with arms trade you're, one, those kids that bought like two of something, so you can play like with one. keep the other one in its package. I remember it differently than that they share one problem that This thing presents to me. This whole case presents to me and now don't quote me on this. I am not repeating this verbatim. because I don't do legal speak. What now these, of wisconsin there that they run their show over there is that if you are the age of flight, they gotta odd, castor, so them the way they run their show. It's a sure. It's a show man
quite the same man zip the way that they run their show captain is If you are of the age of twelve or older, You commit a crime where there, where its pre words premeditated. are you ve plan this out in advance? Wear it then you will be tried as an adult and what they are saying is basically that there are standing of separating the adults from the kids. Is that if you are able to take that I'm too plan something be so devious that you would plan something of this nature and it might, b it's a murder or the internal market, but they have deemed that anybody, twelve or older, that that decides this in advance and plans in advance and makes moves to do this stuff that they are capable of adult thinking right
can premeditated, and we learn from last week's so about premeditation? Yes, yes, which was fascinated I say: learn something through our show. So not only do I did the court deem both defendants, sane and competent to stand trial, but now I decided to try them as adults. Now the reason why trial has been put on hold for so long is dead That's the initial rolling! Yes, as that, their cause we're going to yes, but but then, but then they go. Maybe we need to have these to individuals, psychic psyche. Say it for me psychiatrically, yet evaluated, and so then they do that but one of them is not fit. Well, not that, but their lawyers are putting up a good fight. In my opinion, there,
peeling the process of trying the two girls as an adult. Yes, so that that's what we're waiting on right now is whether they are going to be tried as adults or whether are going to be tried, his kids and as the captain had mentioned, I still think that their some questions about the sanity. Why there of these girls but morgan, specifically and their face in what sixty five years you, I believe so if they're tried as adults of their trade ass kids, it's different now what I did hear from one reporter was even the tried as adults there will be, they will do and juvenile court, though zigzag I'm. Passing the debt and would mean that they would spend time in juvy until they become an adult and then they would carry out their son lies in, and I think that, but the way they made it sound in the report. Is that anyone
under the age of eighteen actually will be tried the duty system driven system even if you been tried, as adults, that's way so, the proceedings must be different than if you were an adult court yeah. I guess or- and maybe it's because, everybody involved with that process would be, they probably beheld an ado like you said, a juvenile facility, anyways and so maybe it is easier for the process, and so that's what I heard well in here I think this shows us the day and age that we live in. Ok, in my opinion, you know fortunately this took place in real life. This is, internet case this this is a fictitious mean that was created on the internet in two thousand and nine, and this is something that that's been reported. in the internet? You know, as we know it in in one
that I've seen you know doing my research was these different mess, gee boards, in these different comments that people would post after these. Articles and after stories about this case and an eye The same man it, sir, you know this morning. I have so many concerns in this case, and the thing I we gotta keep a mind. Is I think these are kids, I think their kids? At the end of the day there there twelve years old and ass his plan with french fries yeah and in and I do think there some serious concerns about morgan sanity and I think that that something different needs to be done about this case. In my opinion, I mean. Maybe your concern is that their tried as juveniles that she can get out a lot earlier, but she can be sentenced to twenty some years. I have a lot of concerns: expansion with both of em and I'll. Tell you why? Because if, if their as you would say
if they're tried as children, they could be out much sooner than tried as adults, and I dont know that I No, I can't say that there can be rehabilitated to the point that they won't would not do this again. yeah. I don't know that. For sure I mean I I believe that every bacon change some level and there I don't know but I'm also believe that if you kill somebody that you should go away or be sentenced to death, I mean those are my two thoughts. the I mean the saddest park. Part of this case obviously was was that I was almost taken. The patent was attacked in the way that she was that's the saddest part, but one thing that I see that sad to me as some of these messages and comments it I'm seeing on these message board. So I use in a mean what what's the oh I've
The tone of these I've ices all vital that she that she should be tried as no I've. I saw one person that was as extreme as the two girls should be taken out to the same spot of the woods and shot, and I dont I'd. I dont Those two girls might not fit into society, but the person makes a comment. I don't think fits into society either. Word well but, like I said my my general thought, normally is always a few commit. her, then you should either spend less jail or. you don't be murdered yourself. I mean that's, that's always been theory so, should I changed my theory, because there were twelve years old What I'm getting at is not with you against you write. What I'm getting at is that if you're gonna be a proponent of the death penalty or if you're gonna be a proponent of harsh, strict penalties for these.
of cases. This is The case too, to bring that delight. my opinion. These are. These are kids again I mean we couldn't we couldn't for them. Kids that try to kill, there I know, but we couldn't sentence David Berkowitz to death, but and you're gonna choose you're to say that these two girls should be taken out in the woods and shop well I mean I again the dust poem, none other. We would not doing that. We don't discuss. We dont discuss that stuff in true crime garage now, you're telling me what I can talk about all talk politics at it we don't talk politics. I think I think this is a this. Is a community issue this, political issue, the same thing: It's a community issue, not a political issue, all now at the end of the day. Here's what's really sad is that these girls did this awful thing to their their one.
best friends or at least morgan's best friend, and now this painting is now recovering and she's not does recovering from. actual wounds, she's, thou rico, erin from a traumatic experience. There is a lot of as forest psychologically goes There's going to be a lot of obstacles her with her in the future. There's going to be law, obstacles on her trusting people. Any time that somebody has a traumatic experience in their life. That is something could take years and years and years and years to get through and that I could really start her development One of the things I noticed was they were with paden and see in her. You know how she's now adjusting and our parents said you know, like you know, there's is glimpses of how she was he's not fully back yet, but there's glimpses of who she was, and
is, she might never ever come back a hundred percent. That way, but even I Think some of the stuff that even the way she was acting to me was almost like she progressed a little bit she's, not twelve years old and she's recovering whatever, but I did some of this stuff that she was doing me felt like more eight year old. Do more and an that's my I mean I feel like there is already some mom. Logical issues already going on with her because of this, and Well, that's a shame, and I saw How do you penalize these girls, and I agree with you completely, but I do want to point out that on February thirteen of two thousand and sixteen lunar. She celebrated her thirteenth birthday, so happy birthday to peyton, hopefully you're not listening to this adult show by regardless happy birthday to her, and you know we cheer you on, and we were glad that your recovering
you know, as favorite colors purple. So as you have said, you know the parents basically stating that the physically she's recover and she's in she's, doing well there is some concerns that once she's fully grown, they shall have to have some kind of plastic surgery and they ve able to re some money for that any and you can, if you're interested in donating, so that you can find that on your own. on the internet, or maybe you can find the link will put in the show description will do that and the butt. they too have said that you know there's trauma there. As you stated there's trauma their emotional in and in intellectual lee, and you know, who knows it could it's probably Going to the way that she interacts with other people and her trust level that she's going to have with other people going forward now Mr politics, I will represent the community because MR community and
yes they're the same thing, but what about the parents? Morgan and vanessa, are they to blame? Not, I don't believe so I mean it's emmy go back to combine, don't use that case I mean is, Eric and Dylan's parents to blame for their kids doing her if things. I don't believe so. You know She can prove that the Parents had knowledge of these events. You know three. in our view, told me hey three weeks: prior yeah morgan was talking about this when they didn't you Something well maybe there for some negligence there, but I don't believe you can punish those those parents there's a lot of people on the message boards of want to punish the parents. I. What I can say is that I think that morgan in take your seems to her. Parents seem to come under fire more than a nasa's, now
from what I've it's the same. Bullshit mumble do with columbine with I let you epic well hot, on by its the same goal, so that people do with Eric and Dylan and they go while Eric was the leader and so on. it's the same thing all morgan was leader and the nasa was leader will either way Child didn't stick up for another child, that's what you that's what the it did. in pisses me off because Ok, yeah may don't get bad. It may well not matter either our hostess things on the message I would like. First of all, I am sure I'm trying to state of four morgan's parents here, I'm always mad at you, but the thing is we agree. They both done wrong, both done wrong and yet so keep going, I said a rare treat by beer call yourself simmer, call your jets anyway. What I was trying to say before MR politics, up to me is that you there's morgan's parents seem to becoming under fire more than a nesses. Just bullshit
guess, because the general public's idea is that that morgan, what might have been more involved? Who knows we weren't there? it does seem to me that did morgan was raised in a atmosphere that was different than traditional as far as my beliefs and concerns go. However, Does that mean that it's a wrong atmosphere? It does not. So I dont think that the parents can come. I ate, I dont think, did it's the it out of bounds to put them under fire little bit, but I dont think that they should be standing trial. With their children. Now They taught me and you don't both their kid something wrong, both their kids or both intact. In another kid both kids did not stand up for that. That the jaw and that horrible and that's an is, is it a rift, direct reflection, on parenting skills. I don't know I know that I don't know if that's ok, because here's the thing
if morgan is they find out is, is just mentally gone well. I think that's what they're gonna to end up finding is that her parents? For now you know I mean if your kids born social path is that your phone, or is that you know something that later down the line we're going be out to be, to see genetics and be able to may be correct some of this unless you were able to identify that and you let it go right, you know and dealt with or or not sure? You know that some of these things are treatable and can be managed, and if, if you just decided not to deal with the situation, then that's on you man, but I don't know that that's the situation and I understand, as far as details, concern why people go into the whole idea of morgan. The leader was ass, a leader who initiated the stabbing, but morgan, stabs first and it
It's true that unnecessary, go ballistic. Honour, go crazy. Well, wait. The way I view it is yeah. If you want to go into these little tiny details and if that matters to you in the case that's great, but to me it doesn't matter because you both did horrible things and you should be as much as you can be sure that I will like to see. There has been quite the spotlight put on morgan. I would like to see as much evidence in as much stuff up a nasa, as we ve seen about morgan to truly determine who if there was a right and wrong because do have people saying that one was very bad and one was just along for the ride. Maybe we don't we we will assess the situation appropriately and less and less the spotlight unless both more under the microscope. If I just think you both should be charged record, I don't think there should be any lesser for one or the other, believe that Paden stated that.
morgan stab me. So maybe it s never stabbed her at all. But you're there you set honor in news gonna go down, he had never once started. You know your. Too chicken stabber and you are to chicken to stop her and for that you should be punished, and you thing about that for the rest of your life, that's my opinion now that you you, you cry out, the rally call, you know you knew egged or on you, Running around and I is that you know you don't like talked about. They wanted to do it on Friday. I wanted to do on Saturday. I wish that once they went to play, hide and go seek that they would have just chicken out. there was a million times that either girl could backed out There was a million times, as somebody could have brought this up and in it could have been prevented so,
I don't think it matters whose hand was on the knife at the time. I think they're both equally guilty. What I'm they concern about, is, should being tried as adults, I dont know is morgan. Saying I don't know, but but the end of the day on hoping that the proper professionals are exactly that that they are proper and their professional and they get to the bottom of this in a professional way figure out the organ situation, don't you dare yeah, they figure out morgan situation and they figure out the situations within the courts in in the state of wisconsin yeah what was interesting The first said, I said, was the case gonna be on. You said slender man, I went, but we don't do big, put foot and then you told me about this attack which a kind of heard about this kind.
that worth discussing something that the trial hasn't happened yet will be able to dive? And that more- and maybe we will revisit this once we get more info, h m during the trial to revisit this after watching the hbo documentary that will come out. Eventually, I'm sure that our listeners and that you and I will both have a lot of opinions about the parrot. and about the kids involved in this thing after we get more, you know, get to see more ass shine more light on it. but I mean that the key thing here is the slender man is a fictitious fictitious character. He does not exist right now. We know we now face very sola and big. my exists when all now, yet we don't know yet that rapid up about recommended reading how bout some recommended breeding. Yet with the next step, Yet just gonna reminder to go to true crime garage dot com. I want you to
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