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Spookyville /// Part 1 /// 530

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Happy Halloween from your Garage friends! There are some pretty scary stories and rumors coming out of a tiny town in Missouri. Stories of meat hooks, cannibalism and serial killing. These rumors and stories all stem from an ongoing Missing Persons Investigation. The last reported sighting of 33 -year old Cassidy Rainwater was back in July of 2021. With a tip from the F.B.I. the Dallas County Sheriff’s office is investigating after receiving a photo of the woman partially nude and caged. Some of the locals call this place Spookyville. Join us in the Garage for some Halloween fun as we crack a couple and take a look at this open investigation and discuss just what might come of it.

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wendy Zuri population. Fifty one people Wendy veil is an unincorporated community in dallas, county located about an hour, so DR northeast of springfield Missouri, the community Was so named for the frequently andy conditions by many people of missouri further to this town as spooky ville, because windy veil is said to be halted. There are many run down businesses and multiple cemeteries that all have creepy things said about them. In the eighteen hundreds there were multiple child deaths You go to the pepper cemetery located just less than a mile northeast of the town, conveniently off of peppers road, not only You find the burial plot for the road in cemeteries. Namesake civil wars and james pepper, but also listen closely while you're there, as it has been reported
the children's laughter can be heard coming from the cemetery. and Wendy will at the loan rock cemetery, there is a phantom horseback rider guarding and watching over the hollowed ground on the m m highway, there's an old bridge, the crosses a creek. If you stop your vehicle here is: told that you just might encounter a woman who walks this bridge at night. Seemingly looking for her child visitor, say that windy veil Missouri is creepy little town that seems to have been lost in time, most enhance in Missouri. A saint louis organization relates Wendy veil is said to have some sort of hunting in every deserted building. Including the windy veil store visitors, have ported, hearing terrifying screams coming from the old cannery building Something called from the shadows. True tails,
the paranormal wendy bill, home to a woman with the head of a goat. They spectral hitchhiker, and beyond the look out for red eyes, the stair people passing by the dead Black windows of abandoned buildings many say that there are areas things that go on in when you will, and you might want to think twice about making a visit there. It's also home to spiritual, called so watch out, proclaimed in October two thousand five article in the usa today newspaper these some of the legends of windy veil, missouri population, fifty one but here in the garage we have much more to talk about than just some stories coming out of an old goes down, because there are new legends coming out of this tiny town. ways that are less traditional, popularly Guard it is true, but an authentic hated
and these stories are far more terrifying than the once told around camp fires at night. This programme. The rack welcome spooky that this week we take the flying garage shift to a small town of windy, little missouri and, as you just heard, you may want to think twice before going to windy veal or, if you are travelling through the great state of missouri plan, your rout carefully. But if wendy bill is a scary, dangerous place will captain. I have reason to believe that windy will just got very recently well, I got a little less dangerous and maybe a little less scary as well, and that would be due to the arrest of two men that being fifty eight year old James dean
phelps a long time, residents of south west missouri and more recently windy veil, Missouri and his friend in life? the accomplice, if you will in that, is fifty six year old, timothy leroy Norton, a long haul trucker, who seems too old, no known permanent address before we get who, for a long in this bizarre mystery coming out of spooky veil. I want to give a shout to kay why three not com for doing gangbusters work in great reporting on this case, in particular, This story is really making its way across our greatest of nations, the good old? U s and a because of a missing young woman, and this is thirty. Three year old, Caskey rainwater, investigator say thirty. Three year old cassie rainwater has ties to dallas green and lock led counties,
all three are counties in Missouri. These are neighbouring counties with laclede located just east of Dallas county when will, as that in today's trailer, is located in Dallas county and some of the stories we're going to be talking about are coming out of lebanon, Missouri, which is the county seat for luck, he'd county now. This is all very new, very new stuff. Here, it's a missing persons story that has rightfully got so many people really on edge wondering what else may stem from this missing persons case and what other crimes, and possibly even other victims could be involved here from K. Why three news the case has led to multiple rest court proceedings
and new developments in recent weeks to suspects, James phelps and timothy Norton have been arrested in charge for the kidnapping of cast the rainwater, both appeared in Dallas county court on Tuesday October fifth, now one night earlier The Dallas canny sheriff's office says a home near lebanon. Missouri connected to James Phelps was burned to the ground. The Missouri state fire marshals office is investigating the fire caused, a total loss to the home, while the springfield fire department bomb squad responded after the discovery of a trip wire, ok, So here we have to individuals suspected and being investigated in regards to this case rain water missing persons case. We have a brief time line that I want to go through.
That will help to flesh out this story a little better for those not familiar with the case, but real quick before we get to that time I want to underline something before we move on from those last two paragraphs. The Dallas county sheriff's office is investigating this guy James David phelps age, fifty eight and his weird friend, Timothy leroy, Norton age, fifty six and during the course of their investigation searching for clues and physical forensics. Evidence for their cassidy, rainwater investigation and arson fire. cause a total loss to a home, so the home is bad. To the ground, certainly hindering, hopefully not completely, destroying their investigation and but instead they were hoping to find or collect. Now
to your, whose are locked up, but from my understanding captain the fire, the burnt the house to the ground was just one of James Phelps properties which could be of importance, but we'll circle back to that once we get through this brief timeline, but I think k why three summed up this story. The best. in the following excerpt, the Dallas canny sheriff's office is leading a month long investigation into the disappearance of cassie rainwater, an investigation that has taken multiple turns since september, so let's go, through what we know about Cassidy's, disappearance and law enforcement investigation, now, supposedly cassidy rainwater disappeared or was last seen, I think, is the words we should probably use, because that's what we're being told was last seen on July. Fifth, she wasn't reported missing to authorities until nearly a month later, and this is how this all went down according to officials,
on Saturday July, twenty fifth, two thousand and twenty one james phelps, told the police that this was the last date that he saw Cassidy. This is July. Twenty fifth, he said that cassidy left his residence in the middle of the night and never came back. Some reports say this was the last day. Anyone family members were otherwise reported, seeing cassidy rainwater right, but it sounds to me captain that this is the last day that James Phelps says that he saw capacity because per court records. James phelps told police the last time he Cassidy was on that date. He told authorities as she left in the middle of the night and never came back according to detectives. Cassie rainwater was staying with James phelps, while she was going to get back on her feet again. James phelps told authorities on July twenty fifth or late july.
I cast me went outside in the middle of the night. She walked to the end of his driveway, where he says it. He saw her meet a vehicle at the street. She gets inside and leaves and has not been seen. Nor heard from since then according to James Phelps, when she moved in with him or came to stay with them for a short period of time. She was talking about movie. two colorado or to denver colorado and this a somewhat believable story, because Cassidy seems to have some ties to the state.
colorado, and possibly even the city of denver as well. It appears that she lived there for some period of time. I don't know how long it looks like it was brief, maybe a year or two, and this would have been a few years ago now, this last july, twenty fifth day is important because, according to additional court documents K, why three learned that timothy Norton, the accomplices, I'm Calling him was called to go to James Phelps home by phelps. Just one day. Early James phelps is so ugly that his hair is running away from his face, but all the pictures that relating to this case, will be honoured, instagram actual crime garage or our facebook at true crime garage accord. To the information timothy Norton was called over to help James phelps in restraining cassidy, rainwater and the documents go on to state that he was forcibly holding her.
while a felony was being committed, and now they don't necessarily state. What then Donnie was and we can speculate if you like. I think it would be a bit of spinning our tyres to speculate. What that felony was. According to the same court documents, Timothy Norton admitted to going over to phelps place an admitted to helping restrain the young woman, not timothy norton It's like he smells timothy use. Think the odd thing to me captain is they almost look like they could be related, maybe cousins or something I they for. For some odd reason, I feel like there's some resemblance between the two: there s comments comer Then we are going too fast forward exactly one month see this story. Has these points of view, first along the way on this timeline here, but also has these gaps really no information,
and all these eerie gaps in which we have nothing okay, so exact, one month later puts us at Wednesday august, twenty fifth, twenty twenty one on this day, A family member of Cassidy's contacted the Dallas county sheriff's office. This person is reporting her missing. saying we her family. We have not heard or seen cassidy and quite some time, so this is when officially the investigation started into looking for cassidy rainwater. Now we go to september. Sixth, twenty twenty one on our time line when further developments, fold following this active missing persons investigation. This is someone at the f b, I contacted dallas county sheriffs department. The fbi is calling saying they, received an anonymous tipp that cat the rain water was caged up on James Phelps, property sick. So for my understanding captain this is investigators,
the federal bureau of investigation contacting detectives at dallas, county sheriff's office, saying that somehow they have received. Photos from an anonymous person showing city rainwater, locked up in a cage I'm wondering, are they contacting the fbi and saying here's a picture or picture of ghastly rainwater and she looks to be in trouble or or there's this picture, multiple pictures of a woman in distress unnamed in some type of cage, and these pictures, and what is going on in these pictures does not appear to be staged in any kind of way. So this person contacts the fbi. We we don't know that the tipp information is a bit vague and what we do know is it sounds it. The tipp came by way of fbi was a person that wanted to remain anonymous, then that I wanted to see the pictures by look forum on Google and could
find them, but does imagined be in law enforcement shoes and to receive pictures of a woman in the nude in a cage. The report's generally state that she was could be seen in a state of partially nude inside of a cage. The tricky thing here is there must and something to elevate this immediately and to their investigation right. Somehow they connect these pictures to cassie rainwater or her being the likely person seen and the photos could this be by them, knowing who she is and been also identify her themselves or looking at those pictures and then looking at pictures that they reef maybe have received, or maybe some social media accounts, and they are able to compare and contrast the pictures with those, maybe some kind of facial wreck mission software used to determine that it might be her, I'm just
shining this, not because I I question that it happened. I question: how did the fbi so quickly get this to dallas county sheriffs department? The fbi eyes a federal organization whose actively working the entire country of the united states cast. Rainwater is missing in Dallas county Missouri, a very specific locations I don't know I'm trying to connect the dots here and again. We just don't have enough information to really connect them. Well, what I assume is that the here's, a person that, if you believe that this situation is not stage she's in media danger, she's an immediate threat for her life. That's why I think law enforcement would be able to get all hands on deck, to try to figure out where she is To that end. We ve seen this before captain and talked about this on our show before where we reviewed some photos ourselves that in some cases and even high profile cases, really us the public
Look at them in wonder! Is this real or not is something that staged? We talked about the strain photo that was found down in florida in the parking lot. Where showed some kids that looked to be tied up ran still, we sit here, decades later and no one's identified or said that hey, we know who those kids are, and they are this person or that personal it seems like we ve covered alai cases in the last five years were there. Sure of individuals, and nobody comes forward in and claims to be family member, our friend the wording on. This next part is interesting to me. This is from one of the better news reports out there. The says quote investigator say a detective, a detective. Ignite rainwater in a partially nude state from a photo and officials a later discovered, seven photos of cassie rainwater after searching James phelps is phone, so Dallas county sheriff's office. They go out to follow up on this tip.
And that is when they find seven photos on James phelps phone that will event led to his arrest. In this case I mean animal, though, for him to put this woman into a cage and then take pictures of her and she's. Obviously, it seem like she's aware that the pictures are being taken over after his arrest captain was taken to the Dallas county jail where he still remains to this day. Now, of course, this is important, but we. What we have here is a missing person, a tip sends police to speak with this james Phelps. He says yes no her. She was staying with me and left in the middle of the night about three weeks ago, so he
denying that he knows or he's not even denying that she was at his residence, the detective searches phone I dont know if he agreed to let them view his phone or if they had a search warrant for it. I would think with how hot this case is orridly. it was for a few weeks in the news that often the warrants are easily found by reporters and the world Hang in those reports is always of interests, because, most of the time the detectives have to be fairly specific about what they are searching for why they are searching for and why they have reason to believe that they will find these items in this person's possession, and this begins of these items in relationship to the crimes committed or the crimes that they are investigate, seems to me the way its report. It is we have this.
sure in them once we they get a search warrant to search his phone. Then we find their seven pictures on the phone so seems like those pictures or separate from the initial photo that they found possum and we get dive into that and I'd like to- I just wanna- make sure understanding your question before we move on to far my suspicion is that it's not like this go picture that they were handed right. It somebody contacted the fbi, said: hey I've seen in this photo or these photos online and here are my concerns. Gather makes more sense to me than one of them being and it out and the other seven not pm printed out. One thing and I found interesting was- I couldn't find- early any exact quote or any definitive statement saying that they obtain
and these photos from his phone or war viewing his phone because they had a warrant to do so. They may have. They may just been able to keep it under wraps, but I couldn't find anything definitively saying that they had applied for were asked for certain war in this case and I'm guessing that they have here captain, but what I'm really shining is what came first, you know the chicken or the egg here was, the warrants, and then we have the arrest of these two individuals or did we had the arrest, which then led to warrants for us to search properties and phones and computers and things of that nature. Yeah. That's a good question, but I think, like you said, be alive
easier to obtain. If they're able to show a judge here is an individual that is missing. James Phelps is the last person known to see her. She was at his residency. These pictures we believe our of his residency. A judge is going to sign off to serve all his properties and his person and his phone and whatever you want once you have that evidence. greed, especially if you go out there and talk to him the first time- and let's say you see wit or witness A thing incriminating at this first encounter the first, You talk with him, but just him saying. Yes, she was here and admitting that he knows her might be enough to get you certain warrants, like you pointed out, and I'm just gotta circling around all of that, like a vulture, because I'm scratch my head a bit with this, we found similar pictures of care
the on this man's phone burthen scratch scratching it if I'm one you know if one of my sick twisted hobbes, is caging women, I'm not going to just offer up my phone, for old johnny law to review right. So if there was a warrant for the phone or computer or the property. When the detectives came knocking on September. Sixteen that fascinates me what led to the warrant was there something in one of those online pictures that might indicate like you, were pointing out this she's being held on this man's property right, something specific or some way of identifying whose property or whose home it may be, but could be as simple as they are able to match something with inside the first picture to something of his residency or he go to his residency. There's a freaking age you're there asked James phelps some pretty standard and friendly questions, and then you, as the detective, can see
something in plain sight, a cage, as you said, or something from one of the photos that tells them hey this is the location where these photos were taken. or maybe they were able to pull some. They could have been able to pull some kind of data from these online photos as well. That's right, some mega could tom what the location possibly was at the time. shoes were taken, but, however, it goes down. James Phelps is arrest. And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite sponsors one. I use most often it's what has changed my life so dramatically
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I'm back we're, ah back continuing along our little timeline here, captain we're gonna go out just a couple of days later. This will put us in september, nineteen, twenty twenty one This is when police interviewed the accomplice, the were you calling them. Scumbag, scum and scammer. I'll scum and scum get almond dumber, so I dont know scummy here the one or the there. But this is us scum, member or to timothy Norton the accomplices, I'm calling him norton said he lived in his vehicle. Has he was an over the road, trucker and I'll know what else they would be over. I am under the road here over the water tracker. The address listed for him in online court systems and court documents show the
name address is James phelps on moon valley, road police say they found some inaccuracies in his story and Timothy Norton story. Now I have this address in my notes, is three eight six move, valley, road, windy, veil, Missouri many of the arctic will say the moon valley. Road property is near buffalo. hurry or the valley property- is between lebanon, and buffalo Missouri it simply just because this windy veil is so small. You know what did we say: population fifty one people in the trailer, so they're gonna reference, the next biggest towns or cities, but what's interesting here, is that we have this individual timothy Norton. Who is a drives a truck overthrown He saying that he has no actual address in that he just you know what he's out on the road these truckers, they sleep in their truck for the most part, and he said
look even when I'm home either sleep in a vehicle. or his his truck and keeps it on the property. The thing that's a little the little convoluted here, though, is that we know, according to timothy norton statements and what the shares department believes as they had on the twenty. Fourth, there was a call that was made for him to help restrain. I'm guessing. Could this be a simple is dude is out sleeping in his truck in something happens inside that cabin the James Phelps lives in an calls himself on the cell phone and says hey. I need you to come in here and help me restrain this woman Seko's on September twentieth. The police brought back timothy Norton to interview again so at least two interviews with this timothy Norton character that we are aware of, that is when he admitted to restraining casting rainwater back
in July. We see this happen with so many cases. I just don't understand how this works, and maybe it's because I've never been put into that situation, but it's like yeah we're jochen and economists scumbag, but your scumbag cause. You helped him but again I've never been in that situation. If, if I saw, harshly nude girl was trainer restrain or to put it back in the cage, I'm beating the living. It out of him and call the cops and and making sure that she is but we see time and time again where these people say all, why didn't kill the individual, but I helped bury the body because I didn't know what else to do or I helped burn the body
you mean like their somalia, occasioning that we have seen as dislike the note to self. If you, if you go along with any of this stuff, you're just as guilty, you just as much of it. In a more and a monster as the individual that you are well in your right captain. We ve seen this dozens of times and it to me. I always believe, or have to believe that it means it said. Person is guilty of something else where just not aware of it, I mean that's the only reasonable explanation. I can come up with in my mind as to why somebody would admit to helping move a body or help bury a body I think a lot of times. That means that they had prior knowledge of what was happening was going on and at some point they were in so deep that they decided to help physically
later admitted to it, but don't ever really want to admit that hey, I kind of knew this was all gone on all along by again now circumstances change. If you tell me that James had a pistol on him. And said: hey come in, I need your help and you come in and there's this bad situation and he's holding the gun or something he's like you need to help me that's different, because now, during threat, for danger of your life, but even once you help restrain that person is year, human duty to go get law enforcement, get help. Make sure that this Girl gets to safety babies. You I'm certainly give if, if summit, to me in the middle of the night, why? My best friends came to me and said look man. I gotta issue come down to the park with me and I got down to the park and there's a dead body in this. Had hey how me berry
the body- and I know there's all these jokes out there. A true best friend, will help you bear the body. Now, none of you not true best friend, your scumbag, my best friend, says hey. How Bear this body not go along with it now, if the individual has a gun, holding that gun he's gone, hey, you're, gonna help me bury this body different circumstance well, and if these reports are completely factual there, we ve been able to review that are coming out in regard to the story. It states that norton say is to authorities that he is aware or knows that cast he is being held at that property. the wording on that makes its, to me like he is aware, or knows that she's being kept in a cage at phelps his property so kind of circling around this. Before we move on again that is the call from July twenty. Fourth, the
you know not calling asking to help area body, but the phone called it says. Phelps is requesting Norton to Hell. Pinned restrain Cassidy and I just You know, I don't know whether this was an actual collar and actual texter. Or what have you, but I just hope pray that restrain is not code for something much worse now, the next day on September twenty, First, Timothy Norton was arrested. He is being held at the Dallas county jail with no bond on September. Twenty third policed heart from a scene on moon valley. Dr says move valley drive in this report. I am guessing. They mean moon valley, road. The Dallas county sheriff's office continues to investigate the case by this point. In our time, line more than two months have passed
since the disappearance of cassie rainwater and the community members around the ozarks are searching for answers on her condition and what just may have happened to her on September twenty first one of the news outlets spoke with a woman who said that she knows cassie rainwater and knows of the sun. ex. She spoke with K. Why three on the condition of anonymity? She said she can't per head around. All of this quote: I've been incredibly unsettled. The whole menagerie started she said I am continuing to pray. for her family. I can't fathom what her family is experiencing and I'm heartedly, sorry that that happens so close to my home, the one recalls cassie rainwater as being friendly, saying she would
stop by and she would talk to us when we were outside working saying I dont think Cassidy would have ever run off without keeping contact with her family. She said, unfortunately, captain. I dont think that any people think they can see. ran off in this case. You know what the photos and with the arrest that followed and is, allow me to say this, but first gas to me the authorities are probably searching for remains at this point. I agree with you and, like it said thing about placing yourself in law. foresman. I I know a love true programme enthusiasts, like Ben, be our law enforcement officer at times would be some enjoyable aspects to it or trying to solve a crime. But to see photographs like this and then have to go to the family and say: look we. We believe this is Cassidy
Can you identify her and these pictures and there's no way of sugar coated? What you're gonna show them that's correct on september, twenty third, the twenty twenty one deputies return once again to search around some properties in rural dallas, county including the home on moon valley for evidence in the investigation. After several hours, deputies departed from the scene now, on Friday october. First, twenty twenty one gaiters confirmed they were waiting for dna evidence to return in the disappearance of cassie rainwater, Dallas county sheriff scott rice says it could be at least thirty days before any results are returned. Okay, so around the same time, we a lot of local rumours that start making their way out of this rural parts of missouri out to the right
of us in the surrounding parts are no. Why assuming because that, like you, said the probably looking for her remains, but if they found a cage or area that they thought a cage was put the contest the carpet or the floor, or the cage itself for touch. Dna plus multiple items, probably on the property. Yeah touch dna, here's my guess here captain, because this is where I think, if the rumour mill had already been started up in fire and on all cylinders. I think this statement from this air of saying: hey, we're waiting on the return of some dna evidence, and it could take thirty days or so before we get any results back, that's going to get the rumour mill fired up and rock n roll and right so it because there is a lot of speculation as to what that could mean. Does that mean that they
found remains that they think could be cassie rain waters there not saying that. saying that they found any remains at all. There not say They have reason to believe that cassie rainwater is deceased. You know here we sit months later and it's really just kind of left out in the open and left open ended where we know it's a missing persons invested should they were investigating the disappearance of cassidy rainwater at one point and then Some point that navigation shifts to the angle of we're investigating these photos that the f b I became aware of these scary photos, and it's really just left here all this time later as well, it still missing persons case. We ve, arrested these people weave search the. property over and over and over again, and it still as it was in the very beginning, a missing persons case,
we don't know where cassie rainwater its own. Sadly, at this point we have announcement that they found cast right and that's where I that you're, probably onto something here captain with your thoughts of well, probably waiting on results from something they found at the crime scene. That necessarily doesn't have to be actual remains right. It could be, as you said, touch dna. Maybe they found some hair that they believe could be hers. What you're going to do here? as a detective. Your number one objective, obviously is: let's find cassidy, rain, water and hope and pray. that she's, ok and she's, live and well and This is somehow some kind of misunderstanding, but there were crimes committed, and have some factual things that we do now in the detectives would know at this point in their investigation, and that is one They have reason to believe that this woman was being held against her. Will that being the photos and to now we have this door
who says guy, I know who she is and she was staying with me now we have dogs friend who says yeah. I helped I knew she was being held on the property and I help restrained on one occasion and now you're going while that is almost an admission of guilt as far as He kidnapping charges girl, but you want to do your due diligence and put in the extra effort so now before you go before the court, you want to say Not only do we have all this that proves that this man these men were responsible for kidnapping this young woman, because technically the deaf of kidnapping is holding you. Even it doesn't mean growing somebody in a vehicle drive off with them. If you put a play a person in a place that they do not want to be, if you force them into a place or hold them somewhere that they do not.
want to be you ve, kidnapped that person and kidnapping news. Flash is a pretty big crime. It's a pretty big deal. Oh what you're going to do is you're is you're want to show the courts. Not only do we have these photos, but when we searched this man's property we found hair in the you know the bathroom anchor on this brush. What we found items of her clothing items that we know belong to her. You want to prove one hundred percent be on just their words this. She was actually physically there at some point, but he's not denying that right, so he I mean at first he said ah yeah. While she stayed with me she's getting back on our feet. I think the pictures of her being in a cage is what is your slammed dunk as far as guinea, The verdict on kidnap correct again your vines attorney. I could I could go look she's trying get back on their feet and I have some
fetishism pater low their money to get into the cage, but I think the same donkeys when you have the other individual, scammer, scum mornings, scammer say that he helped restrain her. Therefore, it being a kidnap correct, but that's why they call it building a case against someone you're, not when did you stop there go well? This is good. Looks good enough to me. No, you have access to what you believe as a crime scene, you're going to collect physical evidence and again you want physical evidence that prove that proves scientifically throw their words out, throw the pictures out there proves scientifically that there is reason to believe beyond reasonable doubt that this woman physically was at this cabin at some point and you're going to build this case against these individuals. Again. Kidnapping is big deal. If you cannot find or locate her remains ray you're.
when to turn the screws on these guys at some point and get them to tell you information that you want that they might be willing to to give up at this point, but also think about it from law enforcement perspective. James Phelps is fifty eight timothy norton is fifty six. If they're restraining and kidnapping somebody and putting a thirty three year old female into a cage, nude partially nude nude whatever this is probably not the first row, oh they're, probably responsible for other heinous crimes. I absolutely agree with you here captain. I would think that if this stuff is going on and one you're doing this type of nastiness too,
then with but to you ve, managed to get an accomplice to help you. It seems like they're kind of proficient. I guess would be my thought in these types of acts, or I mean something has led to this now. What's interesting, though, was I was really curious and I was expecting to find maybe some red flags in either of these individuals backgrounds, but there wasn't really thing major so what little I was able to find about each one of them is we have some very minor misdemeanor charges against both of them throughout their st some of em dating back as early as ninety ninety two. It looks like rain, but is really minor stuff, so with one individual with James David Phelps, why
I could find on him was that he had charges of passing bad checks at multiple times throughout his life and every time he pledged guilty to the charter is an these again are very small charges: misdemeanours, where you just pay a fine and court cost right. He has Traffic violations like most of us, do as far as the other I too methodically Norton goes. He has again some traffic minor traffic violations. Why, of them- and I have this my notes but its unclear to me which individual it is one of them as lake game. Warden type charges right where you are like hunting illegally or master bay in the woods or catching fish that you're require to release, but not really
sing them. Why was there was a little more clear and James Phelps properties, because we can only see pictures of the one whether there was a fire. The fire that took place by this seems like an kept land. It seems at least on this property that there was actual buildings. yeah. What was he using these properties for when? I am glad that you reference that, because I forgot to circle back around to that one thing that I feel to be very troubling with both of these individuals. As you know, we said that this is James. Phelps property my understanding he's actually renting this property, the property where the cabin burnt down and They believe cassie rainwater was being kept. I'm alive, unclear on how long he's occupied this space. It sounds to me like it's been years and then scammer to living in his truck
whatever we're supposed to believe, even if it's on the property or off of the property- but we You told us he sleeping in his vehicle on this property, where An cassie rainwater is believed to have been held. Both of them have other addresses. You know, even though we said Norton doesn't seem to have any permanent address. That's listed. He has other addresses that that can be found relatively easily and same with phelps. Now are married situation. Their married status is a little unclear as well. Now I do know that mean. Are they married to each other right, because scum a scammer. Now, what I mean by that is whether either of them arbe are cut. we married. I do know that Timothy Norton, was married twice so far that I could find the case. Nineteen eighty,
a and then again in nineteen. Ninety four I couldn't find any as far as you know, marital status on gene, David Phelps, but I do know he was a class of night Eighty one at crane, high school home of the pirates so yeah he he actually won all ward, most likely to be a douche bag. Also James phelps, I mean to correct your expertise, but he missed something on his criminal charges. He was has been charged multiple times with having a scarlet. That's where you your bald with molly. I will, if you're, bald on top dont, have a ponytail
yeah you're right captain, something that you wouldn't expect. The fine here is that these guys don't have any major red flags on their criminal history that we could find now. One thing that's weird in this case is dead. Reporters were able to dig up that that property. Ok again the problem That phelps was staying at and again we said that we ve seen report, to say he was renting that property I've seen reports that references, a guy that built the cabin I cannot find, who owns this property and maybe they're doing it just protect individual. The use of multiple
parties, is weird to me only because we know this. This guy has photos. We ve seen photos on his phone. According to police that he's caging women on his property and summer porters were able to dig up some information. At least this is what their report state is that two convicted sex offenders are tied to. That address are tied to that property, somehow the interesting thing here is, as we stated, what we could find it looks like phelps is fairly clean and so is Norton. Now
These guys are registered sex offenders in the state of Missouri yeah, but there's a little thing, god, human trafficking, and maybe these guys got mixed up with some other bad deeds, but this whole town seems amass. It seems like there's all these, like. You said before rumours that its haunted, where measures of all these bad things happening in the past, seems like this place so most cursed. And on top of that, because of caste ego and missing, there's rumours flying all over this small town. Well, I'm not but I accuse windy veil of being a mess. I'm not going to allow one bad apple to spoil the whole thing bunch. I don't know much about too bad apples. town at all to speak ill of the other. Forty nine occupants of the town, the haunting stuff
interesting to me and some of it sounds quite terrifying, but you know every one of these little towns, especially when you get mistakes. They all have these stories that they have passed down for years and for decades it's what the older kids used to scare. Little kids and then the little kids grow up and then they scare the little kids at some point with all don't go into those woods. Don't go to that graveyard. don't go on that bridge at night. Don't go masturbating the words but, like you were saying, captain this case has sparked up a lot of rumours and again some of it I come from the sheriffs own words of hey we're waiting from were waiting here back on these dna test results and look. I do not fall him for stating that he simply updating you on their case. We're waiting on results now, maybe some people's I ran wild. Their imaginations ran wild with. What could that mean? While some of the rumours include the finding of meat hooks,
On the property where phelps was staying by law enforcement officials, acts of cannibalism, additional victims. possibly the remains of up to twelve or thirteen people found on the property, additional suspects, caged victims and transporting kidnap victims, or remains across state lines. And that these two may even be responsible for the missing springfield three one of their everyday. So much for joining us here in the grudge make sure you join us tomorrow for part two of spooky veil and until then
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