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Spookyville /// Part 2 /// 531

2021-10-27 | 🔗

Spookyville /// Part 2 /// 531

Part 2 of 2


Happy Halloween from your Garage friends! There are some pretty scary stories and rumors coming out of a tiny town in Missouri. Stories of meat hooks, cannibalism and serial killing. These rumors and stories all stem from an ongoing Missing Persons Investigation. The last reported sighting of 33 -year old Cassidy Rainwater was back in July of 2021. With a tip from the F.B.I. the Dallas County Sheriff’s office is investigating after receiving a photo of the woman partially nude and caged. Some of the locals call this place Spookyville. Join us in the Garage for some Halloween fun as we crack a couple and take a look at this open investigation and discuss just what might come of it.

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