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Tara Grinstead /// Part 1 /// 215

2018-06-12 | 🔗

Tara Grinstead /// Part 1 /// 215

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Saturday night, October 22, 2005. Ocilla, Georgia. 30 year old Tara Grinstead, a popular high school history teacher and former Miss Georgia contestant, attends a BBQ with friends at the home of the former Ocilla school superintendant Dr. Troy Davis and his wife Missy. The party has gathered to watch the Georgia football game, socialize and enjoy some Southern barbecue. At approximately 11 pm, Davis walks Tara to the door as she gets ready to leave. She tells him that she is heading home. She gets into her car and drives away. That was the last known sighting of Tara Grinstead. What happened to Tara that night? How could she have just disappeared into thin air? Over the years there have been several strong persons of interest, but in 2017 this case took a twist that no one saw coming.

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