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Tara Grinstead /// Part 2 /// 216

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Tara Grinstead /// Part 2 /// 216

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Saturday night, October 22, 2005. Ocilla, Georgia. 30 year old Tara Grinstead, a popular high school history teacher and former Miss Georgia contestant, attends a BBQ with friends at the home of the former Ocilla school superintendant Dr. Troy Davis and his wife Missy. The party has gathered to watch the Georgia football game, socialize and enjoy some Southern barbecue. At approximately 11 pm, Davis walks Tara to the door as she gets ready to leave. She tells him that she is heading home. She gets into her car and drives away. That was the last known sighting of Tara Grinstead. What happened to Tara that night? How could she have just disappeared into thin air? Over the years there have been several strong persons of interest, but in 2017 this case took a twist that no one saw coming.

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it was a cold case in the deep south of former beauty queen and school teacher who mysteriously disappeared and was eventually declared dead. Now twelve years after tara. Grinstead disappeared diane. I can only says a man from her home town has been charged with her murder, long last a break in the baffling disappearance of a beauty. Queen eleven years ago, this scraggly thirty three years old, has been charged with the slaying of pageant winter terror grinstead who vanished without a trace from her home in a small georgia town cracking the case of the disappearance of terror, grinstead tara failings and these huge towers dog was found at her home? Looking for lorne after her disappearance, I have exercised I've shopped for clothes and clothes and clothes thirty year old tara was a three time winner of a local beauty contest. She was also a contestant
Nineteen. Ninety nine miss georgia pageant Asha genetic code, won that contest and became close friends with tara. She was just a beautiful person inside and out. She was a wonderful friend. We would go shopping together and you know pick out interview, dresses and talent, dresses, Tara also taught high school history. She was really a phenomenal teacher and had such a passion for her work Disappearance triggered a massive search in two thousand and five and national interests, and I live here and those scylla, georgia. We were the terror, grinstead location, the mystery help particular interests or georgia native denouncing grace. This is a case that has haunted not only me but a whole town. Now, for eleven years, as the years passed, terror was declared legally dead
but her body was never found now out of nowhere. An individual came forward and reported that they had information into tears, disappearance as a result of that tip ryan duke has been charged. We always play that it will be solved. We just did not know when you do graduated from the high school, where tara taught it's not clear whether they knew each other filmmaker payne lindsey is credited with keeping the case in the public eye through his podcast up and vanished the investigation of tara grinstead. I'm your host payne Lindsey. It seemed like he would have been wearing the weight of the world for over a decade but many questions remain. We still don't know where her body is. We still don't know exactly what happened to her the february of two thousand and seventeen the gb. I surprised everyone with an announcement of a press conference
but the case remaining unsolved or almost twelve years. At that point, people did not know what to expect from this press conference february. Twenty third, the gb. I announced that it had made an arrest in the terror grinstead case in county authorities had arrested thirty three year old, ryan, alexander, duke of a scylla, and had charged him with murder. Burglary, aggravated assault and concealing a death. The bombshell fact of this announcement cannot be overstated. In short, every one was stunned. The gb I admitted that right duke had never been on their radar and even more shockingly ryan had been a student at the high school where terror had taught four years, so ryan was just twenty one years old when terror had disappeared in two thousand and five and graduated from Erwin county high school three years earlier.
After his arrest he was held at the irwin county jail without bail and in April Two thousand and seventeen rhine was indicted by the urban. a grand jury on multiple counts, including glory, aggravated murder and felony murder What do we know about what they believe happened in two thousand and five? That's a good question because until recently, until very recently, in fact, there was a guy- order in place regarding the terror grinstead case there is information in the court documents. However, this, including the arrest warrants and indictments, and we will through that, but most There are people talking, but officials have released very a little actual information. What we can figure out is there, sir, the arrest warrant and indictments both assert that ryan, duke. Burglarized terrorists home and used either his hand
or hand to kill her He then remove her body and indisposed of it authorities using the term burglary. Well, this could be interesting, me, oh burglary, meaning entering by unlawful force or thou permission in order to commit another crime. So this possibly means that they have some kind of knowledge that he broke, in the home and intended to do something to harm terror, or it's just the simple act of stealing from the hole now a tip from someone who had been told about the murder was what led the poor, these two ryan duke right? he was arrested in two thousand and ten in o scylla for a dui and was arrest in another county for another dui. At some point, it is unknown whether he was fingerprinted at that time When ryan was released on bond, his mother told officers that she would prefer
That ryan remain in jail and then he was sent back initially. then released for health reasons so other than these two dui you right, and has no other criminal record ryan, and pretty bad health to two years of substance. Abuse he is alive. Problems with the drugs and alcohol and he's? Actually, he was kidney dialysis for about four months. He has nerve damage in his feet from collapsed veins in his legs and several of his organs have come close to failing altogether now around the time of ryan's arrest authorities conduct major searches of a fitzgerald pekin farm, owned by the hudson family? This is a prominent family in the area of work, One member of the family was at one point a georgian state. Senator forty one agents searched the premises. This include,
a body recovery, team and they'll, brought in machines for digging its certain if they were able to locate anything at that time. It was this One thing that you and I kind of- and I hate to say that we cannot have laughed about this behind the scenes- you know when these microphones or not on? We are just laugh about every well, we are talking about these cases and we don't mean to poke fun. It or be light about it, but the truth is ok so early on their work. Reports out there that they had found something you know they bring, his body recovery team, its belief, they were looking for. Terrors remains their reports coming out that they had found something right. And then those reports, this kind of dim, diminish and disappear, and then you never hear talk about it again and so were kind of left here sitting on our hands me in the captain, going at once,
they find something. Did they not find anything? What are we going to learn when this thing hopefully goes to try? I'm sitting on my thumb so people that new ryan, they were surprised by these allegations being levelled against him. Everyone said it was totally atto out of character for him to break in two some its home murder. Somebody of two martyr, someone his mother, said the that ryan, a job at the time of her disappearance of tears, disappearance and We believe this points to the fact that he wouldn't need to burglarize homes now ryan was described by people who knew him around the time of terrorists, death or disappearance, as the criminal mastermind type. people were shocked that he would be able to pull off this crime and high. for twelve years, if, if in fact that is what happened, and I bring that up because you know where we
think we're getting some clarification as to what happened to terror. In my opinion, I think the the waters just get a little murky or here because in march, just weeks after The arrest of ryan duke police announce a second arrest in tears case. The ban, oh county sheriffs department arrested a guy by the name of both dukes and in ever were poured out there. You will read or hear that they are quick to point out that these two are not related. Their last names are so similar, Bryan, ryan, duke and bo dukes. You have to point out that they are of no relation nature, this man with concealing a death hindering the apprehension of a criminal and tampering with evidence, specifically authority stated that bow dukes, who was a school friend of ryan's and roommate. They had shared, place together during the around I'm, the terror disappeared. They even appeared side
side in the urban county, high school yearbook due to the similarities of their last name right? So this what their belief is. Is there at the time of her disappearance. The bow do was a roommate of ryan's. after they graduated in that he helped ryan, hide and destroy terrors body. The arrest warrant, forebode dukes alleged detail, body was hidden some time between october twenty third, an actor Twenty eight two thousand and five on it gone farm owned by both duties, uncle randy, hudson of the hudson family. was cooperating in the searches it first allege that bow had aided and abetted ryan in concealing terrorist death and destroying her physical body bo looks was released on bond now. Remember: terrorist sister anita
She knew the dukes family and had even stayed with some of the family members when she visited o scylla during the investigation and to terror. So it's a small world in a scylla and did you just one degree of separation between some of these people. do we know about both dukes and what possibly happen in two thousand and five? Ok, so bow dukes. He broke up with his girlfriend. Is former girlfriend now bro sheridan. This would have been in january, two thousand and seventeen well in february, brook decided to tell authorities the story, bow had told her and she we shall to law enforcement. This was the tipp. The add to these arrest them. Story. Was this that bow. said they were roommates. What he was room with rhine in two thousand and five had been
told by ryan that he ryan had killed terror and dumped her body in the peak on orchard and that he had used both truck to do. This. ryan and both then went to the beacon orchard and burned terrors body bo told broke that he had never. He never knew the motivating factor behind ryan killing tara. Any fact stated only god and ryan know why he did this. Brook Sheridan told an interview that ryan had used a credit card to access the door of terrorists, house, game, entry into the home and that terrorist keys and purse worth rowan into a dumpster, though it is the I know for everybody put deadbolt on your doors, please people can't jimmy your locks and get inside now bowed
and his then wife were arrested. This is it for an incident that took place in two thousand and thirteen to give you all background on both dukes this was stealing more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars of property. From the? U s army those is that a group you'll want to steal from captain no so that the answer would be no right dukes, I guess was a public procurement officer at the time for the army, in which, ordered about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of electronic and mechanical equipment, this on the army's dime anna, he and his wife then fenced this equipment. Both served over two years and federal prison for this. He was released two thousand and fifteen. He also had to pay restitution perform com, a service and go weekly too a meetings for about twelve months, so that is his crew
record now bow has been described: people who knew both him and ryan from the from the high school that they went to together is the one that would be considered to be more unstable, more volatile. He apparently told the story of what had happened to terror to some of his army bodies, as well as knowing brook apparently he told his ex wife as well, which he Later claim she use that information to blackmail him, I'm a little uncertain as to what she what the game was for her in the whole blackmailing process. He makes it sound like it was just so he wouldn't divorce her yeah, I mean that's what his girlfriend his now girlfriend Brooke is claiming as at any time he would threatened to leave. She would threaten to go to the authorities with
confession so what law enforcement with state and what we would learn in last year was that bow was indicted in june of two thousand and seventeen by a ban hill county grand jury. The indictment states that he did on awfully unknowingly, destroy physical evidence by burning the body of terror, Faye Grinstead, a human being at a occasional off of bones mill, highway and fitzgerald georgia. The indictment also charges that he tampered with evidence and concealed a death in august, two thousand and seventeen bow was indicted by a wilcox county grand jury for two counts of making false statements. One count of hindering the apprehension of a criminal and one count of concealing the death of another. Increasingly this with this will
ex county indictments states that in june, two thousand and sixteen dukes covered up the fact that ryan duke had confessed to him that he had killed too by denying to a gb agent, investigating the case that he spoke. with another man about burning terrors body But this is significant, because this is the first that we have heard that either bo or ryan had been energy by law enforcement in connection with tears disappearance prior to that of the time two thousand and seventeen when they arrive were made by the indictment specifically says the dough that that day, the bow was veto dear boy, the gb I and two thousand and sixteen. What we don't know is this. You know was a learned during the course of these enter is because these took place some nine months before any arrests were made in this case.
and gb. I has said multiple times that ryan duke was now quote on their radar. So what is? It sounds a fishy well, but what makes me question is: does that mean that bow? was on their radar so march of two thousand and eighteen. The georgia supreme court declared that the gag order on the terror grinstead grinstead case was o we brought in they vacated it, meaning that threw it out. This means that much Information should be coming out at some point regarding this case so others wait till then. Well, it likely I bet you it's going to be a trial situation right, because in may of two thousand and eighteen ryan dukes attorney asked for more. I'm for discovery in this case, citing the massive case file
so ryan is expected to go to trial in the summer of two thousand and nineteen when does well everybody watching this case should finally get some answers to all the questions that we have and will go through listed as some of my questions, can get into that in just a minute here, but what and bring up here. Captain is you know We have a situation where you know I've heard bo. Dukes stated Both these guys are gonna have to go to trial. Some boy ran, and I've heard oh dukes. He seems to think that his trial will be after that of right, and I dont that that's going to be true debate, a what shakes loose between now and when this thing gets. The trial he's also, stated that being bow that he possibly could get some kind of immunity when it comes to some these charges. I hope not.
I question there and I also question you know we have seen that we have ryan duke who has pledged not guilty and asking for additional time and what you and I have both spoke about multiple times is We wonder: do we have a situation where there some finger pointing going on and it's just not in the way, both duke staining ryan. Duke did this by himself and I helped him after the fact right possibly could be ryan saint. Woe is responsible for this. the want to learn a new language. This year result stone makes it easy to get started and they'll create a learning plan for you that keeps you on track. Razetta stuff,
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language, is learned: arrived were back shears I kept, and I want to get into my list of questions. I know you have your own questions as well, but if you know my will go through my list first and that might check them off yours at the same time, So my first question would be what actually happened on the night of october twenty second, two thousand and five meaning did ryan duke actually intend to just break into the com in steel, some things from terrorist home that he did was money. The whole purpose of hit him. there that night orders. Something more nefarious happened. Like was ryan stalking. terror. Or did you break into her home to raper, kill her there was a rumour that I and I want to be clear. This is just a start,
made up rumour. I don't even have a source to site on this. One. but there was route one rumour that I had read that there were some thought. Maybe ryan was going to the home terrorists home. night, and possibly watching her sleep. I guess at meaning peeping, you know like a painting tom cree bow leading me to my next question: captain was it ryan in the black we reference to black truck there when we know was seen by at least two people now, The question I have is: is it in fact the same black truck seen by both of these people, but furthermore, Was it ryan in the black truck outside of terrorists home or was it but or was it neither or could possibly both right? You know because,
Basically both story as that, as their party in ryan, took bows truck, so that would place both truck at her house at some point. Ah, but now, if you believe him, then yeah ryan drove the truck over them bottled law. But if you don't believe em there's that past I really like you just said: could both of them went over there? I don't know how true this is, because I personally do based off of his previous actions. This is bo dukes Why, and my gut feeling is, I don't know how truthful and honest of a person pau dukes is now he's real piece of shit, but they are is a conversation that he has where he's directly asked. If, if that was his black truck, they spotted that night and to which his answer is. I did not own a black truck at that time. I owned a white truck, but in his confession he saying that you know ryan used. His truck
yeah. I think a lot of people believe that his confession is partly true and then the other stuff he's kind of distancing himself from it. So he's basically saying hey guys, yeah. I know it took me eleven years to confess, but here it is and here's the god's honest truth and I'm on your side. I think that's how he's trying to play his cards right now, what and to be clear to the people out? There are listening that have never heard of this case. His boat dukes confession, if in full it's true does not have to include this black truck that black truck may have. Thing to do with the crime rate. His confession can still be one hundred percent truthful and that black truck never and enters the picture as far as what happened to terror skins earn and furthermore, the whole. Furthermore, the fire that took place on snapdragons road at that house in suv would then have
presumably have nothing to do with tears. Disappearances, well just be some kind of coincidence right, but we also have three suspects that have been dragged through the mud and and talk bad about and they ve had alter their lives for eleven years. So there's a lot of things that thought for years had to do with her disappearance and heard, and our murder that have nothing to do The next question would be whose dna is that on the glove that was found in her front yard, also How involved is both dukes? Did he just here, dispose of the body as he claims, or is it possible that the two of them worked together to attack and kill terror it's, what it seems like is going on right now, captain is that police clearly believe that ryan is the main culprit, and I can say this because
he's the one that sitting in jail while bow is not so we'll both testify or be forced to testify against ryan at trial. Here's a new question: and I say new, because this is a recent recent specula speculation on this case. Rain Did ryan do confess at some point after his arrest? Did he confessed to who, having some involvement or did he confessed to see Are things bow duke states that he did ya now that yet we have no clue and a lot of people will go, wait a second, he pledged not guilt, That doesn't mean that he didn't confess or confess to some involvement and lay- her pled not guilty because keep in mind when he pleads not guilty he's. Please to those specific charges as presented to him at that arrangement.
and then the other question the sick. What is it they say? Sixty four thousand dollar question is it it's terrors remains or any portion of her remains found on that pecan farm yeah I mean that's a that's another one. I can't find anywhere man you can. If you look on you tube tara, grinstead found the title, the video will be that they found the body, but when you watch the video, it's like the dozen tell you if they found anything or not
gotcha. So how do we want to go about target addressing these questions? One that says one set of questions you came out with him. A man got another ten to fifteen. Hmm, I think the more that you dive into this stuff. There's tons of speculation happening right now and depending on what you watch or what you read, I and anybody that's interested in this case, and I think he should take the time to listen to up and vanished are done by payne Lindsey. We we've been able to hang out with him. the will times at crime con. I seems like a good guy and I think what a weird situation for him to dive into a cold case start diving into the three major suspects kind of start, throwing them under the
A little bit and then all the sun does bombshell happens and your country in the middle of all this- and I do believe I mean that's one of the reasons why we cover cases that you want to get the community talking about it. So too, is to know that a podcast possibly had some involvement and getting people to talk about this and then ultimately brain down this bomb shelter fashion, I it's very arresting. Well, that's the whole purpose in covering a lot of these cases and in the purpose for us, you know, is too. especially with the quota quote: cold cases and some cases from these smaller towns, little nook and crannies of our beautiful country that we may not. here about on a national level, and I The tears case was heard on a national level, but once it started to once the lee started to diminish, ran it went away,
in the national attention and even statewide attention from the media. Is same, is that of detectives working on these cases at some, A new case file falls on your desk and you you get rushed along to the next case right and it's nice that people bring up these old cases, and it's wonderful when Because it leads to results? Well, that's because if you can brain more attention to it than that, the public pushing the issue onto the law enforcement to say, hey, you need to do something. You need to real look at this and sometimes put extra men on these cases, and- in this case I think I want to say lucky, but I guess I on some level were lucky that he told somebody meaning his girlfriend brook and he's told
or people he's told multiple people now he might not have said tears name to everybody want them talking about bow with bo confessing to his girlfriend. Brooke were lucky that out of all the people he confessed to, she was the only want to contact law enforcement, and I think you know, and then obviously, the issue then becomes you know what, there in a relationship or not, people run throw her under the bus for coming forward yeah, which is, I think, a string thing to do she at the end of the day, whether you the way that it went down or how took place At the end of the day, she came forward And she provided information to law enforcement that they perceive ably did not happen right and others allied debate about that I mean there's debate on why there was a gag order, has lost speculation that
both ryan and bow were on their radars way back in two thousand five. So he now are, though, is law enforcement trying to cover their ass on something, case. I'm I'm not ready for sure. Did you have you put thought to what you think actually went down on the night of october, twenty second, two thousand and five, and if so, do you? you want to share your thoughts and opinions with us I think. Five days ago I I had a better idea of what I thought happened, and then the more I've. We know this case discussed at every turn. Wasn't new video or new podcast or nuth, every year I mean there's or a new and our view to listen to, and that really does Canada muddied the water. As far as you know what I think
I agree with payne lindsey on the idea that this ryan ryan dukes right ryan, duke sorry, I've been screwing it up all week and so might as well screw it up on the show he's It I dont know if he is look the way he doesn't carries. The cell of self, the way he does because of the drug and alcohol or if it's, what payne lindsey said, and you heard it in the trailer it feels like he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and to me that doesn't necessarily mean that he did it. Solely by himself, but I dont know I mean I think the more. because his demeanor to me, I'm not saying innocent at all
seems humble and it seems remorseful, that's that's the vibe I get when I look at him. And when I see somebody like bow, I I see more of a confident, almost cocky, individual and. And so the way the story conor the way the confession happens. It seems almost like they should switch roles in the story. Am I getting since well yeah. I think you're bureau just picking up what a lot of other people are putting out there. They re the beau dukes seems to be this dialogue, like all evil guy and that that ryan, do Was just along for the ride in he's somehow, even though he played a part in this on some level and then is it would be terrible. But it might be some kind of victim of both dukes wetware yet well was not com a victim because at the end of the day,
either one of these guys, you know one of em or either both of them killed this poor, lady and then, but but but both of em based off of bows confession, both of whom burned her body. Both of them covered it's up to you. But what do you think? What do you think happened that night or over the course of the the few days after her disappearance? While I think both pieces of shit mouse, I wanted to put out there I dont know if that that's it's very this cases there confusing to me right now. I wish I had a better answer, but one I'm afraid of them. What my gut keeps telling me his arm, right, when ryan pledged not guilty that you know we don't know her remains were found, so that becomes a big obstacle
for the prosecution. But now we have this guide. That has a confession: that's eleven years old and his story. One is not that straight and the person he told it to her stories, not that straight either. Now I think bo is just probably a liar and that's why his story is not straight. His girlfriend's story is not straight because I, I think, she's in a difficult position. I don't think I think she showed some moral compass by coming forward and can you know at least giving bose confession, but what I'm afraid of is that Be a he said he said back and forth, pointing the blame and that they eliminate each other and that they not able to determine with any actual evidence who did what and if that happens, to be sad to see these two guys walk.
From this and no justice being served well. I certainly share some some of those feeling captain, and what I mean by that is, there are a lot of things that I am afraid that will possibly happen in this case. And what I mean by that is my first thought is ryan duke, ryan duke, is the key to actually figuring out what really happened that night and what really happened to terror and what afraid of is, I see sky. That is, and I mean you wanna talk about just visuals Somebody that look- I don't need to be a doctor visually go that guy is not healthy. We all need doktor bite then you are one. What I that my fear is that if thing doesn't change in his life in maybe it. Well because he's behind bars and he can't get access to drugs and alcohol. My fear that he does not live long enough to see this thing through
to trial, and if that happens, my biggest Here is the one they never have anything on boat, dukes right and that we again, the same out? that you just presented that there would be no justice that nobody is held accountable for what happened attack will, but that's the speculation on why the gb I'd than hidden charges with perjury sand that now his get ya, I confess, but we now know that he lied about certain things and that by adding those charges that, even if the Get em on anything else. They can get him on that now that we just our fears. You know me, I do like to throw out there what I think happened, and I think it personally, I think, there's one of two things that happened in this. I think either a it went down exam, actually how bout dukes says that it went down or be Did the two of them were involved in this together and I know, there's a lot of speculation out. Thereabout did the police
snow. Something did they cover it up to date, not get involved or did they know the names of oh dukes and ryan. Duke ahead of time. Personally, I Think- and I have nothing to basis off of this- is pure speculation, if you want to shut me off, shut me off, but this is going to be some sentiment. There's gonna be some good stuff. I I I think that there is it's very likely that the police did. B. I searched the peacock farm at some point well before they even had ryan duke or bo dukes on their radar. I think that we have Information that came out that, if true both dukes old, several people about what what what happened? According to him and even ryan duke told a person or two of what happened and probably this would be according to ryan. So what I mean by this is: could the p conflict have been on their radar, but not these two individuals. I think that's very likely. I Somebody at some point could have contact
g b I or the sheriff's depart said look I keep here. this rumour time and time again that she's in the peacock far They could have gone there. Looking for her without any for information about these two individuals. Now I the exact same thing there what a lot of people did in the public after these two arrests were made We see ryan duke and then we have both dukes come out, and then we hear the stories in the speculation in them jordi of the people said this book, seems like a really bad guy? I don't trust him, and I think It he's done more than what he's willing to tell us and ryan, duke, seems like some kind of weak man to man like the follower, ease the follower and so Therefore there now there's this whole movement to crucify bo dukes.
I did the same thing. That's where my gut took me. That's immediately as like this boat dukes guy he's, I got it in for him. The problem this stinky. The problem with this is the end. That has been made public, that we ve been. it's been released through newspaper articles and through the media, if, in fact, bo Dukes is telling the truth, the evidence back sat up with the exception of the car seat being moved and what I mean by that is the general here's. General broad confession I know it, and I know that their unit have had this debate, because there to be several ideas of what this confession is, but his confessed as I know it to be, is that he They had friends over that night. They were living together and they with ryan's brother. They had friends over that. Neither drinking their party,
currently ryan's brother, was not home. That night right at some point, leaves taking bo dukes his truck the next morning after Dukes goes to bed, he wakes up he's been told by ryan guess what I into tears house last night? I abducted her well He says, he's burglar, rising, the home, she wakes up, it startled him and he he reacts by killing her. He then would older in the bedroom. And he used the sheets to wrap up through it, and bows truck and then- supposed of the body in the peak on far. the reason. Why mean evidence points of that is evidence. Certainly points to that. There was I'm kind of struggle inside the bedroom and remember families initial theory that she, getting ready for bed and somebody knocked on the door and she had answered the door and then she's abducted
There is no sign of a struggle anywhere else in that home to our knowledge other than that bedroom. So that to me does back up what bow is saying that the ryan jimmy the lock and got in the home, and she does not wake up until the attack starts happening right. also if he wrapped up in sheets to remove the body. That's interesting, because then we have Anita later saying that it appears if somebody attempted to make the bed and it didn't look to be made in the fashion that her sister would have made the bed no cause you wonder. Why would somebody bother to take the time to make the bed it kind of backs up a story a little bit the thing: that's the thing that's tricky here for me, though, captain I keep goin back to that. the driver sea of terrorists car, and I think that the private investigators hired by the family when he came out and said right away, look this is a giant red flag. He's
absolutely right. This guy's great it's a giant red flag. It me in something? Can we figure out what it car seat Can we figure out what it means it could? fact mean nothing, but if Car was in its traditional spot in its traditional positioning at eleven o clock at night and then its found in a different position on sunday, there, tells me one thing here: here's, where I think that some of the the lucy goosey evidence that, where we would be talking about had her Deceased body have been in her vehicle. I think they would have found some evidence to point towards that. what I mean by this is their again that backs of both statement that her body was in his truck
I'm getting at, though, is with this vehicle- is that if that vehicle was moved for any purpose and her body was not transported in that vehicle that points to me that there were two people there, that night that went to her home and when she left at home. Whoever took her. There was the two bull left together, meaning one took the vehicle, the transported or body, the other moved the car I I think that what had happened in you. I talked about this yesterday in the garage, and I thought it was. Interesting conversation that we had, even though be brief, was my general thought: is this that the car was moved at some point after terror came home that night and if it was them Two people did it and I think the general thought was this: let's get rid of her get rid of the car. Maybe we put her in the car wait. Maybe we make it look like there was a car accident, or maybe we take car out the middle nowhere we set the whole thing ablaze with her in it right. I think when they got to wherever they were going all.
Sudden, they got smart and eighth thought. You know this car is now a problem, we be able to conceal her body with within with more he's than getting rid of this car. So now we ve got. bring the car back, and we brought the car back. They failed to put the course back in its original position. I worry captain that ryan do will not be around or that he's done too much damage to himself in his brain where he doesn't know. The true, I think he's got a small she's, cushy brain from years of substance abuse, and maybe he doesn't even know what happened at this point, but I I'm hoping I'm hoping I pray that what or did happen that we get the truth and that the right justice is brought forward for terror and her family and the so like
but I don't really know and like I brought up my fear of what could happen. My other fear is that there is something more to do with the suicide note and these individuals that were on that note, I don't actually believe they're cleared. So I'm not not really for sure how you got that, and I know that I'm at least through the podcast up and vanished. They connected some dots between some photographs and this suicide note, and I and I I believe that these individuals that had fights with people, they did a lot of bad stuff and all this stuff kind of was covered up. Ah, because they would cover for each other, and I I just wonder if there is something bigger that happen here, where wasn't just one individual or or to individuals. If it was a situation where's, yes, maybe
ryan and bo went to get her, but the that the zoo, a larger thing, because this kid committed suicide and then says: hey here, here's a list of people that will lead you to to everything I mean I I would, and that's that's just my gut feeling. I think we're going to. I think, there's going to be a lot of stuff that comes out in this trial that we're not ready to hear, and I and I think, it might have something to do with that suicide note, because he could adjusts committed suicide and left to names on it, but he did it. He left a whole group of people
till next week? Everybody be good, be kind, don't let.
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