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Taylor Robinson /// Part 2 /// 407

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This week we discuss the still unsolved case of Taylor Robinson. We have a pretty good idea who is responsible but we need your help. If you have any information please call 1-330-730-3524 or email tadimoff@sacsconsulting.com Beer of the Week - Gravel Donuts from Outerbelt Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5 Thank you to our great Garage partners - check them out and safe some CA$Hwww.Bombas.com/Garage - shop the Pride Collection and get 20% off your first order!Listen to Obsessed With: Disappeared - New episodes drop every Wednesday. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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The at the top of the show, let's get into some more information that the akron police have stated publicly. Taylor was dating someone at the time she disappeared, detectives, told them beacon journal that this young man was cooperative with their investigation, so Oh man, that she is dating at the time that she vanished this young man was helpful and cooperative to the detectives and to their investigation. On the flip side of that coin, there was an ex boyfriend, and this
I was not cooperative. The investigation initially focused on him and detective search, his car and you special chemicals to search for bodily fluids. Although the report is that they found nothing, then the ex lawyers up his attorney said his call, spoke to detectives and gave a statement in which he denied any involvement in taylor's disappearance. Lieutenant rick edwards of the akron pd told news channel five that police were continuing to try to obtain information from this man, but the beacon journal reported in two thousand and four seen that the police interviewed or try to interview two men who were close to taylor, one reportedly struggled while taking a polygraph test and the other has refused to cooperate
with men have lawyers, and both men are no longer talking with investigators. No sound it may be. One of em wasn't really talking much to begin with, and just like, old native american proverb says: beware the man that does not speak and the dog that does not bark here. In this situation, the man does not speak means. One of these guys that refuses to speak with the police no news of taylor theories abound. It. Could she have stepped out of the house with no shoes to make a call all and been grabbed had. Some one bit watching the house, and why was where that she would be there virtually alone. That night had someone come to the door and grabbed her when she opened it someone come looking for her there
did she leave the house on her own volition? There were no answers and, of course, police weren't talking about their investigation. Two weeks after taylor went sing, tailors cousin, the reverend Sharon Wilson said she believe her relative was being held captive by someone somewhere, we don't know if that was just wishful thinking or based on specific information. Crime stoppers announced a reward for tips as to taylor's location of was sad world. We live in that somebody would hope that their loved one was being held captive somewhere in and not dead were right, and I think I think that's part of you know. The news coming out of cleveland just days after taylor went missing a tailor. She missed mother's day in of two thousand and thirteen. She never missed spending this day with her mother,
all of her nineteen years of age. About a month after taylor went missing, her ex contacted police, reported that a group of people riding in three different cars had threatened him outside of his a family members house, this police report was filed on june fifteenth and indicated that the persons named by the acts, as quote threatening him, including members of tailors family, but the robinsons in rockers, never came out publicly. While this cup goes back to my arm murmur, my game show
while the killer clowns, where you go around and you you rough up these possible suspects and we get some answers. I I think that's probably what was happening on some level that they've talked to police police have then tried to reach out to these ex boyfriends or or people that are connected and they're, not talking or there's some confusion. As about the polygraph, and you hear these rumors at some point, you're like well, let me talk has maybe I could get him talking, so I think that's probably what it was well, I don't know what happened, but what I wanted to make sure that I pointed out in all of these years and all the opportunities that the Robinson Rucker family has had they've been nice enough to not name these individuals publicly brain or accuse these individuals
mention them by name, so I think there should be something said for their character for choosing to not do that, because they very well could have right. In august of two thousand and thirteen the family received tips. This is quote from people who knew what was going on with taylor These tips are that taylor had been the victim of foul play and searchers should be looking in a heavily wooded area around first energy substation in the seven hundred block of west thornton street and west akron, some pants and a sheet were found in this area. They followed up on this anonymous tip, or I guess, anonymous, but this weird tip that comes in, but it was determined that they likely came from a nearby homeless encampment. They didn't belong to taylor and there was no sun
I have taylor at this location, but on September ninth, two thousand and thirteen four months after taylor vanished from the home where she was working her family's worst fears came true to hikers some, story say they were joggers were enjoying some outdoor time in the Kyoto valley national park. This is a massive federal, recreate an area north of akron, they came across a recognizably human jawbone and near by they found the rest of a score. The hikers reported to the national park service there a ranger station about two miles down river view: road, the f b. I evidence response team arrived, on site and began gathering evidence in the woods early reports were
is that human remains were found. And the body was so decomposed as to they couldn't they stinguished, whether what they were looking at was male or female, and that tattered remnants of what appeared to be some type of clothing was found, and they believe this. A bra now, although initially police believed that the body was too decomposed to be taylor, okay, so she's missing for just four months by this time, an ice- I say just four months, but that's in regards to the remains that were found there saying You don't think that taylor was gone long enough for this to be her, but dental records quickly confirmed that the body was that of tailor robinson no weapon was found at the scene and
We should also state that not all of the remains were found. This is a four month difference from the time of the disappearance to when she's found, and we know that scavengers and things like that in the area. Can compromise this scene? Let's talk about where taylor was discovered, although the remains were within cairo valley national park, they weren't low. did in the middle of miles of dense forest. In fact, were found in what is reported to be the valley picnic area off of riverview road in Boston township. They were found. You know kind of in the woods, but not deep back in the woods. This is one of the twenty three townships in summit county located between akron and cleveland. Only about
Teen hundred people reside in this town. The majority of the land appears to be part of that park. The picture Syria is on the western side of the portion of riverview road that connects everett, which is where the everett ranger station is that we pointed out and peninsula. It lies about one mile south of route, three o three, the picnic area is basically a visible patch of open space on Google maps admits miles and miles of heavily forested land. It lies about. One hundred and fifty feet off of riverview road accessible by a small access road that appears to be unpaved. The upshot is that this small picnic, it is not somewhere that someone looking to hide a body would stumble upon, they would almost certainly have to have been there before quote. We're
not talking about a distance where someone gets on. The highway and jumps off and quote this is from akron pd detective Gary shady He goes on to say that this was a pretty long ride. The local, of. Her remains was more than fifteen miles away from the point where taylor was last seen, taylor's remains were found to the north of this picnic area, just off of a hiking trail and what the beacon journal described as a thicket of woods. The area is sloped and heavily covered with trees and vegetation. The hikers had stumbled on the bones when they ventured off the trail. Besides, the bra, no other remnants of clothing or other items were found. According to that newspaper bones,. found for several days of searching scattered around a wide area and asset. There was identified by the summit county
go examiner via dental records on September eleventh, her bones were then said: to an anthropologist at mercyhurst versiti in pencil, To try to determine the cause of death, this means that whatever happened to taylor was not immediately a pair. From her skeletal remains chief ranger, Chris Ryan said quote at this, We do not know how the remains ended up to be there, whether or not they were dropped off there or even if there was a potential homicide there. We don't know and indeed captain Daniels and of the akron pd, said that on September, twelfth quote it's too early to rule as a homicide. He said the case was being investigated as a suspicious death
the f b, I returned to the picnic area where taylor was found for several days at week, continuing to locate bones and additional evidence that spokespeople would not discuss why. I want to stop you hear this and I don't want to spend too much time on a on a soapbox. But we've had a couple of cases lately of the suspicious deaths. you have law enforcement that comes out initially and says we don't want to rule at anything. We don't want to royal homicide. We don't want to rule this and, I've been seeing that law, enforcement and and the detectives have been getting a lot of kickback for that in these cases that been had hidden the news lately, I think it's just the responsible thing to do like if you don't have Evidence to rule at one way or the other, why would you come out and and and make those statements for the public? Oh yeah, I mean they're their whole job is
in determining and labeling things is based off of evidence. one and their job is to label something or call something, not what it is based off of evidence that does not exist is incredibly irresponsible and in fact you're you're not doing your job. I mean right. Their job is to get right now you should be represented for doing so right. Their job is to get it right, not get it as quickly as possible. Yeah they're, not media there enforcing the laws. While the away hold on my than me, his job isn't to be as quick as possible. Their job is to get it right as well. I hope so, but it doesn't appear that that number to be their top priority. Now in january of this year, in January captain the garage received an email we receive dozens and dozens of emails every week, but this one stood out
Emu was for a long time friend of the show rachel who works up in northern ohio. She has worked with some one and they thought that they could get some help from true crime garage. The person seeking help was a guy named TIM Tim fire of a friendly and informative email introducing himself in his line of work and professional background. Tim has extensive experience as an investigator tim asked. If we could meet the next time, he would be in town in our area in colombia. months went by and it came time for our arranged meeting during the asking time covered, nineteen was spreading across the states in the nation and shutting businesses. This force us to call audible, but we were able to keep the meeting. This was the first business meeting in my lifetime, that invites
me wearing a mask and gloves and did not involve the usual handshake Instead, we greeted one another with a weird elbow bump in sheridan as that is the The real portable way to finish off an elbow bomb. Greeting TIM is gray haired man who speaks very matter of fact way he's. straight shooter, but chooses his words and polices them carefully. Tim knows from his background, something that gets lost on most of that words have real, meaning and words also have real consequences in his work. It's the same as ours here at the garage, but sometimes on a heightened level. There are victims out there that need to be considered and respected
and there is the integrity of an investigation, and it would be rude to the victims and harmful to the investigations. To not choose your words carefully, tim damn off is a private investigator and he is the president of a private security company and former akron ohio police data I asked him several questions and I was impressed with his knowledge and how motivated he is in helping victims. He explained that sometimes he is hired by victims, family searching for answers, and sometimes he is doing pro bono work now too It has that little thing inside of him that all of the rest of us have that thing. When you see a case in the papers
Or do you hear about it on the news and he just can't shake. It is sticks with you, TIM said. Sometimes, when that happens, he will actively seek out a case that he can't shake and he and his firm ass, a sea ask insulting we'll take on a case his reason for wanting to meet with true crime to roger well, he was looking for new and interesting ways to get some cases back in the spotlight out to the public, the type of cases that the captain and I gravitate towards solvable cases that just need a little push. They that tiny missing tidbit of information and someone out there has it. So we discuss several cases: some from down here in Columbus, but most of them in the cleveland and akron areas. Tim was passionate about the cases he has worked. Taylor Robinson's case instantly
fascinated me with little information. I started seeing very easily how this case could be solved if we just had that one little piece. We all do bumped again and parted ways. We are We would meet again after I had some time to review the case. All the garage he will talk, tailors case anywhere anytime with anyone passionate about solving taylor's case and, more importantly, getting answers taylor's family and mother that meeting took place last week are questions and tim armed with a good sized case file. We sat down, I feel wanted to know, How and when TIM became involved in taylor robinson's case. He said he saw the case It was all over the news at the time when taylor first went missing in his norm,
protocol is to sit back. Let the authorities and the investigating agency take the case and if it doesn't seem to go anywhere, then a phone Let me fairly early on really just several days. Maybe a week after taylor went missing tim and s a c s gun vault. Take on the case charging taylor's family, just one dollar, to look into taylor's inexplicable disappearance. He and another p I this is Tom fields of accurate investigative services. Looked into the case for a month. Returning to the house where taylor had worked the night. Then she disappeared in interviewing. Several people about taylor them off then publicly released a criminal profile of the person he felt was responsible for taking taylor. He told the media that whoever was involved new taylor very well and likely had a purse
relationship with her and the two. Had a confrontation that night dem off believe This person knew where taylor was working that evening and was someone she was comfortable enough with or at least willing to meet this person outside of the house in her bare feet late at night or let this person in to the home according to damn offs theory. This was. not someone who just stopped by and the two got into some kind of argument, but this was the result. An ongoing issue, something that had been going for a while. What find a tailor was likely not premeditated, but rather precipitated by a fit of rage after her killer did not receive the response he wanted from her. This person was not
leave to have committed murder before, but he may be on the edge of criminal activity as tim put it taylor was murdered, but it is possible that taylor's death was an accident as a result of this fit of rage. Adam off told the media that through enter. who's, he had learned that taylor had some conflicts going on in her life, including with a former boyfriend according to the beacon journal quote, there were also communications with someone that were so difficult. She broke down crying, but would not confide the source to friends or family I strongly believe there was a conflict between that person and her that was taking place before she disappeared. I believe that this way
a combination of that conflict that this person wanted to confront her dumb off said further demo theorize that several people, this is where we can help captain several people know what happened to tee and it was possible that more than one person was involved. Alright, we're back cheers me back and better than ever back in better before the break, if you're new, listener to the show and you're just checking us out for the first time or this week. For the first time we want to apologize and you're looking at
your phone or your device and you're going hey. These guys are great only got about forty episodes available. That's because all of the episodes older than that are available for free. If you download the stitcher app four hundred and some episodes available and one hundred episodes available of off the record are stitcher premium That's a lot of garage goodness right there. So, let's discuss the cause of death because Now we found the remains, but it's not too hard to figure out with the amount of time that took place between the disappearance, and when they are finding the remains that the cause of death is going to be difficult to determine based off of the level of decomposition ray. And for a while, you know, I've seen It's reported a few different ways. One states that the cause of death taylor's cause of death has never been released. There is an a b c five news story out of cleaver
It reported that the summit county medical examiner was not able to determine how taylor died and. then, when you're fighting remains that are just skeletal remains well, unless there's obvious damage to those bones or to the skull you're, not able to determine, in fact how the victim did die, I pray, but you do know that it's probably a homicide because well, if, if we can believe that her gone missing is suspicious and then her remains are found fifteen or so miles away out in a place where, she didn't end up on her own, then probably looking at a homicide here and that's just how they've been treating this case ever since she's been found and the sad part of it too is we have her. Emily Carmelo robinson has said publicly. She does not want to know how her daughter was killed.
A tailors bomb and stepped out spoke to the public outside of their home. On september, eleventh after receiving the dreaded confirmation that taylor had been found, carmelo thanked the hikers for having the courage to report their discovery. Saying quote, you brought our baby home taylor isn't a lost child any more and quote. She seemed to intimate that taylor had taken by someone whose motive was something other than murder quote. I just don't understand why you felt you had to hurt her carmella said you could have just given her back. You could have just brought her home. Just let her go. I wonder what that means. I think it means it again. She knows more about this crime than what's been reported and released publicly, and so does tim dem off the private, investigator and after taylor was found. He made some public statements that were
interesting, he said that he remained committed to solving the case and quote this would not have been done by a stranger and per fox eight news he said. We know for a fact in the weeks leading up to her disappearance, she was having disagreements with certain people, according to the beacon journal. Them off said that two people would have required to move taylor's body and speculated a struggle in the house proceeded her death, this is intriguing because Heard nothing in the media about any kind of altercation or attack
the home, even though those were our suspicions and reports were that there was no forced entry ma I mean why are they saying that there it'd take two individuals to move her? I mean she's. Five three, maybe weighs one hundred and fifty pounds. So I don't understand why they're saying two people would have to be involved in moving because because she was so far away from a like the road, while that that would be correct, they're, not saying that it would be impossible for one person to move her there. Just taking a look at the landscape
in a look at at the the route from where she went missing to where her remains were found and going through the logistics of moving the victim along the way right yeah. You would need two people to do this. That's what all probability points to mexico curious. What what the motive is? I mean again there they gotta hold back certain things, because that's the way they're going to get more information and then connect the dots and that's how they can bring a case against somebody, but you it makes you wonder as as a listener
whoa. What would two people have to argue with her about, and you wonder if, on some level you know, is this a past relationship na ha? How long has she been with the new boyfriend? Was there a separated separation period, and was she possibly even pregnant? So let's, let's really get into this because there's there's a really good working theory on this case, and I believe that it is absolutely spot on. We going to be calling upon the public for their help, we're going to be doing So I want to be clear about something we are not specifically stating that the most recent ex boyfriend is the prime suspect. Okay, we are saying that the and exploit for a year,
of she. You know she had several ex boyfriend she's nineteen years old, one of her ex boyfriends is considered to be the prime suspect fact. There are two that it is basically been narrowed down to tim demo. in his group, started with about six suspects that they liked over the years, they've narrowed it down to two and we have the police. They are conducting a separate investigation, but it looks like it looks like both of these agencies share the same thought: or the evidence, as pointed out in the same direction, and I think that's what we have here so without getting some of the things the specifics I cannot get into I've been sworn to secrecy as they say, but there is evidence that says that some thing happened inside that house. Whatever happened to taylor took place inside that house,
what they believe is again. We have her phones, never been recovered, but they have her phone records. and they went through those very very with a detailed investigation. Fine tooth comb very ago and they've confirmed armed that every person that she was interacting with via that phone in those phone records were people that she knew. We know how like some weird random call that night brain every interaction leading up to her disappearance was with people that are known in her circles and that new taylor, so the working theory is this there. There is no motive for murder, or is the motive for hiding the body meaning sir but he went there with no intention of high. Meaning hurting or killing taylor at all,. this was a matter that was brewing for awhile and it could not
any longer. This person felt that they needed to confront or discuss this matter with taylor in person and right away. Taylor knows this person is very likely, knew them for a long time, so accept the hey. Can I drop by and talk to you? She accepts that invitation. This person comes by We can't figure out here: captain was this person alone or with somebody else most seem to believe that either this person was alone or he came with a friend well what I, what I mean by alone is he could I'm waiting out in the car, or this And was completely alone and then called for help, and called in the assistance of somebody else. This person entered the home with taylor they gust. Whatever the matter was an eye.
believe. I have reason to believe that tim and his group know. What what matter was, but we're not nobody's telling us what the matter is right and I believe police know what it is as well and so that that really helps us. Okay, what he mean it really helps us rope, it'd, be nice to know what the matter was. Why we can't because eek it could be analyze, jeopardize that investigation. Thank you so the person enters the home willingly was invited to the home by taylor. Come on in take your shoes off whatever their discussing, doesn't go the way of the person that would turn out to be our killer, what the way that they wanted it to go. And one of the I think, one of the most interesting kind of breakdowns of of why some murders take place
Was one that I heard years ago- and I thought it was it was truly, I mean- was very simple, but it was also very interesting. The person this was a son of a murder victim, and they said that you know often that that murder is just a tent. tantrum like when you think of a little kid that doesn't get their way and they just freak out right there. Their power, and stomping on the floor, pounding on the walls screaming and crying their eyes out and Look at the kid in you go what happened? Oh so, and so took away his toy so and so who is is putting him in time out whatever is happening. This kid does not want to have and so they are throwing a fit. Rape and murder sometimes, unfortunately, is just a person that cannot handle a city.
Patient does not know how to deal or cope with normal human being things and throat, temper. Tantrum murder is in fact the biggest temper interim you could throw or, and so hear? What we have is just that, and that seems to be what tim believes in what police believe as well as tailors family. You heard the words of her Other saying we don't think that you intended to kill her it did. There was no motive for murder. Why didn't you just give her back? Why did you have to hurt her Whatever happened, whatever disagreement or whatever is going on between our victim and the killer, didn't go the killers way. The killer reacts, the only way he knows how to, and that is twenty to violently violently attack this woman
and then kill her now but hold on it. It makes it seem like there's some kind of attack on that that. She was still alive and then that the suspect would have taken her with him and possibly she wasn't dead at the time. Am I nuts for for saying that's what it seems like coming, the family coming from the family, while what wild weather is a well. Why couldn't you just give her back that just gave her back. That's what I'm saying so that that doesn't imply that they believe they he took her. No, I I believe that they all. I think that that's just to a grieving mother speaking talking and
talking with her heart and questioning everything. This is truly a senseless act and the huge there's just no waited to to handle this. To deal with so there is, there is a lot of things that indicate that the she was killed in that and then needed to be moved and where our profile goes. Is one of these two individuals We've narrowed it down to pass a link to the area where taylor's body was found. The part corrected the thought being that. Look when something bad happens when you find yourself in it in a state of panic, in a situation where you feel like you have to do something to get yourself out of hot water,
I hot tub, you lose the ability to think far and wide. You narrow your focus, and you very quickly go to what you know go to a place of comfort and that's what it is believed happened here now. So it's ok so that we got this big national park, but they believe that this individual is acted to that park, one of the two people that they've narrowed it down to. They don't believe that he's connected to the national park. They know they know by witness statements that this man frequented the park on occasion. Okay, so one thing where my mind goes in a step further with this captain is, I wonder like if you have people telling investigators this individual goes to this location and.
May just go there to clear his mind or to relax or escape the the real world here. My mind goes to: is he also kind of returning to the dump site to see if founder, yet or if things are as he left it. I bet he would have so that yeah. So that's one thing I think of, but the interesting thing here that we need to focus on and where we're going to ask the public for help. Is that investigators firmly believe that there are people in the community that know who did this year this this this sounds to me coming from again TIM and the family and then probably law enforcement as well. You go there there's too much. little details that they now that they probably shouldn't know? That means that there's rumors whirling around the community right and we all
have the belief that at least one person helped to conceal the body to move her and conceal the body, so there is at least one person the nose yet and look you you, you thought you're trying to help you friend, but this is not how you help your friend this make shoe. A criminal this makes you you moving the body with your friend. That makes you a bad and the only way to to right that wrong is for you to come forward and say what you did and a lot of times. If, if you just where the one to help move the by law enforcement will work out a deal with you, but if you dont come forward cannot grow work out. Nothing with you And this guy that you helped will turn on you. Well, in the things that I
and say when we talk having narrowed it down to two suspects. Are killers still in that immediate area, he still lives there. And he's not married, he would have roughly been, about taylor's age when this went down so now,. we're talking about somebody who is I'll seven years later, would be and their late twenties. This is somebody that cannot cope cannot handle normal adult situations as seen by his actions on that night back in may of two thousand and thirteen there's price signs of this Yes, this would be too, though, Those who know him best he has shown signs of intimidation and violence towards those that know him best, and he will.
always be capable of doing this again. Given situation that he cannot handle. This was a knee jerk reaction and a guarantee. he's learned very little from that knee jerk reaction, meaning for anybody out there. They could. up in a relationship with this guy at some point or an married or the mother of his children. You this, this type of person needs worked on needs it's acquaintances cannot be raising. Children cannot be now. He needs to be locked up, cannot be in a relationship with a woman and that's the scary, thing here: the other thing too, that's really hindered the the investigation. Look, we got one person
that very likely helped this individual move the body, but we also have is dead. we have people that are lying for this individual. There are family member. Who have provided a false AL of alibi for this person. that makes them just as guilty as him. A shit turd is what that make some well shit, yeah and the thing is to you, you look at people, don't come forward and they don't talk. Fine. I hope you go down for trying to cover up this individuals, actions and you know, come forward. I mean this is a YA. This was a young, beautiful, talented, smart, beautiful girl right and it's just a and I'll look corn to school, working, multiple jobs,
For what you know, guy can't handle himself couldn't handle. not getting his way. So you murder somebody that person needs to be locked up. I don't care your family member, not you know pathetic, and even in two thousand and eighteen, the frustrated family of our victim spoke to the media carmelo acknowledged the police had told her that they have persons of interest and know that certain purse his had lied to police in their interviews and statements that's going back to the come up, define alibis you lying to please lock you well late, send in the killer clowns late last year camp in two thousand nineteen. An article on Fox eight website said that authorities in regards to authorities, police and the fans.
Please p. I are seeking fresh leads on tailors now: cold case summit, county I stoppers also announced a partnership with a group called silent angels. That's also a group that did tim is very much involved with to provide. a seven thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who are responsible for what happened to taylor. And I want to take that a step forward because that late of last year, and here we find ourselves in the middle of two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty as well. It's been a really sucky year and yeah it looked like a hit like I told you think yeah, like I told you a couple of weeks ago, the two smartest people on the planet left- and the thing here is
We had all this time where, where everything just went dormant, wherever just kind of stopped, and I'm so sorry for tim reached out to you and I to the garage and wanted to bring taylor's case back into the spotlight, because he was busy doing this in january. He was starting to ramp up this, investigate not just the investigation but the the the the reaching out to the public for help back in january, and then everything stopped everything shut down and so king up where they left off in two thousand, and nineteen will not happen until the late two of twenty twenty, but if you're the person that did this water's going to get real hot for you, real quick, because in the hot tub there they are going to putting up billboards. Information and tailor robinson's case they're going to increase the reward money for information and taylor robinson's case
one hour. Listeners run our ambitions on social media, its rights. All your friends can see as well, so it It's very interesting and I think I feel good knowing that people like TIM, knowing that there are good folks in the detectives at the akron, de that are passionate about this case and they're not going to just let it remain cold. While this is very solvable. If somebody comes forward and the right thing and the robinson family is to be commended for their activism and keeping tailors case in the public eye. They received significant support from the mayor. other community leaders and the local media that cap taylor story front and center taylor step father, who never tired of his efforts to find taylor lost his own seventeen year old son in a shooting in two thousand and six. Hopefully, he and carmelo will eventually see the killer of tailor brought to justice.
Carmelo has said of her beloved daughter, quote: she wasn't a child who deserve to have her body end up in a park and quote. No one's daughter is but taylor seem partake really undeserving of her pink Alright colonel do we have any recommended reading for this week. Captain we do time to recommend a novel, because unless you're crazy. As I am then too much true crime is not the escape. You are may be needing right now, we're here is a good one. I just started reading this one and I'm locked in it's a novel by Kaylee white titled.
Monsters. We make it just came out last week, it's a fictional story based off of the 1980s demoine register. Paperboy kidnappings, bestie, third, we make find that title and many more on our recommended page at true I'm garage dotcom. So this loosely base, maybe ties in some of the johnny gas snuffing area, very unresting everybody tough times hang in there be good, be kind and don't live.
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