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Texas Monster /// Part 2 /// 616

2022-09-21 | 🔗

Texas Monster /// Part 2 /// 616

Part 2 of 2


This week we take a look at a triple homicide case from the greater Fort Worth, Texas area. This is the case that should have stopped a Serial Killer and shut him down for good. A killer that one Sheriff said has absolutely no conscience, and he enjoys killing. With a gun and a broomstick, Kenneth McDuff took the lives of three teenagers back in 1966. Then a little more than twenty years later Texas paroled him. The paroled killer was now free to kill again and again. Join us in the Garage for a cold beer and a chilling conversation about true and pure evil. 

Beer of the Week - Blargg from Tactical Brewing Company

Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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