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Welcome the true crime garage rod, your hosts nick and with me, as always, the maker of music, the white Oprah, great captain how you doing captain I'm doing great. How are you doing this week doing good the garage doors open come on in they'll daily dalai focuses cold outside we got the space heaters gone. We got the refrigerator fired up running on a two did out a picture of one of the group of refrigerators. The flying garage ship is firing on all cylinders.
Thank you for joining us. Wherever you are whatever you're doing. Thanks for listening, we gotta get to the business, no captain, let's get down to the business. What do we got this week? I got a couple of five star ratings on itunes, so make sure if you want support the show good itunes, click on five stars and give us a nice review tom, that you'd love the captain next okay, but that you'd love the cap, yeah yeah. We said we would do five star review shout out so here's couple for this week. This one is coming from the ness three one, five for what it is, listing name, one in its like Handle This is one of my new favorite, true crime park. These guys analyzed the crimes and I really enjoyed listening to their insights. Opinions in the facts
Also they have a great report with each other love it. So thanks, vanessa, three one: five, four yeah thanks for the strong words there, and then we got an sixty one. She gave us five star reviews. So thanks for going and clicking through five stars on itunes, yeah yeah and don't forget, tell your friends about the show to the army keeps growing. We wanted to keep getting stronger. Alright, let's get to some people from the website. Remember the website is true: crime garage dot com go there for everything, new click on the contacts and leave us your comments and your questions. We want to hear from you alright. This comes from Lindsay. She is a huge fan of true crime and beer, and I want to give us a huge two thumbs up. She loves me: gas, and she wants to send us some beer and makes
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People send me messages through there and I try to. I try to stay active on that, but we got a nice one from E F, Bartlett yep and we had requested people send us pictures of their garage and me you did that and that's what I did and he of portland sent us a picture of. I I got a. I got a good handful of of pictures of the garage he has had some great artwork and his, which I thought was really isn't his it's his artwork. It's his artwork he's a super talent, so I saw the pictures. He is a painter of some sort and it's fantastic the car workmen. I'm I'm a big fan of Salvador dolly and get a little bit of that style, goin on
a black. But what I told E f is: he was trumped. He was trapped by sander, oh yeah, because Sanderson us a picture and if it's ok with sand her up and will put this picture of, the website could have called it isn't as a picture he's in his garage. Listening to the show why sharpening knives in drinking green bottles of beer, yet some kind of beer would you guess, and it is,
It may be girls. Okay. I want to thank everybody who signed up on the mailing list for those of you who have dropped us a line with an email or visited the website. We wanted to invite you to come back and sign up for that mailing list, so we can get out some announcements to you guys. We got big things coming up for the garage and twenty six team, your emails, your feedback, your reviews are what is helping to power. The true crime garage flying ship, so help steer the ship and keep this thing going right. I think none of the business. Your damn right now grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime,
This is true crime garage, and this is the case
of the texas seven Joseph garcia, serving a fifty year sentence for stabbing a friend during a drunken brought randy helping thirty year sentence for beating a girlfriends infant baby. Larry harbour serving a fifty year sense for raping three women, Patrick murphy junior serving a fifty year sentence for raising a woman during a robbery, Donald new buried serving a ninety nine year sentence for armed robbery, Michael rodriguez life sentences for hiring a man to kill his wife. George rebus junior.
Eighteen life, sentences for armed robbery, kidnapping and a parole violation. December twelve. Two thousand, These seven inmates were serving time and a maximum prison. Mister of taxes. twenty four hours later they. Escape. This was true crime garage. This is the case, the taxi seven this case play starts off in the great state of texas, the giants, the big giant state.
which brings us to the beer, the weak, from taxes shiner brewing company were gone with bohemian black logger this week, dont be afraid of the dark, tasty tree yet in this one was. This is not the particular beer that they were drinking as far as I know, but the I did see, one account of there was a bar that they were hanging out and colorado and when they would go there, the mature, The group of drink shiner beer, which is from from the great state a text so We can try the year bohemia black logger from shiner brewing company. We have seven inmates all of them are serving law term senses and they are. maximum security prison in the state of texas their planning an escape, and while I you heard in the trailer,
I thought one of the things that was interesting was how long these terms actually were the one guy had. Eighteen can second, life terms, yeah and we'll get into that more. But you know it is taxes and they don't mess around and taxes if you you do something bad there, you're gonna, of time and you you're gonna, serve at length the amount of time some you guys are young, some of their twenties or thirties, and all of them are serving thirty plus years sentences and, like said: george rebus junior serving teen life sentences, so there all in the john be connally prison in south taxes in the south texas city of Kennedy, where that prison gets its name from John, be Connally was the thirty nine governor of texas. He was the secretary of the navy and secretary of treasury. He's
secretary of navy under President Kennedy and then secretary of treasury under president Nixon now what most of our listeners would know is that he was riding in the car, with J f k on the day of the assassination, so many of the new every day. Thank you. He was seriously wounded in the it s ass, a nation, some some other links to true crime and nineteen, fifty nine. Unfortunately, his teenage daughter kathleen was murdered, I'm guessing she would have been a teen or nineteen, because these us in the case was her husband, who had she been Norton mary to four forty some days, forty four days, and they were in the state of florida and but they were never ever able to bring charges against the husband she was. She was shot in nineteen sixty six. We all know that the assassination of J f k happen in nineteen sixty three, but in nineteenth the six
on Connally who he said that he backed the Warren commission's findings and and and thought that they were correct. most of their findings and he he he backed what they had said. However, nineteen sixty six, he tells the press that I'm can it's beyond any doubt that I was not struck by the first bullet, so something to think about I can't wait till we do that case. That's one of my favorite I even came across the website that suggest that John Connally fired the fatal two jfk witches strain. they also have the thing about the driver. yeah where the driver turns around and he has a gun and but wouldn't a key, oh, be able to say, hey, wait a second one of the guys in the front seat fired the shots. He having you'd, think So, anyway, moving on so it's a john, be connally unit in south texas city of Kennedy, now
is a concrete jungle to maximum security prison. At the time its holding about twenty five inmates twenty five hundred yeah and they have about approximately you just pull the captain and which they have approximately five hundred people working in staff at the correctional facility is twenty five hundred roughly and made, and roughly five hundred people working there. Now keep in mind, though the inmates are, they are twenty four seven People working there are covering shifts. So during a shift you only have about a third of those people work or less. They said so. If something goes wrong, these guys are out numbered sidney. the currently outlets, also why they have guns and fences, and so it starts off and the what they call d prison trustees unit and what that is that's for like model prisoners and it could be for people that are even serving long.
sentences for horrible heinous crimes but Our main star is which rebus, junior and we'll get into him more than we, while the other inmates, because he is dubbed the ringleader of this group, He's the mastermind of the escape and he's Paul of this prison trustees unit, and what this has been described as by other inmates. Not involved in the exclusive was that this was a unit. That was consist of me oh convicts and he going officers and it was because they they been in there for a long time and they were models model inmates they'd. They pray no problem to the authorities there, let's ride The text, the seven real, quick and the cost of characters that are involved in this text, the seven group, so we have of garcia, he serving a fifty year sentence for stabbing a friend. a drunken brawl. We have randy helpin who
serving a thirty year sentence now he's convicted of having his girlfriend at the time he he beat her infant son or infant baby, because the baby, when quit, crying Whatever Larry harper was serving a fifty year sentence for raping three women, Patrick a junior fifty year sentence for raping a woman during a robbery, Donald Newberry. He had a ninety nine year sentence for armed robbery- michael rigour with serving a life sentence. He had hired someone to to kill his wife. and then we have the ringleader, george, reverse junior. he serving the eighteen lifespan, consecutive life sentences, this guy's never getting out of prison. This is texas. You dont get out when you're serving eighteen life sense Now what what is he serving eighteen life senses for? Well, that's for sure robbery, kidnapping and a pearl violation
and most of the arm robberies or take overs correct and that sounds like he by far has the harshest of sentences and where It is almost sounds like some of these. Their crimes were worse than what what he had done, but we're gonna get into his rap shed a little bit yet that was well. I've found kind of confusing well not only that that I believe, is big fuel for this fire. That is, this dude. So joy rivers, junior, who is he he? He is a a career criminal acts. He gets at a high school and while he's attending college and he's starting a family he's a young man. He goes on eight month, crime spree This was delay, by he had done crimes two years prior what did he do before. He was robbing the palest shoe, store the palace shoe source stores, and he
actually worked at one about a year before going the store and robert goebbels, I think so I ida that's a girl thing. I don't, so anyway pale cells men shoes during this aid, the crime spree he going into these stores and its places like, like so he's taking over these stores and he's going in there, and he he comes up with a plan enable carry out this task, our plan or the exact same plan at every one, store, take overs, and some of these are larger stores, he's going into places like smaller places like radio shack. otto otto check and eat an options which will come up again later in this case, but basically what his strategy is is he will go into a store posing as a security guard and
he's going to go in there and need to talk to the whole group. Everybody employed at the store everybody working at that time, he's going to have to talk to round them all up and talk to them. As a group and things that he would use is a ploy would be. You know we got these people, we did have been known to be in the area and stealing from these other stores. We need to bring this to your attention or we need to give quick seminar on determination- or Lost prevention, control and things of that nature and he would Because have a guy or two with them and people would be posed as other security guards or people in the security business and they would go into the stores and he would say hey. This is why I am here we need. We need to do the seminar we need around europe because we know about these people and as for the manager in the manager, would gladly round up all of the employees. Okay. Well now he's got everybody in the building, stand right in front of him and then
that's when him and his goons would pull out their guns and take everybody hostage. They typically would ban would bind everybody and let them aside in and get the manager to hand over all the money and show them where the safe is and help him out with those things and all the money, and then they run out of place scot free, so law enforcement in the area. They know that this is all being committed by the same group. We don't know what group this is well, they find out exactly. Who is doing these a little bit later when they try to take over a toys, arrest store and for those of you that those of you who don't know toys arrest is a large poised. department store vienna like that, like a seers or euros a huge toy store so they would go in there and had the same ploy. They said you know we're we're here. We need to do a loss prevention thing, real, quick with all of employees they get all, employees there. well. Somebody had either hit a button
or called nine one one, and Thing is when you hit when you trigger that button, or when you call nine one one somebody then calls the store so nine one one calls back to the store, and why their grouping, everybody up and running everybody up an employee of the store answers. The phone and the dispatcher says you know: hey we ve received alarm. Is everything ok and employee says no everything Ok! Well that, tips them off that we needed this out some strange, so the cop show up there on the outside of the store they ve got rebus in his group have got everybody bound and they're taking over the store. They ve got control the people, whether being about a two to three hours standoff enduring this time. All of these He bore now considered hostages. It's all kinds kidnapping, ok in,
great state of texas, the way that they do it is, if you do a felony if of a felony charge. you go into the store they took over seventeen people. There are seventeen for people working there. They take all of em hostage. So what that means is George His junior is going to get a felony charge of kidnapping for all seventy for each. The seventeen Now he had already been on probation and he had violated his probation by one committing. Crimes that are similar to crimes that had already been on probation for, and they finding forty, some guns in his home that that were taken from other stores that he had held up like this still guns yet so he they realize what a danger. He presents to society. So that gets him is eighteen life sentences. Now, at the time I got it when I first our research in this thing and when I first heard about this back in two thousand
that seem like an incredibly harsh sentence to me his reverse, is sentenced to eighteen life sentences and a maximum security prison and the john economy unit and the city of Kennedy axis out now, when this will when they went on your story, but when this was happening, two thousand, where you like watching this on tv cause. I don't you know, I would have been a freshman in college yeah I at the time I actually worked day. Third shift job and the job basically consisted of they just needed somebody to be. They are to hold down the fort overnight. In case something happened so Clearly, what I would do is I would, I would read the news and things like that and in you know, tv to pass the time, because I didn't have to do anything unless there was really no recur,
Or duties, or if something came up right so when I, when I ended up hearing about this case, was actually after I would have been amazing. If there was podcasts, then and in this actually didn't break nationally? come to my attention until they had been out for a little bit and work will get into their. So he after serving years in in the this state prison he was on to become one of these trustees and one of the model inmates and what this allows the trusty unit is. You can you get better jobs. You know a moat. Some of the inmates have jobs within the present, and this would allow him to work in an area where you might be a little less supervised by your also doing more
port jobs in this allowed him to work in the maintenance office, which you know they they had things typical maintenance things. You know you you, you cut things, you build things, you prepare things. paint things. You know things of their work and like laundry exactly if you scenes shawshank redemption steer the laundry room. now, george rebus junior is a he's, a nun he's a smart guy he's a smart dude, and I truly think that he's bent his time there no that you know what one day eminent attempt an escape and I just need to come up. The planet who took him a good number of years to come up with the plan, but he almost came the watcher of the watchman. You know that the correction officers are the watchman and he's watching how they handle their daily duties. When things slow when things are, you know when people or being ten
to as much as they should be when kind of lapses in time between how much provision is given to the inmates and east can note of all this stuff. Now the other members of the text that takes a seven would say that day and start discussing this escape plan until about two weeks before and they actually celebrate the night before they they they realize it hey tomorrow. We're going to make are gay potatoes him and the one guy was the one guy's name rodriguez progress. So they're sitting around, and they too can would jokingly talk about war. Dig out of this place, could we cut through the fence? Could and they're just kind of doing it, and I don't think there actually super serious about it when they were first talking about it. I think this kind of something to do to pass the time and conflict of something for the brain to keep working, but then they started coming
crooning people? Well now that they come up with a decent plan and and they I've decided between the two of them ok week. We got a bet these guys that we're going to try to bring into our circle here, but we can't we came up with a plan, but we can't do it just us too right they knew that they needed a certain number of people and I believe that they they felt that it seven was the good number and so now we got a fine five other guys that we can trust that are not going to us out that are not going to go and say hey these guys. On something here right because then you're not part of that trustees. Group you're not granted access to those parts of the prison than you that are necessary for your escape. So the first, thing that they decide on. Is that at some point in the escaped you're going to need a for foot by eight foot sheet of plywood and they're gonna. paint this thing white? The ring and being is it they have a maintenance truck now the church,
It is labeled, it's part of the prison system. It's labeled, the you know, department of corrections or whatever for the state of texas, it's a white truck and they figured out that which just the second I watched a documentary on this, and I was so mad the truck was read, they didn't do that into a vacuum. Come on. Well and why do they need this piece of plywood, because there they need Two only have one driver in the truck, because They ve seen this truck leave and in and out of the prison grounds and in an out of them in the sense that they need to get beyond right and theirs, we ever one driver, there's only ever one worker in that truck though now we know that we need seven people to carry out this escape plan. Well, it's not fair. Only one person gets to leave so we can have People up in the other guard towers, seeing this truck full of guys leaving the place, because we
need. If we do manage to get out, we need as much time to elapse once we ve the gate, the we yet further and further away from in a tower that's pretty far away, but I'm a guard nonetheless, our pretty far away- and I see six deeds in the back of a truck leland- go hey. What's up yes, so the the piece of plywood they're going to paint it white, because the bed of the truck is white as well and what they thought they could do as they could lay down in the bed of the truck. Put the plywood over top of them and So from the towers it would appear that the bed of the truck is empty, so good idea great idea, because you have one driver, he puts the plywood overtopped at the other guys he gets in the truck any drives off now. george rebus and fellow inmate rodriguez. They determine that the best time to carry out their escape is during the lunch break. so they're all working in the maintenance office.
George grievous, he, like, I said, he's smart he's charismatic. He he is managed, round up these other guys and talk em up and convince them of this plan? He's a guy probably had been such a scumbag. He prob it could have been a very successful citizen. He could a business owner or if he were to spend so much time as he did bidding crimes law, a problem, solver erect. so he convinces the maintenance supervisor to let him in six other inmates, eat lunch maintenance area this is near the supervisor small office. Now this something that has taken place before happen, may maybe two or three times prior, but the he's in being is that they need to take control of this area. and they realise that all the other help that this may
and supervisor has they tend to leave during lunch. Why? Because this area supposed to be locked down and no no inmates are supposed to be in there during the lunch hour yeah and they were there It was something like something needed to be done in the maintenance room, yeah we're going to stay in work or to eat lunch in here, yeah and we'll just take turns fixing whatever needs to be so, while the other officers or away at lunch, they take for this area. They, one of the inmates distracts the maiden supervisor and pay trick. Murphy hits the supervisor over the head with an ax handle it. Oxfam out, cold now while the officers out they wait. But this is the first guy that they attack. correct these mate and supervisor. It's the maiden supervisor by himself with the other, with the text. The seven in the maintenance office during this launch break but now I heard this guy was a big guy. Not if you don't
was. I heard he was a big guy and that actually the bait they put him in the back right, so they say: hey we gotta issue with this thing. He come help us with it. So he goes The back, that's when they jump him, but this guy big dude. So he ends up fighting all of em and that's why he had, and then that's when Patrick Murphy knox amount with the with the handle right parents want to give their children extra academic, support can be overwhelming and expensive to get there. Resources. I accept offers all the learning tools. Your family needs on one side from pre, it's twelve great making it simple to identify exactly what each child needs to work on with students learning a virtual classrooms. Recently, it's not uncommon for them to need a little extra review. I excel, is the moon
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troopers. You take their uniform because then you blend right. It in your! U becomes which episode is. This have had hoped from above, but anyhow higher strikes back, so they take the revisers clothes. His uniform and they also take his keys. Now, that seems obvious. You take his keys, but why is this so important? Because the key to the truck the maintenance truck is on that curing right and that the truck is the key to them, leaving now they lie in wait for the. Other officers to return from lunch. these officers, pretty much return from lunch theirs Nine of them, in an actually its seven. It's in addition, officers into prison inmates and while
we should say what we said before we actually started. Recording was we. We both watched, different documentaries with both red different articles about this, and there was some conflicting information. On all these, because I the number I got the told all now I totally could be wrong on this- was eleven Levin total prison guards guys or like people at work for the present Well then, we might not be too far off. It could have been nine additional officers and two inmates. it would bring us to eleven the numbers I had word nine, but in not for for having varying stories poor dear to us, but you gotta. Keep in mind that but these These accounts of what actually took place are given to you by other mates. Who probably can't be- taken at their word one hundred percent of the time and some
The other accounts are given to us by correction officers that, unfortunately, the word thing that could happen other in a prison right, is an escape right, maybe that's even worse- I don't know, but I dont know where that falls, but but regardless just one of the lesser to know that we, when you do the research on any of these cases, that sometimes you find these discrepancies Does it really matter at the end of the day if they took nine people hostage were eleven before they escape. I dont think that matters too much not too much but but Some of the correction officers are going to try to save their own asses reno, their jobs or on the line. They have to say what what took place, what happened and The accounts that I have heard is the de. I heard one account that the officers,
came back from lunch one at a time, one by one. They took these guys down, and I've also saw another account that it was you know. Sometimes there was two officers that will come in, but regardless they, in a trickle faction fashioned where they were able to overpower these guys fairly easily because they had makeshift knives and weapons that they had made or collected from this maintenance office. While they wait for these guys to return from lunch, and they said They basically knocked out most of them that some of them they would have to distract them and they would use the same ploy that they did on the maiden supervisor, knock them out yet or they would have to physically just overtake them. and then there are taken these people on their part I'm in the maintenance office gather their binding them and tying them up in their locking them up? In the maintenance office and then The same time they have the key from the initial guys
then there are going into the cabinets. Could the cabinets held like some of the special tools After all, the officers are lynched gagged and tied. And the prison inmates are the texas. Are waiting to carry out the next part of their plan. one of the officers is able to get free from from the bindings and he is and to get out of the area that they have locked him into, but what he is able to do is able to trigger the fire alarm. Anybody that has worked in a large building or had to to attend a large school things like that. They know. You will know that These firearms go off from time to time. There is one off in the maintenance building and what they were saying is like one of the main causes for this fire life's go off like this. Normally is just so Boston and then also like, if anybody four drilled are like
what a sander. If he's in his garage sharpening his knives, it gets a little. okey in there now They can trigger the alarm and what up happening and I've worked in a in a law building where they were building the building. While we lived there, they were what what my work there. and they were finishing the building. While I worked there and so that the construction would tippit would constantly set off the fire alarm and after a while, the people that the people that live there and the people that work there, you just I accustomed to it knew just kind of ignored after why are you just know that it's just another false alarm and it'll go off eventually right, so this? cause any kind of panic. While they do get a call to get a call, you get a call in and then they Actually, don't answer, I think, is right. We let it ring in and what ends up happening. Is that everybody just as soon as it's another false alarm? So you can't like pin the that's calling gone hey. You know he's
all about the alarm, but this is probably happened so many times in theirs so many times, especially in the maintenance building. all that noise and when their drilling and stuff like that, where people are answering the phones. So george rebus, then they what they need next is to gain access to the main tower now. The reason being is that the tower controls the gate. This is the guy did they need to drive the truck through to get out into the free world and what they doing is george rebus key context. The the main office, the main tower from in office and says: hey look, I we got a centre, grew up there to insist too maintenance check, and we also got to install some cameras and monitors things like that. A basically there's a tower and beside the tower is officer. Lake like office like, like a little guard check right, so their rather go the guard jack first, they have
small group, a guys that need to go to the guard shack and george reverse is going to convince the personal guard shack that he needs to go up into the tower. And he does this with what doughnuts is yet more and what's super into is that they have changed clothes you know so that now they have a change of closed because they took clothes off the guards and maintenance workers. then so the people that have arrived at that the inmates that of rival, though the portion of the texas seven that are now at the guard, shack, are wearing either correction officer uniforms or maintenance worker unit They all appear to be employees of the esa grenade and maintenance workers, and then he then grievous, looks more like a like the supervisor, so he comes in and there stood a slick I make He even has doughnuts yeah. He eagerly newspaper to blind? Yes, then he gives
That's the guy, and then he says: hey we gotta go up to the tariff is run, install some cameras in the gave and says I'm more cameras like this is a typical faint. So he gets up to the the garden. and he's up, thereby himself and now he's one on one with an armed guard. They This is where gets a little complicated, because we now we have parted the texas seven still in the maintenance office party excess. Seven in the guard check this, below the main tower. Can we have george rebus junior up in the tower with an armed office? Now what it's the happen is that truck when it leaves the when it leaves the prison grounds, it always go straight from the maintenance office and right out the gate it had never it never stops from there. So they need everything to appear to be a normal at the gate for a second by this night
and the reason why they needed to appear as normal is for the other towers. Other towers need to be able to see they're going to be lookin out. What's goin on and as long as they're they're gonna watch the one moving truck. That's inside the get the ground and make sure that you know that that nothing, normal is happening, and there is also a truck there is. There is another truck on the on the grounds at this time, but it's the its prison guards. They ever truck that drives around the a mobile officer. Yes, so they need to make sure that everybody in bandit towers, just things everything's, cool, pathetic and that everything for the guy driving around doing surveillance is everything's copa sec there too, again. Everything has to appear as normal for
such as long as possible for them to get as far away from the prison as they can before. Anybody notices is something has gone awry yet because they can either get stopped inside the gay or, if their within five miles, if they need to be way farther away. Once people start shit sent out warnings, this is up in the tower and the phone rings and the guard the guard up the phone answers. You know whatever in its it's the guard check days as it, for you is for you, any in riva, so slick even says something. Like all that's funny. I was just down there and you know it. his daily. This is employees complaining about other employees, its typical, you know, you're dead, your daily work life then stuff harris, haversacks, eversleigh, so egos. Yet that's no problem and their cause Word is max because they need to they I need to know that reverse is going to be able to take over that guard tower and
you're, going to be able to open up the gate and if he can't take over the tower, they can't move the truck beggars I thought was so interesting. Was it the code word wasn't any form of mac? Yes, anything! That's what I thought was maximum maximus. Yes, any involving the word max, and I think he he call. the person max like that's his name right he's either. Ok, no problem max and that's win all of the seven now rebus has just signal to the other six inmates that are in two different locations. Where go, where I mean I I know in when he pulls the gun on the guy, and he says you're going to tell me how to open up this gate or I'm going to kill you. So they now that the gate is open, the guards are bound, and now they ve got seven in the truck one driver, six, the bed will not only Is he told the guy that he has opened up the gate, but the people in the guard shack now are now confronting that officer than ever
two before they gave him the donors and then went up right date. They don't have to take him over until they get the go ahead from rewrite so said you the one group move in with the truck the other group, detaining that sir and the shack. And then you have read this up in the top attaining that officer plus opening the gate. that. That shows you the mind of george his junior it's. This is a rather seemingly easy planet with with you, It's only got. You only got like three objectives. Ok, take over the maintenance office gain access. The tower open up the gate and We in the truck of thousands of times this could go wrong. That's what I'm! and it is a complicated plan because there's a lot of moving pieces here or use it was simple simple objective with a lot of momentum: it s a lot of moving pieces which which then
so the a complicated plant and in this is something the crazy that, like so many times that could a went wrong. It is went right is like it was like these seven lucky days. What I was well- and I think part of that- shows you A part of that is the cost of characters. You know you have george grievous junior, whose whose very experienced at these large kind of take overs had taken, over these large stores and trolling an area and controlling and environment long enough Get what he needs to get during a robbery. Get out of place is crazy cause with this kind of insight and how he's constantly thinking of aid b c d e f. You know he's thinking about every step. May this guy could have been like some
military mind, but in you have but part of his cast a characters to you have donald newbury, who was experienced an armed robbery and you have Patrick murphy junior, who was experienced in armour operate as well. So that's part of your who do you bring into your circle? Who do you bring into help carry out as also seven guys it not how much the lose? No? Now when, when the when the shortest sentence added the seven is thirty years and Can't remember how old the guy was at the time of that sentence, but I mean if I was sentenced to thirty years right now. I mean I'd I'd, be sixty four, so I mean how much that I, you know, I get I do not say what they did is right. But I can see where they're coming from well in george grievous junior, he decided very short into his lengthy eighteen life's, says that he was going to be old man sitting in prison,
He had seen the other old prisoners. He had seen the old man that have spent their lives in prison and he was not going to do it. He he's he said. I nothing to lose so. They. Now the truck is leaving the gate. and inside we have seven inmates, they now have obtained weapons. They have obtained uniforms and obtain plenty of ammunition they drive, but Here's the thing the maintenance truck becomes a problem because it's a marked vehicle, it's it's labelled, department of corrections. Will then I heard the reverse talking about how he also took paint from the maintenance apartment, knowing that they'll be looking for a white vehicle and also mark vehicle, and so, if couldn't get another vehicle that
We had to heed this paint the whole draw see. Now I didn't hear that, but I fully believe that and I'll tell you why that's That shows you how smart grievous is reversed creating a plan b. What is planned a Dna actually carry out for them plant. Successful plan. Is there going to drive to this walmart and the other inmate rodriguez, he's made arrangements with his father for robbery, robbery his father is going to leave a vehicle, therefore them and now, but rebus can't he can't make sure that that happens. There's no way of knowing in advance of that were actually held into so that's plan a, but now we got to come up with all the possibilities of what could go yet because what? If? What? If you get out there in your driving around in this marked vehicle on oh shit, they didn't leave the vehicle they didn't leave the getaway vehicle force yet, which would mean lot of sense, because you know maybe your
father would say, yeah, I'm going to help you out you're. On the other end of a phone line you you're talking to you're in you're a criminal and how many parents want to be involved, the criminal action now that makes the father involved, so the father ends up rodriguez's father ends up leaving a chevy suburban, at a walmart parking lot. Now this parking, it's about a fifteen minute drive from the prison they go there and they dump the mate and struck and all jump into this chevy suburban and they drive off I've off into the sunset, their scot free. Well, they not entirely scot free, because now they ve got the state of texas lookin for you you're free. But you get a look around corner and over your shoulder. they end up staying at an economy lodge intact is under assume names classy joint now, while there there they realize it got a bunch of firearms, but we
we need money and we need resources, and we need keep us out here and keep us free and keep us on the run right well, what are they have they got rate resource and george rivers junior. He has taken. Oh he's, robbed plenty of stores, and you know what gonna stick to what worked for him for so long day. Newspaper and they start cutting out pictures of people that are in the newspaper and they they fashion. Together? A what appears to like a we want list, a wanted list of or suspected petty theft. You know well yeah the shoplifters they're, the type of shoplifter called like grab and go yeah, so they just kind of like walk in real quick grab. Anything just take off running, yet you grabbed the most valuable thing you think you can find, and you just run out the door with a right now so in the other group. They go him a couple, the guys they ve obtained the
They have firearms, they have uniforms, they go into a radio shack. and they have their wanted list with them, and george rebus junior is going to tell the manager that we have these people, an area that have been smash and grabbing that have been steel and stuff from stores. We need to do a quick loss prevention thing with your employees. Get your employees together, the manager, gladly rounds up the employees and then they over the store they take us that they control the environment and then they too- what they want and they take things like they take money from the employees. They take credit cards they take. Oh if they think that they needed they take nor items that they can sell, because their only gonna get a couple thousand dollars from this robbery. But the key thing they steal here. Is they take police scanners? Now this is where you can dial up and you can. You can hear the police getting called in responding to cause and where the police are. This is gonna, help keep them
one step in front of them. bull that are pursuing them, yeah at area, several days go by after the successful robbery of the radio, shack and Their aim is to stay one step in front of the authority. The authorities. there again running out of resources, their running out of money. They need funds so what are they gonna? Do they gotta pull a bigger heist? what are they going to refer to? They are going to? They are going to fall back and do what george reverse has always done. They're going to go after and arguments now, what is an arguments and arguments? Is a big sporting goods never been to Ashman? It's a it's a thing in the south, so it's kind of like dicks sporting goods. It's like a dick sporting goods. It's like a gander mountain. The key thing is the ash. Mins sells a lot of firearms and it's a department store, so he knows that they're gonna have to things that he really desires. They're gonna have a lot of money.
they're gonna have a lot of firearms and ammunition. The firearms are gonna, twofold has one they can use, them arms if they need on, but they can also use them to sell them and he knows to bring up this point- and I think everybody gets this point- but let us reiterate they run out of money. There done that there are the wrong while the firearms, I think, more importantly than selling them. I think the firearms to them mean freedom for several reasons, one if they have to get into a shoot out with with the police that they are well. You know they got a. Big arsenal and two if they need to do they got the fire power to rob anything that they want to along the way this this keeps money coming it. Well, then, third, if you have to sell em, you have two so now you're gonna end up getting a large amount of money from this from this osmond store. They do close to seventy thousand dollars and they're going to take, does
since in dozens of of guns and in. Hundreds of rounds of ammunition with them and they're gonna clothing. They they d, take as much as they can now. Here's where here's where the shit hits. The fan for, for everybody there a girlfriend of one of the employees, is kind of looking in the window she's waiting on on her boyfriend to leave the store what reverse would do is he would typically go into a store just shortly before it would close? Why? Because there's few- offers, and there at that time, there's not a lot of customers in their at that time and on of that, is once He's into fish meal and after them, insurers had time to round everybody up and he's trying to take control of the environment. He can have somebody locked the door. Why? Because people on the outside are going to realize that it's no big deal that the door's locked there, their clothes are supposed to be closed, so
store was isn't that the planning of the a b and c, let's so Well, this is christmas eve. This is descent twenty fourth, two thousand and two, men store is going to close at six p m. They him and his group. The texas seven they go into the store about a quarter till six and what he does is he sends a couple of guys to the shoe department, a couple of guys to the clothing department, a couple of guys to the firearms department, goes in there with his security uniform that he had purchased someplace else. That the day before and got his whole spiel that he's gonna go through now. one of his other guys after after counting down is going to lock. Door, so now that world the door's locked at six o clock everything closed is normal and we ve a driver outside whose man, The police scanner he's gonna know if there's gonna be somebody that if there is a call going out to send an officer to the store, yes he's actually listening to them on the inside,
Well, he can communicate with them because they also took walkie talkie from the radio sharon, so they have walking. He's to communicate back and forth and he's got a police scanner to tell him if the cops are coming now, girlfriend, as I had said, she is way for a boyfriend to get off time goes by time goes by. She on the door and she she, the doors and it's actually open by one of the texas set. Whose wearing a security type uniform and heat simply says you know the stores closed, where's, boyfriend. Oh he'll be out in a little bit, but you need to get the stores close he'll be out in a little bit. He closes the door locks the door. Well, girlfriend is no dummy. He realizes. Hey I've been in the store hundred times. I know everybody that works there. This guy doesn't work there, something's up so He goes to her car users, I'll phone calls. The cops cops are dispatch.
We have Aubrey hawkins he's twenty nine year old, please officer he's having dinner with his mother and he hears call come out that there's something strange at the osman sporting goods store, so he spawns. He leaves dinner early from from having dinner with his mother and goes document store. He would report he will call back into the station and say I've just pulled up to the front of the store. There doesn't appear to be any activity here going to go around to the back of the store? Well, while he's key this in the driver for the text seven is sitting The parking lot and he's in the back of the store and he's now all of his guys, the other six on the inside the police are here there. They ve, they ve. They ve already been disk, there's an officer out front he's making his way to the back of the store you need. get out of there, so the other six start coming out.
We're coming out and they're going to need a load up there, they are suburban and they're going to need to get outta dodge. What takes place is officer hawk pulls up and he sees george grievous. Grievous junior is, is Armed and dangerous is that is just the best way to say any. He pulled his firearm on the officer, the officer still in his car tells the officer show me your hands hawkins refuse officer, hawkins refused to raise his arms. rivers junior responds by firing through the windshield and shooting officer, Hawkins To that end, the shoulder he again demands that the officer raise his arms, the office, Refuses he fires again into the windshield and shoot into the other. Shoulder now now
other taxes. Seven members have started to come out the store, and no none of them want to see a police officer, because now there there there their road has ended and they opened fire on on the vehicle. One report would say that that after Hawkins appeared to be unconscious. Did that Rebus had opened up the door, remove the op pull the officer from the vehicle and they again shot him. The defence officers they shot him on on on in the parking lot right there. He he ends up being shot eleven times and while there they get into the vehicle to escape. They they run over the officer and I mean this here's the thing they run them over because they have to pull them out of the car cause he his car is blocking. There are one of the escape vehicles
yeah, I either they poor man, the car than they receive, is actually has a jump into the police. Car move that car. But I mean this here's the thing earlier when ice had said that eighteen life sentences seemed v harsh for george reverse junior. It's like now wait a minute because this I mean this just shows. I understand that he's on the run, but this just shows the despicable character that he is in a mean it yet It's easy for him to be happy, go lucky and be a model inmate whenever things go on his way, but but the minute. His plan starts to two backfire. And insults to explode in his face. The way that he behaves as he's an animal he's, a d. Lasting animal did this, this office of Aubrey hawkins, twenty nine years old. He he left a mother, a wife and a young sun. And and really just shot for four senseless reasons, and it is It just shows you that that even
smart, is george rebus junior appears me from this escape plan and from all these robberies that is able to carry out he's really just you know than any of the other junkie, mates that are in that prison. I mean he is a door bag. Earlier. You had asked me winded I find out about this case. This brings to brings us to the point where I found out about it on christmas on december, twenty fifth, two thousand working. My third shift and, like I said I would you, know, watch cnn or get on the internet and check out the news, and I always signed up to work christmas because, like I said it was a super easy job. I was only there in case something happen, well after officer hawkins was killed this became a national story. This became huge and all the news. All the news networks were covered
It was now. It now became a national man. Hot did what they do. bye, bye, killing an officer was they just united. Every department in the EU It states that they, the fbi, the the the highway patrols, the police departments, everything bodies now linked together as one national department. Looking for these seven animals. Yet I think some of that goes to the fact that when they escape from prison they didn't kill. Anybody wasn't like they shot nine officers before left prison well in the state of texas was very much in hot pursuit of these guys. It was, you know it was big. It was a deal to them ass, unfair, saying it well, and these geyser these guys
were guilty of heinous crimes, renatus people, regardless, so the communities around the prison were in fear that they could be in the neighborhood. Now this takes place in and now everybody's everybody afraid and law. force meant their geared up there they're ready to hunt these guys down, but there there at full awareness now, there's a Bounty put out on these guys a reward of a hundred thousand dollars for the capture of any of the texas seven and that which, within just days after officer hawkins, brutal debt, Is it a climbs to over half a million dollars to to find these guys, but we end up doing. Is they end up fleeing to the state of colorado while there there they they switch vehicles and they're going to purchase a pretty far dr yeah and there
a purchase. Well, that's the thing law enforcement, really thought that they would head for the mexican border jesse logical yeah. You got a guy with the last name, rebus a guy with the with the last name. profiling? broad re guess come on an end George rebus junior was from the border town of EL paso Did they have three bridges in that town that that you can walk right into mexico? so he would have had no problem getting there, but he knew again he that they would be searching for him that they would probably be waiting for him at the border. So you can't go there. You gotta go somewhere else and you gotta lay low for a long time. Let this thing cool off acquire enough money and enough resources to stay low for that period of time, let it cool off, and then you can make your flee across the border yeah. It doesn't mean he's not eventually going to end up in mexico exactly so. He picks a good place to lay low. They go to a place called woodland, colorado and
what ends up happening, though, because of the death of the officer, and because how everything's got ripped up? the man hunt now starting to have a little dissension amongst the ranks, so to speak, their starting to. not agree with each other completely Some of them want to separate from the group. The others think that its port to stay together. Anyway, They acquire a mobile home and of a vehicle to transport it and they want to park. There are v and in this be lot. You know where you can stay for an extended period, atop an almost of a more there posing as these travel travelling christian group, which was not added the norm because that are v park in it. Being the state of colorado would see a lot of these little travelling christian groups. They actually have like a held a bible, study class and things like that, but one of the one of the texas, seven harper.
He starts attending these bible study classes. He kind of starts fitting into the community a little bit about what we should back up, because all of these guys are pretty religious, anywise, yeah, yeah and there is actually a story of when they broke out of the prison, how they all went into the lord's prayer together. So it's not like it's super far fetched that that they're coming up with this are travelling christian groups, Well, I'll tell you what you know: we were talking about this becoming national news, because this becoming big time news in that country, said me into are recommended reading for the week. I know I for to do at last week. Forgive me bit, but them this week are right. men at reading is the chronicles of crime. That's they occur. go of crime and that's by martin fido this is a
It reads almost like a newspaper: it's a it's a it's a nice thick book and it starts out. And the nineteen hundred and carry you all the way through the nineteen nineties and its sickly a day to day new paper, article of of the crime of that day, which is which is pretty interesting, it's a bit and forgive me for saying so, but it makes for good bathroom reading. Ok, while forgive you- I forgive you, might my son, so there are hanging out there trying to lay low in this woodland colorado community in the army park and why ends up happening is the a friend of the owner of the park comes to him and says: hey. I think these guys were the Texas seven. I saw it on america's most wanted, and so they get onto the americas most wanted website and they start looking at. The pictures of these guys, John if added again, and so now. You know that this guy
a very active army park owner. He would, he would typically you know, he's at the bible study classes. I think his wife even led some of the boat bible study classes, he would typically go around to the different rvs and say hi to everybody each day and they had an area where people could come down and have coffee in the morning and in one of the inmates, harper would typically come down and have coffee so they need to make sure that this is the text. Seven, they don't want to. Just you know, freak everybody out so what they do as he says I need to know makes certain I need I need, do you know I happen to have these seven guys and I He need to have some kind of identifier on one of whom It finds like a tiny little mole on one of the guys and he sees it in the picture that is posted on America's most wanted. He goes up and he talks the guy's, later that day, a notices that that moles in the same spot on that same guy. This is mike, I mean that's rare, so he calls it in
now, authorities are aware that they probably have the texas seven in this woodland ca radio harvey park. What happens now? Is they ve got to figure out how they're going to apprehend these guys because they are armed in their very dangerous and their seven of them and they get it they got. God knows how many firearms and ammunition store they robbed and I'm sure they got a cow of all the stuff that it took from auctions. So they're trying to determine if they want to go in that night, and surround the avi? That's in question and then they're gonna be in a stand off well determine that the way that the layer of the army park is it the in may the texas seven would have the higher ground, which would immediately put law enforcement at a disadvantage if they were to get into a shoot out or stand off situation.
And so they decide that, under the cover of night and being at a disadvantage of having the lower ground, we're gonna need a way to do this until the next day. Now we're put together our own plan? Mr George, reverse: and we know that europe, fellow inmate harper, comes, gets coffee almost every morning so we're going to do is working to set up a group here and women. For him to come down and get coffee? We're gonna, take him first and we're in a figure out. What's going on, we can. We can interrogate him within minutes and try to figure out what's going on in that our be before we to go in their guns ablaze on. What ends up happening is that next morning, while they're waiting for harper to come down for coffee, three of the inmates in courting including george grievous junior d, to leave their they're going. Their planning to leave to go to a neighbouring town in search of otto parts is what they that's their story. They find this out from the army park owner who had was going by with an excuse to kind of check on everybody, but he kind of wanted what he is
to do and what what the officers want him to do. Is they to figure out what places what are these are occupied where The innocent people that we gotta make sure that when we don't they don't get caught me. Ass fire he's going to go around how he's going to pretend that the that the rv park is running out of water and he's Have to notify all of the tenets that we're running out of water and during. Him going through the park he discovered three of them are going to leave. Will you can't just then for leaving then now you're into an altercation, so Let the three leave in its garcia rodriguez and george grievous junior leave and achieve cherokee and the law enforcement is gonna have to send out mobile unit to follow these guys. So the ep, I followed them to a nearby gas station and they they arrest them and it goes down pretty much without incident. They surround the vehicle they got
fully automatic weapons on this vehicle and they ve got three guys in the jeep cherokee arms raised george, This junior would later say that he told the cop when he got close hey I added. I have a gun on you. You know he's he's cocky like that, or is he opened that like? If I tell him, I got a gun on you they'll. Let us go well did that officer, the the officer that got to surrender basically was up right next to the driver, side door and he's so close that he's tapping the the the barrel of a gun on the window, and Why rebus juniors got a gun on him because he sodium close the car they end up, giving up god that it goes down without bloodshed. Now we ve for more of excess seven to deal with what end
being the case is that there is only two of the remaining inmates at the army park or the other two The other two have left the group. They have left. The grew they ve gone to a neighbouring your by neighbourhood of and car, colorado springs. Two of the remaining inmates are in the army, part inside the army. We have helper and harper now the army is surrounded and they ve got got guns on this thing for days completely surrounded. They get into a bit of a stand off. They need the guys to come out because they know that they their fully loaded inside that army. after a short, stand off. How comes out he surrenders gives himself up here. The officers there or intends to surrender is well. He does
He's a little bit of time he wants to cause father and after he speaks of his father, he's gonna come out well, quite a bit of time, goes by they end up hearing a gunshot and then a second gunshot and Then they would fire tear gas and there because they figured one of two. Things have happened. He's in there frustrated in these fired the gun for no reason or he's taken his own life right share used to these horses. Such situations well stand off situation. so after about two hours from the Did they hear the this? gunshot, they fired your gas into the army and harbour never comes out now that doesn't mean that people can you know put up with the effects of tear gas. You know we spray painful, though so, after about twenty minutes goes by after firing the tear gas into the army data. I did? They're gonna have to go and they go.
and they find him. The inmates harper dead on the floor and he's got to gunshot wounds to his chest. He took his own life. Weird spotted treat yourself, though two days later. The fbi receives information regarding the whereabouts of the remaining two convicts. The the remaining two escapees are new berry and murphy. They figure out that their hiding in a holiday in hotel in colorado springs colorado. They make Communication with them, because again this is going to be a stand off with guys That are armed and very dangerous. You gotta minimize the casualties and still bring these guys. It. through communication. They figure out that the two remaining
escapees are willing to surrender, but they have. One final demand they want to do a televised interview. After some negotiation, what they end up working out. Is it they're going to do a telephone interview with one of them local news reporters and then. The rapporteur will be on camera as well as the audio will be recorded as well, Secondly, what takes place is both of the inmates say that they're going to surrender and they both Criticized the texas correction: department and how its are treated and how people young people are. So tens to these extremely long sentences and then one of em throws in the hee he had, ends it by saying. You know that the texas com sean department is as corrupt as we are they end up.
Taking off their shirts to show that their unarmed and they end up dated and their conversation with the new reporter by saying I'm going to got my shirt and then I'm coming out and they do just that, they take off their shirts and they come out and their apprehended. We have larry Harper die he's dead. He he committed suicide, it two shots to the chest, the other. six of the text, the seven are apprehended everybody starting to feel safe and Now these guys are all going to be brought up on new charges on charges of escaping mergers of robbery on charge of armed robbery, charges of. I'm, probably going cross state lines and now murder of a law enforcement officers the fall. Ends up being that all these guys, while were serving very lengthy senses. They all end up getting death sentences and-
George grievous junior in particular, he go on trial for his crimes and during the course of the trial he actually testifies and he testified. His testimony takes two days to complete days of of the trial. Is it adding cap is just him talking in him kind of going through everything and does take owner ship of everything that took place. He he he owns that that he was the leader, the ringleader of the escape, and he also blamed the murder of the officer of officer ha. And on himself, but you know Other other inmates did fire at the office. An officer, was struck eleven times now that the fall ends up being Michael rodriguez, who was serving a life sentence. He was secluded august, fourteen two thousand and eight and the state of texas. For
escape and the murder of officer Aubrey hawkins. george grievous junior, the ringleader, is executed on february. Twenty ninth, two thousand. and twelve and die. Newbury, who was serving a ninety nine year sentence for armed robbery. He ends of guinea the death penalty and he's executed february. Fourth, two thousand and fifteen As we have said, Larry harper had committed suicide and the other three remain on death row. Waiting there, Excuse dates: I've seen Several things on the internet, where at least one of these guys is trying to get his sentence commuted to life sentence that he feels like he was just. You know, cod
in northern ireland for the ride or something but here's the thing you are a bad guy before all this happened here: you're you're, bad guy, you're super bad guy. For this happening. I think we got to say that that our hearts go out too. The family of officer Aubrey hawkins. He was twenty nine years old It was a senseless killing, our hearts to his family and his friends, and I think George grievous junior as smart as he might have been hands up, showing exactly who he truly isn t scumbag. Why? I think, also people forget the main there. There are a lot of unsolved crimes. I believe that some of those unsolved crimes there does not saw, but the guy still gets caught. the time when you for another crime right most the time when you do a crime? You do the time and
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