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The Back to School Killer /// Part 2 /// 695

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The Back to School Killer /// Part 2 /// 695

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Charlottesville, Virginia - Two successful young women, both college students go missing under very similar circumstances on the same college campus. Were these two incidents connected? The victimology and circumstances would suggests yes but the events were five years apart. This week join the guys in the Garage as they discuss two cases from the University of Virginia. 


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Well welcome to true crime garage where you are whatever you were doing thanks for listening, I'm your host naked with me, as always, is a man who is waiting for a tropical storms to be named after him periods the captain
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the two thousand and nine on the university of virginia campus, we have a young woman, morgan harrington, who goes missing. Unfortunately, her body is found four months later and then we can you'd our story yesterday telling you about another disappearance of a very similar situation
with another young woman Hannah gram who disappears on the same college campuses. Five years later now we have police who compiled surveillance, footage of all the businesses that they could find on campus, that showed footage of Hannah, graham walking around on campus late tat night, intoxicated attempting to go back to her apartment. They release segments of this surveillance, footage to the public, hoping for tips within days, police learned after verifying a receipt that we discussed yesterday from an establishment called tempo, a bar called tempo
there, a man jesse Matthews, who was spotted in the company of Hannah, graham at tempo, they learn from him using his credit card that that this is the man that is seen with Hannah, graham who was now missing in the surveillance footage of her walking around on campus and going into that bar. What they get is when they reach out to the public. The info asian that they get is this man is identified as jesse Matthew junior and we have a male witness who comes forward and says you know after the time Those two were spotted together using his credit card at tempo. I saw a guy that looks exactly like that same dude and her, he's trying to get her into his vehicle, which was described as a
teen. Ninety eight orange chrysler, seeber, yeah or orange piece of shit. Well. This is interesting because when police run a background check on this jesse matthew, junior, of course he owns and orange, see bring so that matches up carrying now they have his name. They want to go and talk to him. So after about a week of Hannah, graham sing. They now have identified the man who scene with her in the surveillance footage detectives, go and knock on old, jesse matthews door on his apartment door. Had he initially refused to let the detectives inside and said he stepping outside to talk to them? They start they. They start in right away. We don't. We don't have any time. lucy or so they say. How do you know anything about anagram she's missing? He admits that he had heard
a missing woman on the news. Then they ask him. Had he talked to the Hannah at tempo at the downtown mall on the night of her disappearance right, he said he was really drunk that night. Didn't remember, talking to anagram. Hidden, really, remember talking anybody. He said he remembered in downtown, but did not remember talking to her when they said Hannah had been missing for seven days and they believed he had some information. He said he was going to go, get some socks, so he goes inside That's the door, I guess he's going to go, get his interrogation socks on and then after a few minutes. He comes back because back out and he does allow the detectives to do a cursory walk through of his apartment. this is just simply showing them like look the person, your
Asking me about. I don't remember talking to her and you can come inside cause she's, not here, so they do a quick look around now. This is where This is the moment where they turn this dude upside down. Right detectives tell Jesse Matthew that we ve already got a search warrant for your vehicle, so we need to know a couple. Things Man we know you were with her that night. That's how we got this search warrant for your vehicle rain. So did you leave with her? Did she leave with you and was she in your car that night or at any time, Jesse matthews response was he's trying to come up with an answer and a text cut in real, quick and say: look
we need to know if she was in your vehicle, because we're going to find that out, we have the search warrant. We'd rather hear from you we're giving you a chance for you to tell us what you know. While the first question of who law enforcement is. Do you know who this individual is? If they deny it- and you have proof that they do know this individual and that's a sign of guilt so but they belong enforcement plays, is so smart because, if he's able to get through the first Question why I was so drunk I don't. I don't know if I talked to her, not then you go well. We have eye witness that puts her in your car. So was she ever in your car and if he answers no, you know, he's line right. A good interrogator will ask questions that they already know the answers to write. This is to size you up to gauge you're our cooperative you,
going to be in the investigation, also to gauge, if you're, honest or dishonest person, and it should believe anything else. It you're going to be telling them. So he Matthew wants to know if he's under arrest and the detective say now that he was not and so that the debt. they are waiting there. They're gonna have the vehicle and pounded, and so there were waiting for the the to show up to empower this vehicle. So they can do a thorough search for forensic evidence in such on this vehicle and during this time, he's kind of going in and out of the apartment, kind of keeping an eye on what they're doing at some point You know he does remind them. Look. I have no information about a missing young woman. He is refusing to provide his cell phone number two detectives, but then
before the vehicle can be taken away. He says: hey my passports in the glove box. Can I get this passport before the vehicles toad away
that's weird. Well yeah! You dont want to give that passport to a guy. Who is now your prime suspect in a missing persons case, so they tell em know, and then things get to get a little little different here right. His vehicle is toad away to be processed by the police and his room drove him to his mobs house on the rhine, Jesse Matthew watch the video released to the public by the police. This is of the surveillance footage from south showing him with Hannah gram. Later that day, he withdrew all of his money from his bank account all kinds of signs that this dude wants to run. On Saturday September twentieth, Jesse Matthew called a detective at the charlottesville police department. He agreed to come in and talk to the detective and he showed up at the station around three
close to four p m that day or said that he would be there when he does show up cabin. He eat pretty much refuses to talk so yeah I'll, go and talk to you guys, but then he gets there and has nothing to say he leaves the police station and of course, now he's tailed by the fbi has ruled to queen bee as they are? They are aware that he may want to run their where that he has answers that he's not providing to them about this situation in their missing person and then, on top of that, the f b. I is making it obvious to him, and I think this is. I think this is a maneuver that you want to make it obvious to this dude we're watching you that way if he were to slip away briefly or whatever that he that maybe he goes, I can't run there watching me, so they they make it obvious that they are following him, while he can't run too far
if, as at nine ten that night, please to seventy, two reckless driving warrants are issued for Jesse Matthew. They obviously observed him driving recklessly while tailing Meanwhile, he decided to borrow or asked to borrow his sister's car and at some point he slips they slip up because he's able to flee using this other vehicle. While, let's just go back to him, not telling the truth, I mean and keeping your mouth shut. If you know that you're going to be I'm not telling the truth. Then you're gonna have to whatever lies you tell you would have to keep keep up with those lies. That's exactly right! An.
Once. He goes on the lamb and they can't find him. This is when they get permission to arrest him and filed charges against him. So now we, have what's gonna turn into a nation wide man hunt for jesse, Matthew, junior and a b is issued, and he is officially charge on september, twenty third, with abduction with the intent to defile, heather gram, who had still not yet been found. This is because of the results of the crime scene, text, processing, matthews vehicle. Here's. What happened? A bloodhound used by the police detected Hannah sent, got him on the cars interior passenger door gaudy and evident swab recovered from the interior passenger side door frame of
if used car near the door latch, was examined at the virginia commonwealth of virginia department of forensic science. A dna profile was obtained from this swab, Hannah could not be eliminated as a contributor to that dna profile. They could not. One hundred percent confirm that it was her dna, but what we have here captain is quote the problem plenty of someone other than Hannah being a contributor to this dna profile is one in greater than seven point two billion fees which I don't know why they can't you say: that's Hannah's dna. I I am guessing that there has to be a certain number of markers. I don't want to get too much into the science of it. Is I'm not bill, nigh the science guy by all but here and here's my calculations Steve some
two billion one in greater than seven point: two billion there's not even that many people on the planet. So unless there A few billion people that are hiding somewhere there to be Hannah grams dna. So, meanwhile, what we will later find out is the jesse Matthew headed for the border. There are indications that he was heading to mexico talk about now. He checked into the village creek state park using a false name of john car and in a dress.
In maryland, a road atlas was found in his sister's vehicle marking several locations showing his travel trajectory for gulf coast, towns close to the mexican border, eventually he's nabbed in galveston texas, while the pretty women there. So I I have to go to this story that came from channel six cbs out of richmond wilford bill nye. Thank you. On september, twenty fourth, Karen monk took her dog hurley for a walk on the beach in galveston is it is a beautiful area of texas beaches and she is a regular. This is part of her regular routine to take her dog for a walk watch. The ocean taken, the fresh air, so she's chillun out at the beach and mind you there's an p, be out for just
ITALY, Roy Matthew, junior nationwide, his picture and description and what they said. Back them up is on the news just about everywhere. We already described his high in weight, he's six foot to two hundred and seventy five. Is approximately thirty two year old, black male and he's distinctive right. He's he's got some distinguishing characteristics, one his size and two he's got the dreadlocks and in a in a short beard, so he's going to stand out from just another face in the crowd.
and while she's there she's, feels somebody looking at her and when she looks over she's. Like my god, I think that's the the person that they said they're looking for on the news, and so she is. She does second guess herself to freak you out, but she says there was something terrifying about the way he was looking at her there that he briefly laughed. He was in a vehicle, you briefly leaves, and then he comes back and then that's when she made up may Up in her mind for certain this, I'm pretty sure this is the guy that they're looking for. I'm not gonna, get into a whole lot of of this messy stuff here, because this is pretty upsetting there
can for this guy nationwide manhunt and don't don't anybody make any jokes out there? Any dumb jokes, her name is Karen. She calls this into crime stoppers prime suppers. They don't believe her they like to wait on earth. We got enough to go on here that this is the guy that they are actually looking for. So her you something say something while she saying something in its fallen on deaf ears, I love when, when people just wanna be lazy with their job, she calls us into crime stoppers and for my understanding she called crime stoppers more than once and finally she's like I'm getting nowhere with this. So she calls the galveston county sheriff's office and she's. Like look that, I really believe this is the guy that their looks
or could you at least send somebody out here to interview me or to interview him? If he's? If he's even still gonna, be here when you get here, because I've been trying to call people. On the run yes meaning we don't think he'll stay in the same place for very long. If it is in fact Jesse matthew and the like, think galveston county sheriff's office, they did their job much better than the people over crime stoppers on that day, because they send out simply officers and they question the man that that she says look, I think that's the guy that they're looking for. Of course, he lies about where he's from and gives a false name, but very quickly. They realise this is the guy this, this woman, thank god she called thank god. She went to the extra effort when she was turned away the first second third time. Well, that's a caring for you, because this guy is this. Guy is a mess
ass to society, he's the number one suspect in Hannah grams disappearance and he's on the run and so he's taken into custody. He spent while forty one hours in a holding cell, and then he shipped off to virginia to where he's going to have to talk to the detectives they're, the ones that no this case and there soon there at the station, gone ganem gaddi Well, while this is all going down the detectives back in virginia, they are able to obtain a second search warrant for matthews apartment and
his room where he went and stayed at his mother's house from time to time, investigators found a box of hospital gloves and hospital great antiseptic wipes in his room at his mother's house. Now it's possible that maybe he's just freaky crazy, clean about his taxi cab. We should also mention, though he did work for a period of time as an orderly. So this could these could be items from that job, but, as these also could be evidence in items that one would use to cover up a cry, will you tell me something earlier, that was really fascinating is not only did the scent dogs pick up her sat in his vehicle, but they also picked up her sat in his apartment. Yet this, found? According to the bloodhounds, in the handlers the they detected Hannah's sent on the threshold of his apartment.
In the four, your area of the apartment and the entry door now what's interesting here too, in kind of paints, a very dark picture, or is it the handler is telling law enforcement I'm guessing here based off of what the dog is trying to tell me in the way that the dog is hitting on the on these on these markers that, while she was here and did entered this apartment. She likely was not walking. She was very likely carried into the apartment, how they know that you have to ask the dog, but that's not the only evidence that they're vote to find in the apartment, correct
so when they do a search of the apartment they find some shorts and, from my understanding that they're going to attempt to pull some dna evidence from this pair of shorts, that is found in Matthew's bedroom and on the shorts. They find a mixture profile of dna. So two dna profiles, mixed further testing, is going to tell us one. Jesse Matthew could not be eliminated, as major contributor to the dna mixture and two hannah gram could not be eliminated as a minor contributor to the dna mixture and again, we're gonna see some all a numbers here, the same numbers captain
The probability of someone other than Hannah being a minor contributor to the mixture profile was one in greater than seven point two billion, in other words,. That's her dna on this pair shorts found in his bedroom he's claiming he didn't go anywhere, whether he didn't he didn't give her a ride. She didn't leave with him. I don't remember talking to her well, none of that's adding up based off of the evidence that we are finding. Let's compile this with some other interesting more circumstantial but interesting evidence that men
If the people that knew Jesse Matthew, told police and investigators that they thought he was behaving strangely the day after Hanna disappeared and that he had some injuries that he had like a swollen jaw. Ah, he he appeared that that he was in some kind of fight and that he didn't leave his apartment. And did not respond to calls or text over the next day or so, and this guy regularly goes out he's usually out and about he's kind of shutting down for a couple of days after she goes missing now one problem, though the investigators are going to have in this case we talk so much about the evidence again. this guy is that they don't have any cell phone evidence connecting the suspect, Jesse matthew to hand a
and the problem being, is the police are saying that we don't know if if her phone was off from twelve thirty, a m and on an airplane mode or if this was just some kind of strange coincidence, technological glitch, but take they couldn't put What what they often try to do today is put the two cellphones together, the suspect in the victim phones together being in the same locations. At the same time, they could not seem to do that here. now, what we're gonna have here is they arrest as said Jesse Matthew, he sitting in jail and he's charged with the abduction of Hannah, graham, but Hannah graham at this time, is still missing, but shortly after this captain things will start to move very fast
as the. The welcome back cheers mate, cheers to you, colonel you haven't signed up on the mailing list, dude so at true crime garage dot com. We like to send you promo codes, so you get a little discount on items in the store page. Dropped by the store enjoy the garage sale and get yourself a little creepy camper shorter and the van I don't even know bars are known because they, the shirts, sell so well. I wear it proudly and maybe you'll get flipped off by somebody driving a van
that this is where things are gonna move very quickly here. Captain and things are going to start a flip for are suspect because, while he's up in their continuing to try to find anagram trying to get more evidence against jesse Matthew in the hand, a gram disappearance now there, confront him with a whole new store and that storm going to be guess what we I also expect you in the abduction and murder of morgan Harrington that took place in two thousand and nine. They come to this. Clearly, there are putting together evidence because one we have very similar situations that took place similar victims. Yes, there five years apart, but this all goes down in the same area investigated by the same detectives, the same jurisdiction, and so it wasn't that great of a leap they start. Looking for ways to try to
necked morgan, harrington to jesse, Matthew or jesse matthew to morgan Harrington and what they figure out is it Matthew drove for access taxi at the time of morgan, harringtons disappearance in two thousand and nine, when they're going a search warrant for jesse matthews cell phone, that he was using at that time
yeah. He had a next tell device back in two thousand and nine. They get the search warrant records or showing who he was talking to the night of morgan, harringtons disappearance and guess what they tracked down. There are able to identify for people who say that yeah I took a cab that night I took a cab to the metallica concert, the same night, that morgan went to the metallic concert and then disappeared, dunton dull, and they are telling the officers in the detectives it the man that drove me. This is his description. Lets us remind the listeners. Where did we find her her purse in the parking lot of where the taxicab would gather? Furthermore, the records of his phone show
The Matthew was in charlottesville that night, as those witnesses had said and suggested and pretty much. He was consistently and constantly on his phone that night of october, seventy two thousand and nine, but around nine thirty p m. There is approximately ninety minutes of complete inactivity. Remember this is matching up. With the last citing around the same time, the young woman mark morgan Harrington was last seen he's on his phone constantly up. This point and now almost no activity complete
activity for ninety minutes and again morgan, she made a custom painter shirt to go to the metallica concert. They were able to find that shirt. There was some blood evidence on it, so now they're gonna test that blood evidence against just he's blood. Yad. Remember. We have that dna, the there we go. Ok! Well, this matches up with somebody in code is committed another crime for years prior to the disappearance of morgan Harrington, but that crime was not solved. The suspect in that case was not a dental fide and therefore we have this database that is telling us that these two crimes were committed by the same person that his dna. is telling us that he very likely killed morgan Harrington, but we don't over. That person is
So now we have this guy locked up in our custody, who we believe should be the same expected morgan Harrington's case, because we have evidence to suggest that and we suspect him in the disappearance of Hannah Graham So they test is dna and find out the boom. It does match from the two thousand and nine. Disappearance of morgan, Harrington and the crime, the which was a sexual assault attack that took place for years prior to that, while basically this chicken is cooked right, I mean they. They have evidence and Hannah's case against him, the evidence and morgan's case against him. So
At this point he needs to get a lawyer yeah. He gets a defense attorney and the attorney is going to. I mean very correctly try to get a head out ahead of these charges, so we're offering and asking for a plea deal in these cases and what the attorney wants en masse he's behalf is that Jesse Matthew will admit to murdering morgan Harrington Hannah gram and tell the police where they can find Hannah's remains an exchange. What they want is it Jesse Matthew aged thirty, two we'll get twenty five years in prison with the possibility of parole, meaning he won't spend the rest of his life in prison. And at thirty two, if he is getting parole before the twenty five years up he's not going be an extremely old man. By that time,
and what we have here is the families get together with the prosecutor with the district attorney and they are discussing. Do we take this plea deal because he does have something to offer he does have, and I hated call at this leverage. He has some leverage heather grants. Family wants to find their daughter, course- and so he very likely in as indicated by his defence, can provide them with that low
cation in that answer. Now the families did something very smart here and they decide that you know what we're going to sleep on it. We don't have to make any decisions right now. This dude is locked up. He he's waiting he's going to be charged with morgan, Harrington's murder. If he doesn't plea, we don't have to make a decision right here and now we're not going to let him steer the ship, and so they decide to sit on it and in the coming days, what's going to happen here, captain is we now have Hannah graham who's been missing for about a month, and her remains. The location of remains are being used as a bargaining chip by jesse Matthew, but on october, eighteenth, two thousand and fourteen, according to a statement of the facts, quote a search and rescue team low.
Hated Hannah's remains near thirty one. Ninety three old lynchburg road in a densely wooded ravine behind a vacant home, almost all of Hannah skeleton was recovered in that area. So she is. Found I mean if we already know these cases are connected, but let's say you didn't have any evidence against him in the morgan Harrington case ah, but we can all agree that the the disappearance the circumstances of the disappearance are so similar there, almost identical the victim ology very, very similar, almost identical, well Hannah green.
His remains are found within five and a half miles of where Morgan Harrington's remains were located years prior, so evidence against Jesse matthews connects him to the to morgan's disappearance and murder and to Hanna's disappearance and murder and the way that they were,
Woodard is very similar as well yeah. So we have a path: I'll adjust who's, going to conduct the autopsy on Hannah, oh and determined that this was the same as in morgan. Harrington's case the same doctor, Dr Kevin whaley, at the office of the chief medical examiner enrichment now doctor wally. His conclusion was that Hannah's cause of death was homicidal violence of undetermined nature and again the manner of death was homicide. The forensic anthropologist Dr Elaine, pope studied Hannah scorn determined that her left nasal bone had been broken. Additional study of the remains by two.
The forensic anthropologist at Radford university concluded that Hannah had two nasal fractures that were consistent, pre mortem fractures occurring at or near the time of death. This led the doctor to believe that the most likely cause of death was suffocation. How remember that could not figure out the or narrow down the exact cause of death and morgan harringtons case, but think of the similarities. There we're talking about broken bones. The the king of those bones taking place at or near the time of death After finding the remains, of course now the families who did not. To make a decision earlier there saying you know it boom. We reject your plea deal.
Why were were were not on board with this any more in. What's going to happen, is that he's gonna be charged with both of these murders and the charges will be upgraded to capital murder, And he's indicted for both murder and kidnapping of both of these victims So we know Jesse is responsible for Hannah's murder. We know he's responsible for morgan's murder and we know that there was a prior crime. It was a sexual assault that that victims still alive. She can easily identify him. I don't know if we see the totality of of all of his crimes, but he's dead.
It is definitely a serial killer, not only that you go back to the the earliest of the crimes where you have the survivor right who's to say that he didn't intend to kill her way or if things didn't go, his way that she would have survived, because we know that what what happened in that situation is That's a passer by saw what was going on and interrupted the attack in there. May be the only reason why she survived the scary Here to me, captain is: we got this. The sexual saw that I believe would have resulted in murder. Had someone not step then, had she not been able to get away right. We have the murder, the kidnapping and attack that takes place in two thousand and nine and then in two thousand and fourteen again and the sexual salt to take
place before the murder in two thousand. Nine is four years brighter that two thousand and five we got nine years of this kind of very vague went behaviour of where this guy is abducting women off of the streets and think about it too, he's also working as a taxicab driver, putting himself in a position to take advantage of vulnerable women and those probably by design. Exactly that's what makes me wonder about the shirt that was found on displayed the pan. The custom panty reassure those found displayed on the bushes. You have to wonder. Was this some kind of psychological move? Maybe he Had that shirt in his possession, maybe he was following the news of.
Sing, morgan Harrington and the new starts to die down and he wants to see his crime back in the news again, and so he goes and puts us evidence out there and puts it on display. Where would be found? Putting that whole case and that whole crime back in the news again without her still being found at that time, which is the woods crazy here too, and this is you know, good by the families. This would be very, very difficult thing for any one to do, but we know that he's now being charged with four counts, two of murder to of kidnapping and the hair. training. Graham cases and the families get together and they say luck. He was lookin for please deal earlier and now we have the lead john this guy, but we don't want to go through a hole, death penalty trial.
Even though we got this guy dead rights. And so they agree that luck. If, if he's willing to plead guilty we'll cut a deal with him that will spare him the death penalty. However, they ve put they put land which, in that deal that will guarantee he will be locked up for life. He cannot get out, cannot be paroled. He cannot get very accurate parole, even when he's very old and elderly even sickly, so they put language in their that hey. If you agree to this he's going to be locked up forever, and this is one of those kind of guys that look how dangerous he is if this guy is breathing, he is dangerous. Piece of shit He is there. He I believe he was out there
regularly. Looking for victims, and one thing that haunts me a little bit too is the Karen Lady that turn him in says all out galveston texas spots. Him calls it in a crime, stoppers and. Actually, the galveston sheriff come out there. They arrest see matthew, she's that she spotted him. He laughed and then returned in his car and was staring at her, we know he was trying to flee in its very likely trying to get across the border into mexico to flee the police. Was he looking for one last victim before he crossed over.
Had he gone into mexico, how many women would he have attempted to kidnap and violate one of the good things for law enforcement and good thing for the victim's families? Is they have his dna? So they are able to then test that against other crimes where they have dna, but they just don't. Have that just don't have a suspect, but it makes you wonder how much law enforcement went back and started looking at this guy's known whereabouts, where he is working, his or other missing females in this area that he might be responsible for yeah and Jesse Matthew agrees to this. This plea agreement it was agreed to in sentencing, was pronounced. It was determined that Matthew will serve
four consecutive life sentences. He relinquishes all rights to appeal, so we cannot appeal. This is not eligible for parole of any kind at all, as we already talked about or any of conditional release and the added caviar that the state could reinstate the capital murder charge. If Matthew violates this plea agreement, meaning they could put the death penalty back on the table, if anything,
as a right now at sentencing, Hannah's father john grams spoke- and this is from the post. He described his daughter as an optimistic person who loved studying at the university of virginia and was making plans for the future when her life was mercilessly cut short by matthew, quote his evil depraved the world of a great talent but Hannah's enduring gift to us all. Is that she and able this wicked man to be apprehended and convicted. She did it.
change the world he said, but at a terrible price sue graham also spoke. She credit at her daughter, her heroism she enabled police to apprehend a serial rapist who had been hiding in plain sight in charlottesville for years. Jesse Matthew showed no emotion during the sentencing at his trial yeah and he hears the situation to like. Like I pointed out, you have to wonder if there's other victims here, we do know that at one point, the before Jesse Matthew was apprehended before he was connected to the the murders of these two young women that there was suspicion because of disappearances of other young women. In and around this area, between two thousand and three and afterward that there was suspicion that there was a serial killer.
we'll serial killer in the area, and we do know that that came to be true right because we have jesse Matthew who killed two of the victims during that time. Here Oddly enough, there was another man who was maybe equally as nasty jesse matthew. His name is randy taylor. He was charged with the murder of a nineteen year old around the same time and is a strong suspect in one of the other open an unsolved case of a missing young woman that its very strange situation here, captain because this may indicate we have to act of serial killers operating Same area reader area at about the same time, which is not completely unheard of, but its very, it's very unlikely is very rare
The weird thing chew with with Matthew is he he had opportunities in his life. We talked about his size. This guy was a star athlete in high school and even received a scholarship to play. Football ad lib And it was, we don't know when all of his crime started or all his bad behaviour started, but he sent off the prison to serve what is ultimately going to be a life sentence. Four consecutive life sentences, no doubt so at the age of thirty two. In his early words, you would think that he's going to be their long for a long period of time that he sent off to prison any that he will die there.
Thing is, he may die there sooner than any of us would have expected. This is because in two thousand and nineteen it was announced that jesse Lee Roy matthew junior had been transferred from the supermax red onion prison to sussex. I state prison. And waverley virginia. It was later revealed in december of twenty twenty. The jesse was no longer being held at that prison either, but had become in an impatient at richmond hospital. He was suffering from stage for colon cancer. Now There have been very little updates as to his situation, his his ailment last. I could fly
I find that there is no. There is no mention or announcement of his death, and last I could find was that he was continuing treatment for cancer in two thousand and one late in two thousand and one. since the sentencing and sending this monster off to life in prison. The monster that killed their daughter, the Harrington's morgan's parents, have become advocates for the protection of women from predators. Like jesse Matthew, they funded a scholarship at virginia tech in morgan's name and named a school in africa. After her, they also funded and operate a nonprofit safety advocacy program called help save the next girl.
at the university of Virginia Hannah grams friends and family have endowed scholarships and a memorial softball tournament named after her, but worse in the end- it's not enough, but I guess it- that's all they have. The one of you guys for being the best listeners in the true prime community space, colonel. Do we recommended reading for the beautiful listeners this week? Captain recommending the murder room. The air- of Sherlock holmes gather to solve the world's most perplexing cold cases by michael copeau. This is about three great detectives who were heart sick
for the growing tide of unsolved murders. Good friends were, inflation, frank, bender and richard Walter decided one day over lunch that something had to be done and pledged themselves to a grand quest for justice, and that is how they formed the vidocq society nineteen ninety now today the vidocq society has, over thirty members, comprised mostly of some of the world's finest forensic investigators who meet monthly, to bring justice to ice, cold murder cases check out what the vidocq society does and how they do it. By reading the murder room, you can find that title and many others are recommended page true crime, garage, dotcom and until next week be good, be kind and don't let
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