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The Boardman Murders /// Part 2 /// 568

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The Boardman Murders /// Part 2 /// 568

Part 2 of 4


Boardman, Ohio is a great place to live and raise a family. Located in Northeast Ohio close to the Pennsylvania border directly south of Youngstown. Back in the 70’s Boardman was growing but some of the citizens were growing concerned that something strange and terrifying had come to town. Three boys were killed in the span of just five years. This week we take a look at these three still unsolved cases. One of the cases is far from cold the other two well that’s up for debate. The other debate that has always been a hot one, are three cases connected in anyway? Find out this week on True Crime Garage. 

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we are in Boardman Ohio for part two of this week's true crime story, and we already discussed the first two still unsolved cases, the first being that of Thomas barred, who was killed in December of nineteen. Seventy he was found badly beaten, actually found by a police officer. Thomas was unconscious when found taken immediately to the hospital placed in intensive care were sadly, he passes away days later. Never regaining consciousness. Police are never
able to ask him any questions about who attacked him or how he was attacked, or why Brad Bellino was the second. In this sad series he was abducted on the last day of March, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and according to the coroner's report, he was killed more than twenty four hours after he leaves his best friend's house and his body is found on April. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two. There were unconfirmed sightings of Brad on that Saturday, but police have said since that they don't believe those sightings to be accurate, as they have information and evidence to suggest that he was held somewhere by his captor until he was killed, then at some point the killer or killers place
in that trash container, where he is found on April. Fourth, the killer or killers, possibly I say likely captain covering him with debris before leaving the scene. Now. Both of us have reviewed this picture, and I want to describe this picture to the list. What it is? Is we have a normal looking trash truck that comes around and picks up you? everybody's trash and picks up the dumpsters and emptied the trash from these dumpsters right into the back of the trash truck. The has the trash compactor back there, so we ve all seen those but This is nineteen. Seventy two when Brad Billina body is found and all the papers refer to this dumpster as a trash container, which I think is much more fitting. Once you see the picture, you go ok, I don't know that. I would call that a dumpster. You know nowadays, when we
the word dumpster you think of these very large objects. I mean I'm, I'm six foot one and a lot of times these dumpsters, come up to my shoulders or you know almost my chin. I guess Luckily, I've never been in one never had to go dumpster diving, but I'm saving that for my my senior years, but rehab the this lorry years, yes, the cold years that this is a contain. It is considerably smaller than what I would call a dumpster, and you see the two officers standing next to this dumpster. So the refuse collector he spots, the boys feet, sticking I love it and goes over and tries to push them down. Thinking it's just a mannequin right, because this is in a in a shopping area of town. Ba
normal trashed store type trash in these in these trash containers that he's collecting and he quickly figures out. No, this is this is a body He calls the police I've seen the reports captain. I think the police were on the scene seven minutes. After forty is like six or seven minutes after he calls it Anne, and in this picture we get a really good idea of the size of this trash container, because we have two officers who responding and there standing next to the trash container in this picture and again you can see this picture it's pretty readily available on the internet, but if you want to guarantee to find it, go to ports, light on line dot, org and click on news. It's like the first thing that comes up law, so put it on our social media and true Krim garage on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. Yes in this is the picture that is really like
infamous in the town of Boardman. This is one that I've heard over the years and seen discussed on message boards over the years, where people will say yeah. I grew up in the seventies and in Boardman Ohio, I saw that picture. This picture was in the newspaper this picture, like scared, the hell out of children in an parents of coal because you you, you are seeing the body recovery site, one thing, to ask you before we move on to far here get your opinion on, I've always kind of struggled with this. If I had not seen this picture,
Somebody told me that that boy's body was found in a dumpster. I would tell you that I would lean on the side of two perpetrators, or at least two people dumping the body to get it up that high and into a large dumpster this captain. It appears to me and again I'm judging off of these two officers, who appear to be average height. This appears to me like this. Trash Taner probably comes up to their waist, maybe maybe they're a but above their waist or belly button or elbow level. The kid Brad is listed as approximately eighty pounds, I've never won any strong man contest. I don't think that's ever going to happen for me, but have you know what what do you think do you? Do you lean more towards two people obviously would be easier for two people to put him in there, but I don't think necessary.
Even if it was a large dumpster, is not impossible to say that there was one perpetrator, but I think what your point is is because this one is only waist height. That will be pretty easy for somebody with. Maybe not even that much strength to be able to put him inside that dumpster yeah, I think all you have to do is get something. That's eighty pounds, unfortunately dead weight and you have to be able to get it up to probably your chest. Height two to put him in there and we don't know how he was loved, but I would imagine the way that this goes down and because this case on unsolved, you always have to kind of look at these ok well, why is it unsolved? Well, it's unsolved because, unfortunately, the killer wasn't witnessed by anybody right, the abduction. We don't know at what point Brad was intercepted between his house and hope it between his home in
DAWN's house bright. We don't know if he willingly hitched a ride and got in the wrong car. We don't know if somebody pulled up and had to grab him off the street, or maybe two people grab him off the street. All we know is it. as a sexual assault, homicide and involving a juvenile victim, and you you look at these things ago. Why are they unsolved? Okay well week? We know. No witness for the abduction, however, happened, whether you no witness of him getting into a vehicle, willingly and we also don't have, we don't have a witness saying when I saw that the body being dumped as well, so I'm picturing under the cover of darkness middle of the night vehicle pulls up as close as they can to. The trash container. Maybe they know the trash schedule or or no it loosely. If-
There were me if I were the perpetrator and and remember we discussed, is putting a times the the killers goal. When you see a sexually related homicide, the killers goal, we don't have to get too far into that to know what it is. That's already taken place up to this point now, once the murders committed the killer or killers have a problem, they have a body that they need to get rid of I'm guessing here, captain that it may be no coincidence that this trash is being collected. That morning, good morning, seven, fifty five, a m is when the truck pulls up to empty this thing and if nobody spa him in that container beforehand. Well, he's he's off to the incinerator off to the landfill, wherever that trash truck was going in may have never been discovered at all, and maybe that was the killer or killers intention and you pull up there the night before under the cover of dark.
Maybe in the middle of the night, one two three in the morning place in there and then attempt to cover him up as much as you can with some of the debris in the boxes that are already found in that container. Why believe this case, because of the time period, if it were to happen, what happened in the last couple years. I think this case would have been sought very quickly because, like you said at some point, unless the murderer lured him into his house or into their house, that there's multiple I'm seeing so there'd be evidence on the be evidence on Bradley Wright on his clothes there be fibers. There would be and if he was placed somewhere else now look he could have been Sexually assaulted and murdered within a vehicle and then police in the the trunk of that vehicle and driven round for
it's on the outskirts. In this sense, where, like we said, you have shopping centres and stuff, but couple miles down the road. You can find a place to dump a body, and that didn't happen here. This this body was dumped in a trash. Can so again I think that leads to your idea of the person possibly knowing trash schedule, or we could just Yeah simple as I have, victim in the back of my car. I gotta get rid of it some point. Maybe I go out my car, and I can really start telling that there's a dead body in my sorry. I I'm panicked and I can't go look. In a rural area for the best dumping spot, I after now just find a place to put this victim right, and it feels like to make it a field like a poor choice of driving too
sounds to me to be one of the busier areas of town back. Then we should. We should state that the population back then, would have been between thirty and thirty five thousand people, and, as the captain pointed out you have, this is a growing town. Boardman is a growing town where you have I have parts and pieces of it that have a lot of homes and have a lot of shops and businesses and things like that. But there are also country roads. There are also roads where the businesses are way off of the way set back from the road, and that's some of the spaces that had Brad made the entire trip from dad's house to his house, that's kind of given the the landscape of what he would have traversed during that time, and so it seems a little odd to me for someone to drive into this busy area of town to dispose of the body. But I guess, if you have a situation where, for whatever reason you don't have the ability
to bury, because what I'm getting at is, I feel like the killer hoping to get lucky that the trash is actually collected with with him still there is your hope that you're you're getting lucky and concealing the body where there's other ways and avenues of doing that, but for whatever reason this, or or killers just chose not to one like you said, maybe this murderer knows the trash scheduling, and that was a part of their plan, or they just know the schedule of that bill. This is, in the seventies a lot of these town shut down by ten at night. No restaurants would be open, maybe most of the bars closed by that point, there might not have been much of a nightlife for this town in the seventies. The third victim in this series take
is to January one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. This is when another boy age, thirteen on Friday January 17th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. This is David Evans. This was a great little kid. I know they they all are, and I'm not picking a favorite here captain, but I very much enjoyed reading about David Evans who he was Oh he was, in a lot of ways. He was very much a lot like Brad and probably a lot like the other boys that were twelve or thirteen here's old growing up in Boardman, Ohio and the early to mid seventies, David went to Boardman Centre Middle School, the same as bread he played in the band. He got good grades, he didn't have a ton of friends. David was not extremely outgoing or quite as adventurous as Brad as well.
because he believed the piccolo I've I wanted for you being the musician. I wanted to find what instrument he play like. I could not find that birds, the pickle, and that's why I didn't have a lot of friends. David is said by a most or all that I could find any way to be more reserved, more likely to sit back, observe and study people rather than just to dive. Two situations David, like Brad, was a little smaller for his age, but David was a mighty little man. This kid had the will and determination to overcome the obstacles of life. David was born with what all of the reports are calling a narrow left hand. So this is a hand that, for whatever scientific biological reason, never fully formed before his birth, so his left,
and was a thumb in two fingers. However, David. Never let this minor issue set him back in any way David. Just like Brad play baseball as we all can imagine any game where one will be kept throwing and batting will well could get quite difficult for David situation one, may maybe not so hard once they're fingers and in hand that you do have grossed have full size moves, especially when you're a kid. You know it's throwing a baseball or throwing a football when your kid with small hands is is hard enough, let alone tell me half the hand, I'm sure there were even those at the time that thought, maybe David would never be able to participate in certain sports because of the situation, but not this kid. Captain day, Father would later tell the papers that David spent most of one entire summer when he was off from school learning to play with this added differ,
so this kid, I'm sure, with a little help with you know, from his parents, siblings and friends taught himself to play ball so that he could go and sign up and play baseball, but with this uh added difficulty Yang Ginn with this, handicap. It would make playing certain instruments a lot more difficult and he wasn't obviously afraid of doing that. He wasn't going to let it set him back. He was going to do the things that he wanted. He was going to to try to do the things that he thought would bring him enjoyment and it seems like he was very successful with that and that's one thing. That kind of it was inspirational to read about that in in really This story, even sadder now, oddly enough here Another little dog to this, or that is just one of those haunting parts of a story that really just kind of sticks with you. This is something that the
Having learned this, I will not be able to shake this from memory when it comes to David Evans case. As far as all of the reports go on, I must say this twice as it might take a second said said: any David was last seen by his own father in passing. Okay, so David was last seen by his own father in passing the way that this works, as is just like this, so David was last seen at sick, P m by his father in their own neighbourhood, at the intersection of Stilson Place and Withers derive. This is just about two dozen houses away from his own, so roughly twenty five houses away from where he lived is the last place that any one has ever reported to have seen this boy alive now, what's weird about this, so David is, is walking home. He's here,
earning home. He went to Boardman Lake. He apparently he had been checking on the lake from time to time to see if it had frozen over so he could skate on it. Well, he went and checked that day and It's my understanding, captain that he'd did not bring ice gates with them. He was going to check to see if it would be thick enough. This gate on at some point right. It goes to the he finds that no, that the ice is still not thick enough and so he's returning home. And now we know this because he happens to bump into his father his father's driving out of the neighborhood leaving his father was attending night classes at Youngstown University. So at this intersection seizes boy rolls down the window David walks over and talk to him for a little bit. When we went to the lake, the ice isn't thick enough. Dad says: hey I am going to mine.
class. Are you going home? Yes, I'm going home. Okay, see you when I get back well, that's ends up not being the case. Unfortunately David's father, returns home from his class in finds that David is not at their house. David never made it home that evening, when, like you, said it's ten to twelve houses away, it's it's bit it's about two dozen houses from from his his home, so it's very, very close. This. This boy is almost whole yeah, he's minutes from being at his house no threat level midnight at this point exactly so, of course, the Evans family, they immediately jump into search mode, so. It's not a long period of time for his night class, so David. Not being there is not.
well, alarm bells are going off until the Father returns and says, wait a minute. I saw him on my way to my class an hour and a half ago. And he was very close to home, telling me that he was next. Stop was home, I'm going home, then there first thing that they do they're in search mode. They call the high school, which was hosting a basketball game that night they wanted to Well, maybe did he bump into a friend and they decided to walk to the high school and watch the basketball game, or maybe he had a change of heart and went to the basketball game himself. They very quickly confirm with teachers there that now David is not at the high school. Nobody saw him there that night at the basque milking they cause France to no avail. Now the scary part is when they start calling hospitals looking for their son, the sea of maybe he was involved in
kind of accident. No, they still no David. So very soon. After making these calls and doing a little bit of searching themselves, they call the Boardman Police Department date. Tell them that their thirteen year old Son, David Evans did not return home earlier that night, they told police David was four foot ten inches tall this when a sound, almost like I'm reading the same description of the Bellino kid that we talked about in yesterday's up. David Evans was four foot ten inches tall about eighty pounds, he has medium length, blonde hair brown eyes, he had scar tissue on his left eye. This was from an operation that at some point Had the narrow left hand that we discussed, they said Was wearing a blue plaid jacket with some red in it? I had sliding a fleece collar. He was wearing sway, ankle high shoes, a more
green and blue sweatshirt, blue jeans, and most likely his medical id so David was diabetic, would often wear a medical id to tell buddy it should you find me and I'm not away common unconscious. I have diabetes aren't so what I see here, captain is a case that appears to be You know it's a couple years later, but it appears to be very much like the Brad Billina case and again victim ology victim ology is almost the same. It's the same kid and, like you, said, height weight and also just the circumstances. Yes, it's it's getting dark and the kid is returning back to his home on foot
Friday nights too. I believe both of these are on Friday nights and they're, both Friday evenings and really, if, if Brad is abducted after seven thirty and he was in fact en route to his own house. That trek could only have taken him at at the longest what forty five minutes an hour He should have been home by eight thirty ish. I know these are kids that are given the time. So we don't have you know Donnelly says it was about seven, thirty, so thirty nine, he should have been home David Evans his father at six we're getting a good time from David Evans, Father, because David Evans, Father, has an appointment to make two. He doesn't want to be late for his own class rose. I saw my son in and he's going to give us a very accurate timeframe of six p m. And again, as you pointed out, his is a blocks from his house issues blocks from his house. It there's a couple
France's right away, though it is in Bradley's case will he could have had a distance to get to to go home yeah, I'm making it easier to want to hitch a ride from somebody yup. As far as David's case he was you know, like you said, Tony some houses from his his house. I wouldn't assume that somebody would jump in a car. The major differences here are few and you got into some of those some additional information here. As we said, David is diabetic for my understanding, David required. An answer In short, I believe it was roughly like every twelve hours he would have been due for his next insulin shot the next morning at seven thirty around breakfast time, so that the major scary part here for the family is This is not a situation where okay,
turn up tomorrow, but if he doesn't in a couple days, he'll turn up. No. This is this. Kid needs his shot or bad stuff is going to start happening right and so with Brad. With his case, we got this adventurous kid, maybe I hitchhiked rides David is much more reserved. Everybody said There's no way this kid would have gotten into anybody's car willingly He won't even approach the vehicle and talk to the person so a little bit different. Personality, and then, of course, the medical issues with David and then there's this scary scary fact, until my God, if, if I, if this is the knife in the heart, if you are apparent with a kid whose only been missing a short period of time at eleven thirty p m that night,
David's hat that he was wearing his wearing. A red. Knit hat was found at Stilson Place in Withers drive that intersection the same intersection that his dad last saw him, and this hat is confirmed by the parents to be that of their sons, David They said that the police said that snow was trampled in about a three foot circle around this hat. This to me points to an abduction
our rights. We are back, cheers everybody cheers to you. Captain over raids having a good week were finding new well and let's get back to our crime story before we jump back in here captain I want to shift gears just very briefly because there's something I wanted to test out here on our show. You know you and I and the garage listeners. We understand that this show and thing to the show. Being a part of the garage group is more of more than just about this. It's about trying to do some good along the way, I wanted to try a little experiment and I'm hoping that the listeners will join in and help us with this. We are very lucky to have a a the audience a lot,
listeners, people that are very engaged and people that want to make good change themselves and when we've covered cases, it's very common. I'm an peel back the curtain here and let the listeners take a look behind the scenes for a minute, but very often cover a case. We usually will get some information in the case. You know we ve, we ve seen this with missing persons cases we ve seen it with unidentified remains cases. We have also seen it with cases what that our suspects and information that still needed and cold cases where we received some information or we have been told hey when you guys covered this. We received a few tips now I wanted to see if we could turn this into a bit of a crowd. Sourcing technique
and see if this works, because we have such a great audience all over the world and a very engage audience. I wanted to see if we could pull some Off and I know that the Delaware County Sheriff's office, they have an outstanding Warren for a man named Thomas Blankenship and I'll give a brief description of him here, but we'll put a picture up on our social. I want everybody two to send this out to everybody to retweet it to send it to other but to see if we could track down somebody that law enforcement is looking for he's describe. the six foot to one hundred and seventy five pounds gray hair, Brown eyes, and he is again wanted by Delaware, County Sheriff's office, which is in Central Ohio, but he has ties to West Virginia and really ties to all kinds of cities in the great state of Ohio, but that does
mean that he is in any of those locations so share his picture. Share, information and let's see if we can get a tip on his location and his whereabouts, so that he can be arrested in that war can be served. Now we were talking about this David case and how immediately to me, captain his hat being found kind trampled in the snow at the intersection. Looks to me like we always talk about. There was Somebody was killed in their home. There was no sign of a struggle or no sign of a break in this to me is sign of an abduction because it's sign of a struggle right there in the streets, where somebody probably pulled up, maybe one or two persons, have a confrontation with this boy in grab him and put him in there. You know. We have we have his Emily. We have his teachers, we have his coaches that are saying
David was shy and reserved, especially with strangers. His parents said they didn't think they that he would willingly off with a stranger he's. Not the type to hitch rides shy reserved again. This is echoed by everybody that New David, his teachers and his baseball coach and the hat trampled in the snow points to sign of a struggle and then an abduction right there in the street again a difficult situation because just saw your son within the last couple hours, then go back in your retracing his steps, it at least the steps it you know and and pretty quickly you fine it like. You said a sign of a struggle, or at least a sign of something's. Not right here doubt there's something that something happened. I mean you heard the initial suspicions that the parents had that baby. He went elsewhere, went to the high school basketball game and
I checked and called friends and called the high school and you're you're being told no over the phone, but you're still hopeful, and then you find his hat were trampled in the snow. And now that, like confirms that, we might be looking for him in the wrong places because he probably didn't go somewhere willingly. Now I want talk about the the police work that was conducted in the search for David Evans. The Boardman Police Department did a great job, I mean these cases. We say that their unsolved and it's all there, years later, but from everything I have seen then everybody that I've spoke to these cases, Are not unsolved because of a lack of effort by the Boardman Police Department?
brought in everybody that they could think of in and went to every they. They went to every effort to try to locate these kids in David Evans gaze. For six days we got volunteers, we got law enforcement searching for David on the ground. They even brought an a helicopter from the National Guard to try to help, search and find David Evans. They retired Boardman Police Chief, Glenn Bowers was in it and remembers overlooking the snow in Boardman Park and parts of mill Creek pop, the Boardman police, really worked this missing case. Well, as I said, they did all the right stuff calling on other agencies at one point captain they will even seek the help of the F B. I now the F B, I kind of denies this request and I say kind of because, while they didn't put any agents, they didn't
Ok, any agents to the case they did say you know if you need are crime labs or you need use of some of the resources that we had, that you don't. We are happy to help you just you know, send us your stuff and we we can test it. We can help analyze anything that you want, but they never dedicated and agent to the case, and I believe they were from what I've been told and what it looks like to me. They requested the FBI cell several times. So that's why I say that these cases don't remain unsolved due to a lack of effort and is not a situation where we have a police department, that's gone! No, we don't worry. We can handle this right now, they're saying yes, please anybody that wants to help. We will accept your help, let's, let's band together and find out who who did this
Why was because, like you said this is a community? That's under forty thousand people. So it's just it's not that these people, it's not that Foresman in these areas are incompetent they're, just an experienced with some of these things, and even though this is there's a tree and now gone in their community. Even more of a reason to reach out for outside sources and and for connect with other law enforcement agencies that have been through this process multiple times a again, not not better. Just more experienced an that's exactly right and what we've seen here too, that I want to go into the kind of the thoroughness of the Boardman Police Department and in their efforts to find David Evans
I've seen documentation that the Boardman police officers were actively calling the high school and the hospitals and other people at this. After being told by the parents we ve already called. you know how locations and they're saying now with that's cool, we're going to call them as well. They immediately called the state highway, troopers notifying them to be on the lookout for this missing boy and they called surrounding jurisdictions and agencies as well to be on the look for this boy. So if somebody was transporting them somewhere or by chance, He had run away for some reason that maybe he would be spotted elsewhere now David Evans case is different from Brad's in the sense that Brad's had a law
of unconfirmed sightings. That again now we believe to be inaccurate, based off of what the police have said about the investigation about their case, David Evans was was not the same way, there. There was one or two situations where somebody called it and said I might have seen the Evan boy or this person might information on the Evans boy. Now one thing that the police, and did very well in this case too, is the canvas, the area, the neighborhood, because we have a crime scene. It is much smaller to work with than the potential abduction scene of Bradley Billina right, we have that interest. action where his father says I saw him. There spoke to him there at six p m ish and in that intersection intersection. His hat is found, so police canvassed
Abraham David Evans's own neighborhood, knocking on doors and they took notes on every address. You know who lived there if they did talk to somebody if they saw anything if they heard anything more people really didn't, see anything or hear anything. There were few people. That said, I think I might have saw something, but at the time didn't know if it was anything the the best possible piece of information was somebody have. Seen a vehicle where they thought that they saw a struggle between two people and that the problem with this, this this statement is, it was actually two witnesses that gave different statements. It was a husband and wife that were returning home in there. lived near their intersection and they happen to be returning home roughly about the time that it would be believed that the David abducted, his last seen by his father, talked to his father he's only Tony some houses away from his his destination. If so,
we're talking about a very small time period of and which something bad could have happened right, and so this husband and wife again they have different stories of the same story, and it's not that it's not that either not to be believed it. Just these, normal people going about their everyday lives and by their which they are witnessing some It is only important later when you know that a child has gone missing. It's not important at the time. And there was obviously nothing alarming enough about it for either of them to take notice from the report I have read, will obviously one of this married what was driving the other was in the passenger seat and they had varying he's in these stories varied simply because the person driving said he? I thought I saw this keep in mind. I was paying much more attention to the road and where I was going, I wasn't looking all around
are paying attention to what might be going on with with pedestrians, so some information. Unfortunately, it doesn't help the police too much because it's it's very vague information and it's a little unconfirmed when we have two people saying that they saw slightly different things now. This too, like Brad's case, was well reported in the newspapers at the time the vindicator covered this case and interviewed the police and family daily and continued to after after his body was found in unfortunately he's he goes missing is reported missing late on the seventeenth of January and
One thing we got to keep in mind to not only is his kid diabetic, so you're scared of that we talked about there being snow on the ground. It's it's freaking, cold out there right as a parent you're, like my god, my kids out there missing and it's freezing so he's found. His body is found January, 23rd, in nineteen seventy five. Basically, David is missing for six days before he's found, yes last, citing at six o clock in oddly enough he's found in the evening hours of the twenty third What's really weird about that too being found on the twenty third and we'll get into that information. But you know we talked about the happy I trying to get the FBI involved. There was a call so at one, ten p dot m on the 23rd. This is the same day that his body would later be found. A man called the police department and spoke to the dispatch
And it was a very short call, all the man said was: do you want the Evans boy don't hunt? Now? This is one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. So my guess who your captain is that this may not have been recorded, and this is the dispatcher taking a know and then typing up a report immediately afterwards, but according to the dispatcher, the key There was a male collar and the collar said: do you want the Evans boy? Don't huh and then the caller hung up the phone, I'm bringing that up, because I'm hoping somebody can tell me what to make of it. I don't know I don't know how to take that. The best way that I can't take that Is it I know? In other cases it we ve covered that there have been phone calls received or letters sent that later were confirmed to be just a complete hoax. It had nothing to do with the actual case when the case a solved.
but this to me almost like I thought when I first found this information all maybe we're getting some kind of ransom request, but it's such a shore conversation and again the odd thing is the boy's body is found just hours later when you get there call on issues like you said: don't hunt, what's that mean? Does it mean don't go looking for? the child in in in rural What areas does it mean that he's going? in the city somewhere or is this a set up call to set up some kind of negotiation for ransom, but then, like you, said, David found a few hours after this phone call The other thing, that's an interesting thought on this phone call to here. Captain is that the Evans family and this was not made clear while he was still missing.
Leave. This information only came out in the papers after his body was recovered, but his family had said that they were receiving strange phone calls before he even went missing that they were getting a hang up calls which again could if everything to do with the case or could mean absolutely nothing at all, it's just too difficult to decipher. What's up to when you have kids of this ages,. perfect age where kids are playing around on the phone or when you called you buddy. I had several friends that I would call, and if they're Their dad answer, the phone I'm hanging up does is mean and scary. You know with the man, if the mommy us, through the phone as a gay, is Tommy there. You know any time here. The phone as you know, our or suspicious phone calls makes it see your story, but that doesn't mean it has anything to do with these kids going missing right
and it was the seventies, and you know I am not proud of this. But ah you know me and my buddies used to hear people make prank phone calls on the radio, we thought it was hilarious that we would try to our own, which were not very funny at all to be, but mine were great years. faint as we should have recorded those it was illegal to write, write his his. Unfortunately was found roughly at five p m on January twenty third nineteen, seventy five, so the bar- spotted by Hugh Mccall he's a real at her and he is hit. His company is at twelve Boardman Poland Road. This is now.
Terribly far away from where Billina S body was recover again, this is more in the business he area of Boardman, where both bodies are recovered, now mind you, yes, it's almost three years later, but so the way that this works captain is mister. Mc call he's at work all day at this location. At his the really fur and him and his wife are getting ready to leave his wife works for him or works with him there and they're getting ready to leave and while they're leaving he's spot something in the bushes or as he puts it in the bushes and when he goes over to look and investigate to see what it is. Unfortunately, it turns out to be David Evans, which makes you wonder if, if the car saying don't, hunt me
the kid is going to be found within the city. That's what I was trying to think about there, the maybe there is some that there's something going on with that call because he was found so close to two the time, the same timeframe, but with some call calls the police right away, and he says I think I found the boy that you looking for so obviously he knows what he seeing. He knows. We have a body here and he's phoning it into police and the dispatcher hands the phone to the detective, because this is what everybody at the police department has been working on for six straight days right. So this is, as you pointed out, front level midnight right, everything's, extremely important here and now this is this the
in Chicago or more so, in this case, because, like we said there was, there was another case before this- that yes, so the cops lock. The the Thomas case, the Bradley case and the Davie case are probably the three biggest cases in that jar time period that have ever happened. This small law enforcement department, yeah, and you have a lot of these guys. A lot of the officers and in the the men and women of the Boardman Police Department have all worked now now they're sitting there goin up shit and in the course of five years, I'm working life. My third child, homicide case- I mean so these guys and in the women of Boardman Police Department. They don't forget this stuff, and so they, I know the severity of it. I could only
Imagine the stress that it put on on these good people are trying to do everything that they can to return these children alive first of all, and then, if, if need be, bring some justice for the victim and the victim's family, so the dispatcher hands the phone to the detective. It's detective blog who's working this case he there's two or three that work. This case really really hard here over the course of a couple of years that the early part of the investigation and then obviously would have been replaced at some point, but the detective gets on the phone is, as would you repeat what you just said and Mr Mccall repeated. I think I found the missing boy that you are looking for, and Mr Recall goes on to say he is behind the famous recipe fried chicken restaurant on Route
two hundred and twenty four Sylvester Mccall was asked to give his location is telephone number which he does. He gives his business location. He was told to wait there for the police, wait behind the famous recipe fried chicken building now his wife while he's no. This is one thousand nine hundred and seventy so he's he has to run into his business to make this phone call to police. His wife thought you know what will somebody should watch over the scene? until either my husband returns to watch over or the police arrive on the scene very smart and good by her She says that she went over and stood there in and try to watch over the scene, but at some point she she couldn't do it at some point of it broke her down and she had to to leave so she still there, but but not direct
at the scene and the police are there very very quickly. They basically find David Evans froze and at the scene remember. We talked about it being cold he's been gone for six days. And everything that I've reviewed captain it it seems very difficult, live, not seen anybody report when they think he was placed there. I do know that Mr Mccall and his wife both said the same thing that obviously we didn't notice him there. Until till we called it. We would have went over and checked before and called it in, and these two are going in and out of work each day so lotta reason to believe that one hole on big go ahead, estate agents ray yeah. in another building, probably more than most people, because they're part of their job is to leave
office and to show people houses unless their bad at their job. There not staying busy, but again smart dumping spot, because the person would it be constantly within their office and if you knew the vehicles that were spoon, if you knew the vehicles that were connected to that building- and you knew that the vehicles were gone than you would know. When there was a good opportunity to leave a victim behind one thing, I not like it. I'm I'm not happy to report this to the garage listeners, because I do not have a good understanding on how this where he was found, so I don't have a good understanding on what kind of landscaping we have here, because in some reports it's stated as he's found. near and embankment or having been thrown.
Over some type of embankment, and then other reports say just like the one we reported where he's found behind some Bush bushes, how could the as the embankment all be the same location? Yes right I have a picture of it from nineteen. Seventy five to tell you what it is exactly it looks like all I can do is go off of words from people that are not here to tell me what it looked like. What else do we know about David when he was found? You said he was frozen. Yes, he was frozen so the way that this has been reported is that what Mccall say that they saw when they were getting into their car. Was the day saw a knee sticking up in the snow in the bushes? That's They go over to investigate it's, not just that. They saw some random thing. They saw what looked to be a person or a part of a person. So they see this knee sticking up in the snow in the bushes, the newspaper reported that David's body he was found when
found. He was on his back with one knee bent and one leg straight. His hands were on his chest. His clothing was pulled up to about the neck area but they believe police believe that this is because he was dragged so that somebody pulled up and when they, disposing of the body. They got him out of their vehicle and then then had to drag him. along the way. So I guess, if you're being drugged by your feet, it would naturally push sure your shirt up, Azure being dragged along the ground right. The coroner told the newspaper that an x ray showed, the David's left wrist had been broken. And that there was- and I want to clarify on this- his words to the newspaper is that there was a half
inch in diameter by half inch deep perfectly round. Puncture wound that was found on David Evans's back. This would be roughly about three inches above belt beltline and it's not directly in the center of the back, the way that it looks to me captain that this would be a little bit to the right and they don't seem to understand what could have caused that whole. And I I do want to report here that this report is probably the most accurate, because this is the coroner saying it's a half inch in diameter and a half inch deep, but I have also seen this reported as big as one inch in diameter and one in steep and a small as a coup.
Inch in diameter and a quarter inch deep, so a little inconclusive on the exact size of that. But the interesting thing here is we're told per the coroner that the wrist he could confirm that the wrist was broken after the boy's death. They didn't know exactly what caused this puncture wound or this whole, but what they say is that it didn't come from a knife and it didn't come from a bullet. I guess the other thing that we should clear up here too. Is they go on to say that it did not? It was not consistent with an insulin injection as well, so. Unfortunately, we know that David Evans is diabetic. The cause of death was determined to be a diabetic, coma brain
this is going to cause a lot of problems for the investigation and in my opinion, and from what I've seen that has taken place over the year so because he dies of you know. I guess natural causes. This diabetic coma. there. There becomes a debate if this is a homicide or not bonnie. He said we have three three young boys that go missing that are found all three. looks like some version of homicide. Like you said you could debate this about David's where to it leans more so that this is a homicide is because, we are, must have a secondary crime scene with some kind. struggle and heat he's
so he taken away from where he was heading to or it is him not ended up at his house to me means that this is a crime, and you are spot on my friend and I'll. Tell you what and that's why I'm given mad kudos and props to the Boardman Police Department, because Again, we've seen this situation where a coroner an autopsy is conducted, and we have Someone who rules and o d or or an accidental death, or in this case, a diabetic coma and then the police department in that area. Just doesn't do anything with it, because no, and was there any sign of sexual assault here there is no sign of sexual assault, which or no The signs of sexual saw according to the corner and that I think further complicates the case now kudos to the Boardman Police Department because they go ok. While this is this, is it s
specious death. You know and that's how we're going to treat this going forward. We can't we don't have the coroner backing us up, saying that this was a homicide but we can say, given the evidence that we have, that we believe it to be a suspicious death and they they treat it as such, so they didn't just close up shop once he was found. They continue to investigate this for years and did a lot of really good boots on the ground work, and you even have the the the police officers and detectives who have come out and they said no look. This is why it was a homicide right and we believe that this was an abduction because, as you Now the kid said he was going home. He was very close to his home when he said he was going home. His hat is found in the snow. His has found in the snow trampled so obvious signs of a struggle. Probably somebody grabbed him off the streets put him in their vehicle and then here's the other thing he's not just.
To die of a diabetic coma soon, as he's you know at six. One p m right after his dad finds him or talks to him. Now he didn't neither. insulin shot until seven hundred and thirty a dot m the next morning, so he's going to start to get into trouble with that until the next morning. So against somebody this kid captain, where I don't know, but the other thing they were able to determine, was the the contents of his stomach. The contents found in his stomach did not match up with what was known to be his last meal, so signs of struggle in the street. He obviously was somewhere for a long period of time before his diabetes took over and he ate a meal and its its reported to be a considerably large meal, so he was fed something or eight somewhere
and the police have gone on to say, looked at the broken wrist. This took place after he died. He didn't just. sneak off in the middle of the night, hang out somewhere all night long, even though he knew that he needed an insulin, shot, eat a meal somewhere and then decide to curl up in the snow. Behind these bushes and die and then break his own wrist afterwards. You know so that their there, pointing out that there is obvious signs to seasoned detectives in season police officers that are saying we have signs that are pointing to not only an objection, but then somebody having dumped
the body after the boy Don and captain. This is such a large case spanning the course of five years. Three different homicides next week we're going to revisit these cases. We got much more to discuss in all three cases as well as are they connected, and if so, who are some the suspects they could have been involved in these murders. They you so much for joining us, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. We appreciate the support more than we could ever let
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