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The Boardman Murders /// Part 4 /// 570

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The Boardman Murders /// Part 4 /// 570

Part 4 of 4


Boardman, Ohio is a great place to live and raise a family. Located in Northeast Ohio close to the Pennsylvania border directly south of Youngstown. Back in the 70’s Boardman was growing but some of the citizens were growing concerned that something strange and terrifying had come to town. Three boys were killed in the span of just five years. This week we take a look at these three still unsolved cases. One of the cases is far from cold. Are these cases connected? Who are the suspects? Find out in the Garage! 

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where we left off yesterday, captain we were trying to determine if these cases were in fact connected to each other, and you go hey you kind of come up with the idea that maybe they're not connected. If there was a connection, it's probably between the billina case and the evans case. Why did you make me sit through all three well, people from boardman will tell you and anybody that has studied this case on the internet over the years. They know that you can't talk about one of these cases without discussing the other to their kind come as a package deal here. We got three use that are killed in a span of just five years out of an area of ohio, boardman ohio with only roughly about Thirty thirty one thousand people. So a very rare occurrence and it would be we'd, be remiss if we didn't speak about all three cases. Again, all three cases still unsolved and from what we ve been told.
police as that, while they may not be connected, we are still under the impression that if we are able to make an arrest or get information in one case, it may provide information or possible leads in the other cases as well, and all three victims deserve further be a spotlight on their case correct, and we have a situation here where it's been so many years later decades later, and we have loved ones and friends and family of these victims that are passing away due to time and they have not received the answer nor the justice that day deserve as well. So we are happy to be highlighting and spot lighting. These three cases for you last week and again this week now we are in our final episode and as promised, we said we would get to suspects, but part of that
involves local rumour, local speculation and theories so captain, which would you like to dive into four? Should we give a round about summary of the local theories at the time and the ones that have survived over the decades and then get into the suspects? How would you like to do? start with the theories cell and I'm sure you ve, probably heard some in addition to these ones it I'm about to bring up, but the general theme is that were going on at the time again. These could pertain to one case or all of the cases. By The local theories and rumours in the seventies and the ones that have survived till this day are that a priest or priests were involved in one, if not more, of the murders. There's been a brown van story and other mysterious van stories that have lasted the the last five decades.
There is also, of course, in any of these cases, we always talk about the old pervert round up, so you're gonna have your sexual predators and in local known perverts. That would be part of any theory. There is also the code unquote security guard theory- and I mean really- there was when you, have cases they don't have an answer, We don't have an arrest. They offer
are going to lead to public speculation and then, let's take that step forward further. No, let's take a two step further, because we have three murders in total in five years. Of course, there's going to be local speculation and concern and theories, and a lot of these have again lasted for now. Five decades will start off with a security guard theory, and we know his name, but they'll make sense. Why we're just gonna com security guard, then that's for his own protection correct. So I am now going to reference carolines article from ports like online dot com, and she says there was a security guard that worked at a place near Brad's house. This is
air don temperament says that he and Brad did spend a lot of time now. It sounds like based off of her article that a lot of people in the community thought that he was a very good suspect in at least the brad billina case and don temple been even says that he suspected this man too especially very early on now. So a little bit of information from that article about this security guard is that he like to talk to boys. Even brad in dawn when they would come in. He would hang out there and the boys you know, would come in and look at these rocks and g owed What not, but he would really chat up the youths why they were there. He did have a criminal history this and at least according to one boardman officer. This security guard had a or security officer
fascination with police and possibly even with younger boys or teenage boys. Now I read up on this. I quite a bit to say that he had a fascination with police is a bit of an understatement. The information that I found that he would go out of his way to brief to be friend, police officers, try to become bodies with them. He even had a an outfit tailored for himself that very much looked like the local police officer uniform. Heard speculation that he actually applied to be a police officer. One point he did and not only that he was this. This is where it gets even more weird, okay, so he applies to be a police officer. I dont know what happens there why doesn't get the job. What have you sometimes? I really need so many people on the force, but what he does at some point is he tries to
start up his own police department, which he calls. He calls it some form gotta, get into too much of the details of this, but he does call it likes kind of police outfit right like that's what he's advertising and basically he's doing it's really when you, when you boil it down, it's real, he's offering. He would have been small to call it a security business because that's all it was he was going around to local businesses and saying look. This is uniform. This is what our car looks like. It basically look like a police cruiser, an eye been trained as a police officer, I've worked as a security guard for all these years, I'm starting up my own police force and if your business pay thus a monthly fee. We will
make sure that, after hours, when you, your business, is locked in closed up and in not during business hours, we will come around once every hour, checking the doors, checking the windows, making sure that your business is safe and secure now mind you. It's, not a horrible business plan considering its nineteen seventies, it's the early seventies we don't have- simply safe security system. We don't have our eighty security systems like we have them today. So. If you had an area where you thought that, while my business might be become under attack or I could I could stand to lose a good deal of money or property damage. It might be worth it for me to hire this outfit come around? You know we do have a police department. We have a very good one based off of the information I've seen and how they investigative both the billina case in the heavens case, but that doesn't garret,
May this somebody's coming around once an hour to check on my business, but what's idiotic about his don't call? The police department does cause security right, and so I think his plan actually worked because from what I heard, he didn't just run security as far as the rock and gem shop. But there was other businesses in that area that he was known to be a security officer at Sarah multiple locations I even and not being able to give firm, but possibly even connected to the plaza, where that's important and in one of the reasons why this guy became a suspect was there was a security guard quote unquote, not knowing if it's the same guy. That was heavily involved in the bueno case and and wanted to know information, and he was a senior security guard at the
Lastly, I believe the security guard we're talking about and security guard at the plaza is the same guy that is correct and then what makes him even more interesting as far as our case goes, is that he is reference, to the hollywood Florida police department as being a potential good suspect for Adam washes murder, and I want to read this for you because other than this statement here. I can't find good reason to in to include in the autumn walsh story, but this is legit. This is something that the colonel wrote that the captain wrote here. This is from a ninety. Ninety six at the palm beach post staff writers there's a couple of staff writers there. Then
a look back on the atom walsh case and one thing they list here is potential suspects. Other then oddest tool who ultimately confesses and then there's been a debate ever sense effect. If, in fact, he was the one that killed Adam walsh, but one of the suspects listed here is our quota. Quote security guard that we're talking about from the youngster Boardman, ohio area back in the seventies. These reference in this thing for me C97 that says last august, so one thousand nine hundred and ninety six last august, so one thousand nine hundred and ninety five is when these reporters are saying. Ohio, police, told hollywood detectives about this security officer, a prime suspect in the nineteen seventy two ohio murder of a and here's. Here's where you hate to see them, get facts wrong.
They actually talking about the bellino case, and he was twelve detectives learned that the security officer was arrested in florida in nineteen eighty to nineteen, eighty three and one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and december of nineteen. Ninety five. They went to central florida to his central florida home where they believed he lives. They have been unable to con Ok, so whatever sketchy behaviour he was up to in the boardman ohio area in the seventies, ultimately to him moving, not just add a town but out of state. And then they are referencing him in this Adam walsh case as a potential suspect based off of what the ohio police department is telling the hollywood detectives decades later and this based off of they know that some I'm after the boardman cases moves to. There's been several states that have been referenced as to where he may have moved to
south carolina being one of them and then of course, florida being one of them. because we know that he has a rest. According to this statement, in florida, one in nineteen, eighty to one and eighty three and one and eighty five, The police were hot on him for the billina case and so much so that sounds like they were warning other jurisdictions that had what deem to be somewhat similar cases. They were unresolved unsolved that huh You should be aware that this guy is your area. He was a good suspect for us all. These years ago, he was in your area at the time of your unsolved child homicide that you have one, he was also convicted of sodomy and ohio correct, so he was convicted of sodomy and in that area, where he was a security guard at multiple locations, there was a shack or a shed. The go work shed. He up sodomizing the local kid that lived in the neighborhood
similar to light the billina case. Then what happens is their question him in the billina case in a lawyer, says: hey look how, by you give my client polygraph test. If he passes this test, then obviously he didn't do the billina murders. You have two then dropped the charges and the sodomy case correct. So the lawyer then sets up a lie detector, but it's all done underneath, though the lawyers supervision they use their guy and what I heard from local, horses was he passed the test and since the police chief, which I dont know why he ever agreed to this added then drop the sodomy charges. I heard from again from local sources saying that once the local cops reviewed, the results of the lie detector based on the way they give. I lied to take to test that he would have failed that yes, so let's do a little follow appear before we move on from the security officer and
This kind of a good news, bad news scenario, but that information that we were talking about it. the animals case. Well, that was Ninety ninety six. So now it's fast forward over twenty years later to an article that ran in the young stout vindicator, the title of this is new dna testing being used and effort to develop leads into nineteen. Seventy two murder case the body of twelve year old, Bradley billina was found in a dumpster behind the boardman plaza again. This is from two thousand and eighteen written by John Dar now junior- and this is some good reporting right here- captain this says more than forty six, years ago, from the date of this article. Twelve year old, bradley billina left home at noon, apparently walking to the home of a friend on templeton and apple, would acres and criminal complaint.
trained by the boardman news, says that about seven thirty p m on march thirty, first, the boy failed to return home the following day, debbie billina notified police and about three twenty p m. That bradley was missing. Three days later, Eighty, two, a m on April: fourth, employees with very brows trash company called police, saying they found a body in a dumpster behind the boardman, plaza patrolman Glenn bowers answer that all in the body, was identified as the billina boy, a bell from J c penny was found strapped around his neck. The strap bore, teeth, marks and body fluid, not brain We believe us. This was later discovered on the boys pants on April twelfth nineteen. Seventy two then
owning county corner. This is the doktor blinking than we ve talked about rolled bullet ruled bradley, billina s, death as the result of strangulation, doktor Blakey said the interval between the onset of death and actual death was sudden. Death certificate certified by the doctor said: baleno died on April first, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two around nine p dot m little more than twenty four hours after he was last seen. forty. Six years later, the boardman police department is using new forms of dna testing and hope of developing new leads in the cakes, the ohio bureau, little identification has already completed some test and we have sent samples to a laboratory in virginia for additional testing. This is but a statement by police chief
hot worth, testing done by bc. I, which is the ohio beer of criminal investigation, her sorry, criminal identification, major results against upwards, Seven hundred thousand dna samples in a database in ohio, as well as against millions of dna samples in a federal data base. Quote we are now looking at familial dna to see if we can develop a who lead in the case and quote for years. The billina case stood dormant until two thousand and one when the boardman police department revisited the case and could not develop any new leads sources suggest a list of at least twenty possible suspects was developed quote only four or five of those people seem to stand out. This
Turning to the police captain, one man who was reportedly been eliminated from the suspect list in the billina case is now said to be living in south carolina according to court records that man was indeed it by emma honing county grand jury. in july of nineteen. Seventy one for the rape of a boardman boy. His name is given here, but there's no reason to give it on our part caress former boardman peaty detective robert rob rob was one of the guys that work this case for years, if not decades. He says in this article he was stunned when the indictment was dismiss. This is referencing what you talked about their captain, and this is just pizarro stuff. Was stunned when the indictment was dismissed february. Nineteen, seventy three by then moaning any common, please judge. Clyde Osborne was one that dismissed it and then we have Dave heart sock who says our police chief at the time made it
deal with the man's attorney that if his client passed at polygraph test, then that indictment would be dismissed. The polygraph test was conducted by charlie brunswick of the youngsters police department. A core to this article in that is rob. Who is saying that in the article right, but its results were disputed by another young stout peaty officer. Another source said the polly, have had been arranged by the suspects defence attorney. Who is now deceased, and then we have the officer telling boardman news and the indicator that quote totally unethical end quote according to the officer. So yes, that is That is that I mean we have that weird scenario of what you said where the security officer. He is but they were very much interested in the book, brad billina case based off of the charge he had
nineteen, seventy one and base off of the recent homicide of the billina kid and then being able to connect him to that boardman, plaza area don temperaments. of yes. This was an individual that we knew that we spoke to the chatted us up while we were at in this rock store in this. Owed store and for whatever reason I guess, the captain or or the chief at the time must have believed They were in a can't, lose situation right that this is our prime suspect, I'm convinced he did it there's no way and held it he's passing a polygraph test sure why It could deal with the devil right and if you pass polygraph, I guess we'll drop this indictment charge now. We also the specifics of that sodomy charge I'd. I do want to throw something out there. This the detective, calling it totally unethical gives us some insight obviously, as to his feelings on the case- and maybe they did have a good case in that ninety
seventy one situation by We also may have a situation where the prosecutors telling the chief of police look. We really do have anything on this charge so you can't really lose anything if you throw it on the table and wager and against. The results of this polygraph because if he fails as polygraph we're in a terrorism if a part and we're gonna figure out evidence, income thing into the billina case and ultimately, we want to solve. The murder am and we'll figure it out as we go boom, beg it's all screwed up, because someone at least convinces the judge enough that this guy pass the polygraph and he goes moves away to florida. South carolina now in this man's defence the reason why the captain I have chosen not to name the security officer. Is it based off of this on? go and other articles that we ve seen when they were worth, being on this dna, it doesn't match his
Dna that they haven't billina case does not match the security officer completely eliminate m, probably not there's, a scenario, their scenarios where he could be involved in didn't leave his dna on the victim right. But As far as the evidence goes, they have dna. it's gonna, be their best evidence in getting an actual arrest and actual conviction, and that evidence does not lie due to their security officer, but that security officers stove a giant pile shit, correct her. How he's a horrible person in an it sad that they made that deal because then a victim another victim in his family. The don't get the justice they should again and just like the detective set in that article totally unethical
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Our eyes were bad people. Be a shit bag as an mp. That's my recommendation for a week put that down in my notes and remind myself keep that mask on a couple of times cheers everybody out there. Thank you for joining us in the garage again today. This week we love you. don't be afraid to go to the blog and put some questions or information up their yourself after you're done. Hearing this way to get out of work right. If you're at work, You're listeners don't do what the man tells you and more time in the garage The website order. Some shirts they made to the bare fought very Should we get back to some of these local rumours here? You have them. Yes, sir cause some of em, I like more than others, and I have some information prepared on some of these as with others, not so much because I
sniffing around it didn't find much on a couple these, but one of the the local rumours that has stood the test of time was the priest angle there either a priest was involved in one of these cases or priests. Plural, which is hard for me to say, was what were involved in one or more of these. yeah. Supposedly there was a local catholic priest in the area not not far blocks away kind of a flashy dresser also had a pretty nice car. He came from money, so he wasn't making that money by being a priest who had that money for old family money. The rumour was always that he'd looked at teenage boys and in a very odd way on that priest angle So I had a lot more information in the evans case compared to the other
I know that we referenced a story. Last we called fifty one weeks. I recommended that you go to that website and check out the boardman story, the that that author put together that story. It tells you up front that it's a fictional ized version of the boardman murders case. One of the theories they the author puts forward is this priest. These priest that may have been working together been up to no good and may be responsible for one or more of the murders. Now what I could find an thee is, especially in the evans case, is the day didn't look at any priest, the evans case in the billina case they had you want to call them suspects go ahead. They had hundreds of names of individuals, we're. Looking at again, we had people in the community that we're just call you're goin, hey that guy strange go check him out. You knows a lot of these people.
came onto their radar with really no information or no actual evidence against them at all. So if you want to call them suspects, if their name appears in the file for somebody is that the police looked at. You can call them that. But what I'm here to tell you is: dozens and dozens and dozens of people that they had their names that dayton any evidence on it was just simply somebody called in with something and the police followed up on it out of all the names that I have been able to view and review myself. None of them were pre So while you have that local rumour and then you have this fictional, I story that comes out all these years later. They kind of continue. local rumour with the priest. It doesn't seem like it anything other than just rumor an angle, the captain reference something more specific which could be an angle that held a little more weight in one of the cases or me. the billina and the evans case. Now I can't say
David Evans's case. While there were no priest that were looked at were certainly a pastor that they looked at quite really they spend a lot of time in a lot of resources on this lutheran pastor and the reason why they did so was this. Was a man that really kind of injected himself into not necessarily the investigation No, we talk about that so many times a serial killers in these other cases that are out there that these offenders, when police, have no lead. They might inject themselves into the investigation this guy injected in of into the Evans family where, he was trying to make a connection with David Evans is father and the way that this works out is that the person he worked for- and I don't know the I want to go through the rank of pastors and priests and things like that cuz. It's something I don't know nor understand.
But the pastor that he worked for this guy was more like an assistant passed her at the time that individual was the war, that oversaw the funeral services for David athens. This assisting pastor makes his presence at the funeral services, but he's not choir to be there and then days later he writes this rather lengthy letter to David Evans's, father telling him. You know how bad he feels and how he felt some weird connection to the heavens boy Why and how he followed the case in the newspaper, or he was found in then he was his heart broken after he was found and it goes on and on and on would it be totally out of character for east or pastor, or somebody from a church to approach or right to a family that has just gone through the most horrific life expire,
It's that you could imagine losing your child at the age of twelve or thirteen and reach out and say, hey, I'm thinking of I'm praying for you right. I think your boy was something special and that the world is a lesser place. Because he's no longer in the world, we talked David Evans's difficulties that he added some of his physical difficulties that he had that he was overcoming the kid was an inspiration. Would it be told- at a character for past or to say, look you might be in a very dark place right now, I'm letting you know that when you are ready, you have a home here, or you have someone you can talk to here. Maybe the healing can begin here. Maybe we can help with that? Absolutely I'm surprised it doesn't happen, and every one of these cases that we have reviewed so on that, and I applaud the passer. However some of the police and some of the detectives were we
out by this guy enough that they did a pretty thorough investigation on. I will say this, so captain one thing I found bizarre in having read that letter that he gave to David David Evans's father is the lipstick he put on it now the Just assume that would be part of it right. come with every letter and the perfume he's sprayed on with a reference is a check or kind of money that he gave to the Evans family and again could just be somebody that's willing to help that kind of seemed a little out of character for for a pastor or priest. I thought, but I don't think that's odd, because what they might have done is like a wednesday service, or maybe even if sunday service they, they take it up a collection for the family that that's to toward me. So what they do is boardman pity there so off put by this letter or maybe not off, but just doing there due diligence and taking it the extra step and being very thorough with their investigation they
in this letter off to an expert and say hey, we can't make heads or tails of this. What do you make of it and so Eggs days, if not weeks, for them to get back the expert analysis of the letter and unfortunately expert analysis is exactly what you would have come up with captain and what I would have come up with where you read this letter and go well on one hand, I can see the skies just trying to be helpful and on the other hand, I can maybe there's something bigger here. Maybe there's some something evil lurking behind all these kind words, the other problem with text. Any time is that you don't get to hear tone. You don't get to hear the timber, the voice, and that's exactly what the the analysis was: The result was hey. This guy could just be very nice. and welcoming you to his church into his parish or there's. Something here.
in all these nice words. We can't really tell so that the of the expert allison doesn't really provide much, in my opinion, the that any of us else would have come up with. But again it's being thorough and it's looking into all the different angles in these cases, and I want that sir, that statement should echo what we were saying last week. Yes, these cases are unsolved. Yes, it's been a long time, but I do not think for a second that it's because of a lack of effort on boardman police departments. Behalf. and I say that too, because we now know based off of truth one they were looking into the bonino case again based off of that article, we know that dna? That is not the victims. Dna in the billina case that suspect dna, they are actively comparing that to local state and federal,
a basis they ve not found a match, were now working the familial angle with the dna and hoping to come up and find our suspect in the billina case, using that new methods and techniques. energy. So that's many local rumours, but that's not even the end of it. Now it's not so there's one in this kind of called the old bob story. So long enforcement discuss other rumours of men in town they people called police to report as possible suspects. There was a quote old bob who live near apple, would acres on the corner of matthews road inclined ridge who kept cases of beer and marijuana that he'd give two young boys in the neighborhood in return for sexual favours? He was arrested a few times. He is now since passed away, but he was a local suspect at the time
but the police go on to say in carolines article quote: there were a lot of those types of things out there and quote, There was a projectionist at the theatre in the boardman plaza near ice lease dairy that chase round young boys. There was a pizza shop in at southern boulevard and indianola, where a man worked and tried to trade pizza for sexual favours a better, be some damn good pizza and as far as the brown van, that we talked about right don temple, men remembers, a brown van does brad's best friend, a brown van following him in brad around the day that Brad later disappeared law enforcement said that, There were hundreds of vehicles, people reported in connection to brad's murder, not just the brown Van day,
go out of their way to reference and orange corvette. I had seen an orange charger referenced in a couple things as well as other dark, colored vans and a red ford rock I mean, there's just no end to the amount of vehicles that were listed. In the billina case of possible vehicles of interests, the police are saying none of those tips led to anything but dead ends, but again a lot of times. not getting the best of information right. They're not Hey. I saw that I saw the cap and drive, and his psycho Billy cadillac down the road and here's the license plate. Now that they're they're not getting that they're getting saw a guy driving a brown van, or I saw a mysterious or strange or an odd red truck, you know and so not a whole lot. You can do with that other than catalogued that information, and then
or when you're reviewing your suspects. Do your suspects have any ties to vehicles that match those descriptions right and again cross reference, some of these rumors, because back to the the priest, like we said he was known to be a flashy dresser and drive a nice car. Now what somebody's definition of nice car it varies. So did he have some sports car? Did he have an orange charger? Did he have a orange corvette, possibly, but that brown van? I think also connected to those local rumours of that tree house. That has taught you about yeah in that thing that scare about the brown van is don temperaments own words, who he says, look I've always in and will remain to be suspicious of that brown van to this very day. Any you know I I remember this view passing us three or four times, and he said that he can't help.
Wonder all these years later did brad leave his home and was he then again followed now he's by himself followed again by this brown van whoever's in the they and how many people we all know they wait for him to get. Dark spotter spot where they don't think anybody's, gonna see anything go down and they either offer him a ride or ground and put them into the van. What we do about bradley is that he would accept rides. So if that's connected to the tree house, if it's connected to this guy that would offer money and other things for sexual favours that can it goes with my theory of what I believe happened to two bradley. that will bring us to yet. Another suspect and I feel fine naming this individual and it will become clear why here shortly, but this is actually from a youngstown vindicator article from January twentieth, nineteen, seventy five! So, what's going on at that time? Well, we already
the two homicides they took place years earlier, but during this time frame David Evans is missing. He his body has not been found, yet it won't be found until the twenty third. This article comes out on changing january twentieth, so we can make the assumption that all of the information in this article- if it's not dated it, was from the nineteenth or prior to that so Article reads: may link suspect to two boys deaths and, as you will hear, hear that they are still trying to parcel and trying to decipher if we have a situation where some of these deaths and murders are connected. So the article reads: boardman in stone police are attempting to link the death of a fourteen year old, akron boy who skeleton was found in stow ohio on november fifteenth with the brutal death bradley billina aged twelve, whose body was found April. Fourth,
eighteen. Seventy two, the connection may be a kent man who is being held in lieu of bond in summit county for kidnapping a thirteen year old green boy there assaulting him at the barnett's motel on november. it and then assaulting him again in mill creek park on november. Third, in stabbing him, the balloon No youth had been sexually assaulted and strangled. He had been missing from home five days and then they say found in the woods detective robber. Brisbane of these stow police apartment said this morning the body of the akron lad was found in a wooded area in the cities, south east section, there was no sign of clothing on the boy and identification had to be made through dental records. Brisbane said homicide.
not been ruled in the akron death, however, quote were treating the investigation like a homicide. End quote detective steve blog of the boardman police said the two departments began attempting to make the link about a week go go but were interrupted with the disappearance of another young boy. David evans diabetics of mister and missus. Peter Evans was last seen, walking home friday brisbane said, the kent man was given a polygraph test, but it proved inconclusive. He said there investigation, continuing in the kent man who may have boardman ties still is quote a suspect. This next part of the article is title in custody by november. Fifth, authorities have ruled out the suspect in the evans incident, since he has been in custody since november fifth, after the mill creek hark incident the body of billina, the body
the billina lad was found in nineteen. Seventy two: when a refuge pick up, man went to the rear of the isley dairy store. To pick up. Dumpster about was drawn around his neck and his clothing disarray, so his upper torso was partially bear in his trousers below his lips, the individual, are referencing in this article is clear, a very dangerous individual and some that they already had in custody by november fifth, so they're gone out of their way to. Let us know there's no way that this person, if response four bradley, billina murder. He could not have been enough in the david evans murder, because we already had him locked up at the time. The evans went missing right well Essentially, if you look at the beard case billina case and the evans case, you could take a character like this summer that way
from a neighbouring area that may be- would go to a smaller area to drive around and look for victims, you could make an argument in the beard case there Maybe he wasn't. There wasn't some conversation from some way at the skating rink that some aid tried to abduct him and he didn't go willingly and that's. Why ultimately caused his death, but a character like this could be possible for all three murders. So the individual that we are discussing is a man named richard lawlor. Now he is an inch one, and I think that not only do we have the police at the time back tonight. seventy five saying: look. We were investigating lawlor for a possible connection to the bradley billina case, All these years later, when you were view his known crimes and then apply these suspected crimes that he may or may not have been involved in two that he certainly becomes an excellent suspect, because we know he was act,
at the time of billina s, murder, so I'll read a little bit from cleveland dot com to tell you who this richard lawlor is, and thankfully he's prisoners still remains there. To this day it says: lawlor string of crimes began in november of nineteen. Seventy four or known string of crimes began in november of nineteen. Seventy for this, and he was twenty one years old. He abducted a thirteen year old boy in akron and took him to a salem motel. So you gonna hear some of the things that were reference in that last article that we were viewed in this new or article, and it says they are offering more detail here and I apologize for these details but it says at that motel he tied the boy up and stabbed him several times and actually says it heat later tied him to a tree and stabbed him and cut the child several times. The boy was still naked at the time, a passing jogger.
in the park ended up. Scaring the attacker away and obscuring, all away. I am of the firm belief captain did lawlor way have murdered this kid. Had he not been interrupted. Lawlor then struck again in september of nineteen. Seventy five, this tiny this time. He abducted a seven year old victim from occurrence kenmore area and took the boy to the woods behind the akron baptists temple, the victim, who is now fifty years old. This articles a couple years old, sent a letter to the police to the absurd the prosecutor's office describing what happened he told prosecutors at lawlor asked him to help find his loss, copy lawlor. Then lord, the boy into the woods where a punch, the child in the face knocked him unconscious. Ripped his clothes and was shouting that it was the boys fault for
ever lawlor was doing to him and then he would have to kill him lawlor than choked him unconscious KEN and left him in the woods for dead. Now. What we have here captain is. These are a couple of attacks that this man he was very much a young man at the time in the mid seventies, these are some attacks that he committed and the victims got away. Now, Oh, if if I say if I would encourage all of you to go to block parole, dot com, it's. side that we ve reference before here in the garage block, parole, dot com where you can sign up and sign the petition to incur courage, the state of a higher to block individuals, parole and specifically, I would recommend that you sign up to block richard lollards potential
my understanding is that the last time he came up for possible parole, he was denied and his text hearing, I believe or possibility, will be two thousand and twenty eight. Don't quote me on that? I don't have it in my notes, but at the end of the day, what we learn about this individual is he he has killed. He is killed young boy that would fall into very similar victim apology to some of the boys that we ve been talking about in the boardman case. We know he was active in the young stone area at the time with abduction with rape, sexual assaults mm under what have you and again the victim ology scene, to line up with that of the Evans boy and the billina kid and so he is someone that I think is an interesting potential suspect we do have prosecutors that were at his parole here.
They did. Tell everyone hey this guy after we locked, for one murder and for all these other assault city. Did he told law enforcement that he has killed five or six other kids. Now we don't know that's true, obviously, or they would have convicted him of those cases he told law enforcement that this was not his only murder victim and again, we know he was active in this general area around this general time. So I think he falls into a good suspect and double down that we know he was looked at in nineteen. Seventy five for the billina murder, so he was somebody that was all
their radar and luckily, for all of us, he's been locked up ever since one. He have to take his claim serious in the reason why wise, what we ve learned through the last five hundred in some episodes is normally serial killers or knock remit to child murderers. Now you got this guy. That you locked up and convicted on a child barter and he's tanya I've killed more children, and one thing I dont want to add more scary, whence to already a scary story here but picture of richard lawlor from the mid seventys. When we have these pictures because he was in court facing these charges, his picture was taken by the papers at the time and, of course, when he was arrested as well. He is a young looking dude, and I know that he's twenty one, twenty two twenty four and in all the pictures that I've reviewed he.
A young looking dude and what I mean by that and why I think that scary, especially in the billina case where we have a kid there was known to hitchhike. Again, that's just my theory. We don't know that. That's what happened but we have a kid that was known to hitchhike, admittedly by his parents and friends. If a guy pulled up- and he look like a teenager offered. Somebody right. I think that I think that lets your guard down a little bit less threatening yet written look up pictures of richard lawlor, goat. You don't have to go to block pearl dot com, sign a petition, you'll see pictures of him there and block his parole and I'll. Tell you what, if this guy pulled up, even if he was twenty three twenty four at the time he could have passed for Peter or seventeen, even behind the wheel of a vehicle offering a ride to somebody else, another suspect, whereas known times, are similar in that kind of characteristic hit his profile. That kind of person could be responsible for all three murders. Let's get into
other suspect, well, yeah we're gonna go from one really scary, terrible horrible person to just another demon there, happened to be roaming. This country, This is a man named wayne chapman. Now some of our true crime, friends, out. There will know this name, others. This might be a newer name too. But this guy is a serial child sex offender, This is an individual that committed sexual acts against chill in time and time again repeatedly throughout the course of his almost entire life span He started assaulting other kids when he was just a kid himself it carried on well into his adult years and I believe if he wasn't locked up, he was looking to assault children, Was he a murderer that certainly up for debate? But this is it individual that was high
involved in in producing child pornography and selling it to other individuals? He was, so. He was also busying his time too. the lure children away and he was he had a preference. He had a preference for boys in as far as I could see, All of his known crimes were against boys. Now. he was an individual that was locked up for a decent amount of time. He does get charged at some point and the reason why he pops up on the radar is based off of again proximity to boardman ohio and also his admitted information that he gives to police What we have here captain is a situation he's driving here. van, and I dont want to give a description of this van, because I've been given a few different descriptions of this van in supply. So. He used the same van for years and years and years, and I dont want to throw it out there, not knowing
Each one is more accurate. I have to kind of different descriptions of this van, but what I do know is that at some point keys pulled over an he's pulled over the police sir notices a bunch of strange pictures inside this man's van, and these are pictures of him with boys, and these are their dozens of these pictures again asked ban the ban and I believe it's also possibly other individuals whose faces were so he ran around in these rings. These child perpetrator, portable offenders he ran around with some other guys. It were into the same things that he was into and so when they arrested in Dana origin and with a local crime, and this took place in another state when they arrested. However, when they find all these dozens and dozens of pictures, they're gone how many horrible things is this guy been involved in and when they start
into him there. Like you know we want to know where van what you been up to, especially since you ve been an adult, because I believe he was kind of a younger adult at the time may be thirty's when he got arrested again, this case is so big enough. There's somebody note some of failed to find the piece of information that I wanted to be spout here for you, but with oil, Your pay will be deducted. Thank you and I know that he has ties to many other states, we're talkin, rhode, island, new york, pennsylvania, possibly illinois- I mean it's ohio, it's all over the map. Now what I did was, I ended up hearing this individual. His name is David Mcgrath an he wrote, a book on wayne chapman. Some of you may know Wayne chapman's named from David's book,
some of you may know Wayne chapman's name from there was an old case and an old documentary. I believe it was called, have you seen Andy and it's about an old disappearance case of a ten year old boy from lawrence who disappeared, without a trace in nineteen, seventy six, the victims aim is Andy publicity so some of you may have seen that documentary. I believe it's probably about fifteen years old at this point, but it's a very good. Humanity. I recommended the dog, humane tree planes that wayne chapman is the prime suspect in the disappearance of this anti kid and its say claims, because there are police that say yes, he saw. But he would look at or did look at, but we don't really know how he came under our radar. So I dont know how prime of a suspect he actually is, but the document terry and did a great job
on piecing together, Andy story, as well as possible connections to wane chapman, and then you have David's book monster the life and crimes of wine. Batman. He goes on to explain again why this guy's a good suspect in this case, and in this case in this crime and how he could be tied to others. I spoke with David. they told me the around the time period of these boardman murders that wayne, chapman lived in oil city, pennsylvania oil, city pennsylvania is in western pennsylvania. boardman ohio in eastern ohio for those of you that, map, you will know that the ohio state touches the border of pennsylvania and so proximity between oil city and boardman, ohio. It's not a terribly big distance in the thing to walk along mummy unfold. My map, the other thing to is David points out that
chapman had a lot of time, not just based off of that statement that he provided to police when he was arrested. They have been to all these other cities in I've lived in state for a period of time and some of these other cities and other states, but david points out in his book. there's this guy ran around with guys that were in other states that were doing things, Z, that he was doing as well as probably something It were even worse if you can imagine even worse than what wing chapman was doing or was capable. in that he believes that its through him creating in producing this child pornography and selling it to people that he made these connections and these friendship and so who knows How for and how why the evil tentacles of this wayne chapman monster with span over the
there's a time and distance again, another good suspect it's the profile of the person initially, I think law enforcement when these crimes happen. They start looking at people that that the avare arrested. We ve seen this in the delphi case, we ve seen this and Amy Mahala, VIC were or germany ramsay when there's crimes against children they start looking at who has already committed crimes who can fit that profile initially and there's a lot of suspects that you could again make a very intelligent argument that could be responsible. All these as long as there were not arrested at the time. Obviously an tell you what I actually located some of my notes. While you were speaking their captain, chapman was arrested in new york, state and nineteen. Seventy six and it was after that, rests
shortly after that arrest that he admitted to sexually assaulting at least fifteen boys, and he put those ages between seven and ten and from locations of providence, brockden webster conquered third norwich and then in communities in pennsylvania, new york. In virginia I mean the list goes on and on and on this case becomes complex, because there are three cases and then the first question is: are they connected? But I think we should do this. We private talk about this case for another few hours, let's go case by case and and and and go over what you think happen. So the start with the beard case. So with the thomas bared case. I think that it's probably just what police have told us that that day, they locked into this theory over the years that he was attacked.
by appear or his peers and that it was probably and unintentional homicide that he was killed as a result of that attack and, as we said earlier, he's found later, founded then placed in the hospital. I actually, if you know, if I had to make wagers on these cases, I actually think that problem We all three of them are not connected. If there is a connection, it would be between the billina and heavens case. I'm locked in on my thought that billina probably accepted a ride or was looking for a ride on his way home, any just got in the wrong vehicle and don't maybe but come at me museum victim blaming here. I'm just saying that that's what I think happened and I don't think that he put himself in a bad position. I think that that's just unfortunately, what happened? Maybe somebody like Should lawlor picked him up or somebody like wayne, chapman or one of chapman's
friends, pick them up or be any other weird, Oh, I see a sadistic nature, hu, the billina case, where I We believe that a richard lawlor type would be more likely to have committed that crime. The evans case it is very difficult for me to put an opinion on other than the fact that I believe one hundred percent, that this kid was abducted based off of the hat being stopped into the ground. the location in which he was last seen in the time frame. I We believe that somebody grabbed him there's a chance that given the neighbourhood and in the lay of the land that it would be it would be better suited. In more like The two individuals were involved in the abduction of David Evans, now worthy of the sadistic nature that the the There was a brad billina, I don't know we because he gets sick.
At some point and then he dies. He slips into this com at some point and dies. So we No, it's really too hard to difficult into difficult to decipher. What would have happened? If that had not happened, would they have let him go? or would there be no sexual soul at all? It's very difficult to say what took place in that situation might got with. The evans thing tells me that someone or some ones may have bit off more than they could shoe right that they took. They took this kid in may, be they took. Him for reasons other than murder, and I really wish. I just really wish that this would have been ruled a homicide. I know that the boardman police department treated the investigation as such. But I really wish that this would have been rolled a homicide. I'll start with a beard case. I agree with you. It's probably
individual or multiple individuals. My problem with this is that if there is multiple individuals, the more likely to have more rumours- maybe some eight confesses to be in there, but not been really a part of it- I believe somebody heard something at whether that's a rumor or confession, maybe you're drinking with your friend one night and he confesses to be in there. Somebody has heard something somebody has seen something and if you saw something you should be saying something enough. You know enough is enough: do not protect these people. whether you think it was an accident or not were also a situation that just got out of hand. This child died didn't get to
pursue a life, one victim becomes many victims because of his family friends and all have his loved ones. So again, I think somebody saw something they need to say something. As far as the billina case goes, I think dawns gut feeling about this. Brown Van is correct in if that brown van is canoe. Did to the tree house. In those rumours I think that makes some sense, older, gentlemen, or maybe even late teens offers some booze offer some money offers whatever for sexual favours. It gets out a hand again a twelve year old kid consent that is rape. This person's rapists. This person is murder. I think another situation where some may probably knows more
just haven't ever spoke up about it at maybe out of fear, maybe out of shane, maybe they were a person that did sexual favors for money or drugs or whatever, and it and they're not coming forward because of shame again, I think somebody knows something more. I think we're going to be lucky in this case because of the dna and buy the testing that I think we're going to get answers in this case and a hundred percent agree with you.
on the evans case. I think that then tat probably was rape and murder and they just never got to that because of his medical condition, but but it's sad and again there's three kids that didn't get it go on in and create a future and who knows what they would have become and I fell very bad specifying the billina case because there's misinformation, I think, and some kind of confusion, and that might just because time passed and people must remember. But there has to be very difficult, honours family because of there's three cases within a small location, similar profiles as far as victim ology there's a lot of good suspects. I think those individuals that we mention are probably responsible for a lot more crimes. Specially when here
young boy and your molested there there's a shame and the reason why allow these boys don't come forward if you were one of these kids, you should be ashamed of. This is not your fault that any the stuff. What happened to you an and hopefully you can see your justice or seek out therapy to to get you through all that, but I mean it's yes and with the billina case, I really firmly believe captain that the discrepancy in the stories only really remains. In the public's mind, I think that is clarity amongst the detectives and officers that investigate investigated the billina case in the seventies that remains with them and in their file. I think they have a pretty clear understanding of what happened that friday and that saturday, they just don't need to tell us all information, because again that case is heating up again two thousand and eighteen. They tell us heyward chicken for
illegal dna, and it appears that that's continuing to this so they don't wanna. Let a lot of that information out some very hopeful on that- and I am glad that you brought up the van the dawn, Templeton van story. Again, because one thing that I failed: mention with this wayne chapman character and we mention his van, but I didn't give a description of such the description of of his van is not terribly unlike the description, the very vague broad description that don temple men provided to pull. he's in the media back then in what's interesting, I'll bet angle to me is it I've been told a couple different things, one that chapman Chapman was fully on board men p. These rates are at some point in the seventies or the eighties at some point, it's hard for me to say exactly when he became or was on their radar, but I was told to differ.
reasons why he was on their rayner. One was simply that they calling other jurisdictions and trying to find crimes that they thought were matching the ones that they were unable to solve and boardman the other version of this story is the chapman was on their radar, because his van or disk and that's very similar to the van that he was later arrested in was mentioned, and the billina and possibly the evans case. So that's really interesting there on that angle, I'm with you captain. I think that
we we have similar thoughts and theories on this. I'm hoping others will provide there's to us on the blog, a true crime garage calm. If you have any information at all and any of these three homicides, please contact the boardman police department. Their phone number is three hundred and thirty, seven hundred and twenty six four thousand one hundred and forty four, and I just want to give a quick shout out because, like I said by covering this case last week, the information that has port in I just wanted to thank those people for reaching out those local sources and people like carolyn, bernardino and tom kerrigan for reaching out and and we don't discuss the case and more details, and I just want to applaud them for their effort to keep a spotlight on this place.
Thank you so much for joining us here in the garage for more true crime garage check out. Our bonus show cut off the record its exclusively on stature premium. You can find it by going to true crammed garage, dont, come and clicking on the off the record link colonel, do heavy recommended reading for the beautiful people this week this week we are recommending monster by David MC grath, so this is called monster. The life and crimes of wayne chapman and the machine he fed and the nineteen seventy young boys went missing at an alarming rate. In the new england region. Parents and police were stumped by all the cases of missing boys, while David Mcgrath, he spent years investigating wayne chapman and wayne chapman's friends in circles that he ran in, and I highly recommend that you check out monster by David Mcgrath. You can find them
tat, great title and many others on our website. True crime garage dot com, just click on the recommended page. Yes, until next week, the good be kind and doubtless the
Here that that's the fighting spirit for some, it sounds like courage, brothers, conviction, though it's different for everyone calls us, together whatever for those with a fighting spirit, group responsible, fear import by chronicle chicago
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