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The Bonebreaker Killer /// Part 2 /// 513

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The Bonebreaker Killer /// Part 2 /// 513

Part 2 of 2


Baraboo, Wisconsin; July 4th 1994 - A teenager disappears in the middle of the night. A week later his body is recovered from the Wisconsin River. Another teen disappears in an eerily similar set of circumstances just one year later. Then the Sheriff’s department receives a bizarre 911 call that sets off a chain of events that rocks the town of Baraboo.

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welcome to true grab garage wherever you are. What are you doing? Thanks were listening. I'm your hosts naked with me, as always, is a man with plans for the future. I guess there futuristic plants here.
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so Margaret inland sea michigan. Next up, we ever cheers to Joe lean in omaha, nebraska and last, but certainly not least, we have trigger, and northern alaska everyone we just mentioned, went to true crammed around stock come in. They helped us out with this week's beer for By the way, the bar you in beer, rhyme, jolly to jointly Joe lean, julian donated to the beer, fun and cheese cooler than you are, and that is enough of the business all right. Everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk, some true crime
the immediately after the arrest of seventeen year old Joseph clark in the rescue of thirteen year old thaddeus philips, we have in jail waiting to be charge. We have sat in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries and, as far as what was being released to the public early on, there were just most small details coming from thats father dawn as he answered reporters questions while pretty much living at the hospital for days, while doctors and nurses work to repair his boy don told reporters that neither he nor thank you
HU, the boy, Joe clark prior to this incident, so we can rule out any kind of personal motive for the abduction and the harm caused to fad don, told reporters a thats, captor brutalized in tortured the boy in the form of beatings. That involved Joe choking punching. As well as twisting the boy's, ankles and legs and jumping up and down on fads legs according to don Joe told that that he had kidnapped the boy because he liked busting people's bones and that he had done this type of thing before two other victims. Now all kinds of interesting details will come out at the trial, but the trial won't take place until the second half of nineteen. Ninety six right now on our time line, we are.
the early part of august nineteen. Ninety five, so almost exactly twenty six years ago to this day, but before we get to the trial. Let's talk more about this arrest because, Joe after he is arrested, he actually confesses to the police. Well, sort of so he admits that he brought sad to his house but says was for the purposes of just hanging out. He tells detectives that he does not remember assaulting fad joe says he, and this is his words quote blinked out for a while. And when he came to fast
was lying on the floor. Bellyaching about his legs, Joe says he thought sad would eventually die from the injuries. So the way I take it is this. His general statement is: he does not know how the thirteen year old, sad received these injuries fad tells Joe that he did that to sad and Joseph he tried to help kid, but again did think that sad would eventually die from these injury, so he says he tried to help fad, but at the same time it doesn't look like he was
willing to let him go yeah. But if you're inviting somebody over to hang out quote on quote, I chose saying you: don't abduct them from their house and then on top of that, this blink out you blinked out for forty three hours as you tortured this kid joke. Sounds I get animal well, a monster really, I mean to call him an animal is disrespectful to are our friends the hand of animals, but no, of course, what you're going to have here. Captain is you're gonna, get to very different stories and, of course, Joe is going to have to admit to something because they find the vic in his home, it's a little hard to say hey. I didn't at least do something or have some part in this, and so we ve seen this is very tippit.
the behaviour of any of the other psychopaths or psychopath killers that we have talked about in the past. Where often they will admit to some stuff, especially if their backed into a corner and that's exactly what we have here. Joe clark is basically caught red handed with his victim inside his residence and you're gonna get a very different story from fad who says? Look I didn't go over to this. Do taos don't know who this guy is have few, whose right he says. I woke up in sky was carrying me into his home and when we got there o connor, relaxes that by telling him hey, I brought you. here, cause I'm having a little party, and you know here some people that are becoming over in a little bit and sat actually says that the Joe reference at least one or two names of people that he knew. So in that moment,
he was still kind of like you know, just woke up really kind of confused as to what was going on, but when this guy says name or two of people that he knows he thought well, ok. Well, maybe that is what's happening is keep a mine he's only thirteen you can trick. Third year olds. Adults can be tricked very easily sometimes as well. Some if I was tricked into doing podcast once about five hundred and thirty times so It's not until later. You know our some brown honesty on southern, because you're saying that says why I came to as Jos bring me into his house. T think that he was just asleep or do you think that maybe he used some kind of
no gas on the rag trick. Know this guy went into the philips home and carried the boy out and carried him to his residence. In fact, when he first started to wake up that said that he thought that he assumed it was his father carrying him because its it, you know his father carried him dozens of times to bed in the middle of the night when that fell asleep on the couch sure on the floor watching tv and so at first he's, like kind of waking up and not really knowing what's going on in just kind of assuming its his father carrying him off to bed and then at some point here ices- hey I'm outside of my house- and I don't know this guy Is- is carrying me. So as he this carry them from house to house. Or is he transported him with a vehicle? No, he carried him from from dad phillips ass to his house and again we know that their
was some torture that was going on. We will know that and learn that later, because they are not very specific about the end These early on em. It's not fully understood that all These injuries took place over the course of ours. You know that That dawn says it to the reporters almost makes it sound like it. Some kind of blitz attack that that took place all at one time, but we have Joe who is basically car red handed. He saying look I yeah. I took this boy with purposes of hanging out, and I dont know what happened. I his words again, bowing down and then, when I came out of this blinked out phase, I looked down in this kids on the floor and he's crying scream about his legs, so, of course, to very differing stories. Now when we talk about sad injuries. There
imagine that he was probably going to die from those injuries. We have that statement from Joe Clark who says to police yeah when I saw the state that he was in. I believe he would eventually die from whatever happened to him from those injuries. Well, let's back that information up, because we doctors, it later told fad and thats family that in fact he only hours away from dying from internal bleeding, while in fact the medical professionals said that the only time that they see p bull as severely injured, as that was when he was brought into the e r is when they get people rushed in from really bad car accidents because, as you pointed out, yesterday's episode captain the femur bone is very difficult to break.
It takes a lot of pounds of pressure to break the ankles. You know these are difficult injuries and severe injuries, and they are basically saying that both ankles, broken and limbo, females were broken, one femur broke in remember. We have the doktor saying that they put pins one leg and a rod in the other. So my gas here again, not a doktor still working on that degree. But played one on tv once the pans or proper. really for one of the ankles and the rod, my guess would be for the femur. Now we talk bout Joe admitting to some of what he had done to police detectives. But another thing of interest is something that fad tells detectives. He says at one point when he was able to talk.
because you had asked earlier about this girl. Whoever this girl was an later we find out that the girl that fad saw was jos girlfriend or somebody he was dating at the time? Did you find this when research in this case to define them? like you, I constantly had to keep reminding myself that Joe Clark Joseph clark is seventeen at the time I had to keep reminding myself that it it's not a doll abducting a teenager abducting a kid. This is a teenager, abducting a teenager and then just to think about yes, a throw this kiddo over her shoulders. Why did I really am fad said that the joke
Reed him like a baby does even thrown over the shores thou mightier to carry. I hope nobody saw a baby his shoulders, but carried him like maybe I'm guessing and into arms in front of him. Now that's ones and like it'd, be easier to. You know, throw them over your shoulders and carry him. Carry him like a baby that takes some strength and is is Joe on some kind of drugs like maybe if he was on, like cocaine or speed or some steroid or something, but to grab the foot and twist until it pops that that take some strength, adrenaline a hell of a drug. My friend that's true to ok, so, but back to the idea that reminding myself constantly that Joe clark is seventeen, whereas
parents? Well, that's part of the reason why this went down when it did his parents were out of town, and so the you mentioned that you thought I wondered if maybe this girl, friend or whomever this girl was, if she would have. Maybe and see that, but maybe she would have heard him, we have bad telling us that, for portions of this time, especially when the assaults are taking place. That's that's what's interesting to me, too, is in fact says that this was not just one attack one big brutal attack. This was, he would he would beat this kid and jump on his legs and twist his ankles and then hours would go by with with no it no attack, no brutality
the rest and then he would go back at it eventually. But what that would tell us is that for most of the time when he's being act. Joe is shoving a towel into the his mouth too. for his screams and his yells, and as we said, the parents were, town, and it sounds to me from the very brief descriptions that I've been able to work you from fads words of what happened and took during the forty three hours that he was held captive by JO clark that that girl- the girl friend or whoever she was never entered the home as far as that was aware. So do we know who this was what police know she is right. We don't need to know who she is because she wasn't involved in any of the the crimes that were committed on earth is a relative. I believe
I've reasonably there was a girlfriend or somebody that he was dating. The Joe Clark was dating so thats tells detectives that at one of the points which you know, the taos not jammed down is his mouth. The is able to talk. He actually asked Joe why he was doing this to him and that's when Joe said that he liked busting bones and added that he had a fascination with breaking bones and the sound of breaking bones and he told them tat. He had done this twice before yo ass- that if he knew a boy named Chris Steiner and thats said he did not. So this is really interesting, because not only is fat able to tell police detectives dead. This guy saying he's done this before this guy specifically asked me about a specific person, Chris Steiner now,
that doesn't know Joe Clark has abductor and he doesn't know this name Chris Steiner, but he remembered the name Chris Steiner end and so threw out that ordeal at some point. Basically, according to that story, is it Joe did the same type of thing to a boy named chris diner, some other kid, so police, armed with this information and again remember the sheriffs apartment was already suspicious of christmas death chris diners death. So they decide to exude chris body and they find that his legs had very similar injuries and breaks to them and, like one prosecutor later would say you don't break your legs like that drowning in the river right. So now, oh is going to be charged with attempted murder, physical, use of a child mayhem causing mental health,
to a child in child enticement. These are the sock county charges for the fad, philips attack interesting. Did they dont charge him with kidnapping in that list of charges? Yeah if you go- and you find you know the short version of this story- the summarize version of the story. They'll say that he was convicted of attempted murder in kidnapping. The actual charge was child enticement, which does make sense because of wording to the victim. At some point, he wakes up any told, hey, there's go and we're gonna hang out, there's gonna be a party and in the victim greece to go along with it, or at least being polite and willing to chill for a moment right, but soon after this charges are levelled against seventeen year old Joseph clark neighbouring county of colombia will be looking to
charge old, joe with first degree murder for the Chris Steiner case. It was agreed that saw county that the saw county case for victim thaddeus phillips would go to trial first, and we already said that it would be a little over a year before that trial would start now. The reason for the delay is due to several things going on in this case. First, we have a victim fad that requires extra ended hospitalization, several surgeries and don't forget that has rehabilitation that comes with all of that re. Also, we had the defence because after changing the plea a couple of times, Jos defence settles on a plea of not guilty by reason of mental defect, mental defect. What's his defect,
well see. This is kind of a smart move, in my opinion, a piece of shit for right, yeah, The fact is, the brain is a piece of shit. That's when the prosecutor should remind the jury that the prisons are full of paint pieces of shit, that's where they go, but I think this is interesting angle for the defence and probably a smart move, because look to us regular guys in the garage. If I told you there's some dude out there that enjoys breaking people's bones with his hands and by Jumping on them are we, going to kind of assume he's mentally deficient in some way right. The boys, nuts, we go through some of the reasons why they claim that he would be not guilty by reason of mental defect. First, we do have his statement to the detectives when he's arrested, right away, say,
yeah. I don't deny that the disk was at my house, but I blinked out for for a moment- and I dont know Why- and I don't know what happened during that time, but when I I'm too he's he's clearly and your pain and injured. So he's not sincerely denying that he harmed the kid he should say that he doesn't understand what happened so that does fall into the elm of of that defence. One. two, you have Joseph corks parents, they come to his defence and what their defence of their son is that We do believe that he had some mental issues that he possibly could have been insane at. The time as far as the way, the legal system would view it insane at the time of this
hacker the abduction. So you decide to go on vacation. Well, our boy he's insane so we're gonna go go on vacation right again, but it doesn't for that defence to hold up in court. Often it doesn't need to be. The guy is obviously insane four months years or decades is sometimes it can be as simple as during the course that actual tat right now, but again we do it. I waited I'm with you if you think that there is already some problems or some issues with your your seventeen year old son may don't leave em all alone at the house. While you go on some vacation or business trip or whatever it was. I so wish they would a drug tested Joe clark once they arrested him to see if there was anything in his
Oh I bet you. They're probably was something in his system because the hall marijuana, oh yeah, cause he's coming back it just before midnight and he was he was off partying. He was out on honoured the date with this girl or going about Out on the evening with this girl- and they were stopping off at different parties when it looks like a dope xo, they couldn't find and because they, you know their outlook in form, but they are, I think they actively stopped off in at least one or two teenage parties. Looking for Joe and didn't find him and left very smartly left a couple of on more cars near the home in case he would return and that's how they end up. Picking them up also be great of law enforcement with a get a bunch of officers with their billy clubs and they go into sound, is boiling out for for, while I don't know
and unless this guy really does have some mental issues and now you're, just brutalizing of handicapped individual, though your boy Your brutalizing, a murderer, whether you have a deficiency or not, you are still martyr, correct, correct, but we you do understand. Our society has pissed ways of of handling these types of situation, but that would be that much If I say I am hope they handle this correctly flow more more, if you think think outside the box me back to the killer clouds that sharpen interrogate people kick him in the nuts that still a good idea. So
The reasons why Joe Clarks parents say that he should be looked at in this regard not guilty by reasons of mental defect is Joseph clark was not their biological son. They adopted him at a very young age and according to his adopted parents, when a adopted joe, his his biological mother, was a drug attic that was shooting up during the pregnancy and they had evidence of such the other thing that they called into question too and said that when they started to see a noticeable differ
in their son was after Joe was involved in a ninety ninety three motorcycle accident. He received a pretty severe head injury from that and what his defence will stay at the first trial at the trial in saw county is that after this motorcycle accident, and his head injury, the joe was experiencing hallucinations and he was blacking out and had a lot of different kinds of difficulty after that motorcycle incident now what the prosecution would point out is, did Joe Clark had a hit three of violence before this. Ninety ninety three motorcycle accident and they trace
back to a ninety. Ninety two death threat that Joseph Clark may to one of his teachers, one of his high school teachers and this Wasn't just something where you can go all I was just goofing around. You know, kids, say dumb stuff right, we say dumb stuff in the garage noted- and it's not one of these you know. I can look at a lot of things that the kids get sometimes when charged with ngo denoted. Could we could we do something different here, this persons as persons a kid and they really worth doing this to be malicious. There were doing cause there dumb kid, but in this situation captain is something as simple as all he was giving around this death threat came directly at the teacher by way of Joseph clark
calling them at their home and threatening their life. So a pretty serious death threat my opinion, and there was also several witnesses that testified and school records that would back this up. The Joseph clark was a bully that he bullied a lot of kids at school and was known for pulling and getting into a lot of fights. So they can say that this one thousand nine hundred and ninety three motorcycle accident changed Joseph clark. However, he. history of violence before the motorcycle accident even took place As a true crime garage listener, you know the world can sometimes be a scary place
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all right. Welcome back thanks thanks for being our friends. Thank you. for let us when nobody else would you were there All we wanted to do was be your friend and whisper in your ear. Okay, cheers to everybody, everybody in the back, so, okay, a good good defense here, though, and make it make sense violence before, and then the parents or look the violence before. the adopted parents are trying to their reason. They had to reason with that they were hoping. He turned around luck. There might have been. Some are. You said some violence before or some serious threats
But we ve seen this in the past, where people have serious had had injuries and they become a whole different person yet seems like Maybe he wasn't going to act on any of these things before, but maybe this had an injury had something to do with it and was kind of the chicken or the egg right. Well, and we said captain the Joseph Clarke's adopted parents went to his defense and added to reasons why that might be a good defense to bring forward in in the third case. But let's keep in mind we're going to have two separate trials here, bray and so his parents were completely outrage and very vocal publicly about this outrage when he was charged with first degree murder
in colombia, accounting, which would be the Chris Steiner, taste so clarks adoptive parents are wrong and birth. The clark they maintain the innocence of their adopted son as television cameras closed in on them. This was after a core appearance and they stated in regard to the new charges of first degree, murder in colombia county. They said that's the charges they wanted to bring in the first place. I want everybody to kind of think, keep that in mind, because we're gonna cut a circle back to that later, as we get some more information quote: that's the charges they wanted to bring in the first place said wrong. Clark. Dad Philips was just a way to get there, but. meaning they wanted to charge Joe with something against Christine
her all law fad philips case even happened, and that's the words of the father. That's the charges they wanted to bring in the first place said, rob clark, fad philips. The new victim was just a way to get there so basically he's kind of calling out the sheriffs department saying you know they wanted to do this to my son all to all along now. They got this that philips kid in this story, and my son's not denying that he didn't harm that philips, but what the fathers basically saying is he had nothing to do with the chris Steiner case. The Joe had nothing to do with the christina case in tat
philips. This victim in this trial is the way that the shares department, the prosecutors debt, to charge him with first degree murder. This is this is the most to listen, dumb ass, they have heard the clerks did not dispute their sons, involvement in philips injuries, but they denied that it was. Torture quote what we're talking about his two kids, who got in a fight, said wrong. Clark, what are you talking about? I look. I am all for come into the defence of your child, but at some point you gotta wake up and smell the roses. Man. It is this dumb son of a it should be thrown in jail for the rest of his life. If he thinks that way, he's believe In what his son is telling him, I'm sure his son is selling him a big plate of horse shit and it sounds like it up yeah
pay on a second or two and is asking for seconds what we're talking about as two kids who got in a fight. Your son seventeen years old. This boy is found with third eighteen, thirteen, his legs or broken and four different places and this thirteen year old is listed to be between forfeit ten and five foot tall about a hundred pounds, in your basically your adult sons, your house. It was held hostage for forty three hours, hours a really long fight, not only held hostage but Joseph clarks own words to the detectives were yeah. I believed that he would die from those injuries yeah, and at no point does he try to like call for help, even if he, even if he says I don't know how this happened to this kid, he doesn't try to call for help
offer many help instead, what he does Is he locks him in a closet upstairs knowing that the boys eggs or broken thinking. You know it helps only die in this clause from his injuries eventually or he can't escape, because at one locked him in the closet and too even if he gets out of here. He can't use his legs to take him anywhere wrong and bertha. Wake up. Wake up right in here's, my my big issue there, one the detectives, couldn't let you know weakening can act. We could not connect chris to your son Joe, but when, when the boys were, does have a fight, a veneer adopted son was torturing the shit at his thirteen year old boy. He mention
other victim and then when we go back and look at the injuries, I guess what they just how but to be the same so did those boys just happened to given a fight to, but guess what ron dick face if that israel steam. If your son, Joe gonna, fight with chris and broke his legs and then through the water, and he from drowning that's cod murder, no other way around it well, and if we here that's what they wanted, the charges to be in the first place, and there's there's other things going on there, and we said that about Chris Steiner's case that there seems to have been more that they weren't telling the media, and in fact I saw statements where I think they were purposely missing
leading on what information they were putting out because I think they suspected foul play and Chris Steiner's death after they couldn't find a fine, a party spot along the river plus? I already knew they say they eggs. whom his body and discovered that his legs were broken. They knew that before they buried him, the first on yeah and so what we're going to learn here. Captain is a bunch of interesting stuff that comes out at the first trial. What we learned at the first trial, the attack on that is it. On July, twenty ninth joseph corks parents are out of town in This is when he broke into the home of that philips and adopted him. While he was asleep, apparently one. Comes out a trial is that Joe saw fad playing outside. I'd in the yard earlier over the course of that day, and it is believed that is when he may have decided to target sad annie,
and we pointed out that sad woke up and he's then attacked afterwards, and he that says it. He made a good attempt to escape multiple times but was caught by Joseph clark, and this would only anger clark and he would you know, attack and beat him more as punishment for trying to. Away- and it was only at the point where Joe Clark wanted to go out with his friends. and decided hey, I'm in a lock him in this closet and thats finds a guitar inside the closet and after he's pretty sure the Joseph clark is gone. He uses the guitar to beat down the door as the door's locked from the outside. I thought you say you know that finds a guitar in the closet and once he learns how to play wander war then decide.
To break out of the closet. He breaks out of the closet and he has to throw himself down a flight of stairs cause. He can't walk and when he's he's down at the bottom of the stairs, he actually blacks out from the pain he's not certain how long he's out for, but when it comes to ease able to make to a phone, and he says thank god. It was one of those with the long cord you know Tang up on the wall. He can't stand right. Thank god. It was one of those phones with the long cord. He pulls the cord to get the phone hand, sat down again another stroke of luck. The butter, sir, on the hands and not on the not on the base, its attached, the wall. so it is only then that he is able to make this nine one. One call and what he tells the jury at this trial is that you know not only did
work stuff, the tao in his mouth, when he would beat him, but he was, jumping up and down on the kids legs, jumping up down as hard as could at some points, getting a running store. jumping up in the air and coming down with his knees onto the boys legs I mean this is kidnapping. This is torture whilst gonna get worse than this is attempted murder and it s so again. There's all these things. The yoke maybe the universe was workin in his favour that day, where all you locked in the closet, but just so happens to be something on the way out or something there you get out and now you're gonna have something in this universe.
He's gonna. Give you the power to get yourself downstairs. And, yes, you blackout, but something woke you up before june, It comes back and it is you're saying there are so many things that it's like the universe didn't want that to die. Now during this forty three hour period of being abducted, some other very, very strange things went on according to trial. Testimony one being braces at one point Joe put break. is on fads, legs and forced him to walk with the broken legs and at another point he would put brand new socks. You know like that, the tall long socks, though he had brand new white once like dozens appears. these brand new white socks
was putting on the boys feet over the boys feet and legs brain other weird thing too, and this is probably something that maybe that's pair and the sheriffs department knew about very quickly. Was that not only did Joe take sad from thats home, but he he also stole a few pairs of that socks from the house as well that so could snaffle. Well, we pointed out in yesterday show at the top of of the show that we're going to be discussing a sexual sadist and they get their pleasure from administering torture and seeing the pain that their causing an individual, and we talked about how, in some cases, the offender well even revive, even prefer warm cpr, so on some victims to revive them so that they can punish them and torture them more, because a
conscious or dead victim does not give them the gratification that they are seeking. Re and I've heard some sick stuff before but flicking like a because you like breaking bones, it's very, very strange yeah at one point during this situation that says that Joe masturbated in front of him, so that should, if anybody's out there questioning the sexual sadist that, I think would offer you all the proof that you need, though. The other weird thing too, is that when they searched the home in Joseph's room. They found a notebook. There is described at this trial as a hit list and had twenty nine names. Twenty people were listed in this hit list and they fell into two different categories. One was get to now
and the other category was, can wait now. Fat phillips name was not. either category because jobs like didn't know who he was sounds like he had an Opportunity saw a boy out playing by himself and thought me am, I might be a sneak into that house and take that kid tonight. While my parents are gone, because again, as we pointed out during the trailer, the tone sure is the reason for any of the other I'm at all and this a torture takes has to take place in vienna. In a location where you have privacy to do these types of thanks and where you can control the situation, but I think is Joe clerks. Thought was when he saw his feet. Well was boner city well on that hit list. Next, to some of the names said, the leg thing like this was a thing that he
enjoys anything that he intended to do to some of these people. That fell into one of two categories get too now, which I'm assuming means of dung and hurt them and kill them as soon as possible and can away our people that hey? Maybe I need to do a little more reconnaissance on, because we know that if he was involved in Chris Steiner's abduction and murder, that he probably had some general information about all, while the brother is sleeping, as somebody else's house knows how to get to Chris Steiner's room I wonder if Chris Steiner had missing socks as well from that house, because what we do see is that Chris Steiner's name did fall into one of those two categories on that code. On quote: hitler's that was found in the note book and joseph clarks room, the other thing that we learn. This is at the second trial. Okay, this is the second
I'll, where's, the first degree murder charges for the death of Chris Steiner, We learn that Steiner's parents told what was left out from the media version of the day before events of when Chris went missing run was that he hung with a local boy the day before and who was it? Oh, it was Joseph clark. The two knew each other. They were friends so very likely if those muddy footprints- It exists. It was Joseph clark going into their home in the mill night and he may not have had to carry the thirteen year old out of their that night It may have been able to wake him up and say: hey, don't you come outside with me for a little bit
Will you hang out for a little bit but a fetish like this? I mean that there has to be some serious trauma and I really like to see those psychology reports on on Joseph clark could be. I dont know We often look at these situations and ask ourselves: why were there any red flags? How can we identify this before happens? Is somebody else and Really, the answer is all over the shop. You do see severe abuse in some of these people that grow up to do these type of things and other times you see people with perfect childhoods ray, and you know it's very difficult to explain why one person is sexually attracted to or or actually excited by something and another person is not in another,
it might be sexually excited by something completely different. It's very is very difficult to understand. why that is again we're all very unique individuals with with different tastes different likes in, and what have you now? As far as the trial goes, the first trial was done with and went down in september of nineteen. Ninety six, this trial is the most important because this trial is basically going to set up. they need for the second trial, where they charge him with first degree murder. So at this trial they have the famous park dietz plus another psychologist, who testify and both of them testify. The Joseph clark was seen during the time of the attack on sad phillips. And park deeds as the one that actively names him as a sexual sadist during the trial right, I think the judge might have.
own. That portioned out regardless part dietz, said that, while on the stand, so just clerk was found, to be saying at trial by unanimous decision in a deliberation. took only one hour and he would be sentence weeks later, so he ends up being. Did on all of the charges that we mention and thats case incentives to one hundred and ten years in prison. Of course, now going to go to columbia county where Joseph clark is facing first degree, murder, charges for the abduction and murder of fourteen year old, Chris Steiner at this trial. It's mostly circumstantial evidence that is being presented. There was some interesting things that came out. Ah again, most interests to me the most interesting statement was that from the parent saying, Steiner hung out with clark the day before he was found
guilty and sentenced to life for the murder of Chris Steiner. He was also successfully sued by fad, philips, pair forcing him to pay twenty one million and damages obviously he's ape a prisoner of the state he will. Now Earn twenty one million dollars to be able to pay that back? But Twenty one million dollars and damages gives you some idea of the medical costs involved in the surgeries and rehabilitation and hospitalization of fat phillips
there was a ninety. Ninety eight appeal filed by Joseph clark against his convictions, which was rejected by the district court, some other weird things in this case here, captain that phillips was actually shot at some point. A by this was after after Joseph clark was sentenced. Times are after he was found to be guilty in october of ninety. Ninety six on october, eighth, fat, phillips was shot by michael cubes. I think is how you say it. I'm at the hedge now. Try that occur were phibbs. That's I looked it up and that's how they told me to say that last name, it's a difficult last name, obviously for me, maybe not for others, but this Michael kid shot that philips on the eighth and
I don't know the outcome of that situation. I know that they wanted to charge this Michael kid with attempted murder, but the defense was that sad, philips and some other kid went into Michael's home to beat him up and it. This was more of a self defence. This type of situation where the kid was holding the gun in shot either shy at a door or the gun went off. The result was for wounds at the back shoulder front shoulder neck in cheek of fat philips, but in all fairness, we the point out that a judge granted a restraining order to keep that phillips and that friend away from this Michael kid and his little brother, so there may be some weight to that. The self defense claims in that case, if Peter
I've heard of this case before they probably heard it from the I survived. Show that soil is add on this free idea. I believe I believe me, I'm channel. I believe it's on any and its there that if you view that episode, you can see and hear fad talking about the abduction and the torture that followed. and one of the most horrifying lines that dad says on there is that Joseph Clark grabbed his right ankle with both of his hands and twisted his foot. He felt it break like a quick, snapping, sound and when he looked down he could see that this
in around his ankles, looked like a twisted up rubber band. Thank you so much for joining us here in the ground. If you need more true from garage and you do need more, I know you need more go check out off the record unstinting premium, you're going to love it. Colonel do we have a recommended reading for this week this week we are recommending one. I'm sure many of our listeners have heard of and probably have already read, but it's a really good one long overdue. So we are recommending the devil in the white city by Eric lawson, This is a new york times best seller about the city of chicago the eighteen. Ninety three worlds fair and doktor Henry each home. Better known as serial killer, H, H, homes check out this great title and
many more recommendations on our recommended page it true crime, garage dot, com and until next week, You would be kind in dollars, the.
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