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The Casanova Killer /// Part 1 /// 398

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The Casanova Killer /// Part 1 /// 398

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Many people know about Serial Killers Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer. But here’s one that when you hear about his life and crimes, you will be shocked that his is not a household name. This week we discuss a brutal killer Paul John Knowles. Beer of the Week - Hopsecutioner by Terrapin Beer Co.Garage Grade - 3 1/2 bottle caps out of 5 Thank you to this week’s sponsors - check them out!www.StoryWorth.com/TCG - create a beautiful keepsake book and get $10 off your first purchase!www.BetterHelp.com/Garage - get 10% off your first month with code GARAGE!The full archive of True Crime Garage is available on the Stitcher listening app - for FREE. Our show “Off the Record” is only on Stitcher Premium. For a FREE month of listening go to http://stitcherpremium.com/truecrimegarage and use promo code GARAGE

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The the welcome to true graham garage wherever you are, whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your host naked with me. As always, ladies and gentlemen, certainly one of the fine leaders of america's strong drinking class. He is the capped one,
the drunken ass, it's good to be seen, and it's good to see you thanks for listening As for Tom afraid, this week. We are very happy to be featuring another great beer from one of our favorite breweries fresh out the fridge we have hops, hopsecutioner IPA, the terrapin beer, company and beautiful athens, georgia. a a loaded, seven point: three, saint garage, great three and a half bottle caps out of five and we get to break down this week's case with a couple of cold ones. Thanks to our good friend, I would like to give a cheers to robin and Sandra virginia big, we like your job to rebecca and tacoma washington. Next up, we have on from brick, new jersey, gadding, childs of EC torreon middle filled connecticut. Next, stop we
odetta, what a beautiful name from Covington kentucky and last, but certainly not least, we have my boy Donny the male man pay is done I got your mail yo, hey donnie It's what you do and how's the news donning. How is doing everyone we just mentioned went to true, graham garage dot com they donated to this week's beer fund, and for that we are thankful. That simple just go to garage dot. Com, you'll see the donor. button on the right hand, side just click that click that give a little love, will give you a shout out where a little bit behind so be patient, and that is enough of the business all right. Everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime The the
The ports of the following are taken from miss scales, daily news article shortly before five p m october, sixteenth, a dusty white chevrolet impala with a blue top and alabama license plates
turned into the driveway of a cape cod home on flood street in Marlborough, connecticut, the driver, a tall gaunt man with collar length, red hair and busy sideburns sam the car for several seconds, watching the rearview mirror and trying determine if he was being observed, then he took a sawed off shotgun from the car floor and stuck it in his waistband under his slacks and sport shirt he climbed slowly out of the car his left hand pressing the shotgun barrel against his left, thigh discarding a half smoke cool in the drive, he walked else were Karen wine aged thirty. Five live: with her two teenage daughters, the unexpected It shows a wine home at random while dry, through new england. Marlborough is a peaceful town in the heart of.
Netiquette twelve miles south east of hartford at the time of our seas, The population is three thousand six hundred residents with no police force arises and state trooper only law, man in marbre, don wine, a pretty fifteen year old school girl was doing our homework when the door bell rang. She opened the door, and the unexpected visitor grinned at her exposing teeth, stains yellow, buy cigarettes. He inquired. If her mother was home, she said no, he asked if her father was in And she said he didn't live there anymore. Suddenly, the honest acted, visitor lunged forward, pushing the girl back, into the house, he followed her inside and close the door. He jerked the shotgun
his pants leg and took her upstairs to her bedroom, where he stripped and sexually abused. Her all the time smiling and promising not to hurt her dawn's mother, a practical nurse, came from her hospital job about six o clock She saw the car in the driveway and she entered the house later. Both karen and dawn were found, bound, raped and strangled their killer was long gone and nowhere in sight. This is the case. The casanova killer.
early. Nineteen, seventy four sitting in a florida state prison is twenty seven soon to be twenty eight year old, Paul John Knowles. when wasting away for several years. Now after he was incarcerated for kidnapping a police officer, a serious offense. Isn't that right there captain yeah, I don't think they should let kids be police officers, while when one thing of some one to adopt an officer of the law doesn't really come to mind is not your typical victim, but one thing I want to point out Are we move on in So we all have an understanding of who Paul John Knowles is. He is a career criminal
been committing crimes most of his life by this point he's only twenty seven, almost twenty eight years old and during the commission of some smaller crimes, he finds himself committing larger crimes to not get caught so yeah, according to a tiny little article that I found in the orlando sentinel titled kidnapper, sentenced, Paul John knowles was just eighteen years old. At the time he was sending in jacksonville florida to five years in prison for kidnapping a policeman at gunpoint. Knowles plead guilty to this charge. But here we are and he was sentenced to five years, but now it's been over nine years and he still sitting in prison. How does that work out while they used to have a furlough program programme? in florida. In the way that that worked was after you served a good amount of time. You would get privileges such
the ability to leave the prison to go out on. overnight stay or maybe even a weekend stay somewhere this? normally when you're at the end of your prison sentence They're trying to regions are great you into the society where they're going to be forced to release you into at some point debts that small dollars things. I've heard well the way that he ends up getting in trouble is, he goes out, but doesn't come back in imagine that and I'm sure this was probably a pretty common problem that they faced and that's why you don't see these types of programs as much any more most in time now we have jails that have like work release and things like that. Well, while in prison, knolls was Reading and astrology magazine and came across a pen, pals column. He finds address for a young woman in California. This is Eight year old, Angela Kovac and some public
actions she is listed as Angela Samuels or Angela Samuels Kovac. So for sake of argument, I'll just go forward with Angela Kovac think captain she was coming out of a divorce around the same time. So why ever name, the publication used at the time was probably whatever name she told them now. Angela is a attractive cocktail. Waitress out in san francisco, her parents own the night club that she works so she's got access to a little payola knowles is a taurus and Angela is a leo and because their both fans of astrology and read this astrology magazine that seems to be important to them. Knolls tells Angela that she is his number one yiddish angel and Angela all knowles pj after quite some time, corresponding annual
makes arrangements for knows to get an attorney. She wants to help him out. You know we gotta get this guy. prison at some point to four. our relationship. The attorney is, there to help him with his parole on may fourteenth. Paul John Knowles is paroled by the board down in florida, but there are as always conditions. Of course he is not to be in florida. I always love when they throw this condition out. There we are state will parole. but we don't really want you to stay here, but you need to leave. I think a lot It is not so much get out of our state its more so this person higher, you an attorney this person. We've worked with them to make arrangements to
If you busy once you're out, you know you have a place to stay, may be a place of employment, go be there and do the right things. One of the stipulations was for him to not kidnap any more police officers. Well, he's immediately going to go to california and find employment Angela was the one that secured p j a job with a billboard company is job would be painting signs. Now knows himself finally, a free man and in the big state of California, where he plan to marry the woman who was responsible for his new found freedom, so p. J knowles gave an a ring. Angela was seeking some guidance. Let's say things were moving way too fast for this young woman. This man, you know, he's a petty thief, he's an abductor.
parole. He is he the man that she is meant to be with to spend her life with. So Angela took her questions to a spiritualist someone she often found value in the opinion of the spiritualist studied the ring and this was the ring that Paul John Knowles gave to her and with a little bit of a warning. You know she's off up a warning. She says to Angela that there a very dangerous man that has just entered your life without naming names Angela's pretty certain that she is talking about Paul John knowles. Now and depending on which newspaper story you read well, changes. If Angela heeded the warning of her spiritual list or not some, hey. This was one of the few occasions where Angela disregarded the advice of her spiritualist others.
it was the driving force for what was to be by its. We have a background of pga, so we we know what he's capable of so. That makes the spiritualists some more credible. but I think anybody, whether you believe in that stuff or not, if somebody just entered your if whether you knew their history or not- and somebody said to you, there's a very dangerous person that does entered your life. I mean my ears would perk up re re well, regardless of which version is asked correct paul John Knowles was not the man for Angela Kovac, or at least she will say this. For now she said she enjoyed Knowles company. He was spiritual. believed in god and the afterlife. He was smart and had an interesting sense of humor, but he was just not for her. The two spent
or days together and regardless of knolls stipulation his parole there find and maintain employment. He never showed up not once for the job. At the sign company, the Angela had secured form. so Angela sent him packing after these four days he's you know he gone and captain, since we both know how much knowles, enjoys following the rules while wearing You think he ended up well, there's parma It's feeling a little bit bad for him right now, because he he basically shows up and once he gets there. She's, like you ugly. Well, I don't know if it's so much that I mean she's been warned by the spiritualist and she secured a job for him. He's there for four days. He doesn't go to the job once this might be. This might be the tip that you needed that says: hey man,
This guy's not going to change his ways or maybe he's not who he says he is right. You don't know this even trade in letters with him and now he's there stay with you and he's not doing his he's, not keeping up his end immediately right, I'm just saying that this is the version of now with social media Oh me, on line there chatting back and forth as some in our it get serious. One summit buys a plane ticket ones that plaintive bought, and they are right in your city. It might not be they might not look much like the pictures or or or how they protect themselves. On my gear, in thing that sucks for Angela here. Is she hired him an attorney? She bought him the plane ticket so she's out some money, so, as said, knowles doesn't care for the rule, so of course he ends up right back in the sunshine state, good old florida
now by all accounts, which really is just Angela's in knolls, but he was devastated by the rejection. So he returned to jacksonville order. He was soon arrested after stabbing a bar tender during a fight he was charged with assault and now he's back behind bars this time in a dingy jacksonville jail. But ever the career criminal knolls managed to pick the lock on his detention cell and escaped this was in late july, nineteen. Seventy four, on the night of his escape. Knowles finds himself in a situation. in of his own creation, where is on the run and in serious trouble He has no you so clean the violated his parole and likely would be facing some very severe and harsh punishments, a lengthy prison sentence, that is for sure,
Not only is he on the run, if he's going to remain a free man, he is in need of tools and provisions to keep him out Solution to this problem, hebrew into the home of sixty five year old, Alice curtis the tall young and strong fugitive easily overcame the defenseless. Sixty five year old woman, I'd or up and gagged her. He ran actor home, taking money and valuables, and then he stole her car. This was a white dodge. Dart Alice was a retired school teacher, just looking to live out her days, relaxing in her home and surviving on the nice little if she worked so hard to build for herself, instead, she choked to death on her gag knolls, ultimately took so much more that night than just a few dollars from her purse and her white dodge dart that night.
He took everything for the month of august, knolls remained on the run, annie What one would expect to to stay ahead of the law he stole it moved around, but one thing that he did not have to do was kill, but he did it anyway. This was his choice. He did it because he could not because he had too many that crossed his path. During time lived, but some did not so be generals at this point, spin on the run for a good month. Yet on september. Third, we find are unexpected, visitor up north and yankee land in our great state captain the old, oh h, ayo. This is at a roadside bar and restaurant off of route. Seventy five
four miles north of lima ohio. This is at the scots and where knolls is likely drinking himself into a nice one night coma there, he is doing his thing, which is drinking and chatting people up it becomes fast friends with a thirty two year old, william bates bates regular at the scots in now, it's a knowles couldn't be more opposites. Bates is a hard working family man he's got a great job, he's an account executive for the ohio power company knowles, as we know, is a law breaking man on the run and his only care seems to be not good, locked up in how he going to get his next meal or tank of gas. When I can tell you this captain old pga knolls, the unexpected visitor ever the opportunist he just spotted his meal ticket, and that was william bates. The bar tender,
would later say that both bates in an unknown male, who the bartender described as a young red headed man, had several drinks together or that evening and left about the same time bates. His wife would later report him missing and police very quickly realized that not only was bates gone, but his vehicle, a white chevy impala, was missing as well. Weren't kinda sounds like a guy that goes to a bar, often and sit in the the bar chatting up with people and thought this. Maybe this life that I want to live, I'm out of here, I'm out dodge That's where my mind goes to, and I think that's where a lot of people's minds would go. It's weird the contrast between a missing man and a missing and with a missing woman. You, you fear the worst. With a man in his early thirties, who has a good job in a family and his
car is gone on top of that. That's where Can I go well. Maybe he just maybe just hit the road bomb, and we know that he's prior target for pga, because this is part of his m if I might not take with me, but I need a ride. I need gas, I need supplies yeah. Well, he exact he needs a way of staying out on the run. He needs provisions to keep this journey of his going along mind you. He didn't just crawl into lima ohio. He drove that poor dead, woman, stolen veal, go all the way up to ohio and he's been driving around for some time now- and this is a very, very dangerous man, The thing I think of immediately captain is that old door song where the the line is there. killer on the road,
makes me think of several others, but but very much so Paul John Knowles, while something about it Google, Paul, John knowles, something rock and roll to me. He almost looks like he could be the singer of the doors. I don't know that they cut your hair for you, when you're in florida, state prison this takes us to September. We are now at september, nineteenth nineteen. Seventy four on the a day. The reno evening gazette reported the following with a head. about half way down page one that red couple found slain near Eli. The article reads about a vacationing couple who were found shot to death late. Morning in a camper south of ely nevada, an autopsy was ordered, but it
here both were shot in the temple with a small caliber gun. No gun was found at the scene. The victims were identified as Emmett Johnson and his wife lois, both in their sixties. The bodies were discovered at the lake valley summit. Rest, stop the body where, in the pickup camper lois was nude and found under a removable table and emmett was dressed, the sheriff office reported no leads, but deputy said johnson's wallet and her purse for both missing The These days, we have many ways to stay in touch with family, even when we can't visit them in person,
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PJ, hey? No, we don't need to know everything that you do and I think he kind of reminds me of Eric Stoltz yeah. You said that to me, and that makes total total complete sense back when Stoltz was a young strapping young lad, yeah, well, R, unexpected visitor captain. He went on to visit both the state of texas and the state of alabama and texas. He took advantage of a stranded motorist whom he abducted, raped and murdered in alabama. He killed a beautician. Then in october we had the double homicide that we covered in the trailer to this. so. That was the double homicide of mother and daughter, karen and dawn wine all the way up in connecticut. So when you picture a road map of this big beautiful country think about what we ve covered so far, a man who went from
florida we know he went up to ohio, then out to nevada than texas, alabama and connecticut. This guy is all over the shop and to get there, we we believe he I will end by car, so all those connecting states as well correct. and we'll go into the details. of how we know why he is in and whereabouts. In the timeline as well. That is really key to that, but something else that is of major importance to our case. This takes place on october. Fourth, this is one of those things that, at the time of this event, it's a bit of head scratcher, but it all makes so much sense later when we are able to see the big picture. So on october. Fourth, back up in ohio
a motel parking lot police discover an abandoned vehicle. This is a dodge dart. Now remember. This is the vehicle, the one that is missing from Jacksonville florida belonging to the unsolved murder victim alex Curtis. So now the sheriff's department up in lima, ohio, have a missing man in his vehicles missing as well know. That's from a month back and now we have an abandoned vehicle from out of state that belongs to a murder victim. Now, if you're, the sheriff's department, if you are this man's wife and his family and co workers, you're starting to go, does this abandoned vehicle that belongs to unsolved murder victim down in florida? Does that have anything to do with this missing man and his missing vehicle? It seems like quite the coincidence,
a throughout october, knolls continue to travel, driving the highways and likely killing along the way he does have a close encounter with police when pulled over for a minor traffic, infraction, of course, the officer didn't know who he was dealing with, so he let knowles go with a warning, knowles decides to reach out to his attorney and sets up a meeting. This meeting will be a strange one. Captain they meet for a couple of drinks halfway through the first drink. Knowles tells his attorney, and I believe that this is into the attorney, don't run away, but I'm a mass murder, having drinks with your client with somebody. You think that you know now his he's no idiot. He knows that the gnoles is not a great guy I he's broke the law, I mean he's represented him, so he could become a parolee, but the shocking statement of
Run away, but I'm a mass murderer. You gotta wonder if you're, Other guy. Do is your first reaction. Is this guy, joking or do. You know well enough immediately that you're gone whole the snap this a serious on top of that he's telling you all this stuff and what, if he changes his mind at the end of the conversation become a victim? Well- and I love these old cases, because I love to go back and take a look at how things have evolved throughout the decades and where we are talking decades ago and Paul says too, as it attorney I'm a mass murder, well I mean you see the ah, how investigation? This terminology alone has changed about the years this is before, people were using the term serial killer. This is before then they really even coined that phrase, so we have
him describing himself as a mass murderer, which today we would describe a mass murderer as somebody who walks into a single situation and takes out as many people as they possibly can. knowles is a serial killer in every sense of the that we know now but he doesn't know any better back then, and he says: hey, I'm a mass murderer, while I would kind of actually argue with that terminology, because we we know that, he's on the run from law enforcement and his is murders. We don't know if there was martyrs before his incarceration so he almost sounds like a spree murderer, danny yeah, more of a spree killer. Let's get back into it, Knowles tells his attorney hey by the way, I'm a mass murderer. While this also kind of reminds me of the movie American
So at the end where he cause, I believe is the name is patrick bateman and he calls his lawyer and starts confessing to all these crimes You were mentioning. Google go and now you bring up american psycho google some time on your own time, not on garage time right now, google, some time ah Huey lewis and I believe it's weird Al Yan a vague. They do a scene. They re create a scene from american psycho now once like apparent, yet it's pretty brilliant. Ok anyway, I apologize for we went down a road. Knowles tells his attorney by the way I'm a mass murderer. He wants to tell his attorney in detail who he is killed where and why Knowles is of the belief that he that or one of two things is going to happen. I The law will catch up with him and we'll be locked up in executed for his crimes or he's going to get killed in the process.
Being apprehended, either way he wanted a record of everything, or at least the stuff he was willing to admit to so that his family could from his murder spree via a book and movie deal after his death or once he's behind bars, thoughtful guy hot. His attorney is a pretty smart dude. He says, don't tell me anything stop closure. I'll finish your drink. Don't tell me anything. I don't want to know anything because if you do me all about this, then According to what you just told me, only two people will know your secret me and you and one day you may wake up, and decide you only want to have one person know this secret. and you'll, come and find me, and you will kill me right so therefore, I'm Paul this is between.
Oh, you don't want to know anything. He tells knolls. You should write it all down or record your story on cassettes. And then, if you like, you can seal it up and give it to me. and I'll save it for later. If you do get picked up and put away prison or executed or were killed in the, ass of suicide by cop yeah. Well, we also have the situation to where Knowles told the attorney that it was his eye He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. He twenty two, you know a gunfight shots fired he wanted to go out in the blaze of glory a lot this to me, captain seems like there was a bit an obsession on knows his part in regards to like Bonnie and clyde.
you know, people who traveled on the run in this country, hitting the highways and killing along the way doing whatever it took to stay free. They weren't and to be locked up. You are going to have to you're gonna, have to kill him you'll, never take them alive kind of situation. All of what the attorney suggest write it down or record your story on cassette, that is exactly what happens here. Captain they at this meeting on October? Twenty fourth two days later, on october, twenty sixth knowles delivers a hold envelope with a cassette, multiple cassettes inside to his attorney, and they on this visit discuss nothing We should note that the attorney did advise knowles to turn himself in, but unfortunately we know that did not happen. Then there was a double homicide on november. Sixth in milledgeville, georgia detectives did the best that they could to try to piece everything to
their eleven alive is a website. They did some cool videos on the gnoles case. I really recommend watching these. They did an interview with retire investigator James Josie, who worked the double homicide investigation according to reports when police got there, it is said that the place look like the whole house had been attacked by some kind of- and this is a quote. A giant beast from a horror movie furniture had been overthrown and smacks. Mirrors were shattered items worth.
All over the house, curtains and upholstery slashed and cut up. Mrs car was a nurse working, a double shift. When she came home she found her husband and daughter dead. As said the detective piecing. This thing together, the Wikipedia page says knolls befriended Cars well car he's the husband and father the victim and invited knolls back to cars house to spend the night and then over drinks. He stabbed car to death and then strangled cars. Fifteen year old, daughter, detective josie, who work the case says. Look when you ask us what happen. either knolls followed cars well, car home and snuck in all He was invited back to the house by the victim joey points out that, unfortunately, during their
as because Knowles killed everybody in the house. There was no one left to ask the question of how did this guy end up back at the house, but this was a vicious vicious. attack, Josie thinks somehow knolls got into the house again, it could be snuck in were invited in, but at some point knolls get hold of a pair of scissors and stabs cars well to death and, like I said this was a vicious attack. He stabbed the victim almost a countless number of times and with such force that the tips of the scissors broke off in the victim josie things. Cars well, would have obviously screaming and yelling during the attack, and he believes it That would be what woke up the teenage daughter. He says that his opinion in his expert detective opinion. He does not think that no likely knew that the daughter was there. That anybody else was in the house. So the screen
the attack wakes up the daughter He comes down to figure out. What's going on knolls, sir, is the daughter, and then says after she runs back, her bed. Room shut the door, locks eight and tries to barricade herself in their knolls again the detectives words the reporters words, the home look like it was attacked by some kind of giant beast from a horror. Film knolls manages to bus through the door. He strangle was the daughter and is believed, after murdering her, that he attempted to engage in some kind of necrophilia with the victim, but this reminds me of like the rage with Bundy right in this almost like gum morphine from actual, possibly chow. I mean individual to a vicious animal and
why that picture of Bundy from from court is such a Popular and well recognized picture the one where he's getting ready to just slam his hand on the on the table, because everybody the courtroom was saying hey here. You have this very neat, well kept room well, groomed guy, who seems to be smart and representing himself at trial, seems to have it all put together and then boom, and that second for that instance right there, every one in the core recognised, I noticed and saw what was really behind the eyes behind. the skin once you peel that layer back underneath was a monster and once he's out, he he is uncontrollable payment. Attention to the man behind the curtain, so Eventually, Knowles is going to flee the scene right, but not
for stealing jewelry and whatever other valuables. He can find now not too long after these murders, a store clerk reported to police that a toll red haired man matching knolls description was making purchases with cars. Well, cars credit card so police pretty early on, have a good idea. Who they're looking for sky is on the run, and we believe that we can try Kim and trail him through the vehicles, he is stealing and then leaving along the way and he's also using victim's credit cards and some stolen property and stolen money to buy things like gas and and food and cigarettes and so forth. While he's out running over the map also that month, Knowles picked up some hitchhikers. This was edward hilliard and Debbie griffin
edward was eventually found dead in some woods and Debbie is believed. To have been killed by knolls as well. Unfortunately, to this day, over forty years later, her body has never been rick covered another, interesting little stop along the way in our story and timeline. Here captain is knowles as He doesn't kill everyone. He comes across, in fact some people he befriends them and becomes friends with them and one person. The story goes like this: while bar hopping in atlanta georgia on November eighth Paul John knowles met british journalist sandy fox impressing her with his looks, which she says, and I think this is quite the stretch but whatever,
maybe I'm just jealous, but she says his lonely yeah real jealous. She says that his looks were a cross between rob redford and ryan o'neal text to see them as top shelf right there top shelf for a redhead yeah, so they spent the night together. He she was sitting at the bar by herself now mind you she's, in a different she's in a foreign country she's over here working. She was on assignment and I originally she was on an assignment in new york, maybe for the times, and that didn't work out or they sent her down to georgia on a different assignment somehow. She ends up in georgia by herself at this bar the way describes it as she was kind of check it out, knowles from afar he's sitting. Drinking and she thinks that he must have caught her checking him out and at some point
He makes his way over starts talking her up now one thing I will say that does seem to be quite charming about this nose character. Is that at least two women fox included, said that knowles would be quick to ask a woman to dance which is which is kind of a last thing. what on men? Don't do that so much anymore? I don't even know that they did that a whole lot back in the seventies, but now the the bar she described him in her book is not described as dance club or anything like that. It really sounds to me, like it's Hotel lobby bar a lot of businessman and people sitting around after work drinking and, She catches his eye. He comes over chats with her for a while and eventually that leads to him asking her to dance. She said that they spent the night together now, as said
I said her book. She went on to write two books about her experience with Paul John Knowles, and one of them's killing time. I've read killing time, it's a great true crime. I love the old ones. This one was from nineteen. Seventy seven in the book. What's what's funny, though I've I've never read one of those them romance novels, they have the risky covers. You know it lot of flesh on the on the cover, but I can only imagine how they read a portion of her book. Killing time reads all like a very graphic love making scenes, though sex well. She said she says he was unable to perform much a lot of build up and no no real ability to. kill the deal, let's say bad boys.
And pants, so that's always brought up some question. A about knowles one. She says, luck, push the psychology aside. the nights that she hung out with knowles. He was drinking a lot. and she said that in her experience throughout life, she had seen many a good time go down the throats of men who are just drinking and drinking and drinking. I don't if that's the right time I thought I her books well written and I liked I like the way she phrase some things. So if you push psychology aside, that's an excellent explanation, but then you take this psychology. into it, and you have to wonder- and we've seen this with other serial killers. We've seen this with rapist serial rapist, where Sometimes these men are not able to perform with a willing participant right.
and we do know that there was suspicion about possible necrophilia with the victim that we spoke about earlier. Why again, if, if sex is the motivation, these crimes are these murders. Then we know that this individual is probably desensitize to say. at least it seems weird to me, because I feel like we're in a in one of those odd situations. Look with serial killers and sex and fantasy and violence kind of all, really wrapped up into one for a lot. Guys. I don't think that that's too far off here from Paul John Knowles, but I I feel like that's, not the single motivating factor for these murders. I almost feel what you pointed out earlier. The spree killer guy on the run. I think that is more of the appeal for this guy DAS seems to be what he's into he likes the the thrill of the
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