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The Devil Did It /// Part 1 /// 126

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On March 4, 1998 Father Alfred Kunz was found dead in Saint Michael's Catholic Church, in Dane Wisconsin. Father Kunz was the victim of a homicide. He was found in a pool of his own blood. His throat had been cut. The body was discovered by a teacher arriving at the school. All of the doors were locked and there was no sign of forced entry. There have been many suspects and theories over the years. One of the most popular theories is Kunz was killed by satanists. Today we discuss this cold case and take a look at the theories and some suspects.

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the St Michael, the archangel defend us in our day of battle, protect us against the deceit and wickedness of the devil. May god rebuke him, we humbly pray and you prince of the heavenly by the power of god vanish into hell, satan and all the evil. Spirits who rome through the world the ruin of soul, Saint Michael, is one of the principal angels. His name was the war cry of the good angels
as he led them in the battle fought in Heaven against those led by the dragon. Who was, in fact the devil or say the devil, and his followers were defeated. thrown down to earth. According to scripture. Christian tradition gives to saint Michael for offices to be the champion of god's people to fight against satan to call away from earth and bring men souls to judge rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of the enemy, especially at the hour of death. Tuesday third nineteen. Ninety eight monroe constant two men. Both priest are driving it's about eight thirty p m father alfred,
since the passenger is getting a ride home from his long time friend and pow father Fiori, a dusty wisconsin snow was falling for laurie includes had a seventy mild drive ahead of them. Take them all the way to the tiny town of dane wisconsin population of only about seven hundred hard working and god fearing people dane was only a small blip on the big wisconsin map. It was where father alfred Coon's had called home for many there's an for many years. He has loved and taking care of the good people of day. It was beautiful night, one of those clear march nights where the snowflakes melt when they touch the pavement about half way home father coon's became silent, and then he started to climb up fury, looked at his friend and said how you have been a good,
and for so many years- and I love you for that- there was a long pause and father coon's looked up. There were large tears running down his face and all he could say was, I know I know around ten p m that night, the two priest had arrived at saint, Michael church, the destination for father coups. He got out of car, father, Fiori rolled down the car window and shouted hey I'll, make sure you get yourself something to eat. I will concealed before heading inside and out of the cold slightly within an hour or two of arriving home father cool, starting A noise woke him from his sleep. Someone was in the building, a stranger stepped
the cold night and into the church and home of father Koontz. But this part of the story is a mystery because you don't know the strangers name and we cannot see the strangers face We can only wonder if father coon's knew the name or recognised the face regardless father coon's would have greeted the stranger with warmth and kindness how many help you my child the stranger was not seeking the love of god, the warmth of the church. He we wanted one thing from father codes. The stranger would greet coon's with anger, maybe an accusatory question, a death threat or words of hatred the stranger, russia's, the old priest in attacks it forced to defend himself father coon's fights back as he is being hit repeatedly after a long struggle. The stranger gets up any pulls from his coat and night father, coon's grey,
is it the blade with his bare hands, trying to pry the knife from his assailant? Sadly, he's unsuccessful. The stranger put them lay to the side of coon's neck and slits, ro of the beloved father. the stranger now covered in blood, injured and probably cut stands up, and ass. He gathers himself. He curses the priest, then he steps back out. into the cold night. Who was this stranger? Was he a mentally ill drifter or some sick twisted satanist? Or was he someone the priest had trusted? This is true crime garage, and this is the
s, father africans on Wednesday march. Fourth, ninety ninety eight, the body of father, Alfred coon's, was found at the saint Michael's church is he was practically lying at the foot of a beautiful statue of Saint Michael, the archangel inside the building. He was found by a school, teacher. This is a male teacher at about seven, a m on that day. This man, called nine one to report the findings when the first responders arrived. The first thing that they saw was the blood. On the tiled floor now, father father, Alfred Coon's was wearing black pants and a white,
shirt and he was lying in a pool of his own blood. His his clothing had been blood soaked by that point. Obviously, the teacher who had found him had quite a bit blood on his own clothing as well. After running over to the body, father coon's was known as far our two most, who knew him. As we mentioned at the start of the show one man who knew albert well was father fury. The two were together the night before this would be the knight of the night before coon's is death, depending on how you get the timeline police say because of fury, dropping coon's off around ten p m that night in the teacher finding the body around seven a m the following morning, then that obviously, as your window, for when the murder occurred now, the police
not know for sure, but they have stated that they estimate that the time of death would be closer to ten p m on march. Third, rather than seven a m on march forth, so father, Fiori and father coup They were together that night they were in monroe, wisconsin, father cool, in fiore. Well, captain they were, they were a lot like us. They had a quota. Radio show. They called this. Our our catholic. Our unease elsa me like clever name, it sounds to me like coon's, had on the show for a while, maybe like a year to two, I, it was called catholic, our garage Peter Kelly, who is a monroe wisconsin attorney. He is the producer of the weekly show, our catholic, our or our catholic family on this night, five fury was at the mike in place of father coon's. The two had been
long time. Friends and I believe fiori head had been a guest many times on the show now, their coon's was passing the torch and passing the might to his friend as father Fiori was taking over the show permanently I've. Never I've never heard the show and in no disrespect intended, but I have read that it a rather dry. Our long show answers somewhere to ours, on occasion. Coon's has done some controversy, controversial things or It's on the show. I won't go into the details of those because I don't want to. I dont wished her fan, Anybody listening, as we said after the taking of the, show Fiori drove coon's back to deign to his church, slash home,
arriving around ten p m. According to the records, coups spoke to someone on the phone at ten. Thirty p m there, the, but there the body was found the next morning. Seventy em, we don't know what happened during those hours accepts some one or some ones arrived at the church, and there were some kind of fight that lead to some one cutting the throat of the good father right, I'm really curious to know the the you know. The first thing I was curious about was the lock situation of the building. So let's describe this building real quick. So basically, what you have it's it's a church now the mind this is a smaller town, but you have a church that also contains within it a catholic school as well. as a small apartment. It's been referred to as a small apartment where coon's had lived, but they also said that he lay like a like up like a pauper, you know that
He lived like a very, very poor man. There were. There was some us, a famous story done on our offered coon's after he passed away there with the was titled alfred, coon's M rags to rags. You know this was an rags to riches story. This was this. Was a man that lived you know he lit like a poor man, because he served his. He served his parish. He served his god any serve the people of his parish and community and also the catholic family our garage spry. Wasn't man the bills right right so that the och situation. Like I said the thing that I was concerned about with this building, very simple in the police cleared this up very quickly. With one of the first newspaper articles, it came out it. They clearly stated the police found the building locked the entire building was locked, every door was locked and there was no sign of forced entry.
So you know now we have the situation of how did the killer get in it? If this either he had access to the building some some way or father outward coon's. Let this person it and you know, but the thing- as ninety eight, so it could have been laid any school or some assemblies churches. Where all you you don't you could get out of the building, but getting in everything was locked right. So that's that's what I'm, assuming I would guess. well the same thing. Now. Here's some background information on our victim, father coon's was born in wisconsin in nineteen thirty, he his head. He grew up in fenimore. Ah, he attended seminary at the Josephine m in Worthington ohio. You and I are big fans of the the little town of worthington
to us right. He received a doctorate in canon law. He became the pastor of what is described in these newspaper articles as the tiny church of Saint Michael's and they list the church parry as consisting of one hundred and forty nine families. It's unclear to me if that was at the time that he became the pastor or if that was at the time of his death, while, like you said in the trailer, this is a very small town, so father owl I'll try to refer to him as that, because that's what his friends called him. I guess the church had burned down at some point and he had helped rebuild the church. As we said, you know the rags to story, he took a vow of poverty. He collected no salary. He died with very little money. He at the time of his death. He had three cars, but these were all like smaller older. Maybe what we would refer to
beaters mom right man. There might have been donated by the peoples of the parish. Well, he was a very old school kind of dude. He heaps would buy or get these. hours yogurt. Some of these may have been donated and these are old, beat up car and sometimes they would barely run or maybe not. All, but he would fix them up and he would keep them running and he would he would give some. Sometimes he would give these cars to the teachers at his school. as I believe the teachers made very little money They made something like five hundred dollars salary a month. You know so very little money,
so he would try to be allowed to do that with minimum wage things like that, I know I don't know how that stuff works. Church gets around every, but he would he would try to give them little parks or incentives for their work. With the with the church and school. One is a little bit of a chef as well yeah. He was, he was kind of famous for his fish. Fries they would do the community in the church would do these tries every me most on some friday night and father comes along with two other gentlemen. They would do everything that would fry the fish, the french fries they would make their own tartar sauce and even though the town only had about seven hundred people, sometimes they would get over a thousand people at these different events, You know so that this was something that was a popular. You know he was well known for people would drive in from out of town to to
well, together with the people and in in a experiences these events on well well, in all fairness, if you're in a town of like seven hundred people, everything you do as popular eyes with a man, we're gonna go watch the. Kevin. He learned ties. Shoes were going, go watch him. Ok, seven under people show up the thing here. Captain, though, is that father Is he he remained at his church? He remained at this church at saint Michael's for a long time, all the way up until his death, How long is that it was like you know. He was therefore like thirty years long time yet in the thing here is they they say they he quote: unquote ran a one. Man show he he kept basically no records
no calendar or daily planner and rarely kept notes on things concerning his work at the church. This, including counselling sessions, so from the gate, though we see a problem with the investigation, because we know with these with these murders that a lot of times we gotta start looking at the inner circle. You know the family, the friends, the people that were closest to the victim, well immediately? The investigators have a problem because we have a guy that has no hidden write anything down. He you know they they would have to go to other people to find out what this guy's future plans were. You know what was his future appointments, who he supposed to go see what was on his his calendar Maybe he only kept in his mind, so this made the investigation more difficult plus they also did- They are not able to really fully establish things that may
only father out would have known or father out would have wrote down regarding his relationships with other people, or especially his work with the church many people, write that down. Do up. I do a podcast with neck. I like neck, we drink beer together we have fun he's a very funny. I appreciate all those now things off. The mike is not on the pod cas he's very funny, but the thing here is captain. If investigators find a diary a calendar if they have a computer to if they have a computer, that they can sort through the room to grown men, keep diaries, I dont of some do net and out, and but but a lot of people keep calendar lotta people do you know sit at a computer for x amount of ours.
Every day. These are all things that can help your investigation. He was killed, it age of sixty seven, he was at saint Michael church thirty one years you asked how many years it was thirty one years- and I didn't I didn't realize this until we got into to look at this case. You know I groped catholic group catholic. I will say we were the best of catholics. You know we weren't, we, we weren't there shut your mouth all about boy you work. Yes, I was your yeah for a while I was confirmed. I was confirmed both confirmation names We already got into this on a show back here. Remember what you said thank HANS was at hand now it's Isaiah and you don't remember your name d and now say I remember this too busy bee an altar boy, so I didn't realize the it's a v.
very rare thing, for a priest to remain at the same church for that many years for thirty one years, going to keep that joke to myself. So both of us were raised catholic, where neither one of us are practicing catholics today, and I think we mainly, we mainly were confirmed catholic just so we could play on the football team hey. I pray a lot during the football season. Yes, now father out was not only just a good priest, but he was a good son as well. His mother lived about an four and a half away from him, and he would visit her often almost every week, sometimes more than once a week. Thing here is that why heard she did his laundry? The thing I thought was really nice. in almost cute in a way in a in a momma's boy kind of way, and he would he would visit her, obviously on her birthday, but he would call mass at her local church on.
Her birthday, so she and she would go there. You know and maybe drag a couple of her friends with her, so she could show off how proud she is of her boy right and, like we said he was old school. One thing that he would do is he did a he could say out of a latin mass which I dont know how often I dont know if these were things it took place, often latin ass. I dont know if they did that it my church growing up, I wouldn't of You know I would have recognised that it's a different language, but I wouldn't have known anything that was being said or did they did it at mine, but two To be fair, I mean they start talking. the eu. Now, if, after the same gibberish, serve their speak latin. So I do like when the priest, like sings and talks at same time. You know the law that always that away into it, inspired me. I was trying frank sinatra: our aid, so that Now this guy was a good guide opposed picture of itunes,
and instagram are one of the things that is interesting. It kind of has a I don't sound lazy. I was kind of a droopy Really, I think, are, are you certain he might he might? I just thought he was kind of the dude that like if he knew he was having his picture taken. He would like cock. The one eyebrow up like like. Maybe It was his pose. Ghana thing now, that's a go, that's my posts and you don't get a droopy. I guess it that's a different look, this is covered ruby I mean if you eat you, he does comes across as goofy even a hint drunk saying he was an alcoholic or that he was drunk. This is kind of it because he's got a happy face that yeah, like that's the best way to spain friendly when you dirty he's like he'd, like has a natural smile, and the thing is, if you see him out of his priest, get up
he's very grandfatherly. Looking you know what I mean. He looks like what you well. You would close your eyes and picture a typical grandfather yeah and are opposed to picture of his when he first started the priesthood. You know handsome gentleman I think then, as he got older. I I liked the guys that, as they get older, they embrace it and they just go. I'm the goofy older guy. Now you know I'm not trying to be handsome or suave captain we have. We have to go through the autopsy. The dance in the police findings from the immediate get go one of the first articles that came out. You know we have. in a situation where the police were saying that they were. They were looking for a motive for this crime because it
It's very rare. I have to believe it's very rare for a pull for a priest to be killed and a priest to be killed inside one's own church. Now they did state that they, would not rule out robbery. on the investigation. I do want it wanted tipp. You no mention one kind of thing that I thought was a little bit sad to see a man that gave so much of his life to the catholic church and too community is community and helping others. The thing here is the priest could not complete the last rights for father coon's because of the investigation.
A reverend from a nearby town of alone. He gave coon's final absolution, but officials did not permit him to annoy the body with oil as the oil. It was said that the oil may interfere with evidence or things that they were looking for on the body. So I found that to be rather sad concerning that you now considering that he gave so much of his life to to the faith, will get back to the aids of father, Alfred coon's after this quick beer break.
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The bag cheers everybody with any opening instigation you want to try to go through the autopsy. The evidence in police findings with this still on unsolved these are limited to the public as they should be, but the still solved murder investigation regarding Alfred coon's has been described one of the most expensive and time consuming investigations in the dean county history. The crime scene was described as grizzly and gruesome, which we should expect it to be with the cause of death being while father coon's had bled to death, he was discovered, face down,
in a pool of his own blood. His throat had been cut. He was lying in the hallway area. What's been described as the hallway area near the door of his apartment to his living cos. I'm someone had used a razor sharp, what's been described by the police as a razor, sharp blade to cut the artery. This is just below coon's is jaw. Medical experts said that he would have fainted when the cut was made and he would have only live for about a minute in this would have been in a dazed dream like state now one, the indicator to the investigators was father. Coon's had marks on his hands. Arms. It was very obvious to the police.
not very descriptive about these. What the, what led them to believe this, but they state that they know for a fact: coon's fought his attacker brain dead. I'd be the marks on your hands and there they are also saying that the attacker would have had obvious signs of injury, meaning that the investigators believe or have evidence to point them in the direction of believing that this person was probably punched in the face is the is the best way that I can gather from this, because they they've repeatedly said the attacker would have had obvious injuries. One may be they can tell. I mean you are going to have cuts
and father coon's hands, but as far as I know that the human hand is not designed to punch things well. Ah, so there is a possibility that father coon's had like a broken. Pinky knuckle a cow or something like that. So if he's punching somebody, he might have damage to his hand from punching somebody you and maybe that's that's the evidence of that, and you would expect to see more damage to one's hands if their connecting with the face of the skull, not because the bones or you know, wrought their role in the scholars harder than the and so this person would have had obvious injuries on their face from being punch the other, thing that they believe too, that its very likely that the killer did not anticipate that amount of blood. Remember we ve talked about in the past that Sometimes when there's a struggle or when there is blood involved. The blade can become slippery,
and yet you can. You can cut yourself an accident or it could be even leave yourself with a decent size, cut or cuts because of the struggle or because of the blood while and we've talked about that before with. If you have a blade like a you know, a knife may have a standard knife, but enorme has the handle and it has like a almost like a hand stopper a hilt until it would, I believe so when, when, if, if it got slippery, that hilt would stop, you cutting your hand. Now, if you have a box cutter or a kitchen knife yeah or like a razor blade type thing raid, the blade. Ah, then there's no hilt there, so it doesn't stop your hand from sliding, and you want you want to talk about it devastating cut. You know you thought,
Paper cut was bad now right away in the investigation captain. One thing that I found interesting was the deputies were asking neighbors. You know people that lived this role, rural community policies, watch for unusual items on their lawns and the investigators Getting any time that you have a crime like this. There is always the possibility that someone has discarded something as they left the crime so I'm assuming that they were hope for the police were hopeful. That may be that the attackers leaves the church as he's walking back wherever he's gone, he's dropping in, though that you know the murder weapon gather he would have disposed of the murder weapon by just tossing it in some random location.
So what we do now, we must to recap this row quick. We have no, that father kind was attacked and murdered in the hallway. We know that there was a knife where blade involved correct. We know that there was a lot of blood, and so the attacker would probably have blood on them. And there is some evidence, we don't know what the evidences, but you know, possibly where this the attacker would have or the murderers. What I I should say the murderer would have blood on em, maybe a black eye, maybe cuts on them correct. broken knows. You know anything anything that you would a busted lip anything that you would assume or or you know that would be typical of a fifth fight. and we also know that coon's was killed between the hours of ten thirty p m and seven a m
pretty long window, though put yeah police believing that it's closer to that ten, thirty p m and situation. I would I was curious to know who and who he was talking to. I couldn't locate that information, but that, but it was clear there was some kind of phone call that he had a phone conversation that he had around that ten thirty time. Yeah a lot like you said before a lot of this evidence is kind of held close to the vest and the other thing to do guarding the the teacher that found father coon's they which had a lot of blood on em. They ve not include did the name of this person that I could find, and there were many newspaper internet and magazine articles regarding this murder and I find one that that stated that mail, it's a male, teach her. I can find one that stated the name of him
We do know that the doors were all found locked. There was no sign of forced entry. It was you We said that father Fiori had that of thin the evening with with father coon's the night before it his father Fiori, who formerly identified the victim at the scene. Now thing I was a little curious about. Was the father Fiori situation? You know that he's here You know he's taking over this this radio show was that some kind of problem between the two of them they world? time friends they they actually work together on many projects that they created themselves and it had been reported many many times. You know we talked about coon's purchasing or getting these vehicles and fixing them up at the time of his death. He had three cars and he was somebody that everyone said, while he loved to drive like that. That was a
big hobby of his, and I thought well and he loved to drive so much wiser carp. You know what why is this father fee worried driving him. Seventy miles both ways I actually found other fiori at the time lived only about five minutes away from father coon, so would only make sense for the two to harpole on his knees don't litter about about triumphant our pull every now and then everybody please carpal behind? Don't litter carpool, now an outsider looking in at first glance- and I hate we can end speculation already yeah we're going to get in a little speculation and then we'll get into some theories, but but but one thing that I kind of want to put while I may just give our warning, if you don't like speculation, turn the damn show off one thing I want to kind of the bed before we get into the theories here. Captain was from somebody looking from the outside. Looking in
your immediate thought would be a priest killed in a church. Well was he up to no good? We know that that the catholic churches yeah. I got some black eyes over the years and in in priested, evident have the pussyfoot around with them well. They are in very stout there. They have have done terrible thing surgeon, but there's hundreds and hundreds of priests that were child molesters than are probably still our child molesters and the church has covered that up time and time again, that's what's been happening. If he don't like what I just stated that that's not my opinion rises. What's fact, that's the unfortunate truth. The thing here is captain, so the first thing that we looked at was well. It was father coon's, one of these bad priest was he a bad priest and somebody out there felt that he deserved to be punished right, maybe so that the idea-
which I own a wire dance. Rounded dynamic, eddie that he he possibly molested a child and then that child would come back or of the parents of that child warlike it's time for you to die and pay for what you did the thing here is ok as the theory right that that would be the first thought and the thing is the there's, no evidence or even complaints of father coon's having involved in anything of that nature. No again and again, thirty years, thirty one years at the same, perish now, when you look to a lot of these that used priest. That's all you can call him, because there never charges on. They brought up the queues priest normally they'll, bouncing around the give em six months sick leave the move. Em perish normally every two to three
years. So there is no sign of that. There is no sign of him being moved around no farther out at the same location. For thirty one years bright and like we said there was no, even after his death, there was number that came forward right, so well, it is a small community and I get again, I think, with the small community you're going to you know if he, if he was up to no good, ah you're affecting a giant percentage of that population. Actually, the the other thing to captain, isn't what came out after his death were. There were many priest that were coming out as well as people in within the parish that work. You know devout and very close to father I'll that were coming out after his death and saying quite the contrary that that father, I was not a bad priest, he wasn't a child a lesser. He was actually kind of policing other priest than he was. What
They called a discreet whistle blower, and this was like us at several pre said this in several people in the parish had said that he was keeping an eye on some things he was, and you know I don't know how vocal he was with it because, like I said this is stuff he came out with that came out after his death, it sounds more to me like he was he would he would report these incidents or report his suspicions to superiors to these other priests of superiors. Right and like we said again, this is nineteen. Ninety eight, this is a. This is actually three years I think, before the boston story broke two thousand and one with the all the
Please sex scandal in Boston, but I think this was something in that community that was being talked about and being discussed and from what I found it seems like he was doing a lot of research and to these possible connections with priest and in the holes state of illinois. So what did he know or what did he uncover? And you know that? Could that be a possible motive? Now the thing is captain early in the investigation. We have dane county sheriffs, detective, Kevin Hughes regarding this. of motives for the murder of father coon's, he said, you know them. The motives are all over the place. You know this could be anything from jealousy to power and control to betrayal and fear of exposure. He basically says you know that it could be any one of these things, so you can take your pick at this.
point when you're investigating this crime now very early on in the murder they had like they had a whole bunch of guys. Maybe thirty thirty men and women investigating this murder. They they did I mean they. They did a lot of hard work on this now there were many theories out there regarding the motives or why he was killed, but several priest have there have theories of them and will get into those the first one being that either satanist, possibly Lucifer arians killed father owl coon's incur it has been it. It's been suggested Many have suggested that there is a body of evidence that suggests that satanism was involved in the murder. Now we
do we gave a warning a couple weeks ago. We dont typically do these, because it is a true crime show, but you don't you don't expect to hear about an animal being harmed or killed so the throwing out. This is a warning. I was actually receive. Some feedback is said: hey next, when you're gonna talk about their stuff. Can you make sure you throw out a warning in advance and I thought well, you should pay attention, because what you were doing, and we did give you a warning. Here's your warning! Here's this is the official warning so and I apologize for this, but it has to be reported. A mutilate, a mutilated calf was discovered on a farm just about fifteen minutes away from Saint Michael's church, where they found coon's is body the calf. This was found just the day before the calf had its threats that its throat slit is today slid and its blood was drained into a milk pale. The cap's genitals had been cut off as well
The calf was in a cage when it was killed, or at least fenced and may be in a stall rather than a cage, but the articles I read refers to the calf as being caged. According to police reports, this happened between ten p m on march second and four, a m on march third, at a farm. So again, this is a very
similar time frame just one day before coons is murder. Rape, the king. As I said, the caged animals throat, was slit that the farmer told police that he believed that this was probably the work of a wiccan cult and that he he had said was rumored to operate in the area. Now call experts consider calf mutilations to be the quote. Unquote calling card or signature of satanist and coons is slit. Throat was also significant to the same experts. I wonder if there's a way to test the blade and trees and and things like that of the bodies, if they'd be similar as as a that's, an interesting thought and they're they're saying that the the throat cutting and his signs of you
many secret societies, there oaths of many secret societies. They include that throat slicing as a penalty or punishment for revealing a groups closest secrets. You know in the thought here being was father. Coon's supposing the operations of some kind of copped rang again like I said how much did he know about these other priest as far as the genome, pedophilia and stuff like that, but also where those pre, were those priests connected to other organizations, were more sinister so at to a rabbit, hole, now one driving force behind this thought of the satanist or lose a fairyland was coon's, is friend and associate. This is a former vatican, insider maliki, Martin, he certainly thought so
and this is obvious, because just six weeks after coon's is murder, Martin appeared on a radio show claiming to have inside information that coon's murder, was carried out by lucifer variance according to for what reason, though, say on the radio show. Did. I did not hear the arctic. I did not hear the entire interview a coup it to you know this would have taken place in late nineteen nineties in late nineteen, ninety eight soya. what a fine, the entire interview but Turning to Martin So fair regions are not your garden. Variety devil worshippers, but they are devil. Worshippers, none, the less. He also insisted that coon's had either assisted in several exorcisms or perform them himself at the saint Michael's church and that he often consulted with more.
Regarding these exorcisms. He also, although I think Martin was actually pretty famous for exorcism. Wasn't I think as the press has written about year, you're exactly right, Martin was famous for where a lot of things in and we'll get into that in just a second, but one more thing that that Martin was saying was the lucifer arians resent they resent. The most is interference with someone they regard as their own. Adding that his friend believed that his life, in danger for weeks leading up to his death, he says that we? I don't know who we are when he says we but he's as we are all convinced beyond anything, that father coon's was killed and hatred of the faith as punishment and as an example for rest of us. Some assume any means we as in priest. That's what I'd assume a he also states.
A week before the murder, a woman who was certain her middle age, son was demonic. Lee possessed was referred to father out coon's for an exorcism, and this was going to be done. He was referred I am a bishop and in minnesota the woman and her son had not yet arrived as of the night before koons had died. Martin also said coons was afraid for his life for weeks leading up to the murder. It sounds to me have been like it's a little unclear, in my notes, but it sounds to me like this this or maybe get some more clear. Now this woman had money. Some kind of appointment react to meet with him because you know it does state that they had not arrived to meet with coon's for his daddy. Never you know our old offered the right thing down, so we'd all now bright that what
it's funny when you're saying he doesn't raining down on my clown, really, who writes a lot of stuff down, but yes, you are right- the appointments for an exorcism more or two to discuss an exorcism. You think you think, if you gonna have a fight with them, a man possessed by the devil. You ve got, You know you're going to mark that down on the calendar, you're going to get up everyday and you're, going to chug your eggs and you're going to run up the stairs, and my calendar is not very complete, but I would I would I would be dreading The arrival of that day, my next next wednesday, it's on the donkey car. Well, ok! So, should we talk a little bit about? Let's talk a little bit about martin for a second before we get into. Ok, other thier mart Martin as the priest, that's giving them the interview with that radio. yeah and I dont want to go into this all the way because I don't
fully understand it, there's probably a lot of intricate workings with inside the catholic church that we are unaware of. But you know there have in people that have question this malady, martin, his authenticity as being a priest authenticity as having been a quota quote: vatican, insider weird. Gonna debate that on this show, but I do want to throw that out there to let you know there has been this talk. You Certainly look into malaga martin as much as you want. There's a lot of information out there on him. He was a best selling author, apparently he had asked for a special permission to from the church to become an author. The thing here is where I think you see the problem with martin needs. A lot of his books were talking about satanism it
being involved in the hierarchy of the catholic church, as well as sex scandals and these the pedophilia that you talked about being involved in the church. He had several best. Selling books and maybe that's why the church pushed him away or kept him at arm's length. But, as you said, he was known for his exorcisms. He was known to be a big proponents of reminding everybody every chance. He got that there is a constant battle tween good and evil going on in. There are people out there that are getting possessed by these demons, and he. Was leading and assisting in many exorcisms in and wrote several books whether you know most of them are considered to be fiction works of fiction, but he is that a lot of his works are based, based on based off of experiences that he had all. But there also
makes you wonder you know if this guy has connections with the church. What is his motivation mean? He has some motives here, too, I mean less less the system just that is quite right right. I pathetically offered coon's get some information that there is some mom some touchy touchy, going on with some pre straight and he is gone to and maybe he's presented this evidence doesn't to some people are actually heard that he actually sent some stuff to the bishop before so. If they looked into this information that father coon's gave them There was some validity to it and they didn't do anything about it and then he then contact the minutes at a where you do about this right, and that would be, if again, connections with the bishop connections. With you know the vatican or what
However, that would be a reason all well. He was killed by satanist. Spa actually was killed by priest, but we're going to calm satanists and that's our cover up. You know he was killed by the church, but hey guys who was killed by satanists, so that would be a motive there and for him lying, but I, but I dunno well, but the thing here is, I think you know I see if Maliki martin, as he you know, and maybe it's not all over the shop, but he he seems to be presenting almost two different arguments. That kind of I guess they intertwine each other at some point, because he you know he states that You know it was known that the format of that our long radio show that catholic family, our show where I was going to be modified mart, my guess, was it was, at times aghast irregular guest on the show
and he was labelled as an expert on deviant sex rings within the calf catholic church. stating that the night coon's was murdered was the exact same night that coon's his friend father, Charles Fiori, was going to take, over half the family. Our show Fiori planned this according to Martin fiori plan, to begin exposing satanic pedophile rings within the catholic church feel, He was in a perfect position to collect intelligence on deviant sex rings, both inside and outside the catholic church, because of his participation in what martin says is the or calls the council for national policy also everything I do said make
of sense, then well basic cause of what it could cause. Then there wouldn't be a cover up right, because if he found this bad stuff, then his then this guy is not covering it up, because what he's stating is, if, if there, if, if he was killed- and it was satanic, it does not exclude- and people of the church right that there are said there are satanic organizations outside of the church. And then there are some ins the church and he was saying that their satanic, a ring of pedophiles and the church possibly could be who's responsible for killing. Father comes yet I think that's martin, you know reminding us this is but or pointing out to us asking us. The question is this: is this complete? Is it just coincidence
there they coon's is killed. On the same night, the fiori takes over the radio show and furies planning on discussing this. This crazy topic right and we know was so was coon's killed, two to shut up coon's his work that he was doing behind the scenes. The reports he were filing with p and as a warning to Fiori do not go out with this information. Now, according to two martin into others, Fiori then changed his plans for that radio show. After the courtesy of his wounds, whelps he did well. We can save as he did, but we also were we don't know exactly by his plans. Were you know it's one thing for its one thing for martin to say this is what he was planning to do it's another thing right. If that was actually the case yet disease, they read the stuff
yes, oh so Martin I mean these are these are interesting theories? Martin is certainly a m and I dont want don't anybody get get mad at me on this? I didn't we weren't able to spend a lot of time on this martin guy. He had a very extensive career. He had a lot of ins and outs with the catholic church. I dont know the specifics of all of those. but he was what I would say a controversial character and died in nineteen. Ninety nine! So not long after the death of father, Alfred coon's, Well, he passed away of a stroke that was prompted by a fall as he prepared for an x system according to alose associate that doesn't sound fishy at all? Well, according to this associate- and this coming from martin. He's lying in a hospital bed just shortly before his death martin said,
an in he. He adamantly says that the fall felt more like a deliberate act of an unseen evil force than an accident at the time, the associate who was at martens bedside when he died later quoted him as shouting at one point when asked about the incident, he's is no I did not fall. I tell you. My legs were pulled out from under me so Sadly, Martin has passed away in nineteen. Ninety nine now regarding the calf mutilation yeah. That certainly does seem to me that this month jump around here. So with with the his stroke, he stayed in somebody pulled his legs out from where he says in evil and unseen evil force. He says that it feels like pulled his legs out from him he's without a bit in person again he cities where he was, but he was
I believe he was reaching for a book like he had climbed upon a stool, and he was at his one of those you no fancy book shelves at these successful people have and he knows you- I have one of those are bookshelves or short with his- you have actually dig to guitars he is standing on a stool First of all any listener out there, especially the older crowd, don't stand on stalls. Ok, let's let's not stay there, not hearing or later today about don't litter, carport corporal Standards, land on stalls and go to the fish for I m running. Ok, Martin he's on the store and he says that he felt that his legs were poured out from underneath. He was preparing for an exorcism idle. Now you know I watched the documentary on Martin in a lot as possible a lot of his close people while he.
I really believed in these demonic possession. So of course he did I mean why would you do exercise eat dinner? And if so, if you believe in that, then I guess that that's not too much of a leap to believe that that they could be coming after him and as he's trying to help these people The thing here, though, is a close associates of his accord, to the documentary I watch, it was called them hostage to the devil or something like that. They believe that the exorcisms were taking a physical pole on this malady martin throughout his years. he was there. He was having health problems because he was involved in these exorcism blonde. I'm I'm assuming a list is kind of stressful will mean god. If anything like they portrayed in the documentary day? Man's I'd only release yourself damon's. If your home, an exorcism down the street for me. Could
make it well known so I can leave the state. I wanna be anywhere near those things I have been near one now, I've got a veil members that I think fight need. Exorcism, oh Jesus, so here s the thing captain: what are your thoughts on this calf mutilation? I mean it certainly an act. that kill him. I'm not I'm not a vague in killing us a younger animal, in that manner certainly sounds like something and I'll use a george w term. Here. One of my favorite comic book terms sounds like some, that an evil, doer or group of evil doers would would do would perform. It seems like a really unnecessary thing of violence. You know in that's, maybe that's why the the farmer believed it would be an act of some kind of called its interest in me, one
want to know. I did the farmer have any exchanges with any babe where maybe he did something wrong. You know, I consider that's a possibility. There odds. Are they connected? It's very possible, I mean we got, we have a in the same town, very small town we ever animal with its throat slid and when we have a priest the next day we have it's roughly fifteen miles away from one another, roughly twenty four hours apart yeah and are they connected? Possibly it could be the same individual that to do. I think it that's a sign of it being satanic. I I don't believe so. You know I I you know, that's all based off your. She don't. This case is so difficult because no religion is such a personal
vain that you know it sake. You know if somebody said to me, while this this person killed a calf and then killed a person and that that those acts are satanic. Those acts of the devil. While I would agree with you, you know so does that make it say: imec is what I'm saying right and- and I think you I want to hit on something that that you chimed in there about was you know, did this farmer have any grievances with somebody in the korea, because to me you know calf, mutilation, caps, animal sacrifice, sounds hated It sounds a little more teenager. You know a little more. Teenagers, satanic, colt kind of thing to me. That's where my gut goes with that as where's, the mutilation did. Did this farmer have any problems with somebody, because- and I hated
this word when I'm referring to a living animal, but this is how the law would see it. The calf is a form of property of this farmer. And you know much like much like people that dislike one other or or have some grievance against one another might destroy someone's property and well. Somebody destroyed the property and this being that the calf, which could be a valuable piece property, especially to all, oh yeah, it's a asset, so I think, when you think of in those terms, yes asset and It'd be like. If you did me wrong, or you owed me money, and you don't have the money for me to collect while I'll hurt you in your wallet by killing this animal and so horrible thing, and that it takes a horrible person to do that act.
I think that the timing of the two are really what have to lincoln. For me, you know if, if the calf mutilation was a week before three days before ten days before, I might nigh not might not see any type of connection, but being so close in the manner of death being the same. It is disturbing, and it really it's a real big hiccup in this investigation for me at something like the timing, but I also think what's really interesting is not just the day but the hours in other. They claim that the cap calf killing would happen after ten p m to four, I am correct same with father coon's is murder, so to me that it that's very suspicious. It's it's very soon it's a strange occurrence, and it's something like I said it's a hiccup for me when I look at other things in this case I come back to that and I'm goin
still a little uncertain on how I feel about that. If there is a connection between the two my got says, no, that there's probably not a connection the two. The the investigators at the time say that there is nothing that they didn't find any type of connection between the two between the calf and well again, both it's killing being killed by slid into his throat or animals through, and I think the thing here is as far as say, tat if it say tannin grant. My thought would just like I said before I just you know if somebody big based off their religious beliefs said while murderous attack or whatever cap. Fine, that's that cheer! You points on this to me how it could just be some sick, individual that got a new knife or whatever wandering around town after p m when the whole town probably shut down back in the day?
all the young listeners back in the day towns actually shut down like you, you don't get get about ten p m it got pretty dark, so it could have been just some sick individual that got some knife right was walking around by a farm and was like. You know what I'm going to try to kill something and that's a sick individual that's a sick piece of shit and that same individual could have then been walking by the church. Seized father dropped off and things to himself why he killed an animal. Let me see if I can kill a person and there's people I mean we've covered how many cases there's people on the this world that are that messed up well also people that will take out insurance on you know. Racing horses are different kinds of valuable animals that they have and then by down the stall for the the interference money. I dont know this
a situation or the cow situation, and sad for the for the cow. Obviously, but yeah among my gut says that that there's probably no connection now the thing here, though, captain would you think that if, if coon's were killed by satanist or or like Martin might suggest a specific group of satanist, the loose affairs do youth Is it the same as an act of terrorism and of what I mean by that is because we see you know we unfortunately come across to acts of terrorism in this day and age in the arrest are usually pretty quick declaim, what they ve done, where with the the Ardor of father, Alfred coon's. Make you wonder? Why would they would they have set up the crime? Seen in a way that would suggest it was carried out by satanist, would there have been some indication of that at the crime scene?
yeah, but I believe law enforcement probably would have brought that to the forefront earlier. So I I think, that's where we got a lot of other stuff that we need to get into at the end of the day. I don't think I don't know if it was satanic acts like you said. I think that there would be some kind of signature if it was a satanic act, maybe not the calf murder. Maybe that would just be you know we're killing a calf right, but as far as with the priest, I think there would be some kind of signature. That's left to say hey. This is this. Is a satanic cult. That's doing this. While we have several different theories and a couple of suspects to disk
It's still on the board in the garage for this week. We will have to do that on tomorrow, show so we will see you tomorrow in the garage want to thank all of you for listening. Yes, thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend thanks for sharing stuff on social media mean it does helps me. We can't they good enough for the show are blown up as much as it has thanks. captain. We will see everybody back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good behind em, don't litter and make sure you carpool and make sure you don't say.
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