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The Devil's Teeth /// Part 4 /// 182

2018-02-07 | 🔗

The Devil's Teeth ////// Part 4 of 4


Episode 182- This case begins with a teenager who goes missing. Several weeks later in September of 1972 a body is discovered atop a cliff, above an abandoned quarry in Springfield, New Jersey. Later it was determined this was the body of the missing teen, Jeannette DePalma. Along with the body it is said that cult related items were recovered from the area. Her body was said to have been resting on a makeshift altar in the woods. The murder of Jeannette DePalma is very bizarre and is still unsolved. This case is not known to most outside of the state of New Jersey. We gather in the garage to try to shed some light on this cold case.Beer of the Week - War Elephant by Rushing Duck Brewing Garage Grade - 3 and 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

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