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The Evansdale Murders - Ten Years Later /// Part 1 /// 595

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The Evansdale Murders - Ten Years Later /// Part 1 /// 595

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What could be more innocent, more everyday America, than two little girls setting off on a bike ride to explore the neighborhood? Something they had done countless times before. Except this time, they did not come home. This week we re-visit the still unsolved double murder case of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Colins. We covered this case for the first time over two years ago and with the unfortunate ten year anniversary since these two wonderful and bright little girls were taken we felt compelled to give this another look and hope for some renewed interest and awareness of this still unsolved case. This case has been compared to the Delphi case countless times as there are many similarities. Just like the Delphi case someone knows something. If you have any information about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and deaths of Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins, please call theEvansdale Policetip line at 232-6682 orCedar Valley Crime Stoppersat 855-300-8477. A $150,000 reward, raised privately and by the FBI, is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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it must have been the devil himself that did it. would be the only explanation. I would make any sense at all the heinous and horrific crimes we are to tell you about today, two girls enjoying a beautiful day, together on their own in a remote area. They go missing a public area accessible to all. This is a park that includes trails
The girls were taken from here in broad daylight. Later they are found dead. There are the victims of an abduction and homicide for someone to take and kill victims, this young for the offender to take the risk that they did and get away with it. Well, then, it must have been the devil himself. When we try to size up this monster the first thing we all naturally, question is: has he killed before and we think well, he must have, must have done this before to be capable of such cruelty. They have such evil in his heart to commit these crimes if he has killed before and if he is responsible for this done
homicide. Two young girls taken from a public place. Well then, he will most certainly do this again. How many nightmares will he create but this sounds all too eerily familiar. Unfortunately, as one of parts of this nightmare that we know to be true, last february makes five years unsolved since the murders of libby germ and Abigail Williams, two young girls out hiking on a beautiful day in a remote area, they go missing from a public area accessible to all. They were taken in broad daylight later found dead. When we first covered the delphi murders case in may of two thousand, Seventeen, no one
here in the garage believe that five more years would pass. We would still looking for the monster that committed those homicides must be the devil himself. But now just a little over a week, celebrating the independence of our great country as tempted tours of the summer in the midwest slowly, but steadily climb. we are reminded of a double homicide. Another one killer is still unknown case that when we first come back in twenty twenty, I would have thought could have, should Some solution by now, Very sadly, I say tomorrow we'll make it ten years now to the day. Ten years since a horrible day. When someone or some once took Elizabeth collins and cook,
two cousins were last seen, riding their bikes together here irish lake just afternoon, evans, dale Iowa later they were found dead. It must have been the day himself. This is another look a new look, the still unsolved and unrest cases were elizabeth, Allan's and lyric cook the evans dale martyrs. ten years later, and this true crime garage
friday July thirty one to each well. We have two little girls reported missing. This is
Your old Elizabeth collins and her ten year old, cousin lyric cook, the two disappeared while out riding bikes together in evans, dale iowa, when they didn't return from the by cried, the evans, they'll police department was notify and the girls were reported missing, lair cooks, grandmother says she last saw the girls around twelve fifteen in the afternoon on that friday, the thirteenth, but we do end up with a few eye witnesses who say they too saw the girls out on thereby cried. Evans Dale is a small community under five thousand residents back in twenty twelve and still less than five thousand people today, Evans they'll as locate
in the north eastern part of the state of iowa evans dale, is in black hawk county iowa, and while this is more of a small town, it is very near waterloo and seed or falls cities that combined have over one hundred thousand people the girls grandmother wilma cook. the press, she last saw the girls riding their bikes near downtown evansdale about one thousand two hundred and fifteen p dot m July 13th. The girls were also seen at about one thousand two hundred and twenty three p dot m. That's day this on broadband boulevard and Evan stale and then spotted
One thousand two hundred and thirty and one p dot m on gilbert drive not far from meijer. Lake meijer lake is a recreational area and a popular fishing spot. These are the last known sightings of the girls. Let's talk about the girls here for a minute. So in the summer of twenty twelve eight year old Elizabeth collins live with her parents and siblings. Evans, dale, iowa, evans. Dale is a blue collar town with many residents involved in agricultural production in some manner. Elizabeth who attended pointer elementary was described by her mother, as he bubbly little person, who was always active in busy one of her best friends was her cousin, lyric cook aged ten who live just minutes away in the next house. Over waterloo, lyric went to kingsley
elementary and she was also an active outgoing girl who loved bowling, cheerleading and gymnastics and playing outside lyric and Elizabeth's mother's misty cook and heather collins. Our sisters, heather, was married to Elizabeth's father, drew collins, and the couple had four children elizabeth being one of them. They seem to be a very typical american family, with hard working religious parents, raising a bunch of children, heather's mother, wilma, came over for four or five hours most days to help out heather sister misty was also married, she's married to a guy named dan morrissey now, at the time that the girls vanished, misty and dan were strange and had been separated for years. Lyric lived with her grandmother, wilma cook who, as we have already established, is misty and heather's ma
Lyric in her cousin Elizabeth played together nearly every day when wilma went over to the collins is to help out will get back to that friday, the thirteenth july, two thousand and twelve. Here's how the events went down according to multiple interviews with the family and articles about the family, wilma took lyric over to the collins is house around breakfast time now drew collins left the house in Evans dale early that morning to go to work at the tree trimming company that he owns heather collins an appointment and she wanted to run some other errands, so her
wilma came over and brought lyric with her, as usual, wilma stayed home with the kids, while heather went out and lyric and Elizabeth set off around one thousand one hundred and thirty for a bike ride. This was something they routinely did and the girls were expected to stay within a short distance of the house. Now captain we covered this back in April, two thousand and twenty and episodes three hundred and ninety three three. Ninety four and one thing we talked about concerning this bike ride bike and we already established that it's a usual typical activity for the girls to enjoy together is. There was no real clearly defining boundaries on where they could not go with their bike ride, but it was established that they were to stay close to
home and the grandmother stated that she could go outside call the girls names they would respond and they would return to the house so while we don't have any clear define boundaries here. What we do have the situation where she saying stay, close enough, that you can hear me and If I need you to come back to the house, you come back to the house, but we know how kids are they sometimes push boundaries? they forget about boundaries or they think they see a window of opportunity of all. They won't miss us for fifteen minutes or twenty minutes. Let's go check this spot up right says widely. Getting reported that the grandmother saw that the two girls zipping by on their bikes ran twelve yeah. And this is you hear these little parts of the stories and that's what makes them even more sad tragic when you're kind of picturing. This you think to yourself. This seems like a very happy situation
right, even though we have kind of an ideal situation with lyrics parents, but she's a happy key living with grandma and regularly goes over to her cousin's house and is watched grandma and gets to hang out with her cousin, who also happens to be one of her very best friends. So this is a very high deal situation for these kids in it and a great way to be spending there. Sir, for months out of school reminds you of a scene from a movie, and I know that the movies are written about rural life. But does this moment where the grandmothers outside in the sun is shining in her grand kids are playing on their bikes and she watches them ride by right before tragedy hits there. The good parts of it remind me of my childhood when the days of summer
you're this young, they just seemed endless like you're, outside just playing forever. But what we have here captain is your right. We have tragedy that is about to occur. Panic is about to set in, and this will are in probably starts at a very small level and then ramps up from there right. But this is all point two comments: when the girls do not come back from this bike, ride. and when they don't return, we have concern that's going to say and so what we do know is that we have grandma wilma says she saw the girls. She noted the time it was about. Twelve fifteen afternoon when she saw them riding around on their bikes We do know we don't have an exact time of when heather returns to the house, but it's after the last time that we must seize the girls and both have stated it was shortly after that
One thing I find interesting here too is we: have this very well defined timeline that we're going to continue on for this day, this timeline so key, and so very, important to this case, but when we have the statements of grandma and mother stating it's about fifteen, when I last saw the girls heather comes home shortly, after that this is a small town. One thing that does not happen is when heather's returning home, she doesn't cross paths with the girls. She doesn't see her daughter and her niece at anytime when she's returning to the house, but the next time they're spotted, is between one thousand two hundred and thirty, and one and they're spotted on gilbert drive, which is mom after two miles away from their their mother's house. Yes, so they could be in an opposite direction than what heather was traveling. The key thing, though, here is that we know that heather,
and so the house before one o clock. So we got a small window of time. Twelve fifteen issue to about one clock in the reason that we know what a clock is a time. Marker is because heather says she gets home. The girls aren't there she's immediately concerned, but she's, not in panic, like thinking anything terrible has happened, both the girls, and wilma all head stuff scheduled for later that day, very shortly after this time period, in fact, and so they were all going to kind of go their separate ways and do the things that they needed to steve that that things that the girl
were actually looking forward to write. So when they didn't return, of course, wilma and heather started to get nervous. Now are one o clock time marker comes in because what we are told by wilma and heather is it by one o clock heather sent out her older son kelly to scout out the area to go, find the girls tell them to come home, hey you were supposed to be home a while ago, but he returns home reporting that he could not find them it didn't see them could then find any sign of them at all. At this point we have one of the fathers is back of the house drew he stopped at home this is something he would often do. He owns the tree trimming company he's in charge of his schedule. Often he would drop by for a quick lunch, heather told that she was going to go out and look for the girls. Again, you can tell by all of this, in the way that its playing out there
Nobody is overly concerned at this point, they're, just kids that are probably not where they should be or lost track of time and should have came home, layer but did not as a lot when you have siblings? Hey your your little brother, your little sister there they're playing with their friends somewhere. I can't find them. Can you get on by can go look around because the girls around the bike, and now you escalated more to go okay. Well, you keep looking you, you ride your bike around keep looking I'm going to now drive the neighborhood to try to find them Growing up unless we had the thing to do or had someplace to be in the summer months my parents not care where I was. They did not care. If I was outside all day long- and I would often be busy and the only indicators, time that I really had
as there is somebody in the neighborhood. They would ring like a lunch bell like what you know, dinner bell lunch bell for the kids to come running back and grab some lunch and so I always knew that would be like around noon or one issue and then af that it was like you would start seeing the parents, home between five six, six, thirty and then down those we're like the three things it told me about what time it was because I couldn't care any less what time it was as long as I was now having a good time one such lay there in a small town. So you would, you definitely feel the traffic of people coming home and then you'd feel the calmness of once everybody got home and then obviously the calmness of of night setting in so kelly, the older son, who sent out by heather and wilma to go looking for the girls he comes back, he goes out around one o does not find the girl Now we have a situation where adults are going to start paying attention.
into time, and we have heather who says she and to her car at one twenty and she her self started, driving around canvassing, the neighborhood going to Elizabeth school and the softball field, but saw no sign of the girls. So you can see what's happening here, we're starting to fan out bright, go out a little bit further and further looking for the girls, because we covered Ground already- and nobody has seen them- nobody has been able to locate them. Misty, remember, she's, lyrics mother says wilma called her at work around two p m to tell her that they could not find the girls, so misty called her ex dan morrissey there still technically married at this time, but again they ve not been together for quite some time. For my understanding
dan is living at his mother's home in Waterloo. Now we have three more people that will be joining the search rather quickly, so this is Dan, who is the other father, his son Dylan, who was at home with Dan that day and his mother Vicki. So we got three people that show up now to assist in looking for the girls. Misty leaves and went over to her sister's house just a short distance away. I don't have a time marker for that, but we know that she received the call around two p dot m and she lives very close to where her sister left, but this is becoming a scary situation at this time, heather is still out driving around. and she returns home around two twenty, unfortunately empty handed and does not have any information either about where the girls are. At this point, family began driving all over evans day,
we got multiple family members. Multiple cars out driving all over evans, dale looking for both girls were panic, is also probably starting to set in. What's weird in this will only be weird because later we will have some information that will make this strange, but they ended up at meijers licked. This was around two forty five fact at admires, like they see other people there and they start asking people whether they had seen two little girls on bikes, there is a man that they speak to, and he says he was walking on the trail and he said he did in fact see two little girls on bikes
He said they were traveling west on the bike trail, but the time that he saw them was unclear. He was a little uncertain of the time. Meanwhile, heather made the decision to go to the Evans day, all police department, some time between two thirty and three p m, and you know kudos to her because some people feel like out the just kids. Being kids will find them. We shouldn't bother the police with it. Now I think, as soon as you start getting nervous as soon as you start. Ec setting in, as the captain said, that's when you you get somebody else involved agri, that's what they're, therefore, let em no, we can't find our kids were concerned
Can you help and, like you said, heather is going to go to the police, to report the girls missing she's at the police department around two hundred and thirty to three p dot m. Most reports that we have seen have the time of her in person visit to the evansdale pd at two hundred and forty eight p dot m three evans EL squad cars after the after heather's there. She explains the situation, three evans squad, cars, now scouring the area in checking not just checking the air, they go and check the home first and start fanning out from their within half an hour. We have black hawk sheriffs deputies and evans dale firefighters, joining in on the effort on the search effort. While I like this a lot because, like you said
go back and search the family home they're, not taking anybody's word for anything and that's not, and as law enforcement. That's what you're supposed to do! Hey are Little girls are missing. There were on their bikes, okay, we'll start in the house. Let's look make sure nothing happened in the house and then we go from there. Yeah, and that seems silly. Some people were probably thinking what they they wasted a little bit of time here and no that's that common practice. I cannot tell you I've. I've had ten a dozen officers tell me that when we get a missing persons, call if it's a little kid ninety percent of the time believe it or not, we find them inside the whole, their hiding some. in the home or everybody went out, being for little johnny and while they were out looking, he came back home. is, is hanging out his room well
Fortunately, that does not seem to be the situation here, and things are going to go from scary to incredibly scary within a matter of minutes, because Elizabeth's purse, and both of the girls bicycles were found on a trail in the southeast corner of myers lake, around four p m that after The. and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot it's the one I use most often it's. What has changed my life so dramatically mental
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just get ten percent off their first month that better help dot, slash garage, that's better h, e dot com, slash garage, I love better help. You're going to love better help. I know you will check out better help dot com, slash garage today. All. Alright, we are back cheers, maids, cheers mate talk hands in the air cheers to you captain. Just before the break, we said that the purse of one of the girls, both of the bicycles belonging to the girls, were found on a trail in the south east corner of myers lake, around four p m
afternoon. Now we already stated earlier that the family. Some of the family members went to that area so that myers lake location and we're looking for the girls, and before they were officially reported missing to law enforcement. And this area is rather big, so just because they were there before does not mean that the bikes weren't already in that location. You know the parents then report them missing The police start looking for the girls they start by. Looking at the house, and of course this is one of those situations that I wish. I could tell you that they found the girls at the house that day, instead, what we find or the bikes and the purse, but no elizabeth, no lyric to be found, and, unfortunately, the finding of the bikes in the purse does not really give
many clues as to where the girls could have been no other than the fact that they were out of their boundaries. Let's talk about, what we know about where the bikes were found. So this myers lay covers twenty seven acres with water and is about twenty five feet deep at its bus parts. The lake is a major recreational area for the people of evans. Now it stocked with fish has about ramp, there's restrooms there playground picnic areas with a grill, all things that you would expect to see at a large park it's very scenic, but it also has a really nice paved bike path winding its way, through three quarters of a mile around the lake. According to a report in the globe gazette the girls bikes were found on the evans. Dale nature trail
right at the south eastern tipp of the lake between two lines of chain link fence by the maintenance gate leading to a rock jedi and a water outlet on the lake. This gate was not law photos- show that this area of the paved nature trail is straight and with the fence on both sides, and the trees overhead. It has almost like a tunnel appearance. I picture that you have fencing on both sides. You have the trees overhead and underneath you have this paved scenic trail bike trail re. According to the girls aunt tammy, the bikes were found about twelve feet from the edge of the water. on the trail. This will lead to the suspicion that the police have
early on in the investigation that being that the girls went into the lake and may have drowned or has some kind of accident in the lake. We can circle back to that in a minute. The investigators also found- Elizabeth's purple purse and cell phone. Now we need to note that this phone does not have any type of service from my understanding, it was just used for games that was used for her to play. Games now, captain when we covered this two years ago. Well, more than two years ago now you brought up some interesting questions about this phone. and we wanted to know if she I've have been using this phone to communicate with anyone an eye on fourchan Do not have those answers that still remains unclear to this day
as we all know, it doesn't require service if she's in an area that she has WI fi, and if the phone has WI fi capabilities and she likely did have wifi capabilities to be playing certain games on that phone. That phone choir them to play all of them, but certainly some of them. Yes, but if you have internet connection to play those games, you ve met connection to possibly communicate with somebody but to break down where they find the the bikes simply to me If I'm in law enforcement or I'm part of the family, searching. I'm seeing this scene of the bikes in the person going. This is not good I leaning towards something really bad happen happened at this point yeah. I see this scene, I agree with their concern of well. Maybe they ended up in the lake. You know they're ten there a year, old, their young. That could be the situation. The families quick to point out the law enforcement bow
of the girls knew how to swim, the other thing The family was concerned about when the thought of drowning in the lake came up. Was the family was quick to point out? Look none of their clothes no they're shoes are found, we would expect our kids to take their shoes off at the very least before going into the lake. It was a very hot day that day, it was me well of july. So the lake makes some sense, but I'm with you captain, if I see these bikes abandoned sitting here,. When I was a kid I didn't go anywhere without if I left my bike unattended, it was in my Friends, front yard or in somebody's garage it wasn't just leaving it in a public place where I couldn't turn and look to see bike at any time, because I was you haven't, mongoose bike I had. I know we all had bikes that we didn't want somebody come along and snatch
It's also your biggest possession at the time. Yeah! That's true! That's true! It was like my corvette my ten year old corvette, but but for everybody for every kid. That's like the biggest thing that you have the most expensive and you're, not going just leave that so once you see these ex lane on the side of the path you you look around and you see any any signs of them anywhere. This is bad and this is the other thing that scares me too, is the purse. The purse might scare me more than finding the bikes, so the way that this is described is it. The purse was on the lake side of the fence, about ten feet, to the east, of where the bikes or found and about two feet from the fence official said, Now this location is interesting to me as cars can't get to this spot.
So what I mean by that is these bikes are found in a location where some one couldn't just pull up and snatch and grab the girls. You know snatched them off of their bikes at this spot. And drive off to me, that's weird right, I'm and I get maybe that's kind of why they, We're honing in on the lake possibility early on there's lot of. Especially with children, with and it doesn't have to be that they went swimming. It could just be simply that they run put their toes in the water and then something bad happen right. We spend a lot of time talking about the searching of the lake and our regional coverage. So if you want to check that out in some of the other details that we want get into this time around because we covered it so good before those are episodes. Three. Ninety three and three nine- four for original awesome. Well, but this
What we will want to do is to dive into some things that weren't discussed that we didn't get to or anything that has changed in our thoughts and feelings about this case it's that time well as one of the things I find very fascinating with these cases that aren't solved, right away and we're coming up on ten years, but these cases Maybe they don't have answers, but they continue to evolve right and when the girls are missing and this case first broke we had some decent coverage of this missing persons. Case on the Nancy grace show- and I found both of these accounts to be very insightful regarding where the bikes are found in a description of how the bikes were when when found- and this comes from two reporter, so the first reporter was a
manning Jim spellman and spellman said what I find so fascinating is the geography of where the bikes were found. Because, again it's this kind of dead, end area, and if there was an abduction that happen, how would you get two girls all the way to the end of any cuts off and then says it's a ten minute walk from the end of this bike path, at the very least to the end of where you might be able to get to a car or something like Ok, that's awfully insightful! Think about the distance of that must be from where the location of the bikes were to where you could possibly have any type of vehicle to put the girls into and drive off with He sang in his opinion that, at the very least, he believes it to be about a ten minute, walk from where the bikes were found to the end of the bike path, where a car or a vehicle
would be, and I'm not trying to crap all over their point, because I do think it's important to point out, but the girls could have already put down their bikes and they could be walking around the water. So at the time of abduction, if they were abducted by that area, and put into a vehicle or into a vehicle or or threaten to get into the vehicle. They could have already been closer to two that side easier area to be abducted, well yeah- and I don't think that this means I'd- I just like hearing the details of getting a better description of where these bikes were found by this Jim spellman, because I don't think that it indicates that they weren't abducted at this local sean, as you pointed out, they could have been on foot. They could have set their bikes down just to look around mill about what have you some one, bad guy crosses their path, decides to take them
and walks them controls them lords and coercive them to his vehicle, which is minutes away. It is fast to me, though, that in the course of that walk we don't have an eye witness, sir an ear witness. That says they saw something strange. I saw some troubling or heard anything of concern around that time. Re thing again, though, to me with the purse that scares me is the purse the way that its described almost sounds like you have the bikes here and I know the purse is only like ten feet away, but the way that that description reads to me captain is that the purses, on the other of the fence world sugar hurry, giving colonel fire pants. In that to me, sounds like oh snap either
These kids like hop the fence and then something bad happened when they got over there. She immediately drops her purse. That seems unlikely. What seems more likely to me is if, in fact, the location of where the bikes were found, if that is in direct relation to the abduction site if they were abducted there. This purse, its occasion. It feels like to me like, like a perpetrator, grabbed it with the end, tossed it with the attention of of tossing it as far as he could, or or just tossing it out of the area to free an additional hand to control the girls it. It seems. It seems all very weird. It's a it's a very strange situation to kind of try to dissect now another reporter his name is jesse. Gavin went on to discuss the likelihood of someone obstructing
girls from the highway side of the trail ray you have these fences right that are on both sides of this bike trail on one side of one fence. Is the lake on one side of the other fence? Is the highway. So we already have this other reporter who's talking a little bit about where the bikes are found, but this reporter's talkin in relation to the highway side of the trail and I want to say. Apparently there was a hole in the fence somewhere along this section of the trail. That was the result of a man losing control of his car on the highway and crashing through the fence. So this is not a complete fence at this point. Due to some damage from this single car accident, the reporter said quote well, like Jim said: it wouldn't be the most likely scenario:
obviously that is kind of an area that closed off two main roads since it's a bite trail. Obviously it's very close to an inner state, but it would be kind of tough to get to that interstate. The other thing you ve got to keep in mind about that interesting. Is its being worked on right now? There's a lot of construction activity. going on right there. So there's going to be backed up, traffic traffic is going to be slow down, so any kind of Bishop activity that happens in that area is going to be seen by somebody it's going to be seen by a lot of people. Driving along the highway would surely have noticed a car stopped along the roadside and possibly two little girls, and ring or being placed in a vehicle after walking through a hole in the fence
he goes on to say and remind us all that, after all, it was broad daylight back to your point about the the first be in ten feet away to me. Ok of it. The other side of the fence- fine, but just it ten feet away. It kind of shows that these bikes weren't workplace down that the that the purse wasn't just this because of if I'm riding a bike and have a person- and I get off the bike- and I don't want to carry purse around. I'm just gonna lay right down beside the bike yeah, and the thing here too that I I want to kind of throw out. There is just because the bikes are found there and the purse was found there
and ultimately we know that they are found dead. Unfortunately, many miles away from this Meyers lake location. So an abduction is the only thing that makes sense, but just because the bikes in the purse are found in this location doesn't mean that that's exactly where or has to be, where abduction took place. No because, let's say the abduction took place in and close by neighborhood, the abduction happens, it gets the girls into the vehicle. Has their bikes with them in the vehicle. Goes down to this park, grabs both of their crossbows to their bicycles, that a ten minute walk pumps them there to to throw people off. Hey now look around this park, but, like you said it was always a twenty. Some acres, big man, that's a that's a big area to start searching, though, that kind of throws both the set yeah. The thing here too, is you
Somebody knows that area. Let's pretend for a moment that the abductor knows this area somewhat. Well, they we would have to know a very well actually at all I, but I would think of looking at the the low. Haitian and where this kind of takes place. But if you have the ability to do so, it would be difficult because if you just abducted, two girl Now you have all these moving parts and pieces of trying to conceal the bikes at the same time, but if you had the ability control them and conceal the bikes at the same time it does make a lot of sense right. Maybe the girls were abducted, close the road or right at the roadside before even getting to that bike trail and that by trails right and you go. You know what mom and dad or anybody comes looking for these girls they're, going to be out in a vehicle driving around looking for the girls and if the bikes are found right. Here by the roadside there- be alerted to something back
immediately. At the very least, I could take these and tuck them away back in the middle this trail here where they were be seen from the road and we are looking for these girls will just keep driving the other taxes point knowing that people will be searching from a car and what is going to be in their eyesight So we spend all this time here, captain talking about what were the girls bikes doing by myers lake anyway, and we should be pointing out here as well. That myers, like is not extremely cod, to their whole me. In fact, it's it's beyond wherever that imaginary line was that the girls were allowed to be writing their bikes than this. According to the family, myers link is one and a half miles away from the collins is house again. The girls were not supposed to be writing their misty cook add on Nancy graces show they are,
allowed to just ride freely for hours or until dark. They do have a little bit of freedom, so they're alive, to go. You know maybe two or three blocks away and stay within those blocks and our check back and is kind of the standard that we hold with them, and mostly they stick to it. So it was surprising to see that they had come this far, if indeed they did ride this are she's. Obviously, referring to the lake misty also said in an interview this with K, w w l dot com, I'm surprised they rode their bikes this far, but their key and later heather Andrew Collins told the media that they did not the girls would have biked that far on their own is leading to what you were saying before about, maybe that the perpetrator then took their bikes and them in this area on purpose, if it
it's. You know these cases, they're not there's all kinds of horrible possibilities that we that we have to kind of talk about in and go over here, and so a lot of this is not comfortable to say. A lot of this is not comfortable to hear But if you have a situation where the girls are incapacitated, a sink Offender would have the ability to move those bikes. The other thing, too, is if you had complete control of the victims, You might have the possibility of having them move the bikes for you at your direction bright or if there's more than one offender one offender is stay, with the girls wherever that location be likely a vehicle while the other offenders moving these items that they don't want to have any part of
but not out of the realm of possibility that they rode their bikes this far, because if these eye witnesses correct they them. A mile and half to two miles away from their home on gilbert drive correct. correct me if I'm wrong here captain this reminds me a little bit of the west Memphis three case all didn't we have a situation there where the bikes were concealed this and some theorize that the, were concealed, maybe even after the boys were already attacked to later kind of hinder finding the victims at all, because if you find the bikes in that location, and then one would start to go well. Maybe they are here somewhere or we're here in this location. At some point yeah, and in that case there there was a pipeline in that Pipeline- really cut a signal to everybody that that's the back half of the woods. So I think, having those bikes being seen at the pipeline
like the the perpetrators are leaving the crime scene, they see the bikes and they go okay. Well, we need to hide these because this is basically advertising sign to go, go back there and look, but not just that. I mean different in some ways because in this case there was no school today and and they're out riding their bikes, and and so the timeline, I think, is a little more blurry, because I when you have a case where children get home from school you have a definitive starting point. I'm not saying that. I don't believe anybody in their family, but you have to question question everything in this case well there we do have a situation in your right captain. The situation is this: we have grandma who is in charge of essentially five kids at that time, right and so yeah,
I don't believe that these times are spot on. I do believe They they're fairly accurate, and I say that, based off of the fact that we have such a short window of time. So, even if the times are off, they can't be off by so much because we, a lot of activity happening really within the course of, and a half hours, because she says that they left the house on their bikes around eleven thirty and then she says that she believed she saw the two kids still alive well ride around on their bikes at twelve fifteen. We have those other possible sightings other citing. Of the girls on their bikes, we had the bikes being found by family and law enforcement at four p m, so that gives us just that little window of four and a half hours now after the bikes were found
Fortunately, the family sitting there watching his crime scene tape is being put in place. The officers are closing off. Access to this trail so they can scour the area and look for more evidence or for anything at all any clues. It might tell them where the girls could be right spent several hours out of sight. You know they're they're in on this trail down on the trail where the bikes were, but the family members cannot see them again. It's about a ten minute, walk from where the bikes, where two, where the trail kind of ends, and apps out there, while this is going on the family members held a vigil outside of the taped off area, if anything other than the bikes or lyrics purse were found, and we know the phone was found is never been disclosed and just be clear-
and an eye a film bags and jumping back in time here, a little bit by one you're talkin bout that the grandmothers time might not be completely accurate I don't think in any way. I don't get the sense that it's she's not accurate, because she's lying or trying to cover anything up. I just think it's because she's simply in charge of multiple kids and there's a lot going on she's, busy, yeah she's busy and the other thing we need to point out to those other eye witnesses. That said, they saw the girls on their bikes and a little. Further from the home at later times in twelve fifteen. That kind of backs up wilma story that that what she says did in fact happen. And if, in fact, one thousand two hundred and fifteen was the last time that she saw them well, then wilma couldn't have done anything to these girl she's, not responsible for anything here, because
we have other eye witnesses that see them after the fact, those other eye witnesses tell me that nothing, weird nothing, strange went on inside the home and later somebody's trying to conceal It happened by getting rid of the girls, getting rid of the bikes stage. some kind of scenario to look like something else took place right now, continuing on our timeline for friday, the thirteenth by four forty p m. We have emergency calls that are going out to the residents of evans dale. This is to notify them. the missing girls right. We have two girls that are missing. We need help finding them. If you see either girl call us tell us, let us know officers also began canvassing the lake neighborhoods. and the media was notified by five hundred and thirty p dot m. So a lot of things are taking place very rapidly here and I like to see all of this activity and all this effort.
We have boats that were put into the water, a meyers lake to begin scanning, the surface we have diver with a local search and rescue organization that are called in to start searching the lake policing. firefighters from the bigger city of waterloo next door. They come by and they are now assisting the black hawk county, sheriff's deputies as well as the evansville police department. and we also get the iowa state police that joined in on searching wooded So there's a lot of wooded areas in this general location and many people state out searching all night long even brought in some lawnmower tree, they brought in a plane. So they could do some searches from from the air and we have the national center for missing exploited children's that were notified of the girl's disappearance by eight pm by by the next morning,
we have a representative from the national centre of missing and exploited children on the ground in every state boots on the ground in evans, dale assisting in search for the girls thanks for joining us here in the garage we have so much more to get to morrow, said john s back here saying that time, simba channel, that's right, captain such an intriguing case. Such a tragic case join us back here.
In the garage tomorrow until then be good, be kind and don't.
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