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The Forgotten WM3 /// Part 1 /// 386

2020-03-31 | 🔗

The Forgotten WM3 /// Part 1 /// 386

Part 1 of 2      www.TrueCrimeGarage.com    This week we are very excited to be joined in the Garage by friend of the show Bob Ruff! Bob is the host of the very popular Truth & Justice podcast and Executive Producer and star of Oxygen’s The Forgotten West Memphis 3.    Beer of the Week - Dortmunder Gold by The Great Lakes Brewing Company Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 Bottle Caps    Don’t miss out for a chance to check out the Garage sponsors and these awesome deals! www.LightStream.com/TCG - Get a low rate on a credit card consolidation loan from LightStream! www.Grove.CO/Garage - For a limited time get a FREE Five Piece set, plus FREE shipping and a FREE 60 day VIP trial! www.ThirdLove.com/Garage - Get 15% off of your first order!  

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