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The Fort Worth Missing Trio /// Part 2 /// 242

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The Fort Worth Missing Trio /// Part 2 /// 242

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On December 23rd, 1974, three girls from three different families set out on a shopping trip to purchase Christmas gifts for their friends and family. They piled in the car and drove off to south Fort Worth, Texas. They were supposed to be home by 4pm but they never returned... The mystery surrounding their disappearance continues to confound law enforcement officials. For some, time stopped on that December day. For others, the tragedy created a seedbed of suspicion that now divides. To this day this case remains a riddle with no answers. Tonight we crack a few cold ones and take a look at a cold case, that is heating up again.

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who cry cod december: twenty third nineteen. Seventy four rachel trill occur: renee wilson and julianne mosely, set out on a shopping trip to purchase christmas gifts for their friends and family. They drove off to south fort worth taxes to a shopping, mall rachel, the oldest of the three parked her car in the upper level near this your store, the three girls were supposed to be home by four p m, but they never returned later a letter arrived saying. The girls took off to get away for a week, or so the families early on strong I believe foul play was involved and as the slow days urged into long years. The puzzle,
remained unsolved. What happened to these girls and why. one thing is for sure said, ray and mostly the mother of the youngest missing girl. Somebody knows something: somebody knows for sure what happened to these girls so captain. Let's talk about some suspects here there are some interesting ones now I do want to state that publicly the law enforcement involved throughout the years has been a little cagey. Let's say that's a good word. as to whether there are actual suspects and what I mean by that is in nineteen. Seventy four summer when they went missing. We have set old news articles where the police state publicly. We have no suspects, then we have a year or two later, where we have them state publicly. Well, we ve narrowed it down. After speaking and following hundreds of leads interviewing people in such our investigation. This is what we ve come up with
we've narrowed it down to less than five individual suspects and then I believe, was nineteen eighty one when we hear that law enforcement is strongly considering the following theory: that multiple persons were involved in the abduction of all three girls and that all three are now deceased, abducted by a group, maybe as many as five guys, and it's likely one of the girls new and or probably trusted one of the abductors. So I think we can see that they were working. That angle, for several reasons we discussed on yesterday showed the different eyewitness accounts and some of those they reference. Men or a group of men. So see why they are saying that were working. That angle and work that angle at some point in this investigation, but even if there were
any eye witnesses we we can assume that it be easier to abduct these three? If there's more than one individual and where they had done, were abducted from being a mall? very public location. Yes, you would, you need a corral, the girls quickly into some type of vehicle or vehicles, we saw an eyewitness accounts, multiple vehicles being mentioned from did different eye witnesses. Maybe all these vehicles mentioned by different eye witnesses were involved. so, let's get into something that we ve been talking a lot about, on our other show off the record, lately we discuss the west Memphis three case quite a bit and the thought that that we discussed here is is the real killer. In that case a known, suspect or an unknown suspect, meaning a no suspect would be somebody where we know their name, because either a they are suspected by police
media or general public or be someone's name that has come up somewhere within the story or the case itself that their name peers. In the case, file for any number of reasons whether their neighbour parent uncle or identified by description, you know, like the man at the bo angles. Restaurant would an example that then we have the thought of an unknown suspect. This is some whose name and order script, It is not known to police, media or general public someone whose name would not be found in the case file. Here, in this case, we have have some known characters did they have. involvement was there someone or some ones that were up to no good or planning, and about sure are murder. This would be someone close to the victims, or was it astray
or some one that spotted the girls in the mall or in the parking lot and decided to abduct them. So, let's look at known suspects, let's say alright, so thomas or tommy tricker, rachel's husband, a lot of people have quest in this dude, because I think when examining the situation, there are some things that could stand out That would say: well, maybe there there's a motive your or our motives here should also include Deborah. Now Deborah is rachel's older sister debt, was nineteen on the day that the day in question, so she was who years older than rachel Tommy there. Only twenty one years old at the time of the disappearance had. already lost both of his parents and was done was a divorced father of a two year old son. He and rachel had been married only about six months. So people point out that she is only in high school
and was sixteen at the time of their marriage, people point out. That is weird I dont know how that may be is weird, but I dont know how it leads to triple homicide now pass the aged difference. We thing that often stands out, as many people point to this right here is that tommy and Deborah rachel your sister were previously in a relationship together. They were either engaged for a short period of time. As a matter of fact, we know that's how rachel would end up meeting tommy. And later they're married, that's weird and weird yes so in, and then to further that theory along and what getting at is that either Deborah was somehow guilty of some or Tommy is guilty, or they both together were involved and in the disappearance of these three girls, but
Further that theory along we have the Deborah prior to the door, here too, the three girls had an argument with her boyfriend and she did. She moved in with her little sister and tommy for a short stay with the newlyweds. So Some have suggested one or both and Tommy were somehow involved in this case and that they were having some kind of secret relationship. Now Deborah says that, out of all of the bad things that has happened to her endeavours for periods of her life, the disappearance of her sister is by far the worst thing and when she's looking back, she says quote, we have special bond according to Deborah, both girls were afraid of their father. She says their father had a hot tub.
now he was also a sick man who was dying of cancer at the time of the disappearance and was buried that summer after the girls disappeared. Recalls that rachel woke her that morning of the disappearance and asked her to go shopping so we mention this in yesterday's show that we have other individuals that were asked to go on the shopping trip they did participate for whatever reason right, tommy being one of them know, terry being of sir, I keep telling them the middle ones boyfriend in the older ones. Husband used. So what what strange here, though, is we have Deborah who falls under the public eye suspicion yet If somebody that was asked to go on the shopping trip- and she does not go, she said He was not feeling. Well that day she stayed home in bed instead and Deborah was. There was still staying at that home,
the next morning when Tommy retrieved the letter out of the mailbox I think that everything that's weird here is if Tommy was planning to get rid of his wife. So then he could be with his wife, sister, Then you have a scenario where his wife are that his mistress was asked to go on the shopping trip. You know now we have a renee's boyfriend. Terry was asked to go on the shopping trip and then it's like it just seems like a bad time if you're going to try to I know, kill this person and get them out of your life that you're gonna do so one in a public place which may be
so weird, because you are married to her but she's going to be with multiple people right and, if she's, with multiple people, it's like so now, you're going to kill three people to kit. Take care of this problem. You know it seems, like motive isn't strong enough for that. I agree and that's why yesterday I brought up you know, who is that target, when you have multiple individuals together, when you have a group of people together, there are abducted or killed. Who is the target? Were three of them a target or was one of them specifically targeted for a specific reason, and, like you just pointed out captain if let's go through this motive for a second, because to me it just it's flame. See it's so damn flimsy, because if he wanted to knock off his wife. If it for some reason you like, ok well. This is the best time to do this. All snap she's got
Other people joining her on the chopping trip. Well, I'm just to do it at another time, but I'm not going to I'm gonna go out in abduct in killed. Three people, because I'm trying to get rid of one, I'm just going to do it at another time and same goes for Deborah if she felt the same way, she would just do it at another time. The other thing too. If the two were involved together at the two of Deborah Ann Tommy wanted the sister out of the picture, do you think that orchestrate a better plan than this, like you said, abducting multiple people from a public place very, very risky business. I just, but we also have the we have possible dna on the letter that was set didn't match tommy. We don't know that it didn't match tommy. What we do know is it doesn't match anybody in quo. Unquote, they're dead, database, we don't know who is sitting in the database. It doesn't mean everybody on the planet is in there that so
We do have years later. We have the words of tommy. We have the words of Deborah. We have tommy who says: look there was oh uneasiness, between anything going on there. You know there was a wasn't weird, that her sister, that I was once engaged to came to stay with us for a short period of time. just because on the outside, looking in it seems weird everybody it didn't seem weird to tommy was so he's state for the record that there wasn't there weren't have enough fairer and endeavours. The same thing says that she insists that the romance was long over. Of course, I would have to be made in all to marry her sister. I mean leah at some point lake and for them to be there still friends you, the sisters, still being friends, you would think that would have to be.
Adding gone on on both ends right, but you know what's even great even more interesting and I think that backs us up a little bit and of course, if you consider these two people to be suspects, then yes you're hearing it from the suspect's mouths themselves. but in an interview Deborah, she She says, look it this wasn't the relationship that I had with tommy before my sister married her. It was not a serious relationship, then interviewer says well, I thought you were engaged in seat. She'd outwardly says: yes, we have had been engaged. If you want to call it that, but it she didn't kill that are a real engagement right and she's. Like kind of says it was, it off and rolling her eyes, as she is doing the interview now. But here again I mean how many times have we done kind of silly things as well as younger adults or just teenagers, and we're now looking back on it a couple of years ago. That was silly and we don't know the full
end of it. I love that these. I love these people and I look look I shouldn't. I shouldn't go off in which on anybody here because must regulate. They knew speculating about cases and suspects is what you and I do so. I should get on anybody else for doing that, though thing that I have a bit of an issue which is that I think that sometimes p we'll stumble upon bad information in a case, and then they use it to back up their point or their theory bright, and what I mean by this is, I saw several people that they were suggesting that Deborah and or tommy should be big time suspects in this case, because once they they were they were engaged together. Then he often marries rachel, then rachel, disappears and then Deborah Ann Tommy. Up married together and have a kid together. That was the ammunition that people were using to back up that theory. The problem with that theory
and with their ammunition, is tommy endeavour. never got married. They never had a child together right. What happened? What what happened in real life was that tommy moved away. There were some bitterness between him and rachel's family after the disappearance he moved away. He still lives in texas to this day. I know who he works for it. I can't think of lotta, you give them give way off. Information well he's here is married, so I can see where, where people get that wrong right, he married Deborah. He is married, any went on to have a family, he lives elsewhere in taxes. I dont get the vibe from what I could find about him. I didn't get the that he's running from anything right away, while he could be running from their family on some level. But you know their daughter goes missing. He is someone a suspect. He has to be a suspect right reigned visit, the husband always did it
and they might have been thrown some shade at him, and he just was like you know at some point. You have to move on with your life right right, and so let's talk out the little brother of these two girls rusty, so we were talking about rachel resident in her older sister, Deborah and well two of them. Have a younger brother rusty now rusty says that the letter, the letter that we discuss yesterday holds particular interest regarding the case for him worker. He is certain that rachel did not write that letter. Rusty at the time at one time said publicly that he was sure that rachel, only rachel is still alive and that it is only a matter of time, perhaps even days before he finds her according to rusty following the disappearance. There were several reports that the two older girls had been spotted. It did
locations and he referenced seventeen and the fourteen year old yeah. He references a gas station, a walmart or a country store, and I think he actually references more places than that, but he says the initially in the early portions of the the case in the first couple years. He dismissed these reports as as a sham and in the beginning, but he became convinced that these were genuine sightings after meeting a private investigator by the name of dan, James, janus good, Sir I'm trying to follow your story normally when your tongue parts of the story, I am picturing things I'm having a hard time right now, so we have they go missing and seventy four there's bunch of reports eye witness sightings
right. The brother doesn't believe that the letter was written by rachel rank believes that she's alive but the other two or not, and wind, as this private investigator come into the picture, so rusty, met him twenty years later in ninety ninety five august. So this is twenty years later right. So that's what's difficult about this, it's and we have damaging was a private investigator as well as rusty arnold, who is the brother of one of the missing girls. We have to individual, stating that there are multiple sightings of the two older girls at different locations and and later on we're going to hear the brother say that only rachel's alive in that there had been continued sightings of rachel, and only rachel. So all we said that he became convinced
of these sightings that they were real after meeting private investigator dan James. We just said that they met in nineteen. Ninety five when they met Dan tells rusty. That he's been following the case since nineteen seventy five now text golly, the private investigator, was never hired by any of the three families. James has stated publicly that he hasn't risk a penny and compensation for his work according to James. What he has received is death. Threats from item is callers, warning him away from the case now, according to james, several quote: this is his words. Credible witnesses, end quote, say they ve spotted rachel since the disappearance he says, one was in nineteen. Ninety eight around christmas. Now, private, get her james believes that rachel visits fort worth during the christmas season each year and my contains that someone is quote shroud,
a manufacturing evidence and what he says was at first and effort to keep the two older girls away. Now he thinks only rachel survives, He says I believe that renee Wilson is not alive. I believe this something dreadfully wrong and probably fatally occurred in view Julie and mosely. He says he is evasive about what he thinks happened or who he believes can be held accountable so yes, he has a theory; no, he won't discuss it except to say that on. One close to one of the girls had something to do with the disappearance: bowery. Ok, I'm just trying to grab my head around this idea. So all three girls go missing their sightings. He doesn't believe these sightings at first. Twenty years later, he starts believe in them
sightings are correct, keep in mind. The private investigator apparently has believe these sightings the entire time right. So after me, in the private investigator. This guy has convinced him commits the brother that these sightings are real, so the I've had a vest. Gator price has some other theories that he's probably convinced him on, and I dont know what these theories are, but the fact that somebody's there's, somebody that still responsible for their adoption by two of them are dead ones still alive and do do do do do do do. Do she comes back to town every christmas yeah? Okay, so is she coming back to town with somebody? Is she still is? Did they take all three girls hold them captive and they've? Just let her live and other ones they didn't let live or
well, okay, roaming, the streets of fort worth by herself so damned james. A private investigator is pretty cryptic about his theory. Rags it doesn't sound like a coup. Bird but from sitting through multiple interviews with him and peace. Together his words, here's what I can tell you that I believe that he believes is that all three were abducted by somebody that new at least one of the girls. Ok, there was close to at least one of the girls with the idea Did the two older girls were the target the day would be kept alive for whatever reason right. So under this theory, my guess would be that the the believed up doctor that was close to quoting quote. One of the victims probably would have been close to either renee rachel one of the two older girls bright because those we were the target and juliet
hopefully just happened to be there, and he states that, under this theory that sir, thing: dreadfully wrong: fatality been to the young girl did during course of either abducting these girls are or holding them, there's something unpaid, happened to the young girl and she died fairly early on and to being held captive, or being part of whenever this weird situation is my. Then, if we sinew on down the road of the theory. Is it the two Girls were alive for some people. of time, because he believes they were seen together at different locations again, but right right right, but that still points to the idea that there were abducted and the doktor was like. Hey you let them free or was in the car. Why they went into a gas station? I mean that's risky well and then, but then, on top of that, the the theory goes that at some point only rachel was alive, the oldest of the three ray
you know that so twenty years later, twenty one years later, how you want to look at it? The thats? Where that that stance it did. He has reason to believe this. Private, investigator and rusty believes him rusty states publicly. That this is not just Dan James is theory. This is my theory is well now. What happens here? Is this tears? Arnold family apart. We have rusty, Deborah brother and sister, who spent the amount of time looking for their sister together when they were younger and as they up and grew older, it apparently looks like rusty with the help Dan james became suspicious of his own sister, Deborah because she says publicly in regards to james, she, As I know he blames me, I know he thinks I had something to do with it and and talking about her brother. She says rusty thinks that this letter that tommy got the next day he thinks I wrote it
he says I didn't write the letter I dont know who did I dont know what happened to my sister. I have nothing to high yeah, possibly, but we ve seen this in cases where, if someone comes in and investigates whether its author or a private investigator, I mean he is caught himself a private investigator, but we don't know why he's doing this he's out get paid. So he just really fascinated by the case or is he gonna use? Is research later for book or whatever so to have her not for Deborah, not trust him I get part we she might just be assuming this is what rusty believes is harming no he's rusty has stated publicly mentioned his sister were useless at that part, Well, I kind of did I said Dan James believes lively have been paying attention. The dna His believes that someone close to one of the victims was in
called in the abduction. There is evidence to suggest that Dan, James and rusty arnold, the brother, believed that Deborah was a possibly involved in this abduction so crazy. Well, and we have to remember, like in the madeline Mccann president say that finally, finally, the year and a half later,
and then like in the messa murray case, Brian schaefer case. Even the recent case that we covered mollie tibbetts, there are eye witness accounts have seen each individual and normally those eyewitness accounts produced nothing or in the case of like mollie tibbetts, there was actually a of eye witness sightings, and we know that they'll say we're not true right. So ah, but it's so strange to me- and I think we should pause here for a second, because I may just put this in perspective. We have three people gone missing, but we have multiple eye witnesses that see the
Family members believe those I witness. Sightings are actually real one family member rent, but also a private, investigator, correct and- and that means the doktor on some levels, letting them rome. Was it up adoption as much as you think like it? If you had the opportunity to go into a gas station you'd, be they K help me, I mean we ve, seen it time and time again, where that's not always the case by their seen, multiple times together and then later, just only rachel being seen, and then she come
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it's and then all these years later still missing, but What we have is the aftermath and what the suspicion cause out these different families or just the just having a missing child has torn apart. Some of these family right, ok and I will get into the specifics of all of them, but let's, let's focusing on the arnold family, for a minute, because we ve been talking about the obvious signs of problems it will we have within the arnold family. So we re- sure arnold who disappear. We have her older sister, Deborah that some people have suspect, could no more about what happened or maybe had some involvement, and it appears that even younger brother rusty. Arnold was a person not only believing that, but also driving that theory and get, Everybody else to believe it as well. Now we mentioned and langston earlier she's. The mother of these three
and she blames private investigator dan James for quote, poisoning rusty's mind. She says that her Emily has been destroyed because of Dan James is accurate. patients regarding possible involvement by Deborah. Now this does, regardless of how crazy this theory could be- and I do want to point this out- you know we're. There are cases out there where somebody takes somebody captive in sam for a very long time, see cases where they let them go out the public or go out with them. I even I can't remember the name of the offender or the victim, but I can even recall a case where the victim who was doctor who was being held captive was allowed. To go home and see her family. At one point, return to being held captive. It strange it's hard to wrap your mind around there. But it happens. Yeah, that's called marriage.
well and then, of course, we know more from a local case here when ohio, where in individual took girls captive and held them for, like over twelve years before one of em escaped and this guy invited people into his home. He would have guessed over to his home. He liked energy While he was a musician, he would let us friends come over. There do their ban practice at his home anyway, so it does happen. It hard to get your mind around it. But this theory is crazies, it seems could happen, but it does brow up, and it raises an interesting and hopeful question or any of the girl still alive. Now you know have to wonder that the warrant, like I said, for some, I witness eyewitness accounts in cases or are completely bogus, but you have to follow all those leads, but I mean I kind of jokingly said that I mean that super creepy. But
What, if you around the christmas time every year, whoever has rachel is lead in her go home will not home. We know some home but to fort worth right going to her home town. You know shit, we don't have any accusations of visiting family members, but the thought the Dan James believes is that she returns to the fort worth area. For some reason around christmas time, each year There be some kind of reward by the captor. Like you know. If you if you're good, all of these other days of the year by your granted. This one thing you know, there's it actually happens. They brainwash these. These have their prisoners right, but you think if that is happening or if they actually believe that, then they would be doing a lot of veins around that time to put up flyers, and this is what she could look like. She has been known to visit this area and maybe the
get her why she came to visit one thing. I should point out that I believe here captain his rusty arnold, okay, well, where we have here Family saying look his thoughts, his accusations, theories regarding this case has destroyed our family I agree with that? One hundred percent, but when I all I agree with and we'll have Rusty's back on. Is I see him furthering the investigation and keeping the investigation of his disappeared, missing sister along I've all these years later. It might be the wrong tactic it might be in. Taste. It might be the wrong theory. It might be the wrong theory. Yes exactly right and buddy, it does keep the case alive. is furthering the investigation and doing what John wash always says. You should do, keep your loved ones, memory and image and
the public eye in the newspapers and on the tv. Yes- and it's weird with this private investigator, because it's you want to know his motives, you know cause he is not thank paid, but I dont think that the general public has a good understanding of what most private investigators do for a living. So your your kind of like of your contracted worker, you're somebody that sits around a waits for the phone to ring or get it on your website, and so you could go investigate of fraud. Or a cheating spouse, any number of cases. You know we ve seen criminal cases where we have victims, families higher private investigators. It happens all the time the hour of your co host wants to go off and do so with generation. Why? But what I want to call private, rescuer, ok, but anyway, so
but the thing that I dont think that the general public understands is the wind. When a private investigator is not working. A case is not being paid to work. A case often You know you could do anything with your time, but what some then we'll do as they will pick a case that local to them, and they ll say oh there. reward in this case there is it fifty thousand dollars to two two rewards: for information regarding this missing person or Sixty thousand dollar reward for the apprehension of this suspect who looks like this. what they do is when they are not being paid for a specific case. Some of them will pick up on local cases. They have reward money and actively work those in their down I'm at the chance of catching catching some something it's almost like a lottery ticket. Essentially one thing that somewhat tied to this
Stability of the girl still being live, or one of them being alive is. We did situation in this case throughout the years where a lady collar and I have to apologise to you, captain and all the good garage people out there. My notes or incomplete on this story but what occurred was we have a lady collar that reached out to one of the victims? Mothers, and they had several phone calls throughout weeks and may be months, which led to the two of them meeting together in person. Now the lady caller insisted that she was one of the missing girls that she was the daughter of the woman. She was killed tackling what I'm apologizing for, as I dont remember, which daughter she was claiming to be or which mother she was calling right. Unfortunately, two of the three mothers have passed away as of this date of our recording, but
regardless she contacted one of them. Okay, so you have this nutty person right and she's, calling the one of the missing girls' mothers and stating that she's, one of the missing girls, correct, okay, continue! Well, they meet, and at the insistence of some one. I don't know if it was the missing girls, mother or somebody in the missing girls family break the person that was calling was subjected to a dna test. It was determined that they were not who they were claiming to be. So this is years I'm assuming this is years and years later, yeah yeah, because it because you know you would think at some point- If it were shortly after you build a look at the individual? Go nope you're, not You're, not renee, you're, not joanne,
I think, you're right, but I think this could have been twenty five, maybe even thirty years after the fact, I believe two of the three victims mothers passed away within the last five years. What kind of death knows? Do you gotta be a man who does that scam artist, twenty connor later to yeah giant? Dick knows techno, so big, you can't even fit through d. Also, do we have other possible suspects in and the answer is yes? Yes, we and I believe, much better suspects. Then what we have discussed so far I want to be clear about as far as Deborah Ann tommy go into it as it were related to, victims as far as them being suspects. All that I could find that's in the public's. I that's on these website for it's not never been any law enforcement state
the either of these two are suspected of anything and furthermore, we have the charlie project. It states. In all three cases we ve come if I this, we believe it to be a non family abduction, much better suspects. Let's talk about this now, Obviously, we know that there were. There was an act. Serial killer or killers in taxes in the seventies we have the texas killing field case was starting up in the nineteen seventies and normally I would red flag something like that and go into here. Unfortunately, that's a huge case that take up way too much time and their likely or at least I believe there is not a strong connection with the exception of a couple of items. Ok, the first thing that I would. Would take into consideration. Taxes is a larger than larger state than me almost every state in the united states right so the
That alone makes the connection to the missing forward trio case, even less likely, but something interest in their case. That should be noted, so the girls abducted Killed in the early seventies and the killing fields case ages, twelve years old to nineteen years old, most of them, fourteen so age of the victim fits, are victim ology here all were abducted without a manner boy present and on three times the two girls were taken at the same time, so multiple persons abducted at once and there was a break in the action down in the killing fields case. There are no known victims from the end of september. Nineteen. Seventy four to the beginning, of may nineteen. Seventy seven so did the killer or kill move away relocate for work, did they end up for some reason in the greater fort worth texas area and
king three girls from a mall parking lot in december of nineteen. Seventy four thing too, is some of the later believed. Victims in the killing fields were never found, which is of course, the case with the missing fort worth trio I did look at other known, cereals and I looked at the ones where the victim ology was a good fit for this case for the trio's disappearance, but all of them that I could find either they were locked up at the time they were not in the area at the time or would have been to young of an age at the time. The way I did find what I found one so the sky is not completely unknown, but this is not an easy define person and it is speculative okay. So the individual is named lloyd, lee welsh junior, he goes by mike welsh, was convicted in the state,
delaware in nineteen. Ninety seven, four sexually assaulting a ten year old girl. He has a lot the criminal record than that, including by lorries and other charges against children, but for the sake of time here cap we're not going to go into all of that. What's what's important here is: how do we get him to be involved in this case that took place all the way in texas? We have September two thousand and seventeen welsh, who is in his early sixty's of law as of last year. Plead guilty to the first degree, murder of twelve year old sheila and ten year old, catherine lions, who were taken from or taken just, shortly after leaving the wheaten shopping plaza in the state of maryland in march of nineteen? Seventy five? How does that bring us to our case? Well, lloyd welsh was a known drifter and was employed as a ride operator at a traveling carnival. He has had multiple convictions for sex.
Offences against young girls from the years of nineteen. Seventy four to nineteen. Ninety seven welsh was in at least two too does in locations, including washington, dc and taxes. In fact, in january of nineteen, seventy four he was confirmed to have been in austin axis then, in march of nineteen seventy five he was confirmed to have been in wheaten maryland. It is believed he in taxes from january of seventy four until time, early nineteen, seventy five, he was in both areas at the time all of these girls went missing from a shopping mall with welsh, a drifter and travelling with a carnival for his job. It is possible he was in taxes in december of nineteen, seventy four as a drifter. Obviously it makes since he would have remained under the radar for years and years, police are also look
for information on any security guards who would have worked at either more including information on Welch's long time, girlfriend Helen graver. They did for like ten years most of its spanning over the nineteen seventies. They were all. ways on the road and had no permanent home or address Helen is noted to have worked as mall security from time to time. We should go with that. I as report right now, I do want to you know a kind of breeze through that real quickly here, but we're talking about in a vigil that many many many years later just last year, he pledged guilty to first degree of two girls about the same age as the victims. It we're talking about here who he abducted either from a mall or shortly after leaving them all way back and nineteen
seventy five yards assimilate and this theory there there's two made dots connecting to not be somebody that we should be looking into yeah and if your wandering hey, he, he confessed to this crime. He pledged guilty to this double homicide from nineteen. Seventy five what's holding him back from telling law enforcement that he was involved in the missing trio case. One taxes has the death penalty- and they have a pretty quick route to getting there as well, so that would deter I'm from doing that. Number one number to disguise confession is the most bullshit confession. I've ever seen in my life and what I mean by that he's not lie. he's not lying that he killed the girls, he is law. His confession itself is a lie. What I mean by that is he he implies that Their people were involved that he didn't actually do that calling himself tat. He was just
somehow involved in the abduction and somehow involved in getting rid of them these later he's never lead law enforcement to the bodies and law enforcement has come and said. Look we understand that this is what this dues confession is, but at the end of the day, he's the one, the plead guilty to first agree murder on both of these accounts, the other people. he's named throughout the course of his confession, We either believed that they had no involvement or Some of these individuals have passed away or there's no evidence to connect them too, case began. You wonder, if he's not led them to the bodies, because that's a dumping ground for some of his other victims as well. That's interest. If you say that very well could be, and the other thought him to captain. I would, I would suspect, is dead. Is it possible that if they were to find the bodies that his story, his confession, doesn't so much
line up the problem with him is, I dont think that he's just gonna come right out and say hey. I was involved this murder. I was involved in this abduction or that abduction or this murder the way got to this guy was they found stuff on him? They found things to put him in place of that abduction and nineteen. Seventy five maryland things that he couldn't dismiss away. He couldn't explain away why he was there ok and then we know throughout the course of his lifetime, Go on to have sexual assault offences against girls of the same or similar age. Now I do want to kind of put a hopeful spin on this story and maybe maybe to bring some people to think that something good could happen soon. Maybe we could get some answers in this case
and that would be. I want a cycle back to rusty arnold. We talked about him he's the brother of one of the missing individuals. Recently he has said that he has quote a hunch that vehicles submerged in the Ben brook lake may have clues to the nineteen seventy four disappearance of his sister and the two other girls from fort worth texas. Arnold said in august of this year on facebook that he and his group of volunteers, had re had reached their goal of ten thousand dollars. This money is to pay divers to pull out three vehicles sitting deep at the bottom of the law. Ok, so we may soon find out if he is right, whether permitting the cars are scheduled to be pulled out september. Twenty second of this year by the divers, an crew to see if there are any clues to the disappearance,
rachel, trnka, renee, Wilson and Julianne mosely suggests a few days away correct. The case is listed as active and open by force, the police, but according to rusty arnold, he said that they are. Involved in the search at the lake, so the group of volunteers are focusing on these three cars because they believe one of the vehicles belong to a person of interest in the case who knew one were all of the girls rusty. Arnold did not disclose the name if that person of interest but said publicly at the same time. The girls went missing. We believe the vehicle he was driving also disappeared. Arnold added, we say around coming up with theories and we discovered that the person of interest lived within five miles of Ben broke lake. At the time
arnold in his group have been working on the lake theory for four years, getting the help of a friend who use sonar and found the vehicles at the bottom of Ben broke lake. This lake is in sight west fort worth, and it's about ten miles from the shopping centre. So lots of good. whose their captain they have a lead. They have something to follow up on something that could be com, we I mean, I know that these vehicles exist that they're in the lake- and it sounds to me after raising the money and after going through a couple of I'll runs or practice dives whatever you want to call it, but they believe that this saturday, they may be able to remove all three of these vehicles. Who knows what they may find in the course of those dives. It might be some time before. Revealed what they found or what significance it has to the case. You know if you don't find a body.
A vehicle or remains of one of the victims in the vehicle is not going to be so obvious, you're going to have to sift through what is found and determined if it holds, value evidentiary value in the disappearance of these three girls, but interesting and a little bit of a little ray of hope that the the remaining family members we're talking over forty years ago then allow Are these people lived the rest of them lives and never got any answers. As far as what happened to their loved one now maybe the remaining family members can get that answer. Those answers that they deserve and that they need they need that they need some type of closure. They need some type of reconciled, creation regarding this matter? This open wound that they have had for over forty years
all right we have recommended reading this week. Yes we do this week. We are recommending sons of cane, a history of serial killers from the stone age to the present by peter vronsky, and I tell you what peters got some very interesting thoughts and theories regarding serial killers and- history of serial killers. I would offer you a detailed description regarding the book. However, what it says right on the front cover is the best example of what you're going to read. It's a fascinating history of serial killers from the stone age to the present. That's called sons Cain, and you don't have to write that title downright now. You can go to our website. True crime, garage, dotcom click on the recommend,
page- and we have a lot of recommended books and videos and stuff for you- there, cap I want to thank you for joining me the garage in a big cheers to you, sir, a happy birthday to you all decrepid man. Thank you in Thanks everybody out there for joining us in the garage. We want to see you at your next week until then, please be good be kind and don't let it. The.
you can go company. Continental is the smart choice in taxes and the heavy with streams anything further guy who finds that one paddle they made the like of the chilean ingenue, yet really really continental available count tyre.
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