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The I-70 KIller /// Part 1 /// 441

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The I-70 KIller /// Part 1 /// 441

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Interstate 70 is a major East - West Interstate Highway in the United States that runs from Maryland to Utah. On April 8th, 1992 a serial killer made his first known attack. Killing a young woman working alone in a store near the highway. In the course of one month there were a total of five events resulting in six homicides. The murders are unsolved and many wonder what happened to the killer? Why did he stop and where did he go? Join us in the Garage as we discuss the crimes, the suspects and the possibilities.

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The in the psychedelic jazz rock song riders on the storm, Jim Morrison and the doors warned us that there's a killer on the road, starting in the nineteen fifties. Americans eagerly built the planet's largest public work. The forty two thousand seven hundred and ninety five mile national system of interstate and highways before the concrete was dry. A spector began hunting.
The road and his means of travel are very such an important and necessary part of his arsenal. The nation's murder rate shot up as it's expressways were built. America became more violent and more mobile. At the same time, these killers what we call them mostly depends on his methods of murder, his victims. each uses chooses his attack. There's the hitter, the freeway killer, the long haul killer. There norris and embitter cruising around southern california, windowless van that they nickname murder mac. There were stark. The hot rodding juvenile delinquent who led the national guard on a multi state manhunt and
The killing of eleven people inspired to indelible pieces of american art, bruce Springsteen song, nebraska and terrence film. The badlands. There was the call me god, d c, sniper attacks of two thousand and two were long distance. Serial killers position the bear Of their bushmaster xm, fifteen rifle through a whole cut it. here of a chevy caprice to pick off their prey, and there was the eye five killer. True crime story, told here in the garage and episodes three, thirteen and three fourteen back in june of twenty nineteen, the story of a homicidal sexual predator with an appetite for unspeakable acts of violence, law enforcement, face the awesome challenge of catching a suspect responsible for committee
such ugly crimes, crimes that filled every woman within his striking range with whore. Unfortunately, his striking range was interstate five and its tentacles spanning over thirteen hundred miles in three states: california, oregon and washington. Leaving a trail of victims along the way. This week we tell the true crime story of an unidentified serial killer. Story that at times will share similarities with some of the atrocities previously mentioned twenty years. after Jim morrison prognosticated that there's a killer on the road this killer hit the pavement. This serial killer, use the interstate system as a hunting ground. This is a story. Of a white knuckle monster, seething behind the wheel eager to make his appointment.
but as he's driving the interstate, what is driving him to kill. He's a dealer of motiveless murder, a predator with deadly accuracy, a cow who killed seemingly just to kill and then vanished into the world. He disappeared, the remains unidentified. We have no cage monster. Two point two and say that Did this? Instead, we only have a moniker, the I seventy killer, this true crime roger interstate. Seventy or I seventy is a major east west interstate highway.
In the united states that runs from Utah to baltimore maryland. I seventy approximately traces, the path of old us route, forty east of the rocky mount and it runs through or near many major cities, including denver, topeka, kansas city, ST louis indianapolis, Columbus, pittsburgh and baltimore. I seventy is two thousand one hundred and fifty one miles long and some of those major cities that we just mentioned will be important to this week's case, especially indianapolis indiana, where we will start off this takes place on Wednesday April eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. We have twenty six year old, folder she's working she's going to be
Now a friend at work. The friend was not feeling well and robin told the co worker. Hey no problem. I can come in and cover your shift today. Robin worked at the palace shoe source on the east end of indianapolis indiana, she was one of only two full time workers at this location. Now there were a couple of part time workers there as well, but not this day robin was a manager. Payless is an international discount, footwear chain that has been around for decades and, I believe, is still active today, yeah bo go there Now, because the store was operating with a very small staff, this required that at times they run the store with just a single employee and again that will be the situation on this one. Today. This made some of the employees uncomfortable the store
Not have a lot of problems are issues but did experience shoplifting on occasion, as most stores do. This store does not have any security camp and, at the time, the only real security major was a buzzer that would go off when the front door was open, notifying staff that someone has either entered or exited the store robin in particular, did not like being alone in the store at night time, and her sister would off drive to the store and kind of just hang out with robin during her solo night shifts, but our case is going to start out on this Wednesday afternoon, robin working alone. Now next door to the payless is a speedway gas station. That is still there to this day, a lady name Lucretia she's working at the speedway. She gets a phone call from the district manager of the pay, less store who says hey,
I've been trying for about forty five minutes to get in touch with my employee, robin at the payless. I've tried numa times, and no one is answering the phone. Could you go next door and make that she's all right. Lucretia goes next door and she enters the shoe store. She does not see robin In fact, she does not see any one at all. What she does see is an open cash register. Now she works at a gas station, so she's very aware of what this could mean. So this is enough for Lucretia tethers means trouble. She leaves the store, goes back to the speedway and calls the policing. She thinks that the pay less has been robbed or possibly a robbery and progress. There
of course, is going to trigger a speedy response. Officers arrive on the scene and they are in the store at to twenty one p m. They find robin dead on arrival. She was located in the back of the store in a stock room police. They arise that the killer took robin to the back of the store either just before or after removing money from the register mare county conducted, the autopsy and the info released to the public at the time. Was that real? was shot twice, the shots were to the right side of her head in the back of the head and fired at quo, a reasonably close range and from a small caliber gun, robin's purse and coat were found in the store and her car found parked out
I'd so police pointed out that this made the robbery angle and motive a little strange. They felt that If somebody came in there in the sole purpose of the attack, was for robbery bright and it resulted in murder that this individual would have taken just about everything they could get their hands on, and it doesn't appear that they did that not just because of her purse, maybe maybe it's as simple as they didn't see her purse. But what we do know is there was fifty dollars left in the register. So police were very upfront about this. Your captain, stating this is not a store that they would expect a robbery to take place. It's not a store that is going to have a lot of cash on hand, not a great target for robbery and then to top that off. They find fifty dollars
in the register yeah, but that there has been several people, especially people that rob banks, often where they talk about you go in. The main thing is to have a location that that that there's no security- you might only get a couple of hundred bucks, but your risk of getting caught is so low that you can now. You just have to duplicate that over and over again right. I guess the thing that makes this one extra tricky is: the Her that's involved right. Why not, as you just pointed out perfectly, the security level at this store is terrible. There there is not. We have a single female working by herself that day, there's no cameras and its fairly that you can get back on a speedy ral out of town as soon as you hit the store. The murder makes it worse and then I want to talk about the fifty dollars left in the register, real quick, we ve, we discuss this.
Other robbery, homicides in the past- and one thing that's tricky here- is we don't know the details of why fifty dollars was left was, is something that the killer chose to do or did on willingly did not know that they did that. Sometimes you keep the large bills underneath bright, and maybe it was just overlooked. He didn't check there maybe was wrapped up in a rubber band, maybe with tee and weak. We never hear of you know there was fifty one dollars and seventy nine cents left in the register cause. I always wonder, about that. I'm, like I, can't imagine the person taking the time to scoop all the coins out of the register as well. I doubt they had exactly dollars and coins in this register. But the thing is again: if the sole purpose of this attack is in fact robbery. Usually the perpetrator will have
or force the employee to assist them in some manner in the robbery meaning tell me where all the money is show me. Is there a safe you know. Is there any money that debts you ve not told me about so usually there good about getting all of the cash that they can, because they are threatening the employee to help them figure out Now all the money is right, but then, as far as law enforcement goes or a detective goes, you go okay. Well, maybe the robber distant know that there wouldn't be that much money in a store like that. So maybe they're not like a highly sophisticated robber hm. But the murder makes you believe that the person knew the person working at the store, the victim right, because what we have here is a situation where the murder seems unnecessary for the purpose of robbery. You could have went in there if this person does not know you
you stick a gun in the face. Show me where all the money is. Ok, I got the money I'm out, I'm in my car, I'm heading towards the freeway, no murder necessary re. Show me. The money The timeline, I think here is interesting. Let's go through this real quick too, so we have the police who said in the papers immediately that they were looking for persons who had been in the store that day to come forward. Maybe they had seen something or heard something of importance, whether or not they knew it. So anybody that shopped at that store on that day. We want you to come forward and speak with us, because you may have seen something that went down prior to this robbery and homicide Dana offensive palace. But when I was a kid and you'd get payless shoes which happened several times, you would not want to admit to your friends that you had payless shoes on
It would say: maybe you got your shoes from kmart or walmart or anywhere other than payless, what they really wanted. What police really wanted captain was to speak with a customer involved in the last transaction, the last known transaction, so the last transaction was recorded on the register at one hundred and twelve p dot m the purchase was for one pair of women's shoes and one air of men's shoes police were on the scene at to twenty one. This is what the time that they say that they found robin deceased right. This is after lucretia, went into the store and then called it again. This is a robbery in progress. Call so response time should be very quick and multiple units responding to the scene, Well, I wonder if, if the last customer was like a ruse
I go in there. I act like a customer. I talked to them, I'm acting like I'm buying a pair of women's shoes, a pair of men's shoes. If I do that, you don't know what kind of customer I was if I was a female or male I'm getting into no knowledge of the layout, how many people were working, because if I come It's a nice respectable customer! Oh yeah! You know how do you like your job? Do you like working here? It's okay, but I I don't like working by myself. All you work by yourself. She rings up the order and then that's when you turn on the person. And so then it doesn't matter that they saw you or talk to you, because you know that you're going to murder them. That's interesting, and I tell you why, because we actually have a very a short period of time here when you piece everything together, we now We have the last transaction at one twelve. We have. We have police on the scene at and twenty one p m,
So just a little more than an hour later, an hour nine minutes actually right and then does it matter how much money is spent in the store just taken aback anyway. and during that hour nine minutes. We have several things that we knew took place right. We have Lucretia who went to the store and then she calls police. So she finds the store empty and the register open now she does not go through the entirety of the store, but it's very likely that the store was empty at that point. So let's back this up just a few minutes, if you back this thing up, let's say ten minutes fifteen at the very most between the time the creature shows up police arrive on the scene, now we're talking about less than an hour and if you factor in the words of the manager who called Lucretia at the speedway and says I,
been trying to get a hold a robin for forty five minutes and no one has answered the phone, so that means either robin was attacked and killed very close to that last transaction per that forty five minutes that now puts us at like one forty at the latest or the attack is in progress when the calls first start taking place right so small window of time. That's key, but not only that, but the location is going to be key in this case as well, and the rest of the cases that we discuss this payless store is now one of those batteries bulbs plus store. It's a stand alone store located in a busy area of town. That's one thing: when looking this up on the map that really
He struck me as bizarre. It seems like there would be a lot of activity in this area. Foot traffic people driving there's a lot of fast food businesses in this area, so this store is located in a busy area and right by the pay less is that speedway that we mentioned by a paint store and a car repair place paint stores on that busy. But if you go just passed, those are the immediate businesses. If you have got one business passed, all those you have things like mcdonald, stock, o bell, places that you would expect to be busy even on a wednesday afternoon, taco bell, taco bell that might be dinner tonight paint store car repair waste. This payless shoesource is at seventy three: twenty five pendleton pike, indianapolis indiana, just off of interstate, seventy on the east end of indianapolis,
it's just six point: nine miles from interstate seventy via interstate four sixty five. Repeat that again how many miles it's about six point nine miles from interstate, seventy will still have stored distance, though so, according to my maps, roughly a seven minute drive from I seventy. Now there was a witness but what he witnessed while everyone will need to decide the importance of what he saw. Jeff may rose, he's the manager of the m, a bee paints or said that he saw a man in a green jacket, walking down pendleton pike. He said and carried a long bag
and may rose assume that he was some type of hitchhiker or maybe a homeless person. He said that the man came from the direction of eye for sixty five, which intersects with I seventy three miles south of the The man in the green jacket stopped at may, roses store, I don't believe he went in. He repeatedly circled. The building before sitting on the curb near by may rose said that the man remained? Therefore, about a half an hour, maybe more staring at the palace shoe source across the street and rummaging through his long bag that carry the man said, may rose was mumbling talking to himself and even giggling at times may rose reported. The absurd may rose reportedly said the man he saw was either on drugs or he had mental.
Objects to aim, get a look at any of the items in his long bag. No, I don't there's no reference of that. We do have is Jeff may rose from his view said that the strange man disappeared around two p m Maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later, he did say that he caught a glimpse of the man calmly, trying to hitch a ride going north back to I for sixty five is witnessing this man who's in the area behaving strangely sitting in the parking lot of his paint store staring at the payless across the street. As for a little while and then he when he reappears, he sees him, he believes trying to hitch a ride back north right
again it's eye witness reports. He got a ticket a little bit with a grain of salt, but the idea too, that somebody's going to rob a shoe store being a green jacket with a long bag and then decide to hitchhike after they robbed and murdered Somebody seems little odd. Audrey seems extremely odd, because I want to take this a step further. I keep king around the idea that the the robbery is less a part of this than it? Then it may be that the more or might be the actual motive here, and if that is in fact true, we don't know, but if it is in fact true that means this individual likely showed up to that area. Knowing their intent was to murder someone and then I pointed out. How dumb would it be to say up? I have no way of getting out of here other than my own two feet, or my giant thumb in the air trying to hit a ride out of this area. I mean right if he'd
in successively find a ride or if he can't haul ass out of their fast enough on its own two feet. He could still be standing there near the store when police arrive on the scene it to twenty one p m, but, like I told you when I worked in richmond, we had downtown richmond like the whole historic district is where they call. It has multiple banks and we sergeant and robbed all the time. I all the different banks now much my bank never got robbed. Then the door haven't really hard time trying to catch the person, because there are there either showing up with a bicycle, leaving with a bicycle or showing up on foot and leaving them foot. So they knew that the perpetrator. I had these different escape zones, but it was so much harder for them to catch. That's true in this being a busy area with a lot of buildings, a lot of businesses and a lot of times these businesses and buildings are going to backup to neighborhoods some one I guess could be out of there pretty quickly
or at least in an area where it be harder to track them down a very sadly in folder, was only twenty cheers old. She was a very kind soul. She was intelligent. Hard working in a caring person said her sister susan robin wanted more than anything to get married and start a family. Only twenty six years old, captain folders family, later complete. To the indian atlas star about what they thought were numerous security lapses at the business they carried their concerns to the palace It is in the end, the indiana department of labour cleared the business of any wrong doing. We should point out that the police have been fairly vocal, that they believe if, in fact, this green jacket man was the perpetrator of this murder. They believed that he was sitting in the parking lot of the paint store.
check, the pay less shoe source store to determine how many employees were there and if, in fact, this killer was seeking a female victim to look and confirm that it will be a solo, female work. The alright. We are back cheers mate, cheers to you, captain cheers to all the people in the back now three,
days later April. Eleventh nineteen. Ninety two just three days, later we will have two more victims. This is patricia majors and patricia smith. Patricia majors is thirty. Two years old, she is the owner of the lay bride de elegance bridle shop, located at forty six thirteen east kellogg in Wichita Kansas, where in a hurry different state here cap, I was born in a different state patricia and her husband mark majors bought the store in february of nineteen ninety one. So just about two months earlier, he says the store was primarily for
her saying that she really enjoyed working with the customers and the bridal environment. It's important to note that the couple own, both the les bride, the elegance bridal shop and the sir knight tuxedo formal, wear shop. These were adjacent shops located at four thousand six hundred and thirteen east kellogg and four thousand six hundred and nine east kellogg the first crime happened on a wednesday. This is now a saturday saturday in April, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety two. We have patricia majors. She will be working with employee, patricia smith. Her maiden name is trendle, Patricia smith is twenty three years old, a nursing student at wichita state with plans to
Actually pursue pediatric care, she's a newlywed married to norman smith for nine months by this point in our timeline, this was the only case and there's going to be a series of these the only case involving multiple victims. Investigators believe the killer was under the impression that there were there was only one woman in the store at the time normally patricia majors was not in the store on a saturday. At this time the women had stayed past the typical six o'clock closing time. So by the time that this takes place, captain the store should have been but they stayed past the closing time because they were waiting on a male customer who had called ahead and arrange to pick up a cumber cumberbund after hours at some point after six p m police think that the women
open the door to a man who they thought was the customer that they were staying late for. Do we have a note about this customer? Do we know if we knew the name of the customer? We know exactly who he is and we'll get into that. This is going off of police theory that the attacker arrives at the store they women. Let him in thinking he's the customer they been waiting on, then the attacker ushers them to the back room of the bridle shop. That served as a work area, an office and there the man shot both women in the back of the head with a twenty two caliber semi automatic fire on the man did steve some cash from the register and walked away, but not before a brief confrontation with the actual customer who had me a arrangements with the ladies to pick up this cumber after closing time, so he arrives at the store thinking he just
go in and pick up his cumber bun and beyond his way right, the actual customer arrived to pick up the cumberbund and encountered the killer. Killer. Let the man go, but this was only because the man refused to enter the store. The way that this goes down- and we do not have this man per se, his name and what he says exactly went down. We have the police statements in the police reports of what they say. This man told them. It sounds like when he encountered the killer. The killer tried to get him to come into the store itself had he gone in. Who knows what would have happened? I'm guessing he might have done the same with this guy dead man He may have ushered him to the back room and killed him as well. The customer knows,
inside police, once the killer left? So the way that this goes down? He does not go into the store. He flees, the area. There is a discrepancy of when the call came into police, because it's going to be this customer that calls police and says hey something terrible is going on. Where is he calling from that's? What's difficult again? We don't have this man's name or his direct statements. We have what police say. He told them right. There's a discrepancy of when he called most reports. Stay say that it was over an hour prior to the police. arriving. I I don't know. I don't love that that sentence. I think it's, I think it's confusing. It sounds like he called something in, and then police didn't bother showing up to the scene for an hour. It's very,
Likely, though, that this customer did not know that the women were dead in the store he can speculate that, but he wouldn't have seen them he didn't enter the store. He's has no way of knowing that there are two people who have been killed in the back of the store but did he see a gun? Yes, because that is what the gun goes. Given the store you first start off by gone: hey buddy with a gun, socket, not gone in the store you gonna going to europe to shoot me out here or Be some eyewitnesses or better chance that you're going to do not insult the man with the gun, but here Here's the difficult thing by hollan. My point is better to insult him than to follow his directions, regardless of how this went down captain the thing that we can say, I believe for certain is that there is some time that passes between
when he encountered the killer and when the phone call was made and when police arrived on the scene. I don't know if that means that this man had to go, find a pay phone, it's one thousand nine hundred and ninety two or if it was one of those things, sometimes look when you walk into a nation that terrifying, shocking, something you're not expecting. You don't necessarily behave rationally upon witnessing or experiencing that situation. This man just done what came naturally and got back in his car and drove home and then made the call once he was home once calm down on the drive home and said, there's something going on here. I better make sure I report this or the fat He might have had a wedding who's gone to that night. It was a saturday. He was needing his cumberbatch on what wrecked what if he was like bah this thing just went down, but I gotta make it to this wedding, I'm the best man. Wedding arm. Maybe
continued onto the wedding and phone the police from their again. He does not know that a homicide has taken place and a double double homicide it that he would in fact, though, provide details to police so that they could put together a apposite, a composite sketch of the suspect he described the man as white five feet: seven inches to five feet, eight inches tall about a hundred and fifty pounds with reddish colored order, light, colored, hair and a stubble beard police on this been found, patricia majors, dead and patricia smith was mortally wounded more than an hour later again, when the customer called nine one one to say that he had seen an armed man approaching the store, but all the victims are roughly in the same age range. Correct, Patricia smith was taken to St Joseph hospital where she was pronounced dead.
on a rival there. We have, unfortunately her father bob trend. Oh said I touched her hand ass. She lay there on the table, he's recalling the minutes after he arrived at the hospital. Her husband said quote: I was expecting Trish was her nickname. I was expecting Trish home at six fifteen. That night I waited and she didn't show up Norman Psmith, said quote. I thought maybe she had a late customer, so I called the store- and there was no answer. Smith said he tried com again around seven p m, but when no one picked up, he knew something was wrong. Police interviewed both victims, husbands, norman smith and mark majors after they each drove to the crime scene that saturday evening, but quickly concluded that neither was connected to the slang mark major said he re opened. The bridle shop show
lee after the murders only to sell it. Five months later, he never remarried. He said of his wife. We have absolute textbook, marriage. We were best friends, so it sucked textbook as a textbook area. He saying that it actually took him about thirteen years to fully accept and get through the grieving process, but he never really moved on. He said he harbors, no ill feelings toward law enforcement for not catching patricia's killer. This not be a spoiler alert to anybody out there. This is not a spoiler
because we said in the trailer. This is an unidentified serial killer that were working with their we're. Talking about here today and I have to twenty six years- bob trundle father of Patricia smith said that he did not expect patricia murder to be found in his lifetime. Twenty six years after the fact he saying this to the papers and, unfortunately, robber william bob trend, all of two pico formerly of wichita, passed away on march, fifteenth, two thousand and eight team, while the problem they're working against the randomness, and if we believe that these two are connected now we have a miles upon miles and cities upon cities where this individual could come from. Yes,
we first started off in indianapolis indiana and our second case is taking us all the way to wichita Kansas. So, let's talk about the location of this store is located at four thousand six hundred and thirteen east kellogg drive which adopt Kansas and, according to my maps in directions. It's one hour. Seventeen minutes drive to Selina s. I is the most direct location where I seventy intersects. it's ninety three miles via one thirty, five, north or, and I'm throw this.
As an aside, because I'm having going through this case, the city of to peek, a kansas- comes up several times in this case, so I'm gonna throw this out there to. You could go up. I thoroughly five, two to peek a kansas. This is a two hour. One hundred and thirty six mile drive to to peek a kansas, and I seventy runs right through to pico salsa, ten hours away from indian apples that be correct? My friend, let's go sixteen days later, two weeks and two days later, on April, twenty seventh nineteen, ninety two we have forty year old, Michael Milo macao, better known to his friends as mic, he is working and he
working in his mother's store. This is called sylvia ceramics shop located at twenty six fifteen south third street and terror. Ho Indiana were back in the who's. Your stay captain. He is the only male to be killed in any of this series of attacks. Now, prior to starting at the ceramic shop with his wife, sylvia mix father owned a barber shop. This was
call Phil's barber shop for twenty years in the same location. It was shortly before the murder that it transition from the barbershop to this ceramics store investigators believe that the killer chose this store, because the stores solo woman's name sylvia's ceramics. So if, in fact, this killer is seeking our gets seeking stores that are being operated by a single solo worker, female worker. This, the sign on the store in front of the store, indicates that that might be what this killer would find once he enters the store, a woman working solo. But what else do you know about this individual about about how about his surveillance of these areas that he's gone too?
Rob and potentially murder somebody well, let's, let's continue on hold on this is a good point. We have eye witnesses that saw him stalking. peeping tom or whatever you want to call it running surveillance on on his first location from across the street. So again, maybe he picked this location because it's a single single female name, but even if he was watching the store from a distance, there is the sign. I believe he has pretty long hair for a male, and so it is possible if he was running surveillance on his next target. He wouldn't have known it was a man from a distance. Yes, in that part of the investigators,
theory on this particular case in the series is their account or mic. He had long hair and wore a ponytail and he was also a smaller guy. So it's believed that if, in fact the killer was watching the store, if in fact he could see this man from outside of the store through window, where a glass door that if he only saw this man from the back that he may have believed it, was a woman working by herself again that goes?
to the idea of the name on the sign itself. That would indicate a small business. A small store operated by owner operated store if he might be expecting to find sylvia inside working. That day. Again, though, I think law enforcement knows this, and and but district can state the obvious they're picking places where you know the register's not going to be filled. It's not going to be a big score financially, eight, but you are going to get a score of of some kind right. It's the trade off that you were talking about earlier. If you want to make a whole bunch of money, you go rob the mcdonald's. It has served a billion big macs that day.
You're going to encounter five or six employees in the store and probably several customers. At the same time, you walk in the sylvia ceramic shop. How much money you expect and get but you're also of honor bucks. Maybe yet you are also expecting you know. I can watch the store for fifteen twenty minutes and then determined that there are no customers inside the store. I'm only thinking, I'm going to encounter one employee right now the investigators as far as they seem pretty firm on this, so I dont know exactly: did you grow them, how they ve peace this together? But they seem a firm on this idea that the mic very likely never saw
killer and they believe that the killer may not have seen the front of make or his face until after he had already killed the man this this shot in the back of the head thing, too, has to be something right. Yes, said that its it's always the same way but years then that may be. That means they know what they're doing is wrong. Well, you wonder: is he too cowardly to have to look them in the face right before or During the killing you know yet you also think it makes sense to we ve seen this several times in other cases where The customers are employees inside a store during a robbery are taken to with a back room, get on their knees and there should not the back of that's not terribly on, and that is in
a lack of their place at the bridle shop. Socket nope not gone to the back of the room. Well, it's it may be gets here get shot in the back of the room I dont know these are these are horrible situations hopefully- and I pray none of us here or not. It's listening ever find ourselves in such situate yeah, but the more and more we cover these cases now get in the car. Don't get in the car get in the van don't get in the van now. Let me tie you up. Don't let them tie up hatless play this little magic trick with some handcuffs. Don't do that. You know
It's almost like. We see time and time again, the ones do that don't follow the directions, almost throw the killer off their game because they're expecting these people, I got a gun, they're, gonna, they're, gonna! Listen to what I say and I'm powerful. The problem with that, though, is with that analysis. Is the the people that don't survive? Aren't there to tell ass exactly what went down, especially when we have a killer who gets away they may they may not have agreed or or gone along with any part of it and ended up by the same. You know it's it's regardless. It's it's it's sad. I'm still going with my idea that you asked me to do something socket. Let's just get this done, and over with you know, I'm not going to be put somewhere to be torture. Right or you're, not going to tie me up while you torture, somebody else, but the best advice that you've given is that don't get in a car?
I don't. If you're already outside, don't go in a place that is not outside bright stay as close to the public or outside, as you possibly can okay, this is. This is strange because drain We have the investigators who are very firm on the idea that Mick never saw his killer. Killer likely never saw mix face until after he had already shot him. They say that there is everything to indicate that make was reaching for a small white ceramic house on a shelf when he was shot at close range in the back of the head. This is curious for a couple reasons, one You have a situation where he's busy just stocking a shelf or moving things around going about his normal business is normal daily routine and the killer comes into. This is a small store comes into the small store. You know
x is just one minute I'll be right with you before, in turn around boom shot to the back of the head, or is this a situation where the killer came in maybe had the gun concealed and needed just enough time to pull out the gun said hey. I would like to look at this item, or could you hand you know? How can I help you, sir? Can you hear me
that and he turns around and then he shot so I don't know why the right, but I think the customer ruse trick, makes so much sense, because you could you learned so much about the store within minutes of being inside and even if another customer came in, you just have to wait them out. So you you would know that the store was empty. Most of these stores have little dinners on the door. So you know if somebody else came in n, you would get the lay of the land real quickly or within a couple of questions like were saying before to know that descended the individuals by by themselves. And you would think after the the last attack, if, in fact the killer really wants to only walk into a situation or kill in a situation where there's just one employee working that may
be they go in under the rules of being a customer to confirm right that it had acted. There's nobody else in the in the building itself. Don't know how much I believe that that the he'll never saw mix face or that make never saw the killer. I'd I'd Can we don't know what information the police have to kind of sound like there, a firm on this idea- I question this for several reasons: be is what I think we're dealing with here. Captain and I've. I've not really been good at hiding this for at all because I don't want to. I don't know that I think that robbery, the primary motive. Here I see a series of killings. Sounds to me and looks to me like killing my The motivation might be what this guy is after and
robbery is just something that takes place during this goal of killing. I don't think if and if that, in fact is true, there's no reason for me to believe that this guy walks into this little store and all of a sudden discovers. Oh, it's a man working lot, a woman, and then walks out, that's a possibility, but I think we're dealing with a guy that once he made up his mind, he's going to strike he strikes. So what we have here is we have mick. Mick count is shot. One in the back of the head with a twenty two caliber gun the there was still a well the amount of money in the register. So again The robbery motive is very weird here, but Mcgowan's wall. It was gone, however, police found, fifteen dollars in my account pocket, so the killer took the
time to take the wallet but didn't check the pockets. His body was discovered by a customer around four hundred and fifteen p dot m. The investigation seemed futile. It was as if a. ghost had walked in shot the man and then left, leaving no trace piece of himself behind it was virtually, and this is coming from the words of the investigators on this case. It was virtually a cold case before the end of the week. the killer walks in boom kills, the guy leaves no ever.
It's behind and walks out and leaves they've got nothing to work with, while it doesn't take as as thinking about this I mean, if you go to these even small towns, to find a location where there's a strip mall or whatever, wouldn't take you long to I mean a couple passes up and down the strip, Malta to see who's working who's, not working. What store has a lot of people? What store seems Berry not me, I'm not busy during that time. Well and if you've mastered your ruse as a customer as you and I keep kind of hinting toward You may not even have to watch a store at all you walk in and if it's not what you want, maybe a leaf right. You know it's it's it's again. It's one of those situation. I do believe, though, if the, if everything seems right to this guy once he decides to strike, he strikes The thing that might turn him offer the thing that mice make him a board. This mission,
walking in and finding himself in a busy store, but if you're in front of a small storefront, a small store and there's one car or no cars, you got a pretty good idea. What's going on inside, those walls were or you don't like the situations as simple as I forgot my wallet, or will you have a nice day and you walk away your store, sucks right, walk now. I believe that if they would took this composite was eventually they haven't and they start connecting these cases again that if they were to ask about other other stores of they saw this individual in their store, they might get lucky with some eyewitnesses.
You look going into other stores in it not being a place that he wanted to be involved with or again he know. We have evidence that this guy is stalking his target and I think it wouldn't be that hard from a distance to get a lay of the land. The location as with the others will be important. This small store is located at two thousand six hundred and fifteen south third street in terre haute. Indiana. This was just a two minute drive point nine miles from interstate seventy The
if you're ever curious. What what we look like with the colonel looks like, but the captain looks like what any of these cast of characters in the episodes look like you can follow us on instagram cuz. We post all the information there at two, graham garage join us tomorrow back here in the garage we'll see you then until then be good, be kind and don't let
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