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The I-70 KIller /// Part 2 /// 442

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The I-70 KIller /// Part 2 /// 442

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Interstate 70 is a major East - West Interstate Highway in the United States that runs from Maryland to Utah. On April 8th, 1992 a serial killer made his first known attack. Killing a young woman working alone in a store near the highway. In the course of one month there were a total of five events resulting in six homicides. The murders are unsolved and many wonder what happened to the killer? Why did he stop and where did he go? Join us in the Garage as we discuss the crimes, the suspects and the possibilities.

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The the. welcome to true gram garage. Where view are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is a man. That's moving out to allay the land of the champions here. Is the captain had in to California, it's good to be seen
See you thanks for listening thanks for telling a friend, today we are sipping on a fantastic logger. I seventy colorado logger from odyssey beer works. This baby is clean, crisp bright and I saw someone describe Seventy colorado logger as zippy, so we'll back that up and, let's start off, by giving some praise to those that got our backs. First, up a cheers to slats from a cracker in campbelltown sydney, the big shout out to jenny g in wisconsin. Next up, we have mindy in vancouver washington and a big shout out to kimberly and friday harbor washington. Next up, we have aaron in l, a and last, but certainly not least, we have sydney and pangborn england. Everyone we just mentioned went to true crime. Garage dot com and contributed to this week's beer funding. For that, we give you five at a five bottle caps
we're a little bit behind on the beer shut out so make sure your patient, but thanks. Helping out with the bw2 bar you in beer, run, make sure you go to our website and sign up on the mailing list, so in the know, send out a promo code to the website store has enough of the business everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime the twenty four year old nancy kitzmiller played soccer throughout high school and at oklahoma state university, where she graduated with a degree in geography
She returned home after graduation and organise her old high school soccer buddies to play in an indoor soccer league. She loved her tree in western music and was a line dancing fanatic. She had a big stick: I blue eyes and long curly brown hair now Nancy wanted to be a cartographer. She applied for a job with the defense mapping agency, headquartered in ST louis, for this job. She needed top secret security clearance. This going to take some time to get and she had been waiting for about a year where we pick up our story in may of nineteen. Ninety two so Nancy's finished with school and she's going to work at a store called boot village.
ST charles Missouri. This is while she's waiting on that security clearance. Nancy's parents say that nancy was expecting that clearance to come within two weeks of the time of her death. The bogey hills, plaza village store in ST charles Missouri, opened on Sunday may. Third, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two at noon that day Nancy is one of several managers that worked at the store, while this location is going to be so or to some of the other locations in this story where, yes, it's a business, but it's surrounded by other businesses, but since two sunday the other businesses aren't going to be open. yeah. It's a busy area in some of these other stores in this immediate area will be closed due to the sunday. This western footwear store is located at twenty. Seventy nine
bell or some deal road and I'll spelled out, because I'm a more on in the garage can't say things. you m, be H. L road Nancy will working the early shift by herself, because business is typically slow on a sunday now some time, between unlocking the doors for business that day again at noon and two thirds. P m that afternoon someone shot nancy in the head and did take some money from the cash register, though there were reportedly plenty of people visiting other tail outlets in the area. No one comes Words saying that they heard a gunshot, a path. Sir, did say that they saw the killer, though the last customer that nanny kitzmiller waited on. According to this, I witness this.
Person was a male of medium height with doll red hair. Not probably unlike the description we were from the man retrieving the cumbre been right at the bridal shop today, address of twenty seventy nine zumbehl road houses, ST louis bread company, the boot village store, is no longer there. This is much in every way. A similar attack to the others of employees working in a smaller business by themselves is act shot in the back of the head. There is some money that is stolen from the scene. Again, the location, though, twenty seventy nine seventy nine zumbehl road, ST charles Missouri, minute drive to interstate seventy,
nine miles away, and you had asked captain off MIKE if we knew exactly how much money was taken or how much money was, left the general description with all five of these events that we are going to go through in the I seventy killer timeline. The description is all basically the same, that it is agreed on by investigators that some money was taken from each location, but also some money was left at each location, This is where you have to wonder what is the hold back information here? There has to be something even if it's, these quick attacks that are Very succinct I mean we have what appears to be a guy walking in to a store and in individual leaving very few clues behind and also probably spending there.
with little time at the actual crime scene inside the store itself. There does have to be some information that we don't know that the public does not know that the police in these areas and these jurisdictions know how much money was left. How much money was believed to be taken. The other thing that I'm here. Is about. We know in one of these attacks the mic. His wallet was taken.
It's curious to me. If there were personal items belonging to the victims taken at all of the scenes, are it more than just that one scene yeah it's very difficult to, because I think the you are saying it's pretty easy to go. While I think murder was the main motive, is there not taken much money? That might just be not much money to your eye or for us to go a couple of hundred bucks. I'm not going to kill somebody over couple of hundred bucks by wonder if that lowers the age of the suspect. We're looking for because Obviously, a couple of hundred bucks to a seventeen or eighteen year old kid would be heute. While again here we have a potential other witness. An age has been a bitch for the suspect, in this case ives then put the age range as low as twenty to thirty
years of age, and as late as thirty to forty five years of age, yeah, I heard as early as a three year old. Well, the thing: here is: if we are to go off of, may roses witness statement, he was the manager at the paint store right, keep in mind. He says some interesting things that immediately upon seeing this man, if, in fact that was the killer, I believed him be a hitchhiker, slash, homeless person well typically Bullets are the shovelled unclean. They can look older than they actually are, and then to to take that a step further you and I keep honing in on the fact that money was taken from the scene, but money was also laughed at the sea. We may be trying to rationalize something that there is no rationalization for meaning if
may rose was correct in his assessment that this individual was either on drugs or had mental problems or both There may be no rhyme a reason for why this individuals leaving money at the scene. This takes us to our next attack here captain this is may seventh, for four days out from the last attack. May seventh, nineteen. Ninety two we Sarah lynn blessing king by herself. Her maiden name is heart and she's recently married, she's, a newly wet as well thirty, seven years Sarah was a healthy, conscious person. very knowledgeable about natural foods and such she went to emporia state college halfway between topeka and wichita earning a bachelor of fine arts degree
interpersonal communications with a minor in psychology, she was to be a pet lover. Now Sarah was born six. We prematurely and had a younger sister and a younger brother, but her mother, wilma heart, recalled quote she is always a little thing but she was the big sister and she goes on to say that she read constantly and got straight a's in school. Now sarah and five of her friends, rented a storefront in raytown Missouri each would set In an area where they would display their items to sell these could be things like crystals vitamins, natural foods in such they call The store of many colors they would take, turns working at the store. The grand opening was Nineteen. Ninety two in april late April,
the grand opening week of April eighteenth to april twenty sixth Another bizarre situation here captain because we are now on our second store, where it has just recently opened on may seventh. This was a thursday it was Sarah's turn to work, she working alone. That is the day that she was killed. Sarah was in the store alone. In a man wearing a gray sports coat slacks and dress shoes strolled across the large parking lot toward the shop of many colors. The store that we're talking, about now this guy is going to stand out to witnesses because most people drove to the popular strip, mall and, of course, they're, going to park right in front of the store that they are intending to go into. So this guy he's not
seen getting out of a vehicle he seeing walking the distance of the parking lot and then selecting this store. The store of many colors TIM hickman owned a video store that was next door to the guy shop, where we have our young woman working where he said that he heard loud bangs. After hearing this, he said that saw. A man walking up the hill behind shop, and he believed him in the direction of interstate seventy. He goes next door enters the shop and discover Sarah's body lying on the floor. Then we have a clerk at a nearby grocery store who was outside collecting carts. If you look at this,
location on a map. What we have here captain is: we have let's picture of a square with three sides and one of the sides, not four Complete, but what we have by that, pointing that out, as we have shops that are facing one another with a large parking lot in the centre of all of these shops, the location this grocery store, which is the largest shop in this strip? Mall location is across the street or across the parking lot. I should say from the gift shop. What he is going to see is a man exit the gift shop and walk in the direction behind the store behind the store, there's a hill, a story and then, if you go beyond that, there's a neighbourhood, but this person, this second eyewitness, says
He saw this man walking away walking north at sixty third and woodson, which is just about three miles south of I. Seventy. the suspect was also reported to be walking east down fifty ninth street approximately ten minutes later at that time, the stranger was about three miles south of I seventy so about the same location. Speaking of location. The store is located at eleven thousand five hundred and seventy three east 63rd street raytown missouri this dry, by car, be nine minutes, travel time to interstate. Seventy is four point six miles. which is another similarity in this case, as the other cases now obviously were connecting them. But this is after long foresman I did so.
Yeah, and I actually heard whose just one podcast I think there were several podcasts on this case. I listen to a portion of one of them Recall the name- and I want to throw anybody under the bus anyway, but they had said you know these all these crimes and there the distance apart of course, you're not going to connect, though minutes the early nineties, so the jurisdictions weren't talking to one another, so they didn't connect them for years, which in fact that's absolutely false. That's not correct. Formation. What we have here is within days of the final attack. We have four of the investigating four of the five investigating. departments are meeting to collaborate and to discuss actual similarities and see if the crimes are in fact linked What we have is an did warning that comes from these, for investigating departments in may it says this is
a warning issued to stores near interstate highways throughout the entire country, saying be careful Try not to leave a clerk alone on duty. We are moving ahead, but just because we had a meeting doesn't mean that we're going to catch the guy tomorrow. These things are going to take some time now we said four of the five investigating departments. That is because there was a bit A squabble over whether or not the wichita homicides were connected to the others. not. We have indiana state police, detective crook, who said without elaborating on the details that there were certain factors about the Wichita slayings that were different from the others. yeah, but you going have that I mean not every serial killer or expert in crime, commits the crime one hundred percent the same way every time right in. What's so funny about this
portion of the story to me anyway, is that he goes on stay on the record? This is one of those moments where it's like it's like toothpaste. it's out of the tube. You can't put it back in and I I bet you he wishes that he had not said some of these words, so he says the wichita shootings appear to be too far off of I seventy wichita meaning their police department. really hot on the idea that they are involved, but we are not, that seems pretty clear cut, but the home is then, just two days later, the witch Killings were in fact linked to the others and rick pilgrim spokesmen. For the metro case squad investigating said we ve able to come up with common denominators. In all of the cases we have physical evidence linking the so maybe hair sample finger
and dna, something palm print. I wish that were the case. I don't think that they have that stuff. Ok, what we do know that is left at all of the crime? Scenes is bullets unfortunately, what I'm saying is that they are going to be able to physically connect these through evidence to each other, because of primarily the bullets rights of bullets, because a blister x is basically like fingerprint for the gun, and we mention that we have the warning that was issued by police to basically, the entire nation of this guy could hit any store. seemingly at random, These do not have your employees working alone, especially if you store, that's located near an inner stay or a freeway. They did offer up some theories
immediately early in the get go of this investigation once they've connected all of these crimes saying that He may be, posing as a traveling salesman or the killer may. Fourth, way into a store with his gun. He may case the area and dr at a time when a single clerk is vulnerable, but I think one of the most our full things that, as stated earlier on in this investigation, comes from the assistant police chief anti. Ho indiana. This is Joseph newport who says we were dealing with a serial killer, he's not really getting much money out of the shops. We don't why he's killing people? I just think he wants to kill people he's going into places that don't have money. if he'd gotten every dollar in there, it wouldn't have amounted to much, but I think that's important in this, and the profile of this individual was is maybe
Even though the amount of money was so little, it was still they still needed the money it's something. It's almost like a signature if, in fact, it's as aside thought, it's also somewhat necessary to the I'm itself if he is in fact going in there just for the purpose of killing, while he's taking an extra step that has heightened risk involved with it of taking money from see a lot of what you are discussing. His information that came out pretty a lot of what we're discussing this information that came out pretty quickly after the crimes, but this next bit is something that came out. Twenty years afterwards, yeah and two thousand and twelve, the saint Charles police department, released what they believe to be the
exact model of the gun used in all of the slayings, and we say all the slayings. We I think we re I need to hone in on something before we get into the details of this weapon, hear what hell is going on. We have six victims in five events that all take place in a month, a period of just one month right. There is forgive me for saying so: a speedy and efficient killer. We have the first attack that takes place on April. Eighth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and then the last known attack- is may seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, and a one month period six people killed. It was the Indiana state police
or maybe it was the indian atlas city police part me. They came up with the moniker of the eye. Seventy killer, but We know from what they were saying in late may of ninety two that all of these events, all of these homicides are connected, and then we fast forward twenty years later to learn and twenty twenty twelve that they believe a may know the exact gun to have been you so lab test confirm that all five had been killed by the same gun. Would be a semi automatic twenty two caliber pistol and based off of witness. Testimony police strongly believe that the murder weapon may have been an irma work, and I'm a spell that in case I'm saying it incorrectly, w e r a key and it was model a model. Eighty twenty two pistol now this is a unique looking.
weapon it's a handgun with a very long barrel, and it also looks like me being a lay person refer to as it like a nazi. King gun, you know those little the little hand guns at you see in the indiana jones movies. The cartridges of the bullets were polished with jewellers. Rouge This is a very specific thing to these crimes. This is somebody we're talking about expert level of experience with fire Why would anyone polish bullets with jewellers rouge? I would have no idea about that. I have no clue why anybody would do that until looking into this case, what I've been told is that if you were to do this, they its it would prevent the bullets from jamming their wits. It would
bent the gun from misfiring, though, that you don't run into any issues when you're trying to operate your killing machine that you're bringing to the scene of these cry. now. We say that this Ben is unique, while it was in fact unique. Only six thousand were imported to the united states from germany, so detectives are hoping that someone would recognize this gun and remember if they knew someone who had this rare gun back in the early nineties. the ammunition was cecy. I brand twenty two caliber long rifle with copper, clad, lead bullets, police asked all gun, enthusiast and gun dealers to notify them if they see an irma work model e t twenty two or had one stolen from them. in the early nineties, the owner or presumably the killer? May of use. Corundum
red rouge for fire lapping of the weapon or may I've used, koran them and rude and grinding paw, washing or machine, shop work. There there are many complaints that this gun would not cycle reliably or eject and load a new round again. That's why somebody with an expert level of experience would know to you, who's this jewellers ruse to prevent that from happening bomb. We have multiple crimes. Multiple crime scenes, multiple law enforcement departments working together. What kind of profile? If any, do we have of this individual That's what's unique. I think to this this we have a known serial killer operating the problem
is he's operating in multiple states across many many miles of land, but what's unique to this case amongst the others, is I couldn't really find a profile? What I could find is several statements by several different departments. at the time. You know early one. Ninety two saying we: are working with the fbi to ride them information and details of the crime so that they can put together a cycle the corporeal file of the eye. Seventy killer. Well, you'll, look away! You look again, nothin. what you find is a month or two later, a different department saying the same thing, We are working with the fbi to provide them details of the crime so that they can put together a psychological profile, what we have years later cat, is we have the idiot less police who say that they
They were working with the fbi, but it was. It was yet to be determined Years later, yet to be determined if a case is even a profile for I'm having trouble with this worthwhile above there you go. Thank you. God bless you. Captain if the cases even profile level, because again it's like this guy- walks into the store boom commits the side and then walks out, it's almost like a mix between a serial killer in a spree killer. Yes, actually and when it comes down to it. As far as I am Starvation goes. We have the indian apple, police on record saying we literally went through and got hotel registrations from every single hotel across interstate seventy up and down the interstates all over
And looked into those they looked into toll boots, they checked license plates, they checked traffic stops during the times of the attacks and they ve come out and they ve been pretty clear up front with this is not a dna case. This killer did not do anything to the victims or they. The attacks were not such that they had dna evidence left behind of the killer. You had referenced fingerprints, palm prints, hair fibers, anything of that nature earlier, I can't say certainty that they have that or did not have that we have multiple crime scenes and again every one of the crime scenes is a for lack of better term as a public place. You have many people that could be in and out of, these stores and these shops so
they may have that stuff? They also may have that stuff not able to. Get to anybody or aware that they actually have it, because you have a I have that it contains so many fingerprints, so many palm possible hair and fiber what we do have the very little bit that we do have as far as a profile would go. We have the physical profile that we ve, we talked about we'll talk about again, but we do have law enforcement on rec saying that they believed that the suspect could be a military man, a hitchhiker, a traveling salesman or a truck driver, because the thought being that there's a possibility that the kill is someone who has a reason to travel beyond just killing so again, such as a sale. A truck driver and then along those lines, detectives said that the killer might have dealings with military bases, because several of the slayings,
near military installations such as fort Benjamin Harrison in indianapolis. The. what is a chicken butt cheers mates and welcome back. We got a lot more to dive into in the I seventy killer
case for all of you die hard garage listeners out there. We just put out a another off the record episode on stitcher premium yesterday, so make sure you check that out. So in this case it's not clear, but it seems like there's no one a source of profile, but we do have a composite for this individual. Yes, we do.
and the general consensus seems to be the police described the suspect as a white male in his mid twenties to mid thirties and with the remark of but more likely in his mid thirties eye witnesses have described this man as a five feet: seven inches to five feet. All the way up to five feet: nine inches tall about one hundred and fifty pounds with reddish colored or light colored hair and a stubble beard or faint beard, and I might be wrong, but it seems like from the furthest distance from indianapolis to I believe it's wichita, it's a ten hour radius that we have so multiple places. Is that this killer could be residing, do have any evidence or any clues to pinpoint that down. Yes, oh, I want to talk a little bit about some gangbusters work that is done.
being done by a guy going by quest her. I didn't write on his full name here, but it's at quest her sight, dot com. He has worked on just as a armchair detective has worked on several of these older cases, particularly high profile cases, and he did several post about the ice. Funny killer. One thing that the that he points out as far as a pattern goes because I'm looking at this thing and I'm like what what's the pattern here, because we don't have a tax that are taking place, order of you know on down the road one, two, three, four five. We have five events, six victims, but what quest her points out in this is, I think this is pretty brilliant here that he refers to this as polling, which is,
so so such a great word for everything going on right now in our country, but I has nothing to do with that. What he saying is, if you take, if you take the crop crimes and put them on a straight line, what you have is the first crime it takes place at the very fur. This part of the line, which would be roughly indianapolis indiana the next crime, the second one goes all the way to the other side of that line. The fur point on that other line, and then the third crime is Back again to the east In indiana, the fourth time is in the middle and then the fifth is in raytown. So it's almost like went to the the furthest away that he could be, which, if you by that rationale, if you're going to use that as maybe your your area, it would It would seem that the killer is probably more in the middle of these crimes.
Other than all the way and andean atlas or all the way out in wichita did it. he started and wanted to kill and felt that he could kill comfortably furthest from where he resides to further the crimes from him as much as possible. Well, he went to the trouble of going as far as he could east and then the next crime he went as far as he wanted west and the I felt a little bit more comfortable because he had gotten away with some and then went a little closer to home so maybe he's in the raytown area, maybe he's in the Missouri area or, like you said, he's a big traveler and he's not even anywhere close to where he lives who live all the way on the east coast, were there west coast, and what we have here to captain is the biggest question that seems to be passed.
who was the I seventy killer? Yeah, that's the seems to be. Where did he go? because we have five events in just one month, time period and we have six homicides inside those, I'm five events and then he seemingly disappears as of that kind of weird to you that there is not even a hint of what he was driving. I think that is something that's very smart that you point out, because what I think he was doing is, I don't think this guy was hidden, I, I don't think the laws, no, it doesn't make any sense at all by what it came forward and said. You know what I I picked up this individual or this individual would have been if again, if the the motive It's just murder! Why? Wouldn't they just murder the person that drove them at some point right so
There seems to be some reason for him carrying out a mission. It's almost like in a video game where you're, given a list of of objectives, that you have to choose on some kind of mission, and it's like alright get to this location, one thing that I find interesting is all the stores are very similar when you think about it other than the payless. None of these to be much of a in the way of a chain of stores, Brian and so he's picking small businesses that with the exception of the one case, are not terribly far from I seventy itself, but all of these locations are similar in the sense that you could park behind the store, behind another store, or maybe even in the neighborhood or the streets. We said that most of, if not all, of these business our backing up two streets and neighborhoods. So
You have a general idea of where you're going to attack and you do not want your car to be seen. Is we talked about this time? in time again here in the garage right vehicles. Are one hundred times easier to locate than a description of a person? Give me a description of a vehicle. We can find it easy than a description of a person, especially when you tell me it's white guy in his mid to late the mid thirties always. he's. Seventy five foot, nine, so I think he's parking his vehicle near the crime scene and then going on foot to and from the actual crime scene and then fleeing. Vehicle once the crime is committed Have I witness statements where they're saying I saw a guy who I believe was leaving the store at around. the time of the belief, homicide right, he's heading in the direction behind the building one person saying
I thought I saw him, go behind the building and then up the hill, where he would have went down the hill and he could have parked right on the other side of the hill. What a great obstacle for hiding In concealing your vehicle, while, like you're saying I mean we are again, we have evidence that he was staking out these locations, but almost like in a very genius sort of way like if you're in these plazas, where there's multiple stores and maybe the store. You know. Yes, the store here, born into isn't that busy, but the other stores they're, probably not that busy either, but there's people going in and out of those parking lots all day long. You know if I was driving up to a strip. Mall chances. Are I'm going to see a couple cars coming in and cars leaving so if so,
I said: did you see that man driving away? No? I didn't. I saw multiple cars driving away, so I think that would be a great way to the clutter. Comes your cover. Well in one bizarre thing. That is that I find fascinating. That might just be pure happen dance beyond the idea of targeting stores that may can pain younger. Ladies working alone,. we mentioned several. The stores had only been when they were under. You know, there's a new. Store, and only when for a month or two right, that could just be happenstance. Maybe it's because a new or so it has less customers that had less time to build up it's clientele, so he spots it in it's obviously not busy and goes in. it's just he wouldn't have that they were newer stores, but again I should become that many attacks that many homicide
in such a short period of time and then he's gone. Why? Where did he go? I think The. Why to me is pretty obvious: we have the police at the time that very quickly linked all of these crimes together, and he knows, I used the same gun at all, these crime scenes? He knows what's linking them, he knows how police have linked them together. So maybe he does disappear. Maybe he doesn't go away forever. He's not this phantom killer that just disappeared. all he's got to do is change guns and he can ten you doing what he's doing, especially if he is willing to go to the distant ten hours away, so I What happened here is. I think that this guy probably continued on. I think, what's it
sing to me, too, is not just where did he go, but also where did it come from one thought they jumped out me was We mentioned military man. Is this a I just action that went off the war. We had Gulf war ended in february of nineteen. Ninety one desert shield fall, by desert storm did this Guy was he sent over there to service country and he got a taste for killing and then he brought. Kieran? He couldn't turn it off. you know so, who knows where he came from? Who knows where, where he went, but what was the trick? There was something that triggered this guy, this guy. While be not the most normal guy in the world. Something happened to get this guy to start killing. In April, nineteen Ninety two and then he stops in may of nineteen. Ninety two there are
some theories about where this guy went or if he went on to other crimes. Their capital alright hit me with them. well, some investigators believe that the I seventy killer may be responsible for two murders in nineteen. Ninety three and an attempted murder in nineteen Andy for all of these crimes took place in the state of texas and it started in september of ninety ninety three. On september, twenty fifth, when fifty one year old, mary Ann glascock, was killed in a fort worth in the city of fort worth, adding Emporium antiques store continues on from the air november. First, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three twenty two year old, Amy Vas was shot to death in a dance apparel store in Arlington.
And then we have the january 15th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four attack on thirty five year old, Vicky Webb. She luckily survived this attack. She was shot and he in a houston store at a alternatives gift shop. She briefly spoke to the shooter, so she has a description of the person that shot her the man, shot her and then she did not die and he attempted to her again, but his gun misfire. and then he left the scene. There's great debate, whether These crimes are connected and a big part of that comes from the fact that the gun was used in the I seventy killer case and the Six homicides that we've already discussed was not the same gun.
Used in these three texts cases. However, these start up shortly after right, the next year after the eye, seventy killer goes there. shoes and, like I said he could have just got a new gun and then picked up where he left off at some point, the interesting thing is that what connects these is, first thirty five and we mention interstate thirty, five before interstate thirty, five does connect to I. Seventy and it connects in the general area of Where are I? Seventy killer left off with attacks number four and five, which would be In the re town, saint Charles area, that we discuss earlier, you can pick up. I thirty five in and around the Kansas city area with I seventy so Maybe he just heads a little further south continues doing what he's doing now.
With a new murder weapon, yeah, I'm sure some Well, listen, you go on what may be it's just a different guy, but the description of this individual is very similar and that's why people believe he just got a new gun We have a surviving witness in the I thirty five attack who describes the killer to look similar to that of the description given about the I seventy killer in the I thirty five killer in the final attack, the vague description that we Here is a white guy about five foot, eight, maybe five foot, nine inches tall, reddish hair, one hundred and fifty the one hundred and sixty pounds, faint beard, brown jacket and dark pants. So not, unlike the other cases, the I seventy cases, let's get into some suspects here, captain before we wrap up. Some of these will be suspects that have been named by law enforcement and some of them named by
Garage armchair detectives such as ourselves. The first suspect that we have to talk about is a man that died in july of nineteen. Ninety six, and it is herb beaumont, okay, who is is an american, a bad name. He's an american suspected serial. This was a very successful man he resided in west field, any anna, but Mr was under investigation for murdering over a dozen men in the early nineties nineties, most whom or last seen at gay bars investing I found the remains of eleven persons, eight, which they identified, we remain unidentified to this day on both my property. If, in fact he was the killer of these people he's dead, so it's been tough to determine that it's believed he
held these individuals. He was killing and burying people on their very large property unbeknownst to his wife and family that lived in a house along with herb on that property. After arrest warrant was issued for him, he fled to canada, and then he killed himself before he could be arrested and brought to he never confessed to any of these crimes? His suicide note made. No jane of the murder allegations against him. He as though later linked to a series of murders of at least nine men along interstate, seventy, which occurred in the early to mid nineteen eighties. So this guy is this did possibly killing as many as two dozen men. That number certainly unconfirmed, but I think it's his ties to to the general area of interstate, seventy and the state,
of indiana. Together they put him on the list of suffering. here, as you very obviously, no captain this ammo, if ur bro, meister killed. All of these people is not be further from the mo of the I seventy killer profile victims. So this seems like it's it's one of them situations where he. It is a known, active, serial killer gets tossed on this list. Just because of that fact he's also. Nick name, I believe one of the neck he was given to him, was the eye. Seventy strangler, it doesn't help when you're nickname is so much so close to the nickname of the killer, that they're seeking
I don't think herb Baumeister, had anything to do with these killings. The next suspect that we come to is an individual that was listed and stated in the papers at the time as a possible suspect. His name is, donald author house and he's a suspect, because on the night of february, twenty ninth nineteen, ninety two- this is just- more than a month before the I. Seventy killings started happening Waterhouse reportedly shot and killed his mother and step father inside their home in diaries burg. Tennessee. Now like the eye, seventy dumps these two were shot in the head. With a twenty two caliber weapon waterhouse. He vanished eventually his was found, abandon in east saint Louis right off I seventy he evaded police until october. So the thought here he's eventually cotton oklahoma, but the thought
here being that he's killing, while on the run for having killed his parents, he fit the physical. This sean somewhat of the eye seventy killer. However, I think what we have here is a situation where you have, because these killings are taking place on sars. Such far stretches across his car. And they seem to be motiveless murders. This is really to me reminds me of like a zodiac type killer, who's, not communicating, Who would choose not to communicate with police or the media? Some who is trying to terrorize. That's what that's. What a terror It is someone who terrorizes the public with with threats. This being the that of anyone working in any store, it within a series of states could be killed at any time. any random time of the day down by again, the key victim is female, right or thirty.
and what I think we have here captain with waterhouse. As far as he is concerned, I think that the police we're under a lot of pressure at the time too, throw out a name to make? It seem like we we got. We got a trail on somebody what we I twenty years later is that they were bombarded with tips once they started, putting out the composite sketch of the suspect they. that they believe that over sixty thousand tips were followed up on and a lot of them. Obviously false. I know some of them were were blatant false tips. Where somebody was angry at somebody else bright and threw them under the bus and said all they look like the suspect, or he should be your suspect, for x, Y and z, and it turns out they're, baseless speculation, they're right, but a lot of these composite sketches. They kind of cartoonish this one
This good, this drawing has a little bit of soul to it, and it's very disturbing the sky would would freak a lot. Boil yeah and this waterhouse guy. While on the run, I don't know what it is. I have not seen an exact statement, but once they located Waterhouse and once they were, to take him to trial for the killings of his parents. Authorities very quickly said that I know now that we've caught him he's not a very high priority, suspect in the I seventy killings and then, in fact, we have just in june of nineteen ninety two where the St Charles Missouri police, chief, David king, announced that Waterhouse
no longer a top suspect in the I seventy killings. That brings us to Donald blob. A donald prince born nineteen, forty nine. He is an american who was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of Kathleen Katie Pryor. In nineteen, ninety nine he's a registered sex offender involved in five cases of kidnapping and sexual assault prior to katie's murder. He is suspected to be a serial killer by case investigators. Blog is serving his prison sentence at a medium security facility. In minnesota this assumption, though, doesn't a whole lot of sense to me not really certain how he ends up on this list of potential suspects boy. He killed somebody there you go his killings and his attacks
look this guy at the end of the day, he's a rapist, an murder, none of the eye. Seventy killings were sexual nature. Then none of that took place so the police. Seem again here possibly desperate to get names out in the press and this maybe one that was just thrown out. That was at the start of something. Was this how I'm going to do it fantasize about it that will turn into something else later, where he was once a hands off killer and then became a hands on killer right. Next up our list we have ralph Leon Jackson, also known as ralph men, old ralph men is real monger, ralph men or ralph jackson He is convicted of shooting two people on the blue ridge, parkway and two thousand and ten, and unfortunately he
held one of those victims and if it wasn't for the the courageous efforts of the other victim he he thought he killed her as well. So what we have here, captain is a situation where this guy it seems that he killed these people at random and I it's the random nature and given his age, he was fifty seven years old when he was convicted of the two thousand ten crimes, and that would put him in the general age range for r. I seventy killer and his
not to go back and back to this, but we need to put a red flag and a marker on it right here where we say he is. Physical description is not unlike that of the eye seventy killer, but brain you seen the picture. It's it's kind of a vague description of the eye. Seventy kill array them. So he looks somewhat like the description he's about the same age. But really, I think it here is the randomness of the crime, this crime that he committed. It almost looks like went out to the blue ridge parkway that night hoping see someone or someones and was the and two gun them down from his vehicle, so that puts him on the list of potential suspects for the I seventy killer as well as he's his name comes up and the colonial parkway murders as well. Yeah. I'd like that. Many of these these suspects were
I think it's, because there's no really good clues here in any of these cases, that we have what I would consider great sauce. While so the thing is because the ammo is so strange that it definitely seems like he was targeting a certain type of victim, but it doesn't seem like it was sexual nature, like I said, could have led to that later. Maybe it was just a fantasy and he wasn't willing to take the risk to take the time to live out those fantasies, but also the strange still with a bit of money. Is its very strange him out. Well, here's the name that you'll recognise in some of our listeners will recognise as well the long time listeners anyway. The next aspect that we are going to discuss is Neil falls who is Neil falls well? That name may sound familiar to you because he was men, In the end are vanishing
women case. That is the case of six missing women, several that were killed in the southern, ohio area. Why did he come up on that in those episodes? Well, that was because he is a man that was killed during what was believed to be the attempt. killing of a woman may be raped. Be involved, I don't know he at least threatened her with both where he I met a woman on the internet, shows up at the door, and things turned bad real, quick and according to our victim who survived in old mill falls. She says it was told. He told her look I'm going to prison for a long time. For this it could be for rape or for murder you're the one that's going to decide it. Well, she decided it and it was for neither he wasn't going to make it the present he did because of her. Luckily, now, when police start looking through,
This meal falls guy and looking through his vehicle very disturbing stuff, they find firearms handcuffs shovels. A pickaxe several bladed weapons, including a hatchet and several knives, and he had a bullet proof vest on him. Now he was a good disk. it's from where he lived, and so the thought here is not just that this guy is willing to travel to kill, but some people did some very interesting work because remember we have our I seventy killer, who would have been in his early twenties too? maybe mid too late, thirties, that again being the big window for the age description of our potential killer here This I found this on reddit and web sleuths, where several p found in an interesting little
thing here and neil falls as background in early ninety. Ninety two, we don't have an exact date. Neo falls moves to his father's house in Kansas well the I seventy murders began in april on April, eighth of ninety. Ninety two Then, three days later in April,. have the murders in Wichita Kansas, oh, the home that he was living at greensburg. Kansas is about an hour and a half west of wichita. So this guy, and he does look. You know at the time of his death. This is a. That moved around. He lived in many different states and win this woman killed. Him the fbi and police immediately came out and said. We want to know one where this guy was. We want to put together a complete timeline of him, but we we, I'm getting driving violations, speeding, tickets in such an multiple states over the years, so not
they did he live and move around, but when he was living at certain places, he was traveling to other states as well, and this is a guy that they thought he might be driving or flying and going elsewhere, and killing people returning to his home. The interesting thing here is weak put him within an hour and a half of the killings wichita back in nineteen. Ninety two, now the picture of him at the time of his death, kind of a fat version of the description given of the I seventy killer. And if you go on the web, salutes or read it and you'll. Look up this neil falls. I seventy killer angle, you'll, see that what did here was they put a picture from his? I believe this is his senior year high school yearbook, a picture of senior year in high school, followed by the sketches of the I seventy killer, along with the
The fat version that I pointed out of the that the chubby cheeks version of neo falls from the time that he, We ran the time that he was killed in that's falls. F, a l s, not balls. I know you're thinking it's in the open all, but it's not. It's falls well, and the other thing here to captain that's interesting about falls is texas. Ninety nine, three in the nineteen. Ninety four killings, the I thirty five killer again, some these could be related could be linked, could be the same as the I seventy killer, false father who is living with at the time passes away in nineteen ninety five and he moved back to oregon and, of course there is no more! I seventy kill killings or I thoroughly. Five killings believed after that. Ninety ninety ninety four attempted killing jabba so
possible reason for why it stopped in that area would be. The neo falls moved out of the very well again. I think his age is something that I like, because I feel like these killings these eyes. Seventy killings are it's like a step towards a direction. It's almost like a precursor to something else. That is going to happen and again the money taking not huge amounts of money. But taking the time to take that money seems like something somebody with not much of a future would do. Also something that may be a you know, teenager early twenty year old would do your working under the theory that this guy might be earlier or toward the the younger end of the spectrum. Right. That's what we're talking as far as our eye witnesses go now you're exactly right, because with neal falls he would have
twenty two years old back in he too, when these homicides first started up, and the one hundred bucks to me when I was well heck now, but I mean even back then it was a lot of money like two hundred bucks or three hundred bucks. How that's a lot of money. I actually think if, in fact, that this guy is a cold, calculated killer, that, if he's all there, that, if he's not on drugs, not mental problem, they're, both like one of the witnesses stated that I think that the robbery or the taking of the money is really just to throw the police, I guess I don't know what they're he's, throwing them off of, because everything the murder still took place, but he's an interesting one, because he would have been they too at the time when they started and then again that window of time he
is there roughly in that general vicinity of that area. When the killings are and then, when they stop after the I thirty five killings, stop he's gone in ninety five. He moves to organ, so I think that's one of the more interesting ones, one one more name here captain- and this is one that I would be shocked if our listeners don't know, because we've covered a case that he is potentially linked to as well. So many times is thomas bruce, you remember correctly. He is a delphi suspect he is a known killer and I think it's people have linked him to the I seventy killer, simply because Indiana's part of the the story for the I. Seventy killer, Two of the known events linked to the I seventy killer took place in the
state of indiana and his crimes. He was in ST louis when he got picked up just a year or so No, because what did he do? Remember he went into that catholic supply store and he took several. He took a. I believe it was a customer and a couple of employees back to the back where there were some sexual assaults that took place homicide that took place, and he was on the run for a very short period of time before they've tracked him down and found him. His age would put him at about the right age again. I I think, that the age range for the I seventy killer is. It is fast yeah I mean it's just big it, so it gets difficult to to really pinpoint down and say all the ages right when we're? about a span of fifteen years. It may be for our potential. I seventy killer but
bruce is an interesting one, simply because he he does this attack he's locked up, he's been quiet ever since some people are trying to link him to delphi, People bore trying to link him to other cases and become of the nature of the known attack that he did the known homicide that he did do that. There is no question. It's similar in ways to that of the ice killer. Yell on my issues, though, is, I feel like some of these actions of this crime show again either. Maybe some of that says not mentally stable, then they're probably locked up for something else, or this these actions are a little immature which doesn't really go with the the sketch and my mind, cause to me. The sketch seems older. So it's very difficult.
this is very difficult because again it goes to. Why did this even start in the first place? And then, where did this killer go? He he's not apprehended for these homicides at least he may be, as you said, locked up for something else. This point. If he was older, he may have even passed away. This is an interesting case because it's one that that, unlike many other cases,. It would seem that there would be very few clues for law enforcement to work with to finding this guy really to be honest with you captain. The only hope that I have that the ice any killer is ever identified, mean you're talking twenty six twenty twenty eight years later very little to go on back in nineteen. Ninety two again Investigators said at the time on the one homicide this case was called by the end of the week right there so
go on, we don't even have a profile of the suspect right and that's the homework for our garage army. If somebody can find a psychological profile of the I seventy killer, please send it to us and we'll review it an off the record because I said it was stated multiple times in the paper that these different departments were going to work with the f b I to see if they could put together a psychological profile of the I seventy kelly. What we do have is months later, where somebody says We don't even know if we have enough to put together a profile of this guy, and this guy's had five different events. Different homicides in the course of a month it also wouldn't shock me if we have a situation where, if drugs or mental health were in both especially Both were involved that this individual once they linked the crimes, may have
discarded the weapon or committed suicide are both at the time and it's not been. linked for whatever reason again, if he's willing to go ten hours, travel time between of the different homicides, who knows so far he went for for any of them. To begin with, I think the key here kept the only hope, hope I really hold in identifying this killer. Is that gun You know the police believe that they've narrowed it down to them. Make and model of the gun used in all of the attacks, and it's a it's a unique weapon and I think that if they could find, someone with that weapon, if he's not discarded that weapon, there's a chance that. This is a prize possession of his. You find the gun.
you find the one thank you so much for hanging out with us in the garage again and again and again for all These great stories, colonel, do we have any recommended reading this. We are recommending killer on the road violence and the american interstate by ginger strand killer on the roads. the in stories of america's highways and it's highway killers. You can find that great it'll and many more a true crime garage dot com and make sure, when at the website you sign up on the mailing list and until next week be good.
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