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The Lemke Murders /// Part 1 /// 658

2023-03-28 | 🔗

The Lemke Murders /// Part 1 /// 658

Part 1 of 2 


On the evening of Tuesday, June 16, 2020 the small quiet town of Sumner, Wisconsin erupted with fast and furious chaos.  Sheriff’s deputies responded to a scene where they quickly found one dead body and were met with gunfire in an ambush style attack.  Kevin Anderson is a 64 year old, white male with blue eyes and balding brown hair. He is 6 feet tall and approximately 200 pounds.  Anderson is being sought by multiple law enforcement agencies for charges of murder, attempted murder, arson and illegal firearms charges. Don’t not approach. Kevin Anderson is extremely dangerous and is most likely armed at all times. His picture is available on Twitter. You can follow the show @TrueCrimeGarage & @TCGNIC. If you have seen or you believe you may know the whereabouts of Kevin Anderson immediately contact one of the following - The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 1-920-674-7310 / The US Marshals 1-877-926-8332 / We Tip 1-800-78-CRIME 

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