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The McStay Family /// Part 1 /// 581

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The McStay Family /// Part 1 /// 581

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It was all a mystery. A very normal and happy family of four disappeared. By the looks of it, they just vanished. In February of 2010 the McStay family of four seemingly vanished from their home in Fallbrook California. This week in the Garage we review this strange and bizarre disappearance and the investigation that followed. 

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of the following comes from an article written by robert javelin for the associated press the article headline says what everyone was thinking. Disappearance of family of four is all a mystery, and that was the truth. The article was just days after a very normal and happy family afford disappear by the looks of it they just vanish act, given the state of their home, it would appear the family was here one minute and then the next poof they were gone. The homeless found empty of people, but everything still very much in an everyday living mode rooms, freshly painted blue painters too still covering the ceiling. Corners and woodwork. Eggs sitting on the kitchen counter balls half eaten food in the face,
these two dogs out in the back yard, so yeah by the looks of it they just vanish and now for the aforementioned news, article which states the details of the disappearance clearly and concisely and eat the mic stays haven't been seen since February forth. There, or was found at a mall seventy miles from home. A middle class fan a four vanishes leaving their dogs unattended and rotting food and their san diego county home there and a car is later found near the mexico border might sound like a tv. Mystery but the reality as relish, of the mixed stay family, pleading for help and law. foresman searching both sides. The border for clues Joseph mixed day, forty his wife's summer, forty three
and their sons? Gianni for and Joseph junior three are the missing The family has not been seen or heard from since february forth, their white Nineteen. Ninety six zuzu trooper was four days later in a strip, mall about seventy miles from their home sandy go county sheriff lieutenant burgos says it's all a mystery is the vehicle down by the border. A ploy. where they voluntarily missing, where they take against their will just for a family of four to disappear. I've never seen anything like it. Josephs brother Michael, went to the home on february, fourteenth to check on the facts. but only found the dogs, he called it already the next day and invested just found no signs of a struggle. Still Michael mcstay said:
fears for the lives of his family members and feels helpless neighbours, they had been feeding the animals but had heard nothing from the family acquaintances told investigators mixed stays never would have left on vacation for any other reason, without telling someone politics have set up a website seeking information about the families whereabouts, w w dot mixed stay, family dot com this week's. True crime story is about the mic stay families disappearance and they invested asian to locate them this strew grand garage
where were you, as you heard, he was February two thousand and ten when a family of four went missing. This is the mic stay family from fall brook California. Now what I would like to do here captain is start off by going through a timeline. This is a time line of the generally van super taking place before and after their disappearance in this is considered to be agreed upon as a factual time line, and we will try to read these as bullet points here, captain and fill in the blanks as we go along, but, like the sheriff's office said in that article, it was all
it's a mystery, a family of four to go missing all at once with no leads as to potentially where they could have gone or what could have happened to them was all a mystery. Let's start off with late two thousand and nine, so this would be november before they went missing. We have the whole family, the mic stay family afore, they move from San Clemente. to fallbrook. This is around thanksgiving weekend now, keep in mind. They will go missing in february the following year, so the home that they were living in at the time of their disappearance there, really heavily new to this home and from my understanding this way a property or home that was once for closed on, which makes sense. When you see the year, two thousand and nine remember, we had the market crash, the housing market crash around that same time. This is a home that had been for closed on that the mic stay family moved into
for their growing family into a nice area, a very quiet, safe neighbourhood, but also there going to be done, some renovations and cleaning up the place and updating the place, probably hopes to make a little bit of money right. We have Joseph mixed day, who is an entrepreneur at the time of his death, piracy is forty years old. He owns his own company in the company has had some success, so that takes us two february of twenty tat on February. Third, we have a friend that comes over to the mix stay family home. This friend comes by to help eight and help do some general remodeling inside the home. This is believed to be the last or one of the last known face to face interactions with summer mixed day and the two young boys, the two young sons of the family. So this is some
on that they knew a personal friend that comes over in his physically there at the mixed day, family home, like you, said this house's under construction, they're, doing painting they're gonna be replacing the flooring, they don't have a lot of furniture in the house and they don't have it decorated. That's correct now that takes us to the next day, the witches thursday february. Fourth, two thousand and ten on this morning we have summer who speaks with her sister and they are making plans for a future visit, and I underline that part in our time line, because we know at some point based off our trailer, that this whole family is going to go missing, and when they go missing the sheriff's office labels, the case or the investigation, as in voluntary missing investigation,
which I think is a mistake. It is a mistake, but there's reasons why they would label or categorize it as such. Now for this portion, though, its key to know that we do have a seat. situation. That's leading up to their disappearance. Where we have someone saying I'm making future plans with one of the members of the family Her sister saying hey, I have a new born summers, Two young sons we were planning of. It too, so that so that my Newborn child could meet thereat so that summer can meet my newborn child, so there are making plans for a future visit together now around noon. On that same day, on the fourth joseph, the father Joseph mixed day, he leaves the family home in his zuzu. True
this is for a meeting with his business associate charles chase merit so need a kind of fill in everybody on what it is that Joseph mixed day does for a living and his company. So he owns he's the owner operator of a company that is called earth inspired products and they make these custom waterfall and if you were to go into a law office? or a fancy business or a business building the house's multiple businesses, the orphans hotel, fancy hotel. You may have seen one of their products, and this is the products that I've seen and I'm sure that they make all kinds of different products being that they are in the custom. Water feature, custom, waterfall business, but the ones that I have seen are these fancy glass kind of sea.
owing to floor straight down waterfalls where the water falls in cascades, down the glass and on the glass you Have your company logo right, looks very impressive. When walk into the lobby of a building. We have in the lobby of the graph. The courage that's right into the lobby, which leads to the west and east wing of the garage studio would be a lucky if we could afford it. Chicken wing, so around noon Joseph leaves his home in his vehicle, which is an zoo trooper to meet his business associates. Charles chase merit now for simplification purposes, as we can Can you along? We will just referred to him as chase merit or chase now chase works for joseph mixed day right jack If he's the owner and operator of this business, he's the sales guy he's also in
the designing portion of what the business does, but we also have chase. Who is the builder, the manufacturer of these custom made waterfall, so he works with Joseph in the designing stages, but he's the one that charge of actually constructing these custom made water features, everybody would say that chase is Joseph right hand, man, they become friends, some would say best friends through the process of working together and growing. This business and again the business has had some success. I doesn't sound to me like they were just a complete success. Falling over each other successful with just success month after month after month We also have a third associate, and I'm not gonna, sit here
in and pretend to know all of the ins and outs and everything about Joseph mc stays business there could have been other individuals at work with them. Maybe as a contractor or maybe even part time or full time. Seasonal employee that I don't know, but there's gonna, be three major figures in this earth inspired products company, again, is Joseph mixed day. Owner operator chase merit, who is the builder slash manufacture, but then we so have a third individual and his name is Dan Cavanaugh and he is involved more behind the scenes. And we'll get into Dan Cavanaugh, as we go a little bit further down the road here. This meeting with Joseph mixed day and his business associates charles chase merit is in rancho kook among now later. What we are told is is this meeting is going
take place at a chick filet, and it's going to be an hour's long meeting several hours, long, a casual meeting. It checks are going to be exchanged and you're going to be made, they're gonna be working in discussing business related items at this chick filet. At this rancho kook among a location, this brings us to about for twenty five p m when we have an outgoing call from the home phone to josephs cellphone, which pangs from a fall brook cell tower. This is reported as the last outgoing call from the home phone around five and up to about six p m. There are several text messages they take place between Joseph and his wife, summers, cell phones and just
We can get a better picture of what's goin on Joseph is the breadwinner at this moment and their lives. They have a young family. A three in a four year old and summer is raising her kids. Yes, she's a stay at home mother at this time, while Joseph is running his company. Now we have eight twenty eight p m that evening Joseph calls or his cell phone calls chases cell phone and Joseph cellphone pings off of a fall brook tower. Cellphone tower. That's important because remember their home is in fall brook and this to me He would indicate that either a joseph mc stays phone is at his home at this time or near his home at this time, rather than being an rancho cook among us at the chick fillet right, this activity,
and these phone calls will all be very important because its generally believed the february. Fourth may be the day when the mic stay family vanished. When something happened, to change the events of their life and their time mine, and they essentially go missing there. Going to be a little confusion on exactly in this family went missing. If we all knew exactly when they went missing well, this probably would not have been such a mystery and they probably would have been a better investigation to take place. What we have next on our timeline captain is february tenth and This is the san diego county sheriff's office. There is doing a welfare check on the mic. Stay family.
There's a little confusion as to how the san diego county sheriff's office was notified, that there could be something wrong at the next day, family home we would later here from Joseph mic, stays father, Patrick, who would say that I received an e mail from business partner dan Cavanaugh who says hey. I can't hold of Joseph I've been trying to reach him via fur on via email, I can't get a hold of him and this dance, having all tries to call Patrick josephs, father patrick, doesn't answer. phone for whatever reason and then ultimately gets an email telling him hey. I can't get a hold of your son, so Patrick has a say that lives in the area. This is mike mic, stay or michael mixed stay. Who is Joseph brother, he
ask his brother MIKE, would you go by and check on your brother? I can't all of them myself. His business partner, says he can't get a hold of him too, which might gives a little push back east, who busy to go over there. So what we have happen is actually a couple days go by before might make stay is at the hall checking in on his brother. Now he's also checking in on his brother, at the request of his other business, associate chase merit right, chase. Merit is actually there with him for one of these visits. This takes place. prior to any one calling and notifying sandy, county sheriff's office and chase. It says that when me and mike mixed stay where their mike climbed through a window, this would be the office josephs office window in the home to enter the home, enter the premises and goes to the front door unlocks the front door, allowing
chase to come in. The two of ovum walked the home together. They don't see any obvious signs of a struggle or break in, but the other thing is they don't see any of the ec stays either the family afore poof gone. Oh blood, no sign of a struggle theirs. Debate on this conversation. The way that it has been told and reported is that chase merit says to Michael mixed day. We now to call the police. We need to call the authorities in report the missing. This doesn't feel right. Something feels wrong here right again have might make stay? Who offers a little more push back and is now it looks like everything's fine, they probably just took off for a few days, I'm sure they'll be back, so we have some people that are on kind of high alert. At this point, Dan Cavanaugh, Patrick Joseph father and the other business associates. chase merit. They all seem to be on high alert, but might mc stay here?
pretty casual about this, and we don't know I don't know personally a lot of his personality MIKE Mc stays personality, but his brother Joseph, is described as Super casual guy, super nice, very aid back doesn't get stressed easily so maybe the and maybe this is just how it in their family and they share similar personality and mike is going well. Maybe they took for a few days on an adventure to have some fun is a family. I don't see a big deal here, while I think there's a couple issues when you're in the house, you have food left. Out, but one of the other issues, is that the house has never been put together
and never made the house a home. Yet so everything looks a little at a place in everything, looks a little disorganize, so one can make. The argument of well doesn't seem like. There was a struggle here, the other person and make argument. While this house was never really put together At this time the dogs are outside when the brothers sittin there. When Michael saying well, I am hopeful that they just went on vacation. You just went on vacation for seven to ten days or or maybe even too weak. And your I'll leave your dogs outside that doesn't make a lot of sense to me now, in fact, being a doll guy, get furious people that I hear tell me. Oh, you know, they're out stew, the night somewhere they go straight from work out with their friends and then stay the night somewhere. and never went home to let the dog out are never went home to feed the dog. I get furious when I hear that
I would have been on highly I'm with you, the home to me don't know that any regular, person, or even somebody that knows them well, could walk through the home and decide if there's been a struggle or of things are out of place are disturbed are disrupted. What have you, but the dog thing would really put me on highly. and the other thing to that. That robbed me the wrong way about michael mixed days. Thoughts and feelings was get what you're saying. Maybe they took off for a couple days. Ok, maybe there being negligent with their dogs for whatever reason or made arrangements with neighbours to feed the dogs and will do sleeve amount back by not being able to get a hold of them. Not being able to get in touch with them is what would concern me heck on the way here I text brother in law said: hey. I think I just saw you down the street one say hello. Here's note that Me I'm in Louisville. So it's it. I think that its
that someone's gone and you can't get in touch with them. And that's what would put me on highly now these individuals convince might make stay to contact the sheriff's office, and this will lead to a visit on February fifteenth when we have might make stay there with deputies from the sheriff's office to do a quick sweep inside the home. Now note here, that might make stay once again has to climb in the window and go and unlocked the front door of the home, because technically the sheriff's office does not have a search warrant. At this time there just going to simply go and take a look around see if they see any obvious sign of a crime and if they do not they're going to leave, but officially the mic stay family is reported missing by this time. Note the date february, fifteenth later, we would be told that we believe that they went missing or something here
then the mic stay family. On the fourth, I can't say with one hundred percent certainty win MIKE mixed day was notified of this We do have several family members who are aware that something is wrong. We do have several business associates that are aware that something is wrong, but me, that seems like a lot of time that has passed from win authority, later believe something happened to the mix stay family to win any is actually reporting this and people were, singing looking for the family looking to see if there's any obvious, signs of a crime, where are you As a true crime garage listener, you know the world can sometimes be a scary place,
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Please and we are back to the windows, to the wars, cheers communities cheers like yours, dating them stay family. They rule it involuntary disappearance. I think this is a huge mistake. You hear law enforcement state that when we get to a scene of the crime, if we have bodies- and we don't know what happened- we assume the worst. Why not? And this situation, why? Wouldn't law enforcement assume the
worse and then work backwards? That's a good question and I am not going to go down the road of of what a job, what kind of job that they did on this case early on. I don't really have a strong opinion, either way, I'm pretty down the middle on on my thoughts on that, whether they did a good job or a bad job. What I will say is this, though, is a good detective should be working off a fact and factual information and, unfortunately, at this time, when deputies go to the home and detectives get involved, what they have here is missing people, that's the fact. They see nothing at their home. That would indicate to them that there was foul play or an abduction or a break in or anything of that going on, and so they have to categorize at something. So that is the category that was given to it based off of the
facts that were known to law enforcement. At that time now we do have the detective. Who is on record saying? Yes, when I saw the home, I only knew one thing that I had for missing people. Now, in my mind, because of my job and because of my experience, I am always concerned with a potential homicide, so while he he can arising as voluntary missing, because there's no one indication that it is anything other than that. He also states that the thing he was major early concerned with is not so much the missing adults. We have missing children here and their young modern, with no explanation from anybody in the family as too
why they may be missing or even hence as to what was going on with the family as to why the kids would be missing. You know he says that often in his line of work. What he sees when we have missing children is apparent, may may take off that there's some kind of fire in one parent leaves and the other parent takes the children and goes looking for them However, in this situation, they have every body on summers, The family and everybody on Joseph side of the family. Everything's great, they loved each other. The family was great, business was wonderful, their home was great their lives or great. You know everything's great, so he has no explanation, or even no hint as to why the children would be missing now talked a little bit about the home, and you gave a good description of that, but I think that
Should go a little more in depth with that to take a look at what the police, what the authorities were seeing when they walk through the home for the first time, and this is from a san, diego news outlet. This is NBC San, diego dot com, where, in march a case their officially missing by february fifteenth according to the time line that we just went through, but this is from an article four march of twenty ten. This is mike mixed day, josephs brother, who is going through the events as well. is what the whole situation was like when they found it with reporters. They lived in the thirty four hundred block of abaco vista lane. The brother says that the home had been cleaned and vacuumed, since the family had disappeared, cleaned by his mother, Susan, so
blake, who is no longer with Patrick cleaned, the home after the family had disappeared, and before this interview took. place. An already directly from the interview is inside. The house is- a moderate level of disarray, mostly because the home was in the process of being remodelled according to mike for upstairs bedrooms are, for the most part empty. So children's toys, including a large playhouse, remain in the home. The master bedroom is empty. Furniture had yet to be delivered said MIKE Mc stay in a walking clause. It might make stay said several persons were found, but not, but did not appear to be currently being used. Downstairs strips of masking tape protect the edging of several walls. The kitchen was being repainted, two sets of sunday
this is one of which has prescription lenses were found on a counter in the garage. A double stroller sits with several wet suits resting on top of it might make stay said. His brother would always take the stroller on plan. Trips. I dont want to throw the mother under the bus, but this is another huge mistaken and probably what happen and what she was thinking in her mind is: they're gone, they went on vacation. I came over to the house. It's in a little bit of a disarray, I'm worried about my son worried about my daughter in law. I'm worried about my grandchildren so to keep myself occupied instead of worrying. I'm gonna go over there and and she cleans and not only planes, but she deep cleans using bleach
the kitchen and using bleach in the bathrooms, whatever happened to this family, whether it happened at the home or otherwise, this house does not look the same when police are able to get a search warrant to officially search the home. I'm with you captain I get it. It's a very motherly thing to do. She's, probably just over there doing what she thinks she can do, trying to stay busy in the time of being nervous and worried about the family. But this is yes. This is amiss step by her mother earth. Sorry, this is amiss step the mother. Another thing that I found it was odd to was might make stay, took josephs computer around the same time that the house was being cleaned and the sheriff's office basically says you know this family yeah they're nervous their concern. I'm in a position where I'm going to tell you what you cannot do, what you should not do. Don't you dare do this? I am in the process.
Of trying to get a search warrant. So I can look through the home as quickly as possible before they disrupt what could be a potential crime scene. But at this, point in the investigation they didn't. Well that they needed to instruct the family what to do other than asking them for help help us to help. You tell us everything about the family about their home. Give us everything that you got so we can create some kind of investigation and try to locate this family afore while in the some of that they learn something that is very interesting and is going to be a kind of a strange part. In this case they locate the zuzu trooper. So this is Joseph mick days vehicle, and we know that he was driving that vehicle on the fourth, but it's on February. Eighth. This is but for that they are officially missing. On february,
Eighth around eleven p m. The families trooper that vehicle was too from a parking lot, which was about two blocks: from the u S, mexico, border and now one by this point has reported the family missing. Yet the detective then says that knowing this area and knowing that people off then we'll park, there Vehicles there illegally and then leave and go across the border that became there. number one concern. We found their vehicle in an area where that's typical behavior. So we must investigate that avenue and see if there is any evidence to back that thought up again.
Eyebrows raise when you hear about the computer being removed from the home, but it could be a situation just like the mother cleaning, the house that there's a easy explanation for it. I just don't know what that is other. Then there is a business that needs to be run and now, at this point, Michael has said that he is worried that his brother and his family's not gonna return. So there is talk within the family on how or if they're gonna try to continue his business because he has contracts for sick months to a year out. Yes, and I'm glad that you went back to that captain, because that is correct right, and that is something where I look at and go wow. I think it's a little fishy that one would take one's computer, but what we do know by this point in the investigation is chase. Merit has access to Michael mixed day. We know that, because they are at the home together they go through the mix
day, family home together at some point, its little blurry to me right, if might make stay, is involved. Sleep in some form or fashion with his brothers company, but your exactly right. We have a company that needs to be run, and now we have dan Cavanaugh Hussein, hey I'm trying to do my thing and chase merit whose I'm trying to do my thing to keep this company going while Joseph is gone Hopefully he return soon and will be it'd be business as usual, but in the meantime somebody needs to access that computer and some money, To be able to relate information or do things for us, we need some, that we can get in touch with that can act as Joseph in the meantime. So I guess, when you look at it that way you go. Oh cape mike MC stay has two options: either heat x the computer and helps out dan and helps out chase in returnees
easily helping his brother while, as brothers gone run, his business earth inspired products or he could give it to. One of business associates and be hands off and let them take take the reins, and so I guess, given those two options. If I mike I'm taking the computer myself, while the other reason that he might have taken this computer Joseph, which is missing, has a very close relationship with Patrick his father and so Patrick knows that Dan Cavanaugh has made some threats before they actually call him the hacker, and so it is possible that they have some kind of conversation about well. We might need to take his compete or because we don't why one of his business associates to hack into the system? Yes, and so a little clarification on Dan cavenaugh from my
standing he's a partner at one point in this business. Now what His role was exactly is not clearly defined. However, we do know is he did set up the website for the company for their products, and that is one method that they used to sell their products to gain potential customers, and he also figured out some kind of search engine out. a rhythm that he tapped into to make it so that when you search for custom water, teachers are water. Features are water fountains that earth inspired products may be the first one or one of the first ones that come up in your search It's the same as back when we were little kids everybody relied on the yellow pages or the phone book for a lot of business, or to find vendors that could do work at their home at their business and so a lot of Businesses would call themselves double a concrete or
cripple way woodworking or by favorite abc liquor. It makes it puts you at the top of the list, when people go looking for you and then likely would drum up more business. Like you said, it's not very clear what his role was defined as but from information I gathered like you said he set up this website now. Business websites can cost a lot of money and may be that the thought process is. I'm not gonna. Give you this money up front but sales, I'll pay you, and so maybe in the long run you would make more money but
some point this is not the typical situation. When you have a website built for a company, they build the website they get paid for it, but by you don't get a check every time I order comes in, and it seems like four years that damn Cavanaugh was getting at check when he possibly shown enough, but a guide makes agreement with a business owner. I put some of this onus on the owner of the business because it's up to the he should have done his research to say. While this is not how it normally works and also when you buy a domain name, you, as the business owner should own that domain so that domain name and the website could have been completely owned by Cavanaugh and that's what you'd be holding hostage over Joseph said any are exactly right. It we should point
that these are all moves, that Joseph mixed day, either made or created, or was reacting to in reaction to what Ann Cavanaugh is saying to him and their dealings together, because the way that is spent explain to me in the way I understand it is that at one Dan Cavanaugh was an actual partner again, not clearly defined and what his role was? It could just be maintaining and running the website, but at some point the to start depart ways at the time of josephs disappearance. They ready to part way so much so that Joseph was buying dan cavanaugh out as a partner, and he We paid him thousands of dollars to buy him out and they were taking on a new role and dan cabinets. Future role will be to receive a monthly check for
simply running in maintaining the website going forward he will no longer be a partner. He will now become basically a vendor for earth inspired products. This discovery of isuzu trooper, being toad on February. Eighth. This is going to be a break from trail. That is going to lead detectives right to the border of mexico and they want to know, could We have a situation where one two or all four, family members party legally and just walked off it the sunset right into mexico never to be seen again or to live. Happily ever after they want to figure out. Is this possibility here, in this case This will be at the san see dro border crossing in.
the tijuana area on February eighth, the same day that the vehicle was toad. That's the day that they're going to start reviewing surveillance footage at the border and they're gonna, look at that surveillance. Footage from that day leading up to this point in their investigation when they know that the mixed a family is officially reported missing. This is quite the task because there's like thousands, if not a hundred thousand people that cross to and from that border at that point daily yeah you're gonna be reviewing this, and let's talk about this for a second we ve already I pointed out that it's a bit of a needle in a haystack situation, right you're. Looking for four people, seeing the border on that day or subsequent days. Afterwards, however, we need a point something that makes it even much more difficult. You don't have to be looking for four people. You could be
king for a situation where its joseph in the two boys- maybe he did something to summer, you could be look. for summer and the two boys? Maybe she fled, or maybe she did something to Joseph or maybe the parents did something the children in their fleeing the area and now you're, just looking for jobs if in summer break so out of all people we have a needle in a haystack? It's kind of needle in a stack of neath needles at this point, in my opinion, so the sheriff's office they get national centre for missing and exploited children. They come to their aid and provide volunteers to help them watch and put eagle volunteers on this survey, once footage looking for Joseph for summer, for either of the boys are all for this is going to take some time for them to sort through this button.
act. What they end up saying is hey on the same day that the vehicle was parked on February. Eighth, on the same day that the veal vehicle was toad from that parking lot, two blocks away from the border we did spot, something at a portion of the surveillance footage they called. It question if we were seeing the family crossing the border, and the description is at the bottom left corner. Of the video of their video screen. They say that can see a man walking hand in hand with a child. Follow Him is a woman and a white jacket holding the and of another child, and they wondered if this could possibly be Joseph summer and the two boys have you seen this video yourself I've seen stills of it one hundred percent recently, actually, but this case was fairly new and twenty ten twenty eleven and so on. I had seen quite a bit of news media that was on this case from jump street,
and I believe that I had seen in or video clip back then, but leading up to our covered captain I've only seen stills of this picture, I've seen the steals and I've seen the video itself. If somebody said to me, we believe that this is the family. I would say yes make sense either you could make a argue minutes, not them, because you can't see any of their features in the video is chronic grainy. Put two and two together. While you have this vehicle, that's close to the border where people park two then crossed the border, Then we have what we believe is a representation of this family. My little grudge brain says it's very possible. That's them going across the border,
I agree with you. One hundred percent cent here, captain now law enforcement was upfront about this, stating that they thought the video was terrible. They thought that, yes, it could potentially be them, but video itself, the quality of the video they thought was terrible, so they would not say definitively that they thought they were seeing the mick stay family. They just said it was a possibility, when they showed it to people that new
into the mix days. In fact, we have Michael mick, stay the brother who says: that's not my brother on that video. I know you can't see fizz facial features, but MIKE says that's not how Joseph carries himself. That's not how he walks. I don't believe that to be my brother and his family, and I just want to reiterate not to be mr know it all. Mister captain knows it pants. How about mister knows it most or knows most of it, but it was a mistake. I think, by law enforcement to rule this voluntary disappearance. It's a mistake to wait as long as they did to call law enforcement. It's a mistake to clean the house. It's a mistake to disturb things in the house. It's a mistake to take
the computer away, there's just a lot of mistakes that happen. And again I just don't understand. If somebody called me from one of my siblings work like work relations and said I can't get a hold of your brother, I can't get a hold of your sister ever I'm I'm driving over there that day, even if they, our away or even if they live two hours away, I'm taxing them, I'm calling them, and by the time I get to their house in their not answer in their door, please sir being called that's, how I operate, but am also a host of a true crammed, podcast, I agree with what you say in their captain. I share a lot of those same feelings. I do want to point out, though, that to stay water, that those are all mistakes in hindsight and if we are sitting in a situation where February sixteen
twenty ten the next day family shows up alive and well then none of these were mistakes, but when we have a situation where months and months and months go by and they don't come home and nobody can get in touch with them, then. Yes, these are all obvious mistakes. Now, as the ruling their determination of what we're gonna categorize a case. All of those things are very fluid. Situations to it doesn't stay action, stone that that's always going to be a voluntary disappearance, its own that until they have reason to suspect or evidence of a different situation, now one thing here that I want to point out is, as I said when this case was pretty new and fresh and twenty ten and twenty eleven. it did get a lot of media attention even on a national level. So this was a case that I was aware
and I was following loosely and when there is something to be watched on tv or something to read on the internet, about it. I was tuning in. I remember just think This would be late. Twenty ten after they had been gone for several months. I I even after seeing the still or the video of what could potentially be the mic stays at the border and even with their vehicle being found near the border. The way that their home was left never once made me think that day, just up and left. I couldn't find anything or was never presented with any reason of why they would want to leave unless they just took a fly by night to day vacation to mexico, decided not to tell anybody and then something terrible happen to them there. But the state of the didn't make any sense you go back to the dogs being left outside and that there is no proper
patients made for them to be taken care of, and then the state of the home, like you, said, half eaten food is found laying out around the house's there's like an apple core. There's half bowls of popcorn there's exit are sitting on the counter that does looked to me like they up and went somewhere voluntarily. So that's where we kind of circle back to the idea of what there must be something else going on here and in twenty ten man. I was very concerned about the movements, the statements in the lack of the lack of effort on the behalf of Michael MC stay. Of his brother, he seemed cattle to now, like I don't see the problem here. I don't want to raise any red flags, don't want to make any waves, don't want to report a missing, don't want to swing by the home to check on him all I took the computer mom clean the house, and then let's go during something else.
If somebody wanted to do something terrible to this family or to one member of the family, happen on at least two occasions that we are aware of when chase merit is with him at the home. And then again, when deputies or with him at the mic stay home He clearly shows that he has access to the locked and secured home by climbing through that office window on two occasions. That's almost like that to me as a bit of a red flag going, this guy knows how to access the home when people clearly do not yeah, or maybe this uses brain when he got to the house. Maybe that was not something that he was privy to before you got there agreed, but as an outsider, looking in, that is something that I'm going going to call into question. That's also something that's gonna be put on my age, and it's not gonna, leave there, and so I'm good a reasonable explanation as to why he knows how to do that or was able to do that
Fortunately that is going to wrap up our timeline pretty much for twenty ten there's a lot of things that happen. There's, nothing really in the investigation itself that is known to the public to carry us further down on the road here or give us any kind of breadcrumb trail as to where the family may be or what What happened to them in february of twenty ten and twenty eleven. What we end up having here captain is pretty more dead end leads these contain. You win. Photos were sent to the sandy your county, sheriffs department and to the mix stay family extended family, Michael mixed day, these votes They were of what was thought could possibly be summer mixed day and a child that were sent Michael next day and the san diego county, sheriffs department, of course, rather quickly its ruled or determined that that in fact, is not summer in the photo
again. These are just more dead. End leads antwerp twelve, this Is when we have all of the rumours that are Still going around that the mic stay family may be alive and well in mexico there was even one. wait were we almost had breaking news where it came out that the mc stay with family was found, but this time found in new mexico in the state of new mexico in this obviously turns out not to be mixed day, family. This is going to take us to near the end of twenty thirteen november, eleventh. Twenty thirteen we have two off road motorcyclist is what their referred to in this article that I
referencing. However, I believe that they were on dirt bikes. One of them discovers what he believes to be a bone and in fact it turns out to be a skull. He he notices this in a desert area of victor veil. California. This would be about seventy miles from the mixed days home. This will kick off Thirty our excavation project at this location? At this sight on november thirteenth, we still have workers excavating,
an area that is approximately ten foot by ten foot. They are sifting through dirt. They are looking for bones, they are finding bones and they are also finding other evidence in this area. Now, two days later, on the fifteenth we have the san bernardino county sheriffs department, which holds a news conference at which sheriff John MC man, confirms the identity of two of the bodies recovered from this site, and those two bodies are confirmed by the sheriff's office to be that of Joseph mixed day aged forty and his wife summer, mixed day age. Forty three
Thank you so much for joining us here in the garage. Its official, true crime garage listens, are the smartest and sexiest listeners in the history of podcasting. If you need more true gram grounds for you, your balls check out our bodies called off the record. You can find a link on our website, a true crime, garage dot com and it until tomorrow be good behind.
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