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The Monster of Florence /// Part 2 /// 125

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The Monster of Florence /// Part 2 /// 125

Part 2 of 2


Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rich with history, monuments and art, it is truly one of the great cities. This city has been haunted and its people hunted. For nearly twenty years something crept in the dark ambushing it's prey. Over a dozen people have been murdered while parked in cars in the hills of Florence. This killer has been described as absolute evil. This is the story of the Monster of Florence.

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I welcome the true gram garage wherever you are whatever you are doing, thanks for listening, I'm your house nick and with me as always heed the warning. Hide the women and children bolt down the furniture here comes the captain or at all right all right all right to be seen Good to see you thanks for listing thanks for telling a friend tonight. We are drinking throwing original by macro brewery and beautiful roma. Italy garage three and a half out of five bottle caps Corona original is brood to suit the italian palette with low, but present floral and fruity notes, complementing the bitter and sweetness followed by a clean aftertaste. Remember it's a crisp beer and verona original was brought to us by our favorite garage friends. First up we had and sunny view
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Eggs, one of us jenny and last but not least, we have deirdre down a faint ville north carolina. So thanks everybody for the cold beers for this week and if you want I'll buy us around for next week, show go to true crime garage dotcom. Why you there check out the store page. We got a bunch of different shirts that available, but a limited number so purchase quickly, my friends and thanks to all of our facebook friends and for everything, social media. We are pat true crime garage and every baby pays him. We do look at every email. We look at every direct message to take some time to get there's only two of them Sometimes replies to be patient. My friend there is enough of the business everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. This It's true crime garage and this
is the monster of florence. Yesterday, captain we covered three double homicides: all attributed to the monster of florence. The first one taking place in nineteen. Seventy four, the next in nineteen, eighty one and then They lock up a man named enzo spot Letty and then, just a few months later, we have a crime that takes place again, while he is locked up now with this leads us to another crime, another murder double homicide by the monster florence. This takes place just eight month.
Later in june of nineteen. Eighty two again, this is a saturday night and again. There is no moon, so this is june nineteenth nineteen, eighty two just about twenty five kilometers from florence now. The thing here captain is this is one of the crimes where I find the most questions about this. This is. There is a lot of confusion about this particular crime. First off I want to throw this out there according to Wikipedia the the female victim. Her name is aunt sinhala. Now this was reported on their that she was not mutilated in the way that the other female victims were in the previous crops. This is possible I believe this to be wrong and we will get into this in a bit I'll come next. One thing: when the investigators try to piece together when they try to reconstruct the crime scene in the crime,
They think that it went down where they ran into a lot of trouble, and this is basically because of a car accident and I'll. Take you through this here. So around eleven fifteen p m that night there are several people, in the area that they notice of vehicle and the view was down in a ditch and it's down on it in the way that the rear wheels are in the ditch and the front wheels in the headlights are pointing up. You know towards the towards the road or the sky. Okay, so win these eye witnesses happen upon the vehicle they find inside that there is a male who is alive he's, like kind of he struck.
to stay alive and quickly becomes unconscious, while his name is paulo and he's quickly taken to the hospital, and he will die just days later at the hospital, though female victim there's some additional confusion. As far as the finding some of these people, because we have witnesses, we have ambulance drivers, some of stating that apollo was in the front seat in the driver's seat, like we ve seen in many of these crimes before right, there's, also people that say he was in fact in the back seat of the vehicle. Now the female victim she was found in the back seat. Then again, I think some of this stuff. You know, as is arguing points for no reason, because what they did fine, as far as evidence was that we get the gun shells, the gun, casings.
they're the same they match the same as the previous three murders. Yeah same gun used in this crime. Other thing here is, though they do want to try to recreate this. The reconstruction of the crime scene, so maybe they can get some infirmity about the perpetrators of this crime. Now the strange in here, though, captain the the killer, you know, because of the same gun being used now believed to be the monster of florence. Ah, he he takes the car key with him, so the the ambulance in the first responders to this vehicle, they immediately have a lot of difficulty and I wonder if some of that difficulty led to varying accounts of what they were seeing when they arrived on the scene, because they're trying to save these people, you know Paulo, is in car and he's clinging to life they got minutes try to save this guy and the poor,
from here is because the vehicle has been wrecked. The driver side door is is like smashed in crunched. its jammed? You cannot get it open. Well, what happened was the killer must have reached in vehicle or possibly been in the vehicle himself to remove the the car or I'm sorry, the key from the ignition right and when he did that he locked the door, the passenger side door, either before or after closing it but the the door was locked when they arrive. So now we have four. Responders they're, trying to get to these victims to see if they can save them to see. If there's any signs of life left and they're losing valuable minutes, because their unable to open either door to the vehicle ray and when the first questions that them best gaiters from ask themselves, as did the did the monster attack these victims, and then did he mean
the vehicle yet and the thought being their captain is it, unlike the other crime seems. This was not like, well secluded area. This was this was a road that was frequent it. As we said, there are two couples to separate couples that find this. go and see it in the manner that its found. So it's it's in a city. Nation it's in an area where it's likely be stumbled upon or during the course of a murder. You know people could come upon this so the question was: did them monster move the vehicle. Why would he moved the vehicle? Did he attack them? first, we know what his ritual is. We know that he always does this to the woman to the female victim before leaving the crimes Did he need to move the vehicle, thus moving the victims away to a more private area and try to do this or ain't you
and in the end, losing control of the vehicle and ending up it and in the ditch instead, or did the couple try to flee him during the attack itself and because they are their injured or afraid or terrified. Did they end up in the ditch, Then the monster completes the job right yeah he he he completes the killings, but he doesn't actually like, like we said before, it seems like this. Individual is trying to create a perfect murder and then also create the after math of the murder scene and so in this case, I would lean towards the idea that they were going to try to get away no meaning, also or basing my thoughts off for the fact that the driver was still alive. Yet in the strange thing here, captain like I said you know, there's some question wikipedia says that and Allah was not mutilated. Like the previous female victims, were I disagree with that
the only knowledge I can offer higher dairy yeah. Who would year not wikipedia? Don't you go against wicked The thing here is, I want to throw this gospel, of course, idle, Oh for certain, I'm didn't didn't investigate the case. I don't have any access to the case files within then. How do you know so much about it? So here's what I'm goin off so I've read two books in preparation for this case both were co authored. bye, bye, well known authors. Both book stay that she was mutilated in the same fashion, that the other women were an according the fbi's website the f b I did a profile regard- the monster of florence, and they talk a lot about that specific mutilation on their. The thing here is according to their crimes. when they go through the crimes? They don't go through them. Specifically, you know this happened sends for sends, but what they do stay is that they
I say that the mutilation did not occur here, where they do point to that at other, patients, so I'm assuming if they say that it, if they dont, go out their way to say it didn't occur than there under the belief that it did occur all right. So what else happen with this investigation? Well, the thing here is the other thing we gotta ask ourselves: captain is guarding the mutilation itself. She was found in the back seat rather than outside of the vehicle, like we ve seen and other crimes. I dont know that this points to did the monster drive the vehicle, or did they try to flee? I think I think any you know either either scenario seems very likely to me. The interesting thing, though, is that he took the time one for the mutilation to occur to to to remove the key and then lock the car door before fleeing. Again we see a guy. We see a perpetrator that even though
in an area. That's quite a bit busier than other locations that he's killed him before he does. seem to be in a hurry. You know it's like would set in last episode he seems he said to be set out to accomplish whatever mission he is created for himself and he's deter, mental leave, a crime scene in the form that he chooses right. You see this a lot with a bundy, Gacy and Dahmer, where they kind of get careless with with some of their actions. No, so we're talking about the possibly impossibly the fourth ah attack and maybe just getting careless becoming a bit frenzied in the in the act of killing now a strange thing here, captain twelve days later, twelve days after the crime in a knot, letter arrived at police headquarters and florence inside the envelope we have a yellowed newspaper clipping. This is for
same newspaper that has been reporting about the monster for years now. This, An article about a forgotten, double homicide, double murder from nineteen, sixty eight of a man and a woman who had been having sex and apart car and remember the first. The first attack of the monster florence quote unquote would have been seventy four yes said this would have been sick
years before that. Yeah and some one row on the newspaper clipping take another look at this crime now I believe it and I've heard a rumor that there was other communication to the police regarding this particular crime. I don't know the details of such, but regardless somebody sent this newspaper article with this old crime from sixty eight or, what's your gut feeling, do you think this is coming from the monster himself or do you think this is coming from your armchair detective? Well, I'll tell you what can I let me go through this quick thing, real fast and then we'll dive into that, because the this'll give you a little insight into what we're looking at so the investigators go through their old evidence files. Regarding that case- and I guess that you know with some of these cases- if for some reason they they would remove evidence or dispose of evidence after some time.
So it's it's no lanius. It's noted that for some reason they believe some kind of oversight that the shells the bullet shells collected in nineteen sixty eight had not disposed of, and when they looked at these and they were viewed them, they discovered that they were in fact winchester series h rounds and each one of them both or on the rim? The unique signature of the monster of florence is gun. Okay, so there is another link in the chain: another murder. Now this is going to sound, strange trite, but I've heard several harden, invest gaiters and you have to be a hardened investigator net, your very and to start thinking. This way when you have a lot of murders and they start piling up, and you know that you know their connected, but you cannot locate your guy. You cannot figure out who is doing these murders.
There is some of these investigators. They're they're creates an internal struggle within them, which it it just. It just happens, and they say that at some point in the in this bothers them very much to say this, that they feel like they're starting to wait to receive word of the next martyr, because the next murder it could land you the coup that you need in that case could be the little clue or little piece of evidence. Do you need so that you can catch the sky so now these investigators did they get lie d. You know they have another murder here and maybe they got lucky because you get another crime scene. clues more leads and no one else really has the die you guys, but we have a right because the victims are dead at that point right but we have a problem with this case from nineteen sixty eight. We have some way that's arrested for this. Yes,
and then there are in jail. Yes, so that creates a big problem. Well, let's go through this crime, rural fass. Ok, this took place august, twenty first nineteen sixty eight in a small town just west of florence at about two, a m in the morning. There's an unexpected knock at the front door of a small home. The homeowners refuse to answer the door at such an hour. Without an explanation, then they hear a small and weak voice. Say please open the door. Let me in I am sleepy. They opened the door and much to their surprise and shock. They see a little boy about six years of age, standing alone and afraid the boy nearly shaking says sleepy and my daddy, is sick in bed. Can you drive me home because my mommy and uncle are dead in the car sure enough? They find his mother, they she's found dead.
ought to death in a car. Apparently, while in the private romantic moment with some man, not the woman's husband, not the not the boys. Other or even an uncle, like the boy had stated, but a lover, the wife and mother of the had taken on at some point. Maybe them maybe the mothers said to the kid hey. This is your uncle yeah well in. captain this. You know this. As you said, this is solved somebody sitting in jail. The seems like an open and shut case. You have a married woman, went to the movies with her lover and words a park to have sex they were ambushed in the middle of of the act and shot the death, the woman's husband. This is asked to follow malay. He is from sardinia he's picked up the following morning. They did one of those paraffin test in the results indicate that's too follow had recently fired a got so he's looking very guilty at this point here.
Claimed he was innocent and he could he claimed that his wife had any lovers outside of their marriage and that one of those men, that she was having an affair with, must have killed her up but they had a pretty oh, in an unique relationship, so is Stefano seem to be all accounts. He was probably by actual sounds like there were some three going on where, where his wife would be, the only female participant in the devil's threesome, so we, have Stefano and people around. To that are saying. You know this, isn't a jealous husband going out in killing his wife in the person she's having an affair with, because this is a guy that didn't mind this type this is why so, regardless they pick him up there, they have it.
Guided him. Eventually he does break down during then the interrogation and he confesses to killing his wife and killing her lover in a fit of jealousy. But the problem like the captain states is, we have all These other crimes going on an malay is he's in he's in print at the time of the nineteen eighty one killings and after that I dont know how this works and seems like sometimes when we cover these cases in other countries. That may be our prisons It might be a little lengthy or maybe things have changed throughout the years, but he was he killed his wife and in lover or confessed to doing so and he's, only in prison until nineteen eighty one he was technically out when the other crimes were committed by the monster, but he was living in a halfway house. So
so well. But investigators are saying that it would be extremely unlikely that he would have been able to commit any of those martyrs after nineteen sixty eight So we have, though we have the matching gun and, like you said, we have a problem because old steffani was accounted for during the later murders. Now, if he confessed to these crimes and sixty eight where's the gun, you know and thus ear should be gone. Hey where's that gun that you used yeah and apparently I would like to know if this was question to him and if his answer stayed the same, you know was this question to him at the time the that his wife was killed and if it was question to him again during the investigation regarding the monster. What happened to the guns that well and we wanted to handle the gun. Well, he says I want the gun
you can handle the guy. He says and unbelieving. This is from the original investigation that he says that he threw it. You know woods or through it in the bushes somewhere after fleeing the crime scene, makes makes sense. I guess of regardless gun was never found. However, the casings are matching back to your question: do we think it was some kind of tip from an anonymous innocent person, or do we think that this is some kind of a killer taunting the police and in a way yeah, and what's your gut feeling? Well here, here's my question: I actually don't think that it was the killer taunting, the police, I think it was the killer- may be covering some tracks.
and I'm to get into this, I'm an after explain. One thing remember when we said that the driver, the driver when the vehicle was found in the ditch the male driver he is found alive. then taken to the hospital. He never regained consciousness that entire time he dies at the hospital, but one thing the prosecutor in the investigator did this was this was quite interesting. They claim that that the apollo that guy that he gave them information, good information that would help them identify the monster of floor. Alright, nobody would know this, except for people extremely close to the case. Well, the ambulance strieber. At some point receives a strange foam all now he receives a call from a man now, as he also peeping tom. No. This is not not that I'm aware,
I remember the last guy. That was an ambulance. It's it's a hobby of all. This is just what we do. It's part of the union, I'll tell you you know, breakup. The stress of of every day and bureaucrats how we do it anyway. This collar contacted the driver of the ambulance that took the man to the hospital any says that demands his eye. Recognize the voice, but he says that the collar identified himself as an investigator and he wanted to find out what the ambulance driver may have overheard from the victim, as he was driving him to the hospital He also wanted to know what the ambulance driver might know in regards to the case in the investigation the ambulance driver says I'm not going to tell this to you or anybody else over the phone. I don't know who you are. You know if you present yourself in person. Maybe we can have a legitimate conversation: the collar hangs up and shortly afterwards calls back and
then he identifies himself as the monster of florence and during this, while he tell her he he's trying to be sneaky before yeah yeah any calls back this time and it's it's not a nice phone call the second time he threatens the driver and explains to the door were that he's not to tell anybody about this phone call, or you know that monsters moorhouse him yeah right, but that those are my favorite threats. You know, don't do this or else so with the with the clipping, with the newspaper clipping and let's theirs, few things that are interesting here about zodiac. very zodiac, and on top of that you know it. It was addressed. The envelope itself was addressed, away, like you, would see like a like a ransom letter right where somebody cuts out letters from newspaper magazines, that was a thousand theme in the late,
seventies and early eighties. Yes, they do that more often, and so they pieced together this and addressed the envelope as such, the whoever sent the envelope took the time to make sure that there were no fingerprints on this envelope. They also did not use their tongue to seal the envelope below so Somebody took a lotta precautions there and the thing is its receive just twelve days after this murder. It almost seems to me like and, like I said, for some reason, the the police, maybe because it's a solved crime they're supposed to dispose of the evidence after a certain amount of time, but that doesn't make any sense to me
but but what I'm wondering here captain is: is it possible that the monster or them bond stirs would have had the ability to plant those bullets in that evidence, in that case, file from nineteen sixty eight and send this clipping to the police trying to cover their tracks? Thinking thinking that maybe the monster was identified by this, this man that remained alive in the hospital for a few days after the attack, so this murder took place Sixty eight, the original murder was an ideal. Sixty eight, my and There was no mutilation of the female correct. I saw one could say, while
and you know he Didn'T- have a fixation or he didn't have a clear cut picture of what he he was trying to create. You know the murder scene, like we said. I think this person was trying to create a certain image in his head, recreate that So maybe didn't have that thing in his head or did they place the shells in the evidence locker later, but you said it was a mistake that they had em. Oh, but maybe it wasn't a mistake. Maybe they did get rid of all the evidence and then all of a sudden they reappeared. Hmm, that would be pretty hard. I think, to do to get into them. You'd have to get into the evidence, locker and and be able to freight that thou be hard right? It seems to me like it would take a certain person that would be at a certain level. You know it working in a certain capacity. They would have the ability to. such or be involved with
persons that are able to to get access to that file or that evidence lock well and where are your thoughts on this causes kind of crazy thought that kind of keeps popping up in my head. But it's like you know we seen this with Bundy, I told them. I know we ve seen this with Bundy. bunny was bound to be a peep in Tom. So is it possible that we have this peeping tom and a nineteen sixty eight, this peeping tom witnesses, a murder yeah, and then that person finds the gun that supposedly was in the bush. It may not have had much trouble finding the gun if he watched the murders go down and I urge the the killer? Maybe it is Stefano, they killed him and he watches him. Talk, the gun somewhere, and he decides. Oh, I'm gonna go over there and retrieve that murder weapon right, that'd be pretty crazy, but again up a possibility. It is here right
Then you know when you say something like that, like you think about that, and you like this is a possibility, then you say it out loud and you like craig, it's almost laughable it so crazy, it's almost laughable. At the same time, it's it's, it's crazy that you have a man in prison for murder using the same weapon, the the there's somebody I'll committing murders using that same weapon for years and years afterwards right, different type of killing, though, and we all have that we don't have the mutilation, we don't have the stabbing or the power It's ability that somebody sent them this newspaper article to cover their tracks then found a way to plant evidence at an old solved crime from nineteen sixty eight that They have always again. We have the confession. So does hear me. I know it sounds crazy that a peeping tom would be there and found the gun or somebody.
I found the gun and then the gun was you know, traded in and, and it was in the black market, and this guy got the gun somehow right, it's possible. But what I'm saying is that killings aren't the same. Ah, the we have a guy that confessed to it. You know, so isn't it possible that this guy? Ah, isn't it possible that this I just got the gun somehow and then, if you got this gun somehow that maybe a wasn't the murderer, it was this. Maybe some armchair detective, that's had this theory and yet Certain things lined up, but it doesn't completely line up. Ultimately, it just brings up more questions than answers, but we'll get right back that after this quick beer break
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I owe dot com today The cheers? Cheers mate cheers regarding the crime that took place in nineteen sixty eight, the double homicide. follow, malay, was convicted for killing his wife and her lover. Again they never found the gun right. Well, remember: argon! the reporter mario spasm, while he figured out a way to interview. Stefan, So when this information came about, stephano was out of prison. At this point you know we cities living in a halfway house from time to time. the thing here is everybody wanted from time to time? Well now I call halfway house there have the diamond somewhere else. Well, I guess at this time
everybody wanted to interview Stefano, because the monster is one of the biggest news stories in the whole city by the whole country. Yes, so everybody wants to speak with the Stefano guy and get his information what he knows about the crime he was convicted of. Does he know anything about the monster? That's out their running a monk and the current day. Well, we have, bessie. He has to figure out a way to interview this guy because nobody malay will not let anybody near him. The halfway I will not let anybody com to interview this guy. They don't want anything to do with it He figured out a way to to get to stiffen, and he ask him specifically about the murders and about the gun, and the answers he gets from stew are as follows: Stephanos as they need to figure out. Why
that pistol is otherwise. There will be more murders, they will continue to kill. They will continue so they, yes. The key word is day and so now, armed with this information, so as he plus the police, now believe this de facto malay was not alone The night in nineteen sixty eight when his wife and lover were killed. It had not been a spontaneous crime of passion, but rather a what they call a clan killing. So Stefano and a group of people killed his wife and her lover under this theory. So his confession was a false confession: correct. It was false confession by a baby left out some details. The investigators theorized that one of the killers or somebody present that night had enjoyed the economy.
And so much tat. He had gone on to become the monster of flaw using the same gun, they had committed the crimes and nineteen sixty eight, a new one, in a new investigation is under way and what now the police were calling? the sardinian connection they they augustine zeroed in on three sardinian, brothers now remember we said this define a was from sardinia and they probably looked at people close to him during this time. So these three sardinian brothers Francesco Salvatore and Giovanni vinci, they believed it is believed that all three of them had at one point been lovers or very. close to the murdered woman from nineteen sixty eight.
And one or more of them would have been present at the time of her killing due to their investigation, the police end up arresting francesco, but on september ninth, this is nineteen. Eighty three we have francesco vinci still in jail. The monster was most certainly on the loose. A german couple had parked their volkswagen camper. For the night both were spied upon and then shot several times and killed. But the monster had apparently made a mistake that night, because this situation was quite different than the other crimes, because both of the victims were met yet so, after the monster would shoot, these victims could go into their trailer and he's gonna be snooping around yeah. All this,
were fired from outside of the camper. If the monster were to follow his normal emma, he would go into the camper two new pool, the female victim. from the vehicle. However, in this situation If he was following his typical him. Oh he would have. Inside and discovered that this was not a parasite. couple there's a homosexual couple, and this is in fact too men. Well, at some point, he the monster, takes a pornographic magazine that he finds inside the camper he tears pages out of in scatters them on the ground outside of the camper: ok, It's not believe that he mutilated either of these victims and anyway, he just simply shot them discovered that he made a mess. we assuming and then left the crime
has been a lot of speculation, though captain, if it. If this was intentional, you know, or did he just mistake what he saw to be a female and male victim? the situation is this, though Remember. We have francesco vinci, he's he's locked up he's but to be involved in these crimes, the monster florence crimes, Now the authorities refuse to release franchise, even though he was not around for this crime that took place on September nineteen, eighty three I believe that one of his relatives had tried to throw them off by commit. a new murder using the same gun or the very least that friend disco, knew who the monster was right, so to speak, clear, fair bay, to be clear that we have evidence at the scene that these two homosexual victims were shot with the same gun.
They are shot with the monsters gun and remember. We have all three vinci brothers were being that they were considered suspects at the time that they arrested the one brother. So I think the thought here is that one, other brothers or both of the other brothers when it went out uncommitted. This cry, therefore, the authority believing that francesco still, be the monster. It just means that there is more than one monster right, an francesco probably knows who the other monster would be, or the monsters would be. Sorry, there's no clear: why have putting that? I'm sure there is better, but I did not achieve. Investigators became society of another member of what they are calling the sardinian clan. This is Antonio vinci and they ended up arresting him on fire arms charges. They grilled the two men relentlessly, but they were unable to break them in
Finally, they were forced to release antonio, but just go remained in custody. About four months later, the police baffled the public. when they finally released francesco, but they only did this after a resting. Two more men with connections to the sardinian group right and announcing now to the public for the first time that there are two monsters, the authorities believe that both of these men would have been present at the nineteen, sixty eight remember the calling this a clan killing. They were as did they were charged with being the monster of florence. all winter, so their charge them not with just the sixty crime, but all of em corrected there. Looking at this as whole year being arrested for this, but now we're gonna try to put together some kind of case so, all winter long the police work on these two men. They are desperately trying to extract confessions and develop their case, but they do that they do not have any
success with this captain summer arrives and even though the police have these two suspects in custody, the monster will strike again this time. The victims would be twenty one year old claudio in his girlfriend, Pia only eighteen years old at the time they were both shot to death and stabbed in claudio car. Again, the monster left the empty shell casings matching the bullets from the other times and again. The monster mule mutilated the woman adding a new whore he cut off and took with him her left breast a special strike force team was formed. They called themselves. The anti monster squad now see captain. That should be the new t shirt. You have the true crime garage, anti monster squad and I guess it'd be a picture of me and you with like this whole army of people behind us fight
monsters all over the world this. This is too. We have a problem here, because in italy are you have two different types of police forces, and you can kind of think of this in a way of of like we have here The united states, where you have argued irregular police force, your local power, yes, and then you have your fbi, ok, so in italy you have the citizen police, and you have the urban area. Well that similar to you, military police, okay, so that this is to separate police forces, the investigate cry and they they do this independently. Of one another. What this anti monster squad is going to be comprised of is members of both organisations working together in their free time, to try to put together a case against this monster and and
the killing. Now the government ends up offering a huge reward which turns out roughly to be about two hundred ninety thousand dollars once you converted to u s dollars for him. For me, leading to the capture of the monster. This is the highest bounty and in italy, history warning posters are put up everywhere, and on top of that, this While millions of warning postcards are distributed to tourist entering florence. This advising them not to go to the hills at night. Could you met going to another country to visit specially a country as beautiful as italy and when you arrive, your handed a postcard telling you now to go into the hills at night, because there is a monster on the loose that is gunning people down or hold to cancel my airplane tickets. The third reason why I'm gone there go park in the hills,
In the summer of nineteen, eighty five, the monster resurfaced again and what would be the most terrible killing of all the victims were too young tourist, who had pitched a tent in a field on the edge of a what an area according to the reconstruction of the crime that or approach the tent and with the tipp of a knife made a twelve inch cut into the side of the tent the campers hearing the noise and the front flap to investigate what was going on outside of the tent, apparently the killer was there waiting for them and opened fire on both of these people. He ends up hitting, though female victim. In the face. Now the man is only hit in the arm or the wrist, so he is able to flee the tent
area where the woman died instantly, but the man read it ran and fled toward the woods the monster followed after him. He eventually catches the man and slits the man's, throw almost decapitating him. The young man's bloodstained, the tree branches well above his head, maybe ten twelve feet in the air kills dogs, a bit of a different scenario: other killings, the killer, returned to his female victim to perform the usual ritual mutilation and, like the last crime he cut off her left, left breast the bodies were not discovered until Monday at two p m. Now the police could not determine if the campers were killed on saturday or sunday, and this is always obviously important to any investigation, of course, but this is also could could I
their play or not play into one of the biggest theory surrounding the monster. You know we have the thought that we have victims that are attacked on saturday nights on moonless saturday nights and we have these victims where we can determine if they were killed saturday, night or sunday night. So One of the big theories in this case has always been that there's there's a cult in others These are some kinds of cop killings, right that these could be form by devil, worshippers or some kind of organization. Well, if they broke there and they ended up killing on sunday. Maybe that goes against that their yeah, but I I think, there's some weight to this whole Joe listed killing because of the mutilation to the female. You know. A kind of stages
in every time. I think that that's not a bad angle for investigators to look into well it on the day of the discovery of the bodies in this took place just before the bodies were discovered, the prosecutor in the case received an envelope through the mail. This is another communication that we see her captain envelope The envelope had been addressed to use. Letters cut out for magazines and newspapers inside, The envelope we have the prosecutor found the victims left nipple
There were no fingerprints on the envelope itself and again, the sender did not use his tongue to seal the envelope. The prosecutor soon quit the monster case, and not only that she quit her career in law enforcement altogether ass. She was so terrified by this communication. Now maybe she took them as a threat. Well, in with with two suspects in jail, then the two tourist or killed we have We have a judge here that remains convinced that one of the sardinian clan members was the monster, that either one of them or both of the suspects being held were one of them sir or new again who the monster was. So the judge is refusing to let these people out again. It still possible other there's multiple people.
But the the other thing I would add, though too, is that you have a crime taking place in sixty eight and if the, if, if the monster was multiple people right, the next crime is not taken place till seventy four, so you'd think that once the arrest was made once this person was going to be sentenced to this charge, that one of the other p involved would be making a crime happen pretty quickly. Hemp of another murder happen pretty quickly that way. It gives the public on haze, not the guy so kind of weird that there is a gap from set a sixty eight, seventy four then from seventy four to eighty one right right in a new right, though you might attempt into something because after we see one of the guys picked up that enzo spaghetti their seats, to be an increase in the frequency of the crimes of the monster. Now the judge. The judge was focusing on the vinci brothers and
member. We mention one of those brothers names. This is south tory the judge it is now believing that Salvatore was present for the Stefano malay withstand otto malay, at the murder of his wife and lover back and sixty eight in fact: savage where he was suspected of having killed his own wife before leaving sardinia. His wife had been found ix fixated by guy ass in their home. Back in nineteen sixty one, the death had officially been determined a suicide, but here's the strange part someone had taken the time to go into the home. Someone had rescued the couples one year old son. This is an tonia vinci from the house, while leaving the boys mother too I, the judge, could not bring salvatore to trial for being the monster of florence, but yet he's convinced that Salvatore was the monster
So now, there's not enough evidence to book him on this. However, he thought what they should do. Let's try to prosecute salvatore for the old death of his wife back in tina, sixty one instead and then maybe Salvatore would confess where the crimes of the monster well, this ends of backfiring, because a trial ends up being a disaster. By this time you know we're we're almost thirty years removed from the death of his wife and son, we want the trials a disaster. The witnesses didn't seem to know much about the death of his wife, or at least remember any data. out of anything that happen that day and the evidence in that case. Well, it was extremely weak to say it politely, everything pretty much in pretty much hinge on the testimony of his son
romeo venture, which ism, which was one years old at the time. He would have been one years old at the time at the death of his mother and Antonia, refuse to testify against his father, so nothing stock and the drug. The judge here struck out and was unable to ass, a salvatore, but the stories not over in this case is not completely gone cold because they have a new invest get yeah new lead investigator is applied to the case. He decides to go back to the drawing board because, right now this thing is very muddled and he decides it. he's going to review what little forensic evidence has been collected throughout all of these crimes of the monster yea. think there would be some sort of dna while the things that they have in in evidence captain is they have a knee print. Any print was found on the on the door of one of the vehicles.
I found a bloody rag at one of the crime scenes and they also found a partial fingerprint. Now you also have to keep in mind. You don't know if that partial fingerprint belongs to the killer, just somebody that happened to be in or on the vehicle could now. This investigator will out rightly state that he learned very quickly that none of this none of this evidence was analyze properly. Nor was it stored proper so at some point, the prize supper and at some point you, you lose value in your unable to get anything of value from this evidence So he decides that he's going to go to the computers right he's going. Users We're gonna go and study some computers, believing using a method that more new age investigators would might point him toward the man that they call the monster of
thousands of men in the area. He was looking at several items regarding convictions for sex crime crimes of violence, people, their prison sentences, when word, they imprison when they were not. This led the investigator to a suspect, a tuscan farmer, name pietro patchy, Jani now and he's described as a short, very strong man who particularly drunk all of the time and he had a violent. His says I d give did zephyr you're, not short, but If so, I am when I'm drinking too much, I get really short. Well one thing: It's very different from you is that this guy has eve extremely violent history to say the least know me, because in nineteen fifty one when he disk, Mobile impartiality discovered that a traveling sales man was having sex with his fiance and I
Leave this took place in either her homer their home, but somehow he discovered this. He attacked the couple. He bashed in the man skull and then he raped the woman next to the man's dead body afterward he was arrested. He was in prison, he was sentence. It was an easy conviction for this crisis. After he was released from prison. He married he was later convicted of sexually assaulting his daughters, his prison sentences, men every story, every week we cover story and they all have girlfriends or wives. You mean you mean these people have horrible past and do horrible horrible individuals. I haven't been on data months. Man, the through you but here using the wrong dating website. I guess I love scumbags dot com. can I go to that one there you go, but he his prison sentences.
coincide with the gap in the killings. So this new investigator I mean he's like wow. This dude he's east is committed crimes, and a couple, he is sex crimes. He is violent crimes in his prison sentences. Coincide with the gaps in the killings So when the monster was dormant, this dude was in prison when the monster was active and killing people patchy ani. This dude was out and free. Okay, so did they investigate this guy's property or yes, they they conducted a twelve day search of patchy on his throne. That's a long search with a lot of days on the job they found in unfired, twenty two caliber bullet in his garden
now experts say that it might. Let's put that in the found found it in his garden, that's not suspicious. While they said that the experts said that they might, this bullet might have been inserted into the famous beretta that they've been looking for. Any jack did without being fired. The ballistics report was inconclusive. if not long after the carbon airy received a piece of a twenty who barretta wrapped in a torn rag. This was work accompanied with an anonymous, no saying that had been found in a place where patchy ani often went so, you know, seems a lot of fishy. Ever Well, what they did captain was when they received this barretta wrapped in the torn rag. Then they went back the patchy on his property in they searched the property again they
moved, you know any rags any taos that they could find on the property. They found some rags income they found in his garage and they compare to the rag that sent the barretta rather matched up Joe. It's silly things come from his wife coming from his wife or from some one that they knew him. You know there was close to patchy on that had access to his property, he's eventually arrested in january of ninety ninety three and he is charged with being the monster of florence array he's closed sea gas next week, or even bigger are you guys don't don't be people on people touching each other who see a next week, so what happened?
well at the trial. Now keep in mind we're talking about we, we described him as a short, very strong man, but this is a bully. You know this is. This is a bully. This is a brute and at the at the trial, patchy on he rocked back and forth, and he ride very loudly during the proceedings, would often yell our strange things during the trial as he cried. You know things like I'm many innocent little lamb and now you know their treating me like Jesus Christ on the cross, but yeah he just random craziness that he would he would yell out, but the almost lion I er trial this guy's rocking in his chair and crying, very loudly- the prosecutors then it no murder weapon during this trial. They also powers and had no reliable eye witnesses to the crimes, and
and patchy on his wife and daughters. Ok picture this. We know what he's done to these daughters. Ok, he He these women have allegedly right well, I know he was convicted of of assault on his daughters. These women hated him and I mean probably hated him in every sense of the word there he said at trial that he could not have been the monster, because this guy was always home. He was home, any was drunk all of the time and he was Yelling and hitting them, and so it's strange to hear that he was a monster just not just he was a monster within the four walls of his home, correct, these women had a good chance to get rid of this guy forever, and they didn't do that. Somehow, despite the lack of evidence outside of the bullet. There was found that is still questionable that it,
in the infamous barretta that we ve been talking about money or how it got there on his property, sometimes when the case goes on for so long and people, I think, sometimes even with new investigators and get into a case, and there are so desperate to solve it that they know their ethics. Go away, you're, right and everything and they're mine is pointing to this guy. I know he did it right. Well, this lines. this lines up that, but everything ass, a lineup patchy ali was in fact convicted and he was sentenced to life in prison, now. There is a mandatory appeal process, and this was very strange. The prosecutor assigned to handle the appeal case actually decided to refuse to prosecute patchy, ani so on february thirteenth, nineteen
ninety six because they're not going to prosecute him again. Patchy ani was acquitted for being the monster florence so back to square one, we're back to square one. We, we see murder after murder, double homicide after double homicide, and then we keep locking up people the murders, don't stop, no matter what an and when we do find somebody that we think we have some evidence. Brain the conviction is overturned, or if we have them arrested. Another murder takes place thus very interesting case the same day. The apaches acquitted, the police. They try to save their case, or maybe at least cover their backs because they brought forward new witnesses and they dramatically announced that they they had a confession regarding the case of the monster the judge, however, refused to allow the new witnesses to testify, but
as we know, often with these stories. Somehow this information gets out so what was learned was that the first surprise witness had actually confessed to being patchy on his accomplice. He said that he and patchy ani had been hired by a wealthy doctor to handle a few jobs. These were to collect female body parts for black masses to be used as offerings to the devil, but on top of these strange stories, that doesn't make any sense because you don't have to kill. You know lover's lane, people, you don't have to kill the the man and the and the female to get the female parts This man, you know, on top of these strange stories that the man is telling he often contradicted himself. When telling these stories he did implicate. other man I'm so now, according to this guy, we have a ring of three of two
Of these men were convicted of murder. One was sends to life in prison that being patchy, Annie and the other to twenty six years in prison. Now the higher court sent the case back to be retried retried regarding patchy ani. However, he died in february of nineteen. Ninety eight before the new trial could begin. This began an investigation into the search for the doktor and for the quote on quote masterminds behind these killings, but get this the suspects or mina witnesses or whatever you want call them at the acquittal, for a patchy. Ani said that they didn't know the doctor's name. Ah, he claimed he. He told all these wild stories about collecting body parts for this doctor, but he claimed that patch Jani knew the name of the doktor
new the identity. That hired them. But this guy's story just seem so fishing yeah and they presented this story to patch Jani and he denied the entire story all the way until the day that he died right and he was supposed to be retried but sense of the because of his death that retrial yet and overtime thread by thread the web of evidence against him. It fell apart. It wasn't great to begin with, but the rag in the gun pieces that were sent to them that was found to have been manufactured in play.
did evidence. It was never really established who they believe planted that evidence or who had sent that debt to them. But, like you said it appears to be somebody that would have known him had access to his property. The expert who had been asked to clarify or to certify that the bullet found and patchy on his guard might have been inserted into the monsters gun. He said at a later date that he was bullied into arriving at that conclusion. May did he is he was pressured by the investigators to to help them out with their investigation ryan, who you think, plan and other evidence of this aim investigator yeah most?
likely and then we also have mario sped see the the journalist hee Hee videotaped, a police officer who was present at the search of patchy on his property and on this video tape. The officer is saying that it was his impression that the chief inspector in the crime in the investigation had planted the all it in the garden. Surprise, surprise! You know it's typical situation where investigator gets a theory and they put their blinders on than they try to make everything fit. Even I, like I said, through your ethics out the window, Well around this the same time we have the fbi, they were he's a thorough, a thorough idea, a profile of the or- and during this report they say that the monster chose the places for his crime, that he did not choose the victims.
That he would kill only in familiar locations. The murders had been cut did over a large area encompassing the hills, south east and north of florence. The police tried for years unsuccessfully to recognise pattern, but mario sped see mapped the life and movements of the carbon aries, suspect to the locations of the killings and he found what he thought to be overlaps now. Mario spats he's view of this case is not complicated. The simplest and most obvious explanation was most likely the correct one. This is what he believed. He believed that the man Florence was alone psychopath and that the key to finding him was the gun used in the nineteen sixty eight clan killing spats. He says every cop knows: a gun used in a homicide, especially a clan killing
never disposed of casually. It is his belief that it would be either destroyed or kept in a safe place. One of the king, after the double homicide in nineteen, sixty eight had taken the gun, home murray would kin, though they have to buy, that that first killing was well. They said it was meant to understand that we have a confession from from the husband, but ah how now I have a hard time buying it we'll spats. He agree, with the judge that was involve believing that the monster must either be Salvatore? Then she or somebody close to Salvatore someone when which would make sense? Yes, someone with access to the gun and the box of bullets. It was that simple in the crime scene evelyn suggested that the monster was tall. Remember we talked about patch jani being a short man where there is evidence, and they gathered that from the angle in which the bullets were fired into
the vehicles, as well as the knee print that was placed on the car door that they had found, so they will The monster was tall. They believed him to be a right handed man in excellent physical condition. This ruling patch, Jani, obviously, who was short fat old and usually drunk the killer, was an expert shot in their opinion and skilled with a knife right. Ok, so do you think it was a killer orkut where's. Well, I'm gonna tell you what I wanna present, what mario spats he believes and I'm gonna present what the carbon airy believed at the time. Remember. He was pairing their number, one suspect, to information he had about the movements of this aspect in where the killings took place. While who was this person who was there now, one suspect, while it was Antonio vinci member who here these are tories. Son he's the one that, if Salvatore killed his wife
he pulled the one year old son out of the home that was being you know, gassed met their time, he's the one that refuse to testify against his father. He would have had access to the gun if the vinci's had access to that gun. So spats e track down this guy- and he wants to interview him regarding the monster florence, but he's a bit terrified, because you now you're very close to the possible inner circle of this whole thing right. So he actually introduces himself to Antonia as somebody else. However, Antonio is a smart dude and he recognizes spats he. He does agree to be interviewed by spaghetti when asked to risky move spats. He wanted to record the interview audio record, the interview he says. No, you know here
sonia, says no. I you can't record me why. Well, I I don't like my own voice, that's something you and I have to deal with a couple of times a week love so I'm going to give you the shortened version of of this interview, but during the course of this interview, one thing that's betsy asked Antonio about was about all of the fights that he had had with his with his own father and he states that you know. One of these fights you were charged with breaking into the home of your father in the sky, of nineteen seventy four you were charged with breaking and entering in his home and theft. Why, Antonio corrects him and says? That's not correct. I was only charge with a violation, because all they could prove was that I had broken into his home and then I didn't steal anything Now he asked him. When did you leave florence? Will he left florence in the beginning of nineteen? Seventy five: when did you returned? He would
and in nineteen eighty two and then separated nineteen. Eighty five theirs in this goes on and on What we are establishing here is his movements. Wind is he in the area and when was he not both of those statements put him in the area? during the times of the killings and The area when the killings were not taking place, the thought about the actual break into Salvatore home. The thought there is spats he believes Salvatore had the gun that he had possession of the beretta and that Antonio broke into his father home, install the gun before the first double homicide in nineteen. Seventy, four, alright, so does the break is down to be pretty clear, so
Basically, his father kills his mother and sixty one pulled him out of the house and sixty one. Then, in sixty eight as fathers involved in this clan type killing, they kill this this couple because there are cheating on then and seventy four, the sun breaks into the fathers house, stills the murder weapon and then go on a killing rampage. Now he would have been about age fourteen at this time, yeah yeah he would have been fourteen or fifteen at the time. I dont know what month he was born in. It seems awfully young. This thing. Here, though- and this is where I believe that spats he arrived at this conclusion- was because win win the father Salvatore had noticed that his home was broken into. He called in reported it as a as almost broken into and things were stolen when the police
survived to take their report. They ask him what was stolen. He says there was nothing stolen. The house was just broken into. They find out that it was the son that actually broke into the house. The thought is spats, you know betsy thought is that Salvatore would not admit that the only stolen, was a murder weapon that he was present for participated in back in nineteen sixty eight. So what else came from this interview? Well spent see directly asked him about the twenty two barretta. He said. If your father owned the twenty two barretta, you were the person, the best position to take it correct and well Antonio, says he. He canada stalls on his answer. But his answer is this: he says you know I didn't take it and I have proof- and he says you know what was the proof he says. If I had taken that gun from my father, I would have fired that gun into my father's forehead. That's your proof.
It's a pretty strong statement there yeah and specify is as he pushes them further in saying that you know, because you didn't have the gun that I'm asking you about, then that me and you are not the monster of florence. Well, Antonio says: no, I'm not the monster because I, like my pussy whole wowzer, that's her! It's enough. Her strong statement well it's after this statement that spats he decides to leave the house to leave this guy's house immediately. As he's walking out of the home, he is embraced- let's say by his host by antonio enduring this, he he basically whispers to him and in a deep gravelly tone he says: listen carefully, specie! I I never joke around. I dont know what that means, but I take that
be some kind of threat. Here the situation is captain. Does you know speciale thoughts, he's lying this crime, probably longer than anybody else being the investigative journalists that he is he's work this case longer than most of the investigators involved. I think he has a reasonable spling for the crimes and for who the monster of florence is, Oh it's a little nook who you look at in this case. It's a little bit of a leap though, when you agree, yeah deftly think there's a leap, and I the tough thing about this leap that he is making is that, like we said that than the suspect would have to be fourteen years old, yeah yeah, that's the biggest hurdle for me. Certainly does have ties to the crime ties to the original murder back in nineteen sixty eight regardless. This is, Fascinating yet frustrating crime all at the same time. You know we talk
bout this any time we haven't arrest, theirs, a there's, another murder, nothing, nothing holds wait here over the core, of this investigation. After all these years, you have four men that were arrested, charged of and convicted of being the monster at different times. You also have I have many people that were arrested and eventually released and not charged with the crimes of a lot of the convictions that I just spoke of, have been criticized and ridiculed the media, and it is of course most everyone's belief that the killer or killers have never been identified by yes, Until then, until new information comes out will just never know where that leads us to our recommended reading. For this we captain we are recommending the monster of florence by douglas preston and mario spat see the thing he I know I feel we did a great job covering this. This is a huge case, so this is one of those situations we got into this and we started thinking. This is
We episodes a more episodes, letty, pat yourself on the back. We did a great job call. We did I'm here to tell you, but what I will tell you captain is that there is more reason to look into this case on your own. There were certain avenues that we were unable to take unable to explore because damn in themselves were monster cases of their own. So if you want to fight out more about the quota. Unquote doktor they had this satanic or innovation that he was. He was looking for body parts for these rituals. That's covered in this book, the monster of florence by Douglas preston and mario spats. He and you can pick that up by going to true crime garage, dotcom click, the recommended page and you'll see of our books there and just makes that use our amazon banner when you make your purchase, maybe will come back to that and to a special episode just on that. DR yeah. If you want to hear more about the doctor, if you, if you really want to,
it's upon us. So you want to hear more about the monster of florence. You can do that at our blog at true crime garage dot com captain. I want to think for another great weak, want to thank all our great sponsors, all the wonderful listeners out there and things for sharing on social me these for on a friend days for the five reviews the mean a lot, and we will You back here next week in the garage until then be good, be kind and don't let this spring transform your outdoor sports,
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