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The Murdaugh Murders /// Part 2 /// 548

2022-01-12 | 🔗

The Murdaugh Murders /// Part 2 ///  548

Part 2 of 4


This week we are back in the Garage studio in full force with one very strange true crime tale to tell. Since 2015 there have been several mysterious deaths and murders all with ties to one family, the Murdaugh family of Hampton, South Carolina. Join us as we take deep dive into a family that is surrounded in mystery. 

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Welcome that your grand garage where you are, what are you doing thanks? We listening? I'm your hosts nick enjoining me here today is a guy that was here yesterday in the week before that in the week before that, will you get the picture here? Is the cap
Now a couple more months ago, it's gotta be seen and good to see you thanks for listing thanks for town of france, Today we are drinking six one for longer by our friends over wolf's ridge brewing and beautiful columbus, ohio. Six one for longer is proved to be clean, crisp and refreshing, and guess what mission complete, because six one for longer is light, smooth, crisp and crucial this is a light longer with good hobbs garage, great three and three quarter bottle caps out of five and a big cheer. goes out through our friends that helped us out with filling up the fridge this week. First up a cheers to carmen listening in her garage, impartial town, iowa, a big shot out to susan and charlotte north carolina. Next, we sent a channel to nurse melissa from hook, set new Hampshire in a big way.
If your job goes out to holly from parts unknown. Next up captain we have marry in kearney, nebraska and last, but certainly not least, a big cheers to tyler h in chattanooga tennessee, every one we just mentioned. They helped us fill up the fridge this week, and for that we are forever great, yeah chattanooga too. through be w double? Are you and beer? Iran go to this or page get you some good way support the show, but get something in return, and that is enough for the beer. All right. Everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime, the
the here, captain is another interesting, scandalous, dirty deed conducted by alec murder at the hospital with cops looking into speaking to all of the kids Alec recommended to Conor cooks family to hire a one corey fleming as an attorney to represent connor according to the cooks. Alec neglected dimension that the attorney that he is telling them to use? Corey Fleming? What Paul Murdoch's, godfather and Alec Murdoch's college, roommate and close friend, if not his best of friends bestia
The alleged idea is that Alec Murdoch deliberately hooked connor up with Corey fleming, so that fleming could ensure that connor not Paul was seen as the driver of the boat on that, all night and twenty twenty one attorneys representing connor and conor cook verse, south carolina department of natural resources filed for pre civil suit discuss requesting depositions of a number of law enforcement officers? These were necessary because the court filings allege. There was a conspiracy to cover up Paul's involvement in the crash and pin it on corner the petition ads
These two opponents may have information regarding a conspiracy to miss direct the criminal investigation, away from Paul Murdoch and wrongfully shift the focus to conquer the law enforcement officers mentioned in this petition are Michael brok, austin preacher, who we talked about. Quite a bit in episode. One john leroy keener the third robin cameron troy andrew crave? The petition adds that the petitioner is formed and believes that certain evidence gathered at the scene and thereafter is now unable to be accounted for by law enforcement authorities, and that opponents will be questioned about the failure to conduct an appropriate investigation, including the failure to administer field exercises to Paul Murdoch and otherwise
It's the wall, sue alleges, Alec, marduk, set conor cook up with fleming, who told him not to talk to the investigators as part of a campaign to ensure he was wrongly identified as the driver of the boat at sea. They also allege that the officers failed to collect Paul's phone and fail to give field sobriety tested the scene only after Connor fired corey fleming and obtained new attorneys and spoke to prosecutors was Paul, murdoch charged, but that's interesting. He asked to change. His lawyer shift his lawyers before we even see charges brought against palmer DA connor was told by Alec murdoch inquiry fleming to keep his mouth shut. Part of an orchestrated campaign to hold conor, both civilly and criminally responsible for the incident per newsweek Alec murdoch approach cook in the hallway of the hospital, as he was heading to get
his jaw acts rain and told him everything would be all right and he would keep his mouth shut? No pun intended conner. That he was intimidated by the murdoch's and was deliberately vague about who was driving until he realised that he was the intended scapegoat. A civil can spare, see among five law enforcement officers, resulting in knowing attempts to interfere with the investigation. The five officers have information as to a campaign to cloud the investigatory issues and disseminate false information. in the community with the intention of misleading law enforcement and prosecution charging parties and the public into wrongly and falsely believing Connor cook should be arrested in charge as the boat operator. Alright, this is a lot to unpack,
and I'm trying to fall yo. We have this it's hard to even call it accident because I think Paul was driving maliciously. He was drunk and I think, acting completely irresponsible. Please show up at the scene, they don't do. A sobriety check on Paul people are making statements. Multiple people in the boats stating that Paul was drunk said he was driving crazy, stating that Paul was driving and now once they get the hospital it seems like Alex. The head of the murdered family is now trying to shift the narrative away from his sign and put the blame onto com
which is the one that made the nine when one call, but what you just stated there and if a fallen, you correctly is that there was five law enforcement officers that were involved in trying to turn this whole plot against Paul into a plot against Connor. Yes, that's what the law suit alleges now, as far as the enforcement officers and their quota unquote involvement to me, it looks more like they chose to sit on their hands and do nothing right, and then things got got wonky afterwards and of course, Someone has to be operating the boat. Now we now that Alec Murdoch is going to try to shift this into. Honor was operating the bow because of statements that come from the passengers where you know Paul was driving
but Connor had to save them from smashing into something when they were going the wrong way. He it, you know, have grabbed the wheel and in jerked the wheels, so they wouldn't smash into something. right and then at another time when Paul decides to leave, we'll go up to the front of the boat and smack his girlfriend and spit honour and collar names. Somebody had step in and grabbed the wheel, then too, and that was Connor again so Connor becomes the likely scapegoat of all. Well, we we Take this situation, make it a little confusing Maybe we throw in a blunder and hit that hit the button a few times and now, when we, when we pull it out, take off the list looks like Connor was the driver? The thing too is again: somebody has to be held responsible for operating the boat. We know that somebody was operating the boat, and I I really like that. You and everybody else out their picked up on this, because this is something that was interesting to me It wasn't a question about if there was
that was drunk driving that night. That seem pretty obvious, but the more that I go into this situation and the written statements of the passengers on the boat that night. It was clear to me That not only was paul drunk driving but he's also like easy driving like Austria or you tell me, I can't drive my boat. You know somebody else, to drive the boat need just driving like a maniac, very reckless behaviour. On top of was already reckless behaviour of the drunk driving boys acting as if he has no concern for others period and he's been arrested for be an abuse of towards his girlfriend and spit in honor. That's assault well, Conor, cooks, lawsuit, which was file on September twentieth of two thousand and twenty one named defendants in the named defendants are alec and buster. Murdoch parkers. Fifty five incorporated. That's the convenience store where the alcohol was illegally purchased an parkers employ
the parkers employee, who rang up Paul Murdoch's purchase of booze. The lawsuit alleges that buster murdoch gave his teenage brother Paul his driver's license, so that Paul could buy outcome. the driver's license, along with a third party credit card used, she have alerted the parker employ ii that This is probably any legal sale, so the credit card. Reportedly belonged maggie right, so they're saying this: should tipped off the employer you're, getting an idea, Has one person's name on it in a credit card to has somebody else's name on it right now either belonging to Paul Murdoch the suit on to allege that Paul Murdoch was drinking all day long and should have been stopped from driving the boat by the boats registered owner, which is his father, Alec Murdoch. It maintains it murdoch new Paul was a habitual drinker. I am as fathers not gonna, be a father as much as we do
like Alec Murdoch. Its is difficult to say that he's not intelligent exists, a shitty person, should be able to see the the writing on the wall here. His son is a problem and continues to be a problem leading up to this wearable tragedy of the boat crash seems like this family is so greedy and they pray spend a lot of their time, focusing on trying to build wealth that they don't spend time on trying to build character within their sons, their spending too much time covering up their real character to build any characteristic process. So that's one law suit. Captain now cook, wasn't the only one to sue before Conor sued beat his mom renee filed a wrongful death law suit back in march of two thousand and nineteen. one month after the boat crash. Now the she'll complaint named a whole slew of defendants, and a lot of these are the same that were
and the other lawsuits. So we again we have gregory parker incorporated, which is a k, the parkers corporation. This is the the convenience store where the kids bought there. Booze, they also are suing the bar, where the under age kids, connor and Paul drank the shots, their suing, the wood, the woods family who hosted the oyster bake it their home and again. That's why we say it's up for debate on whether the adults at this party- The kids were their drinking right. It was on this issue Alex Murdoch as well as buster Murdoch, junior off randolph off the grandfather, basic The suit alleges that parkers and the bar should not have served. Kids, who were under age that the woods knew about and should not have loud underage drinking at their home and their party, and that Alec new out and should not have allowed drinking on his boat and that
and off knew about and should not have allowed drinking on the island he's the property owner and that buster the brother knew about and should not have allowed Paul to use. His idea purchase alcohol illegally, though, also maintains All of these events contributed to the boat crash and the wrongful death. Why one thing for the parents not to have seen the kids drinking when pause friends are saying that he's acting erratic. You would think that these parents would have noticed at least his actions, maybe not noticed him drinking, but notice that he was visibly drunk well in theirs can acting statements from people that were at that party. Some saying that it was well known that kids were their drinking under age and other saying nope. Nobody, your was drinking here at all bright, but again, we have evidence that Paul's fathers trying to cover his tracks, so I would say,
the parents that are saying now we didn't seem aid drinking as pause father, get into them and covering his Rex one. I have a hard time, believing it's not impossible, but I have a hard time believing that, if they weren't drinking at the party that Paul murder, who was able to get three times where the legal limit in about an hour and a half right? That's him! That's some serious binge drinking. If that's what in fact happen here now. What's interesting, though, captain is notice who was not mentioned in the lawsuit and that's paula marduk, who was driving the boat that night and my guess is it's because you don't see people, they don't have any money. Bright and oh him, being the youngest person on there and not a corporation. His name seems to be absent from that law suit. Now, after this was filed, Alec Murdoch resisted. Turning over financial documents. You know you, you have to turn up these financial documents because, of course, scumbag therein
I don t know what means he had of paying off any jury award or settlement money in this civil case, so the laws are closing in on Alec Murdoch in his family. He and man he sold one of their homes and may have twenty twenty. So it looks like. from the outside, looking in here captain, it looks to me, like things, aren't great for them financially at this point, seemed at some point in this lawsuit that there might have been some negotiations to settle this, but at some point that ended yeah and then there's also Paul's criminal trial right for killing, mallory and, of course, covert, caused major delays. So, as of june, twenty twenty one poor was still awaiting a trial date to be set. He was facing twenty five years and prison, but for now he was out and about and living his normal life and he's twenty years old. At this point he had completed his
your year at the university of south carolina and was home for the summer when all hell trunkless. I just want to reiterate that mallory beach is not back in college, that she's not back to her regular life on june seventh, two thousand and twenty at one thousand and seven p dot m alec murdock nine one one. We tried to clean up the audio of this caused. Much as we could, the dispatchers voice is very harsh, so you might want to turn down your volume just a little bit during this call. Why Our emergency power is not the only one for yourself, Bozell wrote. I didn't links to communicate with my wife at a discount
ok, you, that voting on forty seven will now have been easy for anyone Furthermore, that road and allocate more important harry Firstly, allow me: ok, hello they underline I'm still here. Ok, and I have Alex Murdoch on the line calling from four thousand one hundred and forty seven moselle road heated visor that his wife and child was shot Let us try to call for a rapid mobile road I'll. Do it now is bad
that kind of communication- and I have an alex murdoch on the line calling from forty one, forty, seven volvo or even bother that his wife and child forty one, forty, railroad. I've up through it now is bad how can a brand name no ma am your wife and Erika I my born No a vehicle on the ground out my candle, I thought break it off, Ok
You wanna know, move what the colored openly how bad what from the road, mobile home, Okay, and what is your name murder, How can you hear you come home and van gogh no ma am
please hurry. I work at EU level. Ok, the one apparent aim bad man. Yet may simply hurry. Let me ask you this question not fallen down. Ok, sure, they're, not very name
a team that she would know what? What about your, who nobody, you're. Not yet one what is your telephone number?
look out of place not not ridiculous, really, no man outcry bag limit on the back burner
as close ma'am there they've been around with you ever since you've got on the phone with me. I have multiple people coming out there to you, Okay, can you do me a favor Mr Murdoch and turn on the flashers on her car, so that way they can see where the kennels are more philadelphia. The? What was that you have your flash alarm for me, Mr Murdoch
Ok, I don't want you to touch them at all. Okay, I don't I don't know if you've already touched them and I don't want you to touch them just in case they get any kind of evidence. Okay, all they're, trying to get to see if they will breathe. ok. Well, I just don't want you to move anything, can thinking it kind of evidence ma man, I'm gonna, call the cops. Of my family, okay, one. There was a favor for me whenever you see the officer or the medics, because they're all coming to you absolutely ok,
then come and turn on the flashed upon your vehicle, for they can t ok,. you got a flash and one for me When I read them. It's okay, how old is your I work we're getting them out the The The.
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the all, right we are bearing cheers. Maids back he's back, we're all back to the people and the front, and on this the back, as you heard we can hear it, distracts sounding Alec Murdoch. He's gasping, trying to tell nine, when one dispatcher that he needs police, an ambulance immediately, his wife and child have been shot badly. Please hurry! I'm not gonna go through the entire call their, but some key points there he said, It's out there that neither of them are breathing when he found them and the dispatcher asked him not to touch the bodies. He says I've already touched them to see if they were breathing. He distinctively says that he just got back that he was previously gone. Yes, so the call lass about six and a half minutes
and the sheriff's office was despatched immediately. They arrive about twenty minutes later they called an sled at ten twenty, eight and agents from sled arrived on scene at one thousand, one hundred and forty seven for contacts, the shootings happened at the murdoch's. Very remote hunting lodge a home that they called mostly that sat on one thousand seven hundred and seventy private acres in island him now Clinton is a rural small town about sixty five miles west of charleston, and the murdoch's estate was outside of town now. One thing that I thought was very smart of emergency personnel: the dispatcher they're telling allocate turn on the flashes or the blinkers on your car, so that win emergency personnel arrive on scene
they know where you are, because, if anybody's googled this property or or seen, video of it others aerial video footage of this property, its its large and it's in the centre of it. It's rather open and you can see that there could be multiple buildings or anywhere outside did the two victims could be when personnel arriving on the scene and, of course, even though Alec Murdoch says: hey they're, not breathing. We want to get them as fast as we can try to save lives. So I thought it was very smart of the dispatcher to recommend put on the flashes on. They also don't love the shooter still their career. So this identifies him now, only where the bodies are but identifies him as the person that called in and possibly not the shooter. That's one thing that kind of called into question to Alec marduk seems to be of zero.
Sir. If the shooter or shooters are still there very good point and its Well, does he know that they wouldn't be there, or is he just so distraught from the scene that that's of little to no concern? That's not even a thought. That's managed to make it too head yet- and I don't have the information, but I also when you questioning that to me it's well how many entrances and exits are there to this property, and is it those things where he he entered the only way you could and that there was no car and in his path he saw no car. So therefore he just assumes that they're gone well, and one thing I wanted to point out with this property is it. This is an extremely remote private property rights. So right, a situation where somebody just looking up and addressed.
and and driving out therein. Locating the the place very easily. Now this home was maggie's preferred home again we already stated that they had several homes. This is the and that she spent most of her time and preferred to spend most of her time at this residence. This is because of the dogs, so they had a a kennel, and I think you hear him reference that on the call, if not he at least references it. During the you know, the lake days right. But the candles were where the bodies of maggie- and all were found lying close to each other, which is about a quarter mile from the home. This sits the property, so very large property here, very little next to nothing actually was released about the shootings and the investigation officers with the
colton county sheriff's office, reported that they had discovered several shell casings at the scene and that maggie and Paul were killed by different firearms but then they handed over the investigation to sled, which is now. Being sued by multiple media outlets for not complying with visa rules. Now sled stands for its the south carolina state law enforcement, division, We have discussed slide here on the show many times in the past, but for those unfamiliar primary mission of the state law enforcement. The vision is to provide quality, manpower and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies and to conduct investigations on behalf of the state as directed by the governor and The attorney general now, of course, lead, has done a lot of really great work on several cases that we have discussed heavily, but specifically, they did absolute
a groundbreaking gangbusters work in the mid eighties on these Sherry smith and Deborah helmet cases than we covered here and don't forget the the booty as cases they just made own arrest and they made that arrest in north carolina. But they made it because sled open the investigation, so we'll be handing out the same critique as we did for the other agencies, as sled has certainly earned a high level of grudge credit here. But here is what we have gathered. As for what went down in this maggie and Paul mother son double homicide situation. This is coming from EF. I t s news. They reported the authorities believe Paul was killed with a shotgun and that his mother was killed with a semi automatic right for. The wall street journal has the most information reporting that, according to the death certificates,
Paul was shot in the chest and head according to a person close to the investigation. He was shot at close range with a shock We also learned that maggie was shot multiple times, including in the back with a different gun and cases of type of ammunition known as three hundred blackout. Found near by this. According to two people close to the situation, adding that the murdoch family owned in a ar fifteen style rifle that can use that of ammunition, but it was not was not recovered at the scene. or turned over for inspection as follows, So the media has published these unsubstantiated reports, but official statements are few and far between reports submitted to the court backing up sleds heavy reduction of police
ports indicate that at least one firearm was seized at the scene EF. I t s: news says that at least one of the weapons used in the shooting, belonged to the family and also reports that casings were recovered and sheriffs deputies were seen Searching a swampy area near the property and it has been widely reported that maggie's cell phone was found on a road outside of the property so maybe one of the shooters collected her phone seems odd, though maybe both phones but collected her phone and just. Ass, the out the window ass, they drove away from the scene possible. It does seem a little odd, but not if you want to prevent somebody from calling nine when one in having their own life, so they can testify against you. Later court could point one of the murdoch's
standard family members used find my iphone to ping it so police could locate it. That's how they located the phone. Finally, EF, I t s news reports that rejected police reports about the scene indicate that there was a third party a third party at the scene when police arrived on the scene. This person's name has not been released to the public. Arrests in that they're not calling them all a witness or suspect. My guess is maybe that this person was on the property. You did say it's a lie. poverty and had no knowledge that the crime took place at the time that the crime took place. And then they don't want to name. Then, a visual, because I want people jumping to conclusions or are pointing the finger and saying that that person is a suspect. Well in the other thing here, captain is weak. keep in mind that this property? You know they had dog kennel there. This was also like hunting and outdoorsman type property, so
There were a lot of guns on this property makes me wonder if there was like. trail cams well, and I always wonder too, when you have people that they have this kind of money in this kind of property. This just happened recently we're not talking about a case. It was twenty. Thirty, forty years ago, brain. I don't understand why people up their security game and have some care of their own and other things in place. You have the means to do so. This portion of the show is brought you by simply safe, that's right, now. The thing here, though, is what the reason: I am pointing out that the murdoch's had a lot of guns on this property is because it sounds very suspicious when you say our well, we're ring from somebody a bit of a rumour that that one of em have been shot with a gun, the what with round by the murdoch's. Now we don't know what went down
this could be a situation where one of them is being attacked and the other response with gun in hand and somehow and scuffle ends up losing control of the gun and being shot with their own gun? It's as possible, it's possible. I I until we have more information, it's really difficult to kind of deduce what happened the sea will base on the history of this family and the their lack of character. Is it's funny, he retired by this huge property, o one property of many that people with so little character can have so much in the ways of material things. But my first question becomes ok. While this far is not to be trusted. Even though he's the one calling on one one do some test to see if he fired any firearms than day
well, let's continue on through some of the official stuff and then we'll get into some of the things were able to find and uncover the colson county coroner made the official identification of the bodies of maggie and paul and that they work old by multiple gunshot wounds in the double homicide. That's their official statement. They died time between nine and nine thirty p pm. But police made a statement to the effect that there was no danger to the public, but also saying that they had no suspects. What we ve seen this movie before right, captain we're being too by law enforcement that there is no danger to the public, but we don't many suspects who have you don't know? I did this. How do you know that there is no danger to the public? How do we know that this wasn't just a random act of violence or some kind of thrill kill? There's two people dead by gunshot right. You should be worried, I feel like I'm in danger.
no man hunt was announced either. Now what do police no about who shot Paul in maggie. That's the question right, even if they're not publicly announced suspect. Do they actually have a suspect and believe that these two targeted or one was targeted for any number of reasons, and just because of two types of ammo doesn't mean that there were two different shooters. It just means that there are two different weapons again. A shooter could have been. one firearm to the scene and then somehow one of em come to defend themselves defend the other with a gun in hand, murdoch comes it with gun in hand right and ends up getting. Gun, turned on them somehow. Well, everybody, of course, going to want to know what is Alec murdoch's alibi. Where was
He before he arrives home to this bloodbath. I find it very suspicious that he's pretty clear that I just showed up. I wasn't here before yeah I I get it and- and I think it suspicious to the problem with Alec murdoch is, let's say, he's completely innocent and this situation and this one particular situation. and then he then becomes a victim himself and unfortunately he had to arrive home to seeing the worst you can imagine your wife and child dead. The problem with him is: such a shady character right, the you cannot look at him. Without giving the old stink, I in any situation, stinkin pink, that's right because he's just any such a shady character? You feel like you, cannot if his lips are moving. That's how you can tell he's lie. That's the kind of kind of guy that I beg him. Ass
on the to believe devils advocate it's really hard to know how you'd react. I'd hate to have something tragic like this happen, and then my nine one one com is one b: scrutinised by anybody, but with all that said, my speculation is seems like he's kind of playing to the crowd with this car in just such a shock, but some of the people you have to go. Could you have to call other family members right yeah. I didn't like that one bit, but the other thing back to him, pointing out that he just arrived on the scene himself you wonder like- is that him going out of his way to say: hey look. I just got here was gone by the way where or is it just him, letting the emergency operator. No, I cannot offer up any more information. I just arrived on the scene myself now his alibi, and it seems like he's, got a pretty good one here. This is according to the wall. Street journal says that
on the evening of the shooting Alec murdoch was with his father at the hospital randolph, who was very sick. Remember we think, ran off his little shady too. In fact, randolph is eighty one years old on this day. an old randolph murdoch ended up passing away from natural causes just three days after maggie and Paul were murdered, so to say that was sick, seems to be easily confirmed. He was at a savannah hospital and was quite ill. The the father, this gas in law enforcement checked out his alibi cause the hospital with ahead surveillance cameras It would be difficult for Alec Murdoch to be lying about his whereabouts too, to use
as an alibi into four to be false, false alibi and Alec Murdoch. If you haven't seen him again allow these photos will post on our website at true krim garage, dot, com or twitter. Facebook is ram all that stuff. We we try to post some pictures from the case onto the social media site. So, if you not for us for there, but Alex Murdoch. Canna looks like if you took Conan o Brien, and he put in a bag, and you lit him on fire, and then you put them on a porch and had somebody step him out. That's kind of what he looks like the police have not addressed alex whereabouts that night, but Keep in mind, Alec Murdoch is technically not been named publicly anyway, as a person of interest in the shooting, so possibly his alibi is holding up and holding up strong. According to reports Buster Murdoch, the other son was placed so
where else that night as well. But if you wanted to hire somebody to kill your family members, hey make sure you have our alibi make sure you're not home when that goes down. The other problem with this whole scenario is this kid that has been murdered, responsible for the death of a young woman and so any buddy in that family or anybody that would know her have motive to wipe this baggage should off the face of the earth. Well, in this situation the whole murder. family murders every piece of this situation. Is incredibly fluid at the moment, so well recording this two days before will come out. Some of this kind potentially change between now and then that's the risk that were where lay down for you here in the garage, but the ship of it. Is it no such
ex have been named in the shootings of maggie and Paul. There have been no arrest, but two of Alex brothers appeared on ABC good morning america and stated that Paul Murdoch had been the subject of death threats since he was charged and death valerie beach and the local news. But the island packet reported that invest haters we're looking into the possibility that Paul was the intended target right. If you think, There were a lot of people who might have been really pissed did they were dragged through the mud because of the boat accident that get all sides point toward Paul being responsible formalities. Death will thing about the other kids on the boat. That day, when their say, look, this guy acted recklessly and he's not gonna get in trouble for, and we have reports some people say he that Paul was smiling back at them like yeah. I know I'm not going in trouble for this
so in some of those cases you want to take revenge into your own hands, and I think his mother was just a bystander of that. We were kind of talking about this off mike earlier was, if I wanted to kill him in revenge chances are the mother would be able to identify that person. I don't know two shooters, but you could we you coming argument that multiple people would have the motive why the others, no shortage of people that might have an out for Paul marduk. I mean just off the top of my big beautiful head here. We are, as the people at the convenience store nor being sued, Luther's bar, whose being sued the woods family who was being sued the other kids on the bow one who lost his girlfriend and one who allegedly beg Paul to allow him to drive mallory just family. I mean
If I find mallory beaches father, my heart out to him first off, but I'm if I'm in their situation, captain I I'm pray into god. Every morning, when I wake up that, I don't lose my mind and go off and strangle that little bastard, because I think the the the the problem with it is if they were just kids that were young and maybe they were having a few drinks, but they were trying to drive safely. If it was literally an accident, then maybe you could find some way to forgive him or if there was some kind of remorse coming from Paul, but it seemed like again: he was belligerent. He was he was acting erratic. He was possibly on drugs and he acted like there was no care in the world and on top of that, the family acted like, but forget, mallory,
she's dead and gone. We got it If everybody else, we save our son from being becoming the next victim. I want to make sure captain that we note here that it's been reported that the beach family mallory Emily has provided law enforcement with dna samples, so they have been cooperating with this investigation and other thing, though, that we need to keep in mind. Is I gave you a list of people? there are several other families. It might want revenge against the murdoch's bright. They have obvious motives for murder and have not even got to them yet. So you see what happens when you have a lot of power and you're, not a good person or persons, while the create a lot of enemies and sometimes when the goes down and things get dark and quite those enemies come. A call in this case has submitted twists and turns and like it said it.
It reminds me of boys on the tracks in the sense of that there's crimes upon crimes upon crimes. We have this boating accident that it look it's his murder. His recklessness caused her death. Now we have this double homicide. We don't know who is responsible for were giving you as much faxes weaken fine, but on top of that This is now sparking alot of rumours, alot of speculation. Yes, and you see this any time, you have a case that its high profile in nature, but there's not much information people start to fill in the blanks for you and some of them. Comes at the local level right in a kind of bills out and it spreads now we have some information that you know I gotta frank here in may or may not be one hundred percent accurate, so take it with the greatest
but these are some things that I found interesting along the way we didn't just we're not just going to report every little tin bit that we find, but the ones it seem to have. Some credibility to m or some tree to them will certainly going to spare laid on, so one of the rumours that I found online. Was it alec when he found the bodies? Remember there was that statement that there was a third party who has not been name publicly. That was also at the scene. Now do know the alec says to the emergency personnel operator hey. I've got to call some of my family, so there's a chance that this third party person arrived after Alex called nine when one or there's also a chance that this third party person was there
before Alec even arrived on the scene and one of the rumours points so that stating that when Alec found the bodies, one of the guys living the caretaker house on the property called alec. This was rogan gibson now broken. Got a brother name brody, so the thought is it one or both brothers were staying the caretaker house on the property. Rogan called Paul too. A photo of his dog for him, his dog in the kennel with the murdoch's other dogs, as it had an injured tale absence were allegedly the new caretakers of this property, so there too care the property and their living there right rumours that at least one of the gibson brothers was at the shooting, seen with Alec when police arrive all of the police reports.
Have been heavily reacted. So again, we cannot confirm if this is true or not right and there's also reports on people arriving after the shooting right. So that's where things get Ricky. Could it have been? One of these gibson brothers are both that were already on the scene, or could it be one of these situations because we have people close to the end, allegations that are saying the following that one of Alex brothers remember. We talked about the tube There's it went on good morning, america, one of em claims it. They arrive. Fifteen minutes after Alec called her. Which was after he called nine one one, and we know the alex said. I have family that I have to call another said ways to is it. The other brother says He arrived on the scene, thirty minutes later after his brother called him. So now these
eyes the brothers would be arriving on the scene. After called nine on one and after law enforcement powers probably are already there on the scene themselves. When it seems like Paul's brother, has a alibi that he was in north carolina at the time. Right again, that's unconfirmed But we don't know what his alibi is again. It seems to be a situation where his alibi might be strong should be holding up. Rumor, is that he was in charlotte north carolina. So he was a decent distance away at the time of the shooting, again. You wonder how much of this is orchestrated and how much is not it's a it's. A very, very confusing and fluid situation. Here with this case and the boat accident. As far as you know, this call a boat martyr as far as anything goes on the national level, this boat accident boat, death tragedy,
I would never have really made national news if it wasn't for that unfortunate, double homicide that took place one. This is where it gets weird. We have so many unanswered questions from the boat accident, the martyr And now we have a double homicide and we have even more questions on top of that. There is a lie two questions in one of them being well. Who was the target? You know if this was not a thrill this wasn't a random acts of violence. Weldon one or both of these murdoch's were the target. Yeah. I lean towards idea that Paul was the tardy, obviously, but he was a part of this accident. Slash murder. However, you want to look at it, but it was his actions during that his recklessness the fact that he is doesn't seem to be. Remorseful seems like he thinks that he
just walk on water, so if he is the target, then I believe then, the the mother is just secondary, just to make sure she's not an eye witness. Well and that's again, that's what gets tricky right, because there's no quest in here that Paul based off of his general arrogant, annoying ass hat personality that he would have his fair share of enemies. Here mother maggie, on the contrary, seems to have been generally liked by everyone. One thing that we Now, though, is the life insurance paw see. Situation seems to be confusing, I'm not unable to find confirmation. If there was life and and money on on either these two victims. It's been reported by one of murdoch families attorneys if there was not a life. sharon's policies on either maggie or Paul. But again I I hold that into question. Seeing how
secretive the murdoch's are with all of their financials to begin with, but again here, captain it just really boggles? The mine could could maggie then the target and then Paul as collateral damage or paul was the target aggies collateral damage or did somebody have it out for the murdoch's in general and just was willing to talk out the whole family, but we have to survive, because I happened to not be there that night right this families actions and family members. Actions have put other people into grief. The revenge would be hey. I want you to feel my pain. and shortly after the murders. Alec Murdoch himself offered up one hundred thousand dollars and reward money for it asian, leading to the arrest of whoever killed, maggie and Paul as a result, of the murders of maggie and paul the whole can of past.
worms got reopened. And now we have three people dead, hundreds of questions and we're just go started. The the so much more to get too in this case, join us here next week for part three and four colonel until next week to heavy any recommended reading, of course, then, this week I am very happy to be recommending F b, a diary profiles of evil by peter am clement junior. We ve talked about peter before here on the show he was the fbi agent. That very accurately gave the profile in the beatrice six case. So he came onto true crime, garage dot com and mention his book and our blog
I said you know what I gotta go pick it up. It's a great red. It's like receive fbi profile or on the job, training, he's walking you through how he learned in the cases that he worked over the years so make sure you check out fbi diary profiles of evil by peter clement junior, you go and that great title, many more on our recommended pages. crime garage, dotcom, and until next week, vigour
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