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The Murder of Aliza Sherman /// Part 1 /// 167

2017-12-18 | 🔗

The Murder of Aliza Sherman /// Part 1 /// 167

Part 1 of 4 - The Murder


Cleveland, Ohio - Sunday, March 24, 2013- Aliza Sherman a 53 year old mother of four stepped out into the cold to run some errands. She promised her youngest sons she would not be gone very long and she would return home with dinner. Hours and hours went by. Jeremy tried calling his mother's cell but she did not answer. Then he called his older sister Jennifer. Jeremy explained to Jennifer that their mother had been gone too long and he could not reach her. Jennifer tried many times to get her mother on the phone to no avail. Jennifer decided to take the search to the streets and look for her mother. Before she could locate Aliza the Cleveland Police Department notified Jennifer that they would like to speak with the Sherman family. It was then that detectives notified the family that Aliza Sherman had been killed in downtown Cleveland in broad daylight.

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continue following all new developments in the murder of a beach. What woman we just spoke with cleveland police, who tell us they are still looking for a suspect. A lisa sherman was stabbed. Adapt behind a galleria in downtown clay went on Andy, the coroner's office said today she was stab eleven times. We know that surveillance can was in the area, captured the attack that video is now in the hands of cleveland police sherman, the mother of four and a nurse at the cleveland clinic, she was stamped death after leaving her divorce attorney's office.
March, me forth. The two thousand and thirteen cleveland ohio for sherman was at the end of a long sunday study session when she received a text message from her seventeen year old brother Jeremy, the text are you with mom, or do you know where she is germany is asking his older sister jennifer about their mother, elisa alike they had gone out. Hours ago, she stated before leaving that she had Aaron's to run and when she came home she promised to bring back pizza and now Jeremy was hungry and he is still waiting for his mother to return for most of the day, Jennifer had silenced her phone while
aiming for an exam she's. A college student jennifer's, other elisa had in fact sent a text message to her. Earlier that day, this would be around to fish five p m to say this, was meeting with her attorney Gregory more at his downtown cleveland office and her son Jeremy. He seventy at the time and why would at least be going to see an attorney well, this is because she's going to meet with him, to discuss the final preparations for heard divorce proceedings. The proceedings were going to take place that same week in just a couple of days, in fact, so the date and question the data were discussing here is march. Twenty It's a sunday, it's my understanding that these proceedings were supposed to start on tuesday on that tuesday. So, just two days later now at this point is seven forty, five p m: that's what Jennifer received the text from her little brother?
So this is late this according to gender, for this is late for there to be a concern from her brother about her mothers whereabouts for, as we said, is older than Jeremy, so she does not live at home with jeremy and their mother elisa and she gets this text in she's worried about her mother jennifer's, extremely close with her mother. They spoke or they hung out nearly every day. So at little after seven, forty five p m jennifer cod, liza cell phone trying to get a hold of her no matter when Jennifer had called her in the past? Elisa would always pick up the phone, but this time was different. The mother, her mother, did not answer her phone jennifer tried a second time again, nothing so she called army. She called to try to figure out where elisa could be. Maybe you know where did mother
Where could she have gone right, while their mother also was a nurse, so maybe they're thing in that its possible. She got caught in the work place. Ability. The information that she gets from Jeremy is that before she had laughed liza toll Jeremy that she was heading to their grandmothers house. The grandmother lived in cleveland heights in elisa was going there to get some medicine and then she was going to run errands, and then we remember, we said return home with the pizza for her and jeremy for dinner. Now, a grandmother. Her name is doors, sorry door. Their grandmother had a home in cleveland heights, but she also lived in florida on this day on march. Twenty. Fourth, two thousand thought: thirteen doors is at her florida home. So we're getting this information from her younger brother Jeremy. Jennifer call
her mother, one more time and my mother's this thing about that for a second, she could be still checking on the house or somethin right you she may not be visiting her mom, but she might be checking on her mother's house yeah! Well, Ok, so there's there's a lot of thought that that you should probably put in this, and I know these are probably things that were going through Jennifer's mind at the time frame. you know. So we have you know there there's this move When someone you love in someone you care about their their essentially missing, even though it's just for an hour you were a couple of hours in it's starting to get he turned you're starting to get concern it. It does get very concerning when you're trying to call them in their not responding to your calls people that they live with this person, their wandering where she could be for a few hours now and so forth, of us, your mind starts to race for others. You know you start
the play a little head detective. What are the possibilities? Where could this person be? Where do I go first to look for her and that's what you have to look into here. We have doors. The grandmother like you said, even though she's out of town, she could still need to stop by the house. She could still need to check on the place, pick up the male who knows but the but what jennifer's thinking about here when she goes through these possibilities, is she's, remembering the text that she got. I'm her mother at two. Fifty five that afternoon stating that her mother was going to see her attorney Gregory more at his downtown cleveland office,. From my understanding, that's about as much information as what elisa provided her daughter in that text. Jennifer's thoughts are this: she may have used. Doors is home made use, the grandmothers home as an excuse to leave stay
hey? I got a job I grandmothers house also gonna rents. Americans pick up a pizza, the rest, being. Is that she's very close to her mother, and she knew that elisa was keeping kind of keep the information regarding the divorce a little a little why a little on the hush hush with inside the house an especial with Jeremy he's the youngest of four children brain and he's pretty sensitive about the parents splitting up So she may have just simply use this. As you know, this is this I am going to be gone, but I'm actually going to my attorneys, for a meeting, so after jennifer gets off the on with her younger brother Jeremy, she gets at information from him now she's going. try to call her mother one more time. And now she got no answer this time she hung up the phone and she called gregory moors office. Eliza attorney
There was no answer at the attorney's office as well. I think the issue here captain is is more of not so much. Where could she be? You know, because it's a little vague when someone says hey, I'm I'm goin out some errands. or you know I have this one meeting to go to, but then you talk to your brother and it seems like there's a possibility if she had several other places to go to as well. I think that's not so much the concern. I think the concern for jennifer. And probably for Jeremy as well is any We called our mother in the past. She picked up the phone or texter yeah yeah. So so I think that's the big cats, and there is. Why is our mother not answering her phone? So that's why? I think that, and also sometimes when something bad
happens to a family member that you just have a intuition about you that just kind of feel something yeah? I can agree with that whole heartedly. At this point jennifer very concerned. She decides to run out to her car and she's going to take off, search of her mother. Now there's a lot of things that are probably Going through her head may be me, eliza was in some kind of accident. Some kind of car accident never made it downtown to see her attorney, maybe or maybe with something as simple as her phone is dead broken. Or lost the only trouble with that. It doesn't fully explain Elise, his absence. You know her phone were dead or lost. You would think she would return home at some time while she's out looking for her mother while Jennifer's out looking for lisa, she gets a phone call
Finally, she thought her mother had returned home, but that turns out not to be the case. This is doris calling jennifer's phone sources, the grandmother. She had been trying to reach elisa four hours that day doors told jennifer there leases brother Harry had tried calling elisa a couple times a day as well but Elisa, never answered her phone. So gentle, drove around frantically by this point. Looking for her mother, After a while her phone rang again, this time it was jeremy calling her back jeremy had heads. Troubling and disturbing news the color When police department had called him, they called the house They were on their way to the sherman household and they wanted to talk to the family. Now, Jeremy, elisa an sandford live at this home sanford is a leases husband.
she's working on splitting up with you know, getting separated from permanently right and so seems like he was out of town. A lot on this and then well personal business, yeah yeah. With his there's some question marks but it seems like he's out of town a lot and then possibly that he was staying. Somewhere else here and there, but like spain with a friend so cause we that's been through a divorced here, their living together, all the way to the end of the divorce. Sometimes that happens but most time it does. It mean an enormous your fee. In so much that you don't want to be under the same roof, we here, I think the term he was often at the home. I think for the purpose of. As far The postal service is concerned. He lived there, but I think I think you're right cameo there. I think Sandford was not required to be there. Nor did he at times what used to be then do so now
after getting this phone call from her younger brother jennifer race to the her mothers home she called her boyfriend while she was on the way and asked if he could meet her at her parents place. While this is never a sign, no ok to police department, saying hey we'd like to talk to you ah, but we're not going to tell you what it is until we get there somebody's dead. Well, that phone call would be bad enough, but let's top that off with you, ve spent now time. Looking to track down your mother, so not, I do have concerns that something bad has happened as to a loved one. You might have a good idea, which beloved one it is at this point all right and that, but if shoes in a car accident, you assume that Please would you say: hey your mother was an accident and she's at such and such hospital, or not She passed away in that car accident. I guess.
Yeah. Well, I only say that from experience I know somebody that died in a car accident and I was notified face to face from a police officer I was actually. I have no clue why the police officer wanted anything to talk to me about and drugs in your basement, and I out that that somebody that I knew had had died that day in a car accident anyway So we have Jennifer she's racing to her parents, home she's cool her boyfriend asking him to me her there. She gets there about ten minutes receiving the call from jeremy when she there she asked jeremy to join her outside. It was cold that night, but she and Jeremy we're going to wait for the police inside her car. They did this because they this was of jennifer's choose let's say she wanted to do this, leaving her father, their father, sanford inside the home by himself jennifer
boyfriend arrived at the sherman home shortly after and waited with jeremy and jennifer for the police it took while for the police to arrive, and it was who did hold on a second I assume that the daughter would want to be with her father that sound the case. That's definitely not the case. in one case, so maybe a little foreshadowing of family dynamic. Well, the three of them waited outside and when the police arrived, it was two detectives and they did not have good news. The detectives told the two members of the sherman family, that their mother had been attacked? Earlier that day, the detectives told jennifer and jeremy that that, just after five thirty p m the police along with an ambulance, an e m tease, they.
Responded to a nine when one call their mother had been attacked and she had been stabbed repeatedly and was found clinging to life just about twenty five to thirty feet from the entry way to the building that housed her attorneys. law firms office and employ ye. That was on the fourth floor of seventy five year. Review. Plaza For my understanding, this is not the same. Building that allow eyes, was attempting to go into. This man, sorry his name is Kenny shepherd. He says he heard screams and when he heard screams he rushed down stairs and outside by the time he had arrived to. Elisa she was struggling to stand. she's falling over blood was coming out of her mouth kenny shepherd immediately called nine one one. The dispatch answered
nine one one, what is your emergency Kenny yelled into his phone cleveland hi hurry! It's bad the dispatcher ass. What's bad kenny, says this lady she's been attacked. I dont know if it was gunshots. I don't know food. Stabbed is bleeding yeah bad yeah. The operator could hear he shouting at elisa as he tried to help her right and alleys is not does lain there well he's he can be heard. Kenny can be heard telling her to stay on the ground. He say Don't move stay on the ground, don't get on your feet, stay on the ground, so she's trying to get up she yeah. By this point she had fallen and she's trying to get up he's. I mean she's in on horrible shaped by this boy to the wait where you hear canny, saying he's, begging her stay with me. Ok, stay with me! Please stay with me at that
point elisa tried to cry out, but he couldn't understand anything. She wish was saying when she, when elisa, tried to talk again this time elisa coughed up blood instead of making an audible, sounder, putting together words Kenny rolled elisa onto her stomach, trying to get the blood out of her her throat and mouth. He's telling the dispatcher. There is blood everywhere. I've never seen this much blood, then can be heard. Then he could hear the sirens me and he shouted lady, sir. With me all right. They are coming, they are coming, then back the operator the operator he's here telling operator she's going fast. This ladys going fast,
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fine, more balance with better help. Alright we're back cheers. happy holidays to everybody. I'm sure this point, captain the detectives have plenty of questions for at least as family Even you know, I'm sure that Elise, his family, have even more questions for the detectives. Unfortunately, when the detective show up, they don't have many answers for LISA family. They they show up with the arsenal, fuller questions of their own the probably the first question I would have I'm sure most people on the in the public had as well. Is it you know, because this could be a big situation. This could be a big question too.
Answer. This could eliminate a lot of potential suspects and was this a random attack, or was this a planned attack, because at first glance you have the elements here they could lead you or lead one to conclude either so an attack on the streets, downtown downtown Cleveland big city, would point to a very random attack, on the way to a scheduled, agreed upon appointment, re but not random, because others are no. You are going to be in that location at top, then why and wire you gone there going there to basically finalized divorce. You know, because you have a hearing in two days that if the divorce process starts or hearing start in today's? Yes, in this, from my understanding, has been a very long drawn out an messy divorce,
so, was this a random attack or was it a planned attack? now. I remember when this case first broke, that day interviewing a lot of people, especially women who had walk around in the downtown area, the walk to work that they took their lunches outside, and that was the big panic at that I'm was this a totally random attack? Could anybody in that location be attacked, while that could happen in any city and any major city to be some yea who walking around with a knife or a gun, tat people how willy nilly, so what does that mean? Im. Seen tell us captain well, first off the first thing we should notice is it's about five thirty p m when elisa was attacked and so like
It still light out. That's a very risky attack, its very cold out, but when they transported elisa to the hospital they sent with her her purse. So no purse was again during the course of this attack elisa also wore a sapphire ring on her right hand, she or a necklace with the star of David and her grandfathers wedding ring on this necklace around her neck All of these items were still on a leases person Right doesn't mean it wasn't attempted robbery. Sometimes people try to rob, that doesn't get their way them their attack, an almond then the he got. You know up in the attack, and now that's like well, I need to get out of here. I mean this data, we don't want some a c me. I, however, I would. I would lean towards a sight of no robbery. I mean
I write me to this will be the most bungle impossible because it being extremely bungled robbery, so robbery, that's not the in my opinion. I know that quick to remind everyone that, as you know, you can't easily it's crazy, violent behaviour. So someone attacked and stabbed on the street could just simply be a violent, mentally disturbed individual who attack that person, but a lot of, I'm in cases that involve such an attack where the purpose so far gone so disturbed and out of control. They are often found still with the person that they attacked and So this is not the situation when, when Kenny shepherd found Elise, There was nobody present with her. She was it act and she was falling to the ground. The other thing that's curious here
thing that I think the nine when one called reveals- and I find this very interesting- the main one one called kenny makes correct The at is trying to communicate something to Kennedy. He You know the young man, the good samaritan samaritan who heard her scream and responded and called for help. She seems to be trying to tell him something or communicate something to him now what was trying to say we may never know. However, there is a chance she was trying to communicate to him that be, she knew who her attacker was, or maybe there could have been said. the thing that she recognized about her attacker, an article of clothing or something he or she may have said to her as she was being attacked, yeah and also she is a nurse, so there's a possibility. She was trying to give him some instructions on maybe how the helper that's. That is that's interesting that you say
I did not think of that that that could be a very likely possibility here. As far as the best negation goes. We do have it took a couple days, but you know shortly after we have. The police on record, saying in interviews asking the public for help stating that I firmly believe this was some form of planned attack this summer That new elisa had attacked her that day and killed her that day, ray and so motive. We start, I mean you, don't start finger pointing right away to the husband because, where she had into she's had into her attorney's office to talk about the divorce where she's separating she's cutting off eyes with you gap, and then I believe it was about two days after the murder is rumblings in the media that there may be
surveillance footage from the attack itself As we stated, this is a busy downtown area. There are foot, there's cameras posted on a lot of these buildings and parking garages, and that's just the thing it look a while for the police to come out and outwardly say it, but the huge break that they get in the case comes when they get a grainy serve surveillance, video the showed some one running away from the scene just moments after the attack on elisa now I kind of compiled some of the thoughts reported in several publications after they were This footage, the footage that was released was about ten seconds long and the the footage itself it was retreat from
surveillance cameras mounted outside of a near by parking garage yeah, but it's ten seconds long and in total length, but they actually have multiple angles. So I think the fischler clip that the police release was like fifty three seconds or something like that, but ah actually copy them put that ana true crime garage dot com, so you can check it out there and I'll try to post most clip or at least parts of clip on instagram as well, and that's at true crime garage. The video showed a hooded figure wearing jeans. in a green jacket, several publications report. The person may have had a limp? The put this person appears to not we be in a hurry, but also true, trying to disguise themselves to the point where it's difficult to even make out the individual's gender or race melissa. Take a look at this video casino video stuff always makes for good podcasting
so some some of the initial thoughts about this video to me as one it's coming from like a parking grudge and there's a couple problems with his camera angle. Anyways is there's a sign on the top left, its endurance sign, and then you have a pillar in front which has a big park. Sign you often parking grudge has those things, but that's really kind of distorting the focus. So when you look at the video you can see the entrance sign, that's really close to the camera. That's in focus the first pillar as it is good focus as well everything else after that is a little fuzzy or out of focus. So it's not a good quality of cameroon any raise, but their focusing on things that moving. So it's now a top notch quality on the camera, but the thing that really makes it tough is that it's the angle, like you said this camera appears.
me too, be positioned to catch something going on in the street itself. This is visual, whose fleeing scene of the crime is running. the sidewalk meaning. It is the right of of what the cameras angled at to actually pick up. Maybe not but, like I said, maybe not the angle, but how the camera's actually focusing you know. So it's like yeah the angles set up. You know not great for what we're trying to look at, but because of the angle, everything is out of focus yeah. So, to give you an idea for those of you who have not seen this video before it when you blow it up on your computer screen or tv screen, individual, that you see fleeing their basically in the bottom right hand, corner of your screen and very pixelate it exactly and the thing
it's. The things that we stated earlier were all things that were stated in the local media at the time, and one of the thing saying the video showed a hooded figure and I've heard some talks is it's a hoodie that this individuals are wearing. This appears to me to look more like a coat almost They have a light winner coat right. So let just talk about the suspects dress. What do you see them dressed in, the newspapers said wearing jeans- and I found one article that says a green jacket. I agree with the genes that looks too he very much like some some a hue of blue, some dad or mom genes. You know me like the they're, not super stylish jeans, they're, just the kind of straight leg, dark blue. Genes traditional as far as the coat goes, where it says where this
publication called it a green coat or green jacket. I dont know that I see green. It looks to me like the parking sign that you talked about. It is probably blue color, a painted on blue color in, even if that's the case when this individual walks pass or runs pass. This sign his coat is significantly dark.
within that blue parking sign right. One that trouble with this video footage too, is that everything that's out of focus on the right hand, side of the screen it's out of focus in it should just be black right like that's what a camera should pick that up, because it's gone into the parking garage. So that's where it get darker, so it should be a tank of black for whatever reason and it's a tint of green. So from further back, you see the suspect and you go okay, blue jeans, black hoodie or cope okay. Then, when it runs past this tinted area, the the coat looks like a hint of green like it's a really dark green. Maybe a four screen dark green right, but I think that
as coming from you know this distortion of the camera. So I believe that this individuals wearing black she's, probably blue jeans and black, were a very dark jacket. Her coat right and this per has the hook up, as we stated long sleeved coat and when when the individual gets closer to the camera. It almost looks to me like the faces concealed with something as well yeah, I think, says, watch it again. Real quick says weird, like a there's, two angles: they're going to show you the suspect, coming at the camera running towards the camera, and then they also show you the
earth angle of the suspect running away from a different camera cause you can. Actually you can see the at the second camera. That's going to show that the suspect right, that's on the pillar with the park signed so and it's weird, because I win the suspects running towards you. If we want to talk about, is this male or female, when the suspects running towards you to me, I got that sir. That's a dude that dude running its first, my first thought as well, and then on the second angle, when it, when the suspects running away from you to me, I go that's a chick all day, long like instantly. Okay! So I to describe the person this person appears to be on us and male or female insane dude dude or check this. This person appears to be of of average wait like I dont see some he that super thin. I don't see somebody that's overweight.
The problem I have and do you do you want to hear captain you want to hear colonel christmas, get angry right here. Okay, I hate when they release these videos. I mean that is necessary, but when you release them, please give us information, I mean ok. First of all, we you can't give us any kind of general thought as to the height if this person- and maybe they just don't know but come at all- it's not that hard to find this stuff out in vr. That's. Why point. That's why I'm pointing at this portion of the video right here. Captain you see where this individual is running pass these signs to their left. Ok, I won't you. use those signs to give us a general idea of the height of this person. This code is too big for this individual. It's a long. It hangs past the waste line, but nine even long I mean you can even see that there's access on the sides almost like. Maybe this is a guy's jacket, but a girls wearing it
and you know when we talked about when we covered the missy beavers case a long time ago, there was video of the believed assailant of her, and they were able to give us a general description of of height now mind you, it probably varied by what six or seven inches in vary by that much I mean it was enough that they could roll out the husband, because his height was like six three or something especially their look. The individual just walks just runs past that valve. We signed in his very close to the babylonians eyes, a small person. This is the saracens, not six foot a bit and added tourism is not even five. Five, and I know that there's things like gum with graphic bad designers and stuff. They can measure you know if they know the height of this wall right, then they can measure the person. I I don't know how to do that and also have
car here that car park there? I didn't realize it was a vehicle there. You write, that is a vehicle but an entity that make sense, because all persons under five five, which again I get said the window suspects coming towards you, my gut feeling- is that's a dude. But when you watch him from the back, it's a chick, it's a mean. You can almost see the hips as the running and- and I could say a word or two about small person if this this individuals under five four then I mean that what are the chances that that's a guy there's you know, like our australian friends say I don't know that I would go full on too believe me to believe that the persons shorter than five- what did you say? Five? Five? You I think I easily. I think this person, probably at five too I three and I don't know that I would go full on to say that it's a female but
I am leaning that way. I agree with you, it's it doesn't. If the person is not tall, I would not describe the person as tall see how it's more of an hourglass figure there. I agree with you. It does look more like a female, especially when we see the backside when we see them running from the camera. Yeah me not toward the camera, but you're, not christmas has seen a lotta females from the backs art, so the thing is though, what about the motion of this individual running, because what many of the publication says has said, possibly with a limp, this is another thing a little bit angry about what I mean. Let's can we get a a legitimate in of the police did, you know, are Looking with somebody for a ireland, because here's where I question the limp, I can see what talking about there is a little hitch in this person's get along right, but their giddy up has lobe of a hit, but the problem with it is, I can't tell, if
it's a camera trick or not, and what I mean by that is this camera its it doesn't seem to be a full motion. Camera right seems like it's us slower frames, yellow where'll and almost looks like there's low glitches. Why they're running yet like it that the image it doesnt bounce it's not the right word, but it it jumps from from frame to frame to frame, to frame right right right. I'm I'm just guessing this person's done. An avid runner. and that's why. I wonder if there is actually any kind of lamp or if it's just something that the camera is putting off. right by out this are you hey everybody that hasn't run in the last year, godson around the block. Tell me how smooth You feel like her running down, I mean so the lamp or
whatever the little hitch in the giddy up little hitch in the giddy up partner and maybe what they're seeing is just again, it's either a glitch or they're. Seeing somebody that is just not an avid runner that just doesn't have a comfortable smooth stride. You know that that leads me to believe something. I fell every time I've watched I don't know that. I agree that there is a limp there. I with you see somebody, that's not comfortable running at that speed probably not run that distance or that speed in some time. Therefore, I think I am looking at someone older, and I one. Nobody panic. You know no freak out that I'm calling anybody old, but what I mean is, I feel, like looking at somebody that similar in age to our victim are victim was fifty three years old on this day. I think that I'm seeing somebody just by that movement
Captain almost looks to me, like somebody like mid forties too, too late fifty zero. Now this person's younger, you think younger yeah yeah and the the weird thing to as when you watch the video, where the suspects coming towards you you're gonna, see, though the left arm. The right arm is to swing in all willy nilly looks like stephen seagal running. You know. If you ever seen those videos have you seen the the videos of stevens go running yeah I've seen Stevens movies. Ok, he has run in some of those movies you ever when you watch em run its awful were his runner ever. That's because he's a fighter me out Yeah, I don't know what he is he's doing them fight you. He doesn't run is he runs in a lot of his movies and he's not good at running, but so the armistice kennel Flailing away the right arm left arm is kind talked almost like that's hold in football.
Do you think that they're concealing the knife that was used to kill elisa yeah, but it doesn't seem like there's a you know. Well, what are those things in star wars, because that's the thing that gets me as even as the perpetrator gets closer, it's late there's something over the face of theirs. Definitely something there is. There is not even a shadow where you could. Even you don't see a nose at all yeah this week. Looking for an individual. No knows right now no eyes. It's almost like the hoodie is exempt up over their head now. Looks to me like they're they're wearing some kind of them, not to say because of selection. Oh yeah yeah that it's like it's a black blob on them
yeah the the faces, the same colors, the hood in the jacket in the face. Ah so may it's the ghost of christmas future. I don't know about that, puts yeah but see there. There's gloves on that person too yeah and then also when the when you see the backside of the individual is when you see more of the tent, that maybe that coat is grey right at the first part. You see the backside and you one thing that you, this is making great pod. One thing that we didn't point out, though years of clothing goes, and I know that usually logos and things like that tend to be small, but you don't see anything that would distinguish what type of brand or clothing any of this is its rights, the it's like. This person picked out the most plain jane outfit that they could to not be recognised
if anything I mean dark shoes, jeans, dark coat and something covering them the face and gloves on the hands, but even the pants. Look too big, that's why I think on some level, it's like you know, pants for men or a jacket for a man. but chicks wearing it well, and I ask if you think that, with that left hand that they're trying to conceal the murder weapon, because police searched forward the more murder weapon at the scene of the crime, they searched all over the area. They even checked the rooftops of nearby buildings, and this turned up nothing. They found they never found a night. that they believe was used in this attack. They also right. Let us leave the Devil devil. We know that she was stabbed with a knife and when I just one be clear about that again ever found the
weapon yet, and they also search these sherman residents as well for dives and none of the knives that they found in that household matched what they believe the knife to have been used now. One thing they did not: they did they release that she was stabbed eleven times, but they did not release the size or what type of knife that they believed to have been used right. Muda assume that it's you know this is attack that you know is gonna happen outside the lloyd's building. Her lawyers, building, like we said, is as random. I mean there is a possibility, but everything kind of points to the fact that somebody knew that should be there and knew that should be there at that time and that's when the attack is going to go down. So
I don't know, and then the difficult thing here is then, so you go okay. Well, it's not random attack or then
was the number one suspect here who should we look into? First, the husband again divorce? This thing could get messy and we kind of know from us more research that there was some stuff before the divorce that was kind of messy anyways, but as far as size wise. If this is the husband what we see on this camera to me, absolutely not. I don't see it so to to to be clear, though Sanford her husband, Elisa's husband, is described as six foot to six foot one and heavy set yeah, and this person is definitely not heavy set. Like I said, I see a very small individual. I would even argue on some level like the body is somewhat petite. You know in the end,
it's hard to cipher for that because you have like, I said this jacket is way too big for this individual okay. So it's it's a jacket, that's meant to be or coat jacket or coat. That's meant to hang below the waist any way, but I don't think it is I dunno if it is or if that's just the eyes of that you know its well known and I'm going to agree with you button but like okay, so the coat that I wore today is very similar to that cut. It has a hood long sleeves in its cut to be lower than the waste. Now my coat, though its many people have coats like this, it's intended to become to drop just below where your pockets would be on your pants. But this The video on almost appears like their wearing that style a co, but because the court does not fit them that the gaza, further. It almost goes to the knees yeah. It goes.
It's to the point where you know that this code is not meant for this, an individual this size, but again was it. Was this coat used just for cover up? Possibly also used for protection, you know that you're attacking somebody with a knife right so you're going to use padded. You know just in case it turns against you. You got padded jacket on, I guess not only padded jacket for protection, but the okay, so it it's planned, picking a dark, colored coat, dark, colored jacket, almost all dark, colored outfit right, that's going to use the blood that would be on this individual would not be as noticeable right when, when fleeing the scene this first actually write. This person could run away at full speed and if they,
continue walking somewhat in the area. They could take a turn a couple corners and then you're, walking normally and improbably fit in as long as they didn't have that mask on all this watch. The backside one more time cause that left arm see how the right arm just gonna, you know, runs yeah. I mean look, I'm going to say this and and somebody's going to write me kind of like runs like a girl at the right. when you see the right arm, it's flailing away again. I think this person's running at a speed. The dave not run in a long time, they're using that arm to help ourselves help with a little momentum, help with a little balance, but in looking at the left arm when, when you see no, I know excited this individual that left arm doesn't move That's what I'm saying I'm saying there over compensating with their right arm, because they have to tuck the murder weapon and keep it close to their vast or it's in a pie.
Kit and egg or any more that a hugging it to them, for they got hurt themselves and their holding wherever there hurt that's a possibility. I do want to talk about this, though captain, while we're on the the video footage itself that it has been reported several times that the actual attack is on footage as well. Now I don't know if that's just the general misconception that something that the media got wrong yet, but we see this all the time with different cases where it's like look the delphi murders case. For, for example, I mean there's all the speculation that there's audio of it. There's video of it, but anytime they get a suspect. They can't seem to pin down the suspect, you'd think if there was all this information or all this evidence, that'd be pretty easy to find
if the right person unlock em down so whoa, not in this situation, but not in this situation. Dub right, I agree with you, but it's different here, because this for this person's face, it looks like it's completely covered almost as if where, unlike a mask, oh yeah, their deadly wearing a mass. But this is not wearing their wearing a ski masks or something I don't even think as a ski masks. You can't even see like eyes I holes or anything you can even see like you could, even if there was, and maybe even if you put like us, they make up on. You see the whites of the eyes or something most looks like you know some halloween, masker or something night. You know almost like a sheet that they put over the face, but they could see through it. And now maybe also see reason why the person is a little oddly when the running through, they can't see perfectly there's a decent chance that
eliza was attacked from behind, of course, because whoever did this is a coward peace it, but you know she was stand in the neck stabbed in the arm the right arm, and then I believe the rest of the stab wounds were to the back. So would be nine of them now, what I'm getting at the reason. Why bring that up? We keep talking about how this person's covered head to toe. and my suspicion earlier, the elisa was trying to communicate something to the man that found her. Do you think that, with this individual being my head to toe that there is any chance that she may have recognised anything about this person and in potential that she was trying to communicate. Who she believe may have attacked her yeah? That's a possibility Their possibly too is, if this less say, for example, that this suspect.
This person running from the scene they're the murderer, but they might not have known her. Just might have been, let's say like a hired operation. Okay, but if this person was hired by somebody, then why were they instructed to say hey before ye stab her say? whatever that make sense, while I could see that out of anger, and I know that sounds very hollywood, but Also sounds incredibly stupid and I know that most criminals or not, you know they do make mistakes and that's why they get caught. Thankfully, but it almost seems like you're going up when beyond it, you know- I say this to her right, but if you say this to her she's gonna know who was respond
Oh for this? Now I get it at which is right now and again that at a very- and I that's my thing where I'm like well, it seems totally Sudan's less to deal wild sense. We have to have some eight murdered. His senses do well, of course, but what I'm getting at is its senseless on to it, since this times too. And here's. What I mean by that You hired made it to do a hit on somebody, and you said now after Employed jeans all well, then I'll change it. If somebody else hired me to do a hit on somebody right- and they said- oh Your plunging the knife into their back right. Tell them this tell them. x, Y and lindsey diet downtown that don't give em a math problem, but yeah tom's up the crow strikes at midnight. Ok, but Did you your butchering my story here? What I'm getting at is one it's extremely stupid for the for the person hiring the person to say ya, say this so that so that by chance
survive. Well, then, You can go yeah that dude hired somebody to kill me because he's the only guy that would say that then further or me being the hired hit man who gives. Shit. If I actually say ex wines either that person is on plunging the knife in, if they're dead, reported on the news, I can tell the idiot hired me that I said that to them. Yeah, I'm not gonna ask that in case the day survived the Mind you she was alive when she was found when she's first found she was alive and, in my opinion I believe she was trying to communicate something about the attack itself to the individual. That found her right now. I greet the problem. Is some stupid individual? If, if this is if this is a murder for higher than some stupid, individual hired this person to killer they're stupid, so there
for I want to put a past him to say what I'm getting at. Is it rather, it wasn't something, do it wasn't specific words that were said, but maybe a voice that was recognised by her rise person could have covered here tell, and it was somebody that she either knew well or new somewhat and look at this Ass to be an angry attack, whether you knew her and you and you were doing yourself or if you were hired to do this stab somebody eleven times and attacked them in broad daylight, on the streets. This, whether you angry when you started this attack, you are angry at some point during this attack and you may have said something you may have something out of frustration. Maybe she wasn't going down fast enough for you right in this individual may have said something out of frustration and she may have elisa may have. ignite the voice
all right- and this has been the first part of a four part series that we're going to do on the investigation the murder of a lisa sherman, were giving a four parts this week, because while the captain and colonel christmas once a week off for christmas, just like everybody. We want to spend a little time with her friends. The family- I am now I appreciate everybody listening. We wanted to give every bay and a lot of people are travelling ah and give give you some time to get into the garage. You know get some eggnog warm your feet by the fire. Get a little toasty hang out with your buddies crock s and the captain And wish some happy holidays and because we love all of you out there, we want to make sure that we gave you for episodes before we take off
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