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The Murder of Aliza Sherman /// Part 2 /// 169

Part 2 of 4 - The Family


Cleveland, Ohio - Sunday, March 24, 2013- Aliza Sherman a 53 year old mother of four stepped out into the cold to run some errands. She promised her youngest sons she would not be gone very long and she would return home with dinner. Hours and hours went by. Jeremy tried calling his mother's cell but she did not answer. Then he called his older sister Jennifer. Jeremy explained to Jennifer that their mother had been gone too long and he could not reach her. Jennifer tried many times to get her mother on the phone to no avail. Jennifer decided to take the search to the streets and look for her mother. Before she could locate Aliza the Cleveland Police Department notified Jennifer that they would like to speak with the Sherman family. It was then that detectives notified the family that Aliza Sherman had been killed in downtown Cleveland in broad daylight.

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I stand here, and I feel so, knowing that she was murdered over here, it's horrible, it's it's terrible! By for her, you know I, u. We got up and become for her to east twelve and hamilton avenue in downtown cleveland, where they ve gathered each march twenty. Fourth, since that tragic day in two thousand thirteen, when the loving mother and cleveland clinic nurse was brutally stabbed eleven times in broad daylight ass, she had to meet her divorce attorney the unidentified killer caught on this grainy surveillance, video that best friend, John NASH, has repeatedly studied it's so distressing to look at it. I came look at a thinking. How could they are being a fifty thousand dollar rewards being
offered in the case cleveland deputy chief, add tumblr, says this type of attack says a lot of nice very personal. Not then was taken ass. We know it wasn't a robbery she was down here for reasons you down here to see somebody soul, I was very. Very personal. Police and prosecutors have never stopped searching for the suspect than last year. In a bizarre twist, elisa divorce attorney Gregory more was indicted and pledged not guilty to several charges, including tampering evidence and obstructing official business. It's being reviewed, looked out and I cannot really give any other further comment with regards to the status but rest assured that case has not gone unnoticed in this office, giving elisa loved ones, especially her children, Jenin, jason, sherman reason for hope. This is the first year we ve had actually nice, whether it's beautiful so maybe it's
I know this will be the year that we get justice. The more than six hundred people came to the memorial chapel in cleveland heights for elisa sherman's funeral services, which took place on march twenty eighth, two thousand and thirteen just four days after she. Killed in downtown cleveland ohio, the large apple was fool. That day, it was so full that they had filled the o. Flow rooms as well. A leisurely children. This is josh, jennifer, Jane, in Jeremy. They said your by her pine casket, in an offset famine, visitation room. The children's signal get others were there. They were present that day as well as well as a leases. Three brothers say
third elisa husband of thirty one years, stay to himself. While he was present at the service and in the room with the rest of his family, he stood quietly in the back of the room separated from them all many the family members assisted with the eulogy jason's of his mother, Elisa and how much she loved him and how much love she gave to jason, his siblings and her parents. Saying all she wanted was for them to be happy and she, everything in her power every day to be sure of that- other family member asked the question. Why Bad things happen to good people in adding that there is no good answer to that? But one thing is for sure: Elisa was good people but unfortunately, That wasn't enough to prevent her tragic and cruel death at what would be the hands of a coward jennifer polices daughter spoke
and her words may have been the most powerful. She called her mother, the special gift of her life, said she could always count on her mother and how glad she was to be a leisurely daughter and best friend. For the end of the eulogies as the family prepared to finish the service Josh Elisa first born stood up. It is my understanding that he was not listed as a speaker that day, Josh step to the podium and said quote I feel like I'm in a nightmare right now, I feel, I'm going to wake up, and it's going to be bad dream. She was the best mother in the world. I wish I would in closer with her this not right in the way that she died is not right. I'm sick of hearing about these stories on the news
no one knows who did it? I'm going to, hey it right now. My father had nothing to fucking. Do with this. I'm saying it right now. She was the best mother in the world and if I find out who did this, I will take care of them myself, so called things to unravel there right. So he's he's making statements This is not right, but his father had nothing to do with it. So again we have the father at the service, but you ve come in keeping his distance, which you know if he had nothing to do with them. You gotta fill bad for the guy because yo this is his wife in his best and for a long time they they had many kids together, they built a live together and even those coming to an end, you know he's situation, where he is at at this funeral but everybody knows that their relationship, was over
their relationship was over and I think you know we have to home in on this with Josh is saying. Is that Not only was the relationship over, but its being reported at this point that he could be his father. Sanford could be a suspect in the death of his mother right and you know, he's obviously very frustrated, of course, when we lose people that we'd love there, but there are just a rare. of feelings and emotions that we have to go through and one of them, certainly as always anger, whether the person was murdered or or accidentally killed, or something that you knew was going to happen. Terminally sick. There, his anger that comes with that and a murder. Situation, of course, Large amounts of Angkor wat, huge amounts of anger then to top that off. You have a loved one that is probably helping you grieve through this situation that is being accused of having come
that murder or being involved in that murder, so I search get his anger. The thing that I struggle with here, though, captain I know that there was some there could be some trouble between Sanford in some of his children as well and I know that they were going through a separation, and I don't know what kind of person sanford is. I don't know what kind of individual they are. He is you know spare when it comes. When you talk about men, you know some men are not overly affection. Some some men do not show their affection for others even children in public some men are just not built that way, I do question, and I am personally and I know everybody behaved differently, but in I personal opinion. I find Sanford's actions, to be a little strange on the day of those services.
I understand that maybe he had some issues with Elise as family members. I. If the mother of my children, whether I liked her or like her at all. If the money my children were taken from there children in this manner. I could do nothing. but open my arms in and hugged them and hold them and talk to them in an and speak with them. So I you know, I personally, I find his his actions on this day final goodbye to their mother there, their wonderful mother. I find his actions a little off. Putting to me why get again he might just be more of a stoke individual, and maybe it's you know by be in the rock that you're. Sometimes it's just you know. Maybe you can't hug people or
overly affectionate. But if you can be the pillar to show that a will be strong and will get through this, that's not a bad thing I so, let's give a little background here on a liza in the sherman family, because, as is plain to see, there are three going on within her home within the sherman family and around them that are going to be keys, possibly keys to this case. Elisa was the order of two survivors of the holocaust. Her parents actually met and fell in love in a displaced persons camp. They moved to click, one ohio in the early nineteen fifties growing up, liza was regarded as one of the prettiest girls in the neighborhood, attended a huron road nursing school. She all oh attended events with other jewish students at near by kick at a nearby campus
that's where she met a medical student name sanford. He was a bigger dude, as we described yesterday, described as a heavy set person. And six feet tall or taller with brown. hair and brown eyes, his parents were also holocaust. Survivors. Elisa Sanford fell in love and they were married about two years later. This is in november of nineteen eighty two by the early ninety nineties, Elisa Sanford, had begun to fill, therefore bedroom home, which children Sanford at this point captain, he was running a very successful practice. He was an ophthalmologist and Elisa stopped working as a nurse once they started having children to raise the children they would go on to have a total of four josh jennifer. and in Jeremy, but the marriage certainly had its trouble
a leisurely brothers had nice things to say about sanford by added, he had two sides to him Sandford was at times incredibly generous to friends and family Sanford was known to invest thoust of dollars in stocks and day trading, but he liked to boast about his wealth. He he's also described as a tough and mean individual, even with his own family. At times, in ninety ninety nine, the sherman family of six. They moved into a four thousand eight hundred and eighty square foot: five bedroom home, that's pretty big big home, pretty yeah yeah, that's very big, very Oh geez entered my houses, eight four hundred square feet. You could put the gun in a corner of their home jason. One of the sons were called the how the in house fighting he expects
saying that he has memories of when he was three years old sitting on the carpet in the family room and covering his ears. When his parents were fighting the police work to their house on numerous occasions through his childhood. He says because of him or one of his siblings, calling the cops when the parents were fighting, but there was no charges as far as like domestic violence, I dont believe there was ever any charges, but let's go. Let's go through some of this. Some of these squabbles here again in two thousand and four everything seemed to take a turn for the worse. Sandford was forty nine. At this time, he unexpectedly retired from his practice, is very successful. actors according to well. According to court records, in depositions, Sanford's office assistant had quit and move
out after working eighteen years on the job, rather in higher replacement and train them. He decided to simply closed his practice Elisa at these signs of fishery, well yeah I mean he, he retired unexpectedly. He was very successful. We certainly had the money to retire. So you know who knows who knows how fishy that actually is Elisa then returned to work as a nurse at the cleveland clinic and beech wood. Meanwhile, Sanford spent weeks at a time at their summer home in florida or sometimes in new york. This again, according to court records and depositions, the families disputes also continued. There was a police report. Fire filed by twelve two thousand and four stating that nine year old Jeremy Sherman cos.
nine one one, because he was frightened when a fight erruptive between his parents, Sanford told police. The argument started it him and elisa over the prizes? I guess they were playing holiday. Aims like family holiday games rain and they had set aside prizes for the winners. I don't understand, I have a full understanding of the of the actual argument that erupted to the point where the sun nine year old son, has to call the police, but but a hundred on holidays this the best times right. Well, I guess Josh said that the the fight asked did when Jennifer joined in the argument. Jennifer his older sister she jumped in and she took a side and its obvious what side she took, because she started swearing at her brothers, as well as her father at point jeremy said that Josh his
is other brother through a chair says god, w w e their christmas party that some game of scrabble right thereafter yeah. No, I don't I don't know a game they were playing, but they it was reported that we're playing games and turned into this. This argument here now we said that elisa had returned to work as a nurse less than a year later. This is in october, two thousand and five another fight broke out this time, it's again, but eliza and sanford in a statement filed with the police. reported that elisa hit him and was beating the television and Sanford's car with it. those handheld, massage or things in the same report elisa told police Sanford routinely called her name's written to leave her and with whole
we finances from her right, so she got fed up with it. I it sounds to me like there's more the people in this house blowing up on occasion. We clearly have to very intense people right to probably pretty hard headed people as well, getting into it on a regular basis. These squabbles between them are escalating to the point where, police are getting called. and everyone, no limes yeah. And everyone knows how much the police love showing up time and time again to the same home and dealing The same married couple ray what I always wonder about these situations. Captain is like you know, calling the police does that like set? Does that mean a trending thing with inside the house, like that. Ok, so what I mean by that is the first time the police are called by the children or by them.
Her dad ray. Is that like a hard threshold to cross, and then the next time. There is a fight that breaks out. It's not so tough to cross that threshold and- next time. It's a little easier to the point where almost it becomes a routine thing. and you don't need as much strife you don't need as much anger in and shouting and essential violence, just a call them. I've never called the cops. You know what the fight with us, Forget other yeah. I've never had the cops called to my house either I've always wondered that just because you know when you here a lot of these stories, it seems like at some when it becomes almost a routine thing right by the doll you cross. The line was is similar to that of other people's marriages were like this or are like this, but you know it's a cemetery when at least one of your first
married. You get an argument with your spouse and if they have these markets or you take your ring off like that's the thing you know all now argue in so much longer. Take my ring off and place it on the counter. So you know that the ring le counter- I don't even know what that's about, but a, but The point is that yeah, I think with a lot of these arguments. The wood is keep escalating and then it becomes. Norm. So their norm was we have big fort lyon, I'm sure they had more fights than just the ones that were called by. Oh yeah yeah. I'm sure there were a lot of smaller, I know scaled arguments in and when we say fighting fighting is a weird thing because to me fighting can mean arguing as well, where you know I've said the word: fight or fighting to people in their like immediately they're looking for a black eyes- and I don't like yeah look who, oh, my god, you gonna fight, you know
but where I'm from people commonly say fight and could refer to just a verbal altercation or the unknown as he does. He disproves me with his words. It's I got a black. guy of the heart. Now, yes, oh it and again, when you have this many kids in your house and your kids, involved in their thrown things. You know my paint a darker picture of this couple than actually is well, yeah- and you know it's weird here- is that that last fight in particular- the one from october, two thousand and five. The thing that strikes me here is that ok, so We have her words. Leases words are Sanford routinely called her name's breath the leave her and withhold the fight the families finances from her. I sound and not a little bit of a deuce I'm guessing that means withhold them from potentially the children as well. They'll see this
after actually where your husband goes to work. He is the breadwinner for a while she's a stay at home mom. So then he keeps the finances in the dark a little bit like this is my money, not your money. That's the carrot to dangle in front of in front of them events that if something goes wrong, add or you don't get your way young, but with What I think I'm seeing here go ahead, and I'm not saying that all and do this. But I've seen this in multiple cases, wherever friend for example, that be a little too jealous and they have a kid and they kind of really push the issue to you stay home and you take care. the kid, and it seems like this nice reward that they're giving their like a second class citizens right and they didn't you right. I still this one argument between a friend, the wife wanted take classes or something
these are, but you don't have any money for classes. I thought, oh, my god, like stay at home and takes care your kids, her money used. be given her money for these classes yet, and you Meta approve of what client that's almost like, ok bring bring it to me and asked me for approval or I could decline it right is, it should just be obviously you know of your wife- is spending money all willy nilly than you know. He spent more than you make than locker and a box in the basement, but now merry christmas. Everybody and I can't wait to read your holiday letter. It's a colonel christmas no, but so I think you know it seems like. Maybe he was using these as ways to control. But then, after you, you know retired, this is, after he retired any
Here's the thing he's going to new york he's going to florida and he who knows how much money he spinning and he's keep in that confidential because he'd. I I don t want somebody told him what to do right. Well. On the other thing that I was getting that I kind of see here, especially with that at last argument where she saying she swearing at her. Calling her name's threatening to leave her right. Ok, so this is a vibe I get wherein then then the rope where is she smacks? Them are hit em right and then she eggs is handheld, massage or which is a deadly deadly weapon. So if you plug it in turn it on she's she's beating the tv in his car according to sanford with this item right right, So what I'm seeing here is I'm seeing a horrible situation where we have this guy based. Billy bullying, verbally bullying, her right and. some points. She saying you know what you're I'm gonna do
My kids and this is the wrong way to teach them, but she's gonna teach the kids that it's not ok, for a husband to bully verbally Bali was, as my gut feeling, is that you didn't he he's hiding transactions because he's spending money on possibly other women, and I think these actions, her actions, beating stuff, real beaten up a car beaten up tv These are intense actions to me. This is somebody that found out information that may be. He is gone outside the marriage, intense, unless she too is an intense person, as described as some of her her family members, saying that they were both intense people, are not you. I think they had some intense disagree: and things going on underneath the surface it maybe maybe the children were aware of. Maybe they weren't right, but we, forty nine year old. That retired seems like he's, gonna, throw a little bit of a mid life crisis and he spin and weak
At a time a new yorker florida. You don't try to tell me that is not trying to get some he's not trying to free willie In new orleans, twenty twelve burst catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park. What were the address should have been. He was shot and killed, I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch loads of counter clock season. Five, wherever you isn't ipod casts support. This programme comes from arkansas escape. to your natural state. outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles or a few minutes near at all.
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Start distancing herself from her father she's furious at him for how he is treating her mother and her he handled himself, threw out the divorce proceedings and further fractured their family, while not the proceedings, but the The talks like the worthy aims towards the yeah you're right- I'm I miss- spoke there- in what I meant to say is- and I think this is, what hurts as far as well. Is that this, eventually there would be, you know a supper. Given that it was eminent, it was gonna happen right, and I think that this war a long time coming, and I think that she saying she's disappointed in him for, how he handled himself during the course of that portion of their relationship as it was tapering off and how, I believe that his actions were fracturing there, a me family,
but also to win when it's time to go hey it's time to get a divorce rang are some couples that actually can agree upon things and it doesn't have to be. This drag out fight My once you get lawyers involved, then your lawyer is gonna, fight for of that. Maybe you don't even want so. The best thing you can do is what about level headed, that you can sit down and and come up with some kind of green but once you get those lawyers involved and in again yeah, I understand that the daughters taken the mom side. I get that, but some of this stuff yo divorce. becomes a business transaction as well, so his lawyer I have been saying: look you need to do these things to protect yourself, because you don't want to have to go to walmart and be a greeter or something yeah and as far as you know, two thousand and eleven. As far as this
in family is concerned. It described by many close to them as disintegrating. What a horrible word have describe your family, a family of six and the older sherman family, children as we have- Would they would? They were starting to choose sides Josh distance himself from his mother? Taking his father's side, Jennifer asked pulled away from Sanford siding with her mother, and january. It was January two thousand and eleven when elisa wrote an email. This was to that then principle of where jeremy was a sophomore in high school, she request the german, be allowed a pass fail grade for one of his class is rather than let his under performance affect his great point. Average. Her emails stress that his academic struggles were due to the family problems within the household in
email. She stated that she had been battling and struggling with a very controlling hurtful spouse. For many years she wrote it looks like divorce is imminent, it took me a long time to reach this point tried avoided at all costs, but seeing how my oldest son turn into a reincarnate of his father I realize I have to free jeremy from this environs. Nobody knows about the steps I need to take so Liza filed for divorce in june of two thousand and eleven of that same year according the cuyahoga county court documents. and this is when she hired Joe stafford of stafford and stafford at the advice, of a long time, friend, old, staffer and stafford standard. All those guys stafford in stafford is regarded as one of northeast ohio, busiest law firms dealing with family law is because the
such a clever name stafford bill. A reputation for handling complex high profile divorce cases. The day after he received divorce papers from elisa sanford filed for divorce as well. Elisa moved into the bedroom downstairs and the downstairs portion of their home. Neither elisa nor state sanford wanted to leave the home out of fear of the court's, seeing as it that one of them had vacated the property right police reported visiting the home six times that year and to them in an eleven one police report, from July, reveals an argument between a lisa and sandford and Josh. Another from that same month shows josh called nine one because he was convinced, hang onto your ears, ear sea, captain
Josh called nine will one because he was convinced elisa stole, losing lottery tickets and collectible coins out of his bedroom according to one of the least as brothers, losing lottery tickets. Ok, according to one of the least as brothers. Josh by that point had basically disowned his mother. Ok, let me let me There's any children listening? There should not be any because this this isn't it I'll show welcome to adult swim Here's if you're a child! I love this. He called the police because his mother stole losing lottery tickets and collectible coins from his bedroom. Let me clue you in here kids. First of all, that's not your bedroom. That's her bedroom right, Second of all, everything within the confines of four walls. Those are hers to make everything. If your parent take something from your pants pocket, your room
your basement, your garage, wherever that is theirs. It's not yours! can't steal from your children in lesser lesser eighteen, no older and providing for themselves, but that's not technically true allows you can you can buy something love of some value as this watch and freak freaks and geeks he bought that I'm said, and his dad too sold it and he wanted money for the body. With his own money, but don't you think Josh being silly here, calling nine one one now mother of this right was because its I got an idea. I get what you're saying it's not every. I kind of aid it in every situation. Right anything world. Isn't black and white there's some gray colonel has a little grey. But it's not josh's bedroom on a stack of losing lottery tickets wrong about. What's in his bedroom pleased,
called nine when one on your mother well, but this is again, this is this: is the family standard yeah you're right? That's what I was kidnapped. Maybe they broken that threshold to the point where it's like you just gotta, El somebody you gotta tell on Saturday. Jobs have actual things they need to do. So any time you wonder why? Oh hey, why didn't they are why did they solve this crime? Overhear solve this matter was because shit like this prize who kids you get some asshole kid. lives in this giant house gone my mom oh my losing lottery tickets were first for why you have lottery tickets to begin with, and why Would you keep losing lottery tickets? Are you just Much of a loser. A gay man. These are winners to me well by the EU two thousand and eleven, I guess Sanford. This seems a bit strange to me at this point.
He seeking help from friends to persuade to try to persuade elisa to settle the divorce hazards. Strains deal, I guess, not strange it. I only say that, because it seems like there's so much axed between the two of them going into this, that it did for someone to have a level head and come out this. We should just settle this thing. We should just sit down like adults and agree on things. I'm not seeing that type of behaviour leading up to this wall, but what he might be trying to get he might not be saying: hey, I won't hurt great everything I want, or we should sit down and talk that he might say my lawyer, Talk to her lawyer, her lawyers my multiple times, wherever were out right now less to settle this and and, like I said before, it is because of the law lawyers, you get! The lawyer involve the more times you call them the more money they charge.
Did you get a little retainer right. Retaining her. What's that money runs out real, quick and then They start charging your arm and a leg, and I don't care what it cost and hay so they get paid the writer, and so it could be. Oh, he has some collectible car You don't even like blisters Argue about it, there's gonna be a couple more phone calls. So maybe that's what he was trying to go. Hey we're wasting money wasting money that our family has created. and we're wasting money that could be used, children's college funds or on your next house on my if this house were wasting money on lawyer fees, maybe that's what it was well. Your way of King makes a lot of sense, because it's about that same time that that Sanford's requesting that the court put a restraining order on all joint bank accounts attached to a lease.
His name, including those that she held with her mother, with with jason and with her daughter, jennifer elisa grew concerned about this, though, because she believed it direct. It directly influenced their children's financial stability. in january of two thousand and twelve elisa sent herself an email. at two in the morning ray Blazing in expressing her fears, she I am really afraid he is going to have me killed elisa, put a deadbolt. her bedroom door, unlocked herself in her room each night in male to her attorney, Elisa wrote. I told you from them meaning. I need your help to bring a bully down. I need to teach my sons
that is not. It is not ok to threaten terrorize women. Even if I come out broke, it will be worth it to give them this life lesson right, assuming that they're gonna get the lesson. That's that's a thin. Sometimes people go I'm Do this now go pro proving this point, if they're not received the message. Then you wasted your damn time here, because you could flash lord twenty years in that same kid, that your turn The teacher lessons is saying Well, if she would have just let it go, she couldn't just let it go right now, we're all broke right or she's broke yeah right and see what you did. You know now. You need those losing lottery tickets, right, bail yourself to double tripled. Them in case there is a free
ensure europe or to dollar winner. Hey look your one, you want being a loser ohio march of two thousand and twelve staff its law licence was suspended for one year after the ohio, supreme court, stafford or stafford item. Certain as to where stafford we're talking taffir once every two about this after the ohio supreme court found that he had violated six of the state's rules of professional conduct. Judges on attorneys. in his absence will elisa case was given over to stafford senior, associate and is gregory more, but we still don't know which stafford, but This cavern was not a good thing for elisa. She told her brother edward that then who attorney Gregory more. He was often late for meetings and he was on
Responsive to text messages and emil's within the first six months more filed several continuance is, on a leases case, pushing back the divorce proceedings because he was allegedly unprepared to appear in court. I guess during this time Elisa interviewed at least two other these two other lawyers to take her case. But apparently her case was too far along road, so no one could take the case, and Unfortunately, it sounds like a liza was short on funds by this time as well. You know she's already, given a substantial amount of money to this stafford and stafford to take on her case with it being a high profile. You know a law firm, that's considered to taking on a high profile cases, I'm guessing
was not as a cheap retainer fee, all while not only the retainer fee, but they could charge your you know, one hundred and fifty bucks an hour or they charge every time you calm, I mean call your voice her two or three times that I gave its extra fifteen hundred. What what and they would do anything. This goes for other forms of contractors as well. But some of them will bill you fifty. You know every for every fifteen minutes of a phone call right then there was a company. You know when I talked about many times that have worked in property management for years. There was an architect that we worked with all the time and this guy he was a super nice guy, but of course he should be super nice because it was getting paid like you wouldn't believe, or has it called him with the questioner? You sentiment him email regardless. If it took him too,
minutes or ten minutes he would bill or company for fifteen minutes of time for a simple email by I build people now in this guy well he's bill by the quarter hour and then he would often sky your meeting after meeting after meeting like unnecessary mean and so get charged for mad. He kept shut up. I'm sure we we were, we might have been his only client. He was so smart with how he was working these these bills, but by more of two thousand and thirteen. According to the court records judge, rosemary gold order that no form that is an aim ordered no more continuance is be granted in a leases case and that the trial would began on march, twenty sixth, so just two days, but or their day in court. Beggary more leases attorney sent elisa a text message rico.
thing that she meet him at his office downtown to discuss final preparations for their key x on her way. Their elisa spoke with her best friend on the phone o elite and said the elisa sounded very optimistic, but she was anxious so optimistic, but anxious and then of course, we know that shortly after this phone call, Elisa was killed that evening just two days before, the court appearance Thank you to everyone for checking out our series on this street. This crime and I tell you what captain we are going to get into some suspects here very soon. It's gonna get even stranger, yeah and there's a lot going on here. So we hope that you will continue to to join us here in the garage and until episode, three or stanford and Stanford. We could be kind and don't let her
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