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The Serial Killer's Apprentice ////// 54 TrueCrimeGarage.com In the early 80's, someone was killing little girls in northern Ohio. Between October 1981 and June of 1983 the bodies of three young girls had turned up. In the first case, 12 year old victim Tina Harmon was seen with a man in his early 20's shortly before she went missing. The next victim 11 year old Krista Harrison was abducted right in front of her friend. The friend described the kidnapper as a white man who looked to be about 25 to 35 years old. In 1983 police connected the crimes to a local serial rapist 43 year old Robert Buell. Robert quickly admits to the rapes of several grown women. He would claim his innocence regarding the deaths of the young girls for the next 18 years, including his last words before his execution. Tonight we are joined again by long time garage friend James Renner to discuss the possiblity of the second killer theory known as the serial killer's apprentice. Beer of the week: Lake Erie Monster by Great Lakes Brewing Company Garage Grade: 3 and 3/4 bottle caps out of 5 Cheers!  Nic & The Captain

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This is true crime garage, and this is the serial killer's apprentice, the July seventeenth, nineteen. Eighty two eleven year old, krista Harrison is abducted and six days later, her body is found in october of nineteen eighty three, a twenty eight year old woman, flees, the home of robert veal. She tells police, she was kidnapped, raped and tortured, police arrest, forty three year old, Robert Buell, for the kidnapping and raping of two women, but he is quickly connected to the murder of christa hairs and two other young girls. The bill admits to the rapes. In fact, he pled no contest and was sentenced to one hundred and twenty one years in prison, but maintains he is innocent in the deaths of the young girls.
In two thousand, as his execution day, nears robber buell, a man who has never previously granted a media interview wants to talk, like a cage. Animal Buell, paces back and forth in handcuffs and leg. Irons shaking documents from a murder trial, seventeen years earlier, He points to witness that was never called to testify, who told police he saw a vehicle that looked like the killers. At a time when buell was at work. The old claims to have found murders of girls in ohio in western pennsylvania that he has identified six more cases of strangulation and molestation similar to Christie Harrison's, proving that a killer is still out. There
of those six police have consider buell as a suspect in two of them, but never charging him september twenty. Fourth, two thousand and two sixty two year old robert deal was executed for the strangulation death of eleven year old christa harrison is final meal. A single black unpitied, olive his final words? jerry and surely I didn't kill your daughter
prosecutor knows that and they left the real killer out there on the street to kill again and again and again so that some good may come of this. I ask that you continue to pursue this to the end. Don't let the prosecutor continue to spend this out of focus and force them to find out who really killed your daughter? That's all I have to say, but we a strange and weird case to talk about this week. Don't captain we have a case of a serial rapist, a suspected serial killer from the state.
Oh ohio and we to bring in one of our friends aims: runner true crime, either he ran or to help us with this. This or because it's not an open and shut case. For those of you listening to the show for quite some time. You know that run or has helped us out before we talked about the morrow murray care. He might be your friend, but I mean he's journalists so he's the enemy he Well, he helped us out with the murray case. Where he's the enemy and he wrote of any you're right. He wrote a book called true crime addict involving that case is the enemy and he is the king his enemy, is a very nice guy. very interesting books and he also wrote about the aim, a hell of a case, and we discuss it on our show as well. You can find that one in itunes at the itunes store yet but to me that's one of our most in arresting park, as we have ever done. One does not on it and to
Didn't actually listened to the interview when we recorded it, so it is the first time ever heard it and the very fascinating case of yemen check them out. That's! Ah I tunes mentioned, an end, the webs store a threat, damn you know you could pick up his either of those books as well. oh, he is covered many cases from the cleveland akron area, and this one is out of the akron area, the one that were talking about today. So. Like I said it's not a open and shut case, and he knows intimate details of why there is edition on this case. So but before we get James runner, a little back regarding this case in this- starts way back and thursday of october, twenty ninth nineteen, eighty one twelve year old, tina harmon was trying to get to the union. Seventy six truck stop in lodi. Now this
just a few miles away from where she is from she's from a small town in ohio, called question and so at time the only entertainment. The only really cool thing to do, and and was the truck stop. They had a game room there, and you know that probably had a few arcade games and maybe a pool table. While this where some of the young teenage kids, would go and hang out tina stop is to a convenience She got a ride from her fathers girlfriend and at the convenience store She hung out with a small group of friends after in another ride. She events eventually makes it to loading ere she is met. There are several people let's see her there, okay and they reported seeing her there with an unshaven man where a gene jacket.
shave it. So he has a beard. He just has long here all over his body. Okay, this is a eighty one. So this is coming run out of seventy, so beards were popular long hair was popular for guys, yeah, I'm joking, I don't know if he actually had long here. The only description they give of the man was, he was not a clean shaved remain, he was, he was didn't. He was sporting some kind of beard or some kind of you. No five shadow shadows. What real men do so there you go so he's wearing a gene jacket and he looked to be in his early twenties now, Since the last tina harmonist seen his neck was team with her body is found several days later. This is about forty miles from her home. It was determined that she had been sexually assaulted and that she had been strangled now. All of this They determined occurred shortly after her abduction? When she was found she had been found fully clothed and her body. had been neatly laid out. Her body was
placed in an area that was used frequently and persons working in the area of the day before they didn't see the body. So we know that she was not place their terribly long before her body was discovered on her claws. The coroner found dog hairs in several fibres. Now this would come into play later in our story, now, we have another disappearance. This is on Why? Twenty seventh nineteen? Eighty two so less than a year later. This was a saturday, eleven year old, christa, Harrison she's at the park, with her friend and schoolmate twelve year old, Roy Wilson picking up. Aluminum cans are collecting these cans and putting them in a tree. Bag and collecting them for later around I've p m. They see a maroon van with you. Remember those old bubble windows that, yes, he on some of the older bigger vans. That does popular
in the seventies yes, so this was a maroon van with bubble windows. They see this van enter the park, and the van swung around, so that it would face the road the door opened and a white skinny man with dark brown, curly hair, a long, moustache and a big knows he gets out of the van, and he goes over time. Bleachers and he sits down This is near where Christa Harrison as parked her back Now these vans were really popular and cool back in the seventies. It was a thing, but these events then became known as the creeper van yeah. They became Very creepy van because people were using the four terrible things I think you can kind of outfit the inside of the Van right. You could take chairs out or you could take the boy seed out, I think you can kind of cost Might the inside a little people would turn almost like a allow limo type thing, so this enters the park around five p m and
swings around so that its facing the road in and we get a pretty good description of the man that gets out of the van here. We we we here, he's he's white, skinny man with dark brown, curly hair he's got a long, mustache big knows And he went over any sat down next, where Christus bike, as this is on the bleachers now roy her her classmate and friend he sees, MR eventually go over and talk to the man. Missus ware gets super, which I wonder, if he's motioning to her at at all, what would make her go over and talk to him? Yeah I'd Roy does not say he heat I don't dont mean roy, might not have seen that action exactly and he buddy does see her talking to the man and leave We, he notices the man reach is inside of crystal blouse and the man actually did this like three or four times and each time the girls like swaths his hand away now, Chris,
The report very inappropriate christus starts to get on her bike. I'm pissed, coming to leave the centre. In this weird situation: is when the man he gets up and he whispered something increased. His ear arise could not hear what was said to the young girl right. Hence the whisper, but Christus then starts to cry and after she it's a cry: she gets off of her bike and she walks over and gets in the van. now she gets into the van via the drivers. A door. and she sits on the floor between the bucket seats them gets into the van and he shut out. The window by roy and then he drives off. Roy hops on christmas bike, any rights to christus parents home, and he tells them
what he had seen tells him about the van and about the creepy man, and that is when they notify the police that their daughter has been abducted. This proud of the fact has he ever road. You know now Six days later, Christus body is found in a remote area, an odd top. He reveals that she had been viciously sexually assaulted and that she had been strangled to death. Her feet were bow with a large piece of plastic tape and her hair and her clothing showed the presence of orange carpet fibres. The damage would possibly be from the van because a lot of them would be line with the carpet yeah, and some of them mean he even had that longer carpet that just seemed a and get on every called fag We are seeing here with the first two girls. We have two girls that have gone missing there, both found about five or six days after their last seen and we're talking about similar situate. we are seeing a sexual assault with us
angulation. Furthermore, last seen in the presence of aim of a strange man and this man, is actually describe by roy as somebody It would have been in his proch, probably about twenty five to thirty five years of age, so not tear. far off from the multiple witnesses the seen tina harmon with a man that looked to be in his early twenties rain. So we had the first This took place in late nineteen, eighty one and then we had a case MID nineteen. Eighty two place in July and then now we're at eleven months later in june of nineteen. Eighty three again, this was a ten year old girl who disappeared a street fair and masculine ohio. Now, the very strange strange part about this case here. Captain is that later that day, Debbie Smith, who had disappeared, she called home, and she is reported that,
did sound upset, but wouldn't say where she was. She wouldn't say what was going on and this would be last time that anybody would hear from young Debbie smith a canoeist this was just several days later august. Sixth, nineteen, eighty three, a canoeist found Debbie's body on the banks of the tuscarora, for she had been raped and she most likely had been stabbed. Although The body also showed signs of blunt force trauma room. They did fine melted actually it was found on her body itself and, candles which the wax had come from. They were found near the dump site. They were recover well, and there is no there's no wax found on the first two victims. There is not. any listed on the autopsy or corner reports. I the thing
There is we would have the most information regarding the disks parents in the murder of eleven year old, christa harrison that it be a crime that went to court and we we had somebody that was convicted of this type of this case, so, we would have won so then that becomes close, and then they open it up to the public and you, and that's probably why we have more information about it. Yeah. You would have more public knowledge about that case and in in that case, there is nothing that specifically says or France's wax or candle, wax in the Christa harrison case now again We do have it in this most recent case taking place in nineteen. Eighty three, and I wonder if there is any possibility of like that, be imposed mortem and that's pretty a very difficult thing to figure out after the fact by me found the wax right by where body was damp saw. I wonder if that such a possibility, and one thing- that's not clear here with this third case- is
You know where we ve seen signs in the first two cases where the police and the authorities are saying well, this girl was missing for a period of days and she was not found until five or six days later, and we we know of a situation where we had people in the area, and we can confirm that she was dumped relatively soon before being found is dumped within probably within twenty four hours of of her body being right down, which is similar to the other two. This case being lying on the bank of the task, a roar river. We just don't Oh how long she was there. We don't know how long that body was there until she was discovered and it's very. strange to me too, that somebody would dump the candles right captain. Like I mean yeah yeah, you you you, them on the body and maybe you're a little worried that did you use?
wax on the body and you could connected to the candle somehow, but I do find it a little strange that the candles were dumped near by the body and we're talk. About a different situation. In my opinion, we're seeing here some act, some activity that we didn't see with the first two situations were seeing a stabbing and some signs of blunt force trauma where, in the other, two cases. Very obviously it was extremely strangulation. Right so possibly not and action to the other two I dont know that dip least were starting to link these together. At the time I gotta believe that they were, though, because this is not something that happens. All that frequently we're talking about. girls of a similar age there all from roughly the same area. You know. There's there is miles of distance between the three of em, but we're talking about ray girls, one ten one is eleven and twelve and within what too
half your time period a little over two and a half years, yeah well The police are now looking for the buggy man right. If somebody in north, oh hi, neither what looking for their unshaven man with big knows, who is killing young girls, these abducting and killing young girls and actually envy the case of Christa harrison? We have a voice. very good description. We have the actual abduction as witnessed by her friend, where and other situations. We just have a man that was seen with the girl, and we can't can that that's actually who had taken her, but we we have multiple people saying that we had seen was seen last with the girl. Excuse me: can we have a? We have a description of the vehicle, possibly two and then in the third case. We have a girl that disappeared from a street fair in massillon, which who knows how many people were there and obviously there's there's, no, no description. of a of an up,
and some people might be actually familiar with maslen right because there that documentary about the masculine tigers, which is a very We are, the tigers, I think is the name of it. Yeah so have a bass scene that you'd have an idea of the the area and it's not crime, dockets of its high school football doc. Yet there they're kind of and what it highschool foot team that somewhat on the national spotlight from time to time. There well known national error rate, but if you ever seen that You can't know the lay of the land a little bit and just before we chat with James runner. I do want to read a little quick excerpt from his book. The serial killers apprentice these murders were still on the minds of police and area residents. Two months later, when franklin township police received a chilling call from a doyle's town resident.
There was a shaved naked woman with a handcuff attached to one wrist standing in her kitchen. The collar said the woman had shown up at her doorstep, claiming that she had been held captive. house across the street, which was a little ranch house owned by robert bill before We join up a james runner and learn more about robber, buell, zero, rapists and potential serial killer, and were also going to talk about. James is second killer. Theory the he titles, these your killers apprentice, but before that about a quick stillness god loves tools that work is hard as he does so. This fathers date given if you'll love to use right now Fifty dollars on the steel fsh. Fifty seven battery trimmer set set includes the fsc fifty seven battery, trimmer, plus the gate in battery m, a l one, a one charger offer only one hundred and forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Real steel find your
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was suspected or known to have abducted adult females. So now. Let me, let me tell you how he he got caught, because every It kind of comes off of their okay At the time, Buell was working for the city of akron. This is we're talking early eighties. Eighty two, eighty three he was living in a range house. In Doyle's town, suburb yeah, but always outside of akron. Ok little quiet little suburb in this ranch house. For our international listeners, akron is where lebron James is from yeah there. You go yeah right, you know, gettin is in his car, goes to work about a half now after he leaves a war comes running out of his head out of his house naked with handcuff dangling from her wrist and she runs through the neighbor's house and says: oh, my god, I've been kept prison.
In that house that guy's going to he he he raped me is he's going to try and kill me so now the police, descend this house and town found out find out that robert buell lived there and they. Weekly link him to a series of unsolved. actions and and rapes of of adult women, and of which this this woman was lucky enough to to have been the last and the all kind of. the same description You know they're in their twenties early thirties inter alia, into their thirties and are in a he would abduct them in his ban here, Big brown van looking van and he pulled up and sometimes find them at gas stations or in shopping malls heat. the men to the van Sometimes he'd have sex with them their. Sometimes he bring them back to the house and Doyle's town keep them for here too
and then drive them back and dropped and release and release at him, and when he takes these girls, these women, he just jumps out of the van in and forcibly right, take some of you know gunpoint, or sometimes you goin Sometimes he would use a gun and point a gun at them and again the van and does so yeah adult women, and he would always let them go now, When, when these women are at his home, though he you, I mean you say rate, but this I mean I've read this options of. The mines, horrible thing- I did it's, it's it rape and torture its torture, it's a visa and the word a sadistic In its I mean talking the worse things. You can imagine we're talking like electrocution we're talking, you know, he'd gave their heads. He would chain them to a workbench. He would clamps on them and then electrocuted. and then one when it was done getting his kicks after a couple days. He wouldn't, he would then drop them off
blindfold them. You know coming in and out of place in this house. And they quickly linked them these rapes. They process this house during the time. as they were processing the house. They they started fine evidence fibres and her hair and paraffin wax Ok that were important pieces of evidence in a series of unsolved murders. What is paraffin wax sir. It's like em back used to get these pieces axioms, look like bars of soap. You would use them to seal letters you and or seal things there are people they get sexual gratification out of burning, though the wax so that a drips hot wax on your skin, probably what he was using it for because these though, the reason that the wax was an important piece of evidence is
around this area of it. A bunch of girls bodies had turned up girls it being abducted by somebody and you say girls, these are not women. These the same ages, the women they was taking, raping, torturing and releasing the two ten year old girls, ten eleven twelve year old girls are prepubescent and they were abducted and sexually assaulted and murdered, and police found wax on their bodies that match the paraffin wax in bill's house. They cat hair on some of these and I'm sorry dog here they found hair on these those bodies that matched the dog hair found oliver bureaus house, they found paint one of the girls bodies that match the paynton in one of the rims found fibre from a rug there. we're on these girls bodies that they found
notably matched fibres from occur. But that was rolled up behind bills couch so they're like oh, my gosh, we ve hit the honey, That is the buggy man. Not only has he responsible for rapes of these grown women, but murder, of these these girls and the girls were, let's name them christa harrison tina, harmon and Deborah case Psmith, ok and they find this. This mountain of physical evidence at his home now take us boots talk about his living arrangements, so to speak. You mean people that live with him, yeah yeah. He was not living alone. No is the I'm with them alone in and if you don't mind, let me skip forward just a little bit because eventually what happens- is be or plead guilty to the rapes of these grown women. Ok, steadfast
we didn't eyes any involvement here, are you going to jail for life. steadfastly denies any. Of men in the girl murders in Christa harrison tina. Harmon are deprecates mass murder try him for Christa harmon, I'm sorry Two harrison's murder he's is put on trial goes to trial. He's found guilty, I mean after He's got all this evidence against right. They find him guilty sentence him. He is sentenced to death. He is executed in two thousand you are his last meal request was a single unpitied olive because he had in mind that an olive tree what, from his remains I'm he would
I have eternal life, he's probably right yeah. So did you witness that execution or did he know? You were a journalist at the time I've spoken to people that were there? Okay, and you know one of the last things he said was. I did not know miss. Mr mrs harman. I did not kill your daughter, okay and he left behind a box of notes and evidence and police reports and he had begun to suggest that someone else was responsible for the crime but he wouldn't really ever say who, in that box by the way it's a creepy, when I say it like a cardboard box, you're, probably picturing. You know with the flaps cigar background. I picture well, ok, that's interesting too, but this was a peculiar box. It it to me the plague almost like kids coffin, it was, it was a long, very sturdy, cardboard box and the lid slipped onto it.
Sarcophagus led not like it not like Perhaps it was a lid that kind of lifted off in wind placed on it almost feels like it. It's forms a seal right. It gets to its end point exactly. You know like like where they found the arc of the covenant generators of the last hour, and this boy ox eventually ends up and the office of clay. unseen Where am I as a rookie reporter, and I find it and I'm like. What's this a while, this is a story that you know nobody's been able to tell that's. You know guy that murdered very obviously, you know, killed these girls and always denied at and somewhere in this there is evidence that he didn't do it in cleveland. Seeing gets this box, how I believe it comes from was it a religious leader? Breeder comes from like a priest or reverend who was helping me
go out in the days leading up to his execution. You know being there for him as a as a counselor or something of that yeah so beulah this box to him and then that he eventually gives it a scene, and that's where I get it you're going through it slow, while not slowly, quickly dawned on me that there is another suspect here and I had my hunches already. Ok, and I believe, dead. Next was I contacted thee in county prosecutor's office they're, the ones the tried buell fur christa Since murder, I said: hey, let's take a look. old files on on a harrison case. I hear us and that's a close case. What are you looking at me? Like doesn't matter, I said: can I look it? Can I see the files I and by the way is a reporter? I hate it when, like you, asked, your report and they ask you why you need it. That's that's it. Oh by the way like
the the state of ohio under sunshine was they're not allowed to ask you a question. They ask it all the time so anyways. I you down there one day and I drive down and and up and there sir creepy basement microfilm room. And I get all these old files that they feel that they ve put on micro come from fuels first case, and I pulled up film, and as soon as I see it, I know what it is. It's the and report grand jury reports or seal nobody's allowed to see them, certainly not, porters it's illegal for us to obtain them, but they made a mistake. They gave it to me. go through these grand jury reports. First thing I see is that the prosecutor, theirs witnesses, a guy named ralph, ross junior, and these this is testimony the process It is questioning him in the end, the prosecutor says: hey easter
to get information about your linking them to these murders. Hey I'm do you. Your uncle killed these girls. Well, yeah. You know, let me tell you what happened. I was ralph Ross junior, said that he was living with his uncle Buell self admitted self. It yeah. He was living at that round. Ranch house He said yeah my uncle I used to get in the van with him and we'd go crews and for women, man and I ask you to like what I mean is that while we used to drive around in view, would tell me you know, Now we go looking for women to abduct, and He would tell me how he was gonna. Get this woman in the van and take. A calm and we'd take turns and ease But but I thought I was all talk. Well, in imbued with such he was so Prick that he heat. He even says like two to ralph,
you know every woman has a rape fantasy, outward abduction, rape, fantasy right right, that's how it justified it. You know, let's, let's let them fulfil their fantasy, now run. Understand, says you know. as you know, is a cup. Out that he was suggesting girls and bills, how come on. Let's you know, let's not us that line you know. I've I've got standards, man and I do got Ralph Ross junior suggesting lets. You know, let's go after girls and does want any part of it If you go digging in Two Harrison's the police reports you find Buell was spotted at a baseball game that she attended that she played out. She was about from that baseball field, about it after her game, and she was abducted by a man in a van that match the description of bills fan there was an eye witness. There is an eyewitness yeah
a young boy who is playing with christa see this fan pull up and a guy force her into the van and but if you read the police reports, you find out that at that baseball games. Build attended were crystal there is another guy with him I was holding a camera and at the time of the abduction you know they showed later on after bill was rested. They went to the witness there like hey. We found that guy with the van I you know here, picture and the kids but look at things like now that not the guy that came out of the van into christa look kind of come, but that was inherent in fresh junior, looks so much like buell. It say mice, which is crazy. They're they're not actually related, know they're, not, but you see pictures of them side by side you, you would believe them to be related, olive dirty them well, yeah. They have similar features, a dark hair and pierre and
In fact, they were so much alike that Ralph Ross sometimes used beals licence to get into bars coca. So you know they they took place and so long story short round austrian junior was was living in the apartment there, the house in dials town- and I find out that he's living there when Christa Harrison as abducted. Fact he's living there until they body was dumped several days. After her abduction. after that he quit his job in akron and moves back home to marietta. Near marietta, and their theirs scripture in the reports where, He shows up to work with his arm all bandaged d. After all, chris body was found and, He actually cause off the day that Cristo crystal He was dumped
buell has an alibi by the way the day that the eunuch the witness that saw the guide dumping christus christmas, body, so we know when that happened. Buell has now by he was out shopping via buying a drier. Okay, Ralph ROS called off. Work that he does not have an alibi. stay shows up with what he says broken armies got it in a slang, is all kind of messed up. and then he moves out of bills. House so he's there the whole time that the prosecution is saying: bureau has christa and we know from these adult women that word definitively raped by buell. He kept them at the house, so the bureau. Doing this he's got christa at the house. you know so, at the very least, at the very least ralph ross
nor had to have been present for that. If he's not complicit if and participate. We didn't do the killing. That was living there. When christa was in that house and all that evidence the fibers the carpet nino the plastic that they found her For all that the came from the house ralph austrian junior had access to that too, and what about the van that was abducted from heads have been built van. Well guess what beale did for his nephew he track down the same, make and model van and got it for his nephew they drove the same. They haven't and they had rigged these these metal hooks in the back and the van they got a seat so that they had placed her chamber to hold somebody to hold somebody.
So all that evidence the ties builder, the crime also ties rough ralph, ross junior, and so the suddenly became very interesting to me and I track I tracked a frost, junior down and he's alive, living near a stupid villa area. Actually I, when I funding finally get em. He still has never been convicted, still free and I find that he's living were like an eighth mile like right around the corner, from whereby for barnes was last seen called case from stoopin veil. Area, young girl, about the same age, Christa Harrison was abducted. her body was found on the side of a river months later Ralph rushed union when I tracked him down as working for a cable company in on cable boxes in people's homes.
After I wrote about em and linked to these these crimes. At least to the point where he had to have known about Christa harrison. Fired, they fired him from the cable company, the f b. I came in and process the van that he was using. I don't know they found anything and they were very interest and take a look at it and I Last I heard every swell somebody old gimme an update on him because he still free stuff on there, never We been questioned he's now infer you p s. He loves any sort of job that gets in mere people's homes, so we grant its messed up. Semester case very convoluted, very, very interesting the other, the other girl. Of course you know bureau, only tried next cupid fur harrison and an eye once asked the detective. I said why don't you I try and fourteen harmon
we know the evidence links them. When are you triumphs Deborah Ann smith and active said We only need to kill him once you now we got the conviction and Christa, why would we got it? So I together with tina harmony, family. This was probably about five or six years ago, and I heard tina herman's case. It never been closed and I said well What what do you think happened, thereby? Well, we don't think of his buell They will never close the case, and I went to the prosecutor, and I said I, you know why Haven't you contacted the family? You know you didn't even call them and to tell them that you believe it was pure, so you're not investigate the case anymore until one back, fourth and eventually I started working with the harmon family as a victim's advocate sort of thing. And as a liaison between them in the press, and we held a press conference in demanded that the prosecutor to
the evidence in the tina harmon case too, to definitively link it. two bureau. If they could. My thoughts was maybe it holding to ralph rash junior? I owe you know we haven't test the evidence, let's see so The prosecutor came back and said night. You know where we, I find, the funds to test this evidence. That's thirty years old how much is going to cost you. Man. It's gonna be at least three hundred dollars. I said the three hundred dollars. You know, let's test, this thing is, I know, as I do, how it's done so we ran another article on and then said. Prosecutor won't spend three hundred dollars to close a three hutton. You know a thirty year old cold case amber stem enough that they actually did the test. Asked came back up weeks later that they had, yours, dna on tina harm and pants so they were able to say. Well there you go
It was built after all, we're gonna close the case. Now I still have my doubts. You know I have doubts about the way the evidence was tested. I have I have my doubts that it was Buhl working alone. You know, I think, I'm I'm, I know I know ralph rush junior at least had to have have been complicit complicit in some way, in christa, harrison's murder at least had knowledge that had happened, Anybody else did so it would die. I would assume that that would be true. Also fourteen tina harmon in deprecate Psmith, so fuel heat the girl that gets the woman that gets away. She fleece to the neighbors home? that's how police they they get.
Bills home in a debt, starts the balding all up what this is all this evidence. does she say at any point. She doesn't give any indication that there was more than one abductor, though no no and by then ralph raw, His junior head had moved away moved out because your suspicions might have been he moved away because of the death of that the young girl It's too much of a coincidence that he calls off the day that her body was dumped. b has an alibi for the time that the body was dumped dead, wrong question you shows up to work the next day. arm in a sling and then What's his job and moves back home, I think he thought that police were coming for both of them. I mean acts that Buell did anyway or strange in nature by far, and you know heinous crimes he committed, but regardless of he killed the girls or not, but you know
The things he did to these women are despicable, yeah, but the this ought to me is do we I dont know: do we see people grow, wait for murder to releasing victims. I am no absolutely not. In fact, I spoke to a couple profiles on this and believe aspect to John Douglas directly again, this case to get that up. In an you. Talk to no profile or said that do for a living and They will tell you known in in the history in the history of cereal killing you don't have a serial killer. They gruesomely murders, girls, who also just him. And release is grown women. Those are you different modes. Those are two different monsters. He now don't go from killing two backing off. and doing catch and release so the
Schools of thought here would be either Buell did do these things that he was convicted of an end is ultimately sentenced to death for, or with the assistance of his. I did not really his nephew bananas nephew through marriage yeah. You know that the two of them did these crimes. together. You know I or that Ralph Ross junior did these by himself and enjoy. Lucky because he happened to live with a zero rapist right, and I dont know the answer that question. I do know this, it's not the only time that ralph rash, junior and robert Buell were working together in a sexual nature, a woman came forward and spoke to me that I was able confirm had a relationship with robert buell. And she you know in grown up kind of ashamed way, told
about how what you like to do is have three sums with men and his nephew ralph Ross junior ends, he'd get and in these were, admittedly italy darted consensual and she go over an agenda, You know bill would have her, have sex with ralph rush junior, so they were, they were in the thick of it together. Now, if, if You know you you're living at my home and in it How do I not know if, if you're killing children killing girls and you live in my home with me? How do I not know that if I'm robert Buell, of course- court. How do I know that you know that you say mean, if, if he's got the girl in the you see it. You see a happen. You see the things that he's doing and maybe scares you so much that you run away. You know so There's, there's answers to this case. There's a guy running around with
with answers and and the prosecutor. What made me so mad? Was you read through these grand jury transcripts, ral, Estonia, juniors on the he's very much making himself a suspect in the case, but the skitter knew that he was invaluable as a witness. He The case against buell, he was the first witness that the prosecution called and he's the one that essential. convicted his uncle peel Well, what's the organization, and now you know tat, my nephew did it. He did a too. He knew he knew the evidence against him and you Obviously this this case is featured in your true crime book oh killers apprentice, but it all so kind of bleeds into one of your fictional works. You wanta not just real quick. Well yet in a couple novels. The first one is the man from primrose lane and the men from primrose lain there
was definitely inspired by my work as a true crime, journalist for the cleveland scene and free times, and yet there sir some similarities between some of the pieces of this case of the killers apprentice. There is also some similarities to you know you know bizarre case out of east lake, where a guy fitted suicide and the police went to contact next of kin, and they find out that oh they're right. We ve got bad news about your brother. He committed suicide. Make reach this woman she's like white my brother, died. Nineteen. Forty eight, when are you about that's all They learned that this this kind slake had been living under a fake name in cleveland for thirty years, so yeah, there's bits and pieces that definitely inspired primrose lane. And primrose. Lane, though, is, as you know, Syfy. You know, there's time travel involved and in know it's very different story too.
I found that story to be fascinating. Captain I tell you I found out about this, oh probably about three or four years ago now I had already knew about the robber buell case. and I knew about the the the girl that he was convicted of killing right. As well as having been suspected of two other girls, and I knew that they had found. the you know the the the one woman had got out of his house whereas he left for work and got away from him in that What started the ball rolling on all this? I knew about this, but I always just assumed you know that we're buell that that he was just proclaiming his innocence because he was going to be sentenced to death. I didn't tat there was anything behind there, there's kind. The story behind the story here may We didn't see this until we able to talk to somebody like James who had some additional access to some of this information, because of
his job because aware he worked and people that he interacted with I mean heap. He worked very close lee with the journalists that spent a lot of time with robber buell before his execution, it seemed like Robert Buell. Also he wasn't de saying, hey, I didn't do this. He also tried point. You ended the correct direction or what he felt was the correct action and so a little bit of arm chair detective. Well, he it he was kind of cryptic about though I dont know that he ever outright said did this this so called a few of his would have been involved in anything, but what he kept reminding everybody of was that there is still a killer out there. Anyway, We pointed to some crimes that took place in ohio and western pennsylvania of girls. Roughly the same age now of the cities of the girl of one of these girls was stupid bill and you her james rent or talk about that. That is where his his
nephew by marriage would eventually end up living. so that kind of points a finger at him away. The cases to that he talks about was the Amy michalek case, which is actually, quite similar to to the tina harmon case that we talked about today. There are some some similarities there, however, were found with a dog hares and fibres on them. Correct. There- and there was a situation with the with the stabbing possible blunt force trauma. So There is some in arresting connections there I think mark. My opinion? Is it possible that there is now you were was involved. I definitely think so. I think that there is theirs something weird going on here, because there's no way, but I dont believe view completely cause bureau to make it sound. Like yeah raped, some women need oh yeah. I I torture and here's the thing when he says rape. Some women
you dive into the case. You figure out. He didn't just rape, these women, he held them captive for days and he tortured them. I mean he, horrible things to these women immigrants. As close you can't kill somebody. So what I'm getting at Here, though, is there's no way that these two men lived together and they work in. Thing together somehow, because I just don't see how one could not know what the other one was up to. There is no way that buell is cap is holding women captive, raping them- and unbeknownst to his his net while his enemy yet and then. On the other hand, there is no way that the nephew is abducting young girls and killing and here's the thing to I kept looking at this thinking, because we talked about Buell had one of those big vance ripe and so did his nephew S. Nephew had a very similar van well the problem with Reich creepy Van buddies, and I kept thinking
I'm like well, maybe maybe the nephew kept the girls in his in the van you know, but we're talking about several days go by certainly a possibility. However, there are things in the house: the linked the house to the girls. so either those items were were in the van the girls at the time or the girls were in the house now. What I think is most likely situation or the items would be transferred like as far as car. Fibres and dug hares and stuff like that, if dog never goes ensure van, but there is transfer and then, have you actually kind of thing himself a little bit because he he's talking about in the and jury when the grand jury strained is to decide if they're going to indict Robert Buell, the The nephew is then giving his account of thing. He knew of it might have been going on in the house or thing He saw when it when he lived there and he
kind of puts himself, he kind of throws his hat the ring so to speak? As being put, actually involved in situ. I mean he devilishly throws himself underneath the creepy van and I dont think you know, rob few. I don't think he wanted to exactly point the finger at his nephew because if you do that and in you and you go out and you seek out this man and you bring to justice it. just kind of circles back to you done it. I'm It doesn't really clear you of anything. It just points out that, maybe you this was tag team effort on some occasions yet of land that I'm in Yeah, who knows him and he d be lying about paul thin in general, and we we do to keep in mind, though, that after the nephew moved out, Buell continued to commit crimes, and that's when he was raping these grown women and any holding them captive, so we do need. We should point that out before you know, keep that
line when you're, considering this other person as a suspect. Keep in mind, though, the person that we have to look at in his care during what we know. He is one hundred percent capable of while we're looking at this other guy So it's always greater james runner, a k, the enemy on the show, the french army. yeah and make sure that you pick up. I'm here has a lot of interest in books. You zero apprentice. Euro killers apprentice serial killers and, as you have the Amy Mahavir story, and then you have the true crime addict which is a very fascinating green. And you hear him talk about one of his fiction books there, the man from primrose lane he He also has the great forgetting so there's plenty of good tsar are recommended at reading as well. Buys on those lines of endangering know. No, the man from primrose lane is actually one of my favorite fiction books of all time, but we are,
course recommending this week that you check out this year, killers apprentice by james, render this obvious featuring the case that we just discussed and many many more, including the disappearance of re great car, the unsolved. Murder of Joseph cup check. Both of these cases are cases that listeners have asked us to cover. They are listener request and both of them are trade in this serial killers, apprentice and another case it Name's covered is now the very in this case, which is that of the disappearance of amanda, berry and Gina de hey, which course were later solved and, thank god they found those girls thou the case where the three girls had been living captive, which include michel night. All three were abducted by ariel castro and during their timing, seventy castro, even father to child or two with with one or one of the good are more than one of the girls
James wrote about this when he wrote the serial killers apprentice in it in a covered. This case that, He was unsolved at the time and in fact, one had really linked the disappearances to that shell night now, I do like to go back and read about a solved case before was solved pick up the serial killers apprentice. True stories of clean. most intriguing unsolved crimes, do that at our website, recommended books are listed on the recommended page or the scope. True crime garage dot com, and yet in one should listen to our show, and then you read this book by james runner. You're never gonna wanna visit ohio ever again, but ah It's a very good read so go to crime, garage outcome, click on the amazon, banner and type in the name of the book that you are looking for, or really Any other item that you want to pick up, because if that europe of course, every little bit helps the show you I just bought
sixty three yo yos of amazon dot good deal, but bach, I bought a yo yo collector, hey! No, you do some things you're, goma, cheers. My beautiful friends have found this weekend in till next time be good, be kind him.
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