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The Skelton Brothers /// Part 1 /// 280

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The Skelton Brothers /// Part 1 /// 280

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Andrew age 9, Alexander age 7, and Tanner age 5 were taken by the father from his Morenci, Michigan home during the Thanksgiving holiday visitation back in 2010. Their father John, claims the boys were abused by their mother and he was getting them out of a bad situation. However John’s story does not add up. Law Enforcement does not believe him and today John sits behind bars. This week we crack a beer and discuss this stranger than fiction true crime story. Beer of the Week - Hopsoulution Ale - Bell’s Brewery INC. Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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the ass. He entered from multiple agency spend all evening here at the home and marine, see where the boys were last seen on thanksgiving evening. They took evidence from the home. There's also concerns right because of a posting on facebook from the boys, father john skeletons, alas, facebook posts reads. I love my wife very much. May god and tangier for give me a cryptic message that police are now trying to decipher. Meanwhile, f b, I michigan state police and morenci police brought out the chopper and searched john skeletons home late into Saturday night. Skeletons house was the last this is three sons were seen alive: five year old tenor. Then you're old, alexander and nine year old, andrew have not been seen or heard from since thursday night kenny time. You have children this all, but are not with our carrying love one. I think
and you have to assume they're in some kind of jeopardy. Everybody is is still like. I said hoping and praying and trying to remain positive, so we're hoping that the community can still stay with us and be positive and be there and be our support. Police say the three Boys disappeared after a bizarre chain of events reported by their father, marinsky police, say John Skelton tried to kill himself in his home on friday, but before doing so, Skelton says he handed off the kids tool. when he met years ago on the side of the road skelton, is telling investigators. The woman Joanne Taylor had car trouble, so he pulled over to help her and as maintain contact with her over emo skelton says: Joanne picked up the kids Friday morning at the house before he attempted suicide. Police are not sure this story adds up to this point we have not been able to
Ok, a joint and tailor or confirm that she even exists skeletons neighbour. Sadie recently lost his job and separated from his wife, but they didn't know. His troubles had reached a boiling point. If my has was in the yard, they'd be over soon. What, is doing and helping and just seemed like a very normal family. Please say they do appreciate the many tips they have received from the community. So far, though, the whereabouts of little boys are not known, the the key persons in this case or John Skelton, his wife tanya, in their three sons, andrew alexander and after the boy our young ages, nine, seven and five
in late two thousand and ten, it's important to know that the parents John intaglio, are living in separate residences and in the process of ending the marriage. Let's jump right into the time line of some of the key events in the second. ass of two thousand and ten. On Monday september, thirteenth, two thousand and ten John says he's leaving for work, but instead of going to work, John Skelton takes the three boys out of school. he signed, the mountain drives them to florida. Johns parents live and Jacksonville florida tanning finds out about this. This is because the school called her to say that they are confused about what's going on, because Daniel brought the kids to school that morning and she even dropped off medicine when dropping off the kids. they called because later John shows up and checks the boys out telling the school that the family was going on vacation to florida.
John is weird about the whole thing. When tenure she's out to him. This is just afternoon that day and John and the kids are still in the area with the attempt of going to florida, so they're, not in florida. There still and mission At this time he first says that they are going to florida for a three week vacation, but he also adds that he will put the kids in school once he's down in Florida So this doesn't sound much like a vacation to their mother. Tanya tanya calls an attorney, and she finds out. The only way she can prevent John from taking the kids to Florida is for her to file for divorce and request emergency custody of the children, a judge signs papers granting custody to tanya
but before John could be served the papers he catches wind of what is going on and he orders the boys into his vehicle. Now he only gets the two oldest voice and to his go and John then drives those two kids down to florida, leaving the youngest boy tanner back in michigan with his mother next day. John. Has the boys call home to speak with their mother now after this phone call, tanya jumps the action and she goes down to florida and she gets the jacksonville shares. Men involved in this whole situation. They or John, a custody order. Then they have to meet with a judge. This is down in jacksonville. This judge orders John the boys Antonia to return to michigan and states that the two parents will have joint custody for that I've home until they reach the michigan state line there. The boys are to be in the custody of their mother,
the michigan judges previous order. This whole process from the top the boys were taken on Monday september thirteenth until they get back Michigan this takes a little over week. This was not a quick process. This was not a quick turner and the mother had to go to great lengths to make sure that her to oldest sons were returned back to michigan ones, not the best foot. To start a divorce on having these kind of battles yeah in this whole battle is super weird because from both standpoints, because have tanya, whose kind of left there going what's going on. Why is my soon to be exe? when just taking the kids and going down to florida right and John has parent they are so I mean he has family there. So it's not super weird on that level. But what is weird is that this was not like talked about between the two of them I mean to to it,
lengths we had. We do have john at some point, who suggests that maybe the whole family should go move down to florida. Antonia says You know, I can't really do that right now. I can Do that mind. You she's thinking that marriages ending. Why would the whole family unit I pick up? roots and go down to florida and the whole statement to of well we're goin on a three vacation, but while I'm down there because now mind you, this is september. Right school starts around that time. For these boys, so tat is wondering what are you doing take kids out of school school just started you're taking them on a three week vacation, that's like the guy that just sign for a new job and then goes on vacation. The second week after he started work in there just doesn't make any sense you know asking: why would you go on this three week? Vacation yeah, I'm sure the kids would have fun down there, but he's
oh well, I'm down there I'll just sign up for school. That doesn't seem like a vacation who signs of people for school they get to a new location, sounds like you're moving yeah against her best wishes. Then, on Tuesday november, twenty third, two thousand and ten all three boys living with their mother tanya, according to two, John, is still trying to determine if they could get back together. They are not bring together. Botaniates believed it was in everyone's best interests that even though she had for custody at this time of the boys the day should be allowed to visit with their father tenure not really interested in getting the marriage back together, but the boys loved their father and she was not I mean to deny them seeing him or staying the night at his new place, while it's kind of his new place, it's now him living at their old place without her right. It's his new.
Old place right. So the way that this works is tat, and she has to live elsewhere, because their separating johns at the families home with the three boys. Now tangier is staying with the help of some friends and sounds like somebody was selling a house or in the press. Of moving out regardless. he's living at this house in the same neighborhood is John and its two blocks away their close enough that you can see portions of each of the properties from the other property. If that makes sense moment, this is good for them too, because than their close to their house yeah. It is If it's a granite house, but that's the house they now and yet, like you said they, no other kids in the neighborhood. This is a familiar place for them. I mean divorces
I have on children and tanya seems to be going above and beyond in out of her way to make it easier on the children allowing them to see their father, even though she has the custody right one, you could walk to your other house yet walk to see your mommy could walk to see your dad and also, like I said, with it getting off to such a rocky start. Maybe they said hey we gotta do something better for the kids will. Tanya also does not fear at this time. That John would attempt to leave to florida again what the kids ass. She believe it appeared that he had learned his lesson the first time and that he will obeying the michigan judges instructions, plus ten was recommending to John counselling, and he, to be open to the idea. Remember. It appears John had an interesting getting back together with tanya tanya wanted counselling, both couples, counselling and family counselling, and they were going to counselling sessions together
previous to this day. Tanya has agreed to let John have the boys for the thanksgiving day holiday the next day november, twenty fourth, two thousand and ten, the boys at ten years, parents home that morning and sold John can pick them up later. Day around five pm. John picks up the three boys around the scheduled time from there they go to his home. John, would later say and mind you it's a little confusing if he is referring to wednesday or thursday, but he says, while the kids are with him, he cook them one Their favorite meals fried chicken and baked them a cake. Then we have thursday november twenty fifth thanksgiving. My favorite day of the year food the ball a good amount of libations. Well, some bubble, yeah ten years later, states that, on stay, she is on the phone with John
according to her john, is asking if there is any chance that they could get back together, tenure, is giving him the old I dont know probably not you know giving him that routine ten! You can hear her thrace, and in the background, while talking with John and says it sounds to her like the boys are having a great time, they're playing and such like its annual would say she is not one hundred percent certain that she spoke with John on this day. On this thursday she says there, is a chance. It was on Wednesday night, but we know with the with the Holidays going on, there is a lot going on here, so does sound to me that she feels stronger than the conversation took place on this thursday godless of which today it actually was, we do have a neighbour of jobs this, is the lady. I believe she lived across the street. She tells police
later that she saw all three boys playing outside that afternoon. Most reports state this is around five p m on that. Thursday november twenty fifth thanksgiving day Friday november, twenty sixth black friday, one of my least favoured days, tanya per the arrangements made before thanksgiving, is scheduled to pick the three boys up johns place at three p m that morning, however tanya and John trade phone calls and text the topic tanya would like to pick the boys up earlier, if possible,. he's asking if she could get them around noon. John says he will However, they are not at his home town. You says to John what are you talking about for my place can see your driveway in your van is poor, then the driveway John says friends of his came and picked him up and the boys up and they were out having fun. Now, please keep in mind, as
go through this. This is tana and John having multiple conversations that day, because later that day, he says the boys are still with his friends that he John is home and his friend is scheduled to drop the kids off at his place at three p m, so that and be picked up by tanya at three p m. So now tanya is asking well, can they just drop them? off to me at my place you know I obviously live in the same neighborhood. Re, unfortunately, were Last of all of these conversations, they never agree to a time for ten to pick up the boys. In fact this, where it all falls apart. The next time can you talk to John. He said I'm on my way to the hospital. I think I broke my leg, Daniel wants to no, where her sons are and how is she going to get them back? John says they
or not with me. They are still with my friend, and she is to bring them back to my house, he thinks tat. He wants to get in touch with this friend of johns, or at least for him to do so, but he saying he does not have his friends phone number on him, and he know what will happen with the boys getting to tenuous this very obviously upsets the boys mother and she calls her returning. The iter He advised estonia to wait until, after the scheduled time wait until after three p m before you do anything three o one p m tana calls the police and reports her boys as missing. So remember we said John was on his way to the hospital. This is because he called a friend to drive him there once at the hospital John checks himself in seeking treatment for,
an angle, injury. I've seen this reported as everything from a sprained ankle a broken ankle. It is first reported that John tried, unsuccessfully to hang himself this, either in a hotel or in his home. In the course of this he suffered the leg, injury and the process, where are the three boys, andrew age, nine, alexander age, seven and ten or age, five John says a friend of his job, an taylor was put in charge of returning the boys detenus home joanne of core never arrives. In fact, apparently John knows little to nothing about this joanne person job. I was a truck driver by occupation. According to John, this is someone who he met when he came across her aunt Joanna husband.
when they were having vehicle trouble, their vehicle broke down and he stopped and help them while jaw, an joanne, then became friends, afterward and maintain their relationship via the internet canyon. Not believe john story. In fact, she fears that her sons, maybe lying dead and johns home, the moran, see police search the home and they do not find the boys what they do find is a home of broken and destroyed furniture and household items, we're talkin, broken glass, smashed furniture, a mattress cut and slashed with a knife. Right as that clear, if the stuff was like,
mashed on that wednesday and thursday, or if it's been smashed for a while friday night and eleven p m. An amber alert goes out for the three missing skelton boys, oh nah, nah nah The following is an amber alert issued for the three sons of John intaglio skeleton of marinsky police or search the neighbourhood, now the fbi, It is on the way, an amber, or has been issued for three young boys? And away county who are believed to be in extreme danger. Andrew ryan skill, age. Nine hours, and william skelp age, seven and tanner Lucas Skelton age. Five were Thirdly, last seen friday at two thirty p m with joy and tailor a woman who their father John Skelton met on the internet, the suspect was to return
children to their mother, but the children have been missing since taylor is believe, be a resident of either jackson, county or hills, dale county and drives a silver van police say the father of the three. Voice has been hospitalized following a suicide attempts. The missing children are all described as white. Males Andrew is for foot one inch tall ways, fifty seven pounds and has brown eyes and hair alexander is three foot nine inches tall ways. Forty five pounds has brown eyes and hair and has a scar on his hair line and on his chin. Tanner is three foot six inches tall with blue eyes and blonde hair. The marinsky police department investigating and was to hold a news conference today. If you have information regarding the three missing children, the alleged abductor or the suspects vehicle.
Please call nine one, one: the Marinsky police department at five, one, seven, four, five, eight to three two: three or led away county dispatch at five, one, seven to six three zero, five two four at one. Thirty am early Saturday morning the Marinsky police chief contacted tanya. She was asked to get to the police department as soon as possible to discuss the situation, This is because the local authorities want to try to get a handle on what going on before the feds came in as you heard in the amber alert. They also say that they contemplated even doing an amber alert, because that would set off everything you're going to have all these searchers come in you're going to have f b I come in. Would this help were under what they're trying to do why we ve seen this in plenty of other cases before where you have to get certain information out to the public, because you do need the public's help.
especially when you're looking for three missing persons possible abductor and you have a description of the abductors vehicle, but then the problem That is when you are racing for time when you feel like you are in a race against time to find these three missing children you run into the problem of. Could you be getting just frantic tips from the public tips Aren't valuable to the actual case. if you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wanderings, newest podcast, frozen head hosting? ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the true story of lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life, because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning,
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But is scary, is law enforcement work to track John cell phone and if his phone was moving at any point during the times when the boys were in his care? So here's the scary part on friday, so the same day that the boys would later be reported missing friday morning. We know johns phone was on the move at fort twenty I m, John cell phone was approximately three miles from his home on congress street and moving at about five, a m: his phone is near holiday, city, ohio and pioneer ohio, so holidays city is a tiny little town in north west, ohio, new, The michigan ohio state lines knew how they city is about seven or eight miles south of michigan and by everything, it's out their john travelled straight from his house to this area. This is a place that he would have growth through multiple times when he's trucker yet and if you check
approximate travel time on any directions or maps application you get depending the room. It's about a twenty four to twenty five mile one way trip they would take about. Thirty Thirty two minutes of travel time, which matching up perfectly what the cellphone evidence shows twenty nine a m. He is just about three miles from his house. And then thirty one minutes later. His phone is in holiday city, ohio, then at six, forty, six, a m. According to the evidence, his cell phone is back at his house So what we have here is John assuming he is with his phone. He is in this holiday city, location for seventy, some minutes. and with no reason to be there and then returns home where later we are told after several communication with tana. He attempts to met suicide, fails injures himself and calls of
and to take him to the hospital yeah. Her marriage has fallen apart. You don't have custody of children while you part time custody of children, you lose your job and then something happens over this thanks give and you go to a town in ohio that you're familiar with right, but your story to the police is this person that you know that you gave your kids to they met you? They met you at your house. They picked them up from your house right. This doesn't make a lot of sense at all. Well, that's a big part of the difficulty with his story and with this case, So then the difficult thing becomes: when did he hand his children over to this woman and just Complicated, is a story and could it possibly
be true. Well, there was this report a possible sighting at this donut shop in Sandusky, ohio. The three skelton boys may offer the first glimmer of hope that the brothers are still alive shop worker sandy jones says she thinks she saw tanner, alexander and andrew in the store three days after thanksgiving. The two older ones were really they didn't like they wouldn't come through that dorm and they first came in sandy, says that three were with a woman that they looked tired and hungry. The woman who was with the boys even called tanner by name they kind of huddled together the younger one kind of looked up and was looking around. He just didn't know what he wanted at first, like he wanted everything and she kept saying just pick out your tone at dinner. Just pick out your donut, that's how larry's I know his name
and then it was funny when I saw the newspaper I'm like that's too much of a coincidence. Jones said she didn't know about the story until she saw it in the paper after the holiday weekend. She then told her coworker that these little breeze I swear every donut shop, the owner of the donut shop, is a former police officer after jones, and the owner talked it over. They filed this report, but not until several days after this sighting, I thought I was going crazy, so I waited and talked to him and he and the owner.
Three, and he was like you know what they do, look like them and we went around about the name again and then we didn't know what to do, because we didn't have. We didn't know the car or license plates and we didn't know if it could be any kind of help or not and the more we thought about the more we like. No, we need to call because there's a chance that could have been them. As for the woman jones says she was disheveled. She was about five foot, five, five foot six and, like I said she looked like she was in her forty's, so rare, very tired haggard. She had dark scraggly hair that look like had just been dyed. So, of course, police are working to confirm this tip the boy's father John Skelton was caring for the boys.
They went missing back on thanksgiving. His extradition hearing is scheduled for december fourteenth. Governor granholm is already expediting all right, so I know you're all chuckling but grow up. Yes, so a former police officer owns a donut shop but will grow up if you're laughed about, and you can't. You can't hear it on the the portion of the club that we played, but at the very tail end of that when he's done, giving the report in he's going to turn it back over to the the you know, the people in the studio, the the new studio he says, Jo Anne, that's the the news anchors name so kind of some ironic things inside that story itself. So while let's just go over this eyewitness account is. Do we believe this at all? Well, so it's interesting for a few different reasons right,
at one, it's a citing of three boys at a donut shop. This is the house of doughnuts in sandusky, ohio, it's not terribly far from moran c ohio, it's about One hundred miles east is more east than southeast, but its technically south. and sandusky dusky right on lake erie so about a hundred miles away three days. Our thanksgiving or three days they went missing, I'm a little uncertain of that point, but of that portion, but there with a woman. So there are some things that are lining up here to John story: three boys not too not one, You know no other people reported with them. Not a girl, not a grown man? Not anybody else, three boys that this woman at the donut shop believes to be of the roper, yet age of the missing children with a d looking woman,
Looks tired and the kids look tired as well tired and hungry ass. More believable may, because yes, one there with a woman, but that she's saying one of the kids names and that the person behind the counter picked up on it. yeah yeah and it must have- I mean the three kids well, as a woman, must have stuck out like a sore thumb. To this. I witness because she kind of recalling this. After the fact, he was unaware at the time that there were missing people they could have been. You know that in the general area, of where this don't it. But this is honoured miles away, not terribly far right, but this is also one of the problems with the amber alert as that you will get so many sightings, and that could be a bad thing because when they should maybe be looking closer, it like this search to me that doesn't make a lot of sense there searching so much of the home town there searching
the house, but we have cell phone ping technology that puts him in a whole, nother state and a home other area, that's very wrong and we lose track of his cell phone pangs for about an hour and forty five minutes, so the the phone either dies or gets turned off and we're in an area that there's acres upon acres upon acres. This would be a perfect dumping ground if you're trying to hide bodies, Well, I I thought that we, the downtime, let's call it of the cell phone, information or evidence right is closer to like seventy seventy five minutes, because We have to factor in the travel time, that's involved on the way to this location and then on the return trip to his home right. So.
We have that cellphone moving, as you say, and in as we know the end. Exciting thing here and you- and I I agree with you, because on the surface, it's like well, why? Why are they? I mean they got hundreds of searchers looking at his neighbor looking in the general facility of his home. No, I mean we even have helicopters flying over. They did thermal searches as well. You know that's where there to be looking for any indication thermally of where could find these boys if they were being hid somewhere, but I think what we can deduce from this information that we have not knowing exact, what tactics police and searchers are going to actually implement is the amber alert and phone call from the police chief to tanya to the boys mother, where we know the feds are common and we know the fbi is coming. It so
what I believe we have here is a couple of things less. not just limit ourselves to one search area. I believe the feds the fbi was brought in because we do have information that there is a possibility that these kids were taken against their will, be it with their father or or any one else. They were taken, possibly across state lines, from michigan to ohio. Therefore, for now we have an fbi situation, kidnapping across state lines as a double aiming for the fbi, You bring them in and maybe they are the ones that are in charge of searching the area that is across the state line. Where, on the local level, where you have local jurisdiction, you can then police search grid search the neighbourhood of john scalp,
there is a high price better for the search by helicopter and maybe some kind of them for red deer. The thermal, the anvil red sir, the other thing to keep in mind here is, as suspicious as the movements of his cell phone or because of early in the day, that is, its doesn't seem to be typical, routine. He has no reason for being in that area as suspicious It seems you also have a bunch of information saying, while his phone was in the local general area. Of his home. For me longer period of time when he had the children. So you can't overlook searching that immediate area. it, then also it's not clear if he'd left with his vehicle or did he get into somebody else's vehicle writers situation where he says
this lady came and pick them up from me, oh by the way I went with them for a while yet and then she brought me back home but also round. This point is this: where he starts stating hey, I wanted to give them to this woman, because I wife was abusing them. Well, that's where I think we need to go through his story, a little bit as well some background information on health and family right because, let's say that, citing that we'd, the clip that we just played an I got it. I gotta tell you captain hearing that I am hopeful. That their there's information in that citing that that I witness told us sounds more like raiment than most gives me cause for hope gives me I too believe that her story is a spot on, makes me want doughnuts, sir,
If we are to believe that this sighting is real in in and she was correct that she did see the three boys, then we have to believe johns story, his explanation regarding the whereabouts of the three boys, and here's what I here's, what I will say to try to sum this up. As best as I can. Having looked at this for for a while. Now I don't like. I can say that it's a changing story regarding john story. In a sense contradicts his original story right but John, story to me seems more to evolve rather than to change completely, so he first else tangier. He gave the kids to a friend of his name joanne and she was in charge of driving the boys detain his home. He gave them too Joanne because he was going to commit suicide, that's the first story,
then. We here John tells investigators. He gave the boys to a foster care home, an underground, foster care home, be as their mother tanya was abusing the boys. This is where We need the background information on Skelton family, so this is both joy, once in ten years. Second, marriages right: they have both been married before san Antonio, they had their first child together. after one year of marriage, so andrew is the oldest nine years old. At the time of the disappearance he's the sky. as very smart and great in school loves video and computer games in his very competitive when playing. He is very inquisitive. out of all the boys, he is the most timid in quiet. Then you alexander who was born just about two years after Andrew he was seven The time of the disappearance, Alexander is the
dare devil of the boys and he has a few stitches to prove it he enjoys riding and jumping on his bike playing in the dirt starting water fights he's the one Dr is quo, always getting into trouble. but they say when it comes down to it. He is a lover and Alex love self. Working or not real or fake. He loves cell phones or the idea the cell phone. He often would play with a cell phone There were no longer and service, he enjoys charging them and using the camera feature. Tanner is the little one, the little one, and he was born just two years after alexander and tanner is by far the story. Teller of the three boys as a great imagination, could that from his father he can tell the most or our stories, or tell something that really happened, he will you to believe it, and then we'll tell you know it really didn't happen in l, a laugh at you rightly is preventing the yet.
Doesn't like tomatoes. He will not eat anything. If there are tomatoes in it or round it, including ketchup, Tanner really looks up to all of his siblings. He doesn't want to be left hi, so he is always trying to keep up and do everyone else is doing now. On intaglio we're married for ten years before this all went down. John was mary, but or and had a child tenure speculates that. John may have freaked out when it was like. Golly that she and John we're going to get a divorce and she was going to get custody of the kids she sites. That's what happened in his first marriage tanya story More complicated tat was married before and had two daughters in that previous relationship. These two daughters are, very, very close to tanya to this day, but our much older than her three boys ten years. First marriage ended because of criminal charges,
Tanya had some kind of inappropriate actions and behaviour with a fourteen year old boy when charged. She played guilty and she did so time in prison for this offence and she is a registered sec vendor in the state of michigan their according to everything I could fly and this is not something ten year hid from John. He knew about her background before they got married, he knew about it before they had children. this is why that doesn't mean it's good, that she then hide that from him, but at the same time it site. That's that's a very odd situation and very gross situation yeah, well, yeah yeah, and you know what's difficult for for me as a it here in this garage chair after we ve covered. So many cases and an eye in so hard core. of saying you know what,
Child molester, always a child molester, and you know that that I may have put myself, in a difficult position when discussing this case, because I feel like. Should I feel like we should give her credit for not being for not hiding this from him you know what I mean is it deserves some credit because we have seen situations. Where was he s a register where she lives down stuff like that, so he's gonna I doubt a federal writing, might not be able to find out, and it's one of those things. Where look I mean it's a it's a crime against a child. The the boy was fourteen years old, so that's that's awful, and but at the same time she in this case she is a victim or possibly is a victim, and so you don't want ik
we come across as victim. Blame me right well, but ultimately, this is why John tells law enforcement. He gave the boys to someone else to raise by their because he feared losing them in the divorce or because he was planning to commit suicide. in Vienna was abusing the boys. He don't want them to live out the rest of their days with her right. So now John followed his treatment for his injured leg. He was sent to a four. Eighty for evaluation once released them he is immediately taken into custody and held in jail because of the situation with the missing boys johns parents talk to him. And they believe his side of the story. In fact, at some point they say that job told them previously about possible beauty in the household. Hence that's his way meaning for wanting to take the boys to florida too soon A new life there, the police, don't believe him. They they pub
will you announce that they are unable to confirm that a jo ann taylor even exist at all, but what we do know is his mother believes him. The father believes yes and his sister believes him. They believe that that John is telling the truth. Correct right and not Does the not only does law enforcement come out and announce that. We don't believe that he gave his sons to this joint and tailor person right. We can confirm that she even exists. The difficult thing about that for law enforcement is get your kind of sit non offensive right, not so much in that statement, but in the of your investigation, because you have to be sitting there wondering what crap? Just because we can confirm that this person exist doesn't mean that his stories not true what if he gave them to someone claiming to be joanne taylor rain,
The other thing, though, to that they announced, is that they fear that John has done something terrible, terrible with the job and they don't believe that the outcome they publicly stated. They dont believe that the outcome is going to be a good one meaning. We should be looking for bodies and, of course, they had good reason to yeah and I think the fur part of that good reasoning behind that comes from the cryptic facebook posed. By John on that wednesday on Wednesday november, many forth. That said, may god intaglio? Forgive me. Well that doesn't sound promising. Does it we wonder if that is implying towards the suicide that he eventually is gone, do try to commit this gap a good point. There are very good going because some legends claim that young
taken your own life is a sin, so maybe he's confessing listen to his his garden and his wife. well in the other thing to is keep in mind if it was an asking for forgiveness because of the suicide or the attempted suicide but from every indication I could find it seems, like John, was still very much in love with tanya. During this time the he was focused on trial, to get the family back together or get his marriage back together. So you be very right that it could be for asking for forgiveness for that act, or I guess in a sense it could be asking for forgiveness
For giving the children away and then committing suicide rate, both right so error, yen and the thing too, as you could love your wife but know that she is sick on some level and that she's molesting the boys. Then he you'll want her to be around, but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean he can just shut off all the feelings that he had. For I mean I would I mean it'll, be it's seconds all your molesting, kids, oh, no feelings for you anymore. You can die and rot in Hell, yeah. So so may god intaglio. Forgive me that was good. John scales, facebook message, to the world today,.
before he unsuccessfully trying to hang himself. It was also two days before the disappearance of his three children right again, as he sate as he also apologizing for him, murdering the children right when we didn't bring up that aspect well and that's what I think most people take it as read that he's apologizing from during the children and then also trying to take his own life right. I think that's the the common initial reaction that most have. I know that that's the the initial reaction I am right now. The other reason to believe that this outcomes, not gonna, be a good one, as law enforcement stated is what they found on johns computer so the night before Boys disappeared, now, keep in mind at this time, job is considered by law enforcement and by his own admission to be the the adult in the home in his home with the computer that we
are going to talk about at the time of these two searches, and this is not verbatim, but one search was something to the effect of how to break a neck or can you break someone's neck. You in your hands, another I mean that's dark is hell and again, not very promising. Well, but right, but let me hold on and couldn't play a little devil's advocate here. You, sir, the the night which we think was the wednesday or maybe it was the thursday he claims that he made the boys his favorite dinner and that they got fried chicken and he made a cake because it's going to be one of the boys birthday soon and then,
watch the karate movie now kung fu cover or well while they said karate movie, so I was yeah actually guessing that they probably watched karate kid or something but think about this way. You're watching karate kid who watching some con food movie, you see a guy, maybe break somebody's neck with some move. And then you, google search it. Well, that's his explanation. That's what's job The explanation is: when he's confronted with this information right, why would you look that up if you didn't do something terrible to these boys while we were watching karate movie or kung fu movie. What he fails, Providing, I guess I shouldn't fault him too much for this, but again I've urban in a room being question about a triple homicide that you got me on air, what he, what he is What he fails to provide in his defence is the title of the movie
then he claims they were watching yeah, but anyway, that has kids, Sometimes you thrown a movie or movies on tv and gives a watch in it. They see manner, tain and you're in the kitchen, clean and dishes and you're, not really part of the movie watching process process. Right. So I'm saying so it's like, then, if you ain't are well what were they watching while I'm not really for sure cause? I wasn't really watching. I was doing the dishes or as cleaning the house or whatever was All this seems like an awfully violent movie to be allowing you're three children under the age of ten to watch now come on. We made every baywatch, you don't think, that's a fair assessment of the situation. Now I think I'm gonna be like telling children they so much Debbie you d or something well, but I'm I'm staying with. We also don't know the title of the movie. So if they're watching crowded kid at the age of under ten I'd, say go go for even if they can't be karate kid and I'll. Tell you why,
because of what john says in his defence he as the reason why that there was a search on his computer for the phrase how to break neck, or can you boy someone's neck using your hands the there watching a karate type, kung fu type movie right and in the movie somebody breaks someone's neck just with their hands. You know like of what is at stephen seagal vandam caught him move there and he as did it, was at the kids asking him or not, believing that that was realistic, what they were seeing on tv. You know all you break somebody's neck with your bare hands or or dad? Can you actually do that, and so he says I Google searched it with the boys. To see if that was even a real thing, which sounds I know, MR me was pretty tough on those teenagers forbid Daniel son, but I dont remember any now,
speaking snapped right any twisted one of their necks and, I believe, and then again we are talking about kids under the age of ten they're. Coming up. They don't have to see something verbatim to come up with a question. Are we saw this guy twist disguise neck? Hey? Did he broke his neck? I don't now. Can you break somebody's neck by twisted net grant? Oh no said sad. That's all I'm saying so. We have no clue what the title is. We don't have a clue how violent it was. But again I I wouldn't say that karate kid, for example, would be like a a movie. I wouldn't want a ten year old to watch or maybe bloodsport something different, but you know there are also little boys that's what kind of movies that they like yeah. Now, I'm not saying that you ve gotta, let young children watch karate kid. I love the original karate kid, the first one either one of my favorite movies father, whose pretty strict with what I could watch
when I was little, sometimes his judgment was a little cloudy or my understand minute. Understanding of his judgment was a little cloudy because recall watching conan barbarian when I was the destroyer when I was very little and that's a pretty violent movie very violent, but how? U turn so the other thing here is there is another search on the computer, and as for something to the effect of rat poison or can wrap poison kill a human? Ok, Also very dark dark is held, not very promising again johns explanation for this. Is this sir On the computer was again at the request of his three children that in the course of that same movie. Somebody is by poisoning or rat poison, according to the movie, that that he's watching with the kids and so
search this to figure out. If that can actually app. yeah. Well, my big problem with this search, their body is made chicken. You made your voices. Favorite meal seems like if you're going to make your boys his favorite meal, you're, going to make a a cake right for their birthday. These are things that are pretty simple to get them to. He did These favorite things form on purpose had put poison in there, and then he took their bodies once that, once they were poisoned, it took them bodies in the morning when nobody else was up and drove out to some filled somewhere wearing you dumped him off that that makes a lot of logical sense to me well and on top of that, I think about the state of the home when it was found when they entered the home, it was it looked like it was destroyed. Like somebody just in a
tornado rage just went through their appending furniture and in passing things in routing things and breaking in smashing things. Is that a very You know trite, juvenile, lame attempt at hiding some evidence, or at least confusing the scene. You know by or Were you lose in your ship for so long that your bustin plates, when he got mad at them could cause you think, control them. Kevorkian such good parent and everything life is crumbling and yours, this guy seemed so word about get him back together with some way that didn't seem to give a shit about him. It's like you, couldn t, could take that time and refocus on behalf of a better father, refocus that on on your career or whatever. But there is also guys that get intestate guys in and girls will get to the stage where they're so desperate to be with somebody that everything is collapsing.
Adam and and and that's all that matters so did, is every time that you called her that she said that she won't get back together. You gone into some of the room and smashed up in our punching here Whole through the war or smash, and some This is or whatever right and in our you, who knows so yet ended that tore NATO raged that take place after the phone call, remember tat, he says that he at some point, John speaks with on the phone, and so are you sure, there's no chance that we can get back together right that occur immediately after that or a result of something else and from the outset looking at it appears, like you know, like you, said tenure may care for him in sums on some level, but it appears that she only cares for him, ass. Being the fao other of her three ballroom. But this more. I can't see that, and let me just give you some advice: everybody out there, if your
somebody and they don't know, want to be with you, here's what you do and here's what you do, every time one hundred percent of the time you go okay. Well I'm going to go over here and work on myself, I'm going to focus on myself cuz if they come back, you're going to be a better person, anyways and you're, going to be better for them and if they don't come back, you're already, gonna be workin on yourself and it's a seemingly this guy's worlds collapsing and we ve seen. I was actually just listen to show them they were there. Talking about. You know that the suicide rate for men jumped up dramatically after losing a job, and so I would argue that if this guy's suicidal that he's possibly also homicidal yeah yeah, I mean.
here's some advice for the flip side of that coin. If you are with somebody and they love you completely just light yourself. Go one hundred percent want just let yourself completely cut regarding the things as for like homer simpson just. Let yourself got on ever listen to him regard the things to a kind of backup law enforcement statement of not feeling like we're going to have a good outcome and the situation there is another eyed and This is another cryptic message if you want to call it that, but this is in the warm of what John Skelton tells his pastor Donna Galloway. Remember he's locked up, shortly after the boys go missing shortly after his failed suicide attempts. and when he spoke, when Donna galloway spoke to him. His statement john statement referred
too, when it comes to the time frame. In question that were wandering about John says there, a blank spot in his brain. It was like a big dark hole. now without going too far into their as to what that could mean, because with lose a lot of jobs, statements all were left with. Saying is what what could this me? It doesn't straight up. It's not It's not straight into the point ran. This is there's a big black spot. My brain there's a big our call. What does that mean while sounds like oj? Actually yeah, you know an odious book where he is confessing to the murders he states owe them blacked out a moment ago to there they were dead blood everywhere. It's I did he a black out for hours. Right, I mean heavy evidence of him you in drugs or possibly alcohol.
from the information I could find he was a drinker. I don't think he was a a big big drinker no indication of drug use that I could find it again is not a promising statement and, like you said you reference oj weave. We ve I read several stories where somebody later states for some reason you know I feel He did something bad. I just don't know what it is can't recall what it is. There's a period of time. I dont know what I was doing. I dont know If I was awake, I dont know if I was asleep you know so there is another dark, very dark statement. While you think they'll be able to test for fluids found at the scene, and you would assume that if he lets say he did try to poison
these kids, that a lot of the reaction would be throwing up and that we'd at least have some evidence of that happening at the house I mean yes, she could clean that up, but it didn't look like he cleaned up much in that house so there must not be any evidence of that and they I mean they ve search that place from top to bottom. Why? What's also it's a small town, so they probably know all his whereabouts because of the cell phone things and they probably know everything he polly purchased saw I'd, be interested to know if he even purchased poison or as a kid again is illogical. Answer: you're you're, watching a movie with your kids. They ask you a question: hey: can it can it with some of his neck and and killing them?
right now you can't or yes we can then ya. We saw the stay on. The movie can kill somebody with rat poison and my money, not be in the movie it kid I mean this is the kind of questions that kids come up with. In a time I pick up my nephew and it's like it's a ten minute drive. I think he asked me twenty questions that are impossible to answer. You know, so it is so weird because, as a logical answer, But on the flip side is a logical, explanation what what could have habit of these poor boy exactly as actually well, you france, that this is a small town just to give those of you, there. There are not familiar with this because I wasn't super familiar with this area either. Well with this town of morality,
I've been a michigan. I got a mission twice a year, great state best placed to go in summertime as michigan my pain, but moran c is like a town of like two thousand people. It's a town. It's like two square mile. You know two miles by two miles by two: you know is a two square mile town, tiny little town, nobody's gonna, know everybody's business and, like you said, had he part anything that would go along with those searches on his computer with what their society and were if they would have found any signs of vat reading or certain fluids inside that home, be it blood. Or anything like that, he prob we would be facing murder charges or something to that effect. Right because they already got this guy locked up and then the other thing regarding the cellphone movements on that day in question, in the early morning friday that that you have point, now that I have pointed out is so suspicious.
John, has an answer for everything johns regarding his cell phone going to holiday city early Friday november? Twenty six well, that's easy we explained because someone? I know a friend of mine borrowed my vehicle. I forgot that my cell phone was in the vehicle. Who was your friend who barred your vehicle? Can we to them, and then John says I can't say who that is Where does get star with this case so tune in tomorrow, will see you back in the garage until then be good, be kind and don't litter,
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